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Why are you working at Grey Orange Robotics?
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Why are you working at Grey Orange Robotics?


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We asked our team, why are they here? Here's what they said. …

We asked our team, why are they here? Here's what they said.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Why GOR 1 We asked our team: Why the hell are you spending your twenties at Grey Orange Robotics?
  • 2. Age Why GOR 27 2 Samay,CEO – Needs more passports  Built India’s 1st humanoid robot @ college  I want companies to have control over their warehouse  India deserves a massive hardware success story!
  • 3. Age 23 Akash, CTO – Former Cricketer  Mech. Engineer who also solves Electrical, Embedded & CS problems in his sleep.  I couldn’t find any place where I could do all these 4. So started something of my own Why GOR 3
  • 4. Age Why GOR 23 4 Srijan, Architect – <3 Japanese fiction  Product Manager of a VC funded startup while still in college.  …but got more excited by building systems and architecture to control a fleet of thousands of robots
  • 5. Age Why GOR 25 5 Rishabh, Biz Dev – Expert @ Karaoke  Didn’t want to play from the side lines, as a VC. Quit.  I want to solve big bad unsexy problems  Experience scale and introduce processes to achieve it
  • 6. Age 25 Naveen, Mech, Foodie & Patent God  Heads the Mechanical team, and is an integral part of shaping the product road map of our robots  I get to design, manufacture & play with materials. Why GOR 6
  • 7. Age Why GOR 22 7 Gaurav KJ,Embedded Stud  Founded the most selective robotics club on campus  Wanted to work on commercially applicable advanced robotics. Found Us.  Up till 4 AM for 40 nights straight to learn everything Akash knows
  • 8. Age Why GOR 23 8 Gaurav, System Integrator  It’s a research hub; experimenting with ample technologies in image processing & parallel computing.  Working at the intersection of hardware and software is what I wanted to do
  • 9. Age 23 Karan, Electronics  I love to develop circuits on the latest processors, microcontrollers, sensors. Why GOR 9
  • 10. Age Why GOR 24 10 Apurva, Biz Dev – Best Salad maker  I get a kick out of selling to people twice my age.  Love the product inside out!
  • 11. Age Why GOR 24 11 Praful, API Lead – Kewl Dood  …Because I’m learning something new every day.  …Because I’m the umbilical cord, enabling warehouses achieve a 40x increase in efficiency
  • 12. Age Why GOR 24 12 Jayant, Supply Chain – Mysore’s Ex-Mayor  ….Because I love managing timelines and people across multiple time zones  …Because I’m responsible for procurement and negotiations of some of the most advanced components.
  • 13. Age Why GOR 22 13 Varun, Mech. Design – Tea Lover  …Because I get to design, prototype, assemble, deal with vendors, work with customers, scream at slackers & ultimately get to see what I have built, working!  Love the MakerBot that rests on my desk
  • 14. Why GOR We Hardware + Software 14
  • 15. Why GOR 15
  • 16. Why GOR 16
  • 17. Why GOR 17
  • 18. Why GOR 18
  • 19. Why GOR 19
  • 20. Why GOR Man should not be pulling materials. Materials should come to man. We enable this. 20
  • 21. Why GOR We’re building a fleet of robots to power the world’s warehouses! 21
  • 22. Why GOR 22 Come build with us - you were meant for it! Reach out to us: @gor_team