Mastercard Priceless Search and Social Market Research Case Study by Rob Garner and iCrossing


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Case study for a research project that yielded a major theme for the Priceless 10th anniversary TV and print campaign in 2008. Search and social network data was used to study and quantify the level of interest around travel related themes.

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Mastercard Priceless Search and Social Market Research Case Study by Rob Garner and iCrossing

  1. 1. Case Study | MasterCard SweepstakesSearch & Social Networks Are Priceless 10 million magazine copies 7 Wonders of the World 1 priceless social campaign Many brands shout while putting their customers on mute. Connected brands turn every interaction into a two-way CONNECTEDNESS conversation. This is how we helped MasterCard listen to its customers’ desires and motivations. The result was a WORK sweepstakes that resonated with the audience, wowed ad critics and reinforced MasterCard’s brand identity. EMAIL | CALL 866.620.3780 | VISIT | FOLLOW | BECOME A FAN
  2. 2. OBJECTIVELeverage search and social networks to help inform the sweepstakes prizes andcreative development for the 10th anniversary of MasterCard’s iconic advertising From a trip to thecampaign. Research life travel goals to generate a unique prize that would appeal to Seven Wonders of thethe widest audience within MasterCard’s target audience. World, to having your portrait painted by JulianINSIGHTS Schnabel, these areComing up with any old sweepstakes prize is easy enough. Coming up with one thatresonates with the audience, supports the client’s brand positioning and proves that prizes that do indeedsome things in life are worth infinitely more than they cost? That’s priceless. And it have incredible humantakes search, market research analysis, social media networks and a little harmless value beyond the mere monetary. In that way,eavesdropping to do it right. it’s all about openingIDEA your eyes and really seeing, which, in thisWe started by identifying an online social network with extensive public informationabout its members’ life goals. Using Hitwise, we validated the network’s demographicsto ensure its audience was within MasterCard’s target. Then, we used the search economy, is a new waydata to develop an experiential strategy that would dig deep into how people think of defining luxury.and behave online. By listening to the audience in both the targeted social networkand search query frequency, we discovered strong travel interest in the “Wonders - Barbara Lippertof the World.” Since the Wonders of the World has multiple derivatives – including Adweek criticthe ancient world, modern world and natural world – the concept lent itself to manyinterpretations and opportunities for relevant content.RESULTSOur research and professional eavesdropping paid off. MasterCard decided thatits 10th anniversary sweepstakes and creative would highlight a trip to the SevenWonders of the World. Developed by McCann-Erickson, the television spot debutedduring the 2008 Academy Awards. In addition, a four-page spread featuring thePriceless “Wonders of the World / Search” appeared in over 10 million copies ofVogue, Wired, Conde Nast Traveler and GQ between March and April 2008.Through observational use of social networks and search, we were able to listen toMasterCard’s target audience and make strategic recommendations for a prize thatresonated with the audience, supported the client’s brand positioning and was well-received by ad critics.EMAIL | CALL 866.620.3780 | VISIT | FOLLOW | BECOME A FAN