Accountant as a business leader


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Accountant as a business leader

  1. 1. Accountant As Business Leader Rizal Alfian Program Studi Akuntansi
  2. 2. ACCOUNTANT AS BUSINESS LEADER The Phenomenon accountant became the number one in the company, seems to be good news for the professionalism. Names such as Ito Warsito in seats Indonesian Stock Exchange (BEI),Emirsyah Satar in PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk, Johnny Darmawan at PT Toyota Astra Motor, and Ignasius Jonan in PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI), proving not only a gait accountant behind the counter , they were able to carve a successful leadership role. The success stories of accountant who occupies the position of CEO in a large company.Leadership will find an accountant firm and independent, allowing them to succeed in pioneering career. accountants are also lined with a code of ethics, thus making the accountants always uphold the values and individual dignity and professionalism. In the present context, the accountant has performed as a business leader. They penetrate the reins supreme leadership of the company, and was instrumental in the company's strategic policies. Accountants are no longer the 'umpteenth' in the management of the company can only answer about the financial transaction journals, company financial statements, audited reports, statements or tax. More away, the accountant had now been expertly communicate ideas, negotiate to win, to formulate the concept of smart marketing, boost sales, build technology infrastructure, managing human capital, closely in touch with legal issues, as well as networking and agile in dealing with social and cultural issues . Not surprisingly, the accountant was 'vini', 'vidi', and 'vici' in the national and global competition contest. Accountant of the largest capital lies in the fundamental character of the five brand professionalism. Their first objective, to see things for what it is, fair, and rational. Both are independent, they are neutral and impartial. The third is a detailed, always look to the substance to understand and explore the substance of the problem in detail.
  3. 3. The fourth is perseverance, they understand that every achievement must be sourced from the strength and perseverance through the process, not instant and pragmatic manner. Fifth is consistent, accountant is a person who always showed character and performance are consistent, with emphasis on compliance with applicable regulations and requirements. And the last is a hard-working, tenacious and resilient accountant pursuit target or dream. So no wonder that Ito Warsito success with the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI), Johnny Darmawan with victories PT.Astra International Tbk, Satar incised gold ink with Garuda Indonesia, Afdal Bahaudin achievement recorded with PT.Pertamina, and Ignatius Jonan make service and financial PT.Kereta Api Indonesia (KIA) on the right track. Records showed accountants prestige they also have a sense of leadership and winning a powerful and effective strategy. Based on the article that I've made that several prominent accountant who went on to become a Chief Excutive Officer (CEO) is not only based on independent and assertive attitude. Keep accounting profession is also lined with a code of ethics, so that makes accountants always uphold the value and dignity of the individual and Profession.And not all professions have a code of ethics. Even in the realm of edukasi.Accountant can also be called as a confident theory, as a profession are entrusted by the public and is believed to provide an opinion on the financial statements made management. If we examine again that a company dealing with financial management, which requires a person who is able to manage the finances well. Moreover, how an accountant is not only able to manage finances well, but an accountant who is able to be a business leader is an accountant who is able to manage people to be able to work together to achieve a common goal. But that should be highlighted is how to change the mindset of an accountant. Because the mindset of an accountant is one of the basic things to make an accountant as a business leader. By changing his mindset to dare appear
  4. 4. before the public as a business leader, not just as an accountant who just sit behind a desk.