Zion Project 2012 Annual Report


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Zion Project 2012 Annual Report

  1. 1. Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report | 1
  2. 2. 2 | Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report Note from the Director
  3. 3. Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report | 3 A journey towards wholeness is never as easy to document with facts or figures. It isn’t easy to show the internal transformation within a heart that is evidenced in an ability to dream again. These are things which reports will never narrate to you, but things I’ve seen. The moment of encounter when a girl or a woman who has been abused in the worst ways imaginable, knows herself as loved. The crushing hug of a mob of little girls who have been rescued and now laugh and play instead of staring emptily off into the distance. Love looks like many things. But mostly, it’s a relationship. A ride to the hospital. A safe home. A piece of bread. An ear to listen. An offering of hope. This is all part of what we do, how we love, but most importantly how we see change in broken lives, and ultimately the sweetest redemption of a life restored and launched into destiny. This is God’s work. And we’re happy we get to be a part of it. Thank you for faithfully joining us. Love, Sarita Hartz Hendricksen Founder & Director, Zion Project The holiest of moments when God inexplicably touches a life with healing. A life which will never be the same again.
  4. 4. 4 | Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report Who We Are
  5. 5. Our vision is to: See hearts, lives, and communities radically transformed by inner healing, the Father’s love, and the Kingdom of heaven so that the broken might walk in wholeness and fulfill their God-given destinies. Since 2006, Zion Project has been working to see hearts healed and lives restored in the war-torn region of northern Uganda and see God’s Kingdom invade the darkest places. We began with a simple Rehabilitation Home for girls who had been used as sex slaves and child soldiers, and this grew into a dream bigger than we imagined. We now bring healing through counseling, education, love, and relationships to the sexually exploited, trafficked, and broken in war affected regions. Our dream is to continue to expand our counseling programs and curriculum into other regions such as Congo, Rwanda, Sudan, and wherever else we feel led.
  6. 6. 6 | Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report Our Approach
  7. 7. Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report | 7 War leaves devastating effects on a region including brokenness from sexual violence, losing a generation of children as child soldiers, a rise in prostitution due to poverty, alcoholism, domestic violence, hopelessness, and a break- down of the family structure leaving many orphans and street children. War and sexual violence require a response which is loving and offers healing counseling in order to break these cycles and ensure peace and healthy futures. Often the cycle of war continues because issues of the heart were never addressed. If development and transformation is to be successful, then we must help people work through the emotional and heart issues first. We must join together, in relationship and in partnership with the Holy Spirit to end injustice and offer space where God can heal up hearts.
  8. 8. 8 | Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report Our Philosophy
  9. 9. Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report | 9 We believe in the power of love and relationships to change the world. We believe in the supernatural power of God to transform lives, hearts, behaviors and physical conditions through His miraculous Holy Spirit. We believe in being led by the Holy Spirit in everything we do. We believe that God is a good and loving Father who is seeking to restore all His children to Himself. We believe it is our duty to partner with churches and individuals in missions to be the hands and feet of Christ. This is the core of what we do. Our Counseling Center is a safe space where we host counseling seminars and support groups for survivors of war and sexual violence. We don’t just provide counseling and education, but we develop a relationship, which forms a long-lasting supportive bond. Last year, we hired a trained, local counselor who is working full- time to provide trauma counseling, play therapy, and art therapy to our children. Christine was trafficked from Congo when she was only 16 and was traumatized by all the violence there. Because she didn’t have any money she used to sell herself on the streets of Gulu. She even locked her children up in her home when she went to the brothels as many women often do. She was so brokenhearted she used drugs to help her forget. All this contributed to a deep shame inside her. When she went through our Counseling Program she says, “My life was transformed.” Christine now leads our worship in the mornings with such JOY! Loving one person at a time truly is the key to the Kingdom.
