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  1. 1. Aizu Restaurant Aizuwakamatsu city 0242-XXXX-XXXX Yuuki Iitsuka, Yusuke Suzuki, Ryo Ogata Logo (A professional, attractive logo can be used to dress up the cover page)
  2. 2. 1.Executive Summary A. AIZU restaurant and restaurant. B. Offer various and cheap menu to a lot of University of Aizu students. C. Aizu­grown vagetables and meat using for cooking. D. Not only University of student but also many citizen come to the restaurant. If you're obtaining a loan or equity your Executive Summary should also include: A. A joint­stock corporation. B. Million yen.  C. Price of land, construction cost, table, chair, tableware D. Effect of the money on the business
  3. 3. 2.The Business Description of the Business Our business is managing restaurant. it has two reasons. First, there are few  restaurants in Aizuwakamatsu. The other, we want to offer cheap dish because  students have little money. We must find good place to start managing restaurant. However, this is no problem  because Aizuwakamatsu have many free place. Probably, it is easy for us to find that. Industry Analysis Family restaurant is in demand for various ages. • It's cope in all seasons. It is open every day. • It is increasing. It unfolds sometime soon in the whole country • It is in demand for various ages. • The place where a lot of students gather. • Determined by the amount of price and customer. • The place where a lot of students of Aizuwakamatsu city gather. • Form coherent to area. • The dish which a price is safe cheaply, and is delicious. • About 50%. • The main visitor is a student.
  4. 4. Vision Statement Our restaurant offers cheap as possible, vrious and healthful menu, and  satisfy customers. Moreover, Increase the number of stores. So, I make it a  necessary restaurant. Vision Trigger Our   slogan   is   "cheap,   fast,   and   delicious".   Of   course,   restaurant   must   offer  delicious dish. However, it is difficult to offer concurrently cheap and fast. We  want to be possible using something way. For   example,   we   collaborate   with   local   residents.   Getting   cooking  ingredients cheaply and offering our product in community events. In this  way, people understand information of our restaurant.  Mission Statement The reason why we intended to make a family restaurant is that the area  finishing   oneself   does   not   have   much   them.   Therefore   I   was   cheap   and  thought to make the shop which a delicious dish could eat with security. It  is the place where a lot of students such as a university or the senior high  school gather to install a shop. In addition, I keep business coherent to area  in mind. Business Objective There are two purposes to establish a restaurant.  First, To provide cheap, various and healthy menu for students. Second,  In order to activate regional.
  5. 5. 3.Business Operations Competitive Analysis Item Gusto Saizeriya McDonald's Yoshinoya Business Hours Open for 24 hours Open for 24 hours Open for 24 hours Open for 24 hours Days Open 7days a week 7days a week 7days a week 7days a week Price Level High Moderate Low Moderate Drink Bar Yes Yes No No Breakfast Items Yes Yes Yes Yes Reputation Unknown Excellent Fair Unknown Discounts Coupon Coupon Coupon Special Promotions National Chain Yes Yes Yes Yes Method s of Yellow Pages Yellow Pages Yellow Pages Yellow Pages Promotion Radio/TV Radio/TV Radio/TV Radio/TV Newspaper Newspaper Legal Structure 1. Type of legal agreement: a joint­stock corporation. 2. Ryo Ogata, Yuki Iizuka and Yusuke Suziki 3. The presidents is Ryo Ogata, Yuki Iizuka and Yusuke Suziki. This  under the manager's position. This under the cock and waiter's position. Support Personnel It   is   very   important   that   a   dish   is   edible   cheaply   when   I   stand   in   the  situation of the student. The reason is because it is necessary to buy a thing  wanting you to use little pocket money well. The family restaurant can talk  for a long time not only I only eat a dish. Furthermore, there will be the  person doing study. I want to make the shop which can satisfy these.
  6. 6. 4.Financial Planning Tools Financial Information Financial Objectives The following objectives are for the first three years of Aizu restaurant: 1. Owner draw of $13,000 in Year 1. 2. Cash balance of $30,272 end of Year 1. 3. Owner draw of $13,500 in Year 2. 4. Cash balance of $16,710 end of Year 2. 5. Owner draw of $17,700 in Year 3. 6. Cash balance of $7,000 end of Year 3. Monthly Living Expenses For J. B. Entrepreneur Regular Monthly Payments House payments (including tax)) 8,000,000 Health, life and other insurance premiums 500,000 Miscellaneous 14,000 Loan payments 8,514,000 Household Expense Telephone 5,000 Utilities 600 Miscellaneous 10,000 Total 15600 Personal Expense Clothing, cleaning, laundry, shoe repair 25,000 Education and training 5,000 Spending allowance 40,000 Total 70,000 Total personal monthly cost of living expenses 400,000 Subtract monthly income from sources other than your business 200,000 Minimum monthly draw needed from your business 100,000 1 Sources of Cash
  7. 7. 2 (Not Used) 3 Personal Funds 77,000 4 Loan Proceeds 77,000 5 Cash Receipts from Business (Net) 160,000 6 Total Sources 324,000 7 Uses of Cash 8 Equipment/Supplies 31,200 9 Vehicle Purchase/Lease 5,420 10 Fixtures 8,300 11 Security Deposits (Rent and Utility) 10,000 12 Signs 8,500 13 Leasehold Improvements 8,700 14 Cost of Goods Sold 62,460 15 Telephone and Utilities 6,800 16 Rent 22,800 17 Business License 3,000 18 Insurance 8,000 19 Office Supplies 1,500 20 Legal and Accounting 5,760 21 Advertising 8,000 22 Real Estate Taxes 4,000 23 Miscellaneous Expenses 7,000 24 Payroll 45,950 25 Payroll Taxes 9,232 26 Loan Payments (Principal and Interest) 15,000 27 Owner's Draw 13,000 28 Total Expenditures (Uses) 284,622 29 Cash balance 1,5378 30 Total Uses 300,000 Net Cash Flow for the Year (Sources Minus Uses) 0 total Remarks income 322,408 Expenditure 284,622
  8. 8. Sources of Information: · Data from trade associations, technical journals http://30min.jp/place/307774 · SBA resources such as SCORE and SBDCs http://www.rieti.go.jp/jp/events/03071101/roselin.html · Other persons in similar businesses http://www.skylark.co.jp/gusto/ · Real estate agents http://www.ekiten.jp/ ·Accountants and/or bookkeepers http://www.arbeitstock.jp/detail/126836.html ·Major suppliers http://www.city.aizuwakamatsu.fukushima.jp/ja/kanko_odekake/green_touris m/noukaminshuku/minsyuku_hotaru.htm · Robert Morris Associates, Dun and Bradstreet Nothing ·Personal experience Nothing Time Line for Required Filings You need to establish a time line when you will make the necessary filings included, but not limited to: Fictitious Business Name Statement (including newspaper publication), Opening Business Bank Account, Sales Tax Permit (if selling products), Federal and State Employer ID numbers (if hiring employees), Workers Compensation Insurance (if hiring employees), a state business license (if business activity requires one), and city business license (if business activity requires one). The Licenses and Permits section of this web site illustrates the filing process for one city. Accounting System You will probably not mention the following two items in your business plan, but you will have to do them as part of your financial operation 1. Create a "Chart of Accounts." You will use these account labels when you create your cash flow projections. The "chart" will require more labels if you sell inventory rather than just provide services. The "chart" will require even more accounts if you intend to hire employees. 2. Address several items as part of your accounting system. A. I divide an account into three. I have a cach receipts journal.
  9. 9. B.I classify it in a cooking ingredient and personnel expenses and machine charges. I use disbursement journal. C. I use a Computer based general ledger. D. Our work does not use a car and a computer. E. I must estimate, control, and spend my cash with care. A bookkeeping system is a must.
  10. 10. 5.Summary This business plan show that Aizu restaurant will be successful. All of the critical factors such as industry trends, competitive analysis, management expertise, and financial analysis support this conclusion. Probably Aizu restaurant is needed by people in Aizu. This is most important point in this business plan. 6.Supporting Documentation 1. Resume Various knowledge is really necessary when they run the shop. Each one understands work, and the human being whom I unify it, and give instructions is necessary. I distribute work so that an individual can show one's ability. 2. Letter of Intent This time thank you for consent by new business with this shop. We do the initial order as follows at once. Please arrange it. At first I express initial order people, greetings. 3. Letter of Recommendation It is a person wrestling with everything eagerly from youth. The popularity becomes the existence of the leader of the local manager friend thick, too. If it was your company, I thought that I might make use of technology of something and came to introduce it. 4. Special Awards, Achievements There is not it. 5. Newspaper and Magazine Clippings It is possible to work by concentrating because it is possible to spend it in an environment different from the house by going to the coffee shop and the family restaurant until. Motivation was able to be improved by going out even though it was near. 6. Additional Relevant Information Supporting Your Business This section may include: a building lease, a franchise agreement; a purchase agreement; copies of licenses and permits; specifications and cost breakdowns; a partnership agreement; and articles of incorporation.