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  1. 1. Recycle Shop “MASSYU” Group G Masahiro Okazaki Kazuki Kuroiwa Takumi Inoue
  2. 2. Organization of the web-brochure  ・Web-Brochure explains introduction of our business. – Purpose and History of the Company – Prices – Benefits of using your product – Contact Details and Office Location ・It shows the map of our company
  3. 3. Organization of the business plan ・ Business plan shows about launching our business. – Description of the Business – Industry Analysis – Vision Statement – Vision Trigger – Mission Statement – Business Objectives ・ It explains about management of our company. – Marketing – Competitive Analysis – Legal Structure – Management Expertise – Support Personnel
  4. 4. Importance of The web brochure ・ We have security to the household appliance article for three months, and the brand-name product publishes a sale certificate. ・ When you sold an article, you feel the point of the reward card. ・ We buy a business trip with one telephone and give a service. ・ We do the help of the moving not only We buy discarded things. ・ The things which seems to sell buys anything.
  5. 5. Importance of the business plan ・ We offer the article to be satisfied with a lot of victors. ・ There are many articles to be able to buy at a reasonable price. ・ We sell the article which reused garbage. ・ We sell a lot of safe articles. ・ The article which a visitor wants is put in the place that it is easy to look at.
  6. 6. Logical arrangement of the web brochure ・ Mainly on high-quality import furniture, furniture, brand- name product, household appliance, tableware, miscellaneous goods, musical instrument, figure skating, and used. Moreover, they treat clean articles. ・ They buy discarded things and help moving. Moreover, they perform the periodical service such as the house cleaning. ・ Not only the recycling product but also the selling thing buys anything.
  7. 7. Logical arrangement of the business plan ・ Service contents. ・ Offer safe articles. ・ The event that is performed once a week. ・ The abundant assortment of goods that affected the needs of the visitor. ・ We make the pamphlet which We easy to watch and a visitor seems to be plain and wants We have a shop come in peace and to do satisfactory shopping.
  8. 8. Major headings, questions, key words ・ Major headings – The making of shop which is kind to the earth's environment – The making of shop where are satisfied with all the visitor ・ Major questions – What do you do to coexist with nature? – What do you do so that people are interested in recycling? ・ Major key words – Safe articles – Reduce a lot of garbage – Peace of the earth – A simple price – Recycle
  9. 9. Why are they important? We have a mission to reduce a lot of garbage in the face of the Earth to. Therefore you must recycle the garbage which you can recycle as much as possible. Furthermore, the article must be a thing satisfying a visitor. So I am cheap and must make an article with the convenience.
  10. 10. Thank you