Content in the Age of Promiscuous Reuse
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Content in the Age of Promiscuous Reuse



Everyone's talking about responsive design, and how you need structured content in order to make it happen. But what does "structured content" really mean, and how do you make it happen? ...

Everyone's talking about responsive design, and how you need structured content in order to make it happen. But what does "structured content" really mean, and how do you make it happen?
A presentation given on 25 October 2012, at Content Strategy Forum 2012 in Cape Town, South Africa.



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Content in the Age of Promiscuous Reuse Content in the Age of Promiscuous Reuse Presentation Transcript

  • CONTENT IN THE AGEOF PROMISCUOUS REUSERachel Lovinger @rlovinger CS Forum 2012 Page 1 Photo by spakattacks
  • About Me: Rachel LovingerExperience Director, Content Strategist Razorfish, New YorkCo-editor of content strategy blog scatter/gather: http://scattergather.razorfish.comAuthor of Nimble: A Razorfish Report on Publishing in the Digital Age (June 2010): (@NimbleRF on Twitter)Page 2 © 2012 Photo by Rohanna Mertens
  • A Story of Reuse New York City SubwayPage 3 © 2012
  • Page 4 © 2012
  • Page 5 © 2012 Photo by jaimekop
  • Route Change: This map is not in useName of Station has changedPage 6 © 2012
  • Page 7 © 2012
  • A Story of Structure Chunks vs. BlobsPage 9 © 2012
  • Blob: A Tweet Author Content Blob DatePage 10 © 2012
  • Blob: A Blog Post Title Author Date Content Blob TagsPage 11 © 2012
  • Chunks: A Recipe Title Author Show Episode Tags Time Image Yield Caption Level Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Guide / Etc… Menu DirectionsPage 12 © 2012 Recipe © Food Network
  • Recipe: From Web to MobilePage 13 © 2012
  • Someday, Intelligent Cooktops Google Cooktop designed by Sarah R. L. Johnson,Page 14 © 2012 Screenshot from A Day Made of Glass… by Corning
  • A Story of Evolution The need for STRUCTURE follows the rise of REUSEPage 16 © 2012
  • Support DocumentationTechnical Communications• Since before the Web• Help content and manuals, for print and digital• Structured content delivered as print docs or hypertext files• Provides topic-based just-in-time content• Change Management: updates & translation DocsPage 17 © 2012
  • Boeing: Change ManagementPage 18 © 2012 Photo by Darren Olivier
  • Boeing: Change Management 31 million pages : Imagine distributing printed updates. 1999: CDs took up considerably less space Docs - 20 yearsPage 19 © 2012 Photo by Boeing
  • Web PublishingEditors & Template/CMS developersWhen redesigning a site we thought about:• Reusing articles & photos throughout the site• Distributing content to sister sites• Syndication to partner channelsThis required the content to be flexible.[This was largely pre-social & pre-mobile. Now we’d also consider:• Sharing on social sites and content aggregators• Appearance of content on mobile devices ] Docs Web - 10 yearsPage 20 © 2012
  • SyndicationPage 21 © 2012
  • Responsive DesignMobile Web/App Designers• We’re now looking at everything on the phone• Pages & content created for the desktop don’t always work well on mobile• Content creators don’t want to produce a different set of assets for each channel Docs Web Mobile+ NowPage 22 © 2012
  • Mobile: UbiquityPage 23 © 2012 Fail Images from MobileWebFail
  • Mobile: UbiquityPage 24 © 2012
  • Reading on tabletsPage 25 © 2012 Photo by TheCreativePenn
  • Streaming to TVsPage 26 © 2012 Photo by Dennis S. Hurd
  • Broadcasting to our own carsPhoto by HighTechDad Page 27 © 2012
  • Boeing manuals: Incredibly challenging Now, the entire Internet is in everyone’s pocket Photos: Boeing by Darren Olivier, Pocket by lululemon athletica
  • Now we’re ALL responsible for structuring content. It CAN be done. (And it’s not just a tech issue.)
  • A Story of Tactics Ok, But How?Page 30 © 2012 Photo by avinashkunnath
  • Why content people need to get involvedPeople who aren’t thinking about the broader meaning, purposeand uses of the content, are more likely to create:• Single-use, single-context content• Painful CMS interfaces• Unsustainable workflowsPage 31 © 2012
  • We need• Flexible, reusable content• Easy-to-use tools and processesPage 32 © 2012
  • Content ManagementSeparate the content from the display by using a CMS Warning: WYSIWYG formatting fails to indicate meaningful structurePage 33 © 2012 Image courtesy of Miva Merchant
  • Responsive DesignPresentation layer defines display, per channel or devicePage 34 © 2012 Photo by jiraisurfer
  • Content ModellingTranslate designs into flexible content chunks Artist Profile Chart Song Album Page Content Types Content AttributesPage 35 © 2012
  • Web StandardsUse existing standards so content plays well with others … Etc. “The great thing about standards is, there are so many to choose from”Page 36 © 2012
  • Rich MetadataHelp systems understand what to do with the chunksPage 37 © 2012 Image courtesy of Wall Street Journal
  • User-friendly ToolsDemand easy-to-use tools with advanced features Example: Drupal 7 supports web standards & rich metadataPage 38 © 2012
  • Structured content may feellike a brand new problem, but people have been thinking about it for a long time. Photo by Thomas Hawk
  • Recap: Tactics for Structured Content1. Content Management2. Responsive Design3. Content Modelling4. Web Standards5. Rich Metadata6. As always: need more user-friendly tools!Page 40 © 2012
  • We’ve solved for these problems in the past.Now we have to simplify & scale the solutions.
  • A Story of Knowledge Where to Learn MorePage 42 © 2012
  • Karen McGrane Rahel Bailie & Noz Urbina Sara Wachter-Boettcher Content Strategy for Mobile Content Strategy for Decision Makers Content Everywhere Bob Boiko Ann Rockley & Charles Cooper Heather Hedden Content Management Bible Managing Enterprise Content The Accidental TaxonomistPage 43 © 2012
  • Online ResourcesStart here:• My SlideShare page:• Nimble: A Rasorfish Report on Publishing in the Digital Age• Stephen Hay: Structured Content First• Daniel Jacobson, NPR: COPE: Create Once, Publish EverywhereThen, since there are way too many to list…• Additional Links:• And: @rlovingerNext…Page 44 © 2012
  • People to FollowAt the intersection of Content Strategy, Responsive Design,Structured Content, and the Future-Friendly Web.• Cleve Gibbon (@cleveg : slideshare : blog)• Karen McGrane (@karenmcgrane : slideshare : blog)• Rahel Anne Bailie (@rahelab : slideshare : blog)• Sara Wachter-Boettcher (@sara_ann_marie : slideshare : blog)• Noz Urbina (@nozurbina : slideshare : blog)• Cennydd Bowles (@Cennydd : blog)• Luke Wroblewski (@lukew : slideshare : blog)• Ethan Marcotte (@beep : blog)• Brad Frost (@brad_frost : slideshare : blog)Page 45 © 2012
  • Thanks ! @rlovingerPage 46 © 2012 Photo by EricGjerde