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Transacciones sap

Transacciones sap






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    Transacciones sap Transacciones sap Document Transcript

    • Todas las transacciones clasificadas por código detransacciónTransacciones de SAP con informe y la descripción de A a E 2Transacciones de SAP con informe y la descripción de F a H 48Transacciones de SAP con informe y la descripción de I a L 104Transacciones de SAP con informe y la descripción de M 145Transacciones de SAP con informe y la descripción de N a O 173Transacciones de SAP con informe y la descripción de P a T 208Transacciones de SAP con informe y la descripción de U a Z 256Autor: Iron700 1 13/11/2007
    • Todos los códigos de transacciones de SAP con informey la descripción de A a ETA Report Header DescriptionAAVN RAVRSN00 Recalculate base insurable valueABAA SAPMA01B Unplanned depreciationABAD SAPMF05A Asset Retire. frm Sale w/ CustomerABAD0 SAPMABADR Derivation: Initial ScreenABAKN SAPLAMDP Last Retirement on Group AssetABAON SAPLAMDP Asset Sale Without CustomerABAV SAPMA01B Asset Retirement by ScrappingABAVN SAPLAMDP Asset Retirement by ScrappingABAW SAPMA01B Balance sheet revaluationABCO SAPMA01B Adjustment Posting to AreasABF1 SAPMF05A Post DocumentABGF SAPMA01B Credit Memo in Year after InvoiceABGL SAPMA01B Enter Credit Memo in Year of InvoicABIF SAPMA01B Investment supportABMA SAPMA01B Manual depreciationABMR SAPMA01B Manual transfer of reservesABMW SAPLAB01 Reverse asset trans. using doc. no.ABNA SAPMA01B Post-capitalizationABNAN SAPLAMDP Post-CapitalizationABNC SAPMA01B Enter post-capitalizationABNE SAPMA01B Subsequent RevenueABNK SAPMA01B Subsequent CostsABNV SAPMSNUM Number range maint: FIAA-BELNRABSO SAPMA01B Miscellaneous TransactionsABST RAABST01 Reconciliation Analysis FI-AAABST2 RAABST02 Reconciliation Analysis FI-AAABT1 SAPLAMDP_OLD Intercompany Asset TransferABT1N SAPLAMDP Intercompany Asset TransferABUB SAPLABUM Transfer between areasABUMN SAPLAMDP Transfer within Company CodeABZE SAPMA01B Acquisition from in-house productioABZK SAPMF05A Acquisition from purchase w. vendorABZO SAPMA01B Asset acquis. autom. offset. postinABZON SAPLAMDP Acquis. w/Autom. Offsetting EntryABZP SAPMA01B Acquistion from affiliated companyABZS SAPMA01B Enter write-upABZU SAPMA01B Write-upABZV SAPMF05A Asset Acquis. Posted w/Clearing AccAB01 SAPMA01B Create asset transactionsAB02 SAPLAB01 Change asset documentAB03 SAPLAB01 Display Asset DocumentAB08 SAPLAB01 Reverse Line ItemsACACAD ACEPSCALLBKEDR ACE Account AssignmentACBD ATPBD001 Display Shared Buffer: ATP CheckACCR MENUACCR Personal Menu Volker HofmannACCR01 SAPMACCR01 Create Accrual/Deferral DocumentACCR02 SAPMACCR01 Change Accrual/Deferral DocumentACCR03 SAPMACCR01 Display Accrual/Deferral DocumentACCR04 RACCRPROCESS Execute Accruals/DeferralsACCR05 RACCRAPPLOG Display Accruals/Deferrals LogACCR06 RACCRAPPLOGDEL Delete Accruals/Deferrals LogAutor: Iron700 2 13/11/2007
    • ACCR07 RACCRREVERSAL Reverse Accruals/DeferralsACEC ACE_IMG Accrual Engine - IMGACEPP ACEPS_PERIODIC_Accrual Engine - Periodic PostingsACEREV ACEPS_REVERSAL_Reverse PostingsACNR SAPMSNUM No. Range Maintenance: Ext. ServiceACTL SAPLKAZB INTERNAL: Work ListAC00 MENUAC00 Service MasterAC01 SAPLBAS0 Service MasterAC02 SAPLBAS0 Service MasterAC03 SAPLBAS0 Service MasterAC04 SAPLBAS0 Service MasterAC05 RXASMD10 List Processing: Service MasterAC06 RXASMD10 List Display: Service MasterAC08 RBDSESRV Send serviceAC10 RMMLCLST Class Hierarchy with ServicesAD08 SAPMSD08 Enter G/L Account PostingAD20 SAPLSD30 Search help maintenance (for IMG)AD21 SAPMSD20 Matchcode maintenance (for IMG)AFAB RAPOST2000 Post depreciationAFABN RAPOST2000 Post DepreciationAFAF RAT08400 Assets with errorsAFAMA RAVCLUST View Maint. for Deprec. Key MethodAFAMD RACSTABL View Maint. Declining-Bal. MethodAFAMH RAVCLUST Maintain Maximum Amount MethodAFAMP RACSTABL View Maint. Period Control MethodAFAMR RACSTABL View Maintenance Base MethodAFAMS RAVCLUST View Maint. Multi-Level MethodAFAMSK RAVCLUST Method: Levels in Calendar YearsAFAR RAAFAR00 Recalculate DepreciationAFBD RABUCH20 Recreate Dep. Batch Input SessionAFBN RAFABNEW Include New Depreciation AreaAFBP RAPOST2001 Create depreciation posting logAFWA SAPMJBRA Create Maintain Analysis StructuresAFWFL SAPMAFWCH_FL AFWCH: Filter MaintenanceAFWO1 RAFWGO_SHOWEP1 Single Records Procedure: MonitorinAFWO2 RAFWGO_SHOWEP2 Final Results Procedure: MonitoringAFWS SAPMAFWCH_SEGMCMaintain Segment Level CharacteristAFX_WB AFX_WORKBENCH Archiving WorkbenchAIAB SAPMA15B AuC Assignment of Dist. RuleAIAO SAPMV76A C AM Maint. list vers. gen. line itAIAZ SAPMA15B Display Dist. Rule AllocationAIBU SAPMA12B Transfer Asset under Const.AIIO SAPMV76A C AM Maintain List Version AuCAISF RJBRSVAC FX ExposureAISFSS RJBRSVAC Single Value Analysis: FX ExposureAISS RJBRSVAC Single Val. Analysis - SensitivitieAIST SAPMA12B Reverse Settlement of AuCAJAB RAJABS00 Year-End ClosingAJRW RAJAWE00 Fiscal Year ChangeAKAB SAPMWAKA List purchasing arrangementsAKE1 SAPMV13A Create ConditionAKE10 SAPMV13A Transfer Prices: Display OverheadAKE2 SAPMV13A Change ConditionAKE3 SAPMV13A Display ConditionAKE4 SAPMV13A Copy ConditionAKE5 SAPMV13A PCA Transfer Prices: Create PricesAKE6 SAPMV13A PCA Transfer Prices: Change PricesAKE7 SAPMV13A PCA Transfer Prices: Display PricesAutor: Iron700 3 13/11/2007
    • AKE8 SAPMV13A Transfer Prices: Create OverheadAKE9 SAPMV13A Transfer Prices: Change OverheadAKKO SAPMWAKA Promotion pur. pr. conditionsAKVA SAPMWAKA List sales arrangementsAKVK SAPMWAKA Promotion sales price conditionsALM_01 RJBACFART2KNZ ALM: Assign CF Type to CF IndicatorALO1 RASHLO00 Determine ASH/DOREX RelationshipsAL02 RSDB0000 Database alert monitorAL03 RSRZOLD Operating system alert monitorAL04 RSSTAT85 Monitor call distributionAL05 RSSTAT27 Monitor current workloadAL08 RSUSR000 Users Logged OnAL11 RSWATCH0 Display SAP DirectoriesAL12 RSDBBUFF Display table buffer (Exp. session)AL13 RSTUNSHM Display Shared Memory (Expert mode)AL15 RSHOSTLD Customize SAPOSCOL destinationAL16 RSHOST07 Local Alert Monitor for Operat.SystAL17 RSRZOLD Remote Alert Monitor f.Operat. SystAL18 RSRZOLD Local File System MonitorAL19 RSRZOLD Remote File System MonitorAMRP RMCPAMRP Send Stock/Requirements ListAM04 SAPMA01A Changes to Asset ClassesAM05 RACSTABL Lock Asset ClassANHAL RAVCLUST Maintain Cutoff Value KeyANKA RAMUST03 Directory of asset classesANKL AWIZ_ANKL Generate Asset ClassesANK0 RAVCLUST Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Asset Class DataANK1 RAVCLUST Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Control Specif.ANK2 RAVCLUST Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. AllocationsANK3 RAVCLUST Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Net Worth Valuat.ANK4 RAVCLUST Ch.-of-Depr.-Dep. Insurance DataANVEST RAVCLUST Maintain Investment Support MeasureAOBK RACSTABL Depreciation areas/Reduction rulesAOLA RAVC0ALA Master Data TabAO21 RAVCLUST Screen layout for deprec. areasAO33 RAVCLUST Net worth tax field selectionAO42 RAVCLUST Insurance field selectionAO51 RAVCLUST Leasing field selectionAO67 RACSTABL Define Transaction TypeAO68 RACSTABL Define Transaction TypeAO73 RACSTABL Define Transaction TypeAO74 RACSTABL Define Transaction TypeAO75 RACSTABL Define Transaction TypeAO76 RACSTABL Define Transaction TypeAO77 RACSTABL Define Transaction TypeAO78 RACSTABL Define Transaction TypeAO79 RACSTABL Define Transaction TypeAO80 RACSTABL Define Transaction TypeAO81 RACSTABL Define Transaction TypeAO82 RACSTABL Define Transaction TypeAO83 RACSTABL Define Transaction TypeAO88 RAVCLUST Acct.Assignmt for Investment SupporAO91 RACSTABL Specify field group authorizationAO92 RACSTABL Logical field groupsARKO RVEXARIN KOBRA: ArchivingARQ0 RAQUER01 FIAA - Ad hoc reportsARTE RWARTREPL Replace Articles in Layout ModulesART0 RATREE00 FIAA - Info systemAutor: Iron700 4 13/11/2007
    • AR01 RABEST_ALV01 Call Asset ListAR02 RAGITT_ALV01 Call Up Asset History SheetAR03 RAHAFA_ALV01 Call Up Depreciation ListAR04 RAKAFA_ALV01 Call Up Depreciation + Interest LisAR05 RAZUGA_ALV01 Call Up Asset Acquisition ListAR06 RAABGA_ALV01 Call Up Asset Retirement ListAR07 RAUMBU_ALV01 Call Up Asset Transfer ListAR08 RABIKA_ALV01 Call Up Depreciation Compare ListAR09 RAVERM_ALV01 Call Up Property ListAR10 RAVERS_ALV01 Call Up Insurance ListAR11 RAINZU10 Investment GrantsAR11N RAINZU10N Investment GrantsAR12 RAANLA_ALV01 Call Up Asset DirectoryAR13 RAKOPL02 Call Up Prim. Cost Plan. Dep./Int.AR14 RAMAFA_ALV01 Call Up Manual Depreciation ListAR15 RAAEND01 Changes to Master RecordAR16 RAAEND02 Changes to Asset ClassesAR17 RALEAS01 Call Up Leasing Liability ListAR18 RASIMU02 Call Up Depr.SimulationAR19 RAHERK01 Call Up List of OriginsAR20 RAUSAG_ALV01 Retirement comparisonAR21 RAUSMQ10 Mid-quarter Alert ReportAR22 RAUSAG_ALV04 Analysis of retirment revenueAR23 RAITAR01 Italy: Asset registerAR24 RAITAR02 Italy: Assets at 3rd partyAR25 RAGAFA_ALV01 Depreciation postedAR26 RASOPO_ALV01 Call up special reserve listAR27 RAKOMP_ALV01 Call up: Group asset listAR28 RAHIST02 Call up asset historyAR29 RAAUFW01 FI-AA Manual RevaluationAR29N RAAUFW02 Re- and New Valuation of AssetsAR30 RAWORK01 Display WorklistAR31 RAWORK10 Edit WorklistAR32 RABEST_ALV01 Call Create WorklistAR32N RABEST_ALV01 Call Create WorklistAS_AFB SAPLAS_AFB Archive File BrowserASCC SAPLASEL Assets on My Cost Center - GUI VersASEM SAPLASEL My assetsASIM SAPLAMDP_OLD Simulation of asset postingASKB RAPERB00 Periodic Asset PostingsASKBN RAPERB2000 Periodic APC Posting RunASMN MENUASMN Asset Master MenuAS01 SAPLAIST Create Asset Master RecordAS02 SAPLAIST Change Asset Master RecordAS03 SAPLAIST Display Asset Master RecordAS04 SAPMA01A Asset ChangesAS05 SAPLAIST Block Asset Master RecordAS06 SAPLAIST Delete Asset Record/Mark for Delet.AS08 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges:Asset NumberAS100 SAPMALSMEX Legacy Data Transfer using ExcelAS11 SAPLAIST Create Asset SubnumberAS21 SAPLAIST Create Group AssetAS22 SAPLAIST Change Group AssetAS23 SAPLAIST Display Group AssetAS24 SAPLAIST Create Group Asset SubnumberAS25 SAPLAIST Block group assetAS26 SAPLAIST Mark group asset for deletionAS81 SAPLAIST Create Old Group Assets DataAutor: Iron700 5 13/11/2007
    • AS82 SAPLAIST Change old group assetAS83 SAPLAIST Display old group assetAS84 SAPLAIST Create legacy group asset subnumberAS91 SAPLAIST Create Old AssetAS92 SAPLAIST Change Old AssetAS93 SAPLAIST Display Old AssetAS94 SAPLAIST Create Legacy Asset SubnumberATPS SAPLATPS ATP Check: Send CustomizingATRA SAPMS38T ABAP Objects Runtime AnalysisAT01 SAPLAIST Create Asset Master Record (old)AT02 SAPLAIST Change Asset Master Record (old)AT03 SAPLAIST Display Asset Master Record (old)AT11 SAPLAIST Create Asset Subnumber (Old)AT21 SAPLAIST Create Group Asset (old)AT22 SAPLAIST Change Group Asset (old)AT23 SAPLAIST Display Group Asset (old)AT24 SAPLAIST Create Group Asset Sub-Number (old)AT81 SAPLAIST Create Old Group Asset (old)AT82 SAPLAIST Change Old Group Asset (old)AT83 SAPLAIST Display Old Group Asset (old)AT84 SAPLAIST Display Old Group Asset Sub-No.(oldAT91 SAPLAIST Create Old Asset (old)AT92 SAPLAIST Change Old Asset (old)AT93 SAPLAIST Display Old Asset (old)AT94 SAPLAIST Create Old Asset Sub-Number (old)AUFW RAVCLUST Maintain Revaluation MeasuresAUN0 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset SummaryAUN1 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset SummaryAUN10 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset SummaryAUN11 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset SummaryAUN2 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset SummaryAUN3 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset SummaryAUN4 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset SummaryAUN5 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset SummaryAUN6 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset SummaryAUN7 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset SummaryAUN8 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset SummaryAUN9 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset SummaryAUT01 AUT_CUST01 Configuration of LoggingAUT03 AUT_CUST01 Display ConfigurationAUT04 AUT_CUST_DEL04 Configuration of Long Text LogsAUT05 AUT_DEL05 Deletion of Long TextsAUT10 AUT_REP10 Evaluation of Audit TrailAUVA RAUNVA00 FI-AA Incomplete AssetsAWW1 SAPMAWW1 Start asset information via ALEWEBAW01 AW01N Asset ExplorerAW01N AW01N Asset ExplorerAXPD RXPDANALYSIS Progress Tracking EvaluationsBALA MENUBALA ALE Application menuBALD MENUBALD ALE DevelopmentBALE MENUBALE Area Menu for AdministrationBALM MENUBALM ALE Master dataBAPI SAPLSBF_BW BAPI ExplorerBAPIW SAPLSBF_BW BAPI ExplorerBAPI45 SWO_START_BAPI_BAPI BrowserBAUP RFBVALL_0 Bank Data TransferBA10 SAPBAL10 Subsystem ConfigurationBBPS SAPMBBPS EBP Order Status TrackingAutor: Iron700 6 13/11/2007
    • BCABA KEN_HELP_ABAP_PBC ABAP ProgrammingBCA0 MENUBCA0 BP: Business Partner - Applic.Cust.BCG7 MBARCBSP Bar chart: Call model graphicBC15 SAPMSNUM No. Range Maint.: BP_PARTNR PartnerBDA1 RSARFCEX Call RSARFCEXBDA5 RBDSEDOC Distribute documentsBDBG SAPLBDBG Create ALE Interface for BAPIBDBP SAPLBDBH Hierarchy maintenance of BAPI paramBDBR SAPLDX_REGISTRARegister BAPI for Data TransferBDBS SAPLBDMP Generate coding for mappingBDCP SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ALE_CPBDC5 RBDCUS70 Consistency of Customizing DataBDD5 RBDCUS71 Application Consistency CheckBDFDF RBDFEFUND Request FundBDFDS RBDSEFUND Send fundBDFG SAPLBDFG ALE Interfaces from Function ModuleBDLR SAPLDX_REGISTRARegistration of transfer programBDLS RBDLSMAP Convert Logical System NamesBDLSS SAPLBDLS Converting Logical System NamesBDMC RBDMCCOP Upload info structuresBDMO RBDMONI4 ALE CCMS Group AdministrationBDM2 RBDMOIN8 Monitoring: IDocs in Receiving Sys.BDM5 RBDCUS19 Technical Consistency CheckBDM6 RBDMOINF Monitor: Check input workflowBDM7 RBDAUD01 ALE Audit: statistical analysesBDM8 RBDSTATE ALE Audit: Sending the confirmationBDM9 RBDAUD02 Reorganizing the audit databaseBDN1 BDSFIND_1 Business Document Service: DocumentBDRC SAPLBDRC ALE: Determine Recovery ObjectsBDRL RBDRCOBJ ALE: Process recovery objectsBDR1 RBDRCLOG Display application log for recoverBDR2 RBDRCCLR Reorganization of recovery dataBDTP SAPLBDDISTMODELBusiness Process- Maintain TemplateBDWE02 RBDSTARTWE02 Call we02BDXA RBDCUS48 Distribution of Distribution GroupsBDXD RBDCUS47 Import of ALE RequestsBDXE RBDCUS44 Generation of ALE RequestsBDXI RBDCUS51 Model Display (Specific)BDXJ SAPLBAL2 Maintenance of Distribution GroupsBDXK RBDCUS40 Convert CONDAT Objects in Dist.GrouBDXL RBDCUS57 Forward ALE RequestsBDXM RBDCUS58 Analysis of Log TableBDXN RBDCUS59 Analyze Inbound Log TableBDXQ RBDCUS64 IMG Display of Distribution GroupsBD10 RBDSEMAT Send MaterialBD100 RBDIDOCCHAN IDoc display object channel viewBD101 RBDSERCHECK Consistency checkBD11 RBDFEMAT Get MaterialBD12 RBDSEDEB Send customerBD13 RBDFEDEB Get customerBD14 RBDSECRE Send vendorBD15 RBDFECRE Open vendorBD16 RBDSECOS Send Cost CenterBD17 RBDFECOS Get Cost CenterBD18 RBDSEGLM Send General Ledger AccountBD19 RBDFEGLM Get General Ledger AccountBD20 RBDAPP01 IDoc passed to applicationBD21 RBDMIDOC Select change pointerAutor: Iron700 7 13/11/2007
    • BD22 RBDCPCLR Delete change pointersBD23 RBDSRCLR Delete serialization dataBD24 RBDSECOE Send Cost ElementsBD25 RBDSECOA Send Activity TypeBD26 RBDFECOA Get Activity TypeBD27 RBDSEACT Send cost center activity pricesBD28 RBDSECOK Send obj/cost element control dataBD30 RBDSEBOM Distribute material object listBD31 RBDSEBMD Distribute document object listBD32 RBDSEPAM Distribute plant allocations(matBOMBD33 RBDSESTT Distribute material variants (ALE)BD34 RBDSEORD Distribute order BOMBD35 RGSALEBP Send Business Process GroupsBD36 RBDSEBPS Send Business ProcessesBD37 RBDSEBPT Send Business Process PriceBD40 RBDSER01 Read change pointer for groupBD41 RBDSER02 Dispatch IDocs for groupBD42 RBDSER03 Check IDocs for groupBD43 RBDSER04 Post IDocs for groupBD53 RBDIDOCR Reduction of Message TypesBD61 RBDTBDA1 Activate Change Pointers - GenerallBD62 SAPMKCDB Define Segment Conversion RuleBD63 RBDCUS02 Transport ALE Tables of Message TypBD64 SAPLBDDISTMODELMaintenance of Distribution ModelBD70 RBDCUS03 Synchronize Number RangesBD72 RBDEVACT Activate EventsBD73 RBDMANIN Reposting of IDocs (ALE)BD75 RBDMOIND Convert IDoc StatusBD77 RBDTRAN1 Distribution of control dataBD78 RBDTRAN2 Monitoring control data distributioBD79 SAPMBKCD Maintain IDoc Conversion RulesBD82 RBDCUS15 Generate Partner ProfilesBD83 RBDAGAIN Send IDocs after an ALE errorBD84 RBDAGAI2 Post IDocs after ALE errorBD85 RBDCUS23 Consistency check for transferBD86 RBDCUS26 Consistency check for salesBD87 RBDMON00 Status Monitor for ALE MessagesBD89 RBDCUS31 Control data model. - initial screeBD91 RBDSECHR Send CharacteristicBD92 RBDSECLS Send ClassBD93 RBDSECLF Send ClassificationBD97 RBDSDEST Assign RFC dest. to Logical SystemsBD98 RBDCONCH Consistency Check Workflow ConnectnBERE RFOPFI00 Business Event RepositoryBERP RFOPFI01 Business ProcessesBERPC RFOPFI01 Business ProcessesBGMN MENUBGMN Warranty ProcessingBGM1 SAPLBG00 Create Master WarrantyBGM2 SAPLBG00 Change Master WarrantyBGM3 SAPLBG00 Display Master WarrantyBGM6 SAPLBG00 Warranty Entry for Technical ObjectBG00 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: BGMK_NRBIBS SAPLEXAMPLE_ENTExamples of User Interface DesignBIBU SAPMBIBU Test Transaction User InterfaceBIC RFBVBIC_0 Transfer Bank Data from BIC DatabasBKDR SAPLKCD0 Maintain transfer rulesBKDS BKD_START Sender Structure MaintenanceBMBC RVBBINCO Batch Information CockpitAutor: Iron700 8 13/11/2007
    • BMCC RVBCUOBJ Integrity Check for Batch Classif.BMCHCL SAPMMCHCL Batch Class ConversionBMC1 RVBM00LT Create Class (Class Type BATCH)BMC2 RVBM00LT Change Class (Class type BATCH)BMC3 RVBM00LT Display Class (Class Type BATCH)BMSM RVBSTMRK Update the standard featuresBMVN SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: DI_JOBIDBMV0 RBMVSHOW Manage Data TransfersBM00 MENUBM00 Batch ManagementBP SAPLBUPA_DIALOGMaintain Business PartnerBPB1 BPREP001 Evaluation of Business Partner/RoleBPB2 BPREP002 Evaluation of Business Parter DataBPB4 BPREP003 Evaluation of Partner RelationshipsBPCA CHDOC_ENTRY Partner:Change Documents - AddresseBPCD CHDOC_ENTRY Business Partner: Change DocumentsBPCF RFTBPCD1 TRGP: Change DocumentsBPCG RFTBPCD2 TRGP: Change Documents AddressesBPC1 SAPMBP01 Create Business PartnerBPC2 SAPMBP01 Change Business PartnerBPC3 SAPMBP01 Display Business PartnerBPC4 SAPMBP01 Create Bus. Partner Using ReferenceBPC5 SAPMBP01 Change Business Partner - CopyBPMD RAVC0ALA Master Data TabBPMDCS RAVC0ALA Master Data TabBPMDFI RAVC0ALA Customer Company Code Master DataBPMDGD RAVC0ALA Master Data TabBPMDSD RAVC0ALA Customer Company Code Master DataBP0 SAPLBUPA_DIALOGBusiness Partner; Initial ScreenBRF BRF_SCREEN_STARBusiness Rule FrameworkBRFU01 BRF_MAINTENANCEBRF: Compare SAPscript TextsBSVV SAPMBSVW Parameterizable status workflow evnBSVW RSBSVW01 Linkage Status Update-Workflow EvenBSV1 RBSVDISP Where-used list for transactionBSV2 RBSVDISP Where-used list for system statusBSV3 RBSVDISP Where-used list for object typeBSV4 RBSVDISP Status Profile OverviewBS02 SAPMBSVA Maintain status profilesBS03 SAPMBSVA Display status profilesBS12 SAPMBSVB Maintain object typesBS13 SAPMBSVB Display object typesBS22 SAPMBSVB Maintain system statusBS23 SAPMBSVB Display system statusBS32 SAPMBSVB Maintain processesBS33 SAPMBSVB Display processesBUA1 BUSSTART Create contact personBUA2 BUSSTART Change contact personBUA3 BUSSTART Display contact personBUBD BUSVIEWS BuPR: ApplicationsBUBE BUSVIEWS BuPR: ViewsBUBF BUSVIEWS BuPR: SectionsBUBG BUSVIEWS BuPR: ScreensBUBH BUSVIEWS BuPR: Screen Seq. VariantsBUBI BUSVIEWS BuPR: EventsBUBJ BUSVIEWS BuPR: GUI Standard FunctionsBUBK BUSVIEWS BuPR: GUI Addl FunctionsBUBL BUSVIEWS BuPR:Assgn Scr.Field->Database FielBUBM BUSVIEWS BuPR: TablesBUBN BUSVIEWS BuPR: Field GroupsAutor: Iron700 9 13/11/2007
    • BUBO BUSVIEWS BuPR: Field Grouping (Criteria)BUBP BUPRELVW BuPR: Field Grping Using Rel. Cat.BUBQ BUPRELVW BuPR: Field Grp. Using Role Def.CatBUBR BUSVIEWS BP: Field Grpg Via Activity (Cust)BUBV BUPRELDI BP: Maintenance Without DialogBUBW BUBFILED BP: Generate Test File (DI)BUBX BUSVIEWS BP: ActivitiesBUBY BUSVIEWS BP: Field Grpg via Activity (Ctrl)BUBZ BUSVIEWS BP: External ApplicationsBUB1 BUPRELCR BuPR: Create BP relationshipBUB2 BUPRELSU BuPR: Change BP relationshipBUB3 BUPRELSU BuPR: Display BP relationshipBUB4 BUPRELCR BuPR: Create BP role definitionBUB5 BUPRELSU BuPR: Change BP role definitionBUB6 BUPRELSU BuPR: Display BP role definitionBUB9 SAPMSNUM BuPR: No. range maintenance: BP relBUCF SAPMSNUM BP Cust: Number RangesBUCG BUSVIEWS BP Cust: BP Role Field GroupingBUCH BUSVIEWS BP Cust: Field Grouping ActivityBUCJ BUSVIEWS BP Cust: Authorization TypesBUCN BUSVIEWS BP Cust: Field Grps f. AuthorizatioBUCO BUSVIEWS BP-Cust: Screen ConfigurationBUCP BUSVIEWS BP-Cust: Fld.modif.exter.applicatioBUCS BUSVIEWS BP-Cust: Notes on RolesBUCU BUSVIEWS BP Cust: Where-Used ListBUCV BUSVIEWS BP Cust. Field Grouping Appl.ObjectBUG1 BUSSTART Create Business Partner; GeneralBUG2 BUSSTART Change Business Partner; GeneralBUG3 BUSSTART Display Business Partner; GeneralBUG4 BUSSTART Bus. partner general deletion flagBUI1 BUSSTART Create Inter. PartyBUI2 BUSSTART Change ProspectBUI3 BUSSTART Display ProspectBUMR MENUBUMR BP Relationships: Config. MenuBUM1 BUSSTART Create Employee (BP)BUM2 BUSSTART Change Employee (BP)BUM3 BUSSTART Display Employee (BP)BUNA SAPMSNUM Number Range Maint: BP_PADRNRBUPT MENUBUPT Business Partner Configuration MenuBUP0 BUSSTART BDT; Multiple Call (Funct. Grp BUSSBUP1 BUSSTART Create Business PartnerBUP2 BUSSTART Change Business PartnerBUP3 BUSSTART Display Business PartnerBUSB BUSVIEWS BDT: Assign Screen Field->DB FieldBUSC BUSVIEWS BDT: Field Grouping CriteriaBUSD BUSVIEWS BDT: BP RolesBUSE BUSVIEWS BDT: BP Role GroupingsBUSF BUSVIEWS BDT: Application TransactionsBUSG BUSVIEWS BDT: TablesBUSH BUSVIEWS BDT: External applicationsBUSI BUSVIEWS BDT: ActivitiesBUSJ BUSVIEWS BP Control: FuncMod. Activity (CtrlBUSO BUPVIEWS BP Cust: BP Cat. Field GroupingBUSP BUSCRCNT Generate Screen ContainersBUS1 BUSVIEWS BDT: ApplicationsBUS10 BUSVIEWS BDT: Search HelpBUS11 BUSVIEWS BDT: Assgn BAPI Field to Field GrouBUS2 BUSVIEWS BDT: Field GroupsAutor: Iron700 10 13/11/2007
    • BUS23 BUSVIEWS BP Tax: Data SetsBUS3 BUSVIEWS BDT: ViewsBUS4 BUSVIEWS BDT: SectionsBUS5 BUSVIEWS BDT: ScreensBUS6 BUSVIEWS BDT: Screen SequencesBUS7 BUSVIEWS BDT: EventsBUS8 BUSVIEWS BDT: GUI Standard FunctionsBUS9 BUSVIEWS BDT: GUI Additional FunctionsBUTI BUPTDARK Update Without DialogBUTJ BUPFILED Generate Test File (DI)BV01 SAPMF69N BAV Transfer/Securities Init. ScreeBV02 SAPMF69N BAV Transfer / Loans Initial ScreenBV03 SAPMF69N_CORE BAV Trnsfr / Real Estate Init.ScreeBV11 SAPMF69N BAV Display / Securities Init.ScreeBV12 SAPMF69N BAV Display / Loans Initial ScreenBV13 SAPMF69N_CORE BAV Display/ Real Estate Init.ScreeBWCA SAPLBW05 SAPoffice: Internet CalendarBWOM02 BWOMSHIERDISPLABCT-CO: Displ/Check Report Row HierBWSP SAPLBW02 SAPoffice: WWWBWST SAPLPSST Gener. DataSource for BW Status ObjBW01 RGUCBIW0_PI Generate FI-SL Extract StructureBW03 RGUCBIW1_PI Assign DataSource/LedgerBW07 RPHASETS BW20PI: Gen. SET Hierarchies for BWBW09 RPHALPRH BW20PI: Product Hierarchy for SAP BBW10 RPHALGEN BW20PI: Log. Gen. Hierarchy for BWBYPASS RFTP_GDS_BYPASSBypass for All Reservation SystemsB1B2 RPCYERK3 Create Magnetic Media filesCAAT RVFTCAAT Foreign Trade AtriumCAA0 SAPMC27V Process instr. usage in recipesCAA5 SAPMC27V Mass replace proc.instr. in mst.rcpCACS CACSMENUE Commission System: Main MenuCACS_A RKKBRPTR Access Report TreeCACS_B RKDBAT02 Maintain Batch VariantsCACS_C SAPMKCIC Manage Comments for CommissionsCACS_D RKDREPDV Distribute ReportCACS_G RKE_CALL_VC_TKEComn Report Characteristics GroupsCACS_H SAPMKXHI Maintain hierarchyCACS_J RKCHINOD Maintain Hierarchy NodesCACS_K RKDMKCIK Maintain Key FiguresCACS_M SAPMKCB9 Test Monitor Drilldown CommissionsCACS_O RKCOBTR2 Transport ReportsCACS_P RKCOBTR4 Transport FormsCACS_Q RKCOBTR3 Import Reports from Client 000CACS_R RKCOBTR5 Import Forms from Client 000CACS_S RKDSTRUC Display StructureCACS_T RKCTRTX1 Translation Tool - DrilldownCACS_U SAPMKCB9 Convert drilldown reportsCACS_V RKES0101 Maintain Global VariableCACS_W SAPMKCC0 Maintain Currency Translation TypeCACS_X RKDREOBE Reorganize Drilldown ReportsCACS_Y RKDREODA Reorganize Report DataCACS_Z RKDREOFO Reorganize FormsCACS_0 SAPMKCEE Execute ReportCACS_1 SAPMKCEE Create ReportCACS_2 SAPMKCEE Change ReportCACS_3 SAPMKCEE Display ReportCACS_4 SAPMKES1 Create FormCACS_5 SAPMKES1 Change FormAutor: Iron700 11 13/11/2007
    • CACS_6 SAPMKES1 Display FormCACS_7 SAPMKEFB Maintain Authorization Obj. PresentCACS_8 SAPMKEFB Display Authorization Obj.PresentatCAC0 MENUCAC0 Master recipe menuCAC2 SAPLBZFC Time Sheet: Field SelectionCAC7 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: CATSCAC8 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: CATS_INTRCADE RCATSDEL CATS: Delete Transaction DataCADO CATSSHOW Time Sheet: Display DataCANM SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ROUTING_MCANR SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ROUTING_RCAOR CATSSHOW Display Report (Structure-Related)CAPP CATSSHOW CATS: Object-Related ApprovalCAPS RCATSC01 Approve Times: Master DataCATA RCATSTAL Transfer to Target ComponentsCATC RCATSCMP Time Sheet: Time LevelingCATI MENUCATI CATS: Cross-Application TimeCATM SAPLMLCT Selection From Time RecordingCATP MENUCATP CATS: Cross-Application TimeCATR RCATSRIF Reorganize Interface TablesCATS MENUCATS CATS: Cross-Application TimeCATSWF RCATSB01 CATS WorkflowCATSXC RCATSXT_START_CCustomizing: CATS for Service Prov.CATSXT RCATSXT_START_TCATS for Service ProvidersCATW SAPLCATS_ITS Record Working TimeCAT2 SAPLCATS Time Sheet: Maintain TimesCAT3 SAPLCATS Time Sheet: Display TimesCAT4 RCATSA01 CATS: Approve DataCAT5 RCATSTPS Data Transfer CATS -> PSCAT6 RPTEXTPT Transfer External -> Time ManagemenCAT7 RCATSTCO CATS: Transfer Data to COCAT8 RCATSBEL Time Sheet: Document DisplayCAT9 RCATSTPM Data Transfer CATS -> PM/CSCA00 MENUCA00 Routing MenuCA01 SAPLCPDI Create RoutingCA02 SAPLCPDI Change RoutingCA03 SAPLCPDI Display RoutingCA10 SAPLC0VL Std. Text for Task List/OrderCA11 SAPLCPDI Create Reference Operation SetCA12 SAPLCPDI Change Reference Operation SetCA13 SAPLCPDI Display Reference Operation SetCA21 SAPLCPDI Create Rate RoutingCA22 SAPLCPDI Change Rate RoutingCA23 SAPLCPDI Display Rate RoutingCA31 SAPLCPDI Create Reference Rate RoutingCA32 SAPLCPDI Change Reference Rate RoutingCA33 SAPLCPDI Display Reference Rate RoutingCA51 RCPDRK00 Print Rtg/Ref.Op.Set; Fields FixedCA60 RMPLAN00 Changes in Routings/Ref. Op. SetsCA61 RCPCD002 Change Documents for RoutingCA62 RCPCD003 Documents for Ref. Op. SetsCA63 RCPCD004 Change documents for rate routingsCA64 RCPCD005 Change documents for ref. rate rtgsCA70 SAPMC27V PRT Where-Used ListsCA72 SAPMC27V PRT Where-used Lists: EquipTL TypesCA73 SAPMC27V Standard Networks for PRTCA75 SAPMC27V Mass Replace PRTCA75N CP_PRT_MASS_CHAMass Change:Production Resource/TooAutor: Iron700 12 13/11/2007
    • CA77 SAPMC27V Bulk Replacemt PRT: Equip.TL TypeCA78 SAPMC27V PRT Mass replacemt. in libr.networkCA80 SAPMC27V Use of Work Center in Task ListsCA81 SAPMC27V Master recipe usage and resourcesCA82 SAPMC27V Where-used Lists EQUI Work CenterCA83 SAPMC27V Standard Networks for Work CenterCA85 SAPMC27V Replace Work Center in Task ListsCA85N CP_OPR_MASS_CHAMass replacement: work centerCA86 SAPMC27V Master recipe: replace resourcesCA87 SAPMC27V Mass Replace EQUI Work CenterCA88 SAPMC27V Mass replace wrk. cntr. in lib.netwCA90 SAPMC27V Use of Ref. Op. Set in RoutingsCA95 SAPMC27V Replace Ref. Op. Set in Task ListsCA95N CP_REF_TSK_MASSMass Change:Ref.OperationSet Ref.CA96 SAPLCPSR Update material masterCA97 SAPLCP13 Mass scheduling using mat. masterCA97N RCPMAU03 Material Master Update - NewCA98 RCPREDE2 Deletion of task listsCBCMOD RCCBPC_0001 Maintain SCP modelCBDE RMAFRUSY PDC records with system errorsCBHR11 BUSSTART EHS-INT: Create External PersonCBHR12 BUSSTART EHS-INT: Change External PersonCBHR13 BUSSTART EHS-INT: Display External PersonCBHR21 BUSSTART EHS-INT: Create AuthorityCBHR22 BUSSTART EHS-INT: Change AuthorityCBHR23 BUSSTART EHS-INT: Display AuthorityCBIHM2 SAPLCBIH_MP00 EHS: Edit Measurement ProjectsCBIHM3 SAPLCBIH_MP00 EHS: Display Measurement ProjectsCBIHT0 RCBIH_CALL_TRANEHS: RFC - PA20 HR Master DataCBIHT1 RCBIH_CALL_TRANEHS: RFC - CBHR11 External PersonCBIHT2 RCBIH_CALL_TRANEHS: RFC - EHSBP11 PhysicianCBIHT3 RCBIH_CALL_TRANEHS: RFC - EHSBP31 Health CenterCBIHT4 RCBIH_CALL_TRANEHS: RFC - PB20 Applicant MasterCBIHT5 RCBIH_CALL_TRANEHS: RFC - CBHR21 AuthorityCBIHT6 RCBIH_CALL_TRANEHS: RFC - EHSBP41 LaboratoryCBIHT7 RCBIH_CALL_TRANEHS: RFC - EHSBP51 External CompanyCBIH00 MENUCBIH00 Industrial Hygiene and SafetyCBIH02 SAPLCBIH_WA00 EHS: Edit Work AreaCBIH03 SAPLCBIH_WA00 EHS: Display Work AreaCBIH12 SAPLCBIH_ER00 EHS: Edit Risk AssessmentCBIH13 SAPLCBIH_ER00 EHS: Display Risk AssessmentCBIH14 SAPLCBIH_ER10 EHS: Amount OverviewCBIH42 SAPLCBIH_PT00 EHS: Edit PatternCBIH43 SAPLCBIH_PT00 EHS: Display PatternCBIH50 REHS_OBJ_STATUSEHS: Information on Permitted StatuCBIH51 RCBIH_QUESTCATAEHS: Call Question CatalogCBIH52 RCBIH_QUESTIONNEHS: Call General QuestionnaireCBIH72 SAPLCBIH_FA00 EHS: Change Injury/Illness Log EntrCBIH73 SAPLCBIH_FA00 EHS: Display Inj./Illness Log EntryCBIH82 SAPLCBIH_IA00 EHS: Change Inc./Acc. Log EntryCBIH83 SAPLCBIH_IA00 EHS: Display Inc./Acc. Log EntryCBIH88 SAPLCBIH_ER12 EHS: Data Transfer for AmountsCBIH89 SAPLCBIH_IA10 EHS: Injury/Illn.Log Data TransferCBIH92 RMWBP00 Agent WorkbenchCBMRP SAPLCBPMRP CBP requirements planningCBP MENUCBP Constraint Based Planning WorkbenchCBPV SAPBPCPV Uploading PDC messagesCBP1 RCCBP_GEN_VAR_MMRP master data downloadAutor: Iron700 13 13/11/2007
    • CBP2 RCCBP_GEN_VAR_MMRP transactional data downloadCBP3 RCCBP_GEN_VAR_MSOP master data downloadCBP4 RCCBP_MRP_MODELStart inintialization (MRP)CBP5 RCCBP_SOP_PLANNDisplay ext. Planning Log SOPCBP6 RCCBP_SOP_MODELStart SOP ext. Planning Model InitCBP7 RCCBP_SOP_MODELUpdate SOP ext. PlanningCBWAMD MENUCBWAMD Waste Management Master DataCBWA00 MENUCBWA00 Area Menu Waste ManagementCB23 SAPBPR52 Download of Master Tables for CC5CB25 SAPBPR54 Upload Request CC5CB32 SAPBPM31 Initial Download of Orders via CC3CB33 SAPBPM32 Download of Master Tables via CC3CB34 SAPBPM33 Delta Download of Orders via CC3CB35 SAPBPM34 Upload request for CC3CB37 SAPBPS41 Initial Download of Activities CC4CB38 SAPBPS42 Master data download CC4CB39 SAPBPS43 Delta download of activities CC4CB40 SAPBPS44 Upload request for CC4CB42 SAPBPP21 Initial Download of Orders via CC2CB43 SAPBPP22 Transfer of master data via CC2CB44 SAPBPP23 Delta Download of Orders via CC2CB45 SAPBPP24 Upload request for CC2CCAC R_CLEAR_CAC Reset Set-Get Parameter CACCCF1 SAPMV13B Create Message: Error ManagementCCF2 SAPMV13B Change Message: Error ManagementCCF3 SAPMV13B Display Message: Error ManagementCCM2 SAPLCCM_CFG_CONConfiguration Control WorkbenchCCR RFPM_CUST_CHECKCustomizing Check ReportCCTM TECHS_MAINTAIN Maintain Standard VariantCCV2 SAPMV13B Change Output: Document ManagementCCW1 SAPLCCWF Task-specific Workflow CustomizingCC00 MENUCC00 Engineering Change Management MenuCC01 SAPMC29C Create Change MasterCC02 SAPMC29C Change Change MasterCC03 SAPMC29C Display Change MasterCC04 SAPLCPDMOBJECTBDisplay Product StructureCC05 RCC00500 Change overviewCC06 RCC00800 Flip trace protocoll for userCC07 RCC01000 Engineering Change Mgmt informationCC11 SAPLCCIN Create Material Revision LevelCC12 SAPLCCIN Change Material Revision LevelCC13 SAPLCCIN Display Material Revision LevelCC15 SAPLCCIN Change Document Revision LevelCC16 SAPLCCIN Display Document Revision LevelCC22 SAPMC29C Change Object Management RecordsCC23 SAPMC29C Display Object Management RecordCC31 SAPMC29C Create Change RequestCC32 SAPMC29C Change Change RequestCC33 SAPMC29C Display Change RequestCC60 RCC00600 Browser hierarchyCC62 RCC00602 Conversion of change packagesCC90 SAPMSNUM Number ranges for change numbersCC92 RCCSEECM Distribute change numberCC93 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: TECHSCDESK CDESK_START CAD DesktopCEMN MENUCEMN Cost Element AccountingCES1 SAPMGSBM Create Set (Resource Planning)CES2 SAPMGSBM Change Set (Resource Planning)Autor: Iron700 14 13/11/2007
    • CES3 SAPMGSBM Display Set (Resource Planning)CES4 SAPMGSBM Delete Set (Resource Planning)CEVF SAPMSNUM Number ranges for CAPP formulasCEVM SAPMSNUM Number ranges for CAPP methodsCEVV SAPMSNUM Number ranges for CAPP processesCEV1 SAPMGSGM Create value variable(res. planningCEV2 SAPMGSGM Change value variable (res.planningCEV3 SAPMGSGM Display value variable(res.planningCEV4 SAPMGSGM Delete value variable (res.planningCEWB SAPLCPRC PP: Engineering WorkbenchCEWO CM_WORKBENCH CE: Structure of product folderCE00 MENUCE00 Menu: CAPP-based calc. of std.valueCE01 SAPLCEU1 CEP: ViewCE02 SAPLCEU1 CEP: TransferCE03 SAPLCEU1 CEP: ReviewCE11 SAPMCEVF Create standard value formulaCE12 SAPMCEVF Change standard value formulaCE13 SAPMCEVF Display standard value formulaCE16 RCCEVU08 Use of CAPP elements (single-level)CE21 SAPMCEVM Create standard value methodCE22 SAPMCEVM Change standard value methodCE23 SAPMCEVM Display standard value methodCE31 SAPMCEVV Create standard value processCE32 SAPMCEVV Change standard value processCE33 SAPMCEVV Display standard value processCE41 SAPMCEVS Simulate calculation of std. valuesCFC6 RCIFLOGC Configuration of CIF Application LoCFC9 RCIFAPS2 Target-System-Ind. Settings in CIFCFE01 CFX_BI_TAB_TO_CExport Documents to cFoldersCFE02 CFX_BI_BOM_EXPOExport Objects to cFoldersCFGD RDELALOG Delete Application Log EntriesCFG1 RSHOWLOG Display CIF Application LogCFG3 CIF_APPL_LOG_SEFind in Application LogCFI01 CFX_BI_TAB_FROMImport Documents from cFoldersCFI02 CFX_BI_BOM_IMPOImport Objects from cFoldersCFM1 RIMODGEN Create Integration ModelCFM2 RIMODACT Manually Activate Integration ModelCFM3 RIMODAC2 Activate Integration Models (Bkgd)CFM4 RIMODOUT Display Integration ModelsCFM5 RIMODSRH Integration Model Object SearchCFM6 RIMODMOD Modify Integration ModelCFM7 RIMODDEL Delete Integration ModelCFNA SAPMSNUM Maintain PRT number range: FHM_CRFHCFO3 RCIF_TCX00V Scheduling Parameters in APO CIFCFP1 RCPTRANS Analyze and Send ChangesCFP2 RCPQUEUE Analyze and Send ChangesCFP3 RSPPMCHG CIF: PPM Transfer of Data ChangesCFP4 RSPPMDEL Delete PPM Change PointerCFS0 RSTRFCQR Display Serialization ChannelsCF00 MENUCF00 Prod. Resources/Tools Master MenuCF01 SAPMCFST Create Production Resource/ToolCF02 SAPMCFST Change Production Resource/ToolCF03 SAPMCFST Display Production Resources/ToolsCF10 RCFCO110 PRT: Use of PRT master in prod.ordeCF11 RCFCO120 PRT: Use of material in prod. orderCF12 RCFCO130 PRT: Use of document in prod. orderCF13 RCFCO140 PRT: Use of equipment in prod. ordeCF15 RCFCO112 PRT: Use of PRT master in networkAutor: Iron700 15 13/11/2007
    • CF16 RCFCO122 PRT: Use of material in networkCF17 RCFCO132 PRT: Use of document in networkCF18 RCFCO142 PRT: Use of piece of equip. in netwCF20 RCFCO111 PRT: Use of PRT master in ordersCF21 RCFCO121 PRT: Use of material in ordersCF22 RCFCO131 PRT: Use of document in ordersCF23 RCFCO141 PRT: Use of pc. of equip. in ordersCF25 RIAUFK20 PRT: PRT Master Usage in PM OrderCF26 RIAUFK20 PRT: Material Usage in PM OrdersCF27 RIAUFK20 PRT: Document Usage in PM OrdersCF28 RIAUFK20 PRT: Equipment Usage in PM OrderCGAB SAPLC11E EHS: Edit Phrase Set - Char. AssgmtCGAC SAPLC11E EHS: Display Phrase Set - Char. AssCGBB RC161AW0 EHS: Initial generation of phr. setCGBC RC1H0XLS EHS: Load XLS Macro Spec Info SysteCGBD RCBUI004 EHS: Copy units of measurementCGB5 SAPMSNUM EHS: No. range maint.: SAP_CLASSRCGB6 SAPMSNUM EHS: No. range maint.: SAP_CHARCRCGB7 RCBUI001 EHS: Char;Class;PropTree;ClientCopyCGB8 RCBUI003 EHS: Batch conversion of AUSP; KSSKCGB9 RC1XREG0 EHS: Conversion REG_EG -> REG_EUCGCL2 RMWBP00 Dangerous Goods WorkbenchCGCZ RC14KCMP Match Up Master DataCGE2 RMWBP00 Packaging WorkbenchCGQM RC1DATAQMIP Specify QM InterfaceCGSADM SAPLC1SVC WWI and EH&S Expert Server Admin.CG00 MENUCG00 Basic Data EnvironmentCG02 RMWBP00 Substance WorkbenchCG02BD RMWBP00 Specification WorkbenchCG05 SAPLC100 Distribute SpecificationCG1B SAPLC119 Edit Phrase SetsCG1C SAPLC119 Display Phrase SetsCG12 SAPLC110 Edit PhrasesCG13 SAPLC110 Display PhrasesCG2A RC100TAC Create Generation VariantCG2B SAPLC12A Edit Generation VariantCG2C SAPLC12A Display Generation VariantCG3A RC1EXPSR Check Source ExportCG3B RC1EXPPH Check Phrase ExportCG3C RC1EXPSU Check Specification ExportCG3D RC1EXPPT Check Property Tree ExportCG3E RC1EXPLY Check Report Template ExportCG3F RC1IMPSR Check Source ImportCG3G RC1IMPPH Check Phrase ImportCG3H RC1IMPSU Check Specification ImportCG3I RC1IMPPT Check Property Tree ImportCG3J RC1IMPRE Check Report ImportCG3K RC1IMPLY Check Report Template ImportCG3L RC1IMPBB Check Import LogCG3Y RC1TCG3Y Download fileCG3Z RC1TCG3Z Upload fileCG31 SAPLC132 Import PhrasesCG32 SAPLC133 Import SourcesCG33 SAPLC134 Import SpecificationsCG34 SAPLC13E Import Report TemplateCG35 SAPLC13C Import Property TreeCG36 RC1RIMPS Import ReportsCG37 SAPLC1L7 Edit WorklistAutor: Iron700 16 13/11/2007
    • CG4B SAPLC1D0 Edit Cover Sheet TemplateCG4C SAPLC1D0 Display Cover Sheet TemplateCG4D SAPLC1D0 Edit Acknowl. of Receipt TemplateCG4E SAPLC1D0 Display Acknowl. of Receipt TemplatCG42 SAPLC1D0 Edit Report TemplatesCG43 SAPLC1D0 Display Report TemplatesCG5A RC1AVST1 EHS: manual entry WL generationCG5B RC1AVST2 EHS: manual entry WL generationCG5Z SAPLC1D8 EHS: WWI server monitorCG50 SAPLC1G0 Edit ReportCG54 SAPLC1G0 Report Information SystemCG55 SAPLC1G0 Validate ReportCG56 SAPLC1G0 Release ReportCG57 SAPLC1G0 Assign Report VersionsCG58 SAPLC1G0 Set Report to HistoricalCG59 RC1AVGST EHS: manual entry WL generationCIB2 SAPBVKK2 Update CC2 PDC messagesCIB3 SAPBVKK3 Update CC3 PDC messagesCIB4 SAPBVKK4 Update CC4 PDC messagesCIB5 SAPBVKK5 Update CC5 PDC messagesCICS MENUCICS Customer Interaction CenterCIC0 SAPMCIC0 Customer Interaction CenterCIC3 RVKUSTA1 Sales SummaryCIC4 CCMARCHLOG Archiving LoggingCIC5 CCMARCHINSTR Archiving InfostoreCIC8 MENUCIC8 CIC Customizing Menu (Temporary - LCIF MENUCIF APO Core InterfaceCIPV CIBDVERB Posting PDC recordsCIP2 CIBDVERB CC2: Update PDC messagesCIP3 CIBDVERB CC3: Update PDC messagesCIP4 CIBDVERB CC4: Update PDC messagesCIP5 CIBDVERB CC5: Update PDC messagesCI10 SAPPPKOM Cust: Select Techn. Param. for CommCI21 CIBDKAKO Communication parameters for KANBANCI23 CIBDKAGR Download master data for KanbanCI25 SAPCDUP5 Upload Request in KK5CI31 CIBDKOMM Communication parameters for PMCI32 CIBDOPGR Init. transfer of operations for PMCI33 CIBDSTTA Transfer of master data for PMCI34 CIBDOPDE Delta transfer of operations for PMCI35 SAPCDUP3 Generate Upload Request CC3CI36 CIBDKOMM Communication parameters for PSCI37 CIBDOPGR Init. transfer of operations for PSCI38 CIBDSTTA Transfer of master data for PSCI39 CIBDOPDE Delta transfer of operations for PSCI40 SAPCDUP4 Generate Upload Request CC4CI41 CIBDKOMM Communication parameters for PPCI42 CIBDOPGR Init. transfer of operations for PPCI42N CIBDOP_DOWN_PP PP-PDC: Download OperationsCI43 CIBDSTTA Transfer of master data for PPCI44 CIBDOPDE Delta transfer of operations for PPCI45 SAPCDUP2 Generate Upload Request CC2CI45N CIBDCONF_REQUESGenerate Upload Request CC2CI50 RCPIBA00 Transfer production requirementsCI51 RCPIBZ00 Transfer production commitmentsCJAL RCJ_SEND_PROJECSend projectCJA1 SAPLKAZB Proj.Rel.Order Receipts: Coll.Proc.CJA2 SAPLKAZB Proj.Rel. Order Receipts: Ind.Proc.Autor: Iron700 17 13/11/2007
