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  • 1. The Indian Oceanstsunami warning system I research the Indian Oceans tsunami warning system.
  • 2. The Indian Oceans tsunami warningItsystem under a cooperative is advancedrelationship international the tsunamidisaster prevention measures of theIndian Ocean coast with struck by theSumatra coast earthquake tsunami in2004 that brought the great deal ofharm.
  • 3. The Indian Oceans tsunami warning systemThey are centering on the constructionof Indian Ocean tsunami warningsystem (IOTWS) that aims to apply thesystem similar to Tsunami WarningSystem in the Pacific to the IndianOcean.
  • 4. The Indian Oceans tsunami warning system and the operation andIt is high-pricedmaintenance of the system is difficultfor experience and specialists scarceIndian Ocean coast nations though itis efficient.
  • 5. The Indian Oceans tsunami warning system of not functioningThe possibilityenough is high as the tsunami disasterprevention measures that should keepalways observing the large-scaletsunami disaster that occurs at thecycle of hundreds of years.
  • 6. The Indian Oceans tsunami warning systemcan be said that the chanceMoreover, itto contribute really on disasterprevention is extremely limited whenthinking about the longevity of thesystem and the reproduction cycle ofthe tsunami.
  • 7. The Indian Oceans tsunami warning systemThe resident in the region shouldunderstand how to act when warningcomes out by the one that the warningsystem has what function.
  • 8. The Indian Oceans tsunami warning systemThus, to execute effective tsunamidisaster prevention measures, theoverall tsunami disaster preventionstrategy that inclusively considersvarious elements related to thetsunami disaster prevention becomesindispensable.