  10. 10. 10 | Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report Counseling Seminars
  11. 11. Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report | 11 Our mentors spend 5-10 hours a week counseling our women and helping them develop plans for their future. We spent over 520 hours counseling the broken hearted, over 300 hours in discipleship, 320 hours in training and leadership development and healing through our counseling and outreach programs. There are over 79 children we reach on a daily basis. All our staff went through training in several different counseling curriculum including Theophostic prayer, Father Heart of God, Sonship, Transformation of the Heart, and Attachment Disorders which they are now utilizing to transform the region. We hosted three Counseling Seminars and reached over 120 people. We reached 1,030 people last year with God’s love.
  12. 12. 12 | Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report “Now we no longer see women prostituting themselves on the streets or causing trouble. We no longer see children who are abandoned. We see people who are loving each other and helping one another. We can only attribute this to your work and to God.” –LC1 of Gulu town- “My spiritual growth and emotional healing has brought a lot of change in my life. Now I can connect with God through the love He has for me.” –Pauline, former child mother, now Staff
  13. 13. Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report | 13 Outreach Outreach is a weekly event where we take our Imani women and children, to give back to the community. We pray for the sick, share about God’s love, we listen, we counsel, and often we provide food or medical treatment and invite them to come for further counseling at our center. In 2012, we reached an average of 1,040 people through this program.
  14. 14. 14 | Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report Rescue Home & Education
  15. 15. Our holistic after-care home for young girls who have been used in child prostitution and trafficking. This home is helping to end the cycle of sexual exploitation. They receive counseling, education, medical, tutoring, discipleship, and a chance to dream. Educating girls is central to our vision of changing a nation. In 2012, we rescued 2 additional girls and we moved our children into a much larger home with more space for living and playing. One of these girls was Lucy who we were able to rescue before she was forced into sexual exploitation. We now have a total of 17. Out of that seventeen, fifteen of our girls were in the top five in their class in the most prestigious school in our district. “I’m grateful for Zion because of the safety and because I can go to school. I know I’m not going to be raped ever again.” Janet- age 9
  16. 16. Our girls also received classes in purity, their bodies, and other prevention education to keep them It has been proven that educating girls will • reduce poverty • reduce child mortality • reduce population growth • reduce HIV infection rates • change the conditions that lead to terrorism • reduce corruption Our girls also received classes in purity, their bodies, and other prevention education to keep them safe from future trafficking risks. 16 | Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report
  17. 17. Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report | 17 Imani
  18. 18. 18 | Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report18 | Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report Imani is our jewelry empowerment program that frees women from the global sex trade through teaching them a trade so they can provide for themselves with dignity. Major successes in 2012 were that all our women now have tin-roofed homes instead of grass thatched which can easily catch fire, they have started secondary businesses to support them through money made from Imani. All Imani women are responsibly putting their own children in school with a total of 32 children now receiving education. There has been a ripple effect of love from our women into their local community and they are now the ones who are bringing in abandoned children into their homes to love them, and helping other women in prostitution, get off the streets and ministering to them. One of our Imani women, Elizabeth, takes care of 10 children in her home and another one takes in women who have no place to sleep. We hired two new women last year and 12 women received training in business development, savings, discipleship and leadership, and domestic violence. Niclete, an Imani employee, is now buying her own land and building her own home for the first time in her life!
  19. 19. Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report | 19 All Imani women have broken free of the devastating cycle of poverty and are carrying their families into greatness. Finally, we provided consistent maternity and health care to 65 mothers and their children last year. We also aided 2 Imani women to successfully receive prenatal care and give birth to two healthy babies.
  20. 20. 20 | Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report Stewardship
  21. 21. Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report | 21 We spent last year leading into this year ramping up our accountability systems to track data better and develop better systems for stewardship. We updated our website with new information and easier ways to give, we began a CRM through Salesforce to track donors and donations, and put accountability systems and software in place to more accurately track our expenses by programs and categories. It’s been an exciting year in our organizational development. We are building up our team and infrastructure in the USA and will be launching a US office this year.
