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How do you move a traditional media organization to a real network? This slide deck is the context that I used with the leadership at KETC Channel 9 in St Louis - Now the Nine Network. This is what we aimed to do and this is what they did. This was back in 2006 - still valid

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Culture map copy

  1. 1. Culture The New Competitive LandscapeTuesday, 19 February, 13
  2. 2. The Cultural Revolution Organizations like Ford are struggling and cannot seem to cope with the complexity of life today Organizations such as eBay, Google, Southwest are going from strength to strength What is behind this? There is a bifurcation in cultural development From an Extrinsic to an Intrinsic perspective This short presentation will show you what this meansTuesday, 19 February, 13
  3. 3. Your Market? The web has opened this new world up This is where The mass media cannot the mass media go here focus Chris Anderson - Wired Magazine CNN, Discovery Channel - all who seek the mass market - seem to be in race to the bottom located on the left hand side of the power curve. They are opening up a vacuum in the Long Tail. This vacuum is a New World and it is your market. It is made up of the people who are not the mass. It has been revealed by the infinite capacity of the web The new segmentation is driven by values. The new competitive barrier is driven by values. What do I mean by these two statements?Tuesday, 19 February, 13
  4. 4. Culture Map Dr Brian Hall - Values Technology This is a map of a major trend in how culture is evolving - there is a revolution underway. The web is enabling a major shift from a culture of belonging, of fitting in and of seeking external signs of success to a culture of self expression, of participation and of seeking internal signs of worth. This is the context for Public Media in the next 25 years.Tuesday, 19 February, 13
  5. 5. Dr Brian Hall - Values TechnologyTuesday, 19 February, 13
  6. 6. Phase 1 - Surviving - Safety & Security Phase 1 (The world is a mystery over which I have no control) is called Surviving and has two sequential parts Safety and Security. We live in this world as a small child. Safety and Security are provided externally. We have no power of our own here. But here also we find wonder and awe. To move on we need to have these basic needs met. If you dont, then the chances are that you may be stuck here. You look like an adult but your needs are here. You will always feel that you are not loved enough or safe enough. You do not trust others or yourself. The test? When someone you know is all about ME! When it is all someone else’s fault. When people are helpless and angry. People stuck in Phase I are not people that you want on your team, in your department and certainly not as your leader unless you are in extreme crisis and need a tyrant. Many traditional organizations that are under siege are moving here. There are two types of leadership style here. Tyrants (Stalin) are defined here as Who is here now? having "oppressed followers who are totally dependent" Paternalist Babies leaders(Putin) have followers who are "Dependent and obedient". New Orleans Russians The mass media has moved here - Bread and Circuses. Lotteries People whose companies are being downsized Mass Media - Anna Nicole Smith In survival mode - cooperation is all but impossible. If you need to cooperate with Fundamentalists a person or a group here - you have to deal with their fear first. The Middle East Blue States A phase 4 leader such as Gandhi or Mandela can reach those in survival mode President BushTuesday, 19 February, 13
  7. 7. Phase II - Belonging - Family & Institution Phase II (The world is a problem with which I must cope) is called Belonging and has 2 sequential parts - Family and Institution. This is where most of us live today. In its proper form, it is the world of a “teenager”. You profess to be an individual but fitting in is the most important thing. Most adults who have not found their own identity get stuck here. Tribes and Nationalism grew from this. Corporate life is its most highly developed form. Social affirmation, management, competence, duty obligation are all key values. Without a core here, any organization would not be competent. But if the leadership is all here in this values set, then the purpose of the organization becomes control itself as an end. This is the essence of bureaucracy. This is where most organizations trend to as they mature. Efficiency and especially loyalty trump everything. “Brownie - you are doing a Who is here now? hecka of a job!” Teenagers Traditional Corporate Life Marketers love this group. This is all about using things to identify as myself. I Universities have a BMW so I am good. Looking successful is being successful Traditional Medicine Schools The quality newspapers and some aspect of NPR today feed the higher end of Elite Marketing this group who seek to know more so that they can be more competent. These Top Down Software Development (Vista) listeners trust the authority of the New York Times or NPR. New York Times Traditional Religion Red States - Canada Many Current PBS Viewers & NPR Listeners President ReaganTuesday, 19 February, 13