    • CJBBS1 RCNCO085 Planning Board Report AssignmentCJBBS2 RCNCO086 Structure Overview Report AsstCJBN RBPFCPN1 Reconstruct Availability ControlCJBV BPINDX00 Activate Project Availabilty ControCJBW RBPFCPD1 Deactivate Project Availabilty CntrCJB1 SAPLKAZB Generate Settmt Rule: Coll.Proc.CJB2 SAPLKAZB Generate Settmt Rule: Indiv.Proc.CJCD RCJCD002 Change documents: WBSCJCF RKAGJOBL Carry Forward Project CommitmentsCJCO RBPGJA01 Carry Forward Project BudgetCJCS RCJCD001 Standard WBSCJC1 RKPORSSET Maintenance Dialog for Stat.by Per.CJC2 RKPORSSET Maintain Planned Status ChangesCJEA RCNCO082 Call Hierarchy ReportCJEB RKDBAT02 Background Processing; Hier.ReportsCJEC SAPMKCC0 Maintain Project Crcy Trans.TypeCJEK RCNCCP10 Copy Interfaces/ReportsCJEM SAPMKCB9 Project Reports: Test MonitorCJEN PS_RPSCO_REBUILReconstruct: Summarized Proj.DataCJEO RCNRCJEO Transport ReportsCJEP RKCOBTR4 Transport FormsCJEQ RCNRCJES Import Reports from ClientCJET RKCTRTX1 Translation Tool - DrilldownCJEV RKES0101 Maintain Global VariableCJEX RKDREOBE Reorganize Drilldown ReportsCJEY RKDREODA Reorganize Report DataCJEZ RKDREOFO Reorganize FormsCJE0 SAPMKCEE Run Hierarchy ReportCJE1 SAPMKCEE Create Hierarchy ReportCJE2 SAPMKCEE Change Hierarchy ReportCJE3 SAPMKCEE Display Hierarchy ReportCJE4 SAPMKES1 Create Project Report LayoutCJE5 SAPMKES1 Change Project Report LayoutCJE6 SAPMKES1 Display Project Report LayoutCJFA RFFMRP84 Analysis of Data Trans. into PS CasCJFN RFFMS300 CBM Payment ConverterCJF1 SAPMKFPR Create Transfer Price AgreementCJF2 SAPMKFPR Change Transfer Price AgreementCJF3 SAPMKFPR Display Transfer Price AgreementCJF4 RKFPP001 Transfer Price Agreement ListCJG1 SAPMKFPR Enter Transfer Price AllocationCJG3 SAPMKFPR Display Transfer Price AllocationCJG4 RKFPI001 Enter Trsfr Price Allocation: ListCJG5 SAPMKFPR Cancel Transfer Price AllocationCJH1 PS_SUMM_INHERITReconstruct Project InheritanceCJH2 PS_SUMM_PROTOCOProject Inheritance LogCJIA RKPEP010 Project Actual and Commt Paymt LIsCJIB RKPEP011 Project Plan Payment Line ItemsCJIC RKPEP012 Maintain Project Settlement LIsCJID RKPEP012 Display Project Settlement Line ItmCJIE RKPEP012 Projects: Retirement LI SettlementCJIF RKPEP015 Projects: Profitability Analysis LICJIG RKAEP000 Display PS Cash DocumentsCJI1 RKPEP008 Project Budget Line ItemsCJI2 RCNEP002 Budget Line Items: Document ChainCJI3 RKPEP003 Project Actual Cost Line ItemsCJI4 RKPEP004 Project Plan Cost Line ItemsCJI5 RKPEP005 Project Commitment Line ItemsAutor: Iron700 18 13/11/2007
    • CJI8 RKPEP008 Project Budget Line ItemsCJI9 RKPEP009 Project Struct.Pld Costs Line ItemsCJJ2 SAPMGPLN Change Statistical Key FiguresCJJ3 SAPMGPLN Display Statistical Key FiguresCJK2 RPNPLPLN Change Statistical Key FiguresCJK3 RPNPLPLN Display Statistical Key FiguresCJL2 KFPSDUMMY Collective AgreementCJNO SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: FMCJ_BELNCJN1 SAPLKAZB Reval. ACT: Projects Ind.ProCJN2 SAPLKAZB Reval. ACT: Projects Col.ProCJO8 SAPLKAZB Overhead COMM: Projects Ind.ProCJO9 SAPLKAZB Overhead COMM: Projects Col.ProCJPN SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: Proj.ItemCJPU SAPMKPU2 Execute Project Plan AdjustmentCJP1 SAPMKPU1 Create Project Plan AdjustmentCJP2 SAPMKPU1 Change Project Plan AdjustmentCJP3 SAPMKPU1 Display Project Plan AdjustmentCJP4 SAPMKPU1 Delete Project Plan AdjustmentCJR2 RPSPF100 PS: Change plan CElem/Activ. inputCJR3 RPSPF100 PS: Display plan CElem/Activ. inputCJR4 RPSPF100 PS: Change plan primary cost elemenCJR5 RPSPF100 PS: Display plan primary cost elem.CJR6 RPSPF100 PS: Change activity input planningCJR7 RPSPF100 PS: Display activity input planningCJR8 RPSPF100 PS: Change revenue type planningCJR9 RPSPF100 PS: Display Revenue Element PlanninCJSA RKPSEIS1 Data Transfer to SAP-EISCJSB RKPSEIS2 Select Key Figure and CharacteristiCJSG RKPSETG0 Generate WBS Element GroupCJSN SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: ProjectsCJS2 RPSPF100 PS: Change stat. key figure planninCJS3 RPSPF100 PS: Display stat. key fig. planningCJS4 RPSPF100 PS: Change stat. key figure planninCJS5 RPSPF100 PS: Display stat. key fig. planningCJT2 RKPEP010 Project Actual Payment Line ItemsCJVC RCNCC020 Value Category Checking ProgramCJV1 SAPLCJTR Create project version (simulation)CJV2 SAPLCJTR Change project version (simulation)CJV3 SAPLCJTR Display project version (simulationCJV4 SAPMCNVS Transfer projectCJV5 SAPMCNVS Delete simulation versionCJV6 SAPLCJVK Maintenance: Version administrationCJV7 SAPMCNVS Display transfer logCJW1 RBPEWU1P EURO: Adjust Project BudgetCJZ1 SAPLKAZB Act. Int Calc.: Projects Coll. ProcCJZ2 SAPLKAZB Actual Int.Calc.: Project Indiv.PrcCJZ3 SAPLKAZB Plan Int.Calc.: Project Indiv.Prc.CJZ5 SAPLKAZB Plan Int.Calc.: Project Coll.Prc.CJZ6 SAPLKAZB Actual Int.Calc.: Indiv.CO Order PrCJZ7 SAPLKAZB Planned Int.Calc: Indiv.CO Ord.ProcCJZ8 SAPLKAZB Actual Int.Calc.: Coll.CO Order PrcCJZ9 SAPLKAZB Plan Int.Calc.: Coll.CO Order Prc.CJ00 RCSIGSEA Find Digital SignaturesCJ01 SAPLCJWB Create Work Breakdown StructureCJ02 SAPLCJWB Change Work Breakdown StructureCJ03 SAPLCJWB Display Work Breakdown StructureCJ06 SAPLCJWB Create Project DefinitionCJ07 SAPLCJWB Change Project DefinitionAutor: Iron700 19 13/11/2007
    • CJ08 SAPLCJWB Display Project DefinitionCJ11 SAPLCJWB Create WBS ElementCJ12 SAPLCJWB Change WBS ElementCJ13 SAPLCJWB Display WBS ElementCJ14 RCN_CV02N_CALLSDisplay WBS Element (From DMS)CJ2A SAPLCJTR Display structure planningCJ2B SAPLCJTR Change project planning boardCJ2C SAPLCJTR Display project planning boardCJ2D SAPLCJTR Structure planningCJ20 SAPLCJTR Structure planningCJ20N SAPLCNPB_M Project BuilderCJ21 SAPLCJTR Change Basic DatesCJ22 SAPLCJTR Display Basic DatesCJ23 SAPLCJTR Change Forecast DatesCJ24 SAPLCJTR Display Forecast DatesCJ25 SAPLCJTR Change Actual DatesCJ26 SAPLCJTR Display Actual DatesCJ27 SAPLCJTR Project planning boardCJ29 SAPLCJTR Update WBS (Forecast)CJ3A SAPMKBUB Change Budget DocumentCJ3B SAPMKBUB Display Budget DocumentCJ30 SAPMKBUD Change Project Original BudgetCJ31 SAPMKBUD Display Project Original BudgetCJ32 SAPMKBUD Change Project ReleaseCJ33 SAPMKBUD Display Project ReleaseCJ34 SAPMKBUA Project Budget TransferCJ35 SAPMKBUA Budget Return from ProjectCJ36 SAPMKBUA Budget Supplement to ProjectCJ37 SAPMKBUD Budget Supplement in ProjectCJ38 SAPMKBUD Budget Return in ProjectCJ40 SAPMKBUD Change Project PlanCJ41 SAPMKBUD Display Project PlanCJ42 SAPMKBUD Change Project RevenuesCJ43 SAPMKBUD Display Project RevenuesCJ44 SAPLKAZB Act. overhd: Projects; ind. processCJ45 SAPLKAZB Act. ovhd: Projects; coll. process.CJ46 SAPLKAZB Plnd ovrhd: Projects; ind. process.CJ47 SAPLKAZB Pld Overhead: Projects; Coll.ProcssCJ48 PP_PSZ_RUN Change Payment Planning: Init.ScreeCJ49 PP_PSZ_RUN Display Payment Planning: Init.ScrnCJ7E SAPLKO71 Plan Settlement: ProjectsCJ7G SAPLKO71 Plan Settlement: ProjectsCJ7M RKPEP004 Project Plan Cost Line ItemsCJ7N RKPEP012 Maint. DRG inv.projects for retmt.CJ70 RKPEP012 Maintain Project Settlement LIsCJ72 RKPEP012 Project: Act. amt. line item settlmCJ74 RKPEP003 Project Actual Cost Line ItemsCJ76 RKPEP005 Project Commitment Line ItemsCJ8A SAPLKO71 Act.-setlmt: Proj. retirmt. from IMCJ8G SAPLKO71 Actual Settlement: Projects/NetworkCJ8V RKPVAR00 Period Close for Project SelectionCJ80 RCNCO081 Availability Control - OverviewCJ81 RCNCO083 Update Report ListCJ88 SAPLKO71 Settle Projects and NetworksCJ9B SAPMKPT4 Copy WBS Plan to Plan (Collective)CJ9BS SAPMKPT4 Copy WBS Plan to Plan (Indiv.)CJ9C SAPMKPT4 Copy WBS Actual to Plan (CollectiveCJ9CS SAPMKPT4 Copy WBS Actual to Plan (Indiv.)Autor: Iron700 20 13/11/2007
    • CJ9D RCNCP001 Copy Plan VersionsCJ9E SAPLKO71 Plan Settlement: ProjectsCJ9ECP RECP_PS Project System: Easy Cost PlanningCJ9F SAPMKPT4 Copy Project Costing (Collective)CJ9FS SAPMKPT4 Copy Project Costing (Indiv.)CJ9G SAPLKO71 Plan Settlement: ProjectsCJ9K RCNNEUPD Network CostingCJ9L SAPLKAZB Forecast Costs: Individual ProjectsCJ9M SAPLKAZB Forecast Costs: Coll.Project Proc.CJ9Q RCNCQ002 Integrated Planning for Ntwks(Coll.CJ9QS RCNCQ001 Integrated Planning for Ntwks (Ind.CJ91 SAPLCJSS Create Standard WBSCJ92 SAPLCJSS Change Standard WBSCJ93 SAPLCJSS Display Standard WBSCKAV SAPMAVCK Check availabilityCKA1 RBDSECOP Std Cost Est to Profitability Anal.CKCM SAPRCKMODEL Costing ModelCKC1 SAPRCKCU Check Costing VariantCKECP CKECP_GENERIC_BAd Hoc Cost EstimateCKECP1 CKECP_LAUNCH Easy Cost Planning: Central AccessCKMACD DISPLAY_WIP_LARWerteflussanzeige für LeistungsarteCKMB SAPLCKMD Display Material Ledger DocumentCKMC SAPRCKMU Consistency Check for a MaterialCKMCCC SAPLCKMMC Manual Change: Act. Cost Comp. SpliCKMCCD SAPLCKMMC ManChang: Display Actual CC SplitCKMCCS SAPLCKM8 Display Actual Cost Component SplitCKMD SAPRCKMR Transactions for a MaterialCKME SAPRCKM_PRCH Activation of Planned PricesCKMF ML_ALLOW_SETTLEAllow Price DeterminationCKMG ML_ALLOW_CLOSINAllow Closing EntriesCKMH SAPRCKMA_EINSTUSingle-Level Price DeterminationCKMI SAPRCKMA_ABSCHLPost ClosingCKMJ ML_ALLOW_SHOW_LDisplay Organizational MeasuresCKML MENUCKML Actual Costing/Material LedgerCKMLCP CKML_COCKPIT Cockpit Actual CostingCKMLDC SAPRCKM_MR22 Debit/Credit MaterialCKMLDM SAPRCKM_MR22 Debit or Credit MaterialCKMLOH SAPRCKM_ORDER_HPO History/Multiple CurrenciesCKMLPC SAPRCKM_MR21 Price ChangeCKMLQS CKML_QSTREE Valuated Quantity Structure(M-levelCKMM SAPRCKM2_NEU Change Price DeterminationCKMPCD SAPLCKMD Display Price Change DocumentCKMPRP SAPRCKM_PRMT Maintain Planned PricesCKMR RKKBRPTR Report Selection Material LedgerCKMREP SAPRCKM_REPAIR_Repair Program for ML TablesCKMS SAPRCKMS Material Ledger Docs for MaterialCKMVFM ML_VALUE_FLOW_MValue Flow MonitorCKM3 SAPLCKM8 Material Price AnalysisCKM3N SAPLCKM8N Material Price AnalysisCKM9 SAPRCKMG Show Customizing Settings for PlantCKNR SAPMSNUM Maintain Number Ranges: KALKCKRU00 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRCreate ML Costing RunCKRU01 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRML Costing Run; Create ProfileCKRU02 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRML Costing Run; Change ProfileCKRU03 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRML Costing Run; Display ProfileCKRU04 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRDisplay SelectionCKRU05 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRDisplay ML Costing RunCKRU06 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRDelete ML Costing RunAutor: Iron700 21 13/11/2007
    • CKRU07 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRPlants in Costing RunsCKRU08 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRDisplay LevelsCKR1 SAPRCKR1 Reorganization in Product CostingCKR5 SAPRCKR7 Reorganize in BackgroundCKUC CKEKMULTILEVELCMultilevel Unit CostingCKU1 SAPRCK23 Update Material PriceCKVF SAPRCKVF Show Whether Marking/Release AlloweCKWE SAPRCKVK Determine Value AddedCKW1 SAPLCKWB Create Production Lot Cost Est.CKW3 SAPLCKWB Display Production Lot Cost Est.CKW4 SAPLCKWB Activate Production Lot Cost Est.CK00 MENUCK00 Product costing initial screenCK11 SAPLCKDI Create Product Cost EstimateCK11N SAPLCKDI Create Material Cost EstimateCK13 SAPMC64S Display Product Cost EstimateCK13N SAPLCKDI Display Material Cost EstimateCK22 SAPRCK23 Organizational MeasureCK24 SAPRCK23 Price Update with Cost EstimateCK31 SAPRCK32 Print Log of Costing RunCK32 SAPRCKBA CK BATCH: Print logsCK33 SAPRCK33 Comparison of ItemizationsCK40N SAPRCKCC Edit Costing RunCK41 SAPMC64S Create Costing RunCK42 SAPMC64S Change Costing RunCK43 SAPMC64S Display Costing RunCK44 SAPRCK44 Delete Costing RunCK45 SAPRCKBA Delete Costing Run in BackgroundCK51 SAPLCKDI Create Order BOM Cost EstimateCK51N SAPLCKDI Create Order BOM Cost EstimateCK53 SAPLCKDI Display Order BOM Cost EstimateCK53N SAPLCKDI Display Order BOM Cost EstimateCK55 SAPRCK_MCSO Mass Costing - Sales DocumentsCK60 SAPRCK60 Preselection for Material/PlantCK61 SAPRCKBA CK Batch ProcessingCK62 SAPRCK62 Find Structure: BOM ExplosionCK63 SAPRCKBA CK Batch ProcessingCK64 SAPMC64S Run: Cost Estimate of ObjectsCK65 SAPRCKBA CK Batch ProcessingCK66 SAPRCK66 Mark Run for ReleaseCK68 SAPRCK68 Release Costing RunCK74 SAPLKKP4 Create Additive CostsCK74N SAPLCKDI Create Additive CostsCK75 SAPLKKP4 Change Additive CostsCK75N SAPLCKDI Change Additive CostsCK76 SAPLKKP4 Display Additive CostsCK76N SAPLCKDI Display Additive CostsCK77N SAPLCKDI Create Additive CostsCK80 RKKBKIS1 Flexible Cost Component ReportCK81 SAPMKKB2 Overview of ReportsCK82 RKKBCAL0 Select Cost EstimatesCK83 RKKBPCD1 Print Cost Estimates in BackgroundCK84 RKKBKIS1 Line Items in Cost Est for ProductCK85 RKKBKIS1 Line Items in Cost Est for OrderCK86 RKKBKIS1 Costed Multilevel BOMCK87 RKKBKIS1 Costed BOM Sales OrdersCK88 RKKBCAL1 Partner Cost Component SplitCK89 RKKBKIS1 Flexible Cost Comp. Report SaleOrdeCK90 MENUCK90 Mixed CostingAutor: Iron700 22 13/11/2007
    • CK91 SAPRCKBA1 Create Procurement AlternativesCK91N CKMLMV_SURFACE Edit Procurement AlternativesCK92 SAPRCKBA1 Change Procurement AlternativesCK93 SAPRCKBA1 Display Procurement AlternativesCK94 SAPRCKBA1 Change Mixing RatioCK95 SAPRCKBA1 Display Mixing RatiosCLABAP SEM5ABAP Display ABAP class libraryCLBOR SEM5BOR Display BOR libraryCLB1 RCCLBI02 Batch Input for ClassificationCLB2 RCCLBI03 Direct Input for ClassificationCLB3 RCCLBISC Display Classification FileCLD0 RBDSECN1 Distr. Configuration Profile (NetwkCLD1 RBDSECNP Distr. Configuration Profile (Matl)CLD2 RBDSEKNO Distribute Global DependenciesCLD3 RBDSEVTA Distr. Variant Tables (Structure)CLD4 RBDSEVTM Distr. Variant Tables (Data)CLEAR COM_CALL_CLEAR Start Data Cleansing ToolCLGT RCLGTGEN Set Up Tables for SearchCLHI RCCLDIHI Distribution of Class HierarchiesCLHP SAPLCLHP Graphical Hierarchy MaintenanceCLJP SAPMCLJP Specify Japanese calenderCLMM SAPLCLMMD Mass Change for Assigned ValuesCLM1 SAPLIQS0 Create ClaimCLM10 RCLAIM001 Claim OverviewCLM11 RCLAIM002 Claim HierarchyCLM2 SAPLIQS0 Change ClaimCLM3 SAPLIQS0 Display ClaimCLNA SAPMCLNA Namespace: Characteristics/ClassesCLNK SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for Class MaintenanceCLOI MENUCLOI Production Optimization InterfaceCLST RCCLSELSTATISTICreate Class StatisticsCLUNDO SAPLCLUNDO Undo Changes (CA-CL)CLVL SAPMMCLK Maintain Variable ListsCLWA RMCLCLMO Create Material Group (MMS)CLWB RMCLCLMO Change Material Group (MMS)CLWC RMCLCLMO Display Material Group (MMS)CLWD RMCLCLMO Delete Material Group (MMS)CLWE RMCLCLMO Create Characteristic Profile (MMS)CLWF RMCLCLMO Change Characteristic Profile (MMS)CLWG RMCLCLMO Display Characteristic Profile (MMSCLWH RMCLCLMO Delete Characteristic Profile (MMS)CLWJ RMCLCLMO Change Generic Article (MMS)CLWK RMCLCLMO Display Generic article (MMS)CLWL RMCLCLMO Delete Generic Article (MMS)CLWM RMCLCLMO Create MMS Material Group HierarchyCLWN RMCLCLMO Change MMS Material Group HierarchyCLWO RMCLCLMO Display MMS Material Group HierarchCLWP RMCLCLMO Delete MMS Material Group HierarchyCLW1 SAPMMCLF Allocate Material Group HierarchyCLW2 SAPMMCLF Display Material Group HierarchyCL00 MENUCL00 Classification MenuCL01 RMCLCLMO Create ClassCL02 RMCLCLMO ClassesCL03 RMCLCLMO Display ClassCL04 RMCLCLMO Delete ClassCL2A RCCLSTA1 Classification StatusCL2B RCCLTYP0 Class TypesCL20 SAPMMCLF Assign Object to ClassesAutor: Iron700 23 13/11/2007
    • CL20N SAPLCLFM Object AssignmentsCL21 SAPMMCLF Display Object in ClassesCL22 SAPMMCLF Allocate Class to ClassesCL22N SAPLCLFM Assign Class to Superior ClassesCL23 SAPMMCLF Display Class for ClassesCL24 SAPMMCLF Assign Objects to One ClassCL24N SAPLCLFM Class AssignmentsCL25 SAPMMCLF Display Objects in ClassCL26 RCCLRELE Mass Release of AssignmentsCL30 SAPMMCLS Find Objects in ClassesCL30N RCCLSC Find Objects in ClassesCL31 SAPLCLSD Find Object In Class TypeCL6A RMCLKLAV Class ListCL6AN RMCLKLAVN Class List (ALV)CL6B RMCLOBJV Object ListCL6BN RMCLOBJVN Object List (ALV)CL6C RMCLHIEV Class HierarchyCL6D RMCLKLOV Classes Without Superior ClassCL6E RMCLDINU Copy DIN StandardCL6F RMCLDINU Copy DIN Characteristic DataCL6G RMCLDINU Create Material w. DIN Char. DataCL6H RCCLKUSV Classes: Reassign/Split/MergeCL6K RMCLMDEL Delete Characteristic (Class w. ObjCL6M RMCLKDEL Delete Class (with Assignments)CL6O SAPMMCLU Plus-Minus Object DisplayCL6P RMCLKLVW Where-Used List for ClassesCL6Q RMCLLIST Where-Used List for ClassesCL6R RCCLDI01 Direct Input for ClassesCL6T RMCLTEXT Copy Text for ClassesCMAP0 SAPMCMAPMAINT Configurable Semantic MappingCMCH RCCYOVRC Check overall profileCMC0 MENUCMC0CMD1 SAPMV13B Create Output: Direct ProcurementCMD2 SAPMV13B Change output: Direct procurementCMD3 SAPMV13B Display Output: Direct ProcurementCMFN SAPMSNUM Number Range Maint: CMF_PROTOK (SAPCMIG RCMIG_BOM iPPE Migration ToolCMOD SAPMSMOD EnhancementsCMPC2 SAPMV12A CondTab: Create (Campaign Determ.)CMPC3 SAPMV12A CondTab: Change (Campaign Determ.)CMPC4 SAPMV12A CondTab: Display (Campaign Determ.)CMPP MENUCMPP Workforce PlanningCMPRO SAPMWCM03 Category Management:Project MaintenCMP2 SAPLMP01 Workforce Planning: Project ViewCMP3 SAPLMP01 Workforce Planning: Work Center VieCMP9 SAPLMP01 Workforce Planning - ReportingCMRP MENUCMRP MRPCMS_CS RCMS_COLL_SHEETCollateral SheetCMS1 SAPMGSBM Create set (PPC)CMS2 SAPMGSBM Change SetCMS3 SAPMGSBM Display SetCMS4 SAPMGSBM Delete SetCMV1 SAPMGSGM Create variableCMV2 SAPMGSGM Change variableCMV3 SAPMGSGM Display variableCMV4 SAPMGSGM Delete value variableCMWO CM_WORKBENCH Configuration Management WorkbenchCMXSV RCMXXSRSELECT Standard XStep RepositoryAutor: Iron700 24 13/11/2007
    • CMX05 RCMXXSTEST01 XSteps: BADI MonitorCM0X SAPMC65A Capacity planningCM00 MENUCM00CM02 SAPMC65A Capac. planning; work center ordersCM03 SAPMC65A Capac. planning; work center poolCM04 SAPMC65A Capac. planning; work center backloCM05 SAPMC65A Capacity plan.:Work center overloadCM07 SAPMC65A Cap. planning: Variable accessCM10 SAPMC65B Capacity levelingCM11 SAPMC65C Maintain flow controlCM40 RCCYMAB1 Capacity leveling in the backgroundCM41 RCCYMAB3 Evaluation of leveling in backgrounCM99 RCCYLOAD Generate basic capacity loadCNB1 RM06BKPS Purchase requisitions for projectCNB2 RM06EKPS Purchase orders for projectCNC4 RCNCC300 Consistency checks for WBSCNC5 RCNCC200 Consistency checks sales order/projCNE1 SAPLKAZB Project Progress (Individual Proc.)CNE2 SAPLKAZB Project Progress (Collective Proc.)CNE5 RCNST000 Progress AnalysisCNG9 OCNETOPT Graph. Cust. Netw./Hierarchy Graph.CNL1 SAPLCNSH Create delivery informationCNL2 SAPLCNSH Change delivery informationCNL3 SAPLCNSH Display delivery informationCNMASS RCNMASSCHANGE Mass Changes in Project SystemCNMM SAPLCNMM Project-Oriented ProcurementCNMT RCNMT000 Milestone Trend AnalysisCNN0 SAPMSNUM Number Range for Library NetworkCNN1 SAPMSNUM Number range maint.: ROUTING_0CNPAR RPARSHOW Partner OverviewCNPRG CNETWPROG Network ProgressCNSE5 RCNST000 Progress AnalysisCNS0 SAPLCNSH Create deleivry from projectCNS40 RCNST000 Project OverviewCNS41 RCNST000 Structure OverviewCNS42 RCNPD000 Overview: Project DefinitionsCNS43 RCNPE000 Overview: WBS ElementsCNS44 RCNPA000 Overview: Planned OrdersCNS45 RCNAF000 Overview: OrdersCNS46 RCNNP000 Overview: NetworksCNS47 RCNVG000 Overview: Activities/ElementsCNS48 RCNRM000 Overview: ConfirmationsCNS49 RCNAB000 Overview: RelationshipsCNS50 RCNKB000 Overview: Capacity RequirementsCNS51 RCNFH000 Overview: PRTsCNS52 RCNMR000 Overview: ComponentsCNS53 RCNMS000 Overview: MilestonesCNS54 RCNVB000 Overview: Sales DocumentCNS55 RCNVP000 Overview: Sales and Dist. Doc. ItemCNS60 RCNCHANGEDOC Change Documents for Projects/Netw.CNS71 RCNST000 Create versionsCNVL SAPM0CNL Variable OverviewsCNW1 SAPMCNW1 WWW: ConfirmationCNW4 SAPLCNSE_APPS Project DocumentsCN01 SAPLCPDI Create Standard NetworkCN02 SAPLCPDI Change Standard NetworkCN03 SAPLCPDI Display Standard NetworkCN04 SAPLCNTX Edit PS Text CatalogAutor: Iron700 25 13/11/2007
    • CN05 SAPLCNTX Display PS Text CatalogCN06 SAPMCNMP MPX Download: Standard NetworkCN07 SAPMCNMP MPX Upload: Standard NetworkCN08 SAPMCNSM Allocate material -> stand. networkCN09 SAPMCNSM Allocate material -> stand. networkCN11 SAPMCNSM Create standard milestoneCN12 SAPMCNSM Change standard milestoneCN13 SAPMCNSM Display standard milestoneCN19 RCN_CV02N_CALLSDisplay Activity (From DMS)CN2X SAPLCORU Confirm Completions in NetworkCN20 SAPLCOKO Dsply network/act.bsc data init.scrCN21 SAPLCOKO Create NetworkCN22 SAPLCOKO Change NetworkCN23 SAPLCOKO Display NetworkCN24 SAPLCOKO Overall Network SchedulingCN25 SAPLCORU Confirm Completions in NetworkCN26 SAPLCOKO Display Mat.Comp/Init: Ntwk;Acty;ItCN26N RCN_CV02N_CALLSDisplay Mat. Components (From DMS)CN27 SAPLCORU Collective confirm.CN28 SAPLCORU Display Network ConfirmationsCN29 SAPLCORU Cancel Network ConfirmationCN30 RMAFRU01 Processing PDC error recordsCN33 SAPLCN10 PDM-PS interfaceCN38 SAPLCN10 Maintain Flexible Reference PointCN40 RCNST000 Project OverviewCN41 RCNST000 Structure OverviewCN42 RCNPD000 Overview: Project DefinitionsCN42N RPSISPD000 Overview: Project DefinitionsCN43 RCNPE000 Overview: WBS ElementsCN43N RPSISPE000 Overview: WBS ElementsCN44 RCNPA000 Overview: Planned OrdersCN44N RPSISPA000 Overview: Planned OrdersCN45 RCNAF000 Overview: OrdersCN45N RPSISAF000 Overview: OrdersCN46 RCNNP000 Overview: NetworksCN46N RPSISNP000 Overview: NetworksCN47 RCNVG000 Overview: Activities/ElementsCN47N RPSISVG000 Overview: Activities/ElementsCN48 RCNRM000 Overview: ConfirmationsCN48N RPSISRM000 Overview: ConfirmationsCN49 RCNAB000 Overview: RelationshipsCN49N RPSISAB000 Overview: RelationshipsCN50 RCNKB000 Overview: Capacity RequirementsCN50N RPSISKB000 Overview: Capacity RequirementsCN51 RCNFH000 Overview: PRTsCN51N RPSISFH000 Overview: PRTsCN52 RCNMR000 Overview: ComponentsCN52N RPSISMR000 Overview: ComponentsCN53 RCNMS000 Overview: MilestonesCN53N RPSISMS000 Overview: MilestonesCN54N RPSISVB000 Overview: Sales DocumentCN55N RPSISVP000 Overview: Sales and Dist. Doc. ItemCN60 RCNCHANGEDOC Change Documents for Projects/Netw.CN61 SAPLCPBL Standard networkCN65 SAPMCODC Change documents order /networkCN70 RCNAUTO0 Overview: Batch variantsCN71 RCNST000 Create versionsCN72 RCNSAVVS Create Project VersionAutor: Iron700 26 13/11/2007
    • CN80 SAPMCAPS Archiving project structuresCN85 PSDELET1 PS: Delete operative structuresCN98 RPSREDE2 Delete Standard NetworksCOAA PPPIBTAA Simulate Order RecordCOAC SAPLCOAC Process Order: Archive DatabaseCOAL PPPIARLI Read Order Record from ArchiveCOA3 PPARCHR1 PP: Archiving orders - retrievalCOA4 PPARCHR1 PP: Archiving order - administratioCOA7 PRARCHR1 Process Order: Retrieval - ArchiveCOB1 SAPMV13H Create batch search strategy - prodCOB2 SAPMV13H Change batch search strategy - prodCOB3 SAPMV13H Display batch search strategy- prodCOCB MENUCOCB Process ManagementCOCM CO_OCM_OBJECT_LOCM - Initiating objectCOCM1 CO_OCM_ORDER_LIOCM - ProcurementCOCM2 COOCMPICK OCM - PickingCOC0 MENUCOC0CODC SAPMCODC Change Documents for NetworkCOEBR SAPLVBP_TREE Batch RecordCOFC CORUCOFC Reprocessing Errors Actual CostsCOFI SAPLS2EM Command file creationCOGI CORUAFFW Processing goods movemnts w. errorsCOIB SAPLCOIB As-Built for Serialized MaterialCOID SAPLCOIS Select Object Detail Lists in PP-PICOIF PPPIFHWTXT Production MemosCOIK PPPIM000 Picking listCOIO PPPIA000 Order Info System for PP-PICOMLI WIP_CLOSE_ACTIVPost WIP Closing for ActivitiesCOMP SAPL0C27 Customizing Missing Parts Info SystCONC SAPMSNUM No.Range for CtrlRecipes: COCB_CRIDCONM SAPMSNUM No.Range for Proc.Messages:COCB_MSICONV01 CONV_DISPLAY_APConverter: Display application logCONV02 CONV_CONVERT_DOConvert documentCONV03 CONV_CONVERT_BOConvert a BOM assemblyCONV04 CONV_CONVERT_DOConvert Document StructureCONV20 CONV_FREE_CONVEReset Converter(s) Status(es)CON1 SAPLKAZB Actual Reval.: Prod.Ordr Ind.ProCON2 SAPLKAZB Actual Reval.: Prod.Ordr Col.ProCOOIS PPIO_ENTRY Production Order Information SystemCOOPC SAPLCOOPC OPC Test EnvironmentCOPA PPPIBTAR Archive Order RecordCOPAWA SAPLCOWBHU Pack components for orderCOPD PPPIBTDR Print Process OrderCOPI SAPLCODR Print Process Order ShopFloor PaperCOPOC RCOPOC_START Process Manufacturing CockpitCORA SAPLCOKO Process Order: Schedule Ext. RelshpCORK SAPLCORU Process Order Confirmations (Total)CORO SAPLCOKO Create Process Order w/o MaterialCORP ROOP0013 Control Parameters for Proc. OrdersCORR CORUPICONF1 Collective Entry of ConfirmationsCORS SAPLCORU Cancel Process Order ConfirmationCORT SAPLCORU Display Process Order ConfirmationCORZ SAPLCORU Process Order: Time Event ConfirmatCOR1 SAPLCOKO Create Process OrderCOR2 SAPLCOKO Change Process OrderCOR3 SAPLCOKO Display Process OrderCOR5 SAPLCOKO Collective Process Order ReleaseCOR6 SAPLCORU Single Process Order ConfirmationAutor: Iron700 27 13/11/2007
    • COR6N SAPLCORU_S Single Screen Entry of ConfirmationCOR7 SAPLCOKO Convert Planned Order to Proc. OrdeCOR8 SAPLCOUP Coll.Conv.: Plnned Ord. to Proc.OrdCOWF1 SAPLCOWF Task Customizing (Production Order)COW1 SAPLCOW1 Production Order WorkplaceCOX1 SAPLCOKO Create Order (Internally)CO0DS DEL_SIM_ORD Delete Simulation OrderCO00 MENUCO00CO01 SAPLCOKO1 Create production orderCO01S SAPLCOKO1 Adding simulation orderCO02 SAPLCOKO1 Change Production OrderCO02S SAPLCOKO1 Change simulation orderCO03 SAPLCOKO1 Display Production OrderCO03S SAPLCOKO1 Display simulation orderCO04 SAPLCODR Print Production OrdersCO05 SAPLCOKO1 Collective Release of Prod. OrdersCO06 SAPLATP4 Backorder ProcessingCO07 SAPLCOKO1 Create order without a materialCO08 SAPLCOKO1 Production order with sales orderCO09 SAPLATP4 Availability OverviewCO1F SAPLCORU Create confirmation of prod. orderCO1L CORUPRELIST Confirmation: List of requestsCO1P CORUPROZ Predefined confirmation processesCO1V CORUPRECONF1 Confirmation: Fast entry of time tkCO10 SAPLCOKO1 Production order with projectCO11 SAPLCORU Enter Time TicketCO11N SAPLCORU_S Single Screen Entry of ConfirmationCO12 CORUCOLCONF1 Collective Entry of ConfirmationsCO13 SAPLCORU Cancel confirmation of prod. orderCO14 SAPLCORU Display confirmation of prod. orderCO15 SAPLCORU Enter Production order ConfirmationCO16 RMAFRU01 Conf.: Postprocessing error recordsCO16N RMAFRU03 Reprocessing ConfirmationCO17 SAPLCORU Enter confirmation with referenceCO19 SAPLCORU Enter Time EventCO20 PPCOFA00 Orders acc. to Order NumbersCO21 PPCOFA10 Orders for MaterialCO22 PPCOFA20 Orders for the MRP controllerCO23 PPCOFA30 Orders for the production schedulerCO24 PPCMP000 MissingPartsInfoSystCO26 PPIOA000 Order information systemCO27 PPIOM000 Picking listCO28 SAPLCOIS Choose indiv. object listsCO30 MENUCO30 Standard trigger pointsCO31 SAPMCNSM Create standard trigger pointCO32 SAPMCNSM Change standard trigger pointCO33 SAPMCNSM Display standard trigger pointCO40 SAPLCOKO1 Converting Planned OrderCO41 SAPLCOUP Coll. Conversion of Planned OrdersCO42 SAPLKAZB Act. Overhead: Prod.Ordr Ind.ProCO43 SAPLKAZB Act. Overhead: Prod.Ordr Col.ProCO44 PPSFCACT Mass processing of ordersCO46 PP_ORDER_PROGREOrder progress reportCO47 SAPLCOOCD Change comparisonCO51 RCOCB003 Send Process MessagesCO52 SAPLCOCR Evaluate Process DataCO53 SAPLCO52 Control Recipe MonitorCO54 SAPLCO51 Message MonitorAutor: Iron700 28 13/11/2007
    • CO55 RCOPOC_CO55 Worklist for Maintaining PI SheetsCO56 SAPLCOP0 Display PI SheetCO57 SAPLCOC5I Create Message ManuallyCO58 SAPLCOP0 Maintain PI SheetCO59 SAPLCOP0 Delete PI SheetCO60 RCOPOC_WKLT Find PI SheetCO62 RCOCB009 Delete Process MessagesCO63 RCOCB010 Evaluate Deletion LogsCO64 RCOPOC_CO64 Worklist for Completing PI SheetsCO67 RCOPOC_CO65 Worklist for Checking PI SheetsCO68 RMAPIS_MON_WL MiniApp PI Sheet Mon -> ListCO69 RCOCB014 Create Message AutomaticallyCO78 SAPLCOA0 Archiving ordersCO8A SAPLKO71 Presett. Co-Products; PostprocessinCO8B SAPLKO71 Presett. Co-Products; PostprocessinCO80 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: AUF_RUECKCO81 SAPMSNUM Number assignment: routing to orderCO82 SAPMSNUM Number ranges for ordersCO83 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: RESBCO88 SAPLKO71 Act. Settlment: Prod./Process OrderCO99 SAPLKO99 Set Status "Closed"CPAE SAPLKWTP Actl. Template Alloc: Prof. AnalysiCPAS SAPLKWTP Actual Template Alloc.: Bus. ProcesCPBA SAPMKKB2 Run Selected ReportsCPBB SAPMKKB2 Select ReportsCPBL SAPMKB01 Bus. Processes: Planning OverviewCPBP RKAEP000 Business Processes: Plan Line ItemsCPBT RKATARIF Bus. Process.: Activity Price ReporCPB1 RKAEP000 Business Processes: Act. Line ItemsCPB9 SAPMKB02 Planning Report for Bus. ProcessesCPCA SAPMKAL1 Delete Indirect Activity Alloc. PlaCPCAN SAPLKAL1 Delete Indirect Activity Alloc. PlaCPCB SAPMKGA2 Execute Plan Indirect Acty Alloc.CPCC SAPMKGA1 Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan: OverviewCPCCN SAPLKAL1 Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan: OverviewCPC1 SAPMKAL1 Create Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.CPC1N SAPLKAL1 Create Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.CPC2 SAPMKAL1 Change Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.CPC2N SAPLKAL1 Change Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.CPC3 SAPMKAL1 Display Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.CPC3N SAPLKAL1 Display Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.CPC4 SAPMKAL1 Delete Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.CPC4N SAPLKAL1 Delete Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.CPC5 SAPMKGA2 Execute Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.CPC6 SAPMKGA1 Overview actual ind. activity allocCPC6N SAPLKAL1 Act. Indirect Acty Alloc.: OverviewCPC7 SAPMKAL1 Create Indirect Activity Alloc. PlaCPC7N SAPLKAL1 Create Indirect Activity Alloc. PlaCPC8 SAPMKAL1 Change Indirect Activity Alloc. PlaCPC8N SAPLKAL1 Change Indirect Activity Alloc. PlaCPC9 SAPMKAL1 Display Indirect Acty Alloc. PlanCPC9N SAPLKAL1 Display Indirect Acty Alloc. PlanCPFX SAPLKSF2 Pre-distribute Fixed Costs: ProcessCPH1 SAPLKKHI Create Business Process GroupCPH2 SAPLKKHI Change Business Process GroupCPH3 SAPLKKHI Display Business Process GroupCPH4 RKSTDHIE Change Standard Hierarchy (BusProc)CPH4N KEO_START_NF Change Standard HierarchyAutor: Iron700 29 13/11/2007
    • CPH5 RKSTDHIE Display bus. process std. hierarchyCPH5N KEO_START_NF Display Std Hierarchy/Business ProcCPII SAPLKSPI Price calc. in actl: processCPK1 MP120900 Create Task Cost DataCPK2 MP120900 Change Task Cost DataCPK3 MP120900 Display Task Cost DataCPMA SAPLKNMA Target=Actual-IAA: processCPMB SAPLKNMA ABC: Plan ReconciliationCPMN MENUCPMN Activity-Based Costing MenuCPPA SAPMKAL1 Delete Plan Assessment for ProcesseCPPAN SAPLKAL1 Delete Plan Assessment for ProcesseCPPB SAPMKGA2 Execute Plan Assess. for ProcessesCPPC SAPMKGA1 Plan Assess. for Processes: OvervieCPPCN SAPLKAL1 Plan Assess. for Processes: OvervieCPPE SAPLKWTP Plan Templ. Alloc.: Results AnalysiCPPI SAPLKSPI Iter. plan act. price calc. (CO-ABCCPPS SAPLKWTP Plan Template Allocation: ProcessCPP1 SAPMKAL1 Create Actual Assess. for ProcessesCPP1N SAPLKAL1 Create Actual Assess. for ProcessesCPP2 SAPMKAL1 Change Actual Assess. for ProcessesCPP2N SAPLKAL1 Change Actual Assess. for ProcessesCPP3 SAPMKAL1 Display Actual Assess.for ProcessesCPP3N SAPLKAL1 Display Actual Assess.for ProcessesCPP4 SAPMKAL1 Delete Actual Assess. for ProcessesCPP4N SAPLKAL1 Delete Actual Assess. for ProcessesCPP5 SAPMKGA2 Execute Actual Assess.for ProcessesCPP6 SAPMKGA1 Actual Assess. Processes: OverviewCPP6N SAPLKAL1 Actual Assess. Processes: OverviewCPP7 SAPMKAL1 Create Plan Assess. for ProcessesCPP7N SAPLKAL1 Create Plan Assess. for ProcessesCPP8 SAPMKAL1 Change Plan Assess. for ProcessesCPP8N SAPLKAL1 Change Plan Assess. for ProcessesCPP9 SAPMKAL1 Display Plan Assess. for ProcessesCPP9N SAPLKAL1 Display Plan Assess. for ProcessesCPSP SAPMKACT Split Plan CostsCPS1 SAPLKSS0 Variance Calculation: ProcessesCPS2 SAPLKSS0 Actual Cost Splitting: ProcessesCPTA SAPLKWTP Actual Template Allocation: OrderCPTB SAPLKWTP Actual Template Allocation: OrdersCPTD SAPLKWTP Actual Template Alloc.: Prod. OrderCPTE SAPLKWTP Actual Template Alloc.: Run Sched.CPTG SAPLKWTP Actual Templ. Allocation: Cost Obj.CPTH SAPLKWTP Actual Templ. Allocation: Cost Obj.CPTJ SAPLKWTP Actl Template Alloc.: Cust. OrdersCPTK SAPLKWTP Actual Template Allocation: ProjectCPTL SAPLKWTP Actual Template Allocation: ProjectCPT1 SAPLKWTMA Create TemplateCPT2 SAPLKWTMA Change TemplateCPT3 SAPLKWTMA Display TemplateCPT4 SAPLKWTMA Delete TemplateCPT6 SAPLKCTV Formula Plan for Bus. ProcessesCPUA SAPLKWTP Plan Template Allocation: OrderCPUB SAPLKWTP Plan Template Allocation: OrdersCPUK SAPLKWTP Plan Template Allocation: ProjectCPUL SAPLKWTP Plan Template Allocation: ProjectsCPVA SAPMKAL1 Delete Plan Process DistributionCPVAN SAPLKAL1 Delete Plan Process DistributionCPVB SAPMKGA2 Execute Plan Process DistributionAutor: Iron700 30 13/11/2007
    • CPVC SAPMKGA1 Plan Process Distribution OverviewCPVCN SAPLKAL1 Plan Process Distribution OverviewCPV1 SAPMKAL1 Create Actual Process DistributionCPV1N SAPLKAL1 Create Actual Process DistributionCPV2 SAPMKAL1 Change Actual Distribution ProcessCPV2N SAPLKAL1 Change Actual Distribution ProcessCPV3 SAPMKAL1 Display Actual Process DistributionCPV3N SAPLKAL1 Display Actual Process DistributionCPV4 SAPMKAL1 Delete Actual Process DistributionCPV4N SAPLKAL1 Delete Actual Process DistributionCPV5 SAPMKGA2 Execute Actual Process DistributionCPV6 SAPMKGA1 Actual Process Distribution OvervieCPV6N SAPLKAL1 Actual Process Distribution OvervieCPV7 SAPMKAL1 Create Plan Process DistributionCPV7N SAPLKAL1 Create Plan Process DistributionCPV8 SAPMKAL1 Change Plan Process DistributionCPV8N SAPLKAL1 Change Plan Process DistributionCPV9 SAPMKAL1 Display Plan Process DistributionCPV9N SAPLKAL1 Display Plan Process DistributionCPZI SAPLKAZB Actual overhead calc.: processCPZP SAPLKAZB Plan Overhead: Business ProcessesCP01 SAPLKWM3 Create Business ProcessCP02 SAPLKWM3 Change Business ProcessCP03 SAPLKWM3 Display Business ProcessCP04 SAPLKWM3 Delete Business ProcessCP05 SAPMKMAA Process: Display ChangesCP06 RKABCPLN CO-ABC Planning: Activity InputsCP07 RKABCPLN CO-ABC Planning: Display Act. InputCP12 SAPLKWM3 Edit Business ProcessesCP13 SAPLKWM3 Business Processes: Master Data RepCP14 SAPLKWM3 Delete Business ProcessesCP20 SAPLKWSB Business Alloc Structure DisplayCP26 RKABCPLN CO-ABC Planning: Quantities & PriceCP27 RKABCPLN CO-ABC Planning: Display Qty/PriceCP30 SAPLKWM3 Business Process: Change ManagementCP46 RKABCPLN CO-ABC Planning: Stat. Key FiguresCP47 RKABCPLN CO-ABC Planning: Display Stat. KFCP65 SAPMKES1 Create ABC Planning Layout (ActInptCP66 SAPMKES1 Change ABC Planning Layout (AcInputCP67 SAPMKES1 Display ABC Planning Layout (AcInptCP75 SAPMKES1 Planning Layout: Create Qtys/PricesCP76 SAPMKES1 Planning Layout: Change Qtys/PricesCP77 SAPMKES1 Planning Layout: Display Qtys/PriceCP85 SAPMKES1 Create ABC Planning Layout (St.KF)CP86 SAPMKES1 Change ABC Planning Layout (St.KF)CP87 SAPMKES1 Display ABC Planning Layout (St.KF)CP97 SAPMKPT4 Copy Planning for Business ProcesseCP98 SAPMKPT4 Copy Planning for Business ProcesseCRAA SAPLCRA0 Display Work CenterCRAH SAPLCRA0 Create Work CenterCRAV SAPLCRA0 Change Work CenterCRF1 RFFCRD00 Credit Cards: Read Original DataCRF2 RFFCRD05 Credit Cards: Delete Standard FileCRF3 RFFCRD10 Credit Cards: Edit Standard FileCRF4 RFFCRD20 Credit Cards: Edit LogCRK1 SAPLFCR2 Create Card DocumentCRK2 SAPLFCR2 Change Card DocumentCRK3 SAPLFCR2 Display Card DocumentAutor: Iron700 31 13/11/2007
    • CRNA SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: CR_ARBPLCRNH SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: CR_HIERARCRNK SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: CR_KAPACRR1 RFCRDL00 Evaluate Card Master RecordsCRR2 RFCRDL10 Evaluate Card DocumentsCRR3 RFCRDL20 Evaluate Log FileCRS1 SAPLFCRA Create Credit Card Master RecordCRS2 SAPLFCRA Change Credit Card Master RecordCRS3 SAPLFCRA Display Credit Card Master RecordCRTD RFFCRDEX Payment Card: Create Example FileCRWBD SAPLCRWBD0 Replication WorkbenchCR00 MENUCR00 Resource Planning MenuCR04 SAPMCR05 Test Work Center FormulasCR05 RCRA0010 Work Center ListCR06 RCRA0020 Work Center Assignment to Cost CtrCR07 RCRA0030 Work Center CapacitiesCR08 RCRA0040 Work Center HierarchyCR09 SAPLC0VL Task list reference textCR10 RCRA0050 Work center change documentsCR11 SAPMC68K Add CapacityCR12 SAPMC68K Change capacityCR13 SAPMC68K Display CapacityCR15 RCRA0031 Capacity where-usedCR21 SAPMC68H Create HierarchyCR22 SAPMC68H Change HierarchyCR23 SAPMC68H Display HierarchyCR24 SAPLCR06 Create Resource NetworkCR25 SAPLCR06 Change Resource NetworkCR26 SAPLCR06 Display Resource NetworkCR31 SAPLCR06 Create HierarchyCR32 SAPLCR06 Change HierarchyCR33 SAPLCR06 Display HierarchyCR40 RCRA0011 Work center usage in deleted objectCR41 SAPLCRAR Archiving work centersCR60 RCRA0060 Work center information systemCSAB SAPLCSSO Browse Sales Order BOMCSA1 SAPMC29D Enqueue test for dialog RFCCSC5 SAPMC29L Single-Level Class Where-Used ListCSD5 SAPMC29L Single-Level Doc. Where-Used ListCSKB SAPLCSSO Start order BrowserCSK1 SAPMC29L Sales order BOM multi-lev. explosioCSK2 SAPMC29L Multi-level sales order BOMCSK3 SAPMC29L Sales order BOM - summarized BOMCSMB SAPLCSSO Start material BOM browserCSPB SAPLCSSO Start WBS BOM browserCSPC RSSPECCA Customer SpecificationsCSP1 SAPMC29L Multi-level WBS BOM explosionCSP2 SAPMC29L WBS BOM multi-level BOMCSP3 SAPMC29L WBS BOM - summarized BOMCS00 MENUCS00 BOM MenuCS01 SAPMC29S Create Material BOMCS02 SAPMC29S Change Material BOMCS03 SAPMC29S Display Material BOMCS05 SAPMC29S Change Material BOM GroupCS06 SAPMC29S Display Material BOM GroupCS07 SAPLCSAL Allocate Material BOM to PlantCS08 SAPLCSAL Change Material BOM - Plant Alloc.CS09 SAPLCSAL Display Allocations to PlantAutor: Iron700 32 13/11/2007
    • CS11 SAPMC29L Display BOM Level by LevelCS12 SAPMC29L Multilevel BOMCS13 SAPMC29L Summarized BOMCS14 SAPMC29V BOM ComparisonCS15 SAPMC29L Single-Level Where-Used ListCS20 SAPMC29M Mass Change: Initial ScreenCS21 SAPMC29M Mass Material Change: Initial ScreeCS22 SAPMC29M Mass Document Change: Initial ScreeCS23 SAPMC29M Mass Class Change: Initial ScreenCS31 SAPMC29S Create class BOMCS32 SAPMC29S Change class BOMCS33 SAPMC29S Display class BOMCS40 SAPLCSAL Create Link to Configurable MateriaCS41 SAPLCSAL Change Material Config. AllocationCS42 SAPLCSAL Display Material Config. AssignmentCS51 SAPMC29S Create standard BOMCS52 SAPMC29S Change standard BOMCS53 SAPMC29S Display standard BOMCS61 SAPMC29S Create Order BOMCS62 SAPMC29S Change Order BOMCS63 SAPMC29S Display Order BOMCS71 SAPMC29S Create WBS BOMCS72 SAPMC29S Change WBS BOMCS73 SAPMC29S Display WBS BOMCS74 SAPLCSWB Create multi-level WBS BOMCS75 SAPLCSWB Change multi-level WBS BOMCS76 SAPLCSWB Display multi-level WBS BOMCS80 SAPMC29B Change Documents for Material BOMCS81 SAPMC29B Change Documents for Standard BOMCS82 SAPMC29B Change documents for sales order BOCS83 SAPMC29B Change documents for WBS BOMCS84 SAPMC29B Change documents for class BOMCS90 SAPMSNUM Material BOM Number RangesCS91 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for Standard BOMsCS92 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for Sales Order BOMsCTEW TEW_REMOTE TEW For CattCTNK SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for CharacteristicsCTU6 SAPLKWTU Function Tree with Tree ControlCT01 SAPMCTAV Create CharacteristicCT02 SAPMCTAV Change CharacteristicCT03 SAPMCTAV Display CharacteristicCT04 SAPLCTMV CharacteristicsCT05 SAPLCTMV Create CharacteristicCT06 SAPLCTMV Display CharacteristicCT10 RCCTMV00 Characteristics ListCT12 SAPLCTWUL Where-Used List for Char.EnvironmenCT21 RCCTBI01 Batch Input for CharacteristicsCT22 RCCTBISC Maint. Seq. File for CharacteristicCT23 RCCTCN01 Display Chars for Change NumberCT24 RCCTCN02 Display Change Numbers UsedCT25 RCCTVDEP Where-Used List of Chars in DepsCUAL RBDSESCE Distribution of SCE Knowledge BasesCUCK RCU_COPY_KMAT Copy Config. MaterialCUD2 RBDSECN2 Distr. Conf. Prof. for GM Task ListCUD3 RBDSECN3 Distr. Conf. Prof. for Mod. SpecsCUFD RBDSEVFN Distribute Variant FunctionsCUID RBDSEUI Distribution of Interface DesignsCUK2 RBDSENET Distribute Dependency NetsAutor: Iron700 33 13/11/2007
    • CUNI SAPMUNIT Units of measureCUNK SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for DependenciesCUNR SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: CU_INOBCUSC SAPMCUSC Customize Country VersionCU00 MENUCU00CU01 SAPLCUKD Create DependencyCU02 SAPLCUKD Change DependencyCU03 SAPLCUKD Display DependencyCU04 RCUKDLIS Dependency ListCU05 RCUKDVWG Dependency Where-Used ListCU21 SAPLCUK1 Create Dependency NetCU22 SAPLCUK1 Change Dependency NetCU23 SAPLCUK1 Display Dependency NetCU31 SAPLCUKB Create Knowledge Base ObjectCU32 SAPLCUKB Change Knowledge Base ObjectCU33 SAPLCUKB Display Knowledge Base ObjectCU34 SAPLCURT Create Runtime Version for SCECU35 SAPLCURT Change Runtime Version for SCECU36 SAPLCURT Display Runtime Version for SCECU37 SAPLCURT Create SCE Database SchemaCU41 SAPLCUCO Create Configuration ProfileCU42 SAPLCUCO Change Configuration ProfileCU43 SAPLCUCO Display Configuration ProfileCU44 SAPLCUCP Material Configuration OverviewCU45 SAPLCUCP Standard Network Config. OverviewCU50 SAPLCUKO Material Config. Simul./ModellingCU51 SAPLCASL Order BOMCU51E SAPLCASL CE: Order BOM (eoASL)CU52 SAPLCASL Display Order BOMCU52E SAPLCASL CE: Display Order BOMCU55 SAPLCE_PRST CE: WBS BOM (eoPSL)CU59 RCCUVTDB Transfer Variant Table ContentsCU60 SAPLCUD2 Table MaintenanceCU60E RCU_UPLOAD_EXCEExcel Upload for Variant TablesCU61 SAPLCUTU Create Table StructureCU62 SAPLCUTU Change Table StructureCU63 SAPLCUTU Display Table StructureCU64 RCCUTB00 Table Structure ListCU65 SAPLCUFU Create FunctionCU66 SAPLCUFU Change FunctionCU67 SAPLCUFU Display FunctionCU68 RCCUFN00 Function ListCU70 SAPLCLSQ Create Sort SequenceCU71 SAPLCLSQ Change Sort SequenceCU72 SAPLCLSQ Display Sort SequenceCU80 RCCUBD00 Configurable Mat. CharacteristicsCVD1 SAPLCVDA Edit Report Shipping OrdersCVII SAPLCVVC Display Initial Order on Classific.CVIX SAPLCVV5 Activate event type linkageCVIY SAPLCVV5 Task-specific CustomizingCVI0 MENUCVI0 Document distributionCVI1 SAPLCVV1 Create recipient listCVI2 SAPLCVV1 Change recipient listCVI3 SAPLCVV1 Display recipient listCVI4 SAPLCVV1 All recipients of a documentCVI6 SAPLCVV1 Display documents of recipientCVI7 SAPLCVV1 Start distribution with rec. listCVI8 SAPLCVV1 Start document distributionAutor: Iron700 34 13/11/2007
