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Empowering Your Audience Ambassadors with Semantic Publishing

  1. Empowering Your Audience Ambassadors with Semantic Publishing Web 3.0 and the Future of Social Media 22 June 2011 Rachel Lovinger @rlovinger
  2. ABOUT ME: RACHEL LOVINGER 2 • Associate Experience Director, Content Strategy, Razorfish NYC • Co-editor of scatter/gather, a content strategy blog: • Author of Nimble: A Razorfish Report on Publishing in the Digital Age (June 2010) ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved. Photo by Rohanna Mertens
  3. ABOUT ME: RACHEL LOVINGER 3 • I use social media a lot, for both personal and professional purposes • My first visit to Australia ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  4. THE NIMBLE REPORT 4 • A Report on Publishing in the Digital Age • Nimble is available at: • On Twitter: @NimbleRF ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved. Illustrations by Fogelson-Lubliner
  5. CONTENT NEEDS TO BE FREE (LIKE A BIRD, NOT LIKE BEER) ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved. Illustration by Fogelson-Lubliner
  6. WHEN CONTENT IS NIMBLE 6 Content should be able to: • Travel Freely • Retain Context & Meaning • Create New Products ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  7. TRAVEL FREELY 7 • Socially-enabled • Mobile-friendly • On Demand Photo by Rachel Lovinger, Drawing by Mathieu Plourde
  8. WHERE IS THE CONTENT? 8 • In 2000 a digital publisher’s content ecosystem included a website, an RSS feed, and maybe an email newsletter. • In 2010 there are many more content channels to attend to. ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  9. ONE ARTICLE… 9 ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved. BBC © MMXI
  10. IN MANY CHANNELS, PLATFORMS, DEVICES 10 ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved. BBC © MMXI
  11. 11 “The old portal model has given way to a social model, and you have to have your content threaded into that.” – Martin Nisenholtz, SVP, Digital Operations, The New York Times ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  12. HOW DOES THE CONTENT FIND ITS AUDIENCE? 12 • Trusted editorial sources • Editorial aggregators • Community aggregators • Personal filters • Social recommendations ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  13. STRUCTURED SERENDIPITY 13 Me + Friends + Community + Editors • We need smarter filters • Tools will use all of these factors to help people manage their information streams • Content has to play well in this environment ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  14. SOCIAL INFLUENCE: AUDIENCE AMBASSADORS 14 Pages should be properly structured, marked up, and tagged so that when that link shows up on Facebook it includes meaningful copy and imagery ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  15. FIND YOUR AUDIENCE WHERE THEY ARE 15 ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved. Illustration by Fogelson-Lubliner
  16. SEO GOES INTO OVERDRIVE 16 Yahoo, Google, and Bing have all begun using rich metadata embedded in pages to apply formatting for specific kinds of content and display useful information right in the results. ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  17. SEMANTIC SEO 17 • Add semantic markup to the content • Submit it to search engines • Boost search rankings • Makes pages more accessible for visually impaired users • Displays additional business data, content, or product information directly in search results ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved. Screenshot © 2010 Dapper
  18. SOCIAL SEARCH 18 Facebook Quora Gmail Facebook Google Reader Twitter ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  19. ADVANCED MEDIA MONITORING 19 • Track Twitter, social networks, blogs, discussion boards, content sites • Track a brand, industry, domain or topic • With semantic capabilities: • more accurate relevance • sentiment analysis • Track ongoing stories and audience reaction ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved. Screenshot © 2010 Phase 2 Technology
  20. ADVANCED MEDIA MONITORING 20 Example Services Imooty Tracks keywords and mentions of a brand, using a simple dashboard or by creating alerts, widgets, or RSS feeds. Inbenta Follow the topics that people in your business are following. Lexalytics Scans what’s being said in blogs, tweets and social media to provide sentiment analysis about companies, topics and current events. Tattler Mines news, websites, blogs, multimedia sites, and social media to find mentions of topics or issues of interest to you. ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  21. STRUCTURE SETS CONTENT FREE ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved. Illustration by Fogelson-Lubliner
  22. ELEMENTS OF STRUCTURE 22 • Structured Data • Meaningful Metadata • Linked Data • One Page Per Concept • APIs ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  23. STRUCTURED DATA 23 • Markup that provides more meaning and context • Ad hoc and standard methods of adding structure <b>Madonna</b> Indicates that the text within the tags should be bold. <H1>Madonna</H1> Indicates that the text within the tags is a headline. <foaf:name>Madonna</foaf:name> Indicates that the text within the tags is a name, as defined in the “Friend of a Friend” vocabulary. <amgID=64565>Madonna</amgID> Indicates that the text within the tags refers to the recording artist Madonna, as described on AllMusic. ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  24. SEMANTIC PUBLISHING TOOLS 24 • Tools with a range of structure and metadata capabilities • Content encoded with semantic markup and meaningful metadata • Not necessary to understand all the underlying code • Streamlines publishing • Faster, easier, and cheaper make new content products ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved. Screenshot © 2010 Thomson Reuters
  25. MANAGE CONTENT WITH METADATA 25 Drupal 7 • Open source CMS • Native support for semantic structures RDF & RDFa ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  26. MEANINGFUL METADATA 26 Search: Blackberry ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved. Image by enrique dans and Rob MacEwen
  27. MACHINE-ASSISTED TAGGING 27 • Extracts concepts from the text • Suggests categorized terms • Content producer approves or rejects each suggested term ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved. Screenshot from Joe Devon’s `
  28. MACHINE-ASSISTED TAGGING 28 Example Services OpenCalais Automatically tags people, places, companies, facts and events found in the content. TextWise Generates weighted, relevant metadata based on key concepts found in the text of a document or web page. Tagaroo An OpenCalais plug-in for WordPress. ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  29. LINKED OPEN DATA 29 ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved. Diagram by Richard Cyganiak and Anja Jentzsch
  30. RICH DATA SERVICES 30 Connect your content and data to other rich data sources ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved. Copyright ©2011 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
  31. METADATA STANDARDS FOR SOCIAL CONNECTIONS 31 FOAF = Friend of a Friend • Describes people, their connections, the things they create • Incorporated into many other standard vocabularies & tools • Includes elements such as: • Agent, Person, Group, Project, age, familyName, givenName, knows, interest, isPrimaryTopicOf, myersBriggs, publications, openID, workplaceHomepage SIOC = Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities • Integrates personal profile and social networking information • Usually used in conjunction with FOAF • Includes elements such as: • Community, Forum, Item, Post, Role, Thread, UserAccount, about, creator_of, follows, last_activity_date, member_of, related_to, subscriber_of ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  32. FACEBOOK OPEN GRAPH 32 OGP = Open Graph Protocol • Adds metadata to any page that identifies it more clearly to Facebook • Based on RDF (a W3C semantic web standard) • Allows for deeper integration with Facebook and a person’s existing social networking activity • Includes elements such as: • title, location information, contact information, activity types, business types, people types, place types ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  33. ONE PAGE PER CONCEPT 33 • High SEO value • Aggregates content • Mapped to related data ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved. BBC © MMXI
  34. APIS FOR CONTENT, DATA, AND FUNCTION 34 • Import data, content, and services • Make content and data available for use by others ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved. Photo by Rishi Menon
  35. AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION 35 ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved. BBC © MMXI
  36. AUDIENCE COLLABORATION 36 ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved. BBC © MMXI
  39. 39 CONCLUSION • Content needs to be free - free to be consumed where and when people want it • Make your content easier to find and share by adding semantic markup • Engage with your audience by finding them where they are • Turn ambassadors into influencers and even contributors ©2011 Razorfish. All rights reserved.