RTCM in a Connected World of Search and Social


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Updated version of my real time content marketing (RTCM) presentation, with additional slides and information. Most material is excerpted from my book, "Search and Social: The Definitive Guide to Real-Time Content Marketing."

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  • Source: http://www.forrester.com/home#/The+Always+Addressable+Customer/fulltext/-/E-RES74101
  • RTCM in a Connected World of Search and Social

    1. 1. Real-Time Content Marketing in a Connected World of Search and Social January 17, 2013
    2. 2. Search and Social: The Definitive Guide to Real-TimeContent Marketing #SMCDallas #SearchSocial 2
    3. 3. • Anyone who tweets the hashtags #searchsocial and #smg will receive a promo code for discount tickets online for the Studio Movie Grill• One randomly selected tweet will receive two free tickets #SMCDallas #SearchSocial 3
    4. 4. @robgarner fb.com/garner gplus.to/RobGarnerOpening Without content, search engines and social networks do not exist #SMCDallas #SearchSocial 4
    5. 5. @robgarner fb.com/garner gplus.to/RobGarnerOverview • Unsung pioneers in real-time, search and social • The basics of real-time content marketing • How search and social are becoming one • Why social signals are important to search • Why search is a strategic component of social • A list of social signals, and what signals engine pick up on • Google+: Author and Publisher Markup #SMCDallas #SearchSocial 5
    6. 6. Key thinkers in networktheory, real time marketing, search, and social
    7. 7. Dr. Manuel Castells and the Space of Flows 1995: “Networks transcend communications traditionally ruled by the space of places… which enables real-time communication across global boundaries…” #SMCDallas #SearchSocial 7
    8. 8. How Regis McKenna Defined “Real-Time Marketing” in 1995 for Harvard Bus. Review• “To build customer loyalty...companies need to keep their customers engaged in a continuous dialogue.”• “Companies must keep the dialogue flowing and also maintain conversations with suppliers, distributors, and others in the marketplace.”• “[Real-time marketing must replace] the broadcast mentality.”• “[Real-time marketing must focus] on real-time customer satisfaction, providing the support, help, guidance, and information necessary to win customers’ loyalty.”• “Real-time marketing requires...being willing to learn how information technology is changing both customer behavior in marketing and to think in new ways about marketing within the organization.”• “[Real-time interaction] allows the customer and the producer to learn from each other and to respond to each other.”• “The customer still does all the work, hunting and pecking for information. But a real-time marketer would bring the information to the customer.” #SMCDallas #SearchSocial 8
    9. 9. @robgarner fb.com/garner gplus.to/RobGarnerIt begs the question… Is Regis McKenna one of the unsung pioneers of what we now call “social media marketing”? #SMCDallas #SearchSocial 9
    10. 10. Sir Tim Berners-Lee“there is some reallyexciting work to be done onautomatic algorithms tomake multi-level searches.” Sir Tim Berners-Lee; May 14, 1992. www.w3.org/History/19921103hypertext/hypertext/WWW/FAQ/KeepingTrack.html #SMCDallas #SearchSocial 10
    11. 11. Dr. Manuel Castells1995: “We are becoming a networked society” #SMCDallas #SearchSocial 11
    12. 12. 2010-2013: The era of pervasive interactivity© 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited
    13. 13. @robgarner fb.com/garner gplus.to/RobGarnerIn other words, the expectations of youraudience and customers have changed.They are “always addressable,” and theyexpect you to address them in real-time.
    14. 14. Real-time implications on content publishing
    15. 15. Fact: If you have a web site or any web presence, then you are a publisher 15
    16. 16. New Reality: To meet the expectations of thealways addressable consumer, social marketers must become real-time content marketers 16
    17. 17. Being a real-time content marketer means being always present with useful and engaging content for the always addressable consumer 17
    18. 18. Elements of Real-Time Content Marketing • Organizational shifts from passive to real-time engagement • A redefining of audience • A redefining of brand to include the audience • In some cases, a redefinition of business practices • A greater commitment to sincerity • A reworking of the definition of social media to become more inclusive of search principles • A deep understanding and executional capability in search and findability issues • A deep understanding of building out earned attention in social networks • A redefinition of the word publishing • A commitment to being a “marketer as media publisher” #SMCDallas #SearchSocial 18