    • CVI9 RCDDSSEL Log for distribution ordersCVWD SAPLCVVW WWW access:Distribtution order packCVWG SAPLCVWG DMS: Test for up/download ActiveXCVW1 SAPLCVIT Internet scenario for doc. searchCVW2 SAPLCVWEB Index search DMS in WWWCVW3 SAPLCV221 Find documents in the World Wide WeCVW3A SAPLCV221 Find documents in the World Wide WeCVW4 SAPLCV221 Display document lists in WWWCVW4A SAPLCV221 Display document lists in WWWCV00 MENUCV00 Document ManagementCV01 SAPMCDOK Create Document Info RecordCV01N SAPLCV110 Create DocumentCV02 SAPMCDOK Change Document Info RecordCV02N SAPLCV110 Change DocumentCV03 SAPMCDOK Display Document Info RecordCV03N SAPLCV110 Display documentCV04 SAPMCDOK List Document Info RecordsCV04N SAPLCV100 Find DocumentCV11 SAPMC29S Create Document StructureCV12 SAPMC29S Change Document StructureCV13 SAPMC29S Display Document StructureCV130 SAPLCV130 TEST_CV130CV15 SAPMC29S Change Document BOM GroupCV16 SAPMC29S Display Document BOM GroupCV22 RCCADI41 Change Frontend TypeCV30 RCCADI20 Display Transfer LogCV31 RCCADI10 Find CAD Interface Errors OnlineCV80 SAPMC29B Change Documents for Doc. StructureCV90 SAPMSNUM Number ranges for documentsCV91 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for Doc. StructuresCWBQM SAPLCPRC QM: Engineering WorkbenchCWVT MENUCWVT Merchandise DistributionCXAA FICVIM00 Hierarchy levelsCXAH FICVIM00 Hierarchy Level RelationshipsCXAO FICVIM00 CU / Translation Method AssignmentsCXAP FICVIM00 Cons Unit/Tax Rate AssignmentsCXAQ FICVIM00 Cons: CU: Validation AssignmentCXAR FICCUC00 Mass Changes - Cons UnitsCXAS FICCGC00 Mass Changes - Cons GroupsCXA0 FICRVS00 Mass reversalCXA2 FICVIM00 Item CategoriesCXA9 FICVIM00 Reasons for InclusionCXBW0 FICBIW00 Initial Data TransferCXBW1 FICBIW10 Comparison of Data SliceCXB1 FICVIM00 VersionsCXB2 FICVIM00 Consolidation frequenciesCXB3 FICVIM00 Global System SettingsCXB4 FICACG00 Generate Authorizations for CGsCXB5 FICACG10 Central maintenance of master dataCXCA FICVIM00 Financial data typesCXCC FICVIM00 Upload Methods: Reported Fin. DataCXCD FICMON00 Data MonitorCXCE FICMON20 Data Monitor for a Cons UnitCXCF FICMON30 Cons Monitor for a Cons GroupCXCK FICCPY00 Copy Totals RecordsCXCL FICCHI00 Cons: Item Substitution/Ret.EarningCXCR FICDLR00 Delete Totals RecordsCXCX RKKBRPTR Report SelectionAutor: Iron700 35 13/11/2007
    • CXCY SAPMKKB5 Customizing of Report SelectionCXC2 FICVIM00 Data Entry GroupsCXC4 FICVIM00 Data entry profilesCXC5 FICVIM00 Cons: Selection parameters FICDOW00CXC6 FICVIM00 Cons: Selection parameters FICDOW10CXC8 FICVIM00 Assign PC Pathname to CG/CUCXC9 FICVIM00 Period CategoriesCXDL RGUDEL00 Delete trans. data in Cons ledgerCXDL1 SAPMGCU3 Delete trans. data in Cons ledgerCXD1 FICVIM00 Currency translation methodsCXD2 FICVIM00 Exchange Rate IndicatorsCXD3 FICVIM00 Cur.Trl.aff.Earnings: FS ItemsCXEA FICVIM00 Tasks for ReclassificationCXEB FICVIM00 Methods for ReclassificationCXEC FICRCL00 ReclassificationCXED FICVIM00 Tasks for Prep.for Cons Group ChangCXEE FICVIM00 Cons: Contra Items / Ret. EarningsCXEF FICVIM00 Cons: Rollup Standardized Fin. DataCXEG FICVIM00 IMG: Doc.Types for Man.Posting - DMCXEH FICVIM00 IMG: Doc.Types for Reclassific. - DCXEI FICVIM00 IMG: Doc.Types for Prep/CG Chgs - DCXEJ FICVIM00 IMG: Doc.Types for Man.Posting - CMCXEK FICVIM00 IMG: Doc.Types for Reclassific. - CCXEL FICVIM00 IMG: Doc.Types for Prep/CG Chgs - CCXEM FICVIM00 IMG: Doc.Types for IU EliminationCXEN FICVIM00 IMG: Doc.Types for Cons of InvestmtCXEO FICVIM00 IMG: Doc. Types for Realtime UpdateCXEP FICVIM00 IMG: Document types for EIPICXEUA FICEUR00 ECCS EURO: Reconcile Totals RecordsCXEUB FICEUR10 ECCS EURO: Additional Financial DatCXEUC FICEUR20 ECCS Euro: IntegrationCXEU1 FICEUR50 ECCS EURO: Populate Euro UnitsCXEU4 FICEUR51 ECCS Euro: Status ManagementCXE0 FICVIM00 Task groupsCXE0P FICVIM00 Assignment Archiving LogCXE1 FICVIM00 Document TypesCXE5 FICVIM00 Post selected itemsCXE6 FICVIM00 Tasks for IU EliminationCXE7 FICVIM00 Methods for Interunit EliminationCXE8 FICVIM00 Tasks for IU EliminationCXE9N FICIMG00 Start IMG for SAP Cons (internal)CXGP SAPMF200 Global parametersCXG1 FICVIM00 Integrated Entry from Invest./EquitCXHA FICVIM00 Distribution of DividendsCXHB FICVIM00 Directors BonusCXH1 FICVIM00 Minority Interest ItemsCXH2 FICVIM00 Appropriation Items for the GroupCXH3 FICVIM00 Minority Appropriation ItemsCXH4 FICVIM00 Statistical Equity CapitalCXIA FICVIM00 Consolidation tasksCXIB FICVIM00 Cons Tasks: Assign Document TypeCXI0 FICVIM00 Global Settings for C/ICXI1 FICVIM00 Consolidation of investments tasksCXI2 FICVIM00 C/I system utilizationCXI3 FICVIM00 C/I Activities: Default SequenceCXI4 FICVIM00 Consolidation of investments methodCXI5 FICVIM00 Activity/Method Type: Asgn Doc.TypeCXI9 FICVIM00 Selected Items for C/IAutor: Iron700 36 13/11/2007
    • CXJ1 FICVIM00 Equity Method: Scope of Rptd DataCXJ2 FICVIM00 Reported Items for Equity MethodCXJ3 FICVIM00 Posted Items in Equity ConsolidatioCXJ4 FICVIM00 Reported items for investmentsCXJ5 FICVIM00 Reported Items for Changes in EquitCXLP1 FICLPROT Display Archived Audit TrailCXLP2 FICLPDEL Delete Archived LogsCXL1 SAPMGCU0 Create LedgerCXL2 SAPMGCU0 Change LedgerCXL3 SAPMGCU0 Display LedgerCXL4 SAPMGCU0 Delete LedgerCXM1 FICCOI10 Edit Method HierarchiesCXM2 FICCOI10 Display method hierarchiesCXNA FICPCD00 Download PCA HierarchiesCXNB FICBAD00 Download Business Areas/CompaniesCXNC FICPCAA1 EC-PCA Trx.Data: Cost Elem./ActivitCXND FICPCAA2 EC-PCA Trx.Data: Partner InfoCXNE FICPCACE List CO Cost Elements by CategoryCXNF FICVIM00 Assign G/L chart and Cons chartCXNG FICICA20 Integrated Cons UnitsCXNH FICVIM00 Display Integrated Cons UnitsCXNI FICVIM00 Display Items from IntegrationCXNJ FICVIM00 Display Subitems from IntegrationCXNL FICPCAD1 Cons: Download PrCtr Master/Hier.CXNM RGUREC10 Follow-up pstng FI-Doc. (Tot. tableCXNN FICMBU00 Write Periodic ExtractCXNO FICICA60 Delete Realtime-Updated DocumentsCXNP FICCOA00 Copy Group Accounts to FS ItemsCXNQ FICICA30 Display Transferred DocumentsCXNR FICICA50 Reconc. totals record General/ConsSCXNT FICICA70 Subsequent Integration of Org UnitsCXNU FICFMV00 Maintain Field Movement/Real.UpdateCXNV RGCPOS02 Maintain Group Acct in G/L AccountCXNW RGUREC10 Subseq.Posting of FI Docs->ConsPrepCXNX FICICA80 Reconcile FI/Cons at Document LevelCXNY FICRUL00 Set/Display Lock Mode for RollupCXNZ FICREC00 Reconciliation Totals ConsolidationCXN0 FICVIM00 Map Secondary Cost ElementsCXN001 FICDELRUDOC00 Delete Docs from Realtime UpdatesCXN01 FICVIM00 Maintain Transaction Types of ConsCXN013 FICVIM00 Integr. Cons Units - PrCtr ConsCXN023 FICVIM00 Integr. Cons Groups - PrCtr ConsCXN1 FICICA00 Map Charts/Accts to Cons Charts/AccCXN2 FICICA10 Compare G/L Charts and Cons ChartsCXN3 FICVIM00 Rules for ID CombinationCXN4 FICVIM00 Convert Collection of CU Master DatCXN5 FICVIM00 Assign Company Codes/Business AreasCXN6 FICVIM00 Cons Type and Dimension AssignmentsCXN7 FICIRD00 Download Rollup-related DataCXN8 FICIRU00 Upload Rollup-related DataCXP1 FICVIM00 Assign Task groupsCXP2 FICVIM00 Tasks for CarryforwardCXP3 FICVIM00 Tasks for Data CollectionCXP4 FICVIM00 Tasks for Validation of Rptd DataCXP5 FICVIM00 Tasks for Manual PostingCXP6 FICVIM00 Tasks for Currency TranslationCXP7 FICVIM00 Tasks for Valid.of Standardized DatCXP8 FICVIM00 Tasks for RollupsAutor: Iron700 37 13/11/2007
    • CXP9 FICVIM00 Tasks for Valid.of consolidated datCXRA RKDBATV3 Maintain Variant GroupsCXRB RKDBAT02 Maintain VariantsCXRC RKDBATV4 Schedule Variant GroupsCXRD RKDBATV5 Create Variant GroupsCXRE RKDREOVG Reorganization of Variant GroupsCXRF RKE_CALL_VC_TKECharacteristic Group MaintenanceCXRH SAPMKXHI Hierarchy MaintenanceCXRI RKDREOBE Overview of ReportsCXRK RMCTCXRK Maintain Key FiguresCXRM SAPMKCB9 Test monitor - drilldown reportsCXRO RKCOBTR2 Transport reportsCXRP RKCOBTR4 Transport formsCXRQ RCNRCJES Import Reports from ClientCXRR RCNRCJEW Import Layouts from ClientCXRT RKCTRTX1 Translation Tool - Drilldown ReportCXRU SAPMKCC0 Cross-table translation keysCXRV RKES0101 Maintain global variablesCXRW SAPMKCB9 Convert Drilldown ReportsCXRX RKDREOBE Reorganize Drilldown ReportsCXRY RKDREODA Reorganize report dataCXRZ RKDREOFO Reorganize FormsCXR0 SAPMKCEE Run drilldown reportCXR1 SAPMKCEE Create drilldown reportCXR2 SAPMKCEE Change drilldown reportCXR3 SAPMKCEE Display drilldown reportCXR4 SAPMKES1 Form for creating reportsCXR5 SAPMKES1 Form for changing reportsCXR6 SAPMKES1 Form for displaying reportsCXSA SAPMF21S Display Set MaintenanceCXSB SAPMF21S Change Set MaintenanceCXSC SAPMF21S Create Set MaintenanceCXSD SAPMF21S Delete Set MaintenanceCXS1 FICBCF00 Carry Forward BalancesCXS3 FICVIM00 Carryforward ItemsCXS4 FICVIM00 Non-carryforward ItemsCXVM SAPMF200 Call View MaintenanceCXV1 FICVAL00 ValidationCXV2 FICVAL10 Create ValidationCXV3 FICVAL10 Change ValidationCXV4 FICVAL10 Display ValidationCXV5 FICVIM00 Maintain equivalency relationshipCX0AC SAPMFCG1 Attrib for CU: Maint. Char. ValuesCX0AD SAPMFCG1 Attrib for CU: Displ. Char. ValuesCX0AE SAPMFCG1 Subassign.: Maintain Char ValuesCX0AF SAPMFCG1 Subassign.: Display Char ValuesCX0A1 RKCMKCGD Edit CharacteristicsCX0A2 SAPMKCGF Edit Field GroupsCX0A3 FICCOMD0 Generate Master Data Maint. ModulesCX0A4 FICREOMV Reorg.View Maintenance (master dataCX0A5 SAPMFCG1 Maintain Characteristic ValuesCX0A6 SAPMFCG1 Display Characteristic ValuesCX0A7 SAPMSVMA Maintain Characteristic ValuesCX0A8 SAPMSVMA Display Characteristic ValuesCX0C00 FICRIC00 Check Ref. Integrity CustomizingCX0C10 FICTCL00 Display Chg.Log - MasterData/CustomCX0TA FICTDI00 Import Transaction DataCX0TC FICTPC00 Transport of ECCS CustomizingAutor: Iron700 38 13/11/2007
    • CX0T9 FICTDE00 Export Transaction DataCX0UD FICCPD00 Copy Customizing Between DimensionsCX0UM FICMIG00 EC-CS: Migration from FI-LCCX0UN FICNRIV0 Copy Document Number RangesCX0US FICCPS00 EC-CS: Copy SetsCX00 MENUCX00 SAP Cons.: Application MenuCX00N FICMEN00 SAP Cons.: Application MenuCX01 MENUCX01 SAP Cons: General Configuration MenCX01N FICMEN00 SAP Cons.: Configuration MenuCX1A SAPMF210 Create Breakdown CategoriesCX1B SAPMF210 Change Breakdown CategoriesCX1B0 FICLMD50 List Master Data: Cons UnitsCX1B1 FICVIM00 Upload Methods - Cons UnitsCX1B4 FICDCC00 Consistency Check Transaction DataCX1C SAPMF210 Display Breakdown CategoriesCX1C0 FICLMD40 List Master Data: Cons GroupsCX1C1 FICVIM00 Upload Methods for Cons GroupsCX1C3 FICUP189 Copy Cons Group HierarchiesCX1D SAPMF210 Create subitem categoriesCX1E SAPMF210 Change subitem categoriesCX1F SAPMF210 Display subitem categoriesCX1G SAPMF210 Create subitemsCX1H SAPMF210 Change subitemsCX1H0 FICHRY90 Where-used List for CG/CUCX1H1 FICITH90 FS Items Where-Used ListCX1I SAPMF210 Display subitemsCX1I0 FICVIM00 Upload Methods for FS ItemsCX1I1 FICLMD70 List Master Data: FS ItemsCX1I3 FICITC00 Mass Change: FS ItemsCX1I4 FICVIM00 Breakdown CategoriesCX1I5 FICCPI00 Copy Item SetsCX1J SAPMF21A Create dimensionsCX1K SAPMF21A Change DimensionsCX1L SAPMF21A Display dimensionsCX1M SAPMF21B Create consolidation unitsCX1N SAPMF21B Change Consolidation UnitsCX1O SAPMF21B Display Consolidation UnitsCX1P SAPMF21B Create consolidation groupCX1Q SAPMF21B Change consolidation groupCX1R SAPMF21B Display consolidation groupCX1S SAPMF21C Create HierarchyCX1S0 FICVIM00 Upload Methods for SubitemsCX1S1 FICLMDA0 List Master Data: SubitemsCX1S3 SAPMF2103 Display subitem category/subitemCX1S4 SAPMF2103 Change subitem category/subitemCX1T SAPMF21C Change HierarchyCX1U SAPMF21C Display hierarchyCX1X SAPMF21B Edit Cons Group HierarchiesCX1XN SAPMF21B Edit Cons Group HierarchiesCX1Y SAPMF21B Display CG HierarchyCX1YN SAPMF21B Display CG HierarchyCX10 SAPMF210 Create cons charts of accountsCX11 SAPMF210 Change cons charts of accountsCX12 SAPMF210 Display cons charts of accountsCX13 SAPMF210 Create FS itemsCX14 SAPMF210 Change FS itemsCX15 SAPMF210 Display FS itemsCX16 SAPMF2102 Edit Item HierarchyAutor: Iron700 39 13/11/2007
    • CX17 SAPMF2102 Display Item HierarchyCX19 FICVIM00 CU / Financial Data Type AssignmentCX2V1 FICVER90 Customize VersionCX20 FICMON10 Consolidation MonitorCX21 SAPMF230 Enter Additional Financial DataCX22 SAPMF230 Display Additional financial dataCX23 FICVIM00 Default Values for Activity EntryCX24 FICPDV00 Preparation for DivestitureCX26 FICPRO00 ApportionmentCX27 FICDSM00 List of Last Change of Task StatusCX3A RKCTRTX1 Translate Data Entry LayoutCX3B FICVIM00 CG: Assign Valid. and CU recordableCX3D RKCOBTR7 Cons: Import Data Entry LayoutCX3D1 FICDOW20 Download Reported Financial DataCX3E RKCOBTR6 Cons: Transport Data Entry LayoutCX3FA FICVIM00 Upload Methods-Fair Value Adjs(CustCX3FC FICVIM00 Upload Meths: Fair Value Adjs(ValueCX3FD FICUP645 Upload Fair Value Adjustments(ValueCX3FE FICVIM00 Upload Methods; Product GroupsCX3FG FICVIM00 Upload Methods for Breakdown CatsCX3FI FICVIM00 Upload Methods for GoodwillCX3FY FICUPL90 Flexible Upload (generic)CX3FZ FICUPL91 Flexible Upload (generic)CX3F0 FICVIM00 Upload Methods - Chgs in InvestmentCX3F1 FICVIM00 Upload Methods - Changes in EquityCX3F2 FICVIM00 Upload Methods - Equity Holdings AdCX3F3 FICUP620 Upload Changes in InvestmentsCX3F4 FICUP630 Upload Changes in Investee EquityCX3F5 FICUP660 Upload Equity Holdings AdjustmentsCX3F6 FICVIM00 Method for uploading inventory dataCX3F7 FICVIM00 Method for uploading supplier dataCX3F8 FICUP585 Upload Inventory DataCX3F9 FICUP586 Upload Supplier DataCX3L1 FICLST30 DB List of Totals Recs/Jrnl EntriesCX3O0 RKCDPREO Online Entry: Reorg File Descript.CX3O1 FICVIM00 Scaling Factor for Online EntryCX30 SAPMF23A General downloadCX31 SAPMF23B Specific downloadCX32 FICPCU00 Upload Financial Data; Offline EntrCX34 FICLST00 Database list of totalsCX35 FICINP00 Centralized entry of reported dataCX36 FICINP00 Display reported financial dataCX37 SAPMKES1 Create data entry layoutCX38 SAPMKES1 Change data entry layoutCX39 SAPMKES1 Display data entry layoutCX40 FICUMR00 Currency translationCX5A FICNRO00 Cons: Number Ranges - FS ItemsCX5B FICNRO00 Cons: Number Ranges - Cons UnitsCX5C FICNRO00 Cons: Number Ranges - Activity NosCX5D FICNRO00 Cons: Number Range - DocumentsCX5E SAPMF261 Delete Held DocumentsCX5F SAPMF261 Display Held DocumentsCX5G SAPMF260 Display Held DocumentCX5H FICNRO00 Cons: Number Range Maintenance LogCX5I1 FICIUE90 Customizing of Interunit EliminatioCX5J1 FICCMP00 Reconcile Totals with Jrnl EntriesCX5J2 FICCMP00 Reconcile/Update Totals-Jrnl EntrieCX5P1 FICIPI50 Inventory DataAutor: Iron700 40 13/11/2007
    • CX5P2 FICIPI60 Supplier DataCX5R1 FICRCL90 Customizing of ReclassificationsCX5TA FICVIM00 Cons Groups to be CopiedCX5TB FICVIM00 Tasks without SettingsCX5TC FICVIM00 Cons Units to be CopiedCX5TD FICVIM00 Edit Consolidation CyclesCX5TE FICVIM00 Assign Cons Cycles to VersionsCX5T0 FICVIM00 Custom TasksCX5T1 FICVIM00 IMG: Tasks for Manual Posting; DMCX5T2 FICVIM00 IMG: Tasks for Manual Posting; CMCX5T3 FICVIM00 IMG: Tasks for Reclassifications; DCX5T4 FICVIM00 IMG: Tasks for Reclassifications; CCX5T5 FICVIM00 IMG: Tasks for Prep/CG Change; DMCX5T6 FICVIM00 IMG: Tasks for Prep/CG Change; CMCX5T7 FICVIM00 IMG: Tasks for Elim. of P/L in Inv.CX5T8 FICVIM00 Tasks for apportionmentCX5T9 FICVIM00 Copy TasksCX5UA FICVIM00 IPI: Item for distribution costsCX5UB FICVIM00 Elim.IU P/L Inv: Subassign; Inv.IteCX5UC FICVIM00 Global Settings for Elim.of IPICX5UD FICIPI90 Customizing Listing: IU P/L in Inv.CX5U0 FICIPI00 Elim. of IU Profit/Loss in InventorCX5U1 FICVIM00 Product Groups & Inventory ItemsCX5U2 FICVIM00 IPI: Product Group Posting ItemsCX5U3 FICVIM00 IPI: Inventory Item-Dep. Posting ItCX5U4 FICVIM00 IPI: Offsetting itemsCX5U5 FICVIM00 IPI: Items for translation diff.CX5U6 FICVIM00 IPI: Item for reclass.of distr.costCX50 SAPMF260 Enter posting documentCX51 SAPMF260 Change posting documentCX52 SAPMF260 Display posting documentCX53 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenanceCX54 FICICE00 Intercompany eliminationCX55 FICVIM00 Validate documentsCX56 FICLST10 Database list of journal entriesCX57 FICC2I00 Consolidation of investmentsCX58 FICJER00 Journal Entry ReportCX59 FICVIM00 Journal Entry LayoutsCX6C1 FICCOI90 Customizing of Cons. of InvestmentsCX6C2 FICCSH00 Subitems for Equity Aging ReportCX6C3 FICCOIB0 Check Customizing of Cons of InvestCX6F0 FICGWA10 Goodwill Amortization/WriteupCX6F1 FICCOI40 Match Activity Numbers f. Inv./EqtyCX6F2 FICVIM00 Fair Value AdjustmentsCX6F3 FICVIM00 Reporting Fair Value Adjustment DatCX6F4 FICHIR00 Rptd Data; FVA: ReportingCX6F5 FICHRA00 Changes to Eliminated Fair Value AdCX6F6 FICLMDV0 Fair Value AdjustmentsCX60 SAPMF231 Enter changes in investmentsCX61 SAPMF231 Display changes in investmentsCX62 SAPMF231 Enter Changes in Investee EquityCX63 SAPMF231 Display Changes in EquityCX64 FICGSH00 Group sharesCX65 FICINV00 Changes in investmentsCX66 FICEQU00 Changes in investee equityCX67 FICGWA00 Amortization of goodwillCX68 FICASS00 Equity Holdings AdjustmentsCX7B0 FICVIM00 Customizing realtime updateAutor: Iron700 41 13/11/2007
    • CX7B1 FICBIW00 Data transfer initializationCX7B2 FICBIW10 Comparison data slice BCS and BWCX7B3 FICBIW20 Read from InfoCubeCX7F0 FICLCU00 List of OwnershipCX70 SAPMF271 RollupCX71 FICSGN00 Generation of cons group setsCX72 SAPMSNUM Number ranges for set generationCX73 FICRUP00 Rollup batch processingCY00 MENUCY00 Engineering MenuCY38 SAPLCYPP05 Resource planning formatCY39 SAPLCYPP05 Sort layout key maintenanceCZ48_1 SAPMKES1 PS-CM: Create Planning LayoutCZ48_2 SAPMKES1 PS-CM: Change Planning LayoutCZ48_3 SAPMKES1 PS-CM: Display Planning LayoutCZ48_4 KPCM_LAYOUT_TRATransport Planning LayoutsCZ48_5 KPCM_LAYOUT_IMPImport Planning LayoutsC000 MENUC000 Overhead Cost ControllingC2N2 SAPMSNUM Number ranges master recipeC201 SAPLCPDI Create Master RecipeC202 SAPLCPDI Change Master RecipeC203 SAPLCPDI Display Master RecipeC210 RCPPPI02 Delete Costing Ind. for OperationsC211 RCPPPI03 Delete "Flexible Duration" Ind. OpeC223 R_TRANSACT_PRODMaintain Production VersionsC223_D SAPLCMFV Display Production VersionC251 RCPDRK01 Print Master RecipesC252 RCPDRK02 Print Production VersionsC260 RMPLAN00 Recipe Development on Time BasisC261 RCPCD001 Change Document Display Master Rec.C298 RPIREDE2 Delete Master RecipesDBCO RSDBCONN Database Connection MaintenanceDB01 RSDB0001 Analyze exclusive lockwaitsDB02 RSDB0002 Tables and Indexes MonitorDB03 RSDB0003 Parameter changes in databaseDB05 RSDB0005 Analysis of a table acc. to indexDB11 RSSDBCON Create Database ConnectionDB12 RSDBA850 DBA Backup LogsDB13 RSDBAADM DBA Planning CalendarDB13C RSDBAADM Central DBA Planning CalendarDB14 RSDBASHX Display DBA Operation LogsDB15 SAPLARCC Data Archiving: Database TablesDB16 RSDBACHECK1 Display DB Check ResultsDB17 RSDBACHECK2 Configure DB CheckDB2 RSDB0004 Select Database ActivitiesDB2B RSDB2BPT DB2/390: Buffer pool tuningDB2C RSDB2C00 DB2 Catalog BrowserDB2D RSDB2DLK DB2 for OS/390 - Deadlock MonitorDB2J SAPJCL00 Manage JCL Jobs for OS/390DB2T RSDB2TIO DB2/390 Timeout MonitorDB2U RSDB2LUR Long Running Units of RecoveryDB2W RSDB2WLM Workload Manager MonitorDB2X RSDB2CHK DB2/390: database checkDB20 SAPMSTRD Update DB StatisticsDB21 RSDBACBO Configure DB StatisticsDB24 XDB24NEW Administrative Database OperationsDB26 RSDBPROFILE DB Profile:Monitor and ConfiguratioDB33 RSINFCK2 DB System check (configure; IFMX)DB34 RSINF_DBSPACE_EDbspace extension (IFMX)Autor: Iron700 42 13/11/2007
    • DB36 SAPLSDB6AL DB6: Alert ConfigurationDB37 SAPLSDB6AL DB6: Alert Message LogDB4DGN SAPLSDB4CCMS DiagnosticsDB4LCK SAPLSDB4CCMS Lock MonitorDB50 RSADADBC SAP DB AssistantDB50N RSSDBDBC Database AssistantDB59 RSSDBLST SAP DB/liveCache SystemsDB6CLP SAPLSDB6CCMS DB6: Command Line ProcessorDB6CST SAPLSDB6CCMS DB6: Analyze Cumulative SQL TraceDB6DBM SAPLSDB6CCMS DB6: Database Manager ConfigurationDB6DBP SAPLSDB6CCMS DB6: Database ConfigurationDB6DBS SAPLSDB6CCMS DB6: Analyze Database SnapshotDB6DLK SAPLSDB6CCMS DB6: Analyze DeadlocksDB6EXL SAPLSDB6CCMS DB6: Analyze Exclusive Lock WaitsDB6FSC SAPLSDB6CCMS DB6: File System ConfigurationDB6SQC SAPLSDB6CCMS DB6: Analyze SQL CacheDB6TAC SAPLSDB6CCMS DB6: Analyze Table SnapshotDB6TRC SAPLSDB6CCMS DB6: Trace StatusDEXP SAPLEXPD ExpeditingDGA1 SAPTDGA1 DG: Activation DG ChecksDGCI SAPDGTXT DG: Date DeterminationDGD3 SAPLDG62 Checkbox Struc. for T/O-T MaterialsDGE4 DGPDATP1 First database via DGP1DGE5 DGPDATCO DG Filling from Spec. ManagementDGE6 DGPDATCO DG Simul. of Filling from Spec. MgmDGP0 MENUDGP0 Basic Data: EnvironmentDGP1 SAPLDG01 Create Dangerous Goods MasterDGP10 DGGENAWM Generate Phrase SetsDGP2 SAPLDG01 Change Dangerous Goods MasterDGP3 SAPLDG01 Display Dangerous Goods MasterDGP5 DGPPUSHREP Report for sending dangerous goodsDGP5S DGPPUSHREP Report to Simulate SendingDGP7 DGPSHPR Display import logsDGP8 DGPDEPR Delete import logsDGP9 DGPPHRACT Activate phrase libraryDGR1 DGPSHDG Displaying DG master dataDGR2 DGPCHDO Dangerous goods: Change documentDGR3 DGPSHPK Displaying DG packaging dataDGSD RC1SDAPL Display Report LogsDGTD SAPLDG81 DG: Maintain mat-dependent textsDGTU SAPLDG81 DG: Maintain mat-independent textsDGUC DGPCNCMD DG: Test refer. integrity regulatioDGUD DGPCNCMD DG: Test ref. integrity of C tablesDGUM DGPCNMMD DG: Convert field LWDG to MasterDatDGU0 DGPCN000 DG: Conversion of Customizing TableDGU1 DGPCN063 DG: Conversion of DG Reg. tablesDGU2 DGCONVERT DG: Conversion Texts/DescriptionsDGU3 DGPCN_PROPSHIPNDG: Converting the DG DescriptionsDL10 SAPMV689 DownloadDL11 SAPMV689 Create download profileDL12 SAPMV689 Change condition download profileDL13 SAPMV689 Display condition download profileDMC DMCGUI0 Start DMC InterfaceDMCAPP DMCGUI2 Maintain Applications in DMC ToolDMCGUI DMC_L_GUI DMC_L_GUIDMCISB DMCGUI3 Maintain Direct Input 2DMCWB DMC_WORKBENCH Workbench for DMC DevelopmentDMEE SAPMDMEE DMEE: Format Tree Maintenance ToolAutor: Iron700 43 13/11/2007
    • DMWB DMWB_START Document Modeling WorkbenchDNOTIF SAPLDNO_UI Basic NotificationDPRL SAPMM03M Change Material When Profile DeleteDPRV SAPMM03M Change Material When Profile ChangeDP101 DPBPRESETFKSAF Reset Billing Plan DateDP60 RDPBEMOT10 Change Accounting Indicator in LIDP70 RDPFLOW00 Conversion of Individual OrdersDP80 SAPLVPK_GUI_INTSM: Resource-Related QuotationDP81 SAPLVPK_GUI_INTPS: Sales PricingDP82 SAPLVPK_GUI_INTPS: Sales Pricing ProjectDP90 SAPLVPK_GUI_INTCS: Resource-Related Billing Doc.DP91 SAPLVPK_GUI_INTSD: Resource-Related Billing Doc.DP93 RDPICB Res.-Rel. Billing Btwn Comp. CodesDP95 RVPKMASS Resource-Rel. Billing; Coll.ProcessDP96 RVPKMASS96 Res-Rel.Billing Collect.Proc - SaleDP97 RVPKMASS97 Res-Rel. Billing Collect. Proc.-SrvDP98 RDPDMRFLOW Resource for Billing RequestDP99A RDPFLOWREPA Doc.Flow Reporting - Res.-Rel. BillDP99B RDPFLOWREPB Doc.Flow for Res.-Rel. Bill. - SDDP99C RDPFLOWREPC Doc.Flow for Res.-Rel. Bill.-ServicDRC1 SAPMV12A Create Cond. Table: Deriv. RecipienDRC2 SAPMV12A Create Cond. Table: Deriv. RecipienDRC3 SAPMV12A Create Cond. Table: Deriv. RecipienDRPA SAPMMDRP Definition of DRP Planning RunDRPB RDRPDEPB Deployment: Background ProcessingDRPM RDRPDEPM Deployment for MaterialDRPO RDRPDEPO Deployment for MaterialDRPS SAPMMDRP Calculate Safety StockDRPW RDRPDEPW Deployment for PlantDRP0 RDRPNET1 Network GraphicDRP4 RDRPNET1 Network Graphic/Quotas ViewDSA RDSVAS_SESSADMIService Session WorkbenchDSAL DS_LOG_DISPLAY Digital Signature LogsDSC1 SAPMV12A Create CondTables: Derivation SendeDSC2 SAPMV12A Create CondTables: Derivation SendeDSC3 SAPMV12A Create CondTables: Derivation SendeDTR0 SAPLREDT Enter DowntimesDVCO SAPMV13R Condition Records Via Bill of Mat.DVDC RVBDRVDC Delete Extended Batch Where-Used LsDVDL RVBDRVDL Delete Derivation LogDVMAN RVBBTREE Perform Manual DerivationDVMO RVBDRVMO MonitorDVR1 SAPMV13R Create Derivation Recipient RecordDVR2 SAPMV13R Change Derivation Recipient RecordDVR3 SAPMV13R Display Derivation Recipient RecordDVSA RVBDRVSA Shipping ApprovalDVSP SAPMOMBE Set Up DerivationDVS1 SAPMV13R Create Derivation Sender RecordDVS2 SAPMV13R Change Derivation Sender RecordDVS3 SAPMV13R Display Derivation Sender RecordDWDM SAPMSDM1 Development Workbench DemosDZ00 MENUDZ00 Introduction to decentr.systemsECOP RSECOP01 Main Program for Entity CopierEC01 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Company CodeEC02 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: PlantEC03 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Controlling AreaEC04 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Sales OrganizatnEC05 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Distribution ChnAutor: Iron700 44 13/11/2007
    • EC06 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: DivisionEC07 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Shipping PointEC08 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Shipping PointEC09 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Warehouse NumberEC10 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Personnel AreaEC11 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Personnel SubareEC12 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Employee SubgrouEC13 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Purchasing Org.EC14 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Storage LocationEC15 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Material TypeEC16 RSECOP01 Org.Object Copier: Controlling AreaEDIT SAJTED13 Juergens EditorEEAK RPLEEAK0 Employment equity - CanadaEEWB OXT_NAVIGATOR Easy Enhancement WorkbenchEFCC EFG_FORM_MASS Application Form Mass ProcessingEFCM EFG_FORMCLASS_MPrint Workbench Form Class ProcessgEFCS SAPLEFGC Print Workbench: Form ClassEFGM EFG_FORM_MASS Print Workbench Mass ProcessingEFGN EFG_FORM_ACTIVAPrint Workbench: Mass ActivationEFRM SAPLEFGF Print Workbench: Application FormEFTP EFG_FORM_MASS Application Form Mass ProcessingEFTR EFG_CREATE_TRANPrint Workbench: Generate Trans.LisEFTRSL SAPLEFTR Print Wbench Trans. for TranslationEFTT EFG_MAINTAIN_WOPrint Workbench: Transl. WorklistEFUD SAPLEFGF Print Workbench: Application FormEHQL EHQMP_DB_LOAD_LEH&S-QM: Display LogsEMAIL SAPMSX02 SAPconnect Easy EMailEMU1 RFVDEMU1 Convert Loans to EUROEMU2 RFVDEMU2 Reset Conversion to EUROENCO SAPMV99E Printing / CommunicationENFO SAPMV99E Foreign Trade/Customs: Init. ScreenENGK SAPMV52E Legal controlENGR SAPLV50G Periodic DeclarationsENLO SAPMV86E Documentary PaymentsENPA SAPLV50G FT: Enjoy: Period-end ClosingsENPR SAPMV95E Preference HandlingENSL SAPLVFSM Cockpit: Sanctioned Party ListENSV SAPMV96E Foreign Trade Data MaintenanceENZD SAPMV98E Customs Objects: Documentation/InfoEN99 SAPMV99E General Foreign Trade ProcessingEPAR SAPRISU_PRINTACList Print Action RecordsEPA1 SAPLEEPA Create Print Action RecordEPA2 SAPLEEPA Change Print Action RecordEPA3 SAPLEEPA Display Print Action RecordEWA0 EWUCOOLI EMU Conv: RE Load CO ObjectsEWA1 RAT08401 FI-AA: Analysis of assets w/errorsEWA2 RAEWAS0B FI-AA: Asset before&after comparisoEWA3 RAEWUC0P Reconcil. of critical FI-AA documtsEWA7 EWURA001 AA Totals Record ReconciliationEWA8 EWURA001 AA Balances ReconciliationEWA9 EWURA001 AA Asset Status ReconciliationEWCF EWUCONFM Confirm Euro Currency CustomizingEWCK EWURA001 Currency Check BKPF; KONVEWCM SAPMEWCM Maintain Currency Tables for EuroEWCT SAP1EWCT Currency Test ConverterEWC0 RKAABR01 RKAABR01: Order Settlement AnalysisEWC1 EWURA001 CO-PA Reports TranslationEWC2 RKACOFI2 CO Reconciliation LedgerAutor: Iron700 45 13/11/2007
    • EWC4 EWURA001 Reconciliation of Parked Docs FMEWFC SAPLEWFC IS-U Front Office ConfigurationEWFC0 SAPLEWFC Action Box ConfigurationEWFC1 SAPLEWFC Action Config. for HTML OperationEWFG RGEURBAL Add Up Totals RecordsEWFS EWURA001 Check for Balances in Local CurrencEWF1 RFEWSBAL Display FI/AA Adjustment DifferenceEWF2 RFEWSSOP Display Open Item Total at Key DateEWF3 RFEWSDOC Display Critical DocumentsEWF4 RFEWSSCA Display Clearing Proced.AdjustmentEWF7 EWURA001 Delete Table EWUFI_SOPEWF8 EWURA001 Compare Index w.Transaction FiguresEWF9 EWURA001 Compare Index w.Transaction FiguresEWG5 EWURA001 Consolidation Staging LedgerEWK0 EWUCU02A Customer Development: Find FieldsEWK1 EWUCU02B Cust.Development: Curr.in Report TxEWK2 EWUCU02C Cust.Development: Curr.on ScreenEWK3 EWUCU001 Customer Development: Assign RuleEWK4 EWUCU003 Customer Development: Save SelectioEWM1 EWURA001 MM Fill Fields in EBANEWM3 EWUMMRTL_40 Match MM Sales ValuesEWM4 EWURA001 MM Purchase Order History AdjustmenEWM6 EWUMMPOB Reconcile GR/IR Clearing AccountEWR1 EWUTFV02 TR-IS Check Securities CustomizingEWSH SAPMEWWU EMU Procedure MonitorEWS2 EWUARCH2 Evaluate Archived DataEWS3 EWUARCHI List of Critical ArchivesEWTF SAPMEWTF Table Selection for RESTART/NO VIEWEWT0 EWUPLANJ Change Plan Year for Chngover PckgeEWT1 EWUSETRS Set Ability to be RestartedEWT2 EWUAKTIV Activate a Changeover PackageEWT3 EWUPROST Start ForecastEWUD SAPREWU6 EMU mass conversion in cust. masterEWUL SAPREWU5 Currency conversion vendorsEWUO SDEWUORD Transaction data for EMU conversionEWUS SAPMSIZE Maintain Largest TablesEWUT RFTBEUR00 EMU: TA currency changeover FX/MM/DEWWA SAPMEWKE Currency Select.f.Changeover PackagEWWB SAPLEWKE Determining Ratios & Exchange RatesEWZA EWUSETPH Confirm System SettingsEWZ5 EWULKUSR Lock UsersEWZ6 EWULKUSR Unlock SystemEW00 MENUEW00 Conversions for the EuroEW10 EWURA001 EMU: Load Organization ObjectsEW11 EWURA001 EMU: Load CO-PA ObjectsEW13 EWURA001 EMU: Load Conversion Info for LISEW14 EWURA001 EMU: Load Conversion Info for EISEW16 EWURA001 Records No. of Largest TablesEW17 EWURA001 Determine Required Database MemoryEW18 EWURA001 EMU: Load Depreciation AreasEW28 EWURA001 EMU: Load CO ObjectsEW29 EWURA001 EMU: Load Tables for FI-SLEW3Z SAPMEW4Z Currency Select.f.Changeover PackagEW30 EWURA001 FI Previous Open Item ReconciliatioEW35 EWURA001 FI Previous Clearing ProceduresEW36 EWURA001 FI Documents/Trans.Figures AnalysisEW38 RM07MBST EMU Conversion: MM Stock Value ListEW39 EWURA001 FI Open Item SelectionAutor: Iron700 46 13/11/2007
    • EW4Z SAPMEW4Z Currency Select.f.Changeover PackagEW45 EWURA001 FI D/C G/L Accts Analysis bef.Conv.EW46 EWURA001 MM Edit Contract Release Order DocuEW47 EWUMACOP Create Standard PackageEW48 EWUMEKAA MM Display Archived Purchasing DocsEW49 EWURA001 MM MM --> FI Balance ComparisonEW50 EWURA001 MM Post Adjustment DocumentsEW51 EWURA001 FI S/L-G/L Reconciliation AnalysisEW53 EWURA001 FI Check CustomizingEW55 EWURA001 FI Adjust D/C G/L AccountsEW57 EWUSTRNA EMU Conv: Start Postprocess.ProgramEW58 EWUSTRUM EMU Conv.: Conversion Programs StarEW59 EWUSTRVO EMU Conv.: Start Preprocess.ProgramEW61 EWURA001 EMU Conv.: CO Credit w.Settl.TablesEW62 EWURA001 EMU Conv.: CO Settlmnt Tables ReconEW63 EWURA001 EMU Conv.: CO Commt Totals StructurEW64 EWURA001 EMU Conv.: CO Dwn Pmnt Totals StrucEW65 EWURA001 EMU: CO-AA Comparison for InvestmntEW67 EWURA001 EMU: AA Summary Records SelectionEW68 EWURA001 EMU: AA Balance AdjustmentEW69 EWURA001 AA Transaction Figure ReconciliatioEW72 EWURA001 FI Subsequent Open Item SelectionEW73 EWURA001 Investment Programs AdjustmentEW74 EWURA001 FI Subseq.Open Item ReconciliationEW75 EWURA001 FI Subsequent SL/GL ReconciliationEW76 EWURA001 FI Docs/Trans.Figures ReconciliatioEW77 EWURA001 FI Docs/Transaction Figures AdjustmEW80 EWURA001 MM Totals Comparison MBEWEW82 EWURA001 MM Stock Value ListEW84 EWURA001 List MM DifferencesEW93 EWURA001 EMU: Load Conversion Info for FI-SLEW94 SAPMEWTF EMU: Tables RESTART FLAGEXPD REXPDSEL ExpeditingAutor: Iron700 47 13/11/2007
    • Todos los códigos de transacciones de SAP con informe y ladescripción de F a HTA Report Header DescriptionF.0B RFAWVZ40 G/L: Create Z2 to Z4F.01 SAPMS38M ABAP/4 Report: Balance SheetF.02 SAPMS38M Compact JournalF.03 SAPMS38M ReconciliationF.04 SAPMS38M G/L: Create Foreign Trade ReportF.06 SAPMS38M Foreign Currency Valuation:G/L AsstF.07 SAPMS38M G/L: Balance CarryforwardF.08 SAPMS38M G/L: Account BalancesF.09 SAPMS38M G/L: Account ListF.1A SAPF130P Customer/Vendor StatisticsF.1B SAPF130Z Head Office and Branch IndexF.10 SAPMS38M G/L: Chart of AccountsF.11 SAPMS38M G/L: General Ledger from Doc.FileF.12 SAPMS38M Advance Tax ReturnF.13 SAPMS38M ABAP/4 Report: Automatic ClearingF.14 SAPMS38M ABAP/4 Report: Recurring EntriesF.15 SAPMS38M ABAP/4 Report: List Recurr.EntriesF.16 SAPFGVTR ABAP/4 Report: G/L Bal.CarryforwardF.17 SAPMS38M ABAP/4 Report: Cust.Bal.ConfirmatioF.18 SAPMS38M ABAP/4 Report: Vend.Bal.ConfirmatioF.19 SAPMS38M G/L: Goods/Invoice Received ClearinF.2E SAPMS38M Reconciliation Btwn Affiliated CompF.20 SAPMS38M A/R: Account ListF.21 SAPMS38M A/R: Open ItemsF.22 SAPMS38M A/R: Open Item Sorted ListF.23 SAPMS38M A/R: Account BalancesF.24 SAPMS38M A/R: Interest for Days OverdueF.25 SAPMS38M Bill of Exchange ListF.26 SAPMS38M A/R: Balance Interest CalculationF.27 SAPMS38M A/R: Periodic Account StatementsF.28 SAPMS38M Customers: Reset Credit LimitF.29 SAPMFKM0 A/R: Set Up Info System 1F.30 RFDRRANZ A/R: Evaluate Info SystemF.35 RFDKLI41 Credit Master SheetF.38 RFUMSV25 Transfer Posting of Deferred TaxF.40 SAPMS38M A/P: Account ListF.41 SAPMS38M A/P: Open ItemsF.42 SAPMS38M A/P: Account BalancesF.44 SAPMS38M A/P: Balance Interest CalculationF.45 SAPMFKM0 A/P: Set Up Info System 1F.46 RFKRRANZ A/P: Evaluate Info SystemF.5D SAPMS38M G/L: Update Bal. Sheet AdjustmentF.5E SAPMS38M G/L: Post Balance Sheet AdjustmentF.5F SAPMS38M G/L: Balance Sheet Adjustment LogF.5G SAPMF00H G/L: Subseq.Adjustment(BA/PC) Sp.ErF.50 SAPF181 G/L: Profitability Segment AdjustmnF.51 SAPMS38M G/L: Open ItemsF.52 SAPMS38M G/L: Acct Bal.Interest CalculationF.53 SAPMS38M G/L: Account Assignment ManualF.54 SAPMS38M G/L: Structured Account BalancesF.56 SAPMFKM0 Delete Recurring DocumentF.57 SAPMFKM0 G/L: Delete Sample DocumentsF.61 SAPMS38M Correspondence: Print RequestsAutor: Iron700 48 13/11/2007
    • F.62 SAPMS38M Correspondence: Print Int.DocumentsF.63 SAPMS38M Correspondence: Delete RequestsF.64 SAPMS38M Correspondence: Maintain RequestsF.70 RFWMAN00 Bill/Exchange Pmnt Request DunningF.71 RFWEDX00 DME with Disk: B/Excha. PresentatioF.75 RFWEKO01 Extended Bill/Exchange InformationF.93 RFWOBL00 Maintain Bill Liability and Rem.RisF.97 RKKBRPTR General Ledger: Report SelectionF.98 RKKBRPTR Vendors: Report SelectionF.99 RKKBRPTR Customers: Report SelectionF-01 SAPMF05A Enter Sample DocumentF-02 SAPMF05A Enter G/L Account PostingF-03 SAPMF05A Clear G/L AccountF-04 SAPMF05A Post with ClearingF-05 SAPMF05A Post Foreign Currency ValuationF-06 SAPMF05A Post Incoming PaymentsF-07 SAPMF05A Post Outgoing PaymentsF-19 SAPMF05A Reverse Statistical PostingF-20 SAPMF05A Reverse Bill LiabilityF-21 SAPMF05A Enter Transfer PostingF-22 SAPMF05A Enter Customer InvoiceF-25 SAPMF05A Reverse Check/Bill of Exch.F-26 SAPMF05A Incoming Payments Fast EntryF-27 SAPMF05A Enter Customer Credit MemoF-28 SAPMF05A Post Incoming PaymentsF-29 SAPMF05A Post Customer Down PaymentF-30 SAPMF05A Post with ClearingF-31 SAPMF05A Post Outgoing PaymentsF-32 SAPMF05A Clear CustomerF-33 SAPMF05A Post Bill of Exchange UsageF-34 SAPMF05A Post CollectionF-35 SAPMF05A Post ForfaitingF-36 SAPMF05A Bill of Exchange PaymentF-37 SAPMF05A Customer Down Payment RequestF-38 SAPMF05A Enter Statistical PostingF-39 SAPMF05A Clear Customer Down PaymentF-40 SAPMF05A Bill of Exchange PaymentF-41 SAPMF05A Enter Vendor Credit MemoF-42 SAPMF05A Enter Transfer PostingF-43 SAPMF05A Enter Vendor InvoiceF-44 SAPMF05A Clear VendorF-47 SAPMF05A Down Payment RequestF-48 SAPMF05A Post Vendor Down PaymentF-49 SAPMF05A Customer Noted ItemF-51 SAPMF05A Post with ClearingF-52 SAPMF05A Post Incoming PaymentsF-53 SAPMF05A Post Outgoing PaymentsF-54 SAPMF05A Clear Vendor Down PaymentF-55 SAPMF05A Enter Statistical PostingF-56 SAPMF05A Reverse Statistical PostingF-57 SAPMF05A Vendor Noted ItemF-62 SAPMSTBM Maintain Table: Exchange RatesF-63 SAPLF040 Park Vendor InvoiceF-64 SAPLF040 Park Customer InvoiceF-65 SAPLF040 Preliminary PostingF-66 SAPLF040 Park Vendor Credit MemoF-67 SAPLF040 Park Customer Credit MemoF-90 SAPMF05A Acquisition from purchase w. vendorAutor: Iron700 49 13/11/2007
    • F-91 SAPMF05A Asset Acquis. Posted w/Clearing AccF-92 SAPMF05A Asset Retire. frm Sale w/ CustomerF/LA SAPMV14A Create Pricing ReportF/LB SAPMV14A Change pricing reportsF/LC SAPMV14A Display pricing reportsF/LD SAPMV14A Execute pricing reportsF_71 RFWEDX00 DME with Disk: B/Excha. PresentatioF_72 RFWOBL00 Mass Bill/Exch.Liability MaintenancF_75 RFWEKO01 Extended Bill/Exchange InformationF_76 RFWEKO02 Extended Bill of Exchange List (ALVFAKA SAPMFKA0 Config.: Show Display FormatFAKP SAPMFKA0 Config.: Maintain Display FormatFARI MENUFARI AR Interface: Third-party applicatnFA39 SAPMFKM0 Call up report with report variantFBA1 SAPMF05A Customer Down Payment RequestFBA2 SAPMF05A Post Customer Down PaymentFBA3 SAPMF05A Clear Customer Down PaymentFBA6 SAPMF05A Vendor Down Payment RequestFBA7 SAPMF05A Post Vendor Down PaymentFBA8 SAPMF05A Clear Vendor Down PaymentFBBA SAPMFKS0 Display Acct Determination Config.FBBCX SAPMFCX1 Post Document with Currency ExchangFBBP SAPMFKS0 Maintain Acct Determination Config.FBBRVO RFID_BR_VENDOP Vendor OperationFBB1 SAPMF05A Post Foreign Currency ValnFBCJ SAPMFCJ0 Cash JournalFBC80 RFFRCBIC80 French Central Bank ReportingFBDF MENUFBDF Menu Banque de FranceFBD1 SAPMF05A Enter Recurring EntryFBD2 SAPMF05L Change Recurring EntryFBD3 SAPMF05L Display Recurring EntryFBD4 SAPMF01A Display Recurring Entry ChangesFBD5 SAPMF05A Realize Recurring EntryFBD9 SAPMF05A Enter Recurring EntryFBE1 SAPMF06A Create Payment AdviceFBE2 SAPMF06A Change Payment AdviceFBE3 SAPMF06A Display Payment AdviceFBE6 SAPMF06A Delete Payment AdviceFBE7 SAPMF06A Add to Payment Advice AccountFBFT RFFR0TB0 Customizing BDFFBF1 RFFR0C01 C80 Reporting Minus Sp.G/L Ind.FBF2 RFFR0C02 Financial TransactionsFBF3 RFFRLIST Control ReportFBF4 RFFRPCD1 Download DocumentsFBF5 RFFR2C01 Reports Minus Vendor AccountsFBF6 RFFRMOD1 Document ChangesFBF7 RFFR1C01 C80 Reports Minus Sp.G/L Ind.FBF8 RFFR0E84 C84 ReportsFBKA SAPMFKB0 Display Accounting ConfigurationFBKF SAPDFKB1 FBKP/Carry Out Function (Internal)FBKP SAPMFKB0 Maintain Accounting ConfigurationFBL1 RFEPOS00 Display Vendor Line ItemsFBL1N RFITEMAP Vendor Line ItemsFBL2 RFEPOS00 Change Vendor Line ItemsFBL2N RFITEMAP Vendor Line ItemsFBL3 RFEPOS00 Display G/L Account Line ItemsFBL3N RFITEMGL G/L Account Line ItemsFBL4 RFEPOS00 Change G/L Account Line ItemsAutor: Iron700 50 13/11/2007
    • FBL4N RFITEMGL G/L Account Line ItemsFBL5 RFEPOS00 Display Customer Line ItemsFBL5N RFITEMAR Customer Line ItemsFBL6 RFEPOS00 Change Customer Line ItemsFBL6N RFITEMAR Customer Line ItemsFBMA SAPMFKD0 Display Dunning ProcedureFBME MENUFBME BanksFBMP SAPMFKD0 Maintain Dunning ProcedureFBM1 SAPMF05A Enter Sample DocumentFBM2 SAPMF05L Change Sample DocumentFBM3 SAPMF05L Display Sample DocumentFBM4 SAPMF01A Display Sample Document ChangesFBN1 SAPMSNUM Accounting Document Number RangesFBN2 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: FI_PYORDFBPM SAPFPAYM Payment medium program of PMWFBPM1 SAPFPAYM_MERGE Cross-Payment Run Payment MediumFBPM2 RFMPAY00 Status ReportFBP1 SAPMF05A Enter Payment RequestFBRA SAPMF05R Reset Cleared ItemsFBRC SAPLFCCR Reset Cleared Items (Payment Cards)FBR1 SAPMF05A Post with Reference DocumentFBR2 SAPMF05A Post DocumentFBS1 SAPMF05A Enter Accrual/Deferral Doc.FBTA SAPMFKT0 Display Text Determin.ConfigurationFBTP SAPMFKT0 Maintain Text Determin.ConfiguratioFBU2 SAPMF05L Change Intercompany DocumentFBU3 SAPMF05L Display Intercompany DocumentFBU8 SAPMF05U Reverse Cross-Company Code DocumentFBVB SAPMF05A Post Parked DocumentFBV0 SAPMF05V Post Parked DocumentFBV1 SAPMF05V Park DocumentFBV2 SAPMF05V Change Parked DocumentFBV3 SAPMF05V Display Parked DocumentFBV4 SAPMF05V Change Parked Document (Header)FBV5 SAPMF01A Document Changes of Parked DocumentFBV6 SAPMF05V Parked Document $FBWD SAPMFBWD Returned Bills of Exchange PayableFBWD2 SAPMFBWD Parameter Transaction for FBWDFBWE SAPMFBWE Bill/Exch.Presentatn - InternationaFBWO RFORBIANDISC00 Discounting of Orbian CreditsFBW1 SAPMF05A Enter Bill of Exchange Pmnt RequestFBW2 SAPMF05A Post Bill of Exch.acc.to Pmt RequesFBW3 SAPMF05A Post Bill of Exchange UsageFBW4 SAPMF05A Reverse Bill LiabilityFBW5 SAPMF05A Customer Check/Bill of ExchangeFBW6 SAPMF05A Vendor Check/Bill of ExchangeFBW7 RFFBWD00 Bank file to file system (for FBWD)FBW8 RFFBWD10 File to Bank (for Transaction FBWD)FBZA SAPLFBZP Display Pmnt Program ConfigurationFBZG SAPMFBZG Failed Customer PaymentsFBZP SAPLFBZP Maintain Pmnt Program ConfigurationFBZ0 SAPF110O Display/Edit Payment ProposalFBZ1 SAPMF05A Post Incoming PaymentsFBZ2 SAPMF05A Post Outgoing PaymentsFBZ3 SAPMF05A Incoming Payments Fast EntryFBZ4 SAPMF05A Payment with PrintoutFBZ5 SAPMFCHK Print Check for Payment DocumentFBZ8 SAPF110O Display Payment RunAutor: Iron700 51 13/11/2007
    • FB00 SAPMF05O Accounting Editing OptionsFB01 SAPMF05A Post DocumentFB02 SAPMF05L Change DocumentFB03 SAPMF05L Display DocumentFB03Z SAPMF05L Display Document/Payment UsageFB04 SAPMF01A Document ChangesFB05 SAPMF05A Post with ClearingFB07 SAPMF05K Control TotalsFB08 SAPMF05A Reverse DocumentFB09 SAPMF05L Change Line ItemsFB09D SAPMF05L Display Line ItemsFB1D SAPMF05A Clear CustomerFB1K SAPMF05A Clear VendorFB1S SAPMF05A Clear G/L AccountFB10 SAPMF05A Invoice/Credit Fast EntryFB11 SAPMF05A Post Held DocumentFB12 SAPMF05M Request from CorrespondenceFB13 SAPMF05L Release for PaymentsFB15 RFDECIDEOI Assign ItemsFB16 RFDECIDEOI Assign ItemsFB16EA RFDECIDEOI Assign ItemsFB17 RFWORKON09 Open Item Assignmnt: Check from LisFB18 RFMAIL01 Maintain Standard Mail TextsFB21 SAPMF05A Enter Statistical PostingFB22 SAPMF05A Reverse Statistical PostingFB31 SAPMF05A Enter Noted ItemFB41 SAPMF05A Post Tax PayableFB50 SAPMF05A G/L Acct Pstg: Single Screen Trans.FB60 SAPMF05A Enter Incoming InvoicesFB65 SAPMF05A Enter Incoming Credit MemosFB70 SAPMF05A Enter Outgoing InvoicesFB75 SAPMF05A Enter Outgoing Credit MemosFB99 SAPLFACU Check if Documents can be ArchivedFCCR SAPMFCCR Payment Card EvaluationsFCC1 SAPMS38M Payment Cards: SettlementFCC2 SAPMS38M Payment Cards: Repeat SettlementFCC3 SAPMS38M Payment Cards: Delete LogsFCHA RFCHKA00 Check archivingFCHB RFCHKA20 Check retrievalFCHD RFCHKD00 Delete Payment Run Check InformatioFCHE RFCHKD10 Delete Voided ChecksFCHF RFCHKD20 Delete Manual ChecksFCHG RFCHKD30 Delete cashing/extract dataFCHI SAPMFCHI Check LotsFCHK MENUFCHK Check Tracing Initial MenuFCHN RFCHKN10 Check RegisterFCHR SAPMFCHK Online Cashed ChecksFCHT SAPMFCHK Change Check/Payment AssignmentFCHU RFCHKU00 Create Reference for CheckFCHX RFCHKE00 Check Extract - CreationFCH1 SAPMFCHK Display Check InformationFCH2 SAPMFCHK Display Payment Document ChecksFCH3 SAPMFCHK Void ChecksFCH4 SAPMFCHK Renumber ChecksFCH5 SAPMFCHK Create Check InformationFCH6 SAPMFCHK Change Check Information/Cash CheckFCH7 SAPMFCHK Reprint CheckFCH8 SAPMFCHK Reverse Check PaymentAutor: Iron700 52 13/11/2007
    • FCH9 SAPMFCHK Void Issued CheckFCKR RFEBCK00 International cashed checksFCMM MENUFCMM C FI Preparations for consolidatioFCMN MENUFCMN FI Initial Consolidation MenuFCODOC RFCODOCUMENT Display Failure Cost DocumentsFCOEX SAPLFCO_COCKPITStart Additional Expense PostingFCOST SAPLFCO_COCKPITStart Failure Cost ProcessingFCRD MENUFCRD Credit CardsFC038 CACS_CASE_COMPACompare Test GroupsFC039 CACS_ADHOC_CASEComparison by Selection CriteriaFC10 RFBILA00 Financial Statements ComparisonFC11 RGCMBU00 Data Extract for FI TransferFC80 RFFRDDE0 Document C80FC82 RFFRDDE0 Document C82FD-1 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: FVVD_RANLFDCU MENUFDCU Loans customizing menuFDFD SAPMFFD1 Cash Management Implementation ToolFDIB RKDBAT02 Background ProcessingFDIC SAPMKCC0 Maintain Currency Translation TypeFDIK RFBRFSIK Maintain Key FiguresFDIM SAPMKCB9 Report MonitorFDIO RKCOBTR2 Transport ReportsFDIP RKCOBTR4 Transport FormsFDIQ RKCOBTR3 Import Reports from Client 000FDIR RKCOBTR5 Import Forms from Client 000FDIT RKCTRTX1 Translation Tool - Drilldown ReportFDIV RKES0101 Maintain Global VariableFDIX RKDREOBE Reorganize Drilldown ReportsFDIY RKDREODA Reorganize Report DataFDIZ RKDREOFO Reorganize FormsFDI0 SAPMKCEE Execute ReportFDI1 SAPMKCEE Create ReportFDI2 SAPMKCEE Change ReportFDI3 SAPMKCEE Display ReportFDI4 SAPMKES1 Create FormFDI5 SAPMKES1 Change FormFDI6 SAPMKES1 Display FormFDMN MENUFDMNFDOO RFVDORD0 Borrowers notes order overviewFDTA SAPMFDTA TemSe/REGUT Data AdministrationFDTT SAPMFTDT Treasury Data Medium AdministrationFDUNN SAPFVD_DUNNING Dunning LoansFD01 SAPMF02D Create Customer (Accounting)FD02 SAPMF02D Change Customer (Accounting)FD03 SAPMF02D Display Customer (Accounting)FD04 SAPMF01A Customer Changes (Accounting)FD05 SAPMF02D Block Customer (Accounting)FD06 SAPMF02D Mark Customer for Deletion (Acctng)FD08 SAPMF02D Confirm Customer Individually(ActngFD09 RFDCON00 Confirm Customer List (Accounting)FD10 SAPMF42B Customer Account BalanceFD10N RFARBALANCE Customer Balance DisplayFD10NA RFARBALANCE Customer Bal. Display with WorklistFD11 SAPMF42B Customer Account AnalysisFD24 SAPMF01A Credit Limit ChangesFD32 SAPMF02C Change Customer Credit ManagementFD33 SAPMF02C Display Customer Credit ManagementFD37 SAPMF02C Credit Management Mass ChangeAutor: Iron700 53 13/11/2007
    • FEBA SAPMF40A Postprocess Electronic Bank StatmtFEBAN SAPLNEW_FEBA Bank statement postprocessingFEBC RFBASM00 Generate Multicash formatFEBMSG OFX_MSG_SELECT_Display Internet MessagesFEBOAS OFX_ACCOUNT_STMRequest Account Statement via OFXFEBOFX SAPLFIEB_OFX_COOFX FunctionsFEBP RFEBKA30 Post Electronic Bank StatementFEBSTS SAPMF40M Search String Search SimulationFECA FERCA000 Customizing ArchivingFECC FERCVIEW Control of messages by the userFECJ FERCR310 Create job for multiple periodsFECM FERCC000 Online manualFECP FERCT020 Copy regulatory parametersFEC6 FERCVIEW Regulatory indicator assignmentFEOD FERCR220_OLD Drill down (Old version)FEOT FERCR210_OLD Flow of cost trace (Old version)FEP4 FERCC002 Plan versionsFEP5 FERCC002 Fiscal year dep. version parametersFEP6 FERCC002 Plan versionsFEP7 FERCC002 Fiscal year dep. version parametersFERC MENUFERC Regulatory reportingFERD FERCR220 Drill downFERE FERCT000 Transport periodic parametersFERH FERCR200 Processing historyFERN FERCC000 Release notesFERQ FERCM000 Process planFERR FERCR100 Reverse regulatory procedureFERS FERCM000 Process actualFERT FERCR210C Flow of cost traceFERV FERCR300 Validate regulatory configurationFER0 FERCR000 Standard cost adjustmentFER1 FERCR010 Trace flow of primary costsFER2 FERCR020 Post primary costsFER3 FERCR030 Post variance allocationsFER4 FERCR040 Direct postingsFER5 FERCR050 Prepare drill downFESA FERCR280 Summarized final objectsFESR RFESR000 Importing of POR File (Switzerland)FEUB RFVIBEPP Adjust VIBEPP after EURO conversionFEVF6 FERCC010 Organizational assignment of objectFEV1 FERCC010 Controlling area dependent parameteFEV10 FERCC010 Secondary cost elem. to be ignoredFEV11 FERCC010 Regulatory indicator assignmnt fielFEV13 FERCC010 Clearing cost elementsFEV13A FERCC010 Cost element variantsFEV2 FERCC010 Company code dependent parametersFEV3 FERCC010 Regulatory accounts for traced costFEV3A FERCC010 Regulatory indicator variantsFEV4 FERCC010 Specific Std. Cost. Adj. assignmentFEV5 FERCC010 Specific clearing COEl assignmentsFEV6 FERCC010 Regulatory indicator assignmentsFEV9 FERCC010 Regulatory accounts for direct postFF.5 RFBASM00 Import Electronic Bank StatementFF.6 RFBASM00 Display Electronic Bank StatementFF$L RFTREY_TABLE_DIDisplay transmission informationFF$S RFTREY_TABLE_DIDisplay transmission informationFF$3 RFTREY30 Send planning data to central systeFF$4 RFTREY40 Retrieve planning dataAutor: Iron700 54 13/11/2007
    • FF$5 RFTREY50 Retrieve transmission resultsFF$6 RFTREY60 Check settingsFF$7 RFTREY70 Check all external systemsFF-9 RFFDIS35 JournalFF/3 SAPMF40F Archive advices from bank statementFF/4 RFEBSC00 Import Electronic Check Deposit LisFF/5 RFEBSC10 Post electronic check deposit listFF/6 RFFDIS70 Deposit/loan mgmt analysis/postingFF/7 RFFDIS72 Deposit/loan management int accrualFF_5 RFBASM00 Import Electronic Bank StatementFF_6 RFBASM00 Display Electronic Bank StatementFF:1 RFDEV310 Maintain exchange ratesFFA1 RFFDIS47 Compare Advices with Bk.Stmt AdviceFFB4 RFEBSC00 Import Electronic Check Deposit LisFFB5 RFEBSC10 Post electronic check deposit listFFCD SAPMFCD1 Cash deconcentrationFFTL RFFDTL00 Telephone listFFW1 RFEBWR00 Wire AuthorizationFF63 SAPMF40E Create Planning Memo RecordFF65 RFTS6500 List of Cash Management Memo RecordFF67 SAPMF40K Manual Bank StatementFF68 SAPMF40S Manual Check Deposit TransactionFF69 RFFDSK00 Cash Mgmt: Totals Record CorrectionFF70 RFTS7000 Cash Mgmt Posit./Liquidity ForecastFF71 RFTS7099 Cash PositionFF72 RFTS7099 Liquidity forecastFF73 SAPMF40C Cash ConcentrationFF74 RFTS7300 Use Program to Access Cash ConcntnFGIB RKDBAT02 Background ProcessingFGIC SAPMKCC0 Maintain Currency Translation TypeFGIK RFBRFSIK Maintain Key FiguresFGIM SAPMKCB9 Report MonitorFGIO RKCOBTR2 Transport ReportsFGIP RKCOBTR4 Transport FormsFGIQ RKCOBTR3 Import Reports from Client 000FGIR RKCOBTR5 Import Forms from Client 000FGIT RKCTRTX1 Translation Tool - Drilldown ReportFGIV RKES0101 Maintain Global VariableFGIX RKDREOBE Reorganize Drilldown ReportsFGIY RKDREODA Reorganize Report DataFGIZ RKDREOFO Reorganize FormsFGI0 SAPMKCEE Execute ReportFGI1 SAPMKCEE Create ReportFGI2 SAPMKCEE Change ReportFGI3 SAPMKCEE Display ReportFGI4 SAPMKES1 Create FormFGI5 SAPMKES1 Change FormFGI6 SAPMKES1 Display FormFGL6 RGVILIRF IRE: One Time Posting - Gen. ContrFGM0 MENUFGM0 Special Purpose Ledger MenuFGRP MENUFGRP Report PainterFGRW MENUFGRW Report Writer MenuFG99 RKKBRPTR Flexible G/L: Report SelectionFIBF SAPMOPFIIMG Maintenance transaction BTEFIBHS RFBLBC00 Display bank chains for house banksFIBHU RFBLBC00 Maintain bank chains for house bankFIBPS RFBLBC02 Display bank chians for partnersFIBPU RFBLBC02 Maintain bank chains for partnerAutor: Iron700 55 13/11/2007
    • FIBS SAPMFBSM Input House Bank in Payment RequestFIBTS RFBLBC01 Dis. bank chains for acct carry fwdFIBTU RFBLBC01 Main. bank chains for acctCarry oveFICD SAPMFDEC Cash deconcentrationFICO MAINTAIN_FICO_TTest Condition MaintenanceFIEH01 FIEHLIST Worklist of Contracts with ErrorsFIHB MENUFIHB In-house bankFIHBC MENUFIHBC Settings for In-House BankFIHB0 SAPMSNUM Number Range MaintenanceFIHB7 RFIHCPRQRVS Reversal of IHC Payment RequestsFIHB8 RFBKPOEX Transfer Recipient ItemsFIHC SAPMF02B Create In-House Cash CenterFIMA SAPLFF50 Financial CalculationsFINF RFOPFI00 Info System EventsFINP RFOPFI01 Info System ProcessesFINT RFINTITAR Item Interest CalculationFINTAP RFINTITAP Vendors Item Interest CalculationFIOA RFVD_IOA_CALCULInterest on Arrears - Consumer LoanFIOR SAPMF02B Create Orbian BankFIPOS PS_CREATE_FIPOSCreate Commitment ItemsFIPRC3 FIPR_ATTRIBUTE_Maintain AttributesFIPRC4 FIPR_KEYPREFIX_Maintain Key PrefixFIPRC5 BUSVIEWS Field Grouping ActivityFIPRD1 BUSSTART Create ProductFIPRD2 BUSSTART Change ProductFIPRD3 BUSSTART Display ProductFIPRD4 FIPR_PRODUCT_COCopy ProductFI01 SAPMF02B Create BankFI02 SAPMF02B Change BankFI03 SAPMF02B Display BankFI04 SAPMF02A Display Bank ChangesFI06 SAPMF02B Set Flag to Delete BankFI07 SAPMF02B Change Current Number Range NumberFI08 RFBANK_ALE Distribution of the Bank Master DatFKIB RKDBAT02 Background ProcessingFKIC SAPMKCC0 Maintain Currency Translation TypeFKIK RFBRFSIK Maintain Key FiguresFKIM SAPMKCB9 Report MonitorFKIO RKCOBTR2 Transport ReportsFKIP RKCOBTR4 Transport FormsFKIQ RKCOBTR3 Import Reports from Client 000FKIR RKCOBTR5 Import Forms from Client 000FKIT RKCTRTX1 Translation Tool - Drilldown ReportFKIV RKES0101 Maintain Global VariableFKIX RKDREOBE Reorganize Drilldown ReportsFKIY RKDREODA Reorganize Report DataFKIZ RKDREOFO Reorganize FormsFKI0 SAPMKCEE Execute ReportFKI1 SAPMKCEE Create ReportFKI2 SAPMKCEE Change ReportFKI3 SAPMKCEE Display ReportFKI4 SAPMKES1 Create FormFKI5 SAPMKES1 Formular ändernFKI6 SAPMKES1 Display FormFKMN MENUFKMNFKMT SAPLFKMT FI Acct Assignment Model ManagementFKR8 RFVWBUST Report: Stock Transfer TaxFKR9 RFVWINIT Initializing STT PositionAutor: Iron700 56 13/11/2007
    • FK01 SAPMF02K Create Vendor (Accounting)FK02 SAPMF02K Change Vendor (Accounting)FK03 SAPMF02K Display Vendor (Accounting)FK04 SAPMF01A Vendor Changes (Accounting)FK05 SAPMF02K Block Vendor (Accounting)FK06 SAPMF02K Mark Vendor for Deletion (Acctng)FK08 SAPMF02K Confirm Vendor Individually (AcctngFK09 RFKCON00 Confirm Vendor List (Accounting)FK10 SAPMF42B Vendor Account BalanceFK10N RFAPBALANCE Vendor Balance DisplayFK10NA RFAPBALANCE Vendor Balance DisplayFLBP RFEBLB30 Post Lockbox DataFLBPC1 SAPLFLBPC_MAINTBusiness Partner: Create from VendoFLBPC2 SAPLFLBPC_MAINTBusiness Partner: Assign VendorFLBPD1 SAPLFLBPD_MAINTBusiness Partner: Create from Cust.FLBPD2 SAPLFLBPD_MAINTBusiness Partner: Assign CustomerFLB1 SAPMF40L Postprocessing Lockbox DataFLB2 RFEBLB00 Import Lockbox FileFLCC1 BUSSTART Create customerFLCC2 BUSSTART Change customerFLCC3 BUSSTART Display customerFLCU1 BUSSTART Create customerFLCU2 BUSSTART Change CustomerFLCU3 BUSSTART Display customerFLOREO SAPFLOREO Customizing of Logical Doc. Reorg.FLQAB RFLQ_ASSIGN_BS Assignment from Bank Statement InfoFLQAC RFLQ_ASSIGN_FI Assignment from FI InformationFLQAD RFLQ_ASSIGN_REXAssignment from InvoicesFLQAM SAPMFLQMANUAL Manual AssignmentFLQC10 RFLQ_REBUILD Regenerate Flow DataFLQC14 RFLQ_FICHAIN FI Assignment AnalysisFLQC9 RFLQ_DELETE Delete Flow DataFLQLI RFLQ_LISTIT Line Item ListFLQLQR RFLQ_LISTQR List of QueriesFLQLS RFLQ_LISTSU Totals ListFLQQB1 SAPMFLQQRMAINT Edit Query (Bank Statement)FLQQB3 SAPMFLQQRMAINT Display Query (Bank Statement)FLQQB7 RFLQ_TEST_QUERYTest Request (Bank Statement)FLQQC1 SAPMFLQQRMAINT Edit Query (FI Information)FLQQC3 SAPMFLQQRMAINT Display Query (FI Information)FLQQC7 RFLQ_TEST_QUERYTest Query (FI Payment Document)FLQQD1 SAPMFLQQRMAINT Edit Query (Invoice Information)FLQQD3 SAPMFLQQRMAINT Display Query (Invoice Information)FLQQD7 RFLQ_TEST_QUERYTest Query (Other FI Document)FLQREP RFLQ_REPORT Payment ReportFLQT1 SAPMFLQTRANSFERCreate Transfer PostingFLQT2 SAPMFLQTRANSFERChange Transfer PostingFLQT3 SAPMFLQTRANSFERDisplay TransferFLVN1 BUSSTART Create vendorFLVN2 BUSSTART Change VendorFLVN3 BUSSTART Display vendorFMAA RFFMRC00 Matching: Line Items and Totals (FMFMAB RFFMRC01 Matching: FI FM Line ItemsFMAD RFFMRC03 Leveling: FI-FM Totals RecordsFMAF RFFMRC04 Level Line Items and Totals ItemsFMAVC1 RFFM_CROSS_ASS_Prepare Cross Assignments ClearingFMA1 RFFMS100 Matching: Totals and Balances (CBM)FMA2 RFFMS002 Matching: CBM Line Items and TotalsAutor: Iron700 57 13/11/2007
    • FMA3 RFFMS002 Matching: FI Line Items (CBM)FMA4 RFFMS160 Matching: FI Bank Line Items (CBM)FMBB SAPLFMBWB Budgeting WorkbenchFMBBC SAPLFMBWB Create Entry DocumentFMBELI RFFMBELI Processing listFMBGCP RFFMBGCPY Copy acc. assignment allocationsFMBGD RFFMBGDC Cash Dis. and Backdated Tax CalculnFMBGJ SAPLFMBGA Execute Annual AdjustmentsFMBGM SAPLFMBGA Execute Monthly AdjustmentsFMBGU SAPLFMBGA Reset Input Tax AdjustmentFMBGUL RFFMBGA Sales Tax List PCOsFMBGV RFFMVAQ Calculate Input Tax Deduction RateFMBG1 RFFMVCORM Input tax adjustmnt(monthly) for PCFMBG2 RFFMVCORJ Input tax adjustmnt (yearly) for PCFMBG3 RFFMVCORB Display input tax adjustmentsFMBI RFFMUD01 Posting Line-Based Budget IncreaseFMBPQV BPREP_CREATE_QUCreate Query VariantFMBSBO FMBS_OBJ_MAINT Change Budget AddressesFMBSPO FMBS_OBJ_MAINT Change Posting AddressesFMBV BPINDX03 FM: Activate Availability ControlFMB0 RFFMRP05 CO Document TransferFMCB RFFMCHAB Reassignment: Document SelectionFMCC RFFMCHAC Reassignment: FM-CO AssignmentFMCCA FMCC_DEFA Def. of FM CC - Address basedFMCCD FMCC_DEFD Def. of FM CC - Document basedFMCD RFFMCHAD Reassignment: Delete Work ListFMCG RFFMCHAG Reassignment: Overall AssignmentFMCIA SAPMFMCI Edit Commitment ItemFMCIC SAPMFMCI Display commitment itemFMCID SAPMFMCI Change Commitment Item: HierarchyFMCIE SAPMFMCI Display Commitment Item: HierarchyFMCIH SAPMFMCI Commt Items: Alternative HierarchyFMCJ SAPLFMCABK Maintain cash journalFMCN RFFMCHAN Reassignment: Supplement.Acct AssgtFMCR RFFMCHAR Reassignment: Display Work ListFMCT RFFMCHAT Reassignment: TransferFMDA SAPMKBUD FM: Change Budget PlanFMDB SAPMKBUD FM: Display Budget PlanFMDC SAPMKBUD FM: Change Collect. Expend. PlanninFMDD SAPMKBUD FM: Display Collect. Expnd. planninFMDE SAPMKBUD FM: Loc. Auth.: Change Fin. ResultFMDF SAPMKBUD FM: Loc. Auth.: Display Fin. ResultFMDG SAPMKBUD FM: Loc. Auth.: Change FR in CEFMDH SAPMKBUD FM: Loc. Auth.: Display FR in CEFMDI BPCOPY01 FM Loc. Auth.: Copy Budget VersionFMDI01 RFFMDI10 Data Transfer in Direct InputFMDJ BPFRES01 FM: Transfer Financial ResultFMDK SAPMKBUD FM Loc. Auth.: Change Net VotingFMDL SAPMKBUD FM Loc. Auth.: Display Net VotingFMDM RFFMCFM1 Monitor Closing OperationsFMDN RFFMBAL1 FM: Integration in Balance HierarchFMDO RFFMCPY1 FM: Loc. Auth.: Transfer Bdgt ValueFMDO1 RFFMCPY2 FM: Revaluate Original BudgetFMDO2 RFFMCPY3 FM: Revaluation of SupplementFMDS RFFMCFC1 Copy Carryforward RulesFMDT RFFMCFL1 Display Carryforward RulesFMDV RFFMBI61 FM: Residual Budget Data TransferFMDW RFFMBI51 FM: Financ. Result CE Data TransferAutor: Iron700 58 13/11/2007
    • FMDX RFFMBI41 FM: Coll. Expend. Plan Data TransfeFMDY RFFMBI31 FM: Financial Result Data TransferFMDZ RFFMBI21 FM: Budget Planning Data TransferFMD1 SAPMFM10 FM: Change Carryforward RulesFMD2 SAPMFM10 FM: Display Carryforward RulesFMD7 SAPMKBUD FM: Change Supplement Budget PlanFMD8 SAPMKBUD FM: Display Supplement Budget PlanFMD9 SAPMKBUD FM: Change Suppl. Coll. Expend. PlaFMEB RKDBAT02 Structure Report Backgrnd ProcessinFMEDD RFFMED_PRINT Display Entry DocumentFMEDDW RFFMED_DRILLDOWDrilldown for Budget Entry DocumentFMEH SAPMKXHI SAP-EIS: Hierarchy maintenanceFMEK SAPMKCEE FMCA: Create Drilldown ReportFMEL SAPMKCEE FMCA: Change Drilldown ReportFMEM SAPMKCEE FMCA: Display Drilldown ReportFMEN SAPMKES1 FMCA: Create FormFMEO SAPMKES1 FMCA: Change FormFMEP SAPMKES1 FMCA: Display FormFMEQ SAPMKCEE FMCA: Run Drilldown ReportFMER SAPMKCB9 FMCA: Drilldown Tool Test MonitorFMEV RKES0101 Maintain Global VariableFME1 RKCOBTR5 Import Forms from Client 000FME2 RKCOBTR3 Import Reports from Client 000FME3 RKCOBTR4 Transport FormsFME4 RKCOBTR2 Transport ReportsFME5 RKDREOFO Reorganize FormsFME6 RKDREOBE Reorganize Drilldown ReportsFME7 RKDREODA Reorganize Report DataFME8 RKPBATCH Maintain Batch VariantsFME9 RKCTRTX1 Translation Tool - DrilldownFMFI RFFMCJFI Execute program RFFMCJFIFMF0 RFFMS200 Payment SelectionFMF1 RFFMS220 Revenue TransferFMGX RFFMMDBI81 Commitment Item Issue to UNIX-FileFMGY RFFMMDBI85 Create Commitment Items via UNIXFMG1 SAPLFM3G Create Budget Structure TemplateFMG2 SAPLFM3G Change Budget Structure TemplateFMG3 SAPLFM3G Display Budget Structure TemplateFMG4 SAPLFM3G Delete Budget Structure TemplateFMG5 BPCARRG0 Generate BS Object from BS TemplateFMHC SAPLFMHA Check Bdgt Structure Elements in HRFMHG SAPLFMHA Generate Bdgt Struc Elements in HRFMHGG RFFMHR01 Generate BS Elements f. Several FndFMHIST RFFMHIST Apportion Document in FMFMHK RFFMKT11 Copy Control DataFMHV SAPLFMCK Budget Memo TextsFMIA RFFMAB_LAUNCH_AIndiv. Processing of Revs Incr. BdgFMIB RFFMUD01 Posting Line-Based Budget IncreaseFMIC RFFMUD11 Generate Additional Budget Incr.DatFMIK RFFMKT12 Copy Rules for Revs Incr. the BudgeFMIL RFFMKT22 Delete Rules for Revs Incr. BudgetFMIP RFFMAB_LAUNCH_AEdit Revenues Increasing Bdgt RulesFMIPCT SAPLFMITPOMP Payment Transfer: CustomizingFMIS SAPLFMAB Display Rules for Revs.Incr.BudgetFMIT RFFMUD21 Totals-Based Distribution ProcedureFMITPO SAPLFMITPOMP Payment TransferFMIU SAPLFMAB Maintain Rules for Revs.Incr.BudgetFMJA BPINDX05 Budget Year-End Closing: PrepareAutor: Iron700 59 13/11/2007
    • FMJB RFFMCF25 Budget Year-End Closing: DetermineFMJC RFFMCF30 Budget Year-End Closing: Carry FwdFMJD RFFMCFRB Reverse Fiscal Year Close: BudgetFMJM SAPMFM10 Maintain residual budget applicatioFMJN SAPMFM10 Display residual budget applicationFMJO SAPMFM10 Maintain residual budget approvalFMJP SAPMFM10 Display residual budget approvalFMJ0 RFFMCCF0 Carry Forward General RequestsFMJ2 RFFMCCF1 Year-End Closing: Carryfwd CmmtsFMJ2_D RFFMCCFD Carryfwrd Cmmt Accrd. to Entry DateFMJ3 RFFMCCFR Reverse Commitments CarryforwardFMLD SAPMGCU3 Ledger DeletionFMLID RFFMLI_PRINT Display Change DocumentFMLIDW RFFMLI_DRILLDOWDrilldown for Change DocumentsFML1 SAPMGCU0 Create FI-SL Customizing LedgerFML2 SAPMGCU0 Change FI-SL Customizing LedgerFML3 SAPMGCU0 Display FI-SL Customizing LedgerFML4 SAPMGCU0 Delete FI-SL Customizing LedgerFMMC RFFMCCLS FM Obligation CloseoutFMME1 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Control: ApplicationFMME10 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Control: Search HelpFMME11 BUSVIEWS FPC: Assign Screen Field to DatabasFMME12 BUSVIEWS FPC: Field Group CriteriaFMME13 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Control: BP RolesFMME14 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Ctrl: BP Role GroupiFMME15 BUSVIEWS FPC: Application TransactionFMME16 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Control: TablesFMME17 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Control: External ApFMME18 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Control: ActivitiesFMME19 BUSVIEWS FPC: Function Module ActivitiesFMME2 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Control: Field GroupFMME22 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Ctrl: Cat. Fld GrpFMME23 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Control: Data setsFMME24 BUSVIEWS Funded Progr. Where used list definFMME25 BUSVIEWS Where used list - process to viewFMME26 BUSVIEWS FPC: Assign BAPI Flds to Field GrpsFMME27 BUSVIEWS Funded Program DI to Table fieldsFMME3 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Control: ViewsFMME4 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Control: ViewsFMME5 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Control: ViewsFMME6 BUSVIEWS Funded Program: Screen SequenceFMME7 BUSVIEWS Funded Program: EventsFMME8 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Ctrl: GUI Std FunctiFMME9 BUSVIEWS Funded Program Ctrl: GUI Addl Func.FMMI RFFMIU01 Mass Maintenance of Open IntervalsFMNA SAPLFMKT Display CBA RulesFMNB RFFMSN81 CBA Budget ObjectsFMND RFFMSN21 Actual Distribution in CBAFMNG RFFMSN41 CE: Actual Distr. and IntegrationFMNI RFFMSN31 Integration with the BudgetFMNK RFFMKT14 Copy Collective ExpenditureFMNL RFFMKT24 Delete Collective Expenditure RulesFMNM RFFMSN11 Budget Transfer in CBAFMNP SAPLFMKT Maintain CBA RulesFMNS SAPLFMKT Display CBA RulesFMNSD RFFMRP07 Rebuild FM Open Item of SD OrdersFMNU SAPLFMKT Maintain CBA RulesFMNV SAPLFMSN Fast Data Entry Distribution BasisAutor: Iron700 60 13/11/2007
    • FMN0 RFFMRPFI Subsequent Posting of FI DocumentsFMN3 RFFMRP34 Transfer Purchase Req. DocumentsFMN3N RFFMRP34N Reconstruction of Purch. RequisitioFMN4 RFFMRP02 Transfer Purchase Order DocumentsFMN4N RFFMRP02N Reconstruction of Purchase OrdersFMN5 RFFMRP03 Transfer Funds Reservation DocumentFMN5N RFFMRP03N Reconstruction of Earmarked FundsFMN8 RFVDSO03 Simulation Lists Debit PositionFMN9 RFVDSO04 Posted Debit Position ListFMPAYD SAPLFMPD Process Payment DistributionFMPLLC SAPMKES1 FI-FM Change Planning LayoutFMPLLD SAPMKES1 FI-FM Display Planning LayoutFMPLLI SAPMKES1 FI-FM Create Planning LayoutFMPLUP G_FLEX_UPL FI-SL: Excel Upload of Plan DataFMPO RFFMPDOC Payment Directives: CreateFMP2 SAPMKBUD Delete Financial Budget VersionFMRA RKKBRPTR Access Report TreeFMRB RKKBRPTR Access Report TreeFMRC RFFMPENT_ALV Reason codes for penalties (report)FMRC21 RFFMRC21 Reconciliation of Earmarked FundsFMRC22 RFFMRC22 Reconciliation of Purchase OrdersFMRC23 RFFMRC23 Reconciliation of Purch. RequisitioFMREW SAPLFMREW Earmarked Funds: Enhancement WizardFMROD RFMROPOST Recurring Obligations Overdue CheckFMROP RFMROPOST Post Recurring ObligationsFMRP18 RFFMRP18 Clear Subsequent PostingsFMRW RFFMEP3B Budget Entry DocumentsFMRY RFFMEP1BX Annual budgetFMRZ RFFMEP2BX Overall BudgetFMR0 RFFMRP04 Reconstruct Parked DocumentsFMR1 RFFMBEIO Actual/Commitment ReportFMR2 RFFMBEIOB Actual/Commitment per Company CodeFMR3 RFFMBEPI Plan/Actual/Commitment ReportFMR4 RFFMBEIOH Plan/Commitment Report w.HierarchyFMR5A RFFMPLIST 12 Period Forecast: Actual and PlanFMR6A RFFMPLISTQ Three Period Display: Plan/ActualFMSA SAPMFMFS Create Funds Center in FM AreaFMSB SAPMFMFS Change Funds Center in FM AreaFMSC SAPMFMFS Display Funds Center in FM AreaFMSD SAPMFMFS Change Funds Ctr/Hierarchy VariantFMSE SAPMFMFS Display Hierarchy Variant/Funds CtrFMSK RFFMMDC2 Commitment Item CheckFMSL RFFMSL Change Cmmt Item: Mass ProcessingFMSS SAPLFMS2 Display Status AssignmentFMST RFFMPENR_ALV Statistical report for PPAFMSU SAPLFMS2 Change Status AssignmentFMSX RFFMBI91 Output of Funds Center to UNIX fileFMSY RFFMBI95 Create Funds Center Using UNIXFMTB RFFMTOBL Transfer Totals from FM to FI-GLFMTEXT SAPLFMKU_TEXTS_Budget Text OrganizerFMTR RFFMBLTR FM budgetary ledger traceFMVABD SAPLKBPT Define Funds Management ValidationFMVPM1 SAPLFMRS Create Forecast of Rev. Value AdjmtFMVPM2 SAPLFMRS Change Forecast of Rev. Value AdjmtFMVPM3 SAPLFMRS Display Forecast of Rev. Value AdjmFMVPM4 SAPLFMRS Approve forecast of rev. value adjmFMVT SAPFMVTR Fund Balance CarryforwardFMV1 SAPLFMFR Create Forecast of RevenueAutor: Iron700 61 13/11/2007
    • FMV2 SAPLFMFR Change Forecast of RevenueFMV3 SAPLFMFR Display Forecast of RevenueFMV4 SAPLFMFR Approve Forecast of RevenueFMV5 SAPLFMFR Change FM Acct Asst in Fcst of Rev.FMV6 SAPLFMFR Reduce Forecast of Revenue ManuallyFMWA SAPLFMFR Create Funds TransferFMWAZ SAPMFMWAZ Payment transferFMWB SAPLFMFR Change Funds TransferFMWC SAPLFMFR Display Funds TransferFMWD SAPLFMFR Approve Funds TransferFMWE SAPLFMFR Change FM Acct Asst in Funds TrsfrFMWPM1 SAPLFMRS Create Fund Block for Value AdjustmFMWPM2 SAPLFMRS Change Fund Block for Value AdjustmFMWPM3 SAPLFMRS Display Funds Block for Value AdjstFMWPM4 SAPLFMRS Approve Fund Block for Value AdjustFMW1 SAPLFMFR Create Funds BlockFMW2 SAPLFMFR Change Funds BlockFMW3 SAPLFMFR Display Funds BlockFMW4 SAPLFMFR Approve Funds BlockingFMW5 SAPLFMFR Change FM Acct Asst in Funds BlkgFMXPM1 SAPLFMRS Funds Reservation: Create Value AdjFMXPM2 SAPLFMRS Funds Reservation: Change Value AdjFMXPM3 SAPLFMRS Funds Reservation: Displ. Value AdjFMXPM4 SAPLFMRS Funds Reserv.: Approve Value AdjustFMX1 SAPLFMFR Create Funds ReservationFMX2 SAPLFMFR Change Funds ReservationFMX3 SAPLFMFR Display Funds ReservationFMX4 SAPLFMFR Approve Funds ReservationFMX5 SAPLFMFR Change FM Acct Asst in Funds ResvnFMX6 SAPLFMFR Funds Reservation: Manual ReductionFMYPM1 SAPLFMRS Funds Precmmt: Create Value Adjust.FMYPM2 SAPLFMRS Funds Precmmt: Change Value Adjust.FMYPM3 SAPLFMRS Funds precmmt: Display value adjustFMYPM4 SAPLFMRS Funds Precmmt: Approve Value AdjustFMY1 SAPLFMFR Create Funds CommitmentFMY2 SAPLFMFR Change Funds CommitmentFMY3 SAPLFMFR Display Funds PrecommitmentFMY4 SAPLFMFR Approve Funds PrecommitmentFMY5 SAPLFMFR Change FM Acct Asst in Funds PrcmmtFMY6 SAPLFMFR Reduce Funds Precommitment ManuallyFMZBVT RFFMZBVT Carry Forward BalanceFMZPM1 SAPLFMRS Funds commit.: Create value adjust.FMZPM2 SAPLFMRS Funds commit.: Change value adjust.FMZPM3 SAPLFMRS Funds Cmmt: Display Value AdjustmenFMZPM4 SAPLFMRS Funds commit: Approve value adjust.FMZZ RFFMBW00 Revalue Funds CommitmentsFMZ1 SAPLFMFR Create Funds CommitmentFMZ2 SAPLFMFR Change Funds CommitmentFMZ3 SAPLFMFR Display Funds CommitmentFMZ4 SAPLFMFR Approve Funds CommitmentFMZ5 SAPLFMFR Change FM Acct Asst in Funds CommtFMZ6 SAPLFMFR Reduce Funds Commitment ManuallyFM03 SAPMFM03 Display FM DocumentFM03A SAPMFM03 Display FM Document with ArchiveFM2E SAPMKBUB FM: Change Budget DocumentFM2F SAPMKBUB FM: Display Budget DocumentFM2G SAPMFM3M Field Contents in Funds CentersFM2M RFFMFS02 Index of Funds CentersAutor: Iron700 62 13/11/2007
    • FM3G SAPMFM3M Commitment Item HierarchyFM3M RFFMFP02 Index of Commitment ItemsFM3N RFFMFK02 Commitment Items for G/L AccountsFM4G SAPMFM3M Budget Structure Element HierarchyFM48 PP_PSZ_RUN_T Change Financial Budget: Initial ScFM48_1 SAPMKES1 PS-CM: Create Planning LayoutFM48_2 SAPMKES1 PS-CM: Change Planning LayoutFM48_3 SAPMKES1 PS-CM: Display Planning LayoutFM49 PP_PSZ_RUN_T Display Financial Budget: Init.ScrnFM5I SAPLFM52 FIFM: Create FundFM5M RFFMFC02 Index of FundsFM5S SAPLFM52 FIFM: Display FundFM5U SAPLFM52 FIFM: Change FundFM6I SAPLFM62 FIFM: Create Application of FundsFM6M RFFMFV02 Index of Application of FundsFM6S SAPLFM62 FIFM: Display Application of FundsFM6U SAPLFM62 FIFM: Change Application of FundsFM7A RFFMAB_LAUNCH_AIndiv. Processing of CE RulesFM7B RFFMKT50 Flag FMAA as Eligible for CoverFM7C RFFMSC01 Generate Cover Pools from RulesFM7K RFFMKT13 Copy Cover Eligibility RulesFM7K_N RFFMDRFI Copy Cover Pools with Funds CentersFM7L RFFMKT23 Delete Cover Eligibility RulesFM7P RFFMAB_LAUNCH_AIndiv. Processing of Assgt to Cvr EFM7S SAPLFMAB MassMaintenac. Rules-CoverEligibiltFM7U SAPLFMAB Multiple Processing of Assgts to CEFM71 SAPLFMDK Maintain Cover PoolFM72 SAPLFMDK Assign FM Acct Asst to Cover PoolFM73 RFFMSN99 Create Cust. for Distr.inCollec.ExpFM78 SAPLFMDK Charact.Groups for Cover PoolsFM79 SAPLFMDK Grouping Chars for Cover PoolFM80 SAPMFCD0 Budget Incr. Rev. Maint. - DisplayFM81 SAPMFCD0 Budget Incr. Rev. Maint. - UpdateFM9B BPCOPY00 FM: Copy Budget VersionFM9C RFFMCOPI Plan Data Transfer from COFM9D SAPMKBUD FM: Block Budget VersionFM9E SAPMKBUD FM: Unblock Budget VersionFM9K SAPMKBUC FIFM: Change Budget StructureFM9L SAPMKBUC FM: Display Budget StructureFM9M BPCARRT0 FM: Delete Budget StructureFM9N BPCARR00 FM: Generate Budget ObjectFM9O BPCOPY02 Copy Supplement BudgetFM9P BPDIST01 Reconstruct Budget Distrbtd ValuesFM9Q BPDIST02 FM: Total Up BudgetFM9R BPCARRD0 Loc.Auth.: Change Budget StructureFM9S BPCARRB0 HHM: Generate Net Vote ObjectsFM9T BPCARRC0 Check Assignment ObjectFM9U BPDIST04 FM: Checking Budget ConsistencyFM9W RBPEWU1M Adjust Funds Management BudgetFM9X RFFMBUD2 FM: Delete Budget 1 Commitment ItemFM9Y BPCARRY02 FM: Copy BS - Year-Dependent StD.FM9Z BPCARRY01 FM: Transfer Budget StructureFN-1 SAPMSNUM No.range: FVVD_RANL (Loan number)FN-4 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: FVVD_PNNRFN-5 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: FVVD_SNBNFN-6 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: FVVD_RPNRFNAA SAPMF67A Reactivate deleted mortgage applic.FNAB SAPMF67A Reactivate deleted mortg. int.partyAutor: Iron700 63 13/11/2007
    • FNAC SAPMF67A Reactivate deleted mortgage contracFNAD SAPMF67A Reactivate deleted policy applicat.FNAE SAPMF67A Reactivate deleted policy contractFNAG SAPMF67A Reactivate deleted other loan appliFNAH SAPMF67A Reactivate del. other loan int.partFNAI SAPMF67A Reactivate deleted other loan cntrcFNAK SAPMF67U Select file characterFNAL SAPMF67A Reactivate deleted BNL contractFNAM SAPMF67A Reactivate deleted policy contractFNASL RFVDASL0 Loans: Account AnalysisFNA0 SAPMF67A Policy application in contractFNA1 SAPMF67A Create Mortgage OfferFNA2 SAPMF67A Change Mortgage OfferFNA3 SAPMF67A Display Mortgage Loan OfferFNA4 SAPMF67A Mortgage Application RescissionFNA5 SAPMF67A Mortgage application in contractFNA6 SAPMF67A Create policy applicationFNA7 SAPMF67A Change policy applicationFNA8 SAPMF67A Display policy applicationFNA9 SAPMF67A Policy Application RescissionFNBD RFVDBES0 Loans-Automatic bal.sheet transferFNBG RFVDBGE0 Guarantee charges listFNBT RFVDBSTR Balance Sheet TransferFNBU MENUFNBU DARWIN- Loans accounting menuFNB1 SAPMF67B Transfer to a LoanFNB2 SAPMF67B Transfer from a LoanFNB3 SAPMF68V Document Reversal - LoansFNB8 SAPMF69N BAV InformationFNB9 SAPMF69N BAV transferFNCD RFVDOFIDUN1 Transfer Customizing for DunningFNCL SAPLFVD_MD_VIEWConsumer LoanFNCNCL RFVDCNCLFD Delete Cancellation IndicatorFNCP1 RFVD_CHGPTR_CREGenerate Change Pointers ManuallyFNCP3 RFVD_CHGPTR_DISDisplay change pointersFNCP4 RFVD_CHGPTR_DELReorganize change pointersFNDD RFVDDUNNDATE Convert Dunning Data in Dunn.HistorFNEN RFVD_ENTER Create LoanFNEXP RFVD_LOAN_DISTRExport Interface LoansFNFO SAPMF67F ISIS: Create fileFNFP SAPMF67F ISIS: Change fileFNFQ SAPMF67F ISIS: Display fileFNFR RFVDPSF0 ISIS: Fill fileFNFT RFVDPA03 Rollover: File evaluationFNFU RFVDPA02 Rollover: Update fileFNF1 SAPMF67F Rollover: Create fileFNF2 SAPMF67F Rollover: Change fileFNF3 SAPMF67F Rollover: Display fileFNF9 RFVDPA01 Rollover: EvaluationsFNG2 SAPMF67G Total Loan CommitmentFNG3 RFVD_EVAL_PARTNLoan CommitmentFNIA SAPMF67I Create inquiryFNIB SAPMF67I Change inquiryFNIC SAPMF67I Display InquiryFNID SAPMF67I Deactivate Interested PartyFNIE SAPMF67I Reactivate Interested PartyFNIH SAPMF67H Decision-makingFNIJ SAPMF67J Create credit standingFNIK SAPMF67J Change credit standingAutor: Iron700 64 13/11/2007
    • FNIL SAPMF67J Display credit standingFNIN SAPMF67J Create collateral valueFNIO SAPMF67J Change collateral valueFNIP SAPMF67J Display collateral valueFNI1 SAPMF67A Create mortgage applicationFNI2 SAPMF67A Change mortgage applicationFNI3 SAPMF67A Display Mortgage Loan ApplicationFNI4 SAPMF67A Mortgage Application RescissionFNI5 SAPMF67A Mortgage application to offerFNI6 SAPMF67A Mortgage application in contractFNK0 RFVDKWGO Multimillion Loan Display (GBA14)FNK1 RFVDORG2 Loans to Managers (GBA15)FNMA MENUFNMA Partner data: Settings menuFNMD MENUFNMD Submenu General LoansFNME MENUFNME Loans management menuFNMEC MENUFNMEC Loans Management MenuFNMH MENUFNMH Loans management menuFNMI MENUFNMI Loans information systemFNMO MENUFNMO Loans Menu Policy LoansFNMP MENUFNMP RolloverFNMS MENUFNMS Loans Menu Borrowers NotesFNM1 RFVSOLD2 Automatic PostingFNM1S RFVSOLD2 Automatic Posting - SingleFNM2 SAPMF68U Balance sheet transferFNM3 SAPMF68S Loans reversal moduleFNM4 SAPMF68U Undisclosed assignmentFNM5 RFVSOLD3 Automatic debit position simulationFNM6 RFVD_INT_ON_ARRPost Interest on ArrearsFNN4 SAPMF67P Display general fileFNN5 SAPMF67P Edit general fileFNN6 SAPMF67P Display general main fileFNN7 SAPMF67P Edit general main fileFNN8 SAPMF67P Display general main fileFNN9 SAPMF67P Edit general overall fileFNO1 SAPMF68O Create ObjectFNO2 SAPMF68O Change ObjectFNO3 SAPMF68O Display ObjectFNO5 SAPMF68L Create collateralFNO6 SAPMF68L Change collateralFNO7 SAPMF68L Display collateralFNO8 RFVOBJ01 Create Objects from FileFNO9 RFVSIC01 Create Collateral from FileFNP0 SAPMF67A Edit rollover manuallyFNP4 SAPMF67P Rollover: Display fileFNP5 SAPMF67P Rollover: Edit FileFNP6 SAPMF67P Rollover: Display main fileFNP7 SAPMF67P Rollover: Edit main fileFNP8 SAPMF67P Rollover: Display overall fileFNP9 SAPMF67P Rollover: Edit overall fileFNQF RFVDZACH Swiss interest adjustment runFNQG RFVDCHSZ Swiss special interest runFNQ2 RFVDNGS0 New Business StatisticsFNQ5 RFVDTAB0 Transact.type - Acct determinat.adjFNQ6 RFVDTAB0 Compare Flow Type/Account Determin.FNQ7 RFVDTAB1 Generate flow typeFNQ8 RFVDMAU1 Automatic Clearing for OverpaymentsFNQ9 RFVDZAP0 Int. adjustment runFNRA RFVDABG0 Other accruals/deferralsAutor: Iron700 65 13/11/2007
    • FNRB RFVDBEP0 Memo record updateFNRC RFVDABG1 Accruals/deferrals resetFNRD RFVDAZE0 Display incoming paymentsFNRE RFVDSZE0 DO NOT USE:Reverse Incoming PaymentFNRI RFVDABG7 Portfolio Analysis Discount/PremiumFNRLZ RFVD_RLZ_LOAN Statement of Remaining TermsFNRS RFVDABG2 Reversal Accrual/DeferralFNR0 RFVDBJR2 Loans: Posting JournalFNR6 RFVDBST0 Insur.prtfolio trends - NEWFNR7 RFVDSLD0 Totals and Balance ListFNR8 RFVDKAU1 Account StatementFNR9 RFVDDIS0 Planning ListFNSA RFVDREV0 Foreign currency valuationFNSB RFVDSTDA Master data summaryFNSL RFVDSALC Balance reconciliation listFNSTA RFVD_LC_LOANCHAProcessing CharacteristicsFNS1 SAPMSNUM Collateral number rangeFNT0 RFVDCH92 Loan correspondence (Switzerland)FNT1 RFVDWDV1 Autom. deadline monitoringFNT2 RFVDMCTX Copy text modules to clientFNUB MENUFNUB Treasury transferFNVA SAPMF67A Create paid off contractsFNVD SAPMF67A Disburse ContractFNVI RFVDFAVI Loans: General OverviewFNVM SAPMF67A Change ContractFNVR SAPMF67A Reactivate ContractFNVS SAPMF67A Display ContractFNVW SAPMF67A Rescind ContractFNV0 SAPMF67A Payoff policy contractFNV1 SAPMF67A Create mortgage contractFNV2 SAPMF67A Change mortgage contractFNV3 SAPMF67A Display mortgage contractFNV4 SAPMF67A Mortgage Contract RescissionFNV5 SAPMF67A Disburse ContractFNV6 SAPMF67A Create policy contractFNV7 SAPMF67A Change policy contractFNV8 SAPMF67A Display policy contractFNV9 SAPMF67A Policy Contract RescissionFNWF RFVZFWF_CONFIRMWF Loans Release: List of Work ItemFNWO RFVDFAWO Loans: Fast ProcessingFNWS RFVDWBS1 Housing statisticsFNXD RFVUBDOC TR-EDT: DocumentationFNXG RFVUBGP1 List of Bus. Partners TransferredFNXU RFVUBDAS List of Imported LoansFNX1 SAPMF67X Rollover: Create TableFNX2 SAPMF67X Rollover: Change TableFNX3 SAPMF67X Rollover: Display TableFNX6 SAPMF67X Rollover: Delete TableFNX7 SAPMF67X Rollover: Deactivate TableFNX8 SAPMF67X Rollover: Print TableFNY1 SAPMF67X New Business: Create TableFNY2 SAPMF67X New Business: Change TableFNY3 SAPMF67X New Business: Display TableFNY6 SAPMF67X New Business: Delete TableFNY7 SAPMF67X New Business: Deactivate TableFNY8 SAPMF67X New Business: Print TableFNZA RFVKONTM Account Determination CustomizingFN09 SAPMF68A Create Borrowers Note OrderAutor: Iron700 66 13/11/2007
    • FN1A SAPMF67A Create other loan contractFN1V SAPMF67A Create other loan contractFN11 SAPMF68A Change borrowers note orderFN12 SAPMF68A Display borrowers note orderFN13 SAPMF68A Delete borrowers note orderFN15 SAPMF67A Create borrowers note contractFN16 SAPMF67A Change borrowers note contractFN17 SAPMF67A Display borrowers note contractFN18 SAPMF67A Payoff borrowers note contractFN19 SAPMF67A Rescind Borrowers Note ContractFN2A SAPMF67A Change other loan applicationFN2V SAPMF67A Change other loan contractFN20 SAPMF68A Create borrowers note offerFN21 SAPMF68A Change borrowers note offerFN22 SAPMF68A Display borrowers note offerFN23 SAPMF68A Delete borrowers note offerFN24 SAPMF68A Activate borrowers note offerFN3A SAPMF67A Display other loan applicationFN3V SAPMF67A Display other loan contractFN30 SAPMF67A Create policy interested partyFN31 SAPMF67A Change policy interested partyFN32 SAPMF67A Display policy interested partyFN33 SAPMF67A Delete policy interested partyFN34 SAPMF67A Policy interested party in applic.FN35 SAPMF67A Policy interested party in contractFN4A SAPMF67A Rescind Other Loan ApplicationFN4V SAPMF67A Rescind Other Loan ContractFN40 SAPMF67A Create other loan interested partyFN41 SAPMF67A Change other loan interested partyFN42 SAPMF67A Display other loan interested partyFN43 SAPMF67A Delete other loan interested partyFN44 SAPMF67A Other loan interest.party in applicFN45 SAPMF67A Other loan interested prty in cntrcFN5A SAPMF67A Other loan application in contractFN5V SAPMF67A Payoff other loan contractFN61 SAPMF67Q Create collateral valueFN62 SAPMF67Q Change collateral valueFN63 SAPMF67Q Display collateral valueFN8A RFVDBUSINESS_OPManual Entry: Unscheduled RepaymentFN8B RFVDBUSINESS_OPManual Entry: Other Bus. OperationsFN8C RFVDBUSINESS_OPEnter Single PostingsFN8D RFVDBUSINESS_OPPost Planned RecordsFN8X RFVDBUSINESS_OPBusiness Operations: WorkplaceFN80 SAPMF67K Enter manual debit positionFN81 SAPMF67K Change manual debit positionFN82 SAPMF67K Display manual debit positionFN84 SAPMF67K Change waiverFN85 SAPMF67K Display WaiverFN87 SAPMF67K Change Write-Off Debit PositionFN88 SAPMF67K Display Write-Off Debit PositionFO/E SAPMMCY1 Create exception real estateFO/F SAPMMCY1 Maintain exception real estateFO/G SAPMMCY1 Display exception real estateFO/H SAPMMCY1 Create groups except. real estateFO/I SAPMMCY1 Change groups except. real estateFO/J SAPMMCY1 Display groups except. real estateFOAA RFVIMACO Calculate rent adj.: Comp.apartmentFOAB RFVIMAVZ Assign RU to comparative groupAutor: Iron700 67 13/11/2007
    • FOABG RFVIRECNAD0 General contract accrual/deferralFOAC RFVIMAEA Activate rent adjustment: Comp.aprtFOAD RFVIMAEA Display rent adjustment: Comp.apartFOAE RFVIMACO Simulate rent adjust.: Comp.apartmnFOAF RFVIWV01 Comparative rnt rnt. adj. coll.prinFOAH RFVIMACO Calculate rent adj.: Free adj.FOAI RFVIMAEA Activate rent adj.: Free adjustmentFOAJ RFVIMAEA Display rent adj.: Free adjustmentFOAK RFVIFG01 Rent adjustment letter: Free adj.FOAM RFVIMACO Simulate rent adjustment: Free adj.FOAN RFVIMAEA Activate rent adjustment: All methdFOAO RFVIMAEA Reverse rent adjustment: All methodFOAP RFVIMAZP Display rent adjustment logsFOAQ RFVIMACO Calculate rent adj.: Rep. rent listFOAR RFVIMACO Simulate rent adj.: Rep. rent listFOARBW SAPMSNUM Rental Request Number RangeFOAROF SAPMSNUM Offer Number RangeFOART0 SAPLFVAO01 RE: REsearch RE Market PlaceFOART1 SAPLFVAO05 REsearch: Concordance Eval. TestFOART2 SAPLFVAO04 REsearch: Administration Web-UserFOAR0A BUSSTART Create Rental RequestFOAR0B BUSSTART Change Rental RequestFOAR0C BUSSTART Display Rental RequestFOAR00 MENUFOAR00 Business Partner Configuration MenuFOAR01 BUSVIEWS REAR: ApplicationsFOAR02 BUSVIEWS REAR: Field GroupsFOAR03 BUSVIEWS REAR: ViewsFOAR04 BUSVIEWS REAR: SectionsFOAR05 BUSVIEWS REAR: PicturesFOAR06 BUSVIEWS REAR: Screen SequencesFOAR07 BUSVIEWS REAR: EventsFOAR08 BUSVIEWS REAR: GUI Standard FunctionsFOAR09 BUSVIEWS REAR: GUI Additional FunctionsFOAR1A RFVISAD0 Transfer Rental Units into OffersFOAR1B RFVISADS Offer OverviewFOAR1C RFVISADD Overview of RequestsFOAR12 BUSVIEWS REAR: Field Modification CriteriaFOAR13 BUSVIEWS REAR: ActivitiesFOAR14 BUSVIEWS REAR: Field Assignment Screen->DBFOAR15 BUSVIEWS REAR: Application TransactionsFOAR16 BUSVIEWS REAR: TablesFOAR18 BUSVIEWS REAR: Activity Field ModificationFOAR2A RFVISAD4 Rental Request -> Find Offer ObjectFOAR2B RFVISAD5 Offer Object -> Find Rental RequestFOAR25 BUSVIEWS REAR: Authorization TypesFOAR26 BUSVIEWS REAR: Field Groups for AuthorizatioFOAR27 BUSVIEWS REAR: SearchFOAS RFVIMAEA Activate RLR Rent AdjustmentFOAT RFVIMAEA Display Active RLR Rent AdjustmentFOAU RFVIWE01 Rep.rnt list rnt increase coll.prinFOAW RFVIWN01 Print apartment valuatn NetherlandsFOAY RFVISAL1 Balance List by Real Estate ObjectFOAZ RFVIMAEA Display Active Rent Adj. ALLFOA0 RFVIMACO Simulate Index Rent AdjustmentFOA1 RFVIMACO Calculate rent adjustment: IndexFOA3 RFVIMACO Calculate rent adjustment: CHFOA4 RFVIMAEA Rent Adjustment - ReservedFOA5 RFVIMAEA Activate rent adjustment: IndexAutor: Iron700 68 13/11/2007
    • FOA6 RFVIMI01 Rent adjustment letter: IndexFOA8 RFVIMAEA Dispay rent adjustments: IndexFOBB RFVIMADC Rent Adj. - Reminder Print CGPFOBC RFVICLBW Real estate: Delete transaction datFOBC72 RFVIBPNOTE00 Business partner: Notes (role)FOBC73 RFVIBPNOTE01 bc73FOBD RFVIMACO Rent Adj. - Simulate Amount TransfeFOBE RFVIMACO Rent Adj. - Calculate Amount TransfFOBF RFVIMAEA Rent Adj. - Activate Amount Transf.FOBG RFVIMAEA Rent Adj. - Reverse Amount TransferFOBH RFVIMAEA Rent Adj. - Display Amount TransferFOBJ RFVIMADC Rent Adj. - Reminder Print RLRFOBK RFVIBKCP Copy real estate company codesFOBL RFVIMADC Rent Adj. - Reminder Print EXPFOBM RFVIMADC Rent Adj. - Reminder Print CEAFOBN RFVIMADC Rent Adj. - Reminder Print MODFOBO RFVIMADC Rent Adj. - Reminder Print INDFOBP RFVIRNBP Properties: Usage type acc. dev.plaFOBT RFVIMADC Rent Adj. - Reminder Print FACFOBW RFVIMADC Rent Adj. - Reminder Print SCSFOBX RFVIMADC Rent Adj. - Reminder Print FARFOBY RFVIMADC Rent Adj. - Reminder Print GARFOBZ RFVIMADC Rent Adj. - Reminder Print ACOFOB0 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance:FVVI_SOIDFOB1 SAPMF60M Lease-Out One-Time PostingsFOB4 RFVDTAB0 Check Real Estate Acct DeterminatioFOB9 RFVIMADC Rent Adj. - Reminder Print ALLFOCNOI RFVICPOI_IMG Real Estate: BDN - CN TemplatesFOCPTL RFVICPTL Overview of Letters and Text ModuleFODA SAPMF60F Cust.darwinRealEst:Chnge ac.sttl.vaFODB SAPMF60F Cust.darwinRealEst: Disp.ac.sttl.vaFODC SAPMF60F Cust.darwinRealEst:Delete ac.stl.vaFOD9 SAPMF60F CustDarwinRealEst:Create ac.sttl.vaFOEBKA RFEBKAP0 Display account statementFOEBL1 RFEBLBR1 Lockbox total reportFOED RKES0101 Maintain global variableFOEU SAPMKES1 Create form for real estate reportFOEV SAPMKES1 Change form for real estate reportFOEW SAPMKES1 Display form for real estate reportFOE1 SAPLFV7E Create: Rental UnitFOE2 SAPLFV7E Change: Rental UnitFOE3 SAPLFV7E Display: Rental UnitFOE5 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: MIETEINHFOE6 SAPMKCEE Run drilldown reportFOE7 SAPMKCEE Create drilldown reportFOE8 SAPMKCEE Change drilldown reportFOE9 SAPMKCEE Display drilldown reportFOFI MENUFOFI Real Estate Management master dataFOFO RFVIFROB Mass releaseFOFV MENUFOFV Real estate third-party mgmntFOF9 RFVIRTFI VIFI report treeFOGEDI RFVIGEDI Building: Direct InputFOGEGN RFVIGEGN Building: Generate Data FileFOGESH RFVIGESH Building: Change Data FileFOGH SAPLFV7V Transfer offer to commer.lease-outFOGRDI RFVIGRDI Property: Direct InputFOGRGN RFVIGRGN Property: Generate Data FileFOGRSH RFVIGRSH Property: Change Data FileAutor: Iron700 69 13/11/2007
    • FOGS SAPMF60O PropertyFOG1 SAPLFV7V Create Provis. AgreementFOG2 SAPLFV7V Change Provis. AgreementFOG3 SAPLFV7V Display Provis. AgreementFOG4 SAPLFV7V Supplement Provis. AgreementFOG8 RFVIAKT0 Sign provisional agreementsFOG9 RFVIAKT0 Activate Commercial Lease-OutsFOHA RFVIHKAR Import A-tapeFOHB RFVIHKAB Post external acct sttlmnt resultFOHD RFVIHKDR Import D-tapeFOHL RFVIHKMW Write M/L-tapeFOHS RFVIHKAB Simulate Settlement ResultFOHX RFVIHKST Overview of Extern. Heating ExpenseFOH1 SAPMF61H Create Heating SystemFOH2 SAPMF61H Change Heating SystemFOH3 SAPMF61H Display Heating SystemFOH9 RFVIVWHL Management contract: Fee listFOIA BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: MatchcodesFOIB BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: Field Assignm. Screen->DBFOIC MENUFOIC Real Estate Management master dataFOIE BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: Field Modif. CriteriaFOIF BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: Application TransactionsFOIG BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: TablesFOIH BUSVIEWS RECN-Cust: Field Modification ActivFOIJ RFVIRECNFILED RECN-BDT: Generate Test File (DI)FOIK RFVIRECNDARK RECN-BDT: Update w/o DialogFOIL RFVIRS00 RE Contract: ResubmissionFOIM RFVIRECNSTART RE Contract: CreateFOIO RFVIRECNSTART RE Contract: ChangeFOIP RFVIRECNSTART RE Contract: DisplayFOIQ RFVICN00 RE Contract: Periodic PostingsFOIR RFVIRECNVIEWS RECN Cust: Screen ConfigurationsFOIS MENUFOIS Information systemFOIT RFVKONTM Acct Assign. for RE General ContracFOIW BUSVIEWS RECN Cust: Authorization TypesFOIW21 SAPLIQS0 Create PM Notifications in REFOIZ BUSVIEWS RECN Cust: Field Groups for Author.FOI0 MENUFOI0 RE Contract: Development MenuFOI1 BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: ApplicationsFOI10 BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: Search HelpFOI2 BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: Field groupsFOI3 BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: ViewsFOI4 BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: SectionsFOI5 BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: ScreensFOI6 BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: Screen SequencesFOI7 BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: TimesFOI8 BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: GUI Standard FunctionsFOI9 BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: GUI Additional FunctionsFOJA SAPLFVMH Maintain participation IDFOJB SAPLFVMH Display participation IDFOJE BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: ActivitiesFOJG SAPMF60M RE Contract One-Time PostingFOJP RFVICN60 RECN-BDT: BDT Data Client CopyFOJQ RFVICN61 RE Contract: Create CN (Legacy DataFOJR RFVICN03 RE Contract: Periodic Postings LogFOJT RFVIRN00 RE Customer: RenewalFOJU SAPMF60U RE Contract: Maintain Sales ReportsFOJUN SAPMF60UN_VICN0RE Contract: Maintain Sales ReportsAutor: Iron700 70 13/11/2007
    • FOJUNS SAPMF60UN_VICN0Enter Sales with Condition TypesFOJV RFVIRECNSTART RE Contract: Create DefaultsFOJW SAPMF60U RE Contract: Display Sales ReportsFOJWN SAPMF60UN_VICN0RE Contract: Display Sales ReportsFOJWNS SAPMF60UN_VICN0Display Sales with Condition TypesFOJX RFVIRECNSTART RE Contract: Change DefaultsFOJY RFVIRECNSTART RE Contract: Display DefaultsFOJZ RFVICN50 RE Contract: Contract Data ReportinFOJ0 MENUFOJ0 Contract: Application MenuFOJ1 SAPMF60J Maintain Comparative GroupFOJ2 SAPMF60J Display Comparative Group of ApartmFOJ4 RFVICN70 Cash Flow Generator General ContracFOJ5 RFVICN80 Display ContingenciesFOJ6 RFVISL73 Correction of VISLID EntriesFOJ7 RFVISL72 Correction of T033F EntriesFOJ8 RFVIRECNVIEWS RECN-Cust: Object PartFOKA RFVIPTR7 RE: Import Planning LayoutFOKB RFVIPTR6 RE: Transport Planning LayoutsFOKC SAPMKES1 Create Cost Element Planning LayoutFOKD SAPMKES1 Change Cost Element Planning LayoutFOKE SAPMKES1 Display Cost Element Planning LayouFOKF SAPMKES1 Create Stat. KF Planning LayoutFOKFP RFVIPL01 Copy Cash Flow to Plan VersionFOKG SAPMKES1 Change Stat. KF Planning LayoutFOKH SAPMKES1 Display Stat. KF Planning LayoutFOKIP SAPMKPT4 Copy Actual->Plan for Real EstateFOKN RFVIMPLN RE: Displ.Planning Stat.Key FigsFOKO RFVICUP0 Check conditions/flow typesFOKOBA RFVIKOBA Acct Determination for Cond.TypeFOKP RFVIMPLN RE: Change Plan.Cost El./Act.InptFOKPP SAPMKPT4 Copy Plan->Plan for Real EstateFOKQ RFVIMPLN RE: Displ.Plan.Cost Elem/Act.InptFOKR RFVIMPLN RE: Change Plan.Prim.Cost ElementsFOKS RFVIMPLN RE: Displ.Plan.Primary Cost ElementFOKT RFVIMPLN RE: Change Planning Activ.InputFOKU RFVIMPLN RE: Display Planning Activ.InputFOKV RFVIMPLN RE: Change Plan.Revenue ElementsFOKW RFVIMPLN RE: Display Plan.Revenue ElementsFOKX RFVIMPLN RE: Change Plan.Stat.Key FiguresFOKY RFVIMPLN RE: Display Plan.Stat.Key FiguresFOKZ RFVIMPLN RE: Change Plan.Stat.Key FiguresFOK0 RKDKENNZ Maintain key figuresFOK1 SAPMF61K Notice of rental agreementFOK2 SAPMF61O Edit Rental Deposit ReleaseFOK3 SAPMF61O Display rental deposit releaseFOK4 SAPMF61O Edit rental unit inspectionFOK5 SAPMF61O Display rental unit inspectionFOK6 RFVIFK01 Print sec.dep.sttl. for dep.releaseFOK7 RFVIMASSREV Mass Notice on Lease-OutFOLA RFVIWM01 Bulk Print. Resid.Lease-OutFOLB RFVIBB01 Mass Print. Bank Guarantee for LOFOLC RFVIGA01 Mass Print. Garage LO CorrespondencFOLD RFVIGM01 Bulk Print. Garage Lease-OutFOLE RFVIPB01 Bulk Print. LO Personal GuaranteeFOLF RFVIWA01 Bulk print. resid.RA-correspondenceFOLG RFVIWB01 Bulk print.adv.notice of const.chngFOLH RFVIWC01 Bulk print.rnt incr.due const.chngsFOLI RFVIMV00 Resid. and Garage LO Bulk PrintingAutor: Iron700 71 13/11/2007
    • FOLJ RFVIVD00 FVVI Pop-up for rntl agrmnt printinFOLK RFVIVD00 FVVI Pop-up for addit.letter print.FOLL RFVIVD00 FVVI Pop-up for print of oth.letterFOLM RFVIVD00 Cust. FVVI lettersFOLN RFVIVD00 Cust.FVVI letter-module relationshiFOLQ RFVIVD00 FVVI RA-Connect.to optical archiveFOLR RFVIVD00 FVVI Client copy text modulesFOLS RFVIVD00 FVVI Maintain text objectsFOLT RFVIVD00 FVVI Maintain text IDsFOLW RFVITX02 Allocate application/corr.activityFOLX RFVITX01 Real estate Alloc. CA -> Letter/rolFOL1 RFVILICL LIREM: Report RFVILICLFOL2 RFVILICB LIREM: Report RFVILICBFOL3 RFVILICF LIREM: Report RFVILICFFOL5 RFVILIRL LIREM: Report RFVILIRLFOL6 RFVILIRF IRE: one-time postings lease-outFOL7 RFVILIRS IRE: Change record indicatorFOMA SAPMF61M Create modernization measureFOMAFC RFVIMAFCST RE:Rent Adj.-Index Contract ForecasFOMASS SAPSNUM Number Range for Mass ChangesFOMB SAPMF61M Change modernization measureFOMC SAPMF61M Display modernization measuerFOMC_1 RFVIMULTI01 Electr. Account Statement: Test DatFOMC_2 RFVIMULTI02 Electr. Acct Statement: Gen. FileFOMD SAPMF61M Delete modernization measureFOME SAPMF60O Rntl unit attribute selection (custFOMF RFVIOPWE OI list by business entityFOMG RFVIRE10 Repeat run invoice printoutFOMH RFVIRE20 Evaluation log invoice printoutFOMKB RFVIMK10 Tenant Account SheetFOMS RFVICHMS Swiss representative rent listFOMU RFVIUBMV00 OI Transfer Posting on Tenant ChangFOMY SAPMF61Y REst. manual incom.pmnt fast entryFOMZ SAPMF61Z Real Estate Incoming PaymentsFOM1 SAPMF60H Maintain Repr. List of RentsFOM2 SAPMF60H Display Repr. List of RentsFOM3 SAPMF60H Change representative list of rentsFOM4 SAPMF61F Maintain rent reaductiosFOM5 SAPMF61M Display rent reductionsFONA MENUFONA Real Estate Management master dataFONH RFVIKA05 Reverse External Heating Exp. Sett.FONK SAPMSNUM Number range for SC settlementFONN RFVINA01 Correspondence SCS/Rntl AgreementFONU RFVINKAS Serv.charge stt. apportionable costFONZ SAPMF61Z Tenant account maintenanceFON1 RFVINKAS Simulate full acct settlement: OCFON2 RFVINKAS Execute service charge settlement:OFON3 RFVINKAS Execute full acct settlement: HCFON4 RFVINKAS Execute full acct settlement: OC+HCFON5 RFVINKAS Simulate full acct settlement: HCFON6 RFVINKAS Simulate full acct settlement: OC+HFON7 RFVIKA03 Reverse full acct settlement: OCFON8 RFVIKA03 Reverse full acct settlement: HCFON9 RFVIKA03 Reverse full acct settlement: OC+HCFOOA1 SAPLFVOA01 Change Object AvailabilityFOOA2 SAPLFVOA01 Display Object AvailabilityFOOA3 RFVIOAXX02 Object Availability - Mass ChangeFOOF RFVIVS02 Reverse debit pos.management contr.Autor: Iron700 72 13/11/2007
    • FOOG RFVIVW02 Reverse settl.management contractFOOH RFVIEA00 Invoice / Credit memo ownerFOOZ SAPMF61Z Incoming Pymnts with Residual ItemsFOO1 SAPMF61C Reassign Correction ItemsFOO7 SAPMF60Y Cust.heat.costs data medium exchangFOPA RFVIEPCD0 OI Clearing on Rental AgreementsFOPB RFVICUP2 Condition types with acc./def. IDFOPD RFVICUP3 Check acc./def. reference flow typeFOPE RFVICP01 Copy reference flow typesFOPF RFVICUP4 List of reference flow typesFOP2 RFVIPLN0 Change Real Estate planningFOP3 RFVIPLN0 Display Real Estate planningFOP5 RFVIPA01 Simulate flat-rate adjustmentFOP6 RFVIPA01 Calculate flat-rate adjustmentFOP7 RFVIPA04 Activate flat-rate adjustmentFOP8 RFVIPA02 Flat-rate adjustment correspondenceFOQA RFVIMACO RE: Calculate GAR rent adj.FOQB RFVIMAEA RE: Activate GAR rent adj.FOQC RFVIMAEA RE: Display active GAR rent adj.FOQD RFVIAG01 Free garage adj.:Tenant letterFOQF RFVIMACO RE: Simulate GAR rent adj.FOQG RFVIAP01 Print rent adjustment SwitzerlandFOQH RFVIMACO RE: Calculate FAR rent adj.FOQI RFVIMAEA RE: Activate FAR rent adj.FOQJ RFVIMAEA RE: Display active FAR rent adj.FOQK RFVIFW01 Free resid. adj.: Letter to tenantFOQM RFVIMACO RE: Simulate FAR rent adj.FOQN RFVIMACO RE: Calculate rent adj. AnyCond.FOQO RFVIMAEA RE: Activate rent adj. Any.Cond.FOQP RFVIMAEA RE: Display act.rent adj.AnyCond.FOQQ RFVIFZ01 Adj. surcharges: Letter to tenantFOQS RFVIMACO RE: Simulate rent adj. AnyCond.FOQU RFVIMACO RE: Simulate MOD rent adj.FOQV RFVIMAEA RE: Activate MOD rent adj.FOQW RFVIMAEA RE: Display active MOD rent adj.FOQY RFVIMAEA RE: Reverse MOD rent adj.FOQZ RFVIMACO RE: Calculate MOD rent adj.FOQ0 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: VERGLWOHNFOQ1 SAPMF60Q FVVI: Create Ext. Compara. ApartmenFOQ2 SAPMF60Q FVVI: Change Ext. Compara. ApartmenFOQ3 SAPMF60Q FVVI: Display Ext. Compara.ApartmenFOQ4 SAPMF60Q FVVI: Delete Ext. Compara. ApartmenFOQ5 RFVIMACO RE: Simulate CH rent adj.FOQ6 RFVIMAEA RE: Activate CH rent adjustmentFOQ7 RFVIMARS Real estate: CH rent adj: Disp.res.FOQ9 RFVIMAEA RE: Rent adj. - display CHFORA RFVIMACO RE: Rent adj. - Calc.expert opin.FORB RFVIMAEA RE: Activate EXOP rent adj.FORC RFVIMAEA RE: Display act.EXOP rent adj.FORE RFVIMACO RE: Simulate EXOP rent adj.FORF RFVIGU01 Rnt adj. as res.of exp.rep.corresp.FORG RFVIMAEA RE: Reverse EXOP rent adj.FORH RFVIMACO RE: Rent adj. - Simulate CEAFORI RFVIMACO RE: Rent adj. - Calculate CEAFORJ RFVIMAEA RE: Rent adj. - Activate CEAFORK RFVIMAEA RE: Rent adj. - Reverse CEAFORL RFVIMAEA RE: Rent adj. - Display CEAFORN RFVIAN01 Rent Adj. - Print CEAAutor: Iron700 73 13/11/2007
    • FORN1 SAPLFVRN01 Change Renewal Option for ContractFORN2 SAPLFVRN01 RE: Change CN Renewal OptionFOROZ RFVIRT01 VI01 reporting tree (IPD)FORQ RFVIMACO RE: Rent adj. - Simulate areaFORS RFVIMACO RE: Rent adj. - Calculate areaFORS1 SAPLFVRS01 Maintain ResubmissionFORS2 SAPLFVRS01 Display ResubmissionFORS3 RFVIRS10 RE: Generate Resubmission DatesFORT RFVIMAEA RE: Rent adj. - Activate areaFORV RFVIMAEA RE: Rent adj. - Reverse areaFORW RFVIMAEA RE: Rent adj. - Display areaFORY RFVIAN01 RE: Rent adj. - Print areaFOR1 SAPMF60R Rooms: MaintainFOR2 SAPMF60R Rooms: DisplayFOR3 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance:FVVI_SRAUMFOR5 SAPMF60R Maintain common rooms in buildingFOR6 SAPMF60R Display common rooms in buildingFOR7 SAPMF60R Maintain rooms in RU via buildingFOR8 SAPMF60R Display rooms in RU via buildingFOSA RFVISL10 Execute debit positionFOSB RFVISL12 Debit position simulationFOSC RFVISL70 Debit position reversalFOSE RFVICUP6 Account determination listFOSF SAPMFKD0 Maintain Dunning ProcedureFOSG SAPMFKD0 Display Dunning ProcedureFOSH RFVISL41 Vacancy debit positionFOSI RFVISL41 Debit pos. unoccup.status simulatioFOSJ RFVISL70 RU-Unoccupied:Reverse debit positioFOSK RFVISL03 Vacancy Debit Position - LogFOSL RFVISL04 General Real Estate Posting LogFOSM RFVISL05 General Real Estate Posting LogFOSN RFVISL00 Real Estate - PostingFOSO SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: FVVI_RWINFOSR RFVIESR0 Replaced by transaction FVIESRFOST MENUFOST Real Estate Management master dataFOS1 RFVISLB0 Internal document entryFOS8 RFVISLB8 Single Document ReversalFOTA RFVIMEGN Rental units: Create data fileFOTB RFVIMESH Change data file rental unitsFOTC RFVIMEDI Direct input rental unitsFOTD RFVIMVGN Lease-outs: Create data fileFOTE RFVIMVSH Change data file lease-outsFOTF RFVIMVDI Direct input lease-outsFOTIOI RFVICPOI_IMG RE BDN - TI TemplatesFOTI0A BUSSTART Tenant InformationFOTI00 MENUFOTI00 Tenant Information - Config. MenuFOTI01 BUSVIEWS RETI: ActivitiesFOTI02 BUSVIEWS RETI: ApplicationsFOTI03 BUSVIEWS RETI: Screen Layout Field GroupsFOTI04 BUSVIEWS RETI: Screen Layout ViewsFOTI05 BUSVIEWS RETI: Screen Layout SectionsFOTI06 BUSVIEWS RETI: Screen Layout ScreensFOTI07 BUSVIEWS RETI: Screen SequenceFOTI08 BUSVIEWS RETI: TimesFOTI09 BUSVIEWS RETI: TablesFOTI10 BUSVIEWS RETI: GUI Functions - StandardFOTI11 BUSVIEWS RETI: GUI Functions - AdditionalFOTI12 BUSVIEWS RETI: Matchcode IDsAutor: Iron700 74 13/11/2007
    • FOTI13 BUSVIEWS RETI: Assign Screen->DB FieldFOTI14 BUSVIEWS RETI: Field Modifications - CriteriFOTI15 BUSVIEWS RETI: ApplicTransactionsFOTI16 BUSVIEWS RETI: Field Modification ActivityFOTI17 BUSVIEWS RETI: Authorizations-Author.GroupsFOTI18 BUSVIEWS RETI: Field Group AuthorizationFOTY RIVMES00 Error MessageFOT1 RIVMES00 Current VacanciesFOUA RFVIDUV1 Calculate sales settlementFOUAN RFVIDUV3N Calculate Sales SettlementFOUB RFVIDUV2 Display sales settlement historyFOUBN RFVIDUV2N Display Sales Settlement HistoryFOUC RFVIMAEA RE: Activate sales-based rent adjFOUD RFVIMAEA RE: Display act.sales-based rnt adjFOUE RFVIDUV3 Simulate sales settlementFOUEN RFVIDUV3N Simulate Sales SettlementFOUF RFVIMAEA RE: Activate USER rent adj.FOUG RFVIMAEA RE: Reverse USER rent adj.FOUH RFVIMAEA RE: Display active USER rent adj.FOUI RFVIURSE RFVI: Simulate Rent Adjustment USERFOUJ RFVIURSE RFVI: Calculate rent adjustment USRFOUK RFVIMACO RE: Simulate Meth.Comp. rent adj.FOUL RFVIMACO RE: Calculate Meth.Comp. rent adjFOUM RFVIMSUM Convers. of rep.list of rents textsFOUP RFVIMAEA RE: Reverse CH rent adj.FOUQ RFVIMAEA RE: Reverse IND rent adj.FOUR RFVIMAEA RE: Reverse CGP rent adj.FOUS RFVIMAEA RE: Reverse FAC rent adj.FOUT RFVIMAEA RE: Reverse RLR rent adj.FOUU RFVIMAEA RE: Reverse GAR rent adj.FOUV RFVIMAEA RE: Reverse FAR rent adj.FOUW RFVIMAEA RE: Reverse rent adj. AnyCondFOUX RFVIMAEA RE: Reverse sales-based rent adj.FOU1 RFVIMAEU RFVI: Rent adj. due to EURO ConversFOU2 SAPMF60U Maintain sales reportsFOU2N SAPMF60UN Maintain Sales ReportsFOU2NS SAPMF60UN Enter Sales with Condition TypesFOU3 SAPMF60U Display sales reportsFOU3N SAPMF60UN Display sales reportsFOU3NS SAPMF60UN Display Sales with Condition TypesFOU4 RFVIDUVS Reverse sales-based settlementFOU4N RFVIDUV_STORNO_Reverse Sales-Based SettlementFOU5 RFVIDUVA Sales settlement selectionFOU6 RIMUMSAJ List of sales reports per yearFOU7 RIMUMSAM List of sales reports per monthFOU8 RFVIDUV_SALES Overview of Missing Sales ReportsFOVA RIVOPTER Determination of option ratesFOVB RFVICF00 Real Est.: Update of LO Cash FlowFOVC RFVIVST9 Manual input tax treatmentFOVD RFVIVST7 Input tax trtmnt: Monthly postingsFOVE SAPLFV7V Create Lease-Out OfferFOVF SAPLFV7V Change Lease-Out OfferFOVG SAPLFV7V Display Lease-Out OfferFOVH SAPLFV7V Transfer offer to lease-outFOVI RFVIBAGA Post trivial amnts to prior periodFOVJ RFVISTOR Reverse input tax treatment runFOVK RFVIAN01 Print general rent adjustmentFOVL RFVIMVHD Overview of Lease-OutsAutor: Iron700 75 13/11/2007
    • FOVN RFVIRE41 Invoice (CH) on basis of cash flowFOVO RFVIOS01 Print owner settlementFOVP RFVIRE46 Repeat invoice (cash flow)FOVQ RFVIRE30 OIs from FI already invoicedFOVS RFVIERMV Assign Collective LO for Act. LOFOVU RFVIUA01 Print sales settlementFOVV RFVIMVVL Lease-out renewalFOVX RFVIAPRT Mass Processing of OffersFOVZ SAPMSNUM Rental Agreement Offer Number RangeFOV0 SAPMSNUM Rental agreement number rangeFOV1 SAPLFV7V Create Lease-OutFOV2 SAPLFV7V Change Lease-Out: Master DataFOV3 SAPLFV7V Display Lease-OutFOV4 SAPLFV7V Supplement Lease-OutFOV6 RFVIPA04 Activate advance payment adjustmentFOV7 SAPLFV7V Call Lease-OutFOV8 RFVIAKT0 Activate Residential Lease-OutsFOV9 RFVIAKT0 Activate Provisional AgreementsFOWB92 RFVIWI01 Rent Adj.acc. to CEA: CorrespondencFOWE SAPMF60O Business entityFOWEDI RFVIWEDI BE: Direct InputFOWEGN RFVIWEGN BE: Generate Data FileFOWESH RFVIWESH BE: Change Data FileFOWU SAPMF62W Display simplif.cost effic.analysisFOWV SAPMF62W Change Simplif.Cost Effic.AnalysisFOWW SAPMF62W Create simplif.cost effic.analysisFOWX SAPMF62W Create Cost Efficiency AnalysisFOWY SAPMF62W Change Cost Efficiency AnalysisFOWZ SAPMF62W Displ.Cost Efficiency AnalysisFOW0 SAPMSNUM Real Estate application number rangFOW1 SAPMF63W Real est. comm. application: CreateFOW2 SAPMF63W Real est. comm. application: ChangeFOW3 SAPMF63W Real est. comm. application: DisplaFOW4 SAPMF63W Real est. priv. application: CreateFOW5 SAPMF63W Real est. priv. application: ChangeFOW6 SAPMF63W Real est. priv. application: DisplaFOW7 RFVISBW1 Overview of Rental RequestsFOW8 RFVISBW1 Rent requests evaluationFOXA SAPMF69P Create brokerFOXB SAPMF69P Change brokerFOXC SAPMF69P Display brokerFOXD SAPMF69P Create ownerFOXE SAPMF69P Change ownerFOXF SAPMF69P Display ownerFOXG SAPMF69P Create tenantFOXH SAPMF69P Change tenantFOXI SAPMF69P Display tenantFOXJ SAPMF69P CreateFOXK SAPMF69P ChangeFOXL SAPMF69P DisplayFOYA RFVIKA02 Real Estate IXS Incid.Expens.SttlmnFOYB RFVIIN01 Invoice for Rent: First PrintFOYC RFVIIR01 Invoice for Rent: Repeat PrintFOYS RFVISTIF Status- and transaction controlFOZA RFVKONTM Acct determ. for LOFOZB RFVKONTM Customiz.Real Est.post.interfaceFOZC RFVKONTM Customizing post.interface REstMgmtFOZD RFVIZWT10 Change Payment Method; Bank DetailsAutor: Iron700 76 13/11/2007
    • FOZ0 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: FVVI_ZAEHFOZ1 SAPMF60Z Rental unit: Applications allocatioFOZ2 SAPMF60Z Rent request allocationFO01 MENUFO01 Real estate management leasingFO03 MENUFO03FO04 MENUFO04FO05 MENUFO05FO08 RFVIVST5 Reversal input tax distributionFO1B SAPMF60G Create expert reportFO1C SAPMF60G Change expert reportFO1D SAPMF60G Display expert reportFO1E RFVIEA00 Owner SettlementFO1F RFVIEA01 Owner Account Settlement ReversalFO1G SAPMF600 Correction Items RetirementFO1I RFVIMG00 Post-generate settlement particip.FO1J SAPMF601 Corr.item transfer within assetFO1K SAPMF602 Reverse CI transfer within assetFO1L RFVIRUEK Repost Input Tax AdjustmentsFO10 MENUFO10 Reserved for real estateFO11 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: Land reg.FO12 SAPL0VIC Field status: Management contractFO13 RFVIGN01 Activate Settlement UnitFO13U RFVIGN01 Activate Settlement UnitFO14 SAPMF60A Land register: DisplayFO15 SAPMF60A Land register: ChangeFO16 SAPMF60A Land register: CreateFO18 SAPMF60A Land register: Parameters via MEM IFO19 SAPMF60A Land register: Parameter trnsfr tesFO20 MENUFO20 Reserved for real estateFO21 SAPMF60B Create business entityFO22 SAPMF60B Change business entityFO23 SAPMF60B Display business entityFO24 RFVIZEN0 Follow-up post. inc.pmnt rejectionsFO25 SAPSNUM Number Range for Business EntityFO27 SAPSNUM Number Range for PropertyFO28 SAPSNUM Number Range for BuildingFO29 RFVISPF0 Reset transaction blockFO3C SAPLKO71 Real estate CO settlementFO3K SAPMFKM0 Maintain automatic postings accountFO3L RFVIAR37 Read lease-out flow archiveFO30 SAPLFV7V Maintain lease-outFO31 SAPMF60C Create propertyFO32 SAPMF60C Change propertyFO33 SAPMF60C Display propertyFO35 SAPMF60D Create buildingFO36 SAPMF60D Change buildingFO37 SAPMF60D Display buildingFO38 SAPMF61F Change RA: Conds of Active ContractFO4B SAPMMCSC Stand.settings rental agreemnt analFO4C SAPMMCSC Stand.settings rental agreemnt analFO4D SAPMMCSC Stand.Settings Bus.Entity AnalysisFO4E SAPMMCSC Standard settings property analysisFO4F SAPMMCSC Standard settings building analysisFO4G RFVIRT12 Reporting tree VI12FO4H RFVIRT13 Reporting tree VI13FO4I RFVIRT14 Reporting tree VI14FO4J RFVIRT15 Reporting tree VI15FO4K RFVIRT16 VI16 report treeAutor: Iron700 77 13/11/2007
    • FO4L SAPMKCC0 Mainten.curr.conversion type TMRFO4M RKCTRTX1 Translation Tool - Drilldown ReportFO4N SAPMSNUM Number range maint.: RE_INVOICEFO4O SAPMMCSC Stand.settings partner analysisFO4P RFVI4010 Partner analysis-new selectionFO4Q SAPMMCSC Std settings land register analysisFO4W SAPMKCB9 Test monitor - Real Estate reportsFO4Y RFVIAR47 Read lease-out archiveFO40 MENUFO40 Reserved for real estateFO49 RFVIIDX0 Check index for real estateFO5O RKKBJBIN Import reportsFO5P RKKBBGEN Generate reportsFO5Q RFVI4060 Rental Units Standard AnalysisFO5T RFVI4070 Lease-Out Analysis: New SelectionFO5V RFVIIS01 Print New LO Number CorrespondenceFO6A SAPMF60Y Real estate field status applicatioFO6B SAPMF60Y Display real est. applic.fld selectFO6D SAPMF61A Set delete flag for CUFO6E SAPMF60Y Change co-applicant field selectionFO6F SAPMF60Y Display co-applicant field selectioFO6G SAPMSNUM No.range maintenance: FVVI_VWVTRFO6I RFVIRT11 Reporting tree VI11FO6J SAPMKKB5 Maintain Real Estate Report TreeFO60 MENUFO60 Reserved for real estateFO61 SAPMF61A Create settlement unitFO61U SAPMF61A Create Master Settlement UnitFO62 SAPMF61A Change settlement unitFO62U SAPMF61A Change Master Settlement UnitFO63 SAPMF61A Display settlement unitFO63U SAPMF61A Display Master Settlement UnitFO65 RIVAEP05 Overview of Settlement UnitsFO66 RFVIGN01 Overview cost collectors for SUFO67 RFVIAE06 SU Overview for Rental UnitFO7P RFVI4040 Property Standard AnalysisFO7Q RFVI4050 Buildings Standard AnalysisFO7R RFVIRT10 Reporting tree VI10FO7S RKDBAT02 Maintain Batch VariantsFO7T SAPMMCSC Rental unit analysis user settingsFO7U SAPMMCSC Rntl agrmnt analysis user settingsFO7V RFVI4080 Standard analysis land registerFO7Y RFVIMK01 Tenant acct evaluationFO70 MENUFO70 Reserved for real estateFO77 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: FVVI_NKSEFO79 SAPMF61U Maintain Rent Adjustm.HistoryFO8A RFVISLA0 Real est. trans.records accr./deferFO8B RFVISLA7 RealEstate accr./defer.- ReversalFO8C SAPLKO71 Real Estate CO Indiv. SettlementFO8D RFVIVST4 Report: Displ.inp.tax distributionsFO8DA RFVIIM00 Input Tax DistributionFO8DB RFVIIM00 Input Tax Distribution PostingFO8DM RFVIIM00 Input Tax Distribution ReversalFO8DN RFVIIM00 Input Tax Distribution LogFO8E SAPMF62E Create admin.contract eventFO8F SAPMF62E Change admin.contract eventFO8G SAPMF62E Display admin.contract eventFO8H RFVIVW01 Admin.costs acct sttlmnt simulationFO8I RFVIVW01 Management Costs SettlementFO8J SAPMSNUM No.range maintenance:FVVI_VWEVTAutor: Iron700 78 13/11/2007
    • FO8K RFVISLA0 Carry out real estate accr./defer.FO8L RFVIBE01 Changed Option Rate RatiosFO8N RFVIBE03 OptRte-Relevant Changes RU / LOFO8P RFVIHZ10 Reset D tape dataFO8Q RFVIZL01 Incoming payments by posting dateFO8R SAPMF61A Reset delete flag for SUFO8S RFVIPM00 Create measurement doc.FO8T RFVIPM00 Change Measurement DocumentFO8U RFVIPM00 Display Measurement DocumentFO8V SAPLIMR0 Collective Entry of MeasDocumentsFO8W RIIMR020 Change Measurement DocumentsFO8X RIIMR020 Display Measurement DocumentsFO8Y SAPLIMR0 Collective Entry of MeasDocumentsFO8Z RIIMR020 Change Measurement DocumentsFO80 RFVISL03 RA debit positions - LogFO81 SAPMF61U Display Rent Adjustm.HistoryFO82 SAPMF62M Create Management ContractFO83 SAPMF62M Change Management ContractFO84 SAPMF62M Display management contractFO85 RFVIVS01 Simulate debit position/man.contracFO86 SAPMF62M Change active admin.contract feesFO87 SAPMF61F Change cond.act.cntrcts for bckgrndFO88 RFVIVS01 Management contract debit positionFO9A RIIMR020 Display Measurement DocumentsFO9B RFVIPM00 Create measurement doc.FO9C RFVIPM00 Change Measurement DocumentFO9D RFVIPM00 Display Measurement DocumentFO9E RFVIPM01 Collective Entry of MeasDocumentsFO9F RFVIRT01 Call reporting tree VI01FO9G RFVIRT02 Call reporting tree VI02FO9H RFVIRT03 Call reporting tree VI03FO9I RFVIRT04 Call reporting tree VI04FO9J RFVIRT05 Call reporting tree VI05FO9K RFVIRBIM Import Reports from ClientFO9L RFVIRFIM Import Forms from Client 000FO9M RKCOBTR2 Transport reportsFO9N RKCOBTR4 Transport FormsFO9O RKDREOBE Overview of ReportsFO9P SAPMMCSV Real estate: Create select.versionFO9Q SAPMMCSV Real estate: Change select. versionFO9R SAPMMCSV Real estate: Display select.versionFO9S SAPMMCSV Real estate: Schedule select.versioFO9T RMCSSLVS Selection Version Tree Real EstateFO9U RMCSSLVS User-Spec. Sel.Vers.Tree Real EstatFO9V RFVIRT06 Reporting tree VI06FO9W RFVIRT07 Reporting tree VI07FO9X RKKBRPTR Maintain report selectionFO9Y RFVI4020 Business Entities Standard AnalysisFO9Z RFVIRT09 Reporting tree VI09FO91 RFVIRTCP VICP report treeFO94 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance:FVVI_BEBEFO95 SAPMF61C Create correction itemsFO96 SAPMF61C Change correction itemsFO97 SAPMF61C Display correction itemsFO98 SAPMF61C Delete correction itemsFPS3 RFEBKA40 Intraday StatmentFQUD RFQUER01 Customer QueriesFQUK RFQUER01 Vendor QueriesAutor: Iron700 79 13/11/2007
    • FQUS RFQUER01 G/L Account QueriesFRCA SAPMF08A Settlement calendarFRC0 SAPLFRC1 Display Profit Center -> FM AcctAssFRC1 SAPLFRC1 Maintain Cost Element -> FM Act AsgFRC2 SAPLFRC1 Display Cost Element -> FM Acct AsgFRC3 SAPLFRC1 Maintain Cost Center -> FM Act AsgmFRC4 SAPLFRC1 Display Cost Center -> FM Acct AsgmFRC5 SAPLFRC1 Maintain Order -> FM Acct AssgmntFRC6 SAPLFRC1 Display Order -> FM Acct AssgmntFRC7 SAPLFRC1 Maintain WBS Element -> FM Act AsgmFRC8 SAPLFRC1 Display WBS Element -> FM Acct AsgmFRC9 SAPLFRC1 Maintain Profit Center -> FM ActAsgFRD1 SAPLFRC1 Maintain G/L Account -> Commt ItemFRD2 SAPLFRC1 Display G/L Account -> Commt ItemFRFT RFIBLFPAY Rapid Entry with Repetitive CodeFRFT_B FIBL_FRFT Repetitive Codes: Payment to BanksFRFT2 RFEBRFT2 Repetitive fast entry formFRHU2 SAPLVHUDIAL Random creation of HUsFRH1 SAPLKBPH Loc.Auth.: Enter Budget ReleaseFRH2 SAPLKBPH Loc.Auth.: Enter Local BlockFRH5 SAPLKBPB No longer usedFRH7 RFFMCOVTRANS Transfer of Residl Bdgts from CoverFRML02 RCPP_DUMMY_EHS Edit FormulaFRML03 RCPP_DUMMY_EHS Display FormulaFRML04 RCPP_DUMMY_EHS Formula Information SystemFRMN MENUFRMN Credit ManagementFR01 SAPMKBUD Change original commitmentsFR02 SAPMKBUD Display original commitmentsFR04 SAPMKBUD Change original paymentsFR05 SAPMKBUD Display original paymentsFR07 SAPMKBUD Change Release for Commitment BdgtFR08 SAPMKBUD Display Release CommitmentsFR10 SAPMKBUD Change Release for Payment BdgtFR11 SAPMKBUD Display Release PaymentsFR15 SAPMKBUD Change Supplement CommitmentsFR16 SAPMKBUD Display Supplement CommitmentsFR19 SAPMKBUD Change Supplement PaymentsFR20 SAPMKBUD Display Supplement PaymentsFR23 SAPMKBUD Change Return CommitmentsFR24 SAPMKBUD Display Return CommitmentsFR27 SAPMKBUD Change Return PaymentsFR28 SAPMKBUD Display Return PaymentsFR50 RFFMISPS Enter Original BudgetFR51 RFFMISPS Enter ReleaseFR52 RFFMISPS Enter SupplementFR53 RFFMISPS Enter ReturnFR54 RFFMISPS Distribute Original BudgetFR55 RFFMISPS Distribute ReleaseFR56 RFFMISPS Distribute SupplementFR57 RFFMISPS Distribute ReturnFR58 RFFMISPS PostFR59 RFFMISPS Change documentFR60 RFFMISPS Display DocumentFR61 RFFMISPS Park Original BudgetFR62 RFFMISPS Park ReleaseFR63 RFFMISPS Park SupplementFR64 RFFMISPS Park ReturnFR65 RFFMISPS Park Original Budget DistributionAutor: Iron700 80 13/11/2007
    • FR66 RFFMISPS Park Release DistributionFR67 RFFMISPS Park Supplement DistributionFR68 RFFMISPS Park Return DistributionFR69 RFFMISPS Park TransferFR70 RFFMISPS Post Parked DocumentFR71 RFFMISPS Cancel Parked DocumentFR72 RFFMISPS Display Parked DocumentFR73 RFFMISPS Change Parked DocumentFR81 RFFMISPS Loc.Auth.: Budget ReductionFR86 RFFMISPS Loc.Auth.: Enter Residual BudgetFR87 RFFMISPS Distribute Budget Types with ReleasFR88 RFFMREL1 FM: Loc.Auth.: Mass ReleaseFR89 RFFMISPS Reverse DocumentFR90 RFFMISPS Loc.auth: Distribute budget typesFR91 RFFMISPS Loc.Auth.: Transfer with auto. rel.FR92 RFFMREL2 Reconstruction of Release GroupsFSCD CHDOC_LIST Change Document ListFSE2 RFGSBSTR Change Financial Statement VersionFSE3 RFGSBSTR Display Financial Statement VersionFSE4 SAPMF02E Planning PreparationFSE5 SAPMF02E Maintain PlanningFSE5N SAPMF02E Maintain PlanningFSE6 SAPMF02E Display PlanningFSE6N SAPMF02E Display PlanningFSE7 SAPMF02E Maint.Fin.Statemnt Forgn Lang.TextsFSE8 SAPMF02E Display Forgn Lang Fin.Statmnt TextFSE9 SAPMF02E Automatic Financial Statement FormFSF1 SAPMF08A Financial CalendarFSIB RKDBAT02 Background processingFSIC SAPMKCC0 Maintain Currency Translation TypeFSIG RKE_CALL_VC_TKEBalance Sheet Reports Criteria GrouFSIK RFBRFSIK Maintain Key FiguresFSIM SAPMKCB9 Report MonitorFSIO RKCOBTR2 Transport reportsFSIP RKCOBTR4 Transport formsFSIQ RKCOBTR3 Import reports from client 000FSIR RKCOBTR5 Import forms from client 000FSIT RKCTRTX1 Translation Tool - Drilldown ReportFSIV RKES0101 Maintain Global VariableFSIX RKDREOBE Reorganize Drilldown ReportsFSIY RKDREODA Reorganize report dataFSIZ RKDREOFO Reorganize formsFSI0 SAPMKCEE Execute reportFSI1 SAPMKCEE Create ReportFSI2 SAPMKCEE Change ReportFSI3 SAPMKCEE Display ReportFSI4 SAPMKES1 Create FormFSI5 SAPMKES1 Change FormFSI6 SAPMKES1 Display FormFSMN MENUFSMNFSM1 SAPMF02H Create Sample AccountFSM2 SAPMF02H Change Sample AccountFSM3 SAPMF02H Display Sample AccountFSM4 SAPMF01A Sample Account ChangesFSM5 SAPF053R Delete Sample AccountFSO2 SAPMF02E Change Finan.Statement Vers. (old)FSO3 SAPMF02E Display Finan.Statement Vers. (Old)FSP0 SAPGL_ACCOUNT_MG/L acct master record in chrt/acctAutor: Iron700 81 13/11/2007
    • FSP1 SAPMF02H Create Master Record in Chart/AcctsFSP2 SAPMF02H Change Master Record in Chart/AcctsFSP3 SAPMF02H Display Master Record in Chart/AcctFSP4 SAPMF01A G/L Account Changes in Chart/AcctsFSP5 SAPMF02H Block Master Record in Chart/AcctsFSP6 SAPMF02H Mark Mast.Rec.for Del.in Chart/AcctFSRD RFVDCH01 Loans Regulatory Reporting CHFSRG RFTBCH01 Money Mkt Regulatory Reporting CHFSRW RFVWCH01 Securities Regulatory Reporting CHFSSA SAPF130 Display Bal.Confirmatns Sel.CriteriFSSP SAPF130 Change Bal.Confirmatns Sel.CriteriaFSS0 SAPGL_ACCOUNT_MG/L account master record in co codFSS1 SAPMF02H Create Master Record in Company CodFSS2 SAPMF02H Change Master Record in Company CodFSS3 SAPMF02H Display Master Record in Comp.CodeFSS4 SAPMF01A G/L Account Changes in Company CodeFST2 SAPMF02H Maintain Account NameFST3 SAPMF02H Display Account NameFS00 SAPGL_ACCOUNT_MG/L acct master record maintenanceFS01 SAPMF02H Create Master RecordFS02 SAPMF02H Change Master RecordFS03 SAPMF02H Display Master RecordFS04 SAPMF01A G/L Account Changes (Centrally)FS05 SAPMF02H Block Master RecordFS06 SAPMF02H Mark Master Record for DeletionFS10 SAPMF42B G/L Account BalanceFS10N RFGLBALANCE Balance DisplayFS10NA RFGLBALANCE Display BalancesFTBP1 BUSSTART Create business partnerFTBP2 BUSSTART Create business partnerFTBP3 BUSSTART Create business partnerFTEX RVFTFTEX Exp.bill.doc.analysisFTGR RVFTFTWE Import Gds Receipt AnalysisFTIM RVFTFTIM Import Order AnalysisFTR_00 RFTR_COLLECTIVECollective ProcessingFTRCL RFIDTRCLACCL7 Closing of Expense AccountsFTR01 SAPMSNUM Maintain Number RangesFTR02 RFIDTRWEKO Bill of Exchange ListFTR03 RFIDTRBOE1 Bill of Exchange TransactionsFTR04 RFIDTRBOE2 Reversal of Bill TransactionsFTR05 RFTR_BOE_REPRINPrintout of Transaction RecordsFTR06 RFIDTRINFL Inflation Adj. of Monetary ItemsFTUS RVFTUSER Foreign Trade: Maintain User DataFTWA RTXWCF01 Extract dataFTWB RTXWCF10 Retrieve archived dataFTWC RTXWMG01 Merge extractsFTWCF RTXWCATF Field catalogFTWCS RTXWCATS Segment catalogFTWD RTXWCHK2 Verify data extract checksumsFTWE RTXWCHK11 Verify control totals (FI documentsFTWE1 RTXWCHK4 Verify all FI control totalsFTWF RTXWQU01 Data extract browserFTWH RTXWQU03 Data view queriesFTWI RTXWBTCH Create background jobFTWJ RTXWDROP Clear data retrieved from archivesFTWK RTXWDELF Delete extractsFTWL RTXWLOG2 Display extract logFTWM RTXWCF05 Rebuild data extractAutor: Iron700 82 13/11/2007
    • FTWN RTXWVWL2 Display view query logFTWP SAPMTXWC Settings for data extractionFTWQ RTXWSEGS Configure data file data segmentsFTWR RTXWSIZE File size worksheetFTWS RTXWTASK Transport configuration and logsFTWW RTXWLS01 List segment informationFTWY SAPMTXWV Maintain data file viewFTW0 MENUFTW0 Tax data retention and reportingFTW1A RTXWCF02 Extract DataFTXA SAPMF82T Display Tax CodeFTXP SAPMF82T Maintain Tax CodeFVBTEP RFVIBTEP BTE Process Text Module for REFVCP RPRFVCPY Copy Program for Form VariantsFVE3 RFVWBEW1 Foreign Exchange ValuationFVE4 RFVWNWUM Quotation Currency ConversionFVE7 RFVWBWS1 Reverse Forex ValuationFVIESR RFVIESR0 RE: Import POR data (Switzerland)FVIQ RFVIMISB Legacy data transfer of compos.rateFVIR RF66IDEL Legcy Data Trnsfr:Reset Option RateFVI5 RFVIKA00 Electronic rent collectionFVOE RF66EDTD Edit Transfer Table. Opt.RatesFVOI RF66IMPD Create Transfer Table Opt.RatesFVOP RF66PUTD Transfer Opt.Rates to Prod.SystemFVVC RF66VSTC Transfer input tax correct.valuesFVVD RF66VSTM Lgcy Data Reset Inp.Tax.Correct.ValFVVE RFVIMISA Data Transfer Input Tax CorrectionFVZA RFVVZAL1 Inflow/outflow list reportFV02 RFVIVST2 Reversal of Correction ItemsFV08 RFVIVST8 Reverse input tax treatment runFV11 SAPMV13A Create conditionFV12 SAPMV13A Change conditionFV13 SAPMV13A Display conditionFV50 SAPMF05A Park G/L Account ItemsFV53 SAPMF05A Display Parked G/L Account DocumentFV60 SAPMF05A Park Incoming InvoicesFV63 SAPMF05A Displayed Parked Vendor DocumentFV65 SAPMF05A Park Incoming InvoicesFV70 SAPMF05A Enter Outgoing InvoicesFV73 SAPMF05A Display Parked Customer DocumentFV75 SAPMF05A Park Outgoing Credit NotesFW MENUFW00 FW.. reserved for VV-SecuritiesFW-1 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: FVVW_ANLAFW-2 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: FVVW_BEKIFW-3 SAPMSNUM Number range maint.: FVVW_ORDERFW-4 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: FVVW_PNNRFW-5 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: FVVW_KMNRFW-6 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: FVVW_KMNRFW-7 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: FVVW_PODOFW-8 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: FVVW_KOBJFWAA RFPM_AMORTIZED_Execute AmortizationFWAB RFVWABG0 Securities accruals/deferralsFWACR RFPM_REVERSE_AMReverse AmortizationFWAR RFVWABG1 Securities accr/defer. resetFWAS RFVWABG4 Reverse accrual/deferralFWBA SAPMF69N BAV Transfer/Securities Init. ScreeFWBC SAPMF69N BAV Info. - Securities Init. ScreenFWBJ RFVWPOJR Posting journalFWBK SAPMF64H Balance sheet transferAutor: Iron700 83 13/11/2007
    • FWBS SAPMF64Z Manual postingFWCP CALCULATE_POSITCalculate PositionFWDG RZKLGAT1 Class informationFWDP RFVWDPR0 Securities account listFWDS TRS_SEC_ACC_TRAReverse Securities Account TransferFWDU TRS_SEC_ACC_TRASecurities TransferFWER SAPLFVER Exercise Security RightsFWIK RFVWDEP0 Create Securities Account StatementFWIW RFVWINF2 Securities informationFWKB RFVWKMBU_NEU Post corporate actionFWKS RFVWKMST_NEU Reverse corporate actionFWK0 SAPMF64R Edit corporate actionFWLL TPM_LEGAL_LIMITProportion of Equity and Voting RepFWMY MENUFWMY Securities managementFWOA SAPMF64O Execute orderFWOB SAPMF64O Settle order executionFWOC SAPMF64O Settle orderFWOE SAPMF64Z Reverse PostingFWOEZ TRS_ZE_REVERSE Reverse Debit PositionFWOF SAPMF64O Change transactionFWOG SAPMF64O Display transactionFWOH SAPMF64O Settle transactionFWOI SAPMF64O Display posted order settlementFWOK SAPMF64O Display reversed settlementFWOP SAPMF64S Update Flows from Oper. Valn AreaFWOS SAPMF64O Reverse order settlementFWO0 SAPMF64S Display Flows from Oper. Valn AreaFWO1 SAPMF64O Create orderFWO2 SAPMF64O Change orderFWO3 SAPMF64O Display orderFWO4 SAPMF64O Create order executionFWO5 SAPMF64O Change order executionFWO6 SAPMF64O Display order executionFWO7 SAPMF64O Create order settlementFWO8 SAPMF64O Change order settlementFWO9 SAPMF64O Display order settlementFWPA RFVWPAB2 Period-end closingFWPL RFPM_PERIOD_ENDDisplay Last Period-End ClosingFWPR RFPM_PA_RESET Reset Period-End ClosingFWRZ RFVWRLZ0 Remaining Term StatisticsFWR1 SAPLFVVL Customizing Acct Assignm. Refer.(MoFWSB RFVWBEW0 Rate/price valnFWSO RTPM_TRS_POST_AAutomatic debit positionFWSS RFVWBWS0 Reverse Rate/Price ValuationFWSU SAPMF64H Reverse Balance Sheet TransferFWTU RFVWWDV1 Securities Deadline MonitoringFWUP RTPM_TRS_UPDATEUpdate Planned RecordsFWZA RFTBBC00 TR Securities: Account DeterminatioFWZB RFTBBC00 Treasury: Acct Deter. SEC Transact.FWZE SAPMF64Z Manual debit positionFWZZ SECURITY_START Maintain class master dataFW17 SAPMF64P Maintain security priceFW18 SAPMF64P Display security priceFW20 SAPMF64L Create sec.acctFW21 SAPMF64L Display securities accountFW22 SAPMF64B Create CoCd Position IndicatorsFW22A SAPMF64B Create Sec. Acct Position IndicatorFW23 SAPMF64B Change CoCd Position IndicatorsAutor: Iron700 84 13/11/2007
    • FW23A SAPMF64B Change Sec. Acct Position IndicatorFW24 SAPMF64B Display CoCd Position IndicatorsFW24A SAPMF64B Display Sec.Acct Position IndicatorFW26 SAPMF64L Change sec.acctFXIB RKDBAT02 Background ProcessingFXIC SAPMKCC0 Maintain Currency Translation TypeFXIK RFBRFSIK Maintain Key FiguresFXIM SAPMKCB9 Report MonitorFXIO RKCOBTR2 Transport ReportsFXIP RKCOBTR4 Transport FormsFXIQ RKCOBTR3 Import Reports from Client 000FXIR RKCOBTR5 Import Forms from Client 000FXIT RKCTRTX1 Translation Tool - Drilldown ReportFXIV RKES0101 Maintain Global VariableFXIX RKDREOBE Reorganize Drilldown ReportsFXIY RKDREODA Reorganize Report DataFXIZ RKDREOFO Reorganize FormsFXI0 SAPMKCEE Execute ReportFXI1 SAPMKCEE Create ReportFXI2 SAPMKCEE Change ReportFXI3 SAPMKCEE Display ReportFXI4 SAPMKES1 Create FormFXI5 SAPMKES1 Change FormFXI6 SAPMKES1 Display FormFXMN SAPMOPFI Call Additional Components (FDMN)FYMN SAPMOPFI Call Additional Components (IMG)FZ-1 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: FVV_DEBITFZ-2 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: FVV_PARTNFZ-3 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: FVV_VORGFZ-4 SAPMSNUM No.range maintenance:FVV_ADRNRFZ-5 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: FVV_OBJNRFZ-6 SAPMSNUM No.range maintenance:FVV_PARTIDFZBA SAPL0B6D Transact. types relationship tab.-DFZBB SAPL0B06 Transact.types relationship tab.-DWFZBC SAPL0B06 Transact types relationship tab. -DFZBD SAPL0BBB Alloc. prog. transaction types - DDFZBE SAPL0BBB Alloc. prog. transaction types - DWFZBG SAPL0CUR Ratio Table for For.Exch Rate ConveFZBH SAPL0CUR Exchange Rate Calculation IndicatorFZBI RFVZBAV0_CORE BAV Reporting - Real EstateFZBK SAPL0BL2 Debit form type FVV/DDFZBL SAPL0DBL Form Line Items FVV/DDFZBM SAPL0V5A Darwin Real Estate Objects FVVFZBN SAPL0Z21 BAV Control of Cost ElementsFZBO SAPL0Z24 Classification of Contracting PartyFZBP SAPL0Z2B Contracting Party/Class RelatnshipsFZBU SAPL037M Customizing Status TransferFZBV SAPL0PB3 Selection for status transfers - DDFZBW SAPL0PB3 Selection for status transfers - DWFZBY SAPL0PB3 Selection for status transfers - DIFZBZ RFVZBAV0 BAV Stat.reporting PRF-12FZB4 RFVZBAV0 List of trusteesFZB5 RFVZBAV0 StatementsFZB6 RFVZBAV0 Control Parameters for BAV StatemenFZB7 RFVZBAV0_CORE StatementsFZB8 RFVZBAV0 BAV-Lists Securities ControlFZB9 RFVZBAV0 Control prem.reserve fund lists DAFZCA SAPL0ZBA Maintain Ownership ShareAutor: Iron700 85 13/11/2007
    • FZCB SAPL0ZBB Flow types relationship keysFZCC SAPL0C37 Maintain VV Status DefinitionFZCD SAPL0M37 Maintain Int. Status Delivery MatriFZCE SAPL0WP1 Maintain Condition Type (DW)FZCF SAPL0K01 Maintain Condition Type (DD)FZCG SAPL0WP1 Maintain Condition Group (DW)FZCJ SAPL0PAD Maintain Product Types-DD (Gen.dataFZCK SAPL0PBD Maintain Product Types-DD(CoCd DataFZCU RFVVVIEW Customizing Initial TransactionFZCY RFVSOZI0 Determine Special InterestFZC4 SAPL0Z01 Maintain RatingsFZC5 SAPL0Z02 Maintain Legal EntityFZC6 SAPL0PAW Maintain Product Types-DW (Gen.dataFZC7 SAPL0PBW Maintain Product Types-DW(CoCd dataFZC8 SAPL0Z12 Maintain Changes in Net AssetsFZC9 SAPL0B03 Maintain Valuation TypesFZD4 SAPLSVIM VV Plausibility ChecksFZID SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: FVVZ_IDENFZKB RFVDABBG Clear Trivial Amnts for Cons. LoansFZKL RFVDKOGL Account Clearing LoansFZLR RFVLST10 VV Returned debit memosFZMN MENUFZMN Treasury Management basic functionsFZM4 MENUFZM4 Treasury Mgmt information systemFZNB RFVDZNB1 Payment PostprocessingFZPA SAPMF69P Create Partner in RoleFZPB SAPMF69P Change Partner in RoleFZPC SAPMF69P Display Partner in RoleFZPD SAPMF69X Edit bus.partner in roleFZPE SAPMF69X Change customer (hidden)FZPF RFVDSBT0 Partner payment detailsFZP0 MENUFZP0FZP1 SAPMF69P Create Natural PersonFZP2 SAPMF69P Create Legal PersonFZP3 SAPMF69P Change PartnerFZP4 SAPMF69P Display PartnerFZP5 SAPMF69X Choose PartnerFZP6 SAPMF69X Create Legal PersonFZR1 SAPMF67P Create Rating AgencyFZR2 SAPMF67P Change Rating AgencyFZR3 SAPMF67P Display Rating AgencyFZUA RFVDMAZNB Auto. Process Unscheduled RepaymentFZW1 SAPMF69W Create Messages / MAILSFZW2 SAPMF69W Change Messages / MAILFZW3 SAPMF69W Display Messages / MAILFZW4 SAPMF69W Delete Messages / MAILFZW7 RFVVWD01 Dates OverviewFZXR MSTTZB08 Flow types per posting applicationFZ02 SAPLFVVZ BAV Data ANL; AEN; ANZFZ03 SAPLFVVZ BAV Data ANL; AEN; ANZ Real EstateFZ04 RFVZISIS IS-IS: Display Current ISIS VersionFZ10 RFVZBAV0 Loans: Circular R5/97FZ11 RFVZBAV0 Securities: Circular R5/97FZ12 RFVZBAV0_CORE Circular R5/95 Real EstateFZ13 RFVZBAV0 Money Market: Circular R5/97FZ14 RFVZBAV0 Access PRF-0 for Eq.-Linked Life.InFZ19 RFVVVIEW Customizing Release Object Active IFZ41 RFVVVIEW Customizing Internal Partner RoleFZ45 RFVVVIEW Customizing Partner Install. Param.Autor: Iron700 86 13/11/2007
    • FZ5A RFVZ5AWV AWV statement Z5 and Z5a page 1FZ59 RFVVVIEW Customizing BAV Group 101 (Secur.)FZ60 RFVVVIEW Customizing BAV Group 101 (Loans)FZ61 RFVVVIEW Customizing BAV Group 101 (Real EstFZ63 RFVVVIEW Customizing BAV Group 102 (Secur.)FZ64 RFVVVIEW Customizing BAV Group 102 (Real EstFZ66 RFVVVIEW Customizing PRF number (Real est.)FZ67 RFVVVIEW Customizing Sub-section (Securit.)FZ68 RFVVVIEW Customizing Sub-section (Real Est.)FZ69 RFVVVIEW Customizing BAV Group 501 (Loans)FZ70 RFVVVIEW Customizing BAV Group 501 (Secur.)FZ71 RFVVVIEW Customizing BAV Group 501 (Real EstFZ75 RFVVVIEW Customizing BAV Group 201 (Loans)FZ76 RFVVVIEW Customizing BAV Group 201 (Secur.)FZ77 RFVVVIEW Customizing BAV Group 201 (Real EstFZ78 RFVVVIEW Customizing BAV Group R11/76 (LoansFZ79 RFVVVIEW Customizing BAV Group 11/76 (Secur.FZ80 RFVVVIEW Customizing BAV Grp R11/76 (RealEstFZ81 RFVVVIEW Customizing BAV Group R2/87 (Loans)FZ82 RFVVVIEW Customizing BAV Group R2/87 (Secur.FZ83 RFVVVIEW Customizing BAV Grp R2/87 (Real EstFZ85 RFVVVIEW Customizing Asset Type DV3/DV8 (SecFZ86 RFVVVIEW Cust. Asset Type DV3/DV8 (Real Est)FZ92 RFVVVIEW Customizing default-ProdTyp/CoCd(DWFZ93 RFVVVIEW Customizing Default-ProdTyp/CoCd(DIFZ94 RFVVVIEW Customizing Default Value PART (DD)FZ95 RFVVVIEW Customizing Default Value PART (DW)FZ96 RFVVVIEW Customizing Default Value PART (DI)F00 RSSOSO00 SAPoffice: Short MessageF000 MENUF000 AccountingF01N RFVISL71 Debit Position LO Single ReversalF01O RFVISL71 Vacancy RU single reversalF01P RFVISL71 Accruals/deferrals single reversalF01Q RFVISL71 Debit position MC single reversalF01R RFVISL71 MC settlement single reversalF01S RFVISL71 Reversal of Periodic PostingsF01T RFVISL71 Reverse General Contract Accr./Def.F010 SAPF010 ABAP/4 Reporting: Fiscal Year ChangF04N SAPF100 Vendor Foreign Currency ValuationF05N SAPF100 Customer Foreign Currency ValuationF06N SAPF100 Foreign Currency Val. (G/L AccountsF101 SAPF101 ABAP/4 Reporting: Balance Sheet AdjF103 SAPF103 ABAP/4 Reporting: Transfer ReceivblF104 SAPF104 ABAP/4 Reporting: Receivbls ProvisnF107 SAPF107V FI Valuation RunF11CS SAPLF11Y Config.TR Display Payment ProgramF11CU SAPLF11Y Config.TR Maintain Payment ProgramF110 SAPF110V Parameters for Automatic PaymentF110S SAPMS38M Automatic Scheduling of Payment ProF111 SAPF111V Parameters for Payment of PRequestF13E SAPMS38M ABAP/4 Report: Automatic ClearingF15 MENUF15 F15 InterfaceF150 SAPF150V Dunning RunF8BH RFFMB001 Inconsistencies T042I and T042YF8BS RFPRQSHD Detail display of payment requestsF8BT RFPRQSHW Display Payment RequestsF8BU RFPRQZLP Create payment runs automaticallyF8BV RFPRQRVS Reversal of Bank-to-Bank TransfersAutor: Iron700 87 13/11/2007
    • F8BW RFPRQUCL Reset Cleared Items: Payt RequestsF8BX RFPRQPAY Online PaymentF8BZ MENUF8BZ F111 CustomizingF8M1 RFFMINTCALC Calculate Penalty SurchargeF8O0 RFFMKWO1 Delete Assignment Cust./Obj/Rev.TypF8O1 RFFMKWO2 Master Data Objects: Delete DataF8O7 RFFMPSO6 Prepare Archiving of Temp. WaiverF8P0 RFFMKWD0 Spplt Dnng Proc. Assgt to Dnng AreaF8P1 RFFMKWD1 Change Dnng Proc. Asst to Dnng AreaF8P2 RFFMKWD2 Dunning Block in Customer Line ItemF8P3 RFFMKWO3 Delete Assignment Cust./Rev.TypeF8P4 RFFMKWO4 Delete Customer Execution DataF8P5 RFFMKWO5 Delete Subldgr Account PreprocessinF8P6 RFFMPSOIS Assign SL acct to SL prep. programF8Q1 RFFMPSO1 Create Recurring Payment RequestF8Q2 RFFMPSO1 Create Recurring Acceptance RequestF8Q3 RFFMPSO1 Change Standing RequestF8Q4 RFFMPSO1 Display Standing RequestF8Q5 RFFMPSO1 Release Standing RequestF8Q6 RFFMKG02 Delete Standing RequestF8Q7 RFFMPSO2 Post Standing RequestF8Q8 RFFMKG01 Create Posting DocumentsF8Q9 RFFMKG03 Requests from Down PaymentsF8REL RFIBLOPAYREL Release of Payment RequestsF8REV RFIBLOPAYREV Cancellation of Payment RequestsF8V1 RFEXBLK0 Export execution dataF801 SAPLF0PQ_EU Create Payment RequestF802 SAPLF0PQ_EU Change Payment RequestF803 SAPLF0PQ_EU Display Payment RequestF804 SAPMF01A Changes to Payment RequestsF805 SAPLF0PQ_EU Delete Payment RequestF807 SAPLF0PQ_EU Change Posted Payment RequestF808 SAPLF0PQ_EU Post Payment RequestF809 RFKDF000 Post exchange rate differencesF811 SAPLF0PO Create Collective Payment RequestF812 SAPLF0PO Change Collective Payment RequestF813 SAPLF0PO Delete Collective Payment RequestF814 SAPLF0PO Reverse Collective Payment RequestF815 SAPLF0PO Display Collective Payment RequestF816 SAPLF0PO Reset Reversal Coll. Payt RequestF817 SAPMF0PO Release Collective Payment RequestF824 RFFMPSO4 Print RequestF831 SAPLF0PQ_EU Create Recovery RequestF832 SAPLF0PQ_EU Change Recovery RequestF833 SAPLF0PQ_EU Display Recovery RequestF835 SAPLF0PQ_EU Delete Recovery RequestF837 SAPLF0PQ_EU Change Posted Recovery RequestF840 RFFMKWOB Display ObjectF841 RFFMKWOB Change ObjectF842 RFFMKWOB Create ObjectF845 RFFMFITABS Close Posting DayF870 RFFMPSO2 Posting a Parked RequestF871 RFFMPSO1 Create Payment Request (Local Auth.F872 RFFMPSO1 Change Payment RequestF873 RFFMPSO1 Display Payment RequestF874 RFFMPSO1 Release Payment RequestF875 RFFMPSO1 Delete Payment RequestF879 RFFMPSO1 Create Payment Deduction RequestAutor: Iron700 88 13/11/2007
    • F880 RFFMPSO1 Reverse DeferralF881 RFFMPSO1 Create Acceptance RequestF882 RFFMPSO1 Change Acceptance RequestF883 RFFMPSO1 Display Acceptance RequestF884 RFFMPSO1 Release Acceptance RequestF885 RFFMPSO1 Delete Acceptance RequestF886 RFFMKG05 Defer Acceptance RequestF887 RFFMKG05 Waive Acceptance Order TemporarilyF888 RFFMKG05 Waive Acceptance RequestF889 RFFMPSO1 Create Acceptance Deduction RequestF890 RFFMPSO1 Reverse Temporary WaiverF891 RFFMPSO1 Create Clearing RequestF892 RFFMPSO1 Change Clearing RequestF893 RFFMPSO1 Display Clearing RequestF894 RFFMPSO1 Release Clearing RequestF895 RFFMPSO1 Delete Clearing RequestF896 RFFMPSO1 Create Blanket Remainder Clean UpF899 RFFMPSO3 Bundle RequestsF899R RFFMBUND Bundle FI Documents to RequestF9A0 SAPLFBA8 BCA: Block ChecksF9A1 SAPLFBA8 Create CheckF9A10 SAPLFBA8 Edit BlockF9A11 SAPLFBA8 Delete CheckF9A12 SAPLFBA8 Creat Check StackF9A13 SAPLFBA8 Request Check Stack (Customer)F9A16 SAPLFBA8 BCA: Delete Stack CreationF9A18 SAPLFBA8 BCA: Request Checks from LocationF9A19 SAPLFBA8 BCA: Release Check StackF9A20 SAPLFBA8 Display Check StackF9A21 SAPLFBA8 BCA: Block Check StackF9A23 SAPLFBA8 Lift BlockF9A25 SAPLFBA8 BCA: Location Maintenance Pos. MgmtF9A26 SAPLFBA8 BCA: Stack Location SettingsF9A4 SAPLFBA8 BCA: Request CheckF9A50 SAPLFBA8 Change Check StatusF9A7 SAPLFBA8 BCA: Revoke Check BlockF9A8 RFBKCHQ1 Check LocksF9A9 SAPLFBA8 BCA: Display ChecksF9B1 RFBKPDAT BCA: Posting cut-off paym. transactF9B2 RFBKPDT2 Posting Cut-Off Pay. Trans. BatchF9B3 RFBKCHACLOG User Log Currency ChangeoverF9B4 RFBKCHACCUR BCA: Report Currency ConversionF9C{ BUSVIEWS Authorization Types Payment ItemsF9C[ BUSVIEWS Authorization Types for CondiitonsF9CC1 BUSVIEWS Authorizations for Field GroupsF9CC2 BUSVIEWS Screen ConfigurationF9C} BUSVIEWS Authorization Types Payment OrdersF9CSOB BUSVIEWS SO Ctrl: Assig. ScrnFld->DBfldF9CSOC BUSVIEWS SO Control: Field Modificat.CriteriF9CSOD BUSVIEWS SO Control: ProductsF9CSOE BUSVIEWS SO Control: Product GroupF9CSOF BUSVIEWS SO Control: Applic. TransactionsF9CSOH BUSVIEWS SO Control: TablesF9CSOI BUSVIEWS SO Control: ActivitiesF9CSOJ BUSVIEWS SO Control: FM per ActivityF9CSO1 BUSVIEWS SO Control: ApplicationsF9CSO2 BUSVIEWS SO Control: Field GroupsF9CSO3 BUSVIEWS SO Control: ViewsAutor: Iron700 89 13/11/2007
    • F9CSO4 BUSVIEWS SO Control: SectionsF9CSO5 BUSVIEWS SO Control: ScreensF9CSO6 BUSVIEWS SO Control: Screen SequenceF9CSO7 BUSVIEWS SO Control: EventsF9CSO8 BUSVIEWS SO Control: CUA Standard FunctionsF9CSO9 BUSVIEWS SO Control: CUA Additional FunctionF9C4 BUSVIEWS Authorization typesF9C6 BUSVIEWS BCA: Field Modification Account TypF9C7 BUSVIEWS BCA: Field Modification ActivityF9C] BUSVIEWS Position: Authorization TypesF9DDCC RFBKDIRDEBCHCURCurrency Conversion Dir. Debit OrdeF9GA BUSSTART Create Bank Statement RecipientF9GB BUSSTART Change Bank Statement RecipientF9GC BUSSTART Dispaly Bank Statement RecipientF9GL RFBK_BUPA_SHOW_Display All BP RolesF9G1 BUSSTART Create acct holderF9G2 BUSSTART Change acct holderF9G3 BUSSTART Display Account HolderF9G4 BUSSTART Create Authorized DrawerF9G5 BUSSTART Change Authorized DrawerF9G6 BUSSTART Display Authorized DrawerF9G7 BUSSTART Create Account HolderF9G8 BUSSTART Change Account HolderF9G9 BUSSTART Display Account HolderF9HI RFBKGL01 Transfer BCA - GLF9HL RFBKGLBSPREP Bal.Sheet Prep. BCA - GLF9HO RFBKGLDI_FIKEY GL Control for Legacy DataF9HRVA RFBKGL_VA_CALC_Post Individual Value AdjustmentF9H0 RFBKKH00 Account Hierarchy Change HistoryF9H1 RFBKKH00 Create Account HierarchyF9H2 RFBKKH00 Change Account HierarchyF9H3 RFBKKH00 Display Account HierarchyF9H4 RFBKKC00 Cash Concentration: Single RunF9H5 RFBKKC00 Cash Concentration: RestartF9H6 RFBKKC20 Cash Concentration: Mass RunF9IA RFBKIZO1 Release Payment OrderF9IB RFBKIZI1 Release Payment ItemF9IC RFBKPO01 Create Payment Order Former AccountF9ID RFBKIZI3 BCA: CpD Editing of Payment ItemF9IE RFBKPI01 Create Payment Item Former AccountF9IF RFBKIZI3 BCA: CpD Display of Payment ItemF9IG RFBKIZI2 Reverse Payment ItemF9II RFBKIZI2 Return Payment ItemF9IJ RFBKIZI2 Edit Payment ItemF9IK RFBKPO01 Create Return Payment OrderF9IL RFBKPI01 Create Planned ItemF9IM RFBKPI02 Delete Planned ItemF9IN RFBKFUT Display Planned ItemsF9IO RFBKTMP1 Post Planned itemF9IP RFBKTMP1LOG Planned itemsF9I1 RFBKPO01 Create Payment Order - ExternalF9I2 RFBKPO01 Create Payment Order - InternalF9I3 RFBKIZO1 Display Payment OrderF9I4 RFBKPI01 Create Payment ItemF9I7 RFBKIZI2 Display Payment ItemF9I8 RFBKIZI1 Postprocess Payment ItemF9I9 RFBKIZO1 Edit Payment Order (General)F9J0 RFBKAPLG Display Application LogAutor: Iron700 90 13/11/2007
    • F9J1 RFBKCOOR Reconcile with Legacy SystemF9KAC RFBK_ACCNT_CLOSRelease Account ClosureF9KD RFBKACCL Account ClosureF9KE RFBKACLG Application Log Account ClosureF9KG RFBKLIRL Release LimitsF9KH RFBKRELCHCUR Release Currency ChangeoversF9KMOC RFBKMAINOFFICCHChange business partnerF9KY RFBKCLSE Close AccountF9K1 BUSSTART Create AccountF9K2 BUSSTART Change accountF9K3 BUSSTART Display AccountF9L; MENUF9L; Master Data SettingsF9LBDT MENUF9LBDT Development in BDT EnvironmentF9LTC RFBKTTERMCONTROTerm ControlF9L0 MENUF9L0 Settings for Additional DevelopmentF9L4 RFBKCLED Posting Date for Closing in DialogF9MN MENUF9MN Bank Customer AccountsF9M1 MENUF9M1 Bank Customer Accounts: SettingsF9M2 MENUF9M2 Business Partner: SettingsF9M3 MENUF9M3 Relationships: SettingsF9M4 MENUF9M4 Settings Payment TransactionsF9M5 MENUF9M5 Condition SettingsF9NTC4 RFBK_NOTICE_RELAmount Notice: Mass ReleaseF9N1 RFBKBSST Create Bank StatementsF9N10 RFBKCHAINOVR Overview End of Day ProcessingF9N11 RFBKCHAINSTART Start End-of-Day ProcessingF9N12 RFBKPARUNOVR Overview of Current Mass RunsF9N13 RFBKACCBSINGLE Accts. Blocked by Single BalancingF9N14 RFBKBANKSTATDUPDuplicate Creation Bk.State. RestarF9N15 RFBKBSSG_DUPL Duplicate Creation Single RunF9N16 RFBKBALNOT Balance Notification Mass RunF9N17 RFBKBALNOT_SINGBalance Notification Single RunF9N18 RFBKBALNOT_RESTRestart Balance NotificationF9N19 RFBALNOTLOG Balance Notification Application LoF9N3 RFBKBSLG Application Log Bank StatementF9N4 RFBKBSRE Restart - Bank StatementF9N6 RFBKCLEB Posting Date for Balancing as BatchF9N7 RFBKBSSG Bank Statement - Single AccountF9N8 RFBKACCINPROC List of Accounts in End of Day ProcF9N9 RFBKBANKSTATDUPBank Statement - Duplicate CreationF9OA RFBKSOLG Standing Order: Display Applic. LogF9OF RFBKPO01 Create Foreign Payment OrderF9OG RFBKSOCR Post Standing OrderF9OH RFBKIZO1 Postprocess Payment OrderF9OI RFBKIZO1 Reverse Payment OrderF9O01 BUSSTART Change stand. orderF9O02 BUSSTART Change stand. orderF9O03 BUSSTART Display Standing OrderF9O43 RFBK_SO_RELEASERelease Standing OrderF9O6 BUSSTART Delete stand. orderF9O61 RFBK_SO_RELEASEConfirm Standing Order DeletionF9SA BUSVIEWS CA Control: MatchcodeF9SB BUSVIEWS CA Control: Assign. Scr.Field->DBFlF9SC BUSVIEWS CA Control: Field Modific. CriteriaF9SD BUSVIEWS CA Control: ProductsF9SE BUSVIEWS CA Control: Product GroupF9SF BUSVIEWS CA Control: Application TransactionF9SH BUSVIEWS CA Control: TablesAutor: Iron700 91 13/11/2007
    • F9SI BUSVIEWS PAIT Control: Field GroupsF9SJ BUSVIEWS Condition Control: Field GroupsF9SK BUSVIEWS Cond.Control: Assign.Sc.Fld.->DB FlF9SL BUSVIEWS Cond.Control: Assign. Table<->FuModF9SM BUSVIEWS Position Control: Field GroupsF9SN BUSVIEWS PAIT Control: Scrn.Fld. <-> DB FielF9SO BUSVIEWS Position Control: Scrn.Fld.->DB FldF9SOCC RFBKSOCHCUR Standing Order Currency ChangeoverF9SP BUSVIEWS Position Control: Table <-> Fun.ModF9SQ BUSVIEWS PAIT Control: Table <-> Fun.Mod.F9SR BUSVIEWS PAOR Control: Field GroupsF9SS BUSVIEWS PAOR Control: Scrn.Fld.<-> DB FieldF9ST BUSVIEWS PAOR Control: Table <-> Func. Mod.F9SX BUSVIEWS BCA Control: External ApplicationsF9S1 BUSVIEWS CA Control: ApplicationsF9S18 BUSVIEWS CA Control: ActivitiesF9S19 BUSVIEWS CA Control: Field Mod. per ActivityF9S2 BUSVIEWS CA Control: Field GroupsF9S3 BUSVIEWS CA Control: ViewsF9S4 BUSVIEWS CA Control: SectionsF9S5 BUSVIEWS CA Control: ScreensF9S6 BUSVIEWS CA Control: Screen SequencesF9S7 BUSVIEWS CA Control: EventsF9S8 BUSVIEWS CA Control: CUA Standard FunctionsF9S9 BUSVIEWS CA Control: CUA Additional FunctionF9VW RFBKCURCHDAT Preparation of Currency ChangeoverF960 RFBKKC10 Application Log Cash ConcentrationF961 RFBKGLAPPLLOG Application Log FI TransferF962 RFBKGLAPPLLOG Application Log Balance Sheet Prep.F963 RFBKGLAPPLLOG Appl. log bal.sh. prep.(backdated)F97A RFBKGL11 Overview of BCA Reconciliation KeysF97A1 RFBKGL12 Reconciliation key detail displayF97C RFBKCON6 Internal Reference AcctsF97CX RFBKCON6X External Reference AcctsF97E RFBKGLC6 Recon. to reconciliation keyF97G RFBKGL_REC_STARStatement FI Document/BCA PostingF97I RFBKGL_REC_BALAReconciliation BCA /SAP FI BalancesF97J RFBKGLAPPLLOG Appl. log bal.sh. prep.(backdated)F970 RFBKBAL1 Account BalancesF971 RFBKLOC1 Account LocksF972 RFBKOVR1 Overdraft ListF973 RFBKGLC1 Display reconcil. balance list 1F974 RFBKGLC2 Display reconcil. balance list 2F975 RFBKGLCM Compensation statememt daily statusF976 RFBKGLIA Overview Interest Accrual/DeferralF977 RFBKGLPP Correction parked payment itemsF978 RFBKGLC4 Reconcil. List: FI DocumentsF98A SAPLFB8D Release Charge ConditionsF98B SAPLFB8D Edit Value Date ConditionsF98C SAPLFB8D Display Value Date DonditionsF98D SAPLFB8D Release Value Date ConditionsF98E SAPLFB8D Edit Condition AssignmentF98F SAPLFB8D Display Condition AssignmentF98G SAPLFB8D Release Condition AssignmentF98H SAPLFB8D Release Condit. Assign. for DeletioF98I SAPLFB8D Release Conditions for DeletionF98R RFBKCLLG Retroactive Condition ChangeF98RK RFBKBDCOND Retroactive Condition ChangeAutor: Iron700 92 13/11/2007
    • F98TM RFBKTERMLLG Application Log for Term ControlF980 RFBKGLIA_DETAILInterest Acc/Def Individ. StatementF982 SAPLFB8D Edit general conditionsF983 SAPLFB8D Display General ConditionsF984 SAPLFB8D Release General ConditionsF985 SAPLFB8D Edit Interest ConditionsF986 SAPLFB8D Display Interest ConditionsF987 SAPLFB8D Release Interest ConditionsF988 SAPLFB8D Edit Charge ConditionsF989 SAPLFB8D Display Charge ConditionsF99C RFBKCONM Restart Interest Acc./Def.F99D RFBKCONH Preparation Early Account BalancingF99E RFBKCONJ Closing: Settled AccountsF99F RFBKCONL Single Acct. Closing: RestartF99G RFBKCONO Check Account Balancing Ext. DataF991 RFBKCONC Mass Acct. Balancing (Int./Charges)F992 RFBKCLLG Application Log Account BalancingF992EX RFBKCLLG Application Log Acct Balancing EDTF993 RFBKCONA Accrual/Deferral for General LedgerF994 RFBKARLG Application Log Accrual/DeferralF995 RFBKCONB Restart Account BalancingF996 RFBKCOND Single Acct. Balancing (Int./ChargeF997 RFBKCONI Early Mass Account BalancingF997S RFBKCONN Early Individual Account BalancingF999 RFBKCON3 Interest scaleGAL1 RGUCALE1 Update Assignment Table EDIMAPGAL2 RGUCALE2 Generate Export/ImportGAL3 RGLEXE02 Export of G/L acct transactn figureGAOV RGAOV Cycle Overview FI-SLGAR5 RGULDB00 Display Structure of Local DBsGA1D RGALLOC3 Delete allocation line itemsGA11 SAPMKAL1 Create FI-SL Actual AssessmentGA11N SAPLKAL1 Create FI-SL Actual AssessmentGA12 SAPMKAL1 Change FI-SL Actual AssessmentGA12N SAPLKAL1 Change FI-SL Actual AssessmentGA13 SAPMKAL1 Display FI-SL actual assessmentGA13N SAPLKAL1 Display FI-SL Actual AssessmentGA14 SAPMKAL1 Delete FI-SL Actual AssessmentGA14N SAPLKAL1 Delete FI-SL Actual AssessmentGA15 SAPMKGA2 Execute FI-SL actual assessmentGA16 SAPMKGA1 Actual Assessment OverviewGA2A SAPMKAL1 Delete FI-SL Planned AssessmentGA2AN SAPLKAL1 Delete FI-SL Planned AssessmentGA2B SAPMKGA2 Execute FI-SL Planned AssessmentGA2C SAPMKGA1 Plan Assessment OverviewGA27 SAPMKAL1 Create FI-SL Planned AssessmentGA27N SAPLKAL1 Create FI-SL Planned AssessmentGA28 SAPMKAL1 Change FI-SL Planned AssessmentGA28N SAPLKAL1 Change FI-SL Planned AssessmentGA29 SAPMKAL1 Display FI-SL Planned AssessmentGA29N SAPLKAL1 Display FI-SL Planned AssessmentGA31 SAPMKAL1 Create FI-SL actual distributionGA31N SAPLKAL1 Create FI-SL Actual DistributionGA32 SAPMKAL1 Change FI-SL actual distributionGA32N SAPLKAL1 Change FI-SL Actual DistributionGA33 SAPMKAL1 Display FI-SL actual distributionGA33N SAPLKAL1 Display FI-SL Actual DistributionGA34 SAPMKAL1 Delete FI-SL actual distributionAutor: Iron700 93 13/11/2007
    • GA34N SAPLKAL1 Delete FI-SL Actual DistributionGA35 SAPMKGA2 Execute FI-SL actual distributionGA36 SAPMKGA1 Actual Distribution OverviewGA4A SAPMKAL1 Delete FI-SL Planned DistributionGA4AN SAPLKAL1 Delete FI-SL Planned DistributionGA4B SAPMKGA2 Execute FI-SL Planned DistributionGA4C SAPMKGA1 Plan Distribution OverviewGA47 SAPMKAL1 Create FI-SL Planned DistributionGA47N SAPLKAL1 Create FI-SL Planned DistributionGA48 SAPMKAL1 Change FI-SL Planned DistributionGA48N SAPLKAL1 Change FI-SL Planned DistributionGA49 SAPMKAL1 Display FI-SL Planned DistributionGA49N SAPLKAL1 Display FI-SL Planned DistributionGB01 SAPMGBUK Document Entry for Local LedgersGB02 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maint.for Local LedgerGB03 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maint.f.Global LedgersGB04 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maint.for Local LedgerGB05 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maint.f.Global LedgersGB06 RGUSTORL Reverse Local FI-SL Actual DocumntsGB11 SAPMGBUK Document Entry for Global LedgersGB16 RGUSTORG Reverse Global FI-SL Actual DocmntsGCAC RGUCOMP4 Ledger comparisonGCAE RGUCOMP4 Ledger comparison w/diff. clearingGCAG RGUGLG05 Generate FI-SL ArchivingGCAN RGUDBANA Analysis of FI-SL Database ContentsGCAR RGUCOMP4 Ledger Comparison RemoteGCA9 RGALLOC4 Check allocation customizingGCBW1 RGUCBIW0 Generate summ.table trans. structurGCBW2 RGUCBIW1 Generate summ.table trans. structurGCB1 SAPMGCU0 Change FI-SL Customizing Comp. CodeGCB2 SAPMGCU0 Display FI-SL Customizing Comp.CodeGCB3 SAPMGCU0 Copy FI-SL Customizing Company CodeGCB4 SAPMGCU0 FI-SL: Delete Company CodeGCCG RGBCFL00 Generate Code for FI-SLGCDE RGUDEL00 Delete FI-SL Transaction DataGCDF SAPMGCU3 Delete FI-SL Transaction DataGCD1 SAPMGCU1 FI-SL Customizing: Diagnosis ToolGCD2 RGULIST0 List of FI-SL Direct Posting TablesGCD3 SAPMGRAP Graphical Navigation in FI-SLGCD4 RGULED00 Check General LedgerGCD5 RGUCURRC Check Currencies in FI-SLGCD6 RGUGRA03 Graphic Display of FI-SL TablesGCEE RGCEUR00 FI-LC: Reconcil. of bal. carried fwGCEF RGCEUR10 FI-LC: Reconcil. of fin. data tableGCEG RGCEUR50 Ingeration: Euro transaction typesGCEJ RGCORG00 Suggest FI-LC package assignmentGCEK RGCEUR30 Reconcil. integration <_> CF FILCTGCEL RGCCHPEU Item substitution/Ret. earn. (CF)GCEM RGCMBUEU Post extract in carryforward periodGCEN RGCEUR02 Check whether balance carried fwdGCEP RGCEUR60 Delete period values for current yrGCEQ RGCEUR90 KONS-EURO: End PackageGCEU RGEURBAL Item can be Included in Bal.SheetGCF1 SAPMGCU0 Create FI-SL Customizng Fld Assign.GCF2 SAPMGCU0 Change FI-SL Customizng Fld Assign.GCF3 SAPMGCU0 Display FI-SL Customizng Fd Assign.GCF4 SAPMGCU0 FI-SL: Delete Field AssignmentGCGE RGPLEP02 Activate Global Plan Line ItemsAutor: Iron700 94 13/11/2007
    • GCGG RGICGLU1 Generation of GLU1GCGS RGUSLSEP Reconciliation of total line itemsGCG1 SAPMGCU0 Create FI-SL Customizing Glob.Comp.GCG2 SAPMGCU0 Change FI-SL Customizing Glob.Comp.GCG3 SAPMGCU0 Display FI-SL Customizing Glob.CompGCG4 SAPMGCU0 Copy FI-SL Customizing Global Comp.GCG5 SAPMGCU0 FI-SL Customizing: Delete CompaniesGCHE SAPLGINC Monitor flexible general ledgerGCIN SAPLGINS Maintain FI-SL tablesGCIQ SAPLGINS Quick installation FI-SLGCI1 SAPMGCU2 Installation of FI-SL TablesGCI2 SAPMGCU2 FI-SL: Installation of Object TableGCJU RGUJUMP0 Diagnosis: Direct Access to FunctioGCLE RGPLEP01 Activate Local Plan Line ItemsGCL1 SAPMGCU0 Create FI-SL Customizing LedgerGCL2 SAPMGCU0 Change FI-SL Customizing LedgerGCL3 SAPMGCU0 Display FI-SL Customizing LedgerGCL4 SAPMGCU0 Delete FI-SL Customizing LedgerGCL6 SAPMGCU0 FI-SL: Copy LedgerGCM1 SAPMGUMS ConversionGCRB SAPMKKB5 Report SelectionGCRE1 RGUCREP0 Activate drilldown rep. for SL tablGCRE2 RGUCREP1 Deactivate drilldown rep. - SL tablGCR1 SAPMGCU0 Rollup: Create Field AssignmentGCR2 SAPMGCU0 Rollup: Change Field AssignmentGCR3 SAPMGCU0 Rollup: Display Field AssignmentGCR6 SAPMGCU0 FI-SL Customizing:Del.Rollup Fld.A.GCR7 SAPMGCU0 Rollup: Direct AccessGCR8 SAPMGCU0 Rollup: Direct AccessGCTA SAPLGBLT Transport RulesGCTR SAPMGTRA Transport from Report Writer objectGCTS SAPMGTRA Transport of sets and variablesGCT0 SAPLGBLT Transport of SubstitutionsGCT1 SAPMGTRA Transport LedgerGCT2 SAPMGTRA FI-SL ActivationGCT3 SAPMGTRA Control InformationGCT4 SAPMGTRA Transport RollupGCT5 SAPMGTRA Transport: Planning ParametersGCT6 SAPMGTRA Transport Distribution KeyGCT7 SAPMGTRA Transport: CyclesGCT8 SAPMGTRA Transport: Document TypesGCT9 SAPLGBLT Transport of ValidationsGCUP RKEPCU20 Subsequently posting CO data to FISGCU0 MENUGCU0 Customizing FI-GLX MenuGCU1 RGUREC10 Data Transfer from FIGCU2 RGICGLU2 Generate G1U2GCU3 RGUREC20 Transfer Data From COGCU4 RGUREC30 Subsequent Posting of Data From MMGCU5 RKEPCU40 Subsequent Posting of Data frm SaleGCU6 RGUREC50 CO plan doc subs. posting to FI-SLGCU9 RGUUMS03 Delete Transaction DataGCVB RGISETGL Update Type in FI-SLGCVO SAPMGCU0 Preparation for FI-SL CustomizingGCVZ RGUGBT00 Rule MaintenanceGCV1 SAPMGCU0 FI-SL: Create ActivityGCV2 SAPMGCU0 Change FI-SL Customizing ActivityGCV3 SAPMGCU0 Display FI-SL Customizing ActivityGCV4 SAPMGCU0 FI-SL Customizing: Delete ActivityAutor: Iron700 95 13/11/2007
    • GCW4 SAPMF10Q Sp.Purpose Ldgr Currency TranslatioGCW7 SAPMGTRA Transport Currency Translation MthdGCZ3 RGUUMS10 Generate Report GroupsGC01 RGCCGS01 Call GS01 for LCGC10 RGCT880 FI-LC: Print CompaniesGC11 SAPMF10G Create Company Master RecordGC12 SAPMF10G Change Company Master RecordGC13 SAPMF10G Display Company Master RecordGC14 SAPMF10G Delete Company Master RecordGC16 SAPMF10S Create Subgroup Master RecordGC17 SAPMF10S Change Subgroup Master RecordGC18 SAPMF10S Display SubgroupGC19 RGCT852 FI-LC: Print SubgroupsGC21 SAPMF10I Enter Individual Fin.Statement DataGC22 SAPMF10I Display Individual Fin. Stmt DataGC23 SAPMF10B FI-LC: Document EntryGC24 RGCSHD00 FI-LC: Display DocumentGC25 SAPMSNUM Maintain Consolidation Number RangeGC26 SAPMK21L FI-LC: Journal Entry ReportGC27 SAPMV76A FI-LC: Customize Journal Entry ReprGC28 SAPMF10F Status DisplayGC29 SAPMF10F Status ManagementGC30 SAPMK21L FI-LC: Mass ReversalGC31 SAPMF10Q FI-LC: Customize Curr. TranslationGC32 SAPMF10K FI-LC: Customizing ConsolidationGC33 SAPMF10T FI-LC: Financial Data Table Maint.GC34 SAPMF10T FI-LC: Reported Data Table DisplayGC35 SAPMF10N FI-LC: Transport Table Entries/SetsGC36 SAPMF10N Transport connection: Cons.Inv.CustGC38 SAPMF10H Data transferGC39 RGCMOT00 Change Local Valuation DataGC4P RGCHRY00 FI-LC Print Step-Consolidated GroupGC41 SAPMF10V GLT3 - Maintain GLT3 sub-assignmentGC44 SAPMF10E Send Financial Statement DataGC45 RGCDELTK Delete SubgroupGC50 RKKBRPTR Report SelectionGC51 SAPMKKB5 Report SelectionGC60 RGCZGECD Data for elim. of IC profit/lossGC61 RGCTDE00 Export of Transaction DataGC62 RGCTDI00 Import of Transaction DataGC63 RGCLIA00 Liability MethodGC99 SAPMF10X Consolidation Test DataGD00 RKKBRPTR Report SelectionGD02 SAPLGD23 FI-SL line item plan documentsGD12 SAPLGD24 Flex.G/L: Totals Record DisplayGD13 SAPLGD13 Totals record displayGD20 SAPLGD23 Start Selectin FI-SL Line ItemsGD21 SAPLGD24 Flexible G/L: Document SelectionGD22 SAPLGD24 Flex. G/L: Actual Document DisplayGD23 SAPLGD23 FI-SL: Local Actual Document DisplaGD33 SAPLGD23 FI-SL: Global Actual Doc. DisplayGD42 SAPLGD24 Flex. G/L: Plan Document DisplayGD43 SAPLGD23 FI-SL: Local Plan Document DisplayGD44 SAPLGD23 FI-SL: Global Plan Document DisplayGD51 SAPMGUM1 Enter Local FI-SL Master DataGD52 SAPMGUM2 Change Local FI-SL Master DataGD53 SAPMGUM3 Display Local FI-SL Master DataGD54 SAPMGUM6 Delete Local FI-SL Master DataAutor: Iron700 96 13/11/2007
    • GD60 SAPMGUOB Create Code CombinationsGD61 SAPMGUOB Maintain Code CombinationsGD62 SAPMGUOB Display Code CombinationsGD63 SAPMGUOB Code combinations activationGD64 SAPMGUOB Code combinations deactivationGENC GENCODE Generate Source CodeGGB0 RGMGBR10 Validation MaintenanceGGB1 RGMGBR20 Substitution MaintenanceGGB4 SAPLGBL1 Analysis tool for valid./subst.GINS SAPLGINC G/L installationGJAA SAPMGJVAUP JOA Master TransactionGJAC GJV2_ACT_IN_CLIActivate JVA in a ClientGJA1 SAPMGJVA Create joint operating agreementGJA2 SAPMGJVA Change joint operating agreementGJA3 SAPMGJVA Display joint operating agreementGJA4 RGJAIN00 JOA master data catalogGJA5 RGJACD00 Display changes for Joint Op. AgreeGJA8 SAPMGJVMDJOA JV JOA screenGJBR RGJVBR22 Billing reconciliationGJBT RGJVBRTH Billing threshold checkGJCA RGJVHBCH Housebank switchingGJCB RGJVCB10 JV Cutback ProgramGJCC RGJVCC00 Copy configuration from company codGJCN RGJVCNET Convenience nettingGJCU SAPMGJCG Cutback Ledger UpdateGJCUST RGJVIMG1 JV CustomizingGJC1 RGJGLXC1 Activate company in JVGJC2 RGJGLXC2 Deactivate company in JVGJDA RGJOADEL Delete JOAGJDE RGJJVDEL Delete Joint Venture DataGJEC RGJVEC00 Pre-Cutback Equity_Change ManagemenGJEV RGJVEVNT Process historyGJFA RGJVCYP1 Print Allocation InformationGJFB SAPMKGA2 Execute JV assessment - planGJF1 SAPMKAL1 Create JV assessment cycle - actualGJF2 SAPMKAL1 Change JV assessment cycle - actualGJF3 SAPMKAL1 Display JV assessment cycle - actuaGJF4 SAPMKAL1 Delete JV assessment cycle - actualGJF5 SAPMKGA2 Execute JV assessment - actualGJF6 SAPMKGA1 Overview JV assessmentGJF7 SAPMKAL1 Create JV assessment cycle - planGJF8 SAPMKAL1 Change JV assessment cycle - planGJF9 SAPMKAL1 Display JV assessment cycle - planGJGA RGJGRA01 Display JOA graphicallyGJGB SAPMGBUK Document Entry for Local LedgersGJGO SAPMGJGO Driver transaction for customizingGJGP SAPMGBUK Document Entry for Local LedgersGJGR SAPMGJGR Graphical Navigation JVAGJG1 SAPMKAL1 Create JV distribution cycle -actuaGJG2 SAPMKAL1 Change JV distribution cycle -actuaGJG3 SAPMKAL1 Display JV distribution cycle-actuaGJG4 SAPMKAL1 Delete JV distribution cycle -actuaGJG5 SAPMKGA2 Execute JV distribution - actualGJG6 SAPMKGA1 Overview distribution - actualGJG7 SAPMKAL1 Create JV distribution cycle -planGJG8 SAPMKAL1 Change JV distribution cycle - planGJG9 SAPMKAL1 Display JV distribution cycle-planGJIS RGJVIS00 Install JV standard reportsAutor: Iron700 97 13/11/2007
    • GJJA RGJVLB00 JV Load BalancingGJJ1 RGJVBJ02 Generate JADE audit fileGJJ2 RGJRXT00 Billing extractsGJLI RGJVSO10 Summary ledger line itemsGJLI2 RGJVSO20 Billing ledger line itemsGJL2 SAPMGCU0 C JVA Change LedgerGJL3 SAPMGCU0 C JVA Display LedgerGJL7 RGUREC50 Plan Data Transfer by DocumentsGJNO RGJNOUXD Non open item unreal. exchange diffGJNR SAPMGJNR JV Number range customizingGJPN RGJVPNET Partner NettingGJP1 SAPFGJCG JVA NPI/CI Netting (with CI Grp)GJQA SAPMV12A Change Condition Table (CRP)GJQB SAPMV12A Change Condition Table (CRP)GJQ0 MENUGJQ0 CRP Customising MenuGJQ5 SAPMV13A Create Conditions (CRP)GJQ6 SAPMV13A Change Conditions (CRP)GJQ7 SAPMV13A Display Conditions (CRP)GJQ8 SAPMV13A Create Conditions (Purchasing)GJRC RGJVCCRC Cash Call ReclassGJRS SAPMKKB5 Configure report selectionGJRX RKKBRPTR Bericht auswählenGJR1 RGJVREP1 Summary Ledger ReportingGJR2 RGJVREP2 Billing Ledger ReportingGJR3 RGJVEDIA JV EDI Inbound: IDOC Status ReportGJR4 RGJVEDIB EDI: Invoice and Operating StatemenGJR5 RGJVEDIC JV EDI Inbound: Unusual ExpenditureGJR6 RGJVEDID JV EDI Inbound: Memo AFE ProjectsGJR7 RGJVEDIE JV EDI Inbnd: Expenditure ComparisoGJR8 RGJVEDI2 810/819 Mapping ReportGJR9 RGJVEDIG 810/819 Property ErrorGJSX SAPMGJSX Call set maintenanceGJTR SAPMS38M C FI Month End Advance Tax ReturnGJT0 SAPMGJAM Reverse AM/MM Transfer documentGJT1 SAPMGJAM JV Transfer Asset to AssetGJT2 SAPMGJAM JV Transfer Asset to AssetGJT3 SAPMGJAM JV Transfer Asset to AssetGJT4 SAPMGJAM JV Transfer Asset to AssetGJT5 SAPMGJAM JV Transfer Asset to AssetGJT6 SAPMGJAM JV Transfer Asset to AssetGJVA RGJVTAX2 Advance Tax ReportGJVC MENUGJVC IS-OIL: Joint Venture Accounting coGJVD RGJDEL00 Joint Venture DeletionGJVE RGJEGH00 List Venture / Equity GroupsGJVG RGJVVBAT Bank Acct Switch - Create DataGJVP MENUGJVP IS-OIL: Joint Venture Accounting prGJVV SAPMGJVDUP Joint Venture Master TransactionGJV0 MENUGJV0GJV1 SAPMGJVD Create Joint Venture MasterGJV2 SAPMGJVD Change Joint Venture MasterGJV3 SAPMGJVD Display Joint Venture MasterGJV4 MENUGJV4 Joint Venture Customizing MenuGJV5 RGJMCD00 Display Change Documents JV-MasterGJV6 MENUGJV6GJ0A SAPMGJB2 Non-Operated Billing by Operator V.GJ0B SAPMGJB2 Non-Operated Billing by Venture V.2GJ01 SAPMGJC1 Net Cash Call to Equity GroupGJ02 SAPMGJC1 JV Gross Cash Call To Equit GroupAutor: Iron700 98 13/11/2007
    • GJ03 SAPMGJC1 JV Net Cash Call To ProjectGJ04 SAPMGJC1 JV Gross Cash Call To ProjectGJ05 SAPMGJC1 JV Non-operated cash call to eq grpGJ06 SAPMGJC1 JV Non-Operated Cash Call to ProjecGJ09 RGJJVD00 Joint Venture detailed informationGJ10 RGJVCF00 Yearly balance shiftingGJ11 RGJINF00 Joint Venture master data catalogGJ12 RGJVBE01 Billing Ledger ExtractGJ13 RGJVBE02 Joint Venture Ledger ExtractGJ14 RGJVBR10 Hard Copy BillingGJ16 RGJVEDIO EDI BillingGJ17 RGJVRU00 Suspense Project / Equity GroupGJ18 SAPFGJRC Partner Suspense ClearingGJ19 RGJVEA10 Equity AdjustmentsGJ20 RGJVBASW Venture Bank Account SwitchingGJ3R RGJV_ICMAP_CHECReconsile Intercompany MappingGJ4A RGJVGJ4A Periodic updates for company codeGJ54 RGJOAD00 JOA detailed informationGJ60 RGJVEDIX EDI Outbound Base ConfigurationGJ82 SAPUGJC1 Create BTCI Sessions for Cash CallsGJ83 RGJVAP00 JV Automatic postingGJ84 SAPFGJCG JVA NPI/CI Netting (without CI Grp)GJ85 RGJVAPCC JV Automated Postings (Cost Calcs)GJ87 RGJJVTO1 Display summary ledger totalsGJ88 RGJJVTO2 Display billing ledger totalsGJ89 RGJESC00 Automatic Adjust of Overhead RatesGJ90 RGJVRXDT JV Realized exchange differencesGJ91 RGJVUXDT JV Unrealized exchangeGJ92 RGJVW001 JV Goods receipt expense ordersGJ93 RFWERE00 JV Goods receipt inventory ordersGJ94 RGJPCO00 International Cost CalculationsGJ95 RGJOVR00 North American Overhead CalculationGJ96 RGJBUR00 Payroll Burden ClearingGJ97 RGJVUDOC Compare FI with JV documentGJ98 RGJOHD00 North America Overhead Detail ReporGLA1 RGUT000GL Activate flexible G/LGLBW SAPMS38M Foreign Currency Valuation:G/L AsstGLCF RGUT882M Blnce carrd fwrd: Summ for P&L acctGLC1 RGUT882M Flexible G/L: CurrenciesGLC2 RGUT882M_LOCAL Flex.G/L: Activate local ledgerGLDE RGUDEL00 Deletion of Flex G/L transactn dataGLGCA9 RGALLOC4 Check allocation customizingGLGCU1 RGURECGLFLEX Transfer opening balance flex. G/LGLGCU2 RGCOPYGLT0 Copy transaction figuresGLGVTR SAPFGVTR Flexible G/L: Balance carry forwardGLLI RGPLEP01 Activate Local Plan Line ItemsGLL1 SAPMGCU0 Create ledgerGLL2 SAPMGCU0 Change ledgerGLL3 SAPMGCU0 Display ledgerGLL4 SAPMGCU0 Delete ledgerGLPLC SAPMKES1 FI-SL Change Planning LayoutGLPLD SAPMKES1 FI-SL Display Planning LayoutGLPLI SAPMKES1 FI-SL Create Planning LayoutGLPLUP G_FLEX_UPL FI-SL: Excel Upload of Plan DataGLR1 SAPMGCU0 Flex. G/L: Create rollup ledgerGLR2 SAPMGCU0 Flex. G/L: Change rollup ledgerGLR3 SAPMGCU0 Display flex. G/L rollup ledgerGLR4 SAPMGCU0 Flex. G/L: Delete rollup ledgerAutor: Iron700 99 13/11/2007
    • GL10 RGGL10 Flexible G/L: Transaction figuresGL21 SAPMGLRE Create rollupGL22 SAPMGLRE Change rollupGL23 SAPMGLRE Display rollupGL24 SAPMGLRE Delete rollupGL25 SAPMGLRV Execute rollupGL26 SAPMGLRV Reverse rollupGMLDBW RGUCBIW1 GM Special Ledger BW ExtractorsGMNRG RGMSETGRANTNONESet Not Relevant GrantGMS1 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: ApplicationsGMS100 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Ctrl: Fld grp per activityGMS101 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Ctrl: Fld grp per role catGMS102 BUSVIEWS GMGC: Authorization TypesGMS103 BUSVIEWS GMGC: Field Grps for AuthorizationGMS104 BUSVIEWS GM: Visual Screen ToolGMS105 BUSVIEWS GMGC: Field Groups for Ext.ApplictnGMS106 BUSVIEWS GMGC: Note View for Role CategoriesGMS107 BUSVIEWS GMGC: Where-Used ViewsGMS108 BUSVIEWS GM Field Grouping for Applctn ObjecGMS11 BUSVIEWS GM: Assign Scrn Flds to DB FieldsGMS12 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: Field grp criteriGMS13 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: Role CategoriesGMS14 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: BP Role GroupingsGMS15 BUSVIEWS GM: Application TransactionsGMS16 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: TablesGMS17 BUSVIEWS GM: External ApplicationsGMS18 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: ActivitiesGMS19 BUSVIEWS GM: Function Module ActivityGMS2 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: Field GroupsGMS200 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: Change doc listsGMS22 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: Where-Used List:GMS23 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: Data setsGMS24 BUSVIEWS GM Where used list define viewGMS25 BUSVIEWS GM Where used list - process to vieGMS26 BUSVIEWS GM: BAPI Fields to Field GroupsGMS3 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: ViewsGMS4 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: SectionsGMS5 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: ScreensGMS6 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: Screen SequenceGMS7 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: EventsGMS8 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: GUI Std FunctionsGMS9 BUSVIEWS GM Grant Control: GUI Addl FunctionGP12 SAPMGPLN Change Local Planned ValuesGP12N PP_FISL1_DIA FI-SL: Change Plan DataGP12NA PP_FISL1_DIA FI-SL: Display Plan DataGP13 SAPMGPLN Display Local Planned ValuesGP22 SAPMGPLN Change Global Planned ValuesGP23 SAPMGPLN Display Global Planned ValuesGP30 SAPLKEFV_MNT Maintain Distribution KeysGP31 SAPMGPSP Create Distribution KeyGP32 SAPMGPSP Change Distribution KeyGP33 SAPMGPSP Display Distribution KeyGP34 SAPMGPSP Delete Distribution KeyGP41 SAPMGPLP Create Planning ParametersGP42 SAPMGPLP Change Planning ParametersGP43 SAPMGPLP Display Planning ParametersGP44 SAPMGPLP Delete Planning ParametersGP52 SAPMGPLC Local Source Data to PlanAutor: Iron700 100 13/11/2007
    • GP62 SAPMGPLC Global Source Data to PlanGP82 SAPMF02E Flexible G/L: Enter plan valuesGP83 SAPMF02E Flexible G/L: Display plan valuesGRAL RGRAPALL Calling SAP Graphics demosGRE0 RGRGRIX4 Report Writer: Extract ManagementGRE1 RGRGRIX4 Report Writer: Display ExtractsGRE5 RGRGRIX4 Report Writer: Delete ExtractsGRE6 RGRGRIX4 Report Writer: Print ExtractsGRE7 RGRGRIX4 Report Writer: Validity of ExtractsGRE8 REPPXXX0 Extracts: User SettingsGRE9 REPPXXXN Extracts: User settings; coll.maintGRMG GRMG_MAINTENANCGeneric Request and Message Gen.GRM1 SAPMGR01 Display Grouping WBS Elem Assign.GRM2 SAPMGR02 Display MRP Group AssignmentsGRM3 RGRPGA01 Colective Processing: AssignmentsGRM4 SAPMGR01 Change Grouping Element AssignmentsGRM5 SAPMGR02 Maintain MRP group assignmentsGRM6 RGRPGA02 Grouping Consistency CheckGRM7 RGRPGA03 Display Grouping WBS Elem Assign.GRPE RGRPEDIT Editor callup for FI/CO programGRP1 RGRGRIX4 Report Writer: Display ExtractsGRP5 RGRGRIX4 Report Writer: Delete ExtractsGRP6 RGRGRIX4 Report Writer: Print ExtractsGRP7 RGRGRIX4 Report Writer: Validity of ExtractsGRRT RKCTRTX1 Report Painter: Translate reportsGRR1 SAPMKES1 RW: Create Row/Column StructureGRR2 SAPMKES1 RW: Change formulaGRR3 SAPMKES1 RW: Display formulaGRR4 SAPMKES1 Create modelGRR5 SAPMKES1 Change modelGRR6 SAPMKES1 Display modelGRR7 RGRMTE00 Export modelsGRR8 RGRMTI00 Import modelsGRR9 RGRMTF00 Copy models from clientGR1L RGRDCS10 Directory: Standard LayoutGR11 SAPLGRWF Create Standard LayoutGR12 SAPLGRWF Change Standard LayoutGR13 SAPLGRWF Display Standard LayoutGR14 SAPLGRWF Delete Standard LayoutGR17 RGRSTE00 Export standard layoutsGR18 RGRJTI00 Import standard layoutsGR19 RGRSTF00 Copy standard layouts from clientGR2L RGRDCL10 Catalog: LibrariesGR21 SAPMGRWL Create LibraryGR22 SAPMGRWL Change LibraryGR23 SAPMGRWL Display libraryGR24 SAPMGRWL Delete libraryGR27 RGRLTE00 Export librariesGR28 RGRJTI00 Import librariesGR29 RGRLTF00 Copy libraries from clientGR3L RGRDCR10 Catalog: ReportsGR31 SAPMGRWD Create reportGR32 SAPMGRWD Change ReportGR33 SAPMGRWD Display reportGR34 SAPMGRWD Delete reportGR37 RGRRTE00 Export reportsGR38 RGRJTI00 Import reportsGR39 RGRRTF00 Copy reports from clientAutor: Iron700 101 13/11/2007
    • GR5G RGRJBG00 Generate report groupsGR5L RGRDCJ10 Directory: Report groupsGR51 SAPMGRWJ Create report groupGR52 SAPMGRWJ Change Report GroupGR53 SAPMGRWJ Display report groupGR54 SAPMGRWJ Delete report groupGR55 SAPMGRWJ Execute Report GroupGR57 RGRJTE00 Export report groupsGR58 RGRJTI00 Import report groupsGR59 RGRJTF00 Copy report groups from clientGSTA RGUREC40 Subsequent Pstng of Stat.Key FigureGS01 SAPMGSBM Create setGS02 SAPMGSBM Change SetGS03 SAPMGSBM Display SetGS04 SAPMGSBM Delete setGS07 RGSSTE00 Exports setsGS08 RGSSTI00 Import setsGS09 RGSSTF00 Copy sets from clientGS11 SAPMGSGM Create VariableGS12 SAPMGSGM Change VariableGS13 SAPMGSGM Display VariableGS14 SAPMGSGM Delete VariableGS17 RGSVTE00 Export variablesGS18 RGSVTI00 Import variablesGS19 RGSVTF00 Copy variables from clientGS32 SAPMGRWX Create/Change Key FiguresGS33 SAPMGRWX Display Key FiguresGTDIS RK_GTDIS_STANDAGeneral Table DisplayGUIT SAPM_GUITEST_POGUI TestGVTR SAPFGVTR FI-SL: Balance Carry ForwardGWUG RGUUMR00 FI-SL: Global Currency TranslationGWUL RGUUMR01 FI-SL: Local Currency TranslationGZZG RGZZGLUX Generate FI-SL completelyHIER ADITEST8 Internal Maintnce of ApplCompntsHMU1 DGICN_CUST_HAZIConvert Haz.-Inducers to SubstancesHMU2 DGICN_HAZINDSUBConvert Hazard-Inducing SubstancesHMU3 DGICN_IDENTIFIEConvert Dangerous Goods DescriptionHMU4 DGICN_NODG Convert Non-DG IndicatorsHOSH SAPMEWAR Maintenance View for Table ADMI_CRIHROBJ RPUCUS42 Customizing HRHROM SAPMHROM Organizational Management reportsHRUSER SAPLEHUS Set Up and Maintain ESS UsersHR00 SAPMHR00 HR Report SelectionHUCANC RHU_GOODS_MOVEMMatl Doc. Cancellation of HU Gds MvHUCOWA RHU_DISPLAY_HU_Display Staged HUsHUCOWE RHU_DISPLAY_HU_Display Manufactured HUsHUDIFF RHU_STOCK_DIFFEAdjustment of HU StocksHUEX SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: HU_VEKPHUGO SAPMFITP_SETTINSettings for Travel PlanningHUIBD RHU_DISPLAY_HU_Handling Units for Inbound DeliveryHUIND WSHUINDEX Database Indexes for Handling UnitsHUMAT RHU_DISPLAY_HU_Handling Units Related to Matl Doc.HUMO SAPLHUMO HU MonitorHUNK SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: LE_HUHUOBD RHU_DISPLAY_HU_Display HUs for Outbound DeliveryHUPAST SAPLHU_PACKING_Packing StationHUP1 SAPLVHUDIAL HU creation in productionHUTRA RHU_DISPLAY_HU_Display HUs for ShipmentAutor: Iron700 102 13/11/2007
    • HU00 MENUHU00 Handling unitsHU02 RHU_CHANGE_EXISCreating and Changing Handling UnitHU03 RHU_DISPLAY_HANDisplay of HUsHU04 RHU_CREATE_HU_WCreation of HUs with stockHU05 RHU_DISPLAY_HU_Display of HUs for objectAutor: Iron700 103 13/11/2007
    • Todos los códigos de transacciones de SAP con informe y ladescripción de I a LTA Report Header DescriptionIAOMA IAOM_LOG_REPOR Log for Account Assignment ManagerIAOMB IAOM_LOG_DELET Delete Acc. Assignment Manager LogIAOMC IAOM_LINK_ANAL Object Link Analysis Acct ManagemenIAOM0 IAOM_BUSINESS Business Scenario TranslatorIAOM1 IAOM_CSCENARIO Maintain Controlling ScenarioIAOM2 IAOM_CUST_CO Maintain Controlling IntegrationIA00 MENUIA00IA01 SAPLCPDI Create Equipment Task ListIA02 SAPLCPDI Change Equipment Task ListIA03 SAPLCPDI Display Equipment Task ListIA04 RMIAPL70 Display PM/SM Task List (A;E;T)IA05 SAPLCPDI Create general task listIA06 SAPLCPDI Change General Maintenance Task LisIA07 SAPLCPDI Display General Task ListIA08 RIPLKO10 Change PM Task ListsIA09 RIPLKO10 Display Task ListsIA10 RIPLKO20 Display Task Lists (Multilevel)IA11 SAPLCPDI Create FunctLoc Task ListIA12 SAPLCPDI Change FunctLoc Task ListIA13 SAPLCPDI Display FunctLoc Task ListIA15 RMIAPL40 Task List Original Change DocsIA16 RMIAPL20 Cost Maintenance Task ListsIA17 RMIAPL30 Print Maintenance Task ListsIA18 RMIAPL10 Display Task Lists by Class SearchIA19 RMIAPL10 Change Task Lists by Class SearchIA21 RMIAPL50 Evaluate Task List Change DocumentsIA25 RPMREDE2 Deletion of PM Task ListsIBIP SAPLIBIP PM: Batch Input UtilityIBIPA IBIPBAL Transaction for BAL of IBIPIBI2 RIIBIP00 Plant Maintenance Batch InputIB01 SAPMC29S Create Equipment BOMIB02 SAPMC29S Change Equipment BOMIB03 SAPMC29S Display Equipment BOMIB05 SAPMC29S Change Equipment BOM GroupIB06 SAPMC29S Display Equipment BOM GroupIB07 SAPLCSAL Assign Equipment BOM to PlantIB08 SAPLCSAL Change Equipment BOM - Plant Alloc.IB09 SAPLCSAL Display Equipment BOM Plant Alloc.IB11 SAPMC29S Create Functional Location BOMIB12 SAPMC29S Change Functional Location BOMIB13 SAPMC29S Display Functional Location BOMIB15 SAPMC29S Change FunctLocation BOM GroupIB16 SAPMC29S Display FunctLocation BOM GroupIB17 SAPLCSAL Create FunctLoc. BOM Plant AssignmnIB18 SAPLCSAL Change FunctLoc. BOM Plant Alloc.IB19 SAPLCSAL Display FunctLoc. BOM Plant Alloc.IB51 SAPLIBOF Create IBaseIB52 SAPLIBOF Change IBaseIB53 SAPLIBOF Display IBaseIB54 SAPLIBOF Change Two Installed BasesIB55 SAPLIBOF Display Two InstallationsIB61 SAPLIBSD Create Installed Base with ReferencAutor: Iron700 104 13/11/2007
    • IB80 SAPMC29B Change Documents for Equipment BOMIB81 SAPMC29B FunctLocation BOM Change DocumentsIB90 SAPMSNUM Equipment BOM Number RangesIB91 SAPMSNUM FunctLocation BOM Number RangesICNV SAPLSDB9 Incremental ConversionIC00 MENUIC00IDCP IDPRCNINVOICE Printout on Prenumbered FormsIDDH IDPR_INVOICE_HAUsed Prenumbered Forms ReportIDOC SAPMSEDR IDoc: Repair and check programsIDVD IDPR_INVOICE_VOVoid Unused Prenumbered FormsIDX1 IDXPORT Port Maintenance in IDoc AdapterIDX2 IDXMETA Metadata Overview for IDoc AdapterIDX3 IDXGETPARTNER Mass Assgt of IDoc to Log. PartnersIDX4 IDXPARTNER Assgt of IDoc to Log. PartnersIDX5 IDX_SHOW_MESSAGSAP Adapter - MonitoringIECS MENUIECS Technical ObjectsIE00 MENUIE00IE01 SAPMIEQ0 Create EquipmentIE02 SAPMIEQ0 Change EquipmentIE03 SAPMIEQ0 Display EquipmentIE05 RIEQUI20 Change EquipmentIE06 RIEQUI20 Change EquipmentIE07 RIEQUI30 Equipment List (Multi-level)IE08 SAPMIEQ0 Create EquipmentIE10 SAPMIEQ5 Multiple Equipment EntryIE20 RIEQUI_ALT_SEARReplacement Equipment SearchIE25 SAPMIEQ0 Create Production Resource/ToolIE31 SAPMIEQ0 Create Fleet ObjectIE36 RIFLET20 Display VehiclesIE37 RIFLET20 Change VehiclesIE4N SAPLIPW4 Equipment Installation and RemovalIFCU SAPLITOBFLTCON Consumption TransactionIF00 MENUIF00 Production Resources/ToolsIHCFX RBFXNET FX netting with In House CashIHCRVS RFCHAINRVS Reversal of IHC Payment OrdersIHC01 IHC_BCAREVPO_ALCross-Bank Area OrdersIH01 RIIFLO10 Functional Location StructureIH02 RIIRLO10 Reference Location StructureIH03 RIEQUI10 Equipment StructureIH04 RIEQUI10 Equipment StructureIH05 RIMARA10 Material StructureIH06 RIIFLO20 Display Functional LocationIH07 RIIRLO20 Display Reference LocationIH08 RIEQUI20 Display EquipmentIH09 RIMARA20 Display MaterialIH10 RIEQUI20 Display EquipmentIH11 RIIFLO20 Display Functional LocationIH12 RIIFLO10 FunctLocation StructureIH18 RIIRLO30 Ref. Location List (Multi-Level)IH20 RIIBAS10 Where-Used List TimeIH21 RIIBAS20 IBase Structural DisplayIH22 RIIBAS30 Where-Used List Time IntervalIKA1 SAPRFIKA IKAIK01 SAPLIMR0 Create Measuring PointIK01R SAPLIMR0 Create Reference Measuring PointIK02 SAPLIMR0 Change Measuring PointIK02R SAPLIMR0 Change Reference Measuring PointIK03 SAPLIMR0 Display Measuring PointAutor: Iron700 105 13/11/2007
    • IK03R SAPLIMR0 Display Reference Measuring PointIK04 SAPLIMR0 Create Measuring Points for ObjectIK04R SAPLIMR0 Create Ref. Measuring Points for ObIK05 SAPLIMR0 Change Measuring Points for ObjectIK05R SAPLIMR0 Change Ref. Measuring Points for ObIK06 SAPLIMR0 Display Measuring Points for ObjectIK06R SAPLIMR0 Display Ref Measuring Points for ObIK07 RIIMPT20 Display Measuring PointsIK07R RIIMPT25 Display Reference Measuring PointIK08 RIIMPT20 Change Measuring PointsIK08R RIIMPT25 Change Reference Measuring PointIK09 SAPMSNUM Maintain Number Range for Table IMPIK10R SAPMILO2 Transfer Data from Ref Measuring PnIK11 SAPLIMR0 Create Measurement DocumentIK12 SAPLIMR0 Change Measurement DocumentIK13 SAPLIMR0 Display Measurement DocumentIK14 SAPLIMR0 Collective Entry of MeasDocumentsIK15 SAPLIMR0 Take Up Measurement Reading TransfeIK16 SAPLIMR0 Collective Entry of MeasDocumentsIK17 RIIMR020 Display Measurement DocumentsIK18 RIIMR020 Change Measurement DocumentsIK19 SAPMSNUM Maintain Number Range for Table IMRIK21 SAPLIMR0 Collective Entry of MeasDocumentsIK22 SAPLIMR0 Collective Entry of MeasDocumentsIK31 SAPLIMR7 Create MeasReading Entry ListIK32 SAPLIMR7 Change MeasReading Entry ListIK33 SAPLIMR7 Display MeasReading entry listIK34 SAPLIMR0 Collective Entry of MeasDocumentsIK41 RIARCMRI Display MeasDocs From ArchiveIK51 RIMPHIER MeasReading Transfer StructureIK52 RIMPHIST MeasReading Transfer HistoryIK71 SAPLIMRI Create Meas. Document in InternetIL01 SAPMILO0 Create Functional LocationIL02 SAPMILO0 Change Functional LocationIL03 SAPMILO0 Display Functional LocationIL04 SAPMILO1 Create FunctLocation: List EntryIL05 RIIFLO20 Change Functional LocationIL06 SAPMILO2 Data Transfer From FunctLocationIL07 RIIFLO30 Funct. Location List (Multi-Level)IL08 SAPMILO0 Create Functional LocationIL09 RIFLUSPR User Profile for LabelingIL10 RI_IFLOS_REUSE Reusability of Historical LabelsIL11 SAPMILO0 Create Reference LocationIL12 SAPMILO0 Change Reference LocationIL13 SAPMILO0 Display Reference LocationIL14 SAPMILO1 Create RefLocation: List EntryIL15 RIIRLO20 Change Reference LocationIL16 SAPMILO2 Data Transfer from RefLocationIL17 SAPMILO2 Take up Data TransferIL18 SAPMILO2 Data Transfer From EquipmentIL20 RIIFLO20 Change Functional LocationIMAI RKKBRPTR CI Management Info SystemIMAMB MASSBACK Automatic Mass ChangeIMAMP RAIMARED Blanket Change to Plan ValuesIMAN SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: IMAKIMAP SAPMKBUD Change plan for appropriation req.IMAPL SAPLAIAWEB1 Overview Planning (Planner)IMAPL2 SAPLAIAWEB1 Overview PlanningAutor: Iron700 106 13/11/2007
    • IMAPL3 SAPLAIAWEB1 Overview Planning (Easy Web)IMAQ SAPMKBUD Display plan for appropriation req.IMAR SAPMKBUD Plan investment portion of app.req.IMAS SAPMKBUD Display plan: Appropriation requestIMAV SAPMKBUD Change plan revenuesIMAW SAPMKBUD Display plan revenuesIMA0 MENUIMA0 Appropriation RequestsIMA1 SAPLAIA1 Create appropriation requestIMA1N SAPLAIA1 Create Appropriation RequestIMA11 SAPLAIA1 Individual ProcessingIMA12 SAPLAIA1 Individual Processing (Planner)IMA13 SAPLAIA1 Individual Processing (Web Trans.)IMA2 SAPLAIA1 Change appropriation requestIMA2N SAPLAIA1 Change Appropriation RequestIMA3 SAPLAIA1 Display appropriation requestIMA3N SAPLAIA1 Display Appropriation RequestIMA4 SAPLAIA1 Delete appropriation requestIMA4N SAPLAIA1 Delete Appropriation RequestIMA6 RAIMAVCY Copy version assignmt to measureIMBC RAICCUS1 IM Summariz: Settings in fileIMBD RAICDHD1 IM Summariz: Delete values/hierarchIMBE RAICEND2 IM Summarization: Delete entitiesIMBM RAICMON1 IM Summarization: MonitorIMBPUP RAIMBPUP Plan/Budget RollupIMB0 RAICHIER IM Summariz: Replicate hierarchyIMB1 RAICDAR1 IM Summariz: Replicate curr. valuesIMB2 RAICENR1 IM Summariz: Replicate entitiesIMB3 RAICDAS2 IM Summariz: Current values in fileIMB4 RAICENS2 IM Summariz: Entities in fileIMB5 RAICDAR2 IM Summariz: Values from fileIMB6 RAICENR2 IM Summariz: Entities from fileIMB7 RAICDAC1 IM Summarization: Copy valuesIMB8 RAICDAS3 IM Summariz: Summarized val. in filIMCAOV RAIMCAOV Budget Carryfwd for Inv.ProgramsIMCB RKDBAT02 IM Summarization: Background reportIMCC SAPMKCC0 IM Summarization: Curr. transl. typIMCCP1 RAIMCCP1 Copy Plan -> Budget (Inv.Prog)IMCCP2 RAIMCCP2 Transfer App.Req. Plan -> Meas. PlaIMCCP3 RAIMCCP3 Copy Plan -> Budget (Projects)IMCCP4 RAIMCCP4 Copy Plan -> Budget (Orders)IMCCV1 RAIMCCP1 Copy Plan Vers. -> PlanVers(InvProgIMCG RAIMGENCHAR Summariz. IM: Gen. User-Def. Char.IMCK RICTIMCK IM Summariz: Calculated key figuresIMCM SAPMKCB9 IM Summariz: Test monitor f. reportIMCO RKCOBTR2 IM Summarization: Transport reportsIMCOC1 RAIMCCP1 Consistency Check (Inv.Prog.)IMCOC3 RAIMCCP3 Consistency Check (Projects)IMCOC4 RAIMCCP4 Consistency Check (Orders)IMCP RKCOBTR4 IM Summarization: Transport formsIMCRC1 RAIMCCP1 Currency Reacalculation (Inv.Prog.)IMCRC2 RAIMCRC2 Currency Recalculation (App.Req.)IMCRC3 RAIMCCP3 Currency Recalculation (Projects)IMCRC4 RAIMCCP4 Currency Recalculation (Orders)IMCT RKCTRTX1 IM Summar: Translation of drilldownIMCTST RSIMCTST IMC Test MonitorIMCTX RSIMCTRX Intermode CommunicationIMCU MENUIMCU Config. menu Investment ManagementIMCV RKES0101 IM Summarization: Global variablesAutor: Iron700 107 13/11/2007
    • IMCX RKDREOBE IM Summarization: Reorg. reportsIMCY RKDREODA IM Summarization: Reorg. report datIMCZ RKDREOFO IM Summarization: Reorg. formsIMC0 SAPMKCEE IM Summarization: Execute ReportIMC1 SAPMKCEE IM Summarization: Create reportIMC2 SAPMKCEE IM Summarization: Change reportIMC3 SAPMKCEE IM Summarization: Display reportIMC4 SAPMKES1 IM Summarization: Create formIMC5 SAPMKES1 IM Summarization: Change formIMC6 SAPMKES1 IM Summarization: Create formIMC8 RCNRCJES IM Summarization: Client copy reporIMC9 RCNRCJEW IM Summarization: Client copy formIMDB RKDBAT02 App.req: Execute report in backgrndIMDC SAPMKCC0 App. req: Currency translation keyIMDG RAIMGENCHAR Generate User-Defined CharacteristiIMDK RIRTIMDK App.req: Calculated key figuresIMDM SAPMKCB9 App.req: Test monitor reportIMDO RKCOBTR2 App. req: Transport reportsIMDP RKCOBTR4 App. req: Transport formsIMDT RKCTRTX1 App. req: Translate drilldownIMDV RKES0101 App. req: Global variablesIMDX RKDREOBE App. req: Reorganization reportsIMDY RKDREODA App. req: Reorganization report datIMDZ RKDREOFO App. req: Reorganization of formsIMD0 SAPMKCEE App.req: Execute reportIMD1 SAPMKCEE App.req: Create reportIMD2 SAPMKCEE App.req: Change reportIMD3 SAPMKCEE App.req: Display reportIMD4 SAPMKES1 App.req: Create formIMD5 SAPMKES1 App.req: Change formIMD6 SAPMKES1 App.req: Display formIMD8 RCNRCJES App.req: Client copy reportIMD9 RCNRCJEW App.req: Client copy formIMEB RKDBAT02 Background processing of reportsIMEC SAPMKCC0 Maint. of currcy.conv. type inv.prgIMEG RAIMGENCHAR Generate User-Defined CharacteristiIMEK RIPTIMEK Maintain ratiosIMEM SAPMKCB9 Test monitor - inv. prog. reportsIMEO RKCOBTR2 Transport inv. prog. reportsIMEO1 OM_START_NF Create Inv.Program in Enterprise OrIMEO2 OM_START_NF Change Inv.Program in Enterp. Org.IMEO3 OM_START_NF Display Inv.Program in Enterp. Org.IMEP RKCOBTR4 Transport forms for inv. programIMEQ RKCOBTR3 Import inv.prog. rep. frm client 00IMER RKCOBTR5 Import forms from client 000IMET RKCTRTX1 Transl. tool - Dr.-down rep. inv.prIMEU RAIPEWU1 Euro conversion: IM postproces.progIMEV RKES0101 Maintain global variablesIMEX RKDREOBE Reorganize invest. program reportsIMEY RKDREODA Reorganize inv. prog. report dataIMEZ RKDREOFO Reorganize forms for inv.prog.reporIME0 SAPMKCEE Execute Inv. Program ReportIME1 SAPMKCEE Create cap.inv.program reportIME2 SAPMKCEE Change cap.inv.program reportIME3 SAPMKCEE Display cap.inv.prog. reportIME4 SAPMKES1 Create layout set for inv.prog. repIME5 SAPMKES1 Change layout set for inv.prog. repIME6 SAPMKES1 Display layout set for inv.prog.repAutor: Iron700 108 13/11/2007
    • IME8 RCNRCJES Client transport-inv. prog.reportsIME9 RCNRCJEW Client transport of formsIMIG SAPLSDB9 Incremental MigrationIMI0 RKKBRPTR CI Management Info SystemIMKBUD RAIMKBUD Original Budget = Current BudgetIMPBA3 RAIMCCP3 Plan/Budget Adjustment (Projects)IMPBA4 RAIMCCP4 Plan/Budget Adjustment (Orders)IMR1 RAIMINFO Values for Capital Investment Prog.IMR3 RAIMDELE Delete Whole Capital Investment PrgIMR4 RAIMAVAR1 App.Req. w/o Distrib.; w/o VariantsIMR5 RAIMAVAR2 App.Req. w/ Distrib.; w/o VariantsIMR6 RAIMAVAR3 App.Req. w/o Distrib.; w/ VariantsIMR7 RAIMAVAR4 App. Request w/ Distrib. w/ VariantIMR8 RAIMNOTCON Non-Assigned Measures/App.Req.IMR9 RAIMHERCHK Check of Inheritance in Inv.ProgramIMSL RAIMLANG Set language for textIMV1 RAIMAETP Changes to Investment ProgramsIMV2 RAIMAEPR Changes to CI Program PositionsIM00 MENUIM00 Investment programsIM01 SAPLAIP2 Create Investment ProgramIM02 SAPLAIP2 Change Investment ProgramIM03 SAPLAIP2 Display Investment ProgramIM05 RAIMACHG Reassign Measures/Approp.RequestsIM11 SAPLAIP2 Create Investment Program PositionIM12 SAPLAIP2 Change Investment Program PositionIM13 SAPLAIP2 Display Inv. Program PositionIM22 SAPLAIP2 Change Investment Program StructureIM23 SAPLAIP2 Display Investment Program StructurIM24 RAIM_GEN_FROM_OCreate Investment ProgramIM25 RAIM_GEN_FROM_HCreate Investment ProgramIM27 RAIMCOPY IM: Open new approval yearIM28 RAIMCOPY Copy investment programIM30 SAPMKBUD Change Supplement to Inv.Prog.Pos.IM31 SAPMKBUD Display Supplement to Inv.Prog.Pos.IM32 SAPMKBUD Change Budget of Inv. Prog. PositioIM33 SAPMKBUD Display Budget of Inv.Prog.PositionIM34 RAIMCOPY Determining Default Plan Value IMIM35 SAPMKBUD Change Plan on Inv. Program PositioIM36 SAPMKBUD Display plan on prog. positionIM38 SAPMKBUD Change return on program positionIM39 SAPMKBUD Display return on program positionIM40 SAPMKBUD Change supplement on operative objsIM41 SAPMKBUD Display suppmt on operative objectsIM42 SAPMKBUD Change budget operative objectsIM43 SAPMKBUD Display budget operative objectsIM44 RAIMCOPY Determining Default Budget Value IMIM48 SAPMKBUD Change return on operative objectsIM49 SAPMKBUD Display return on operative objectsIM52 RAIMSELM Process budget distributionIM53 RAIMSELM Display budget distributionIM54 RAIMCOPY Investment Program ReorganizationIM64 RAIMCOPY Transfer from Old Investment PrograINOT IREAD_NOTIFICATCreate SM/PM Notification IDocIN01 SAPMINE0 Create object linkIN02 SAPMINE0 Change object linkIN03 SAPMINE0 Display object linkIN04 SAPMINE0 Create FunctLoc Object LinkIN05 SAPMINE0 Change FunctLoc Object LinkAutor: Iron700 109 13/11/2007
    • IN06 SAPMINE0 Display FunctLoc Object LinkIN07 SAPMINE0 Create Object Link for EquipmentIN08 SAPMINE0 Change Object Link for EquipmentIN09 SAPMINE0 Display Object Link for EquipmentIN15 RINET0T0 Change FunctLoc Object NetworkIN16 RINET0T0 Display Object Network for FunctLocIN18 RINET0E0 Change Object Network for EquipmentIN19 RINET0E0 Display Object Network for EquipmenIN20 SAPMSNUM Object link number rangesIORD IREAD_SM_PM_ORDCreate SM/PM Order IDocIPCS MENUIPCS Maintenance PlanningIPMACT IPM_ACE_PERIODICalculate and Post AccrualsIPMD RIIPMD00 Maintain/Display PermitsIPMIMG IPM_IMG IMG for CRM AccrualsIPM2 RIGENE10 Change PermitIPM3 RIGENE10 Display PermitIP00 MENUIP00 Maintenance Planning MenuIP01 SAPLIWP3 Create Maintenance PlanIP02 SAPLIWP3 Change Maintenance PlanIP03 SAPLIWP3 Display Maintenance PlanIP04 SAPLIWP3 Create Maintenance ItemIP05 SAPLIWP3 Change Maintenance ItemIP06 SAPLIWP3 Display Maintenance ItemIP10 SAPLIWP3 Schedule Maintenance PlanIP11 RISTRA00 Maintain Maintenance StrategiesIP11Z RISTRA00 Maintain Cycle SetIP12 RISTRA00 Display Maintenance StrategiesIP12Z RISTRA00 Display Cycle SetIP13 RMSTRA00 Package OrderIP14 RMSTRA30 Where-Used List by StrategyIP15 RIMPLA00 Change Maintenance PlanIP16 RIMPLA00 Display Maintenance PlanIP17 RIMPOS00 Change Maintenance ItemIP18 RIMPOS00 Display Maintenance ItemIP19 RIMHIS00 Graphical scheduling overviewIP20 SAPMSNUM Maintenance plan number assignmentIP21 SAPMSNUM Maintenance item number assignmentIP22 SAPMSNUM Maintain number range: OBJK_NRIP24 RIMHIO00 Scheduling overview list formIP25 RIARCMPL Set deletion flag for maint. plansIP30 RISTRA20 MaintSchedule Date MonitoringIP31 RISTRA30 Maintenance Plan Cost DisplayIP40 SAPLIWP3 Add Service Plan for PurchasingIP41 SAPLIWP3 Add single planIP42 SAPLIWP3 Add strategy-controlled planIP43 SAPLIWP3 Add multiple counter planIP50 SAPLIWP3 Create ref. for maint. contract iteIP51 RIVEDA00 Maintenance contract item listsIP62 RMIAPL60 Material Where-Used List: Task ListIQM1 SAPMV13B Create cond. records qual.notificatIQM2 SAPMV13B Change cond.records qual.notificatnIQM3 SAPMV13B Display cond.records qual.notificatIQS1 SAPLIQS0 Create Notification - Extended ViewIQS12 SAPLIQS0 Process TaskIQS13 SAPLIQS0 Display TaskIQS2 SAPLIQS0 Change Notification - Extended ViewIQS21 SAPLIQS0 Create Notif. - Simplified ViewIQS22 SAPLIQS0 Process Notif. - Simplified ViewAutor: Iron700 110 13/11/2007
    • IQS23 SAPLIQS0 Display Notif. - Simplified ViewIQS3 SAPLIQS0 Display Notification - Extended VieIQS8 RIQSMEL1 Worklist: Notifications (General)IQS8WP RIQSMEW1 IQS8 - Call from Workplace/MiniAppIQS9 RIQSMEL2 Worklist: Tasks (General)IQS9WP RIQSMEW2 IQS9 - Call from Workplace/MiniAppIQ01 SAPMIEQ0 Create Material Serial NumberIQ02 SAPMIEQ0 Change Material Serial NumberIQ03 SAPMIEQ0 Display Material Serial NumberIQ04 SAPMIEQ0 Create Material Serial NumberIQ08 RIEQUI21 Change Material Serial NumberIQ09 RIEQUI21 Display Material Serial NumberIR00 MENUIR00 PM Resource Planning MenuISE0 MENUISE0 Funds ManagementISISMN MENUISISMN Insurance ApplicationsISNR SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ISDBISP4 MENUISP4 TextIS00 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ISMPIS01 SAPLISMA Solution DB - Create/Display/ChangeIS02 TEXT_INDEXING Text Indexing for Solution DatabaseIS03 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ISOLITS00 SAP_TEST_IAC Starting transaction for test IACITS03 SAP_TEST_IAC Test IAC: Request GeneratorITS12 SAP_TEST_IAC SERVICE WITH LANGUAGE DEPENDENT TEMITS13 SAP_TEST_IAC SERVICE WITH LANGUAGE INDEPENDENT TITS18 SAP_TEST_IAC Test IAC: Start servive via call TRIT00 SAPMITST1 Test IACIT03 SAPMITST1 Test IAC: internal developmentIT12 SAPMITST1 Test IAC language-dependentIT13 SAPMITST1 Test IAC: language-independ templatIT18 SAPMITST1 Test IAC: start service via call TAIT19 SAPMITST1 Test IAC: Call Trans Skip ScreenIWBK RIAUFMVK Material availability informationIWCS MENUIWCSIWR1 SAPLIREV1 Create / Change RevisionIWR2 SAPLIREV1 Display RevisionIWWW SAPMIWOW Create Service Notification (WWW)IW00 MENUIW00IW12 RIBELF20 Document flow listIW13 RIMAT000 Material Where-used ListIW20 SAPMSNUM Quality Notification No. AssignmentIW21 SAPLIQS0 Create PM Notification - GeneralIW22 SAPLIQS0 Change PM NotificationIW23 SAPLIQS0 Display PM NotificationIW24 SAPLIQS0 Create PM Malfunction ReportIW25 SAPLIQS0 Create PM Activity ReportIW26 SAPLIQS0 Create Maintenance RequestIW27 RIARCQM3 Set deletion flag f. PM notificatioIW28 RIQMEL20 Change NotificationsIW29 RIQMEL20 Display NotificationsIW29WP RIQMEW20 IW29 - Call from Workplace/MiniAppIW3D SAPLCOIH Print OrderIW3K SAPLCOIH Change order component listIW3L SAPLCOIH Display Order Component ListIW3M RIAUFM20 List of Goods Movements for OrderIW30 RIQMEL10 Notification List (Multi-Level)IW31 SAPLCOIH Create OrderIW32 SAPLCOIH CHANGE ORDERAutor: Iron700 111 13/11/2007
    • IW33 SAPLCOIH Display PM OrderIW34 SAPLCOIH PM Order for PM NotificationIW36 SAPLCOIH Create PM Sub-OrderIW37 RIAFVC20 Change OperationsIW37N RI_ORDER_OPERATChange Orders and OperationsIW38 RIAUFK20 Change PM OrdersIW39 RIAUFK20 Display PM ordersIW40 RIAUFK10 Display Orders (Multi-Level)IW41 SAPLCORU Enter PM Order ConfirmationIW42 SAPLCMFU Overall Completion ConfirmationIW43 SAPLCORU Display PM Order ConfirmationIW44 SAPLCORU PM Order Collective ConfirmationIW45 SAPLCORU Cancel PM Order ConfirmationIW46 RMAFRU01 Postprocessing of PDC Error RecordsIW47 RIAFRU20 Confirmation ListIW48 RIAFVC10 Confirmation using operation listIW49 RIAFVC20 Display OperationsIW49N RI_ORDER_OPERATDisplay Orders and OperationsIW51 SAPLIQS0 Create Service Notification-GeneralIW52 SAPLIQS0 Change Service NotificationIW53 SAPLIQS0 Display Service NotificationIW54 SAPLIQS0 Create Service Notification-Malfn.IW55 SAPLIQS0 Create Activity ReportIW56 SAPLIQS0 Create service requestIW57 RIARCSM3 Set Deletion Flag For NotificationIW58 RIQMEL20 Change Service NotificationsIW59 RIQMEL20 Display Service NotificationsIW61 SAPLCOIH Create Historical PM OrderIW62 SAPLCOIH Change Historical OrderIW63 SAPLCOIH Display Historical PM OrderIW64 RIQMEL60 Change ActivitiesIW65 RIQMEL60 Display activitiesIW66 RIQMEL30 Change TasksIW67 RIQMEL30 Display TasksIW68 RIQMEL40 Change Notification ItemsIW69 RIQMEL40 Display Notification ItemsIW70 SAPLCOKO Orders Overall Network SchedulingIW72 RIAUFK20 Change Service OrderIW73 RIAUFK20 Display Service OrderIW74 RIVEDA20 Change Contract for Serviceable IteIW75 RIVEDA20 Display Serviceable Item ContractIW8W SAPLCOIH Goods Receipt f. Refurbishment OrdeIW81 SAPLCOIH Create Refurbishment OrderIXMLT4 BCCIIXMLT4 iXML Test Transaction for ITSI009 SAPMSNUM Location/AccAsst No. Range (ILOA)JBAI RJBRSTDB Load saved DatasetJBAN RJBRCUS1 Update Field CatalogJBAP SAPMJBRA Create Maintain Analysis StructuresJBAR RJBRTOL2 Generate service programsJBAS RJBRSTDS Save DatasetJBAT SAPMKKB5 Report SelectionJBAU RJBRSIPF Maintain ViewJBAX RJBRSTDD Delete Saved DatasetJBBA RJBAUFWP Position Generation - SecuritiesJBBB RJBAUFBD Position Determ.-Stock Ex.Der.JBBD RJBAUFDE Forex Position DeterminationJBBE MENUJBBE Valuation SettingJBBEW SAPMJBDBEW Maintain Position ChangesAutor: Iron700 112 13/11/2007
    • JBBG MENUJBBG Position GroupsJBBM MENUJBBM PositionsJBBPU RJBDREOFCBPUM Reorg.of Field Cat.for BP ConversioJBB0 SAPMJBD6 Create Position ObjectJBB1 SAPMJBD6 Change PositionJBB2 SAPMJBD6 Display PositionJBB3 SAPMJBD6 Maintain Position ValuesJBB4 SAPMJBD6 Display Position ValuesJBB5 RKCMKCGD Edit characteristicsJBB6 RKCMKCGD Edit Value FieldsJBCF SAPL0K01 Maintain Condition TypeJBDCD JBD_CHGPTR_DELEDelete Change PointersJBDCR JBD_CHGRELCUST Change RelevanceJBDEA JBD_EXPACTCUST Export SettingsJBDEM JBD_CHGPTR_MONIOverview of Change PointersJBDER JBD_EXPRELCUST Export RelevanceJBDEX JBD_EXPORT Start ExportJBDFTP RJBDFUTRAPRIC FTP Update in PC AccountingJBDM MENUJBDM IS-B: LoansJBDO SAPMJBDO Financial ObjectJBD1 SAPMKCEE Execute data mining reportJBD2 SAPMKCEE Create Data Mining ReportJBD3 SAPMKCEE Change data mining reportJBD4 SAPMKCEE Display Data Mining ReportJBD5 SAPMKES1 Data mining: Create formJBD6 SAPMKES1 Data mining: Change formJBD7 SAPMKES1 Data Mining: Display FormJBD8 RKCDUMDM Display Results of Data MiningJBGK SAPMJBD7 Maintain Yield Curve TypesJBG0 SAPMKEA3_NEW CO-PA Bank: Edit Operating ConcernJBG0O SAPMKEA3 CO-PA Bank: Edit Operating ConcernJBHTL RJBRHITRL Translate Characteristic HierarchieJBHTR RJBRHITR Transport Characteristic HierarchieJBI1 RKE_CALL_PA_SSTPA transfer structure COJBKA RJBTCKA1 SAP Banking: Costing Sheet AnalysisJBKW SAPLJBKWTP Actual Process Allocation: Fin. ObjJBK1 SAPMKES1 Preliminary Costing: Create FormJBK2 SAPMKES1 Preliminary Costing: Change formJBK3 SAPMKES1 Preliminary Costing: Display FormJBLDC SAPMJBLC Var. Transaction Ledger DimensionsJBLF RKCDLMON Determine Log NumberJBLZ MENUJBLZ Maturity bandJBMK SAPMJBMK Required/Optional FieldsJBMS RJBRMSSE Set filter for messagesJBMT SAPMMTSK Multitasking MaintenanceJBMU SAPMJBMU Display Required/Optional FieldsJBMVT MENUJBMVT Business Partner Configuration MenuJBM10 RJBEUVTS Euro Reversal: Variable TransactionJBM2 SAPMJBM0 Maint. Transact. DisbursementsJBM3 SAPMJBE0 SAP Banking: EURO Log AdministratioJBM4 SAPMJBEU SAP Banking: EURO Conversion Lo/FTJBM5 RJBEURKK EURO Conversion: Current AccountsJBM6 RJBEUKKS EURO Conv.: Current Accnts (ReverseJBM7 RJBEURWP EURO Conversion SecurityJBM8 RJBEUWPS EURO Conversion Security (Cancel)JBM9 RJBEURVT Euro Conversion: Variable Transact.JBNA RJBRBPNW Regenerate RM AreaJBPH MENUJBPH Portfolio hierarchyAutor: Iron700 113 13/11/2007
    • JBRBP RJBRBPREO Reorganize Base PortfoliosJBRCT RJBRCVTR RM: Transport of Char. ValuesJBRCU RJBRCVCU Edit Characteristic ValuesJBRCV RJBRCVAP Maintenance of Characteristic ValueJBRDG RJBRDERG Generate Program for Char.DerivatioJBRDV RJBRDRVAL Maintain Derivation of Rule EntriesJBRFG SAPMKCGF Edit field groupsJBRF0 RJBRRMSP Collective Processing of FOsJBRGE RJBRTRGE Generate Program Env. for RM AreaJBRGV RJBRGENV Reorganize Maintenance ModulesJBRI RJBRNV02 Risk Management: Grid AnalysisJBRIN RJBRSIIN Initialize viewJBRJ RJBRNV01 Risk Mgmt: Sensitivity AnalysisJBRK RRMPH001 Display Portfolio HierarchiesJBRKA RJBRPHSH Display Portfolio Hierarchy (old)JBRLZB RJBLZB Maintain Maturity BandJBRMP0 RJBRRMPRT Logs for Financial ObjectJBRMP1 RJBRRMPRT Logs for Portfolio HierarchiesJBRN RJBRVREGC Restructuring per ViewJBRNR RJBRNROB Number Range AdministrationJBRP0 RJBRPHUPDA Update Portfolio Hierarchy (ExpertsJBRR SAPMJBRR_CLASS Maintain Risk HierarchyJBRT RJBRSVAC ALM SimulationJBRTUP RJBRSVGAPUPDATEUpdate Saved Gap ResultsJBRU RJBRSVAC Single Value Analysis: SensitivityJBRUD RJB_REUSE_DISPLBanking Reuse Library DisplayJBRUM RJB_REUSE_MAINTBanking Reuse Library MaintenanceJBRW RRMPH001 Generate Portfolio HierarchyJBRX RJBRSVAC Single Value Analysis: NPVJBRY RJBRSVAC Single Value Analysis: Hist. Sim.JBRZ RJBRDRCL Maintain Derivation StrategyJBR0 SAPMJBRSN Maintain Market Data ShiftsJBR1 RJBRCHEK Check Selected SettingsJBR10S SAPMJBR10 RM: Display External Key FiguresJBR10U SAPMJBR10 RM: Maintain External Key FiguresJBR2 RJBRSTDSHOW Display Saved DataJBR3 RJBRCFKZ Assign Flow Type to Cash Flow IndicJBR4 RRMPH001 Delete Portfolio HierarchiesJBR4E RRMPH001 Deactivate Portfolio HierarchiesJBR5 RJBRPHUPD Update Portfolio HierarchyJBR6 RJBRSIDE Delete ViewJBR7 RJBRSLZB Display Maturity BandJBR8 RJBRPHAD Adjust Portfolio HierarchyJBR9 RJBRBPAG Report for Aggr. Base Portfolio DatJBSV SAPMJBDD Maintain ServiceJBSY MENUJBSY IS-B: Treasury Master DataJBTA SAPMJBTR Costing Rule for Node CostingJBTM MENUJBTM SAP R/3 Top MenuJBTZ SAPMJBTZ Maintain Cash FlowJBT1 SAPMJBTR Maintain Costing RuleJBVL MENUJBVL VolatilitiesJBVTCH BUSSTART Change Variable TransactionJBVTCR BUSSTART Create Variable TransactionJBVTSH BUSSTART Display Variable TransactionJBWA RKKBRPTR Access Report TreeJBWB RKDBAT02 Maintain Batch VariantsJBWC SAPMKCIC Comments Management: TreasuryJBWG RKE_CALL_VC_TKECharacteristic Groups for RMAutor: Iron700 114 13/11/2007
    • JBWH SAPMKXHI Maintain hierarchyJBWK RKDMKCIK Maintain key figuresJBWM SAPMKCB9 Test Monitor: RM Drilldown ReportinJBWO RKCOBTR2 Transport ReportsJBWP RKCOBTR4 Transport formsJBWPR RJBRREIF RM: Display Interface ProgramsJBWQ RKCOBTR3 Import reports from client 000JBWR RKCOBTR5 Import Forms from Client 000JBWS RKDSTRUC Display structureJBWT RKCTRTX1 Translation Tool - Drilldown ReportJBWU SAPMKCB9 Convert drilldown reportsJBWV RKES0101 Maintain Global VariableJBWW SAPMKCC0 Mainten.curr.conversion type TMRJBWX RKDREOBE Reorganize Drilldown ReportsJBWY RKDREODA Reorganize Report DataJBWZ RKDREOFO Reorganize FormsJBW0 SAPMKCEE Execute ReportJBW1 SAPMKCEE Create ReportJBW2 SAPMKCEE Change ReportJBW3 SAPMKCEE Display ReportJBW4 SAPMKES1 Create FormJBW5 SAPMKES1 Change FormJBW6 SAPMKES1 Display FormJBW7 SAPMKEFB Maintain authorization obj. presentJBW8 SAPMKEFB Display authorization obj.presentatJBYC RJBRATES Overview/Maintenance of Yield CurveJBZK SAPL0WP1 Assign Condition Types->Cond. GroupJB0B MENUJB0B Maintain Financial ConditionsJB0J MENUJB0J Treasury Master DataJB0K RJBTKALO Costing CallJB0O SAPMJBDK Copy Company CodeJB0P RJBTPRAZ_APL Display and Delete LogsJB0R RJBTKALR BackdatingJB02 MENUJB02 Bank Single Transaction CostingJB04 MENUJB04 Bank Risk ManagementJB05 MENUJB05 IS-B: Bank regulatory reportingJB06 MENUJB06 Bank RM Configuration MenuJB07 MENUJB07 IS-B: Settings menu - bank reg.rep.JB08 MENUJB08 Bank STC Configuration MenuJB1K RJBTKALK00 Update costingJB12 MENUJB12 Limit ManagementJB16 RJBTKRLT Costing Rule ListJB18 RJBTKMP Display Req./Opt.ControlJB19 MENUJB19 Asset/Liability ManagementJB2X MENUJB2X SecuritiesJB22 RJBTKALB Calculate Core DepositsJB3M RTRFIENM List of curr. supported field namesJB3P RKDBATV3 Maintain variant groupsJB3Q RKDBAT02 Maintain VariantsJB3R RKDBATV4 Schedule variant groupJB3S RKDBATV5 Define variant groupJB4A SAPMV12A Change SD Condition TableJB4B SAPMV12A Display SD Condition TableJB4C SAPMV13A Create SD Condition using TemplateJB4L SAPMV14A Create List of ConditionsJB4N SAPMV14A Change List of ConditionsJB4O SAPMV14A Display List of ConditionsJB4Q SAPMV14A Execute List of ConditionsAutor: Iron700 115 13/11/2007
    • JB4X MENUJB4X Money marketJB41 SAPMV13A Create SD ConditionJB42 SAPMV13A Change SD ConditionJB43 SAPMV13A Display SD ConditionJB49 SAPMV12A Create SD Condition TableJB5X MENUJB5X ForexJB6X MENUJB6X DerivativesJB68 RJBINTZK Interpolate yield curvesJB69 SAPMJBDZ Maintain Int. Rates for Yield CurveJB69T SAPMJBDZ TimeOFday dep. IRs for Zcurves pf1JB81 SAPMJBD1 Maintain accountJB99 MENUJB99 Test Menu ONLINE IntegrationJVTT SAPMSCAT Joint Venture Test ToolJ1AH SAPLJ1AO Creating Way BillsJ1AI J_1AA001 Asset Revaluation (Inflation)J1AJ SAPLJ1AO Print Way Bill DocumentJ1AM J_1AIP01 Delete and create index versionJ1AP SAPMSNUM Nummernkreispflege: J_1APRNTCHJ1AX J_1ARCVM Market price determination programJ1AZ J_1AMCIP MM index adjustment programJ1A3 J_1AMGIP MM goods issue revaluationJ1A5 J_1AMLBS MM Warehouse stock report (Arg.)J1A6 SAPMJ1A6 Modify Official Document NumberJ1A7 J_1AMGMC Average cost valuationJ1BBST RFID_BR_TRBAL Balance Sheet Transfer Loans: BraziJ1BF SAPMV13B Create Entries for Output TypeJ1BG SAPMV13B Change Entries for Output TypeJ1BH SAPMV13B Display Entries for Output TypeJ1BO SAPMV12A Output CondTable/Create Nota FiscalJ1BP SAPMV12A Output CondTable/Change Nota FiscalJ1BQ SAPMV12A Output CondTable/Display Nota FiscaJ1BTAX J_1B_MIGRATE_TATax Managers WorkplaceJ1B1 SAPMJ1B1 Create Nota Fiscal (Writer)J1B1N SAPMJ1B1 Create Nota Fiscal (Writer) - EnjoyJ1B2 SAPMJ1B1 Change Nota FiscalJ1B2N SAPMJ1B1 Change Nota Fiscal - EnjoyJ1B3 SAPMJ1B1 Display Nota FiscalJ1B3N SAPMJ1B1 Display Nota Fiscal - EnjoyJ1IA SAPMJ1IA Excise Invoice DetailsJ1IB SAPMJ1IB Excise Verification And PostingJ1ID SAPMJ1ID Rate maint & amend open pos/sosJ1IEX SAPLJ1IEX Incoming Excise InvoicesJ1IF SAPMJ1IF SubcontractingJ1IFQ SAPMJ1IFQ Challan : Reconcile QuantityJ1IFR J_1IDOCLIST Subcontracting Challan ListingJ1IF01 SAPMJ1IFN Subcontracting Challan : CreateJ1IF11 SAPMJ1IFN Subcontracting Challan : ChangeJ1IF12 SAPMJ1IFN Subcontracting Challans : DisplayJ1IF13 SAPMJ1IFN Challan Complete/Reverse/RecreditJ1IG SAPMJ1IG RG23D register receipt at depotJ1IGA SAPMJ1IGA Additional Excise Entry at DepotJ1IGAD SAPMJ1IGA Additional Excise at Depot DisplaJ1IGR J_1IEXCP_GR1 List of GRs without gate passJ1IH SAPMJ1IH Create Excise JVJ1IHBK J_1IHBKD Copy House Bank ID from InvoiceJ1IIN SAPMJ1IIN Outgoing Excise InvoiceJ1IJ SAPMJ1IJ Excise invoice selec. at depot saleJ1IK SAPMJ1IK Selection of Excise Invoice - CommoAutor: Iron700 116 13/11/2007
    • J1IL MENUJ1IL India LocalizationJ1IN SAPMJ1IN India Version Tax Deduction at SourJ1INAR J_1IEWT_ANN_RETAnnual ReturnsJ1INC J_1ITDS2 Tax Deduction at Source: ClassicJ1INCC J_1IEWT_CERT_CUPrint Customer WH Tax CertificatesJ1INHC J_1IEWT_HEALTH_Health check for migration to EWTJ1INJV SAPMJ1INJV Enter Journal VoucherJ1INPP J_1IEWT_UPDATE_Update Business Place in FI documenJ1INPR J_1IEWT_PROVISIProvisions for Taxes on ServicesJ1INUT J_1IEWT_PROV_UTUtilise Withholding Tax on ProvisioJ1IO J_1IRTRO Retrospective price amendmentsJ1IP J_1IPRNE Excise invoice printJ1IQ J_1IITDEP Year-End IT Depreciation ReportJ1IR J_1IDNLD Data DownloadJ1IS SAPMJ1IS Excise invoice for other movementsJ1IU SAPMJ1IU Forms captureJ1IUN SAPMJ1IUN Forms trackingJ1IV SAPMJ1IV Excise post & print for others mvmtJ1IW SAPMJ1IW Excise Invoice without POJ1IX SAPMJ1IX Excise Invoice Verification WO POJ1I0 J_1ICWIZ Customizing wizardJ1I2 J_1ISTAX Sales Tax RegisterJ1I3 J_1I_BATCH_UTILModvat utilzation in batchJ1I5 J_1IREGSN Register creation for RG23 and RG1J1I6 J_1IMODF Modvat forecastJ1I7 J_1IEXCH Query Excise invoicesJ1I8 J_1ICHLN TDS Challan UpdateJ2IB J_1ISTCH Service tax challanJ2IC J_1IST3 Service tax returnsJ2IE J_1ITDSR View Archived TDS documentsJ2IF J_1I_EXCISE_DOCDisplay document flowJ2IN J_2IRTN New RT-12 ReportJ2IRG1 J_2IRRG1 Register RG1J2IU J_1IRUTZ Fortnightly UtilizationJ2I5 J_2IREXT ExtractJ2I6 J_2IRPUT Print UtilityJ2I8 J_1ICAPG Avail.of subs credit for Cap GoodsJ2I9 J_1I57AE New Monthly Returns Report Rule 57AKABL SAPMKB01 Order: Planning OverviewKABP RKAEP000 Controlling Documents: PlanKAB9 SAPMKB02 Planning Report: OrdersKAFD SAPLKAFD External Data TransferKAFL SAPLKAFD Delete All Costs Transferred w. KAFKAH1 SAPLKKHI Create Cost Element GroupKAH2 SAPLKKHI Change cost element groupKAH3 SAPLKKHI Display cost element groupKAID RKADELIT Delete ALE-COEP(L) Line ItemsKALA RKAKALC3 Activate Reconciliation LedgerKALB RKAKALC3 Deactivate Reconciliation LedgerKALC RKAKALFI Cost Flow MessageKALD RKAKALDE Reset Reconciliation LedgerKALE RKAKALT9 Reconcil.Ledger: Display Totals RecKALF RKAKALBT Start Background Report RKAKALBTKALH RKAKALBR Change Rules for Reconcil. PostingKALI RKKBJBIN Import Reconcil. Ledger ReportsKALK RKAKALBS Create Rules for Reconcil. PostingKALM SAPMKKB2 Display Reconcil. Ledger Report TreKALN SAPMKKB5 Report Tree: Maint. Reconcil. LedgeAutor: Iron700 117 13/11/2007
    • KALO RGLEXE03 Export Reconcil. Ledger (Rollup)KALR RKAKALR1 Reconciliaton Ledger: CO Line ItemsKALS RKAKALFI Reverse Reconciliation PostingKALX RKAKALX1 Fill Original Units in CO DocumentKALY RKAKALX2 Convert Reconc. Ledger DocumentsKAL1 RKAKALF1 Reconcil. Ledger Follow-Up PostingKAL7 RKAKALR2 Overview of Cost FlowsKAL8 RKKBBGEN Generate Reconcil. Ledger ReportsKAMN MENUKAMN Menu for Internal OrdersKANK SAPMSNUM Number range maint.: RK_BELEGKAUM RKACUMTK Display Conversion MilestonesKAVA RBDSECOT Send Cost Center Totals RecordsKAVB RGSALECC Send Cost Center GroupKAVC RGSALECE Send Cost Element GroupKAVD RGSALEAT Send Activity Type GroupKA01 SAPLKMA4 Create Cost ElementKA02 SAPLKMA4 Change Cost ElementKA03 SAPLKMA4 Display Cost ElementKA04 SAPLKMA4 Delete cost elementKA05 SAPMKMAA Cost element: display changesKA06 SAPLKMA4 Create Secondary Cost ElementKA23 SAPLKMA4 Cost Elements: Master Data ReportKA24 SAPLKMA4 Delete Cost ElementsKBC0 RKKBC000 Maintain list of screen variantsKBC6 RKTARPLN CO-ABC: Manual Actual PriceKBC7 RKTARPLN CO-ABC: Display manual actl. priceKBEA KFPR_ARCH_SET_DTrsfr Price Docs: Set Del.IndicatorKBH1 SAPLKKHI Create statistical key figure groupKBH2 SAPLKKHI Change statistical key figure groupKBH3 SAPLKKHI Display statistical key figure grouKBK6 RKTARPLN CO-CCA: Manual Actual PriceKBK7 RKTARPLN CO-CCA: Display manual actl priceKB11 SAPMK23B Enter Reposting of Primary CostsKB11N SAPLK23F1 Enter Manual Repostings of CostsKB13 SAPMK23B Display Reposting of Primary CostsKB13N SAPLK23F1 Display Manual Repostings of CostsKB14 SAPMK23B Reverse Reposting of Primary CostsKB14N SAPLK23F1 Reverse Manual Repostings of CostsKB15 SAPMK23B Enter Manual AllocationsKB15N SAPLK23F1 Enter Manual AllocationsKB16 SAPMK23B Display Manual AllocationsKB16N SAPLK23F1 Display Manual AllocationsKB17 SAPMK23B Reverse Manual AllocationsKB17N SAPLK23F1 Reverse Manual AllocationsKB21 SAPMK23B Enter Activity AllocationKB21N SAPLK23F1 Enter Direct Activity AllocationKB22 SAPMK23B IAA via InternetKB23 SAPMK23B Display Activity AllocationKB23N SAPLK23F1 Display Direct Activity AllocationKB24 SAPMK23B Reverse Activity AllocationKB24N SAPLK23F1 Reverse Direct Activity AllocationKB27 SAPMK23B IAA Enter Other PeriodsKB31 SAPMK23B Enter Statistical Key FiguresKB31N SAPLK23F1 Enter Statistical Key FiguresKB33 SAPMK23B Display Statistical Key FiguresKB33N SAPLK23F1 Display Statistical Key FiguresKB34 SAPMK23B Reverse Statistical Key FiguresKB34N SAPLK23F1 Reverse Statistical Key FiguresAutor: Iron700 118 13/11/2007
    • KB41 SAPMK23B Enter Reposting of RevenuesKB41N SAPLK23F1 Enter Manual Repostings of RevenueKB43 SAPMK23B Display Reposting of RevenuesKB43N SAPLK23F1 Display Manual Repostings of RevenuKB44 SAPMK23B Reverse Reposting of RevenuesKB44N SAPLK23F1 Reverse Manual Repostings of RevenuKB51 SAPMK23B Enter Activity PostingKB51N SAPLK23F1 Enter Sender ActivitiesKB53 SAPMK23B Display Activity PostingKB53N SAPLK23F1 Display Sender ActivitiesKB54 SAPMK23B Reverse Activity PostingKB54N SAPLK23F1 Reverse Sender ActivitiesKB61 SAPMK23D Enter Reposting of CO Line ItemsKB63 SAPMK23D Display Reposting of CO Line ItemsKB64 SAPMK23D Reverse Reposting of CO Line ItemsKB65 SAPMK23D Enter Indirect Acty Alloc.RepostingKB66 SAPMK23D Display Indir. Acty Alloc. RepostinKB67 SAPMK23D Reverse IAA RepostingKB71 SAPMK23B JV-Transfer PostingsKCAN SAPLKCD0 DerivationKCA0 SAPMKCIA SAP-EIS: Edit aspectKCA1 RKCREOAS Reorganize aspect tablesKCA2 SAPMKCGF Edit field groupsKCA5 RKCMKCGD Edit characteristicsKCA6 RKCMKCGD Edit basic key figuresKCBA SAPMKCEE Report class overviewKCBB RKCUSRGR Set user groupKCBH SAPMKCBH Report portfolio data transferKCBW RKCDSDDG EC-EIS/BP: Generate DataSourceKCB0 SAPMKCEE Execute reportKCB1 SAPMKCEE Create reportKCB2 SAPMKCEE Change reportKCB3 SAPMKCEE Display reportKCB4 SAPMKCEE Create report classKCB5 SAPMKCEE Change report classKCB6 SAPMKCEE Display report classKCB7 SAPMKCEE Create user groupKCB8 SAPMKCEE Change user groupKCB9 SAPMKCEE Display user groupKCCO SAPMKCCO EC-EIS/BP: Manage comment tablesKCC0 SAPMKCC0 Maintain currency translation keyKCC1 SAPMKCC0 Currency translation sender programKCC2 SAPMKCC0 Cross-table translation keyKCDI RKDREPDV Divide reportKCDR RKCDOREO Reorganization document flag T242BKCDU RKCTRERU Structure of summ. level of SAP-EISKCDV SAPMKEDV Maintain summarization levelsKCEA RKCDEDIA Set planner profileKCED RKCDEDEI Define Flexible Excel UploadKCEE RKC_FLEX_UPL Flexible Excel Upload to SAP-EISKCE1 RKCSELEC Display transaction dataKCE2 RKCDELET Delete transaction dataKCE3 RKCREPSE SAP-EIS: Choose Collection ProgramKCE4 RKCDEDIA Change transaction data (EIS/BP)KCE5 RKCDEDIA Display transaction data (EIS/BP)KCE6 SAPLKXDE Individual record entryKCE7 SAPLKXDE EIS: Single record displayKCE8 RKCDEDIA EC-BP: Change plan dataAutor: Iron700 119 13/11/2007
    • KCE9 RKCDEDIA EC-BP: Display plan dataKCFR SAPLKCD0 EDT: Maintain Transfer RulesKCF0 RKCFILE0 Import FileKCF1 RKCFILE0 Import master data fileKCF2 RKCFILE0 Import comments fileKCF3 RKE_CALL_VC_TKEChange revaluation factorsKCF4 RKE_CALL_VC_TKEDisplay revaluation factorsKCH1 SAPLKKHI Create Profit Center GroupKCH2 SAPLKKHI Change profit center hierarchyKCH3 SAPLKKHI Display profit center hierarchyKCH4 RCOPCA15 EC-PCA: Create Standard HierarchyKCH5 RCOPCA15 EC-PCA: Change standard hierarchyKCH5N KEO_START_NF_STEC-PCA: Change Standard HierarchyKCH5NX KEO_START_NF_STEC-PCA: Change Stand.Hier. EO ActivKCH6 RCOPCA15 EC-PCA: Display standard hierarchyKCH6N KEO_START_NF_STEC-PCA: Display Standard HierarchyKCH6NX KEO_START_NF_STEC-PCA: Disp. Stand.Hier. EO ActiveKCJ0 RKCHINOD EIS/BP: Hierarchy node maintenanceKCJ1 SAPMKXHI EC-EIS/EC-BP: Hierarchy maintenanceKCJ2 RKCDMREF EC-EIS: Copy reference hierarchiesKCJ3 SAPMKXHI Hierarchy MaintenanceKCKB SAPMKCIK Formulas for basic key figuresKCK0 SAPMKCIK Key figuresKCK1 RKCDLKR0 Display key figureKCLA KCFDUADS EDT: Automatic File SplitKCLF RKCFILEF External Data TransferKCLFS KCDSTRUCF Sender StructuresKCLI EDT_ALE_MAIN ALE Interface for EDTKCLJ RKCFILE7 EDT: Execute TransferKCLL KCDSTRUC EDT: Generate Sender StructureKCLP KCDLPROT LogsKCLR KCFDURFC RFC CallKCLT KCDLEDITOR EDT: Create Test DataKCLU KCFDUTYP EDT: Maintain Transfer TypesKCLV KCFDUREORG EDT: Delete Obsolete ProgramsKCO1 RKCCOLST Comments on transaction dataKCPA SAPMKCPL2 Automatic Planning: CopyKCPA2 SAPMKCPL2 CopyKCPB SAPMSJOB Batch jobs aut. planningKCPD SAPMKCPD Delete plan data with key fig. sel.KCPL SAPMKCPL2 Automatic Planning: ChangeKCPL2 SAPMKCPL2 Automatic Planning: ChangeKCPT SAPMKCPL2 Automatic planning: top-down distr.KCPT2 SAPMKCPL2 Automatic Planning: Top-DownKCPZ RKE_CALL_V_TKEPSegment-Specific Planning FunctionsKCP0 SAPMKCPL2 Automatic PlanningKCP1 RKCAPPLO Validation logs data entryKCP2 SAPMKCPL2 Automatic Planning: ForecastKCP22 SAPMKCPL2 Automatic Planning: ForecastKCP4 SAPMKES1 Create entry formKCP5 SAPMKES1 Change entry formKCP6 SAPMKES1 Display entry formKCP7 SAPMKES1 Create planning layoutKCP8 SAPMKES1 Change planning layoutKCP9 SAPMKES1 Display planning layoutKCRA RKES0102 Maintain variant tableKCRB RKDBATPF Maintain variable groupsKCRC RKCBATCH Print/actualize reportsAutor: Iron700 120 13/11/2007
    • KCRE RKES0101 Maintain Global VariablesKCRF RKE_CALL_VC_TKEMaintain Char.Grps for SAP-EIS Rep.KCRP RKDBATV3 Maintain variant groupsKCRQ RKDBAT02 Maintain VariantsKCRR RKCTREE0 Report selectionKCRS RKDBATV4 Schedule Variant GroupKCRT RKDBATV5 Define Variant GroupKCRU SAPMKCB9 Convert drilldown reportsKCR0 SAPMKCEE Run Drilldown ReportKCR1 SAPMKCEE Create Drilldown ReportKCR2 SAPMKCEE Change drilldown reportKCR3 SAPMKCEE Display Drilldown ReportKCR4 SAPMKES1 Create formKCR5 SAPMKES1 Change formKCR6 SAPMKES1 Display formKCR7 SAPMKEFB Maintain authorization obj. presentKCR8 SAPMKEFB Display authorization obj.presentatKCS2 SAPMKCI2 SAP-EIS: Delete char. valuesKCS3 SAPMKCI2 SAP-EIS: Maintain character. valuesKCS4 SAPMKCI2 SAP-EIS: Display character. valuesKCS5 SAPMSVMA Maintain characteristics (view)KCS6 SAPMSVMA Display characteristics (view)KCS7 RKCMDYRC Maintain fiscal yearKCT0 SAPMKCIC EC-EIS/EC-BP: Comment managementKCT1 SAPMKCIC EC-EIS/EC-BP: Reorganize commentsKCUA RKCDLMON Display Transfer LogKCUU RKDREODA Report Data ReorganizationKCVA SAPLKXDE EIS/BP: Maintain validations/rulesKCVC SAPLKXDE EIS/BP: Copy validations/rulesKCVD RKDREOBE Overview of ReportsKCVL SAPMKCDA Variable list element in basic rep.KCVV RKDREOBE Reorganization ReportsKCV0 SAPLKEFV_MNT Maintain Distribution KeysKCV1 SAPMGPSP Create Distribution KeyKCV2 SAPMGPSP Change distribution keyKCV3 SAPMGPSP Display distribution keyKCV4 SAPMGPSP Delete distribution keyKCWA SAPMKCC0 Maintain Currency Translation TypeKCWW RKDREOFO Reorganize formsKCW0 SAPMKCB9 Testmonitor reporting SAP-EISKCW1 RKCGENPR Generations SAP-EISKCW2 RKCLISPR Logs SAP-EISKCXX RKDREOVG Reorganization of Variant GroupsKCZ1 RKC_START_ARCHIEC-EIS/BP: Archive transaction dataKC7R SAPLKCD0 EDT: Maintain Transfer RulesKDH1 SAPLKKHI Create Account GroupKDH2 SAPLKKHI Change Account GroupKDH3 SAPLKKHI Display Account GroupKDTT RKDCTRAN Display incorrect reportKEAE RKABCPAC Generate Proc. Template EnvironmentKEAF SAPMKECM_VFIELDValue Field AnalysisKEAT RKE_RECONCILIATReconcile CO-PA <-> SD <-> FIKEAV SAPMKECM_VALUATValuationKEAW RKE_RECONCILIATReconciliation Make-to-Order Prod.KEA0 SAPMKEA3_NEW CO-PA: Maintain Operating ConcernKEA0O SAPMKEA3 CO-PA: Maintain Operating ConcernKEA5 RKCMKCGD Maintain CharacteristicsKEA6 RKCMKCGD Edit Value FieldsAutor: Iron700 121 13/11/2007
    • KEBA RKEBER01 Display operating concernKEBC RKEBER01 Change operating concernKEBI RKEBER01 Set operating concern (batch-input)KEB0 RKEBW100 Create CO-PA DataSourceKEB2 RKEBW201 Display Dtld Info on CO-PA DataSrceKEB3 RKEBW202 Activate Debugging SupportKEB4 RKEBW203 Reset Replication StatusKEB5 RKEBW211 Reduce Data Volumes for TestKECA COPA_COPY Copying Transaction Data (Actual)KECB COPA_ERKRS_2_BUCO-PA Company Code Line ItemsKECC COPA_COPY_PLAN Copy Transaction Data ( Plan )KECM SAPMKECM_MAIN CO-PA: Customizing MonitorKECP SAPMKECP Copy Operating ConcernKECT RKE_CALL_CTU1 Maintain Environ. Dyn. Process AlloKEC0 SAPMKCC0 Maintain curr. transl. type (CO-PA)KEC3 SAPMKCC0 Cross-table translation key CO-PAKEDA RKETREXT Export Summarization LevelKEDB RKEDELTEST Deletion of Test Data in CO-PAKEDD RKE_SHOW_KEDR_DCOPA Char. Derivation Overview ALVKEDF RKETRERF CO-PA: Fill Summ. Levels (Expert)KEDJ RKETRERJ CO-PA: Fill Summ. Levels (Expert)KEDRA RKE_DERIVE_ALE COPA Customizing via ALEKEDT SAPMKETREPROT Log Summarization LogsKEDU RKETRERU CO-PA: Build Summarization LevelsKEDUS RKETRERF_PARALLCO-PA: Period Build of Summ. LevelsKEDUSM RKETRERF_PERIODCO-PA: Monitor Build for Summ. LvlsKEDV SAPMKEDV CO-PA: Maintain Summarization LevelKEDVP RKETREPROP Default for Summarization LevelsKEDVPD RKETREPROPD Proposal for Summ. Levels (AnalysisKEDVS SAPMKETRESTORAGMaintain Old Storage Summ. LevelsKEDW RKETRERV CO-PA: Fill Summ. Levels (Expert)KEDX RKETRERT CO-PA:Fill Summ.Lev. from Summ. LevKEDZ RKE_PROT_EVALUARead Interface for CO-PA LogKED0 SAPMKEDR Derivation: Initial ScreenKED5 SAPMKES1 Data Mining: Create FormKED6 SAPMKES1 Data Mining: Change FormKED7 SAPMKES1 Data Mining: Display FormKEEU SAPMKCB9 CO-PA EIS/BP: Generate transferKEE0 RPCADIFF PCA: Generate Line Item DifferenceKEFA RKEVEXT1 Maintain Sender StructuresKEFB RKEVEXT2 Maintain RulesKEFC RKEVEXT3 CO-PA External Data TransferKEFD SAPLKCD0 Maintain RulesKEF1 RKE_CALL_VC_TKEChange Revaluation KeysKEF2 RKE_CALL_VC_TKEDisplay revaluation indicesKEGA SAPMKAL1 Delete Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.KEGAN SAPLKAL1 Delete Indirect Plan Acty AllocatioKEGB SAPMKGA2 Execute Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.KEGC SAPMKGA1 Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.: OverviewKEGCN SAPMKGA1 Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.: OverviewKEGD RKE_KEGD Overview Actual IAA CyclesKEGE RKE_KEGE Overview Plan IAA CyclesKEGV RKEPLANMETHOD Generate Variant from KEPM EnvironmKEG1 SAPMKAL1 Create Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.KEG1N SAPLKAL1 Create Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.KEG2 SAPMKAL1 Change Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.KEG2N SAPLKAL1 Change Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.KEG3 SAPMKAL1 Display Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.Autor: Iron700 122 13/11/2007
    • KEG3N SAPLKAL1 Display Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.KEG4 SAPMKAL1 Delete Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.KEG4N SAPLKAL1 Delete Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.KEG5 SAPMKGA2 Execute Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.KEG6 SAPMKGA1 Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.:OvervieKEG6N SAPMKGA1 Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.:OvervieKEG7 SAPMKAL1 Create Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.KEG7N SAPLKAL1 Create Indirect Plan Acty AllocatioKEG8 SAPMKAL1 Change Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.KEG8N SAPLKAL1 Change Indirect Plan Acty AllocatioKEG9 SAPMKAL1 Display Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.KEG9N SAPLKAL1 Display Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.KEH5 SAPMKES1 Change FormKEI1 RKE_CALL_PA_SSTMaintain PA Transfer StructureKEI2 RKE_CALL_PA_SSTMaintain PA Transfer StructureKEI3 RKE_CALL_PA_SSTMaintain PA Transfer StructureKEK0 SAPMKCIK Test Key Figure TransactionKELR RKEBW3RE Data Transfer from BW to CO-PAKELS RKEBW3RV Cancel TransferKELU RKEBW3UE Overview: Data Transfer BW to CO-PAKELV RKEBW3VA Variant for Query VariableKEMDM SAPMKEC1N Profit Center Master Data Maint.KEMN MENUKEMN Profitability Analysis appl. menuKEMO SAPMKCB9 Profitability report: Test monitorKEND SAPMKEND RealignmentsKEN1 SAPMSNUM Maintain Number Range: COPA_ISTKEN2 SAPMSNUM Maint. number ranges: CO-PA planninKEOAP2 KEO_START_NF Change Altern. Profit Center StructKEOAP3 KEO_START_NF Display Alter. Profit Center StructKEOA1 SAPLCMDT5 Activate Cost CentersKEOA2 SAPLCMDT5 Activate Profit CentersKEOA3 SAPLCMDT5 Activate ProcessesKEOD1 SAPLCMDT5 Reset Inactive Cost CentersKEOD2 SAPLCMDT5 Reset Inactive Profit CentersKEOD3 SAPLCMDT5 Reset Inactive Business ProcessKEOG1 RKEOGEN1 Generate Standard HierarchyKEOG2 RKEOGEN2 Generate Alternative HierarchyKEOG3 RKEOGEN3 Replace Standard HierarhcyKEOP1 RKEOPRI0 Print Standard HierarchyKEOP2 RKEOPRI1 Print Enterprise OrganizationKEOV RKEOV CO-PA: Cycle OverviewKEO1 KEO_START_NF Create Enterprise OrganizationKEO2 KEO_START_NF Change Enterprise OrganizationKEO3 KEO_START_NF Display Enterprise OrganizationKEPA RKE_CALL_VC_TKEChar. Groups for Actual and PlanninKEPD RKE_CALL_VC_TKECharacteristic groups for reportsKEPM RKEPLKEPM CO-PA PlanningKEPM_W SAPLKEPLUW Sales & Profit Planning in the WWWKEPMU RKE_CONVERT_LAYCreate Planning Level from LayoutKEPP RKEPLPPR Check plan structureKEPZ RKE_CALL_V_TKEPSegment-Specific Planning FunctionsKEPZ_E RKE_CALL_V_TKEPAccess of Segment-Specific EventsKEPZ_P RKE_CALL_V_TKEPAccess of Segment-Specific ForecastKEPZ_U RKE_CALL_V_TKEPAccess of Segment-Specific RevaltnKEPZ_V RKE_CALL_V_TKEPAccess of Segment-Specific Distr.KeKEP6 SAPMSVMA Maintain characteristicsKEP7 SAPMSVMA Display characteristicsKEP8 SAPMSVMA Operating concernsAutor: Iron700 123 13/11/2007
    • KEQ5 RKEAVIEW Maintain View for Defined Op.ConcerKEQ6 RKEAVIEW View Maint. with Preset Op. ConcernKER1 RKEB0401 Maintain Key Figure SchemeKES1 RKMERK00 CO-PA Maintain Characteristic ValueKES2 RKMERK00 Customizing: Display characteristicKES3 SAPMKXHI Maintain Characteristics HierarchyKETE SAPMKE0C_TEMP CO-PA: Operating Concern TemplatesKETR RKCTRTX1 CO-PA Translation ToolKEUA SAPMKAL1 Delete Plan Transfer of CCtr CostsKEUAN SAPLKAL1 Delete Plan Transfer of CCtr CostsKEUB SAPMKGA2 Perform plan cost-ctr cost transferKEUC SAPMKGA1 Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs;OvervieKEUCN SAPMKGA1 Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs;OvervieKEUD RKE_KEUD Overview Actual Assessment CyclesKEUE RKE_KEUE Overview Plan Assessment CyclesKEUG RKEU1GEN Set up cost-center cost transferKEUH RKEU_KEYFIGURE Maintain Key Figures for AllocationKEUU RKDREODA Reorganize dataKEU1 SAPMKAL1 Create Actual Transfer of CCtr CostKEU1N SAPLKAL1 Create Actual Transfer of CCtr CostKEU2 SAPMKAL1 Change Actual Transfer of CCtr CostKEU2N SAPLKAL1 Change Actual Transfer of CCtr CostKEU3 SAPMKAL1 Display Actl Transfer of CCtr CostsKEU3N SAPLKAL1 Display Actl Transfer of CCtr CostsKEU4 SAPMKAL1 Delete Actual Transfer of CCtr CostKEU4N SAPLKAL1 Delete Actual Transfer of CCtr CostKEU5 SAPMKGA2 Perform act. cost-ctr cost transferKEU6 SAPMKGA1 Actl Transfer of CCtr Costs;OvervieKEU6N SAPMKGA1 Actl Transfer of CCtr Costs;OvervieKEU7 SAPMKAL1 Create Plan Transfer of CCtr CostsKEU7N SAPLKAL1 Create Plan Transfer of CCtr CostsKEU8 SAPMKAL1 Change Plan Transfer of CCtr CostsKEU8N SAPLKAL1 Change Plan Transfer of CCtr CostsKEU9 SAPMKAL1 Display Plan Transfer of CCtr CostsKEU9N SAPLKAL1 Display Plan Transfer of CCtr CostsKEVG RKEABCVGA Record Types for Process CostsKEVG2 RKE_CALL_V_TKEVAssign Characteristic GroupKEVG3 RKE_CALL_V_TKEVAssign Value Field GroupsKEV0 SAPLKEFV_MNT Maintain Distribution KeysKEV1 SAPMGPSP Create distribution keyKEV2 SAPMGPSP Change distribution keyKEV3 SAPMGPSP Display distribution keyKEV4 SAPMGPSP Delete distribution keyKEWUSL RKEWUSL Where-Used List for Cycles (PA)KEWW RKDREOFO Reorganize formsKEX9 RKEB0405 Reorganize planning layoutsKEZ5 RKE_DIST Execute DistributionKE0B RKEPAKAR Archiving: CO-PAKE0C RKEALEGV CO-PA Distribution: Initial SupplyKE0D RKEALEAG CO-PA Distribution: ReconciliationKE0E RKEALE02 CO-PA Distribution: InstallationKE0G RKEALERU CO-PA Distribution: Roll-upKE1A RKEBPR01 Copy complete planKE1B RKEBPR01 Process complete planKE1C RKEBPR01 Delete Plan DataKE1D RKEBPR01 Forecast Plan DataKE1E RKEBPR01 Transfer Plan Data to SOPKE1F RKEBPRAD Complete Plan ManagementAutor: Iron700 124 13/11/2007
    • KE1G RKEBPR01 Top-Down Complete PlanKE1H RKEPLDIA CO-PA Planning: Set Planner ProfileKE1K RKEBPR01 Transfer to LISKE1L RKEPLPST Create Plan StructureKE1M RKEPLPST Change Plan StructureKE1N RKEPLPST Display Plan StructureKE1O RKE_CALL_V_TKEPMaintain User Exits for PlanningKE1Q RKEREOLT Reorganize Long TextsKE1V RKEBPR01 Transfer to EC-PCAKE1W RKEBPR01 Transfer of CO-PA Plan Data to FI-GKE1XO RKEVEXT0 Ext. Data Transfer to CO-PA PlanninKE1Y RKEBPR01 Transfer of CO-PA Plan Data to FI-SKE11 RKEPLDIA Change plan dataKE12 RKEPLDIA Display plan dataKE13 KPP_FLEX_UPL Upload from ExcelKE13N RKE_FLEX_UPL Upload from ExcelKE13P RKP_FLEX_UPL_PRLog: Flexible Excel UploadKE14 SAPMKES1 Create Planning LayoutKE15 SAPMKES1 Change Planning LayoutKE16 SAPMKES1 Display Planning LayoutKE17 SAPMKEFB Maintain Planning Authorization ObjKE18 SAPMKEFB Display planning authorization obj.KE19 RKEB0403 Reorganize Planning LayoutsKE2B RKEAE015 Correction to Incoming OrdersKE2C RKEAEDEL Delete records from error fileKE2D RKEAEERR Display Error FileKE2K SAPMKCIK CO-PA: Maintain Key FiguresKE2T RKEPGEDI CO-PA: Assign IDoc FieldsKE2U RKEPAEDI CO-PA: Display Segment Types EDIMAPKE21 SAPMKEI1 Create CO-PA line itemKE21N SAPMKEI2 CO-PA Line Item EntryKE21S SAPMKEI2 CO-PA Valuation SimulationKE23 SAPMKEI1 Display CO-PA line itemKE23N SAPMKEI2 CO-PA Line Item DisplayKE24 RKEB0601 Line Item Display - Actual DataKE25 RKEB0601 Line Item Display - Plan DataKE26 RKE_KE26 Repost Accounting DocumentKE27 RKEBPR01 Periodic valuationKE27S COPA_REVERSE_KEReversal of KE27 Delta Line ItemsKE28 RKEBPR01 Create top-down distributionKE29 RKEBPRAD ManagementKE3A RKDREOBE CO-PA: Reorganize reports + dataKE3B RKEBATCH Print and actualize reportsKE3C RKDREOFO Reorganize FormsKE3D RKEB0404 Reorganize Line Item LayoutsKE3E RKES0101 Maintain Global VariablesKE3F SAPMKES1 Create line item layoutKE3G SAPMKES1 Change Line Item LayoutKE3H SAPMKES1 Display line item layoutKE3I SAPMKCTR CO-PA: Transport toolKE3J SAPMKEFT ImportKE3K RKEB0801 Maintain hierarchyKE3L RKDREPDV Split reportKE3M RKDREOBE Overview of ReportsKE3P RKDBATV3 Maintain Variant GroupsKE3Q RKDBAT02 Maintain VariantsKE3R RKDBATV4 Schedule Variant GroupKE3S RKDBATV5 Define Variant GroupAutor: Iron700 125 13/11/2007
    • KE3T RKDREOVG Reorganization of Variant GroupsKE3X SAPMKKB5 Customize Application TreeKE3Y RKEB0701 Report selectionKE3Z SAPMKCB9 Convert profitability reportKE30 SAPMKCEE Execute profitability reportKE31 SAPMKCEE Create profitability reportKE32 SAPMKCEE Change ReportKE33 SAPMKCEE Display ReportKE34 SAPMKES1 Create formKE35 SAPMKES1 Change formKE36 SAPMKES1 Display formKE37 SAPMKEFB Maintain Report Authorization ObjecKE38 SAPMKEFB Display report authorization objectKE39 RKDREODA CO-PA: Reorganize report dataKE4A SAPMV12A Change condition tableKE4B SAPMV12A Display condition tableKE4C SAPMV13A Copy ConditionKE4F RKEAE005 Post Incoming Orders SubsequentlyKE4L SAPMV14A Pricing reportKE4N SAPMV14A Change Pricing ReportKE4O SAPMV14A Display Pricing ReportKE4Q SAPMV14A Execute Pricing ReportKE4S RKERV002 Post billing documents to CO-PAKE4SFI RKEFI005 CO-PA: Post Subsequently from FIKE4SMM RKEMM005 CO-PA: Post Material Documents SubsKE4ST RKERV002 Simulation billg docs transfer CO-PKE4S00 RKECADL1 CO-PA: Reversal of Line ItemsKE4T RKEAE009 Set Up Transfer of Incoming OrdersKE4TS RKEAE011 Simulate Doc. Transfer from OrdersKE4U SAPMKEIV Maintain view cluster V_TKEVAxKE4XO RKEVEXT0 Transfer External Data to CO-PAKE41 SAPMV13A Create conditionKE42 SAPMV13A Change conditionKE43 SAPMV13A Display conditionKE45 RKE_CALL_V_T258Maintain View V_T258I_KOKE49 SAPMV12A Create Condition TableKE5A SAPMKKB2 EC-PCA: Call up reportKE5B RECPCA04 EC-PCA: Copy Balance Sheet Acct GrpKE5C RCOPCA05 EC-PCA: Account Master Data (CO/FI)KE5T RCOPCA44 Compare G/L Accounts FI <-> EC-PCAKE5U RCOPCA44 Compare and Reconcile G/L AccountsKE5X RCOPCA09N Profit Center: Master Data IndexKE5Y RCOPCA08 Profit Center: Plan Line ItemsKE5Z RCOPCA02 Profit Center: Actual Line ItemsKE50 MENUKE50KE54 SAPMKEC1N Delete Profit CentersKE56 RCOPCA60 EC-PCA: Mass Maintenance CCode AssgKE57 RCOPCA60 EC-PCA: Mass Maintenance CCode AssgKE59 SAPMKEC1 EC-PCA: Create Dummy Profit CenterKE61 RECPCA11 EC-PCA: Cost group CCSS to GLTPCKE62 SAPMGPLC EC-PCA: Copy Data to PlanKE75 RBDFEPRC EC-PCA: ALE Get profit centersKE77 RBDSEPRC EC-PCA: ALE send profit centersKE78 RKEC1ROL EC-PCA: Execute ALE RollupKE79 RGSALEPC EC-PCA: Send ALE HierarchiesKE8B RKDBAT02 EC-PCA: Drill-Down Reporting; BckgdKE8C SAPMKCC0 EC-PCA: Maintain Currency Transl.KE8D RKDREOBE Overview of ReportsAutor: Iron700 126 13/11/2007
    • KE8I RCNCCP10 Copy Report-Report Interface/ReportKE8K RKDKENNZ Maintain Key FiguresKE8L RKDREOBE EC-PCA: Reorganize ReportsKE8M SAPMKCB9 EC-PCA: Test Monitor for Drill-DownKE8O RKCOBTR2 Transport ReportsKE8P RKCOBTR4 Transport FormsKE8Q RCNRCJES Import ReportsKE8R RCNRCJEW Import Form from ClientKE8U RKDREODA Reorganize Report DataKE8V RKES0101 EC-PCA: Maintain global variablesKE8W RKDREOFO EC-PCA: Reorganize FormsKE80 SAPMKCEE EC-PCA: Execute Drill-Down ReportKE81 SAPMKCEE EC-PCA: Create Drill-Down ReportKE82 SAPMKCEE EC-PCA: Change Drill-Down ReportKE83 SAPMKCEE EC-PCA: Display Drill-Down ReportKE84 SAPMKES1 EC-PCA: Create FormKE85 SAPMKES1 EC-PCA: Change FormKE86 SAPMKES1 EC-PCA: Display FormKE9D RKEB0406 Reorganize Line Item LayoutsKE91 SAPMKCEE Create Line-Item-Based ReportKE94 SAPMKES1 Create formKE95 SAPMKES1 Change FormKE96 SAPMKES1 Display FormKE97 SAPMKEFB Maintain Report Authorization ObjecKE98 SAPMKEFB Display Report Authorization ObjectKFTP RKCFILE0 R/2 - R/3 - Link: File TransferKGBC EWBCMPMD Copy CMP ClientKGI2 SAPLKAZB Act. Overhead: Int.Order Ind.ProKGI4 SAPLKAZB Actual Overhead:Int.Ord. Coll. ProcKGO2 SAPLKAZB Overhead Commt: Int.Orders Ind.ProKGO4 SAPLKAZB Overhead Commt: Int.Orders Col.ProKGP2 SAPLKAZB Overhead Plan.: Int.Orders Ind.ProKGP4 SAPLKAZB Overhead Plan.: Int.Orders Col.ProKGST EWSTEUER Control Tables: Consistency CheckKIMS RKCIMSST R/2 - R/3 - Link: IMS SystemsKISR SAPMKGA2 Execute Actual Segment AdjustmentKIS6 SAPMKGA1 Segment Adjustment: OverviewKIS6N SAPLKAL1 Segment Adjustment: OverviewKJH1 SAPLKKHI Create WBS Element GroupsKJH2 SAPLKKHI Change WBS Element GroupsKJH3 SAPLKKHI Display WBS Element GroupsKKAA RKAEP000 Sales Document Line Items; AccrualKKAB SAPMKKB2 Run Selected ReportsKKAC RKKBKIS1 Sales Order Hierarchy DisplayKKAD RKKBSEL1 Order List for Make-to-OrderKKAE SAPKKA10 Results Analysis: Display WorklistKKAF SAPKKA11 Results Analysis: Delete WorklistKKAG SAPMKKAC WIP: Display WorklistKKAH RKKBSELL Sales Order SelectionKKAI SAPKKA01 Actual Results Analysis: OrdersKKAIP SAPKKA01PL Planned Results Analysis: OrdersKKAJ SAPKKA00 Actual Results Analysis: WBS Elem.KKAJP SAPKKA00PL Plan Results Analysis: WBS ElementsKKAK SAPKKA02 Actual Results Analysis: Sales OrdrKKAKP SAPKKA02PL Plan Results Analysis: Sales OrdersKKAL SAPKKA04 Results Analysis: Display LogKKAM MENUKKAM Make-to-orderKKAN SAPKKA05 Results Analysis: Delete LogAutor: Iron700 127 13/11/2007
    • KKAO SAPMKKAC WIP Calc.: Collective ProcessingKKAQ SAPMKKAC Display WIP - Collective ProcessingKKAS SAPMKKAC WIP Calc. for Product Cost Coll.KKAT SAPMKKAC WIP Display for Product Cost Coll.KKAV SAPMKKAC WIP Calculation for Cost Object HieKKAW SAPMKKAC WIP Display Cost Object HierarchyKKAX SAPMKKAC WIP Calculation for OrderKKAY SAPMKKAC WIP Display for OrderKKA0 SAPMKKAB Maintain Cutoff PeriodKKA0P SAPMKKAB Maintain Cutoff PeriodKKA1 SAPMKKAA Order Results Analysis and WIP CalcKKA1P SAPMKKAA Order Results Analysis and WIP CalcKKA2 SAPMKKAA Project Results Anal. and WIP Calc.KKA2P SAPMKKAA Project Results Anal. and WIP Calc.KKA3 SAPMKKAA Sales Document Item Results AnalysiKKA3P SAPMKKAA Sales Document Item Results AnalysiKKA4 SAPMKKAA Create Res. Analysis Data for OrderKKA5 SAPMKKAA Create RA Data for WBS ElementKKA6 SAPMKKAA Create RA Data for Sales OrderKKA7 SAPMKKAA Delete Results Anal. Data for OrderKKA7P SAPMKKAA Delete Results Anal. Data for OrderKKA8 SAPMKKAA Delete RA Data for WBS ElementKKA8P SAPMKKAA Delete RA Data for WBS ElementKKA9 SAPMKKAA Delete RA Data for Sales OrderKKA9P SAPMKKAA Delete RA Data for Sales OrderKKBB RKKB1000 Report Call CMKKBC SAPMKKB2 Main Tree for CO-PC Info SystemKKBD RKKBSELN Order Selection Without VariancesKKBE RKKBSELN Order Selection with VariancesKKBF RKKBSEL1 Order Selection (Classification)KKBG RKKBJGEN Generate Report GroupKKBH SAPMKB02 Planning report: Cost objectsKKBI RKKBJEIN Import/Generate FI/CO Report GroupsKKBO RKKBRPTR Report TreeKKBU SAPMKB01 Cost Object: Planning OverviewKKBZ RKKRHILI2 Display Hierarchy ListKKB0 RKKB2030 Control Parameters for Info SystemKKB0N RKKB2030N Control Parameters for Info SystemKKB1 RKKBKIS1 Costing Items for Sales DocumentKKB2 RKKBKIS1 Costing Items for Cost ObjectKKB3 RKKBKIS1 Costing Items for WBS ElementsKKB4 RKKBKIS1 Itemization for Base Planning Obj.KKB5 RKKBKIS1 Costing Items for MaterialKKB6 RKKBFOCO Configure Report TreesKKCA RKAEP000 Cost Objects: Variance Line ItemsKKCP RKAEP000 Cost Object Line Items - PlanKKCS RKAEP000 Cost Objects: Line Items - ActualKKCV SAPMV76A Var. Cost Obj. Line Items Config.KKC1 SAPMKKP0 Create Cost ObjectKKC2 SAPMKKP0 Change Cost ObjectKKC3 SAPMKKP0 Display Cost ObjectKKC4 SAPMKKPP Create Cost Object PlanningKKC5 SAPMKKPP Change Cost Object PlanningKKC6 SAPMKKPP Display Cost Object PlanningKKC7 SAPMKKP0 Create Product GroupKKC8 SAPMKKP0 Change Product GroupKKC9 SAPMKKP0 Display Product GroupKKDV SAPMKEDV CO-PC: Summarization level maint.Autor: Iron700 128 13/11/2007
    • KKEB RKKEK0BI Revaluate Base Planning ObjectsKKEC RKKEKLVE Compare Base Object - Unit Cost EstKKED RKKBKIS1 BOM for Base Planning ObjectsKKE1 SAPMK70B Add Base Planning ObjectKKE2 SAPMK70B Change Base Planning ObjectKKE3 SAPMK70B Display Base Planning ObjectKKE4 RKKEBTL1 List Base Planning ObjectsKKE5 RKKEDEL1 Delete Test Data for Base ObjectKKE6 SAPMKKB4 Analyze Unit Cost Est Base Plan ObjKKE7 RKKBRPTR Report Tree Base Planning ObjectKKFB RKAEP000 RS Header: Line Items VarianceKKF1 SAPMKAUF Create CO Production OrderKKF2 SAPMKAUF Change CO Production OrderKKF3 SAPMKAUF Display CO Production OrderKKF4 SAPMKBUD Change CO-FA Plan ValuesKKF5 SAPMKBUD Display CO-FA Plan ValuesKKF6 SAPMKOSA Create Production Cost CollectorKKF6M RK_PKOSA_MULTI_Create Multiple Product Cost Coll.KKF6N SAPMKOSA_46 Maintain Product Cost CollectorKKF7 SAPMKOSA Change Production Cost CollectorKKF8 SAPMKOSA List Production Cost CollectorKKF9 RKKSAN00 Find CO OrdersKKG0 SAPMKKAB Display Cutoff PeriodKKG0P SAPMKKAB Display Cutoff PeriodKKG1 SAPMKKAA Create Cost of Sales: OrderKKG2 SAPMKKAA Create Cost of Sales: ProjectKKG3 SAPMKKAA Create Cost of Sales: Sales OrderKKH1 SAPLKKHI Create Cost Object GroupKKH2 SAPLKKHI Change Cost Object GroupKKH3 SAPLKKHI Display Cost Object GroupKKMLH RKCOBTR2 Transport of ReportsKKMLI RKCOBTR4 Transport of FormsKKMLJ RKCOBTR3 Client Copy of ReportsKKMLK RKCOBTR5 Client Copy of FormsKKMLM SAPMKCB9 Test Monitor Object Record ReportsKKMLN RKDREODA Reorganization of Report DataKKMLO RKDREOBE Reorganization of ReportsKKMLP RKDREOFO Reorganization of FormsKKMLV RKES0101 Maintain Global VariableKKML0 SAPMKCEE Run Drilldown ReportKKML1 SAPMKCEE Create Drilldown ReportKKML2 SAPMKCEE Change Drilldown ReportKKML3 SAPMKCEE Display Drilldown ReportKKML4 SAPMKES1 Create FormKKML5 SAPMKES1 Change FormKKML6 SAPMKES1 Display FormKKML7 RKDKENNZ Maintain Key FiguresKKML8 RKDBAT02 Background Processing of ReportsKKMN MENUKKMN Product costing application areaKKN1 SAPLKAZB Actual Reval.: Cost.Obj. Ind.ProKKN2 SAPLKAZB Actual Reval.: Cost Obj. Col.ProKKOB MENUKKOB Basic Functions of Cost Object ContKKOG RKE_CALL_VC_TKECharacteristic Groups for CostingKKOH RKCOBTR2 Transport of ReportsKKOI RKCOBTR4 Transport of FormsKKOJ RKCOBTR3 Client Copy of ReportsKKOK RKCOBTR5 Client Copy of FormsKKOM SAPMKCB9 Test Monitor Object Record ReportsAutor: Iron700 129 13/11/2007
    • KKON RKDREODA Reorganization of Report DataKKOO RKDREOBE Reorganization of ReportsKKOP RKDREOFO Reorganize FormsKKOR SAPMKKB2 Report SelectionKKOT RKDREPDV Split ReportKKOV RKES0101 Maintain Global VariableKKOW SAPMKCC0 Maintain Currency Translation TypeKKO0 SAPMKCEE Run Drilldown ReportKKO1 SAPMKCEE Create Drilldown ReportKKO2 SAPMKCEE Change Drilldown ReportKKO3 SAPMKCEE Display Drilldown ReportKKO4 SAPMKES1 Create FormKKO5 SAPMKES1 Change FormKKO6 SAPMKES1 Display FormKKO7 RKKBKKO7 Maintain Key FiguresKKO8 RKDBAT02 Background Processing of ReportsKKPA SAPLKKP4 Create Cost Est w/o Qty StructureKKPAN SAPLCKDI Create Cost Est. w/o Qty StructureKKPB SAPLKKP4 Change Cost Est w/o Qty StructureKKPBN SAPLCKDI Change Cost Est. w/o Quantity StrucKKPC SAPLKKP4 Display Cost Est w/o Qty StructureKKPCN SAPLCKDI Display Cost Est. w/o Qty StructureKKPD RKKBSEL1 Order List for Process ManufacturinKKPDN SAPLCKDI Create Cost Est. w/o Qty StructureKKPE SAPMKKB2 Report Selection for Process MfgKKPG RKKPHIE2 Graph. Cost Object Hierarchy Maint.KKPH RKKPKTR0 Collective EntryKKPHIE SAPMKKP0 Cost Object HierarchyKKPJ SAPLKAZB Actual OHead: Cost Obj Collec Proc.KKPM MENUKKPM Process costing menuKKPN RKKPPGR0 Material AssignmentKKPT SAPMKKP2 Cost Obj Hier: Coll. Proc. VarianceKKPU SAPMKKB2 Users List of ReportsKKPV RKKPPV01 Delete Transaction DataKKPX SAPMKKPA Actual Cost Distribution: Cost Obj.KKPY SAPMKKPA Actual Cost Distribution: Cost Obj.KKPZ SAPLKAZB Actual Overhead: Cost Obj IndividKKP1 SAPMKKP0 Create Hierarchy Master RecordKKP2 SAPMKKP0 Change Hierarchy Master RecordKKP3 SAPMKKP0 Display Hierarchy Master RecordKKP4 SAPLKKP2 Display Cost Object HierarchyKKP5 SAPMKKP2 Cost ObjHier: Indiv. Proc. VarianceKKP6 SAPMKKP4 Cost Object: AnalysisKKRA SAPMKKRD Order SummarizationKKRC SAPMKKRD Summarization: CO ObjectKKRO SAPMKKRD Data Collection: Product DrilldownKKRP SAPMKKRD Project SummarizationKKRS SAPMKKRD Summarization: Repetitive Mfg (COC)KKRV RKKRPRRE Data Collection Product DrilldownKKRZ SAPMKKRD Summarization: Process Mfg (COC)KKR0 RKKRKKR0 CO Summarization: Hierarchy MaintenKKR1 RKKRKKR1 CO Summarization: Summ. Object TypeKKR2 RKKRKKR2 CO Summarization: Summ. CharacterisKKSB SAPMKKB2 Start Selected ReportsKKSD RKKBSEL1 Order List for Order-Related Prod.KKSM MENUKKSM Product Cost Ctrllg: Make-to-StockKKSP SAPMKKS0 Variances - Engineer-to-Order (C)KKSQ SAPMKKS0 Variances - Engineer-to-Order (I)Autor: Iron700 130 13/11/2007
    • KKSR SAPMKKS0 Scrap - Engineer-to-Order (C)KKSS SAPMKKS0 Scrap - Engineer-to-Order (I)KKST SAPMKKS0 Variances - Cost by Sales Order (C)KKSU SAPMKKS0 Variances - Cost by Sales Order (I)KKSV SAPMKKS0 Scrap - Cost by Sales Order (C)KKSW SAPMKKS0 Scrap - Cost by Sales Order (I)KKS1 SAPMKKS0 Variances - Product Cost by Lot (C)KKS1N SAPMKKS0 Variances - Product Cost by Lot (C)KKS2 SAPMKKS0 Variances - Product Cost by Lot (I)KKS3 SAPMKKS0 Scrap - Product Cost by Lot (C)KKS4 SAPMKKS0 Scrap - Product Cost by Lot (I)KKS5 SAPMKKS0 Variances - Product Cost by Per. (CKKS6 SAPMKKS0 Variances - Product Cost by Per. (IKKS7 SAPMKKS0 Scrap - Product Cost by Period (C)KKS8 SAPMKKS0 Scrap - Product Cost by Period (I)KKV1 RKKBVMA1 View Maint. Sel. Production OrdersKK01 SAPL0KSK Create Statistical FigureKK02 SAPL0KSK Change Statistical FigureKK03 SAPL0KSK Display Statistical Key FiguresKK04 RKWBSK00 Stat.Key Figures: Master Data ReporKK05 SAPMV12A Create Cond. Table (Price Overhead)KK06 SAPMV12A Change Cond.Table (Price Overhead)KK07 SAPMV12A Display Cond.Table (Price Overhead)KK11 SAPMV13A Create ConditionKK12 SAPMV13A Change ConditionKK13 SAPMV13A Display ConditionKK14 SAPMV13A Create Condition with ReferenceKK16 RKKTRPLN CO-COC Plng: Change Costs/ActyInputKK17 RKKTRPLN CO-COC Plng: Display Costs/ActyInpuKK46 RKKTRPLN CO-COC Plng: Change Stat. Key Fig.KK47 RKKTRPLN CO-COC Plng: Display Stat. Key Fig.KK65 SAPMKES1 COC Create Planng Layt Cost/ActInpuKK66 SAPMKES1 COC Change Plnng Layt Cost/ActvInpuKK67 SAPMKES1 COC Display Plnng Layt Cost/ActvInpKK87 SAPLKO71 Actual settmt: prodn cost collectorKK88 SAPLKO71 Actual Settlement: Cost ObjectsKK89 SAPLKO71 Actual Settlement: Cost ObjectsKK95 SAPMKES1 COC Create Planning Layout Stat. KFKK96 SAPMKES1 COC Change Planning Layout Stat. KFKK97 SAPMKES1 COC Display Planning Layout Stat. KKLABL RKLDERIFO Derivation of the Default Risk RuleKLEH RKLEHSHOW Display LogsKLEXT RKLEXT02 Display Active External TransactionKLFZ01 BUSSTART Facilities: CreateKLFZ02 BUSSTART Facilities: ChangeKLFZ03 BUSSTART Facilities: DisplayKLH1 SAPLKKHI Create Activity Type GroupKLH2 SAPLKKHI Change Activity Type GroupKLH3 SAPLKKHI Display Activity Type GroupKLONL RKLONLINE Online CheckKLSDC1 SAPMKLSDC Single Transaction Check: NewKLSDC2 SAPMKLSDC Single Transaction Check: ChangeKLSDC3 SAPMKLSDC Single Transaction Check: DeactivatKLSDC4 RKLSDCLIST Display TransactionsKLSI01 SAPMKLSI01 Create Collateral ProvisionKLSI02 SAPMKLSI01 Change Collateral ProvisionKLSI03 SAPMKLSI01 Display Collateral ProvisionKL01 SAPLKMA6 Create activity typeAutor: Iron700 131 13/11/2007
    • KL02 SAPLKMA6 Change activity typeKL03 SAPLKMA6 Display Activity TypeKL04 SAPLKMA6 Delete activity typeKL05 SAPMKMAA Activity type: Display changesKL13 SAPLKMA6 Activity Types: Master Data ReportKL14 SAPLKMA6 Delete Activity TypesKL20 SAPLKWSB Templ. Alloc. Struct. CCTR/Acty TypKM1V RKKSTSEV Cost Center Selection VariantsKM3V RKPRZSEV Select. Variants for Bus. ProcessesKM5V RKKOASEV Selection Variants: Cost ElementsKM7V RKLSTSEV Activity Type Selection VariantsKNMA SAPLKNMA Target=Actual-IAA: cost centersKOAB RKKOT2 Order Types: Budget ProfileKOAI RKKOT2 Order Types: Default Int. PlanningKOAK RKKOT2 Order Types: ClassificationKOAL RKKOT2 Order Types: Settlement ProfileKOAM RKKOT2 Order Types: Model OrderKOAO RKKOT2 Order Types: Commitment UpdateKOAP RKKOT2 Order Types: Plan ProfileKOA1 R_ALE_INTERNALOSend Internal OrderKOBP RKAEP000 Orders: Plan Line ItemsKOB1 RKAEP000 Orders: Actual Line ItemsKOB2 RKAEP000 Orders: Commitment Line ItemsKOB3 RKAEP000 Orders: Variance Line ItemsKOB4 RKAEP000 Orders: Budget Line ItemsKOB5 RKAEP000 Orders: Maint. Line Item SettlementKOB6 RKAEP000 Orders: Settlement Line ItemsKOB7 RKAEP000 Orders: Line Item Settlement RetireKOB8 RKAEP000 Orders: WIP/Results Anal. Line ItemKOCF RKAGJOBL Carry Forward Order CommitmentsKOCM RKOCLMIG Conversion Classification: AUFKKOCO RBPGJA02 Budget Carryforward for OrdersKOC2 SAPMKKB2 Run Selected ReportsKOC4 RKKBALV1 Cost AnalysisKOH1 SAPLKKHI Create Order GroupKOH2 SAPLKKHI Change Order GroupKOH3 SAPLKKHI Display Order GroupKOK2 SAPMKAUF Collective Proc. Internal OrdersKOK3 SAPMKAUF Collective Disp. Internal OrdersKOK4 SAPMKAUF Aut. Collect. Proc. Internal OrdersKOK5 SAPMKAUF Master Data List Internal OrdersKOK6 SAPMKAUF Collect. Printing of Internal OrderKOL1 RKOALI01 Order List (Master Data)KOMM SAPL0C27 Customizing pick listKOM1 SAPMKAUF Create CO model orderKOM2 SAPMKAUF Change CO Model OrderKOM3 SAPMKAUF Display CO model orderKONK SAPMSNUM Maintain Order Number RangesKON1 SAPLKAZB Actual Reval.: Int.Orders Ind.ProKON2 SAPLKAZB Actual Reval.: Int.Orders Col.ProKOPA1 SAPMKES1 Overall Plan.; Orders: Create layouKOPA2 SAPMKES1 Overall Plan.; Orders: Change LayouKOPA3 SAPMKES1 Overall Plan.; Orders: Displ. LayouKOPU SAPMKPU2 Execute Orders for Plan RevaluationKOP1 SAPMKPU1 Create Orders for Plan RevaluationKOP2 SAPMKPU1 Change Orders for Plan RevaluationKOP3 SAPMKPU1 Display Orders for Plan RevaluationKOP4 SAPMKPU1 Delete Orders for Plan RevaluationAutor: Iron700 132 13/11/2007
    • KORI RKORJB00 Job SelectionKORJ RKORJB00 Job Selection (Output)KOR2 JHS0200S _KOSL MMANALOG Incompleteness FT Data BOMKOTZ RKKBKIS1 Costing Items for OrderKOT2 RKKOT2 Maintain Order Types - All Categs.KOT3 RKKOT2 Display Order TypesKOV2 SAPMKAVG Maintain Transaction Grps for OrderKOV3 SAPMKAVG Display Transaction Grps for OrdersKOW1 SAPMKAL1 Create Periodic RepostingKOW1N SAPLKAL1 Create Periodic RepostingKOW2 SAPMKAL1 Change Periodic RepostingKOW2N SAPLKAL1 Change Periodic RepostingKOW3 SAPMKAL1 Display Periodic RepostingKOW3N SAPLKAL1 Display Periodic RepostingKOW4 SAPMKAL1 Delete Periodic RepostingKOW4N SAPLKAL1 Delete Periodic RepostingKO01 SAPMKAUF Create Internal OrderKO02 SAPMKAUF Change OrderKO03 SAPMKAUF Display Internal OrderKO04 SAPMKAUF Order ManagerKO08 RKCFILE0 Data Transfer for Order Master DataKO09 RKCDSM_A Sender Structures for Trans. DataKO1ECP RECP_OPA Internal Orders: Easy Cost PlanningKO12 SAPMKBUD Change Order Plan (Overall; Year)KO12N R_OPA_PLN_PP_DIOverall Planning for Orders: ChangeKO13 SAPMKBUD Display Order Plan (Overall; Year)KO13N R_OPA_PLN_PP_DIOverall Planning for Orders: DisplaKO14 SAPMKPT4 Copy Planing for Internal OrdersKO14N R_OPA_PLN_PP_DISet planner profileKO15 SAPMKPT4 Copy Actual Int.Order Data to PlanKO2A SAPMKBUB Change budget documentKO2B SAPMKBUB Display budget documentKO22 SAPMKBUD Change Order BudgetKO23 SAPMKBUD Display Order BudgetKO24 SAPMKBUD Change Order SupplementKO25 SAPMKBUD Display Order SupplementKO26 SAPMKBUD Change Order ReturnKO27 SAPMKBUD Display Order ReturnKO30 BPINDX02 Activate Orders Availability ControKO31 RBPFCON1 Reconstruct Order Availability CntrKO32 RBPFCOD1 Deactivate Order Availability CntrlKO8A SAPLKO71 Act.-setlmt: Order retmt. from IMKO8B SAPLKO71 Display Settlement DocumentKO8G SAPLKO71 Act. Settlment: Int.-/Maint. OrdersKO8N RKAKO8N0 No. Ranges for Settlement DocumentKO88 SAPLKO71 Actual Settlement: OrderKO9E SAPLKO71 Plan Settlement: Internal OrderKO9G SAPLKO71 Plan Settlement: Internal OrdersKPAS SAPLKWTP Actl. Templ.-Alloc.: CCTR/Acty TypeKPA6 RKOPAPLN Change Primary Cost Element PlanninKPA7 RKOPAPLN Display Primary Cost Elem. PlanningKPB6 RKCCAPLN Change Activity Type Plan DataKPB7 RKCCAPLN Display Activity Type Plan DataKPC6 RKOPAPLN Change Activity Input PlanningKPC7 RKOPAPLN Display activity input planningKPD6 RKOPAPLN Change Stat. Key Figure Plan DataKPD7 RKOPAPLN Display Stat. Key Figure Plan DataAutor: Iron700 133 13/11/2007
    • KPEP RKP_FLEX_UPL_PRLog: Flexible Excel UploadKPEU K_COOM_KPP_FLEXFlexible Upload for Excel PlanningKPE6 RKOPAPLN Change Revenue Element PlanningKPE7 RKOPAPLN Display Revenue Element PlanningKPF6 RKOPAPLN Change CElem/Activity Input PlanninKPF7 RKOPAPLN Display CElem./Acty Input PlanningKPG1 SAPMGPLP Create Planning ParametersKPG2 SAPMGPLP Change Planning ParametersKPG3 SAPMGPLP Display Planning ParametersKPG4 SAPMGPLP Delete Planning ParametersKPG5 SAPMKES1 Create Cost Planning LayoutKPG6 SAPMKES1 Change Cost Planning LayoutKPG7 SAPMKES1 Display Cost Planning LayoutKPHR RKHRPLAN Transfer HR Costs to COKPH0 SAPLKEFV_MNT Maintain Distribution KeysKPH1 SAPMGPSP Create Distribution KeyKPH2 SAPMGPSP Change Distribution KeyKPH3 SAPMGPSP Display Distribution KeyKPH4 SAPMGPSP Delete Distribution KeyKPH5 SAPMKES1 Create Stat. KF Planning LayoutKPH6 SAPMKES1 Change Stat. KF Planning LayoutKPH7 SAPMKES1 Display Stat. KF Planning LayoutKPI6 RKOPAPLN Change Stat. Key Figure Plan DataKPI7 RKOPAPLN Display Stat. Key Figure Plan DataKPPS SAPLKWTP Allocation Templ. Plan: CCtr/ATypKPRI SAPMV12A Define Price TablesKPRN RKPLNR10 Copy Resource PlanningKPRO MENUKPRO KPRO AdministrationKPRW COKP0003 Evaluate resources usedKPRZ COKP0004 Depend.Planning: RecalculationKPR1 RCCAVIEW Callup View Maintenance With COAreaKPSI SAPLKNMA CO-CCA Plan ReconciliationKPSR SAPMKGA2 Execute Plan Segment ReversalKPT6 SAPLKCTV Execute Formula PlanningKPUB RKPU2BAT Revaluate Plan in BackgroundKPU1 SAPMKPU1 Create Plan RevaluationKPU2 SAPMKPU1 Change Plan RevaluationKPU3 SAPMKPU1 Display Plan RevaluationKPU4 