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  • 1. Submit individual Sections Development Exercise #1 (Due Week2): Individual Roles in the Assignment Group: Group member : s1170017 Shunsuke Komata s1120020 Shu Sato s1170021 Yumi Sato s1100028 Yuya Tamaru 1. INFORMATION RESEARCHER A. Qualifications Duty place Working hours A holiday Service name salary Is going to adopt it; the number of people A company motto An event What do you make? B. What kind of company do you want to make it? business software Small business software Office suites such as household account book software and Microsoft Office or OpenOfficeare included. Middle scale business softwareSmall business software Office suites such as household account book software and Microsoft Office or OpenOfficeare included. Large-scale business software Enterprise resource planning, enterprise contents management (ECM), business p rocess management, product life cycle management. A digital dashboard It is displayed that the business data is summarized (For instance, KPI etc. are used), and the situation of the business is understood at one view. OLAP A large amount of data is analyzed from various viewpoints, and the managerial decision-making is supported. Data mining I extract information from a large quantity of data and clarify a tendency and the pattern that I did not understand till then. There is various mining techn ique suitable for the extraction of each pattern. 2. CONTENT ORGANIZER Hello, Our company make small business software.
  • 2. We want to do the sentence of various forms and software development with the compatibility. The candidate with more experiences and more competence are more welcomed. Thank you for taking the time to read, I looking forward to your response. Yumi Sato Account Manager, Aizu Business Software Company(ABSC) (XXX)XXX-XXXX 3. PLAN DEVELOPER week3 My Group A members are s1170003 Maki Ikeda s1170017 Shunsuke Komata s1170021 Yumi Sato s1170028 Yuya Tamaru Email
  • 3. From:Group A To:John Brine Date:2010.April.26th. Hello, Professor Brine. We write this email to explain our sushi company I stand. The sushi has demand to a Japanese. Furthermore, it is popular with foreigners recently. At first we look for a sponsor. And we collect capital. We build the first shop near a port and an international airport. And we enlarge the branch in the whole country from there. The first person is management. The second person secures the place. The third person does materials supply. The fourth person looks for a sponsor. Can we are opposed to the company doing the same thing? Sincerely, Internal memo From:Group A To:John Brine Date 2010.April.26th A. What business will you be in? What will you do? We are in a company called the restaurant. B. Mission Statement: Many companies have a brief mission statement, usually in thirty words or less, explaining their reason for being and their guiding principles. If you want to draft a mission statement, this is a good place to put it
  • 4. in the plan. The visitors are Gods. With the smile that a visitors comes for once again. C. Company goals and objectives: We want to become the best shop in the area. Furthermore, We open a chain in the whole country and make it the company which follows for dozens of years. D. Business philosophy: The freshness and a smile. E. To whom will you market your products? The sushi fan of a Japanese and the foreigner. F. Describe your industry. Is it a growth industry? When a cooking ingredient has difficulty with acquisition, we secure the route which is in the hand particularly. G. Your most important company strengths and core competencies: What factors will make the company succeed? A smile and a motivation. What do you think your major competitive strengths will be? The freshness. What background experience, skills, and strengths do you personally bring to this new venture? background experience.
  • 5. Week4 My Group A members are s1170003 s1170017 s1170021 s1170028 1 A B 1Because a design is beautiful 2Because they were gathered up 3Because they look delicious 4Because they ware explained in detail 5Because we wanted to look and go. C Our group should use these reference articles to make a web brochure. D The making of sushi Organizer 2
  • 6. A A company introduction and the making of sushi. B A procedure made with sushi The advertising of the company Business hours ingredients of the sushi A stocking place C A procedure made with sushi The advertising of the company Business hours ingredients of the sushi A stocking place D To have a reader understand a good point of the sushi 3 A B C A procedure made with sushi The advertising of the company Business hours
  • 7. ingredients of the sushi A stocking place D The freshness of the sushi The price of the cooking ingredient How do you publicize it? Week6 A. nt_business_plan.aspx B. Because it was easy to look. Because I said it in detail. Is there it in a theme? Because a list appeared. Because I thought that I served as a reference. C. We are useful for the way of writing. And We can refer to the items, too. D. Excecutive Summary Company and Financing Summary Products and Services Overview Strategic Analysis with current research! Marketing Plan 2. A. BUSINESS PLAN!! B. Excecutive Summary Company and Financing Summary Products and Services Overview Strategic Analysis with current research! Marketing Plan Personnel Plan 3 Year Advanced Financial Plan C.
  • 8. 1. Company and Financing Summary 2. Products and Services Overview 3. Strategic Analysis with current research! 4. Marketing Plan 5. Personnel Plan D. We describe all the plan contents and turn on explanation later first. Because I wanted to explain the main point to a reader intelligibly.
