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Targeting the Elusive Candidate


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Presentation by Kai Deininger at the recent European Job Board ConferenceKey Findings from -

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Targeting the Elusive Candidate

  1. 1. Targeting the Elusive CandidateKey Findings from Germany‘s comprehensive Jobboard Survey 2008-2012 Crosswater Job Guide + ICR + Profilo 1
  2. 2. Germany‘s Jobboards Overview• More than 1800 jobboards are • Media / Publishing companies operating in Germany, own most of generalist numbers are increasing careerboards (except Monster,• Generalist careerboards are Arbeitsagentur) competing against niche / • Business / social networks specialist jobboards and (XING, LinkedIn, Experteer, jobaggregators Facebook) are the darlings of• Top-10 jobboards publish HR-Bloggers, but have not yet 193.000 jobads per month . made a significant impact• Top-10 jobboards achieve • HR-agencies are not playing a monthly gross sales of major role as compared to the 101 Mio. Euros U.K. 2
  3. 3. The Survey• Indepent survey initiated by Crosswater Job Guide + ICR + Profilo• Objective: provide greater transparancy• Ongoing to analyse trends over time• Targeted at jobseekers• +20‘000 responses to date• Generalist job boards, niche boards and job aggregators covered 3
  4. 4. Content of the Survey• Demoscopic data• Education and training• Career related data• Usage of jobboards (frequency, functions)• What is good, needs improvement, is missing?• Cross usage of jobboards• Search quality• Overall satisfaction• 40+ questions, 3-5 minutes time required 4
  5. 5. Usage mix: How many jobboards are used by jobseekers simultaneously? 92% of jobseekers use up to 6 jobboards• None of the jobboards have reached a USP• Candidate target groups overlap• Competition between jobboards, niche boards and job aggregators 5
  6. 6. Jobseekers use multiple job boards -Multi-Posting may reach same target candidates 50% of Stepstone users search also on Stepstone Monster 38% of Monster users search also on Monster Stepstone 6
  7. 7. Recruiter‘s dilemma?Which candidates use which jobboards? 7
  8. 8. The online tool „Jobportal Profiler“• Helps employer to • Best and worst jobportals identify jobboards used are shown by by their targeted – Average satisfaction score candidates of candidates• Candidate can be – Relevancy (number of identified by a range of survey respondents) career attributes – Specific to the candidate‘s peer group• Data analysis is based on • Dynamic iterations in jobseekers survey real-time (20.000+ participants) • Supports recruiter‘s media planning decision for job ads placement 8
  9. 9. Jobportal Profiler: 2-step approach• 1. Set indiviual level of minimum number of evaluations (relevancy)• 2. Define the candidate‘s career profile• => Result chart shows the best and the worst jobportals based on the selected candidate‘s evaluations (=peer-group) as well as the statistical relevancy (number of evaluations) 9
  10. 10. Overview of Candidate Profile Selection Criteria• Age, Gender • Preferred line of• Education industry• University study • Salary range• Job status • Mobility / Relocation• Job title• Occupation group 10
  11. 11. Mobility / Relocation• Candidates willing to relocate nationwide for a good job offer are using the following jobportals: (chart) – Stepstone rankes best – Arbeitsagentur rankes worst 11
  12. 12. Science & Research• Candidates looking for a career in Science & Research prefer Jobvector 12
  13. 13. Advertise where you meet your candidates. Smart jobboard selection helps employers toreach the right candidates and ensures better recruiting results 13
  14. 14. Big Data builds Transpareny - Transparancy creates competitive advantage 14