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Mechanism of tsunami_


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Mechanism of tsunami_

  1. 1. Mechanism of Tsunami warning system s1180030 Keisuke Hashimoto
  2. 2. Table of contents1. Mecanism of the Tsunami Warning System2. About PTWC and JMA3. Indian Ocean Agency4. How to Convey Warning5. Actual Condition6.Conclusion
  3. 3. Mecanism of The System・Data is send to PTWC and JMA when anearthquake     ocurred  in the Indian Ocean region.・ PTWC and JMA determine the size of earthquake andpredict  the time when the tsunami wave will arrive.・PTWC and JMA send alarm of tsunami to some country in theIndian Ocean region.・Those country in the Indian Ocean region accept the alarm andwarn people about tsunami. 
  4. 4. Role of PTWC and JMA・PTWC and JMA have a responsibility of tsunami watches.・PTWC and JMA take  some data of earthquake from DARTcensor and buoy.・Determine the earthquake size and predict the time when thetsunami will arrive. ・Send alarm of tsunami to some country in Indian Ocean region.
  5. 5. Indian Ocean Agency・RTWPs RTWPs undertake the same role as PTWC and JMA. There is the RTWPs in Indian Ocean countries. The agency undertake the same role as PTWC and JMA.・ADPC  ADPC is a agency to watch around some region. ADPC is regional watch providers.・RIMES  RIMES is the multi - hazard early warning system. 
  6. 6. How to convey tsunami warning・Airwaves radio, television, SMS, email・Mannually bell, megaphone,loud-speaker
  7. 7. Actual Condition・The technology of tsunami warning system does not reach allareas.・Some region of in Indian Ocean country, Safety exercise is donevery well.・Warning of tsunami occasionally muddle around people.
  8. 8. Conclusion・There are many agency of tsunami warning system in IndianOcean country, those agency is very important to people in IndianOcean country. However, those agency cant save all people inIndian Ocean country. So, those agency should do effort to savemany people.