  • 9. Sushi Company Business hours AM10:00~PM9:00 without holiday How to make sushi 1.Prepare the ingredient 2.take the rice by the right hand. and make good form. 3ride a fish on rice. 4.grasp a fish and rice together. 5.Completion! price of the sushi All 100 Yen !!! Company introduction history Establishment of a business 300 years. business purpose We want everybody to eat delicious sushi !! Business contents The management of the restaurant. The processing of foodstuffs and sale. The main office location Fukusima The number of employees 500 people campaign All 10percent off !!! June ~ July
  • 10. Business Plan  of sushi company Follow the links to find information about each component I. Cover Page 1. Name of the business restaurant 2. Address Fukusima - Aizu 3. Telephone number 090 XXX - XXXXX 4. Name of Owner(s) Super Manager 5.Logo (A professional, attractive logo can be used to dress up the cover page) we like sushi !! II.Executive SummaryIII. This is very important, tell the reader what you want. Be clear and specific of  what you're asking for. The plan's primary purpose is to explain the operation of  the business. Your objective should be clear to the readers. However, you should  prepare the Executive Summary after you have prepared all other materials.  The following should be included in your Executive Summary:  A. Company name and type  super sushi time restaurant. B. Goals or objectives of the plan  A national chain
  • 11. C. How the plan will be implemented  11:00 ~ 22:00 D. Effect of the plan on the business  wide guest can be taken from the adult to the child.  A. Name of the business and the legal for of operation, e.g., sole proprietorship.  Eight sushi chestnut Co., Ltd. B. Amount of money needed 1000,000 yen C. How the money will be used  fish D. Effect of the money on the business  We are concerned whether I can offer a fish of the good freshness. Description of the Business 1. What your business is, or will be if it is a start­up situation?  I find the good fish. I look for a sushi craftsman. 2. How you plan to run it?  We begin with one store. We make it the best sushi bar in the area. 3. Why you think it will be successful? Because a foreigner likes sushi recently, too. There is a person eating sushi widely.  Industry Analysis • Is it a fad?  The sushi is stable widely and is popular. • Is it seasonal?  The popular items are different by a season. • Is it increasing or decreasing?  increasing. • Does it simply grow with the population?  If there is a delicious fish, the sushi industry grows up.
  • 12. • Is the market always there, always the same?  Always the same. • What are the factors affecting the growth of the market, and of market share?  Because it is a Japanese tradition dish. • Where are they located?  Japanese various places and specific foreign countries • How large is the market?  It has advanced in Japan to foreign countries.  • What are their characteristics?  The tradition of Japan dish.  • What percentage of that market is the business' share?  60% • Who are the potential customers for the business' product or service?  People in the world who is sushi lover Vision Statement First of all, one store management is started by the little capital. Next, it makes it to the best sushi shop in the region. The second store is built when there is no deficit. I want to be going to advance to all Tohoku in five years. Vision Trigger It is good sushi good smile good feelings for the customer!! Mission Statement The store is set up in the convenient place where it can go soon. A cheap, delicious sushi is offered. Business Objectives Shop where a lot of numbers of guests exist in region. Marketing Product: First of all, it goes to the market in Japan every morning. A good fish is found and it makes it to the material of the sushi. And, everything is made good food. Price: Roughly 100 yen. It is 200 yen in the good one. Place: Place near market and Place that customer visits easily. Promotion:
  • 13. CM of the company is broadcast. It puts on the advertisement.  Competitive Analysis kappa sushi , heiroku sushi ,genki shshi , sushi onndo Legal Structure 1. Type of legal agreement: Corporation, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership.  Corporation 2. Who owns the firm's property?  Super manager 3. The rights, duties and powers of the firm's  officers and employees.  President and sushi workman Management Expertise 1. Personal history including education.  There is love to sushi 2. Related work experience.  There is particularly no it 3. Salary, duties, and responsibilities of key personnel.  50,000 a month 4. Outside resources available to the business.  The sushi can be gripped. Support Personnel The sushi lover is satisfied. Financial Information VII Summary The sushi lover is satisfied. It aims at conveyor-belt sushi. However, the quality of the sushi is not lowered. It makes an effort to offer the best food for 100 yen a plate or 200 yen. Management is started from one store first. It extends one's journey to the whole country when it is possible to get on the right track afterwards. Supporting Documentation noting
  • 14. week8 my group "A" members are s1170003 s1170017 s1170021 s1170028 1 A. B. first the method of how to write report appears. second the example of how to write report appears. third it was a design to be able to refer to. fourth there were a lot of examples. last the company which I referred to is a company with the results. C. A way of writing is good. So I am useful when I gather it up. D. Step1 Create a summary giving an overview of the report. Step 2 Create a glossary of terms that will be used within the report. Step 3 Write an introduction that tells the purpose of the report. Step 4 Discuss all alternatives and options. Step 5 Write a conclusion summarizing the entire report and what decision was made from the conducted research. Step 6 Write recommendations that give your final solution or opinion. Step 7 Provide references citing all sources from your research. Step 8 Write an abstract that includes the problem, methods, conclusions and results of your report. Since this is a stand alone document, be complete and concise. This will entice the reader to continue on to the actual report. Step 9 Place the abstract at the beginning of your paper before the introduction. Step 10 Create an appendix siting extra information about the report such as books and websites. 2 A. Write "Feasibility Report" intelligibly. B. 1. Abstract 2. Summary 3. Contents list (including a separate list of illustrations) 4. Glossary