  8. 8. B. Phase III -Self Initiating - Vocation & New Order Leadership in Phase III Real Adulthood - Here we begin the great shift that helps us to become fully human - here we become our true self and in the end - here we connect with all and to everything. The challenge is that we have to cross a divide from phase II to get to phase III. Many fear the loss of identity involved from going from extrinsic to intrinsic. Many just cannot make this shift. This cultural barrier then is the new competitive arena today. Leadership in Phase III is all about setting up the ideal environment for the growth of the people. It is creating Trusted Space. It is in creating the conditions where the full energy of the individual and the network is unleashed. This leadership style is quiet and even humble. The leader knows the why and seeks the how. One of the tests of such a person is that they at least acknowledge their own limits and then celebrate them. A phase II person hides these and talks only of their successes. Who is here now? Developed Adults Southwest is a phase III organization - all the other airlines are phase II at best - most Many Teenagers who are using social media phase I. Southwest competes by culture. eBay represents a phase III market place. Bloggers of all ages (60 million now) Google is a phase III working environment. Microsoft is phase II. Open Source is Phase III. Free Agents (Self Employed Micro-Entrepreneurs) Social Entrepreneurs Phase III is where your new members and your support will come from. Open Source Software Development Seekers Only a Trusted Space can help Phase II get to Phase III Many Artists Denmark & Sweden The environment is very important More spiritual than religious President ClintonTuesday, 19 February, 13
  9. 9. A. Phase III -Is a “New World” Phase III (The world is a creative project in which I want to participate) is called Self Initiating. It has two parts as well. Vocation and New Order. You can see that phases I and II are on a linear progression. Phase III is a bifurcation in development. Here the world is turned upside down. In phases I and II everything is extrinsic. In phase III everything becomes intrinsic. Here participation is central to being me. This applies to learning, to my health, to my work and to my leisure. In the past there were very few people in this group. Now, higher living standards, have pushed an early group into this sector. This is where the back to the landers came from. This is where many of the geek community is. But now a trickle is becoming a tidal wave. What is driving this? It is the social web. The social web is the key to the Self Initiating world. It is a “New World’ - just as America was a New World for Europeans in the 19th century. It is being born of the web. It is a new world that gives the individual their voice back. This is the essence of Who is here now? wikipedia and open source.. Where eBay now have 1 million self employed people in Developed Adults their system and growing. This is where blogging is awakening people. The social web is Many Teenagers who are using social media unlocking this deep need and people are flocking to be free. For until the social web, Bloggers of all ages (60 million now) there was no structure to allow this - the pressures of the Phase II world were too great. Free Agents (Self Employed Micro-Entrepreneurs) Social Entrepreneurs In marketing this is where peer reviews count the most. In education this is where Open Source Software Development dialogue counts the most. In health this is where taking back my power counts. In teams Seekers this is where I take responsibility for my bit. In life this is where my word and my Many Artists reputation mean the most. In competence this is where being acknowledged as being Denmark & Sweden good counts for more than a credential. It is a personal world of adults who take The environment is very important legitimate responsibility. More spiritual than religious President Clinton In media this is the "many to many" idea made flesh.Tuesday, 19 February, 13
  10. 10. Phase IV - The world is a mystery for which we care for on a global scale - Wisdom & World Order Phase IV (The world is a mystery for which we care on a global scale) Has two parts - Wisdom and World Order. This is the age of wisdom - The True Elder. This is the supreme leadership pinnacle. It is is seen today only in the lives of a few. In tribal society, it may have been the norm for the Elders. Their children are all people. Their land - all land. They transcend differences. They include all. Few people ever reach reach this but when they do, they create an energy that pulls us from the future - this is the most aspirational power that we know. The life of Christ versus the Church. Buddha versus Buddhism. Jeffersonian Democracy versus our current reality. Havel versus the Soviet Union. These people take on the most powerful forces and win by moral authority. Only moral authority has the power to take on the the Corporate State. Here the leader is the Servant - interdependent administrator with collegial participation and Visionary - Liberator with a global network of visionaries. They create a deeper kind of Mission such as the Sermon on the Mount, The Declaration Who is here now? of Independence, the Gettysberg Address and my favorite, Lincoln’s 2nd Inaugural True Elders Address Nelson Mandela Vaclev Havel “With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to Gandhi see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nations wounds, to Dalai Lama care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all Muhammed Yunis (Grameen Bank) which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all Al Gore - On his way nations.” - How different from “Mission accomplished” Jeff Skoll - On his way State of Kerala in India This is the kind of “Mission” that we need to find - a powerful call to the best of the human spiritTuesday, 19 February, 13
  11. 11. What does your new market look like?Tuesday, 19 February, 13
