Portfolio contents9(week11)


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Portfolio contents9(week11)

  1. 1. A.<br />It was not readily decided who worked as the president of the company. I held a meeting together and was decided at last. It is Mr. Kageyama. Central, and Mr. Kageyama administers a company from now on. Mr. Kageyama makes much of a relation with the visitor and wants to administer a company mainly. Mr. Kageyama puts it into an action by oneself to get the point of contact with the visitor. Mr. Kageyama will participate in the local activity that a lot of visitors appear positively. What must be careful at the time must show a smile in front of the visitor by all means. You must have you feel an image good. I think these activity to cooperate with office workers.<br />B.<br />We teach what a visitor pays attention to to buy a product. At first the point to pay attention to will be a price of the products. There will be many visitors thinking about even the same product by a price. You must look for it how you are cheap. It is a property to have to pay attention to next. We must look for a found property. Therefore we have the thought that sales increase. It is a place to put an article. I put the splendid article which inexpensiveness and a property have good in the place that visitors are easy to look at well. This is our strategy.<br />C.<br />We perform a bargain sale sale once a month so as to have possibilities to say by all means. I have a thought I increase the number of comings and goings of the visitor, and to extend sales. I talk with employees about how much I reduce with any article as discount and decide it. Generally it becomes old to become the object and will become the articles just before the disposal. We perform the order sale with a bargain sale sale. It is the period to make the article which accepted a demand of the visitor.When I order it, I have you go to the service counter of the order to want you to make it. If there are applications elsewhere, I think that I want the service counter to perform it.<br />D.<br />Our company and shops promise our customers that all sporting goods and merchandise of all others which is sold by our shops in past days carry one-year free guarantee.<br />Attaching this guarantee to all sporting goods and merchandise of all others, we think our shops can win the confidence of various our's merchandise, and we think our customer can do reliable shopping in our shops.<br />However, If there are problems or questions about the product after it is sold, please contact the visitor consultation center at telephone, FAX and E-mail. <br />This visitor consultation center inform our customer of repair our's merchandise, consult about our's merchandise and explain a way of our merchandise.<br />E.<br />Our shops is either usable in cash, a credit card and check, and our company prepare various convenient way of paying which are revolving repayment, installment plan and our original installment plan for for the payment of our customers.<br />To use these various convenient way of paying, we will have our customers enjoy <br />shopping in our shops. <br />If our customer is financial difficult, we decrease our product price. But for instance, we are introduced another customers who is financial friend. So, easy to say like a tree. Because, it is increasing more and more. If one person introduce our product two persons, it arrive four thousant ninty six to just ten roads.<br />F.<br />We gurantee our product in three months. He is our boss of the company , and he gather all up. He have good motivation for everyone.He always contacts custmer with best smile. He give a candy to customer who have children. He gives suitable products for guest, sometimes he guide guest what product is best for him. We make pointcard that system is include 5% every product they buy. Sometimes we distribute our product for free where sorts gym.<br /> <br />