    19. 19. @robgarner fb.com/garner gplus.to/RobGarner Real-time content marketing is not complete without a deep strategic,tactical, and logistical understanding of search and social together
    20. 20. How Search and Social are Becoming One
    21. 21. Natural Language • Language reflects the words, voice, tone, and tastes of audience • Used to find and connect with your audience through content and conversation • Language is a living concept, and SMMs are on the forefront of real-time audience linguistics • Enables of the spirit of your audience into brand of business conversation #SMCDallas #SearchSocial
    22. 22. Increased Opportunity: Social-only vs. SEO-only vs. Both SOCIAL SEO BOTH #SMCDallas #SearchSocial 22
    23. 23. Choice: 2nd Tier SERP Visibility
    24. 24. Why are Social Signals Important to Search?
    25. 25. Shift in Linking Measurement: Social impact on SEO• Links are the cornerstones of natural search algorithms, and now social is a cornerstone as well• But influence of links has shifted greatly from webmasters and technical influencers, to the average Internet user• As a result, the social graph has taken a massive bite out of the link graph• Examples of this include: • Tweeting (not a direct link) • Publishing via blog CMS such as WordPress or Blogger • Rating, commenting, posting • +1s, Likes, various types of shares • Bookmarking • Etc. #SMCDallas #SearchSocial 25
    26. 26. Social Signals Reveal High Velocity Content andInterests #SMCDallas #SearchSocial
    27. 27. Content Distribution: Passive #SMCDallas #SearchSocial
    28. 28. Content Distribution: Active #SMCDallas #SearchSocial
    29. 29. Why is Search a Strategic Component of Social?
    30. 30. Search engines perform deep network analysis #SMCDallas #SearchSocial
    31. 31. Search data provides market research and show your audience’s tastes #SMCDallas #SearchSocial
    32. 32. Search metrics reflect content performance #SMCDallas #SearchSocial
    33. 33. Social networks have become algorithmic #SMCDallas #SearchSocial
    34. 34. Selected list of social signals and synergies #SMCDallas #SearchSocial 34
    35. 35. Key social signals in Bing and Google #SMCDallas #SearchSocial 35
    36. 36. Additional Considerationsfor Social Media Marketers
    37. 37. @robgarner fb.com/garner gplus.to/RobGarnerKeywords are connections to people #SMCDallas #SearchSocial
    38. 38. @robgarner fb.com/garner gplus.to/RobGarnerLive participation is optimization #SMCDallas #SearchSocial
    39. 39. @robgarner fb.com/garner gplus.to/RobGarnerRecency is the new relevancy #SMCDallas #SearchSocial
    40. 40. @robgarner fb.com/garner gplus.to/RobGarnerIncreased network reach is an SEO tactic #SMCDallas #SearchSocial
    41. 41. @robgarner fb.com/garner gplus.to/RobGarnerReal-time user experience is real #SMCDallas #SearchSocial
    42. 42. @robgarner fb.com/garner gplus.to/RobGarner“Optimization” is an external usabilityissue for both search and social networks,and not “gaming” the system #SMCDallas #SearchSocial
    43. 43. @robgarner fb.com/garner gplus.to/RobGarnerPeople who use search engines alsouse social networks, and vice versa #SMCDallas #SearchSocial
    44. 44. Google+ Authorship and Publishing Markup
    45. 45. One thing you need to know about Google+:Google+ is not a destination – it’s a platform #SMCDallas #SearchSocial 45
    46. 46. The Author Graph• Measures influence, authority, and theme, just the way Google measures other digital assets• Your influence is reflected by the quality and theme of the publications you write for, and by the relative social signals for those properties #SMCDallas #SearchSocial 46
    47. 47. Publishers: Get a Google BadgeRemember: If you have a website, then you are a publisher • Google Badge is a way to connect your website directly to your Google profile • Google “strongly recommends” that webmasters and publishers make this connection. • Google also refers to it as an “enhanced version of the +1 button” • In effect, it creates a sort of handshake between your main web asset and your Google+ presence and verifies your web presence with Google as a publisher • Read more about Google Badges at https://developers.google.com/+/plugins/badge/config . #SMCDallas #SearchSocial 47
    48. 48. A few last thoughts • Knowing the interdependencies of search & social is the difference between being a good social media marketer, and a great one • Social media marketing now requires understanding of algorithmic optimization • With the proper understanding of SEO, social media marketers can take credit for some SEO visibility • Real-time expectations from your audience begets real-time content marketing strategies • Search engines and social networks do not exist without content • Be socially relevant #SMCDallas #SearchSocial 48
    49. 49. Please review or rate and review the book #SMCDallas #SearchSocial 49
    50. 50. Thank you - Questions Please review or rate the book on: #SMCDallas #SearchSocial 50