Tsunami warning system


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Tsunami warning system

  1. 1. Tsunami warning system Tsunami warning system in the Ocean works s1180193 Syunsuke Baba
  2. 2. What is indian Ocean works?Indian Ocean works is developing one oftsunami warning system. Indian Ocean is notsunami warning system. The damage when thetsunami came was awful for tsunami. In this way,Indian Ocean works dont have the tsunamiwarning system, and it try to make tsunamisystem.
  3. 3. What is the system thattsunami warning system?The height of the waveis calculated by the 1,and the data istransmitted to 2. Thedata is transmitted from2 to the3. The 3is Hygiene. Informationis given from thishygiene to us on theground.
  4. 4. What good point to maketsunami warning system.To make this system decrease disaster oftsunami. The Indian Ocean is one of the regionswhere the danger of tsunami is high. Though itis this, There was no tsunami warning system upto now. If the tsunami occurs, damage willdecrease more than the time that not is it. 
  5. 5. When no tsunami warningsystem .The Sumatran coast earthquake in 2004. It mightstill be new in the memory. This earthquake wasthe indian Ocean. The tsunami occurred in thisearthquake. The damage at this time wasawful. The number of damage is 22,000 peopleand the damage total is 977 million dollars.
  6. 6. There is tsunami warningsystem.This earthquake 3.11 is very big earthquake.The magnitude is 9.0. This is same as theSumatran coast earthquake. The tsunamihappen by this earthquake. They are 15,405dead though the population had concentratedfrom Sumatra. Thus, this system can decreasethe number of victims.
  7. 7. Until tsunami warning systemUntil make tsunami warning system, Countries ofthe Indian Ocean use Hawaii and Japanesesdata for To prevent the damage of the tsunami.But this is the Pacific Oceans data. The data ofthe Indian Ocean can have to be taken early.
  8. 8. From this slideThe damage of the tsunami of Japan was very bigthis time. but It is understood that it is in reducing if itcompares it from the damage of a tsunami all overthe world. I think that it is important to teach theworld measures against the tsunami of Japan. AndJapan, In addition, it is necessary to develop thesystem of provision of the tsunami and theearthquake. Because Japan is one of the countriesfamous for the earthquake. Japan should becomethe example of earthquake provision all over theworld.