  • 15. 5. Introduction (purpose and scope) 6. Discussion (the main body providing the evidence - use appendixes if necessary) 7. Conclusions (flowing naturally from the discussion) 8. Recommendations (flowing naturally from the conclusions) 9. References (if necessary) 10. Appendixes (see section 6). C. 1. The general condition of the business 2.Income statements. 3.The situation of stocks. 4.A company profile. 5.The facilities of the shop. D. 1. Abstract 2. Summary 3. Contents list (including a separate list of illustrations) 4. Glossary 5. Introduction (purpose and scope) 6. Discussion (the main body providing the evidence - use appendixes if necessary) 7. Conclusions (flowing naturally from the discussion) 8. Recommendations (flowing naturally from the conclusions) 9. References (if necessary) 10. Appendixes (see section 6) C. week9 A To introduce a taste of the sushi into not only the country but also the foreign countries. Reasons 1.Because it is Japanese tradition food. 2.And the sushi uses various cooking ingredients as well as a fish. Therefore, it is liked as well as any people regardless of age or sex by many people. 3.There is a machine carrying sushi before a visitor in sequence. Therefore, it is felt pleasure in choosing you. 4.In our company, We take in the idea that the other companies do not have. It is a dismantling show of the fish. So we include an element of the entertainment. 5.We take in a delivery system of the sushi. So it comes to be eaten delicious sushi even if a visitor does not go to visit the shop. B /required permissions/ At first we submit a patente application. And we pay 16,000 yen for a permission application fee. Then, it is necessary to submit a report of food hygiene person in charge election. Therefore, We can comparatively simplify it. /human resources/ In our company, We employ a professional chef of the sushi. Therefore it is necessary to headhunting the chef of some sushi bar. It is not a simple thing. When you were not able to do headhunting, We make
  • 16. an institution in a company and must do a study to make delicious sushi. /machines/ It is necessary to get the conveyer which is a machine of the belt-conveyor sushi. However, the price of the conveyer is very large, and acquisition is difficult. Therefore, a financial problem occurs. This is very difficult. C 1.A financial problem buying a conveyer employing a chef of the sushi for occurs. 2.A problem where cost the setting place of the shop. 3.The problem that how advertise a sushi bar. D a. Working hours 7:00~23:00 Business hours 10:00~21:00 b. One dish 100yen~500yen c. The neighborhood of an airport and the port. d. Freshness. Inexpensiveness. A professional chef makes sushi.etc... week10 1. A. B. In right how to eat sushi and etiquette appearing. Because it is explained a procedure later. Because careful information is written. A layout was good. The useful knowledge appears and is interesting. C. Because a procedure is written finely, this sentence helps a part becoming basic. In addition, it becomes the reference because the layout is steady.
  • 17. D. (Fingers) When you eat by your fingers, pick up a piece of nigiri at the both side with your two fingers, thumb and middle, and simultaneously lift up the far side top to this side by the index finger, and turn it upside down. Then dip the fish side to soy sauce, and next, twist your wrist to turn the fish side up and face to you. Alternatively do as the same way as by chopsticks. To eat, bring the nigiri to your mouth, throw it into your mouth in a way that the fish side touches on your tongue, and this is a recommendable direction in nigiri-eating. 2. A. Designing Instructional Guide B. How to eat sushi >Choosing a Sushi Restaurant >How to Order Your Food and Drinks >The Details of Enjoying Sushi >What to Order >eat sushi C. 1.Choosing a Sushi Restaurant 2.How to Order Your Food and Drinks 3.The Details of Enjoying Sushi 4.What to Order sushi D. At first I begin with the selection of shop to eat delicious sushi. And We finally write how to eat delicious sushi.
  • 18. Week11 A. Our company is a sushi company. I treat the sushi of many kinds. I explain next, the way of the offer. We do belt-conveyor sushi. The belt-conveyor sushi is to have it carries away sushi in front of a visitor in sequence and take the favorite sushi of the visitor. In addition, we have a professional person make sushi in our company. By it, we can offer delicious sushi to the visitor. I think that we want foreign people to eat. Therefore I write notation in not only the Japanese but also the English. B. At first rice and a fish are necessary to make sushi. The rice wants to use a delicious thing. So we use the rice in accord with sushi. It is old rice. In addition, we want to offer the fish to the customer in a fresh state. So we go to the market regularly. And we obtain a good fish. It has good thing in season. C. At first we teach where in the shop customer sit. we teach the way of the order next.
  • 19. And we show the person who does not understand how to eat it. In addition, we teach a way of the payment. We explain a kind of the sushi. D. It does not apply to it. E. Yes, there is it. F. We make helpline. In addition, we make the FAQ. We make the shop which is kind to a customer.Naturally we take in the words of many countries in our company. We put 4 languages. It is Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean. G. We can answer the question of the customer than telephoning the phone number of the company.