  12. 12. The Bridge Trusted Space Phase II Phase III Your role - To bridge phase II to phase III To offer Phase III a home and ask them to help make the bridge work for those in phase II Why do this? To Create a better Society How? By Creating more Social CapitalTuesday, 19 February, 13
  13. 13. Your current viewers are in Phase II You will set up a bridge from Phase II to Phase III You will ask Phase III people to help build the bridge and to create a place for Phase III as a destination The Bridge will be Trusted Space They are all inspired by phase IV They seek this because only in Phase III can they get their power back to solve their local problems You will have to become a Phase III organization to do this. KETC will become a Trusted Space Dr Brian Hall - Values TechnologyTuesday, 19 February, 13
  14. 14. Places with High Social Capital Do Well Dr Robert Putnam Putnam shows that more than any other factor, social capital drives outcomes If St Louis is to excel in the 21st century - it has to improve its social capital The same is true for Public Media and for KETCTuesday, 19 February, 13
  15. 15. Health & Hierarchy Dr Michael Marmot - Whitehall Study - CIAR People at the bottom of a traditional hierarchy who feel that they have no say are 4 times more likely to die than those at the topTuesday, 19 February, 13
  16. 16. Family Dr Doug Wilms UNB By the age of 2 most human development is set. Children who have had a safe place and yet also room to have a say go on to develop naturally very well. Children who have not had either get stuckTuesday, 19 February, 13
  17. 17. National Health Dr Fraser Mustard CIAR The same issues work for nationsTuesday, 19 February, 13
  18. 18. Complex Problems • Family • Education More money invested no longer helps • Crime Only better social capital will solve the • Health intractable problems in these key parts of our lives • Innovation • The EconomyTuesday, 19 February, 13
  19. 19. What does this imply for your leadership?Tuesday, 19 February, 13
  20. 20. I see your leadership in the red box You are already in the zone that can lead from this new value set - an essential part for your eventual success. The effective partnership leader has to be here today. Otherwise the organization has to stay in the functional world This is where you are going Dr Brian Hall - Values TechnologyTuesday, 19 February, 13
  21. 21. What would you doTuesday, 19 February, 13
  22. 22. Hosting Trusted Space Google Network AOL eBay TV Public TV David Reed No other process adds more value or can scale more than thisTuesday, 19 February, 13
  23. 23. Trusted Space In the new model, it’s all about the value and the trust found inside the ‘container’ or in the ‘trusted space’ in which the ‘member’ now lives. The member is both a provider and a supplier. Your job is to act as Host. You create the safe ecology in which the member can become more human. The business imperative is to attract and hold the ‘Member’ for as long as possible inside the container. The more time they spend there the better. They are attracted and they stay inside the container because of the value or the experience that they have inside. Members provide most of the human and the intellectual capital for the enterprise. Trust is therefore the critical factor. The new model is not about product. eBay had a poor website, Skype did not win by having a good tool. No one part of Google is the only attractor. Your success will not be about the tool but about the experience that draws the customer inside your container.Tuesday, 19 February, 13
  24. 24. God or Nature? If you attempt to control everything you loose control, if you stand above the system amplifying good patterns and disrupting bad ones, if you influence evolution rather than trying to design against idealistic outcomes; then, and only then do you achieve what control is possible. Its all about doing more with significantly less. Dave Snowden It is essential for the mainstream media to understand that the larger information ecosystem is one that grows wild on the Net and supports everybody who wants to inform anybody else. It no longer grows inside the mainstream medias walled gardens. Those gardens will continue to thrive only to the degree that they do two things: 1) open up; and 2) live symbiotically with individuals outside who want to work together for common purposes. As Ive said before (and I said it again at the conference), we dont just "deliver information" like its a Fedex package. We inform each other. That is, we literally form what other people know. If you tell me something I didnt know before, Im changed by that. I am not merely in receipt of a box of facts. I am enlarged by knowing more than I did before. Enlarging each other is the deepest calling of journalism, whether its done by bloggers, anchors or editors. Doc SearlsTuesday, 19 February, 13
  25. 25. St Louis Today Local Botanical Zoo Community Gardens Local Community Local Valdis Krebs Washington Community University Valdis Krebs Likely that the groups and communities in St Louis are Scattered - Just as are your viewers There is no power in the systemTuesday, 19 February, 13
  26. 26. Stage 1 - Connecting Valdis KrebsIn Stage 1, you start to connect some groups - could be communities - could be the art and science world in St LouisTuesday, 19 February, 13
  27. 27. Weaving Valdis Krebs Then you act as a host and weave the communities into each other New connections formTuesday, 19 February, 13
  28. 28. Emergence! Valdis Krebs With enough Weaving - the network takes off all on its own The power of the network effect becomes available to KETC and to St Louis Social Capital and Resilience Build and drive outcomesTuesday, 19 February, 13