How is it to work @ Simplify360 - An inside story


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Get to know how is it to work @ Simplify360 . How we work and have fun, together!

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How is it to work @ Simplify360 - An inside story

  1. 1. Af amily film…
  2. 2. The movie is based on a true story. The events, characters and entities depicted in this picture are real.
  3. 3. Welcome to Simplify360 War Room
  4. 4. It all started 5 years ago, in 2009…
  5. 5. Six friends from different spheres of life, decided to start a social business intelligence firm. Deep Sherchan, CMO Binit Thapa, Chief Software Architect Laxmi Khatiwada, CFO Bhupendra Khanal, CEO Rohit Gupta, CTO Sweta Sharma, COO
  6. 6. It all began in a small apartment in Bangalore, before they moved in to the commercial space.
  7. 7. After days of hard work, team work and experiments, Simplify360 was born.
  8. 8. The Product was first showcased th, 2010 at MidVentures on Sep 27 Launch, UIC Chicago.
  9. 9. It was formally introduced to the nd, 2011. clients on Feb 2 Café Coffee Day became the first client in March 2011.
  10. 10. In these 5 years, Simplify360 has grown in size and business.
  11. 11. Simplify360 US set-up in Oct 2012
  12. 12. Milestones achieved…
  13. 13.  first institutional investment in Dec 2012  Social Media Research partnership with Economic Times in Dec 2013  Partnership with Tech Mahindra in Dec 2013
  14. 14. The team…
  15. 15. Simplify360 has turned into a family that not only works together but also parties together!
  16. 16. We work while we play…
  17. 17. Where age is just a number…
  18. 18. Smiling faces that reveal everything about the work place…
  19. 19. The young family speaks about simplify360…
  20. 20. “It’s not a team . It’s a family. Done a lot of mistakes here but the team cooperated.” “The beauty lies in the people, the team who makes work fun and interesting.” Bharath TL, Product Team Abhijit Das, Product Team “Simplify360 gives every individual an opportunity to put his/her opinion forward, at any point of time.” Rajashree Das, Marketing Team
  21. 21. “New challenges everyday help me in sharpening my skills.” “I don’t get anything more than absolute freedom, which is the best thing I can expect in a company.” Prashant Jain, Marketing Team “The team is very enthusiastic and fun loving, as well as hard working.” Mukibul Islam, Product Team Debashis Karmaker, Product Team
  22. 22. “It’s a whole new experience for me to be part of a startup company and having a young crowd around as team members. It gives an extra energy to go that extra mile. ” “Work from home option. I have the option to spend time with my family while at the same time work.” Rubina Maharjan, Sales Team “Work, learn and have fun.” Vang Lian, Research Team Mohan Krishna, Research Team
  23. 23. Describing simplify360…
  24. 24. Nagarjun Reddy, Product Team The ultimate fighter :) Rubina Maharjan, Sales Team Awesome! This is the place to grow. Freedom to express… Simplifying your life Prashant Jain, Marketing Team Sarim Hussain, Product Team
  25. 25. Prerna Jaswant, Marketing Team We work hard and party harder!  Abhijit Das, Product Team An extremely learned, friendly and warm team, that defines Simplify360 A cohesive unit Vang Lian, Research Team
  26. 26. “It’s a family! ” “Someday, Simplify360 will change the way people take social media as a part of their business and beyond.” Rajashree Das, Marketing Team “A mix of technology, management and culture.” Bharath TL, Product Team Debashis Karmaker, Product Team
  27. 27. Simplify360 is a proud family of varied people who believe in team work and excellence!
  28. 28. There is much more to accomplish… The journey has just begun…
  29. 29. Prerna Jaswant Account Manager Simplify360
  31. 31. About Simplify360 is the leading social business intelligence firm based out of United States and India. Simplify360 is the world’s first integrated Enterprise Social Media Platform. Offerings include: • Social Marketing Suite for agencies • Social Contact Centre for BPOs • Social Command Centre for Enterprises. Social Business Intelligence We enable businesses to perform Online Reputation Management, Customer Service, Community Management, Social Media Research & Brand Auditing; Online Sales Lead Generation, and Consumer Sentiment Analysis.
  32. 32. Leaders use Simplify360 Company Has 100+ Clients – Largely in India and America Partners World wide Brazil and LatAM Malaysia Qatar USA India Singapore & India Saudi Arabia Worldwide Korea