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North Cyprus Investment brochure

North Cyprus Investment brochure



Investement packages brochure

Investement packages brochure



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    North Cyprus Investment brochure North Cyprus Investment brochure Presentation Transcript

    • A Reputation Growing on Success Opportunities for investment Packages
    • A UNIQUE INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY IN THE TURKISH REPLUBLIC OF NORTHERN CYPRUS Why  Invest  in  North  Cyprus?   found on the south side of the island. Now that the United Nations has pledged Despite its international isolation, North to reconcile both sides of the island the Cyprus has been posting slow but steady European Union has pledged € 259 millionPROPERTY INVESTMENT growth since 1977; today it is considered in aid to attract foreign direct investment. one of the best returning markets in the Mediterranean. Investing in North Cyprus is one of the best ways of ensuring high growth and North Cyprus’ free market economy, its appreciation for your money. The island’s British business and legal practices make extremely low cost of living, its booming it an ideal place for foreign investors who property market and burgeoning tourist want to place their money in an up-and- towns all point to a nation that is a solid coming market that is yet familiar to them place to invest for both the short and on several levels. long term. After all with its unspoiled beauty and exceptional location The government of North Cyprus has investors can truly enjoy watching their recognized the importance of attracting money grow. foreign interest and investment hence they have begun pushing the So whether you are looking to invest in a development of its tourist sector and it small number of units or a major project, has also been investing heavily in we can guarantee you the best improving the country’s infrastructure. independent advice to make sure that you get the best capital returns from your The government has additionally started investment in Northern Cyprus. to develop resort towns similar to those
    • North  Cyprus  North Cyprus is the third largest island in theMediterranean. It stands at the crossroads ofthree continents. Along its beautiful coastline ithas its share of rich archeological sites andmedieval castles.North Cyprus enjoys over 300 days ofuninterrupted sunshine, clear blue unpollutedseas, the beauty of an unspoiled landscapeand un-crowded beaches.Add to this the friendliness and hospitality of thepeople, wonderfully varied cuisine and youhave the perfect recipe for a truly idyllicholiday. Whether you are a lover of nature, anarchaeologist, a keen walker, a watersportsman or simply a sun-worshipper, NorthCyprus is the ideal spot for you.
    • Healthy  Lifestyle  The Turkish-Cypriot cuisine has been influenced by different cultures throughouthistory, owing most of its heritage to Mediterranean and Middle Easterninfluences. Many dishes vary from region to region making North Cyprus amarvelous place to eat.It’s no surprise that the Mediterranean diet is linked to good health. A lot ofemphasis is placed on fruits, vegetables and healthy fats. Red meats, wine andpoultry are consumed moderately, while fish is consumed regularly. Most of thefat in this diet comes from olive oil.In coastal provinces people enjoy the sun, the sea and quiet beaches all yearround. Many foreign residents actually prefer their Cyprus homes in the lowseason months, when tourists disappear, and the climate is still warm enough toenjoy fully all the advantages of living in the country or on the coast.
    • History  North Cyprus is an ancient land steeped in history. Civilizations’ are dating backmore than 4,000 years have all left their mark on the island. Iron Age tombs,Roman amphitheatres, Byzantine basilicas and gothic-style castles dot thedramatic landscape, offering a wealth of opportunity to uncover the Republicsancient past.Bellapais Monastery near Kyrenia is a must see historic site that should be at thetop of everyones list. Built between 1198 and 1284, Bellapais Monastery oozesgothic decadence and medieval French charm. Much of what is left today wasconstructed under King Hugh III of France, and it was the monks of the AugustinianOrder who were the first to occupy it.Also in Kyrenia is Kyrenia Castle. This fortified Mediterranean jewel has seen many abattle, and is thought to have been constructed in the 7th Century to defend thetown from frequent Arab raids. Kyrenia Castle is the final resting place of SadikPasha, the Ottoman Admiral killed during the conquest of Cyprus in 1570.