  22. 22. 22 | Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report Our Team
  23. 23. Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report | 23 A family built on love and relationships. Though we have a small team of only 10 core staff and 2 long-term volunteers in Uganda, and 3 core volunteers in the USA, they are mighty and they put their heart and soul into this work. For that, we are so grateful. We also want to thank the YWAM team, Alethia Church Harrisonburg Team, Oakbrook Church team, Father Heart team, and the 10 volunteers who came to serve with us last year, as well as the countless others of you, who volunteered in the USA on special projects, to host jewelry parties, and to give of yourself and your time. Board of Directors Sarita Hartz Hendricksen, Counselor, Founder & Chair Rick Schryber, Pastor, Oakbrook Church Dr. William & Cynthia Evans, Licensed Professional Counselors, Alethia Church Nicole Kuhl, Missionary Director, Harvest Renewal Church Bethany Corrigan, MPH, CHES Craig Hartz, Treasurer Obadiah Olalobo (Uganda) At Zion Project we are a family. 
  24. 24. 24 | Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report Core Staff Sarita Hartz Hendricksen (Founder/Executive Director) Brittany Dunay (Uganda Country Director) Pauline Alobo (Finance Officer) Christine Oyite (Imani Director/Mentor) Jackie Birungi (Counselor) Joyce Adokober (Rescue Home Director) Harriet Nakimuli (Rescue Home Caregiver) Wonderful (Rescue Home Caregiver) Janet Aber (Baby Caregiver) Lucy (Imani Child Caregiver) Volunteers Marlene Frazier, Imani Coordinator USA Bethany Corrigan, Sponsorship Coordinator, USA Craig Hartz, Accounting, USA Tyson Hendricksen, Financial Reporting, USA Christine Bolander, Special Events, USA Hailey Huebner, Rescue Home Intern, Uganda Laura Bond, Imani Jewelry Designer, Uganda McKenna Berkowitz, Imani, USA Erin West, Imani, USA Amanda Rossen Imani, USA Beth Fluker Imani, USA Judy Montgomery Imani, USA Kim Shellhorse Imani, USA Kim Rexer Imani, USA
  25. 25. Thank You! We cannot accomplish this work of healing in Uganda and throughout the globe without your help so thank you for joining us as such faithful supporters. Your time and your dollars directly impacted the lives of all those mentioned in this report, and so many more. Thank you so much for helping us purchase a vehicle this year for our programs! Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report | 25
  26. 26. Ways to Help Us 26 | Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report
  27. 27. There is still so much brokenness in some of the darkest places on earth that need our help. As Gary Haugen, Founder of IJM said recently, “The work of justice is a long obedience in the same direction,” we too must be willing to continue this long and tireless effort to bring heaven to earth and to see God’s Kingdom come with light and love. This year as we expand our counseling programs and our scope, our projected budget is $190,000. Please join us as a: Monthly Giver Child Sponsor Imani Club Member Church Partner Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report | 27
  28. 28. 28 | Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report Total Expenditures ($146,399) Program Operations ($133,907) 91% Compensation (22 staff) ($52,220) Supplies & equipment ($34,297) Rent & utilities ($14,024) Air travel ($11,347) Food ($8,642) Transport & shipping ($6,449) Education ($3,969) Medical ($2,959) Fundraising ($5,905) 4% Travel & events ($3,255) Print & postage ($1,240) Online services ($1,198) Gifts ($212) Management ($6,587) 4% Permits & fees ($3,146) Volunteer recruiting ($2,540) Supplies & equipment ($901) Total Income $176,645 Donations $134,998 76% Individuals $65,508 Churches $53,179 Foundations $14,275 Companies $2,035 Jewelry Sales $41,647 24% 2012 Zion Project Financials
  29. 29. Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report | 29 2012 Zion Project Expenses 2012 Zion Project Donors $133,907 $65,508 $6,587$5,905 $14,275 $53,179 $2,035 Program Operations Fundraising Management Individuals Churches Foundations Companies
  30. 30. 30 | Zion Project • 2012 Annual Report Zion Project | P.O. Box 321 | Quinque, VA 22965 www.zionproject.org | info@zionproject.org