Field Service, Repair and Reman Solutions


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CMA/Flodyne/Hydradyne offers reliable hydraulic and pneumatic repair, after hours emergency service, field service and remanufactured drive solutions.

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Field Service, Repair and Reman Solutions

  1. 1. www.cmafh.comField Service, Repair andReman Solutions AFTER HOURS SERVICE, CALL 888-356-3963 ILLINOIS CALL: 630-563-3600 • WISCONSIN CALL: 262-781-1815 Solutions Partner Authorized Distributor
  2. 2. Before ▲ ▲ After CMA/Flodyne/Hydradyne Service Department HYDRAULIC AND PNEUMATIC REPAIR Our skilled Service Department is available to overhaul, repair or remanufacture hydraulic and pneumatic systems and components. n All repairs come with a One Year Repair Warranty n We use genuine factory parts n Each repaired component is thoroughly tested to orginal specifications n e are an Authorized Repair Center for Bosch Rexroth and Tokyo Keiki (formerly Tokimec) W n e also repair most manufacturer’s brands of valves, cylinders and components W n email service& to schedule your next repair AFTER HOURS EMERGENCY SERVICE We understand your sense of urgency when a machine breaks down, especially when it happens during a weekend, holiday or after normal business hours. We developed our after hours emergency service to get you up and running at any time of day. n Sales engineers available 24/7 for your convenience. n For Rates and Information, please visit our website at n Call 888-356-3963 for after hours emergency service. FIELD SERVICE Our Field Service Department provides comprehensive on-site support when and where you need it: n Hydraulic installation & start-up n Machine troubleshooting n Preventative maintenance n Fluid service (fluid sample testing, conditioning and corrective action plan) n Machine guarding & light curtain integration n For Rates and Information, please visit our website at ELECTRICAL REPAIR, UPGRADE Our skilled engineers are available to troubleshoot your electrical components and systems and make recommendations. We offer warranty repair services through our original equipment manufacturers, and we may source repairs as needed through our supplier network.
  3. 3. RETROFIT & REMANUFACTURE PROGRAM offer RemanPlus. Should your plans for your equipment extend beyond five years from the end-of-life date, we have pre-configured retrofit solutions or custom upgrades that will ensure productivity well into the future. RemanPlus - With RemanPlus, we can bring all of the drive and control product on your machine back to like new condition to ensure continued operation. We guarantee that we will be able to repair that equipment for five years beyond its end-of-life date. Retrofit - If you choose to extend your machine’sRemanufactured drives ensure product availability for an additionalfive years beyond end of life. life by more than five years beyond the product’s maturity, we have pre-configured retrofit solutionsOptions for Mature Drive Systems - Rexroth drive systems ready for you. This is a cost-efficient way to addare available for purchase for a duration of approximately many years of reliable production time to yourten years. Meanwhile, a new drive generation is taking equipment. Installation and setup of a typicalover. The seasoned product is available for repair or retrofit kit can take as little as 1 to 2 days.replacement for another ten years. After that period, theproduct has entered maturity which means that repair is Upgrade - For longer term plans, an upgrade to thedependent on the availability of parts. newest Rexroth technology will provide many yearsFor machines whose expected useful life is less than of continued production, along with support andfive years beyond the product end-of-life date, we serviceability, well into the future. HOW SAFE IS YOUR EQUIPMENT? A Machine Risk Assessment will tell you before it is too late. Machine assessments help you comply with current and emerging standards by providing consulting services for safety critical controls. Our solutions can help reduce lost-time accidents, improve workplace safety and improve employee morale, which will ultimately result in increased productivity.Four Types of Assessment: n Compliance Assessment n Compliance Assessment with Generalized Recommendations n Risk Reduction (Product Oriented Solution) n Machine & Process Safeguarding Assessment and Risk Reduction Solution (Best Value and Most Usable)Safety Solutions Include: n Light Curtains n Safety Programmable PLCs n Perimeter Access Guarding n Laser Scanners n Interlock Switches n Safety Mats n Safety Edges & Bumpers n Hard Guarding- Fixed Point/Machine Guarding n Safety Monitoring Relays n Integrated Intelligent Drives with Safety on BoardContact CMA/Flodyne/Hydradyne for more information on: n Machine & Process Safety Education n Engineering and Design n Documented Assessment and Risk Identification n Integration and Implementation
  4. 4. CASE STUDY... Upgrade and Rebuild of 1960’s era Forging Press Manipulator Control We were recently contacted to work on an upgrade and rebuild of a 1960’s era forging manipulator. The old system consisted of two 125 hp motors coupled to fixed displacement pumps with accumulator stands and line-mounted, hand operated control valves. THE SOLUTION CMAFH developed a new system design utilizing some of the old system’s rebuilt / repaired components for a significant cost savings through our repair facility. We rebuilt three Bosch Rexroth hydraulic motors and Custom Manifold 1: CMAFH designed custom ductile iron manifold repaired five Hydac accumulators. (40"x12"x12") incorporating Bosch Rexroth proportional controls CMAFH provided new Bosch Rexroth pumps and with on board elctronics and Sun Hydraulics cartridge valves for smooth and precise control of the up/down, traverse, and rotate designed and built two custom ductile iron manifolds functions. Manifold utilizes SAE and 4 bolt flange connections to for fewer leak points. We incorporated Bosch Rexroth minimize leaks, with all of the proportional valves wired (using shielded cable) to a junction box. proportional controls and Sun Hydraulic cartridge valves, all pre-wired to a junction box for ease of installation. CMAFH also provided new drawings and documentation. BUILT TO LAST ANOTHER 50 YEARS The new system utilizes horsepower limiting controls to keep the horsepower requirements within the 125 hp motors while providing a 40% increase in flow. The new control manifold now consists of complete on-board electronic proportional valves for precise Custom Manifold 2: CMAFH designed custom ductile iron control of the operation via joysticks back at the manifold (40"x12"x12") incorporating Bosch Rexroth high flow remote operator station. CMAFH also designed an DIN style logic and directional control valves, which control the clamp, side shift and anti-sway function. Manifold utilizes SAE offline filter/cooling loop to keep the system clean and and 4 bolt flange connections to minimize leaks, with all 120 volt cool for many years to come. valves wired to a junction box.MAIN DISTRIBUTION CENTERS BRANCH OFFICES1000 MUIRFIELD DRIVE 3265 GATEWAY ROAD, SUITE 300 ROCKFORD, IL TEL. (815) 229-7602 GREEN BAY, WI TEL. (920) 336-7620HANOVER PARK, IL 60133 BROOKFIELD, WI 53045 FAX (815) 229-7905 FAX (920) 336-7610PHONE: (630) 563-3600 FAX (815) 229-7905 PEORIA, IL TEL. (309) 697-7005FAX: (630) 563-3850 PHONE: (262) 781-1815 FAX (309) 697-8576