    • Leisure  Activities  North Cyprus is considered to be a relaxing and peacefulMediterranean destination where the world-weary can hideaway, seriously relax and unwind. While this may very well bethe case, you do actually have a choice when you travel toNorthern Cyprus and for the active visitors among you thereare an abundance of sport and leisure activities to keep youoccupied all day long.You need never have an uneventful day unless you sochoose or unless you can’t hack the unrelenting pace!For sports enthusiasts there are extremes of land, sea and airactivities, and for those seeking a little more leisurely pace,the gentler pursuits of horse riding or sailing might appeal. Infact there are events to please everyone whether you’reyoung or old, active or laid back.
    • Korenium  Championship  Golf  Course  Situated on the Coast at the foot of The Five Finger Mountain in Esentepe, the prestigious Korenium golf & country club is proud to bethe first 18 holes golf course in Northern Cyprus. Carved from a natural forest of Umbrella Pines and Olive trees, amongst others, withstunning views of the Mediterranean Sea on one side, and breath taking views of the famous Five Finger Mountain range on the other,this makes for a truly memorable experience you will never forget.The course is a dynamic 6,232 metre, 72-par gem designed for golfers of all standards and ages. The course is maintained in excellentcondition all year round and with strategically placed bunkers and water hazards the player faces a true challenge. Take advantageof the buggy hire as some of the holes are designed around hilltops, this will not only allow the play to be more relaxing but also givethe players a chance to absorb the stunning natural beauty of the surrounding area.
    • Carrington  Group  Founded by Sukru Karakaya and Bryn Lewis, Carringtonis a successful family business in North Cyprus thatcontinues to go from strength to strength.With joint British & Turkish Cypriot ownership,Carrington’s experience and attention to detail hasmolded us into the Award Winning Company we aretoday.Carrington have constructed & successfully handedover 150 properties to date but our commitmentextends well beyond the delivery of homes.We understand the necessity of proving a full range ofafter sale services to keep our clients needs cared for.From Construction to Property Management to EstateAgency, everything is under one roof offering ourclients only the best services.  
    • Award  Winning  Company  On Saturday 21st November 2009 Carrington Group attendedthe TRNC International Property Awards at the Grand RocksHotel in Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus.Following on from our success in 2008 we achieved our aim ofwinning the prestigious awards:‘DEVELOPER OF THE YEAR’ and ‘CONSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR’The next property awards will be held in October 2011 whereour target is to again achieve recognition for ourprofessionalism & dedication to the North Cyprus Propertymarket.2008  -­‐  LUXURY  DEVELOPMENT  OF  THE  YEAR  2008  -­‐  BEST  INTERIOR  DESIGN  2009  -­‐  DEVELOPER  OF  THE  YEAR  2009  -­‐  CONSTRUCTOR  OF  THE  YEAR  2009  -­‐  BEST  APARTMENT  CONSTUCTION  &  DESIGN  
    • Our  Services  Owning a holiday, or second home in North Cyprusshould be a dream come true and the CarringtonProperty Management team would like to help makethat dream problem free.Carrington offers comprehensive PropertyManagement services in North Cyprus including rentalmanagement, laundry & cleaning, gardening, poolmaintenance and many extra services.We guarantee your investment will receive the bestpossible care and attention, you can be assured thatyour home is secure and in safe hands, and that ifrented, your guests leave with the utmost praise forboth your property and our services.Carrington are a small family business and take greatsatisfaction in offering the personal touch, so oftenlacking with larger companies. We have a small teamof conscientious, trustworthy and dedicated staffwhose aim it is to ensure the security and cleanliness ofyour home and make sure the comfort of our owners &their guests is our top priority.  
    • Joint  Ventures  &  Property  Investments  A joint venture is a strategic alliance where two ormore parties, usually businesses, form a partnership toshare markets, intellectual property, assets, knowledge,and, of course more importantly, profits.Joint ventures are an excellent way of expandingbusiness influence and creating a more powerfulmarket presence.Are you looking at investing in North Cyprus?Carrington can offer many investment ideas &opportunities. Our company has vast experience in theProperty Market of North Cyprus and knows exactlywhat works and more importantly what doesn’t.Carrington is a well-established company with aproven track record for quality, honesty and reliability.Our reputation is exemplary, an ideal partner forinvestment in North Cyprus.