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Recrumejor is the next generation recruitment tool we are building to address every single issue recruitment market is facing.

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Recru mejor by turisys-new

  1. 1. RecruMejor Recruitment At Best All about innovation
  2. 2. Table Of Content • Traditional Recruitment Process • Recruitment Space - Latest Buzz • Disadvantages • What’s wrong? • Solution • RecruMejor • Is RecruMejor the solution? • Q&A
  3. 3. Traditional Recruitment Process • Online Recruitment Portals (monster/naukri/ Timesjobs/jobsahead/shine etc.) expose their resume database to recruiters who manually search for profiles. • Dice/theladders also follow the same process. • Recruiters (In house/Independent firms) scan the resumes for desired skill set and experience. • Share the resumes with hiring managers to shortlist.
  4. 4. Traditional Recruitment Process(Contd). • Setup the technical and domain interviews for shortlisted candidates. • Setup the HR round to evaluate behavior and attitude, and to negotiate salary. • Roll out the offer letter.
  5. 5. Traditional Recruitment Process • The old school recruitment model. (Courtesy: Characteristics: Sterile,immediateplacements,notcareeroriented,notinteractive,manyapplicants,wastedinterview time,poormatches,frustrationwithlackofqualitytalentandworkforactivejobseekersonly Company has job Opening Post job on career sites (monster, etc.) (Pay per posting) Unfiltered job Applications to Interview Process Waiting & Hoping for Qualified applicant
  6. 6. Traditional Recruitment Process • This is how a Recruitment Website looks like. (Courtesy:
  7. 7. Traditional Recruitment Process • Job Fairs – For mass hiring. (Courtesy:
  8. 8. Recruitment Space – Latest Buzz • LinkedIn (Professional Networking Site) exposes it’s database of registered profiles to recruiters and connect them directly with individuals. • Entelo tracks web behavior of candidates on social media and crowd sourcing sites (stackoverflow and Github). • Talentbin is focused on pulling chiefly software coders data from social and professional networking sites and crowd sourcing sites (facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, G+,GitHub,BitBucket etc).
  9. 9. Recruitment Space – Latest Buzz • The Social Recruitment Starfish Model. (Courtesy:
  10. 10. Recruitment Space – Latest Buzz • Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service. • People create their profiles, let people/recruiters follow them. • An example of user profile. (Courtesy:
  11. 11. Recruitment Space – Latest Buzz • YouTube is a video-sharing website, on which users can upload, view and share videos. • People are using YouTube as platform to upload their Video profiles for recruiters on hunt. (Courtesy:
  12. 12. Recruitment Space – Latest Buzz • Gild is culling through social media and social coding platforms( bitbucket and Github) to pull out data to ascertain talented software developers. (Courtesy:
  13. 13. Recruitment Space – Latest Buzz • TheSocialCV is exploiting social media to trace candidates. • Interviewstreet is being used by product companies to find good programmers and testers. • Proformative, benchling and dribble are being used to track data for chartered accountants, biotechnologists and designers.
  14. 14. Disadvantages • Tedious and time consuming for recruiters to scan through silos of resumes in recruitment websites (monster/naukri ) and professional networking sites (LinkedIn) to find the perfect match against a job requirement. • The Talent requisition offerings like entelo, talentbin, gild, thesocialcv and interviewstreet are shallow in their approach, primarily focused on technology sectors, and don’t cater to the entire recruitment industry.
  15. 15. Disadvantages (Contd.) • Expensive Enterprise memberships premiums. • Wastage of countless productive hours to interview unwanted or fake candidates.
  16. 16. Disadvantages (Contd.) • There is always a risk of hire/loss. • No guarantee on candidate stability. • No evaluation of behavior/attitude at work place.
  17. 17. Disadvantages (Contd.) • Long term goals of candidates are not clear. • Even experienced candidates have to be trained for weeks or months before they get productive. A loss to clients. • No method of finding passive job seekers who constitute 75% of the talent pool.
  18. 18. What’s Wrong? • Online Recruitment Portals (monster/naukri ) expose their resume database to recruiters who manually dive in to the ocean of resume. A very tedious and time consuming task. No tool is available to handpick, validate and authenticate profiles matching requirements for recruiters. • The Talent requisition offerings like entelo, talentbin, gild, thesocialcv and interviewstreet are shallow in their approach • Primarily focused on technology sectors, and don’t cater to the entire recruitment industry. • Evaluate on technical quotient only. • Don’t take into account the sum total of a candidate’s profile based on psychological factors, long term goals and relevance of text in social profiles
  19. 19. What’s Wrong? (Contd.) • No quick mechanism to filter out fake profiles at first step only. • No loyalty check done. • No social behavior check done.
  20. 20. What’s Wrong? (Contd.) • No advanced estimates, how much training a candidate will require to be productive. • Non-availability of brief summary listing all above information for quick decision. • No effective way of discovering passive job seekers who are not actively looking for jobs.
  21. 21. Solution • An integrated talent requisition tool is immediate need of time, that should be able to handpick, validate, authenticate and summarized profiles matching client requirements for recruiters bringing down the recruitment process time exponentially.
  22. 22. RecruMejor • RecruMejor will handpick, validate and authenticate profiles matching client requirements for recruiters. • RecruMejor will use powerful algorithms to create personas of individuals by summarizing copious data in social media sites, across multiple dimensions matching required skills. To name a few dimensions • Technical • Business Domain • Management • Loyalty • Professional Attitude • Social Behavior • Long term goals • Job readiness
  23. 23. RecruMejor (Contd.) • RecruMejor will be generic enough to cater to entire recruitment industry not only technology sector or any specific business unit. • The algorithms will be smart enough to filter out all unwanted and fake profiles, leaving only 10%-20% validated profiles that best match for recruiters to evaluate. • The algorithm will also bring out the effective summary of every shortlisted profile in 500 words. For quick decision making.
  24. 24. Is RecruMejor the solution? • Yes, RecruMejor, an integrated talent repulsion tool, will address all recruiters’ woes • The time recruiters spend on scanning resumes will fall by an exponential degree. • The profiles RecruMejor will bring up after comprehensive analysis would be the best match against a specific job requirement. • Good relationship with client – providing them with best profiles only. • Maximum productivity - Selected candidates will be productive first day onwards. A gain to client.
  25. 25. Is RecruMejor the solution? (Contd.) • Advanced Training requirements for a candidate to be productive will help in better project planning. • Minimal cost • No time wastage in selecting and screening unwanted/fake resumes. • No expensive enterprise memberships of multiple talent requisition tools. • Productivity gains achieved on the recruiter’s end.
  26. 26. Q&A
  27. 27. Thank You! Saurabh Saha Chief Executive Officer 91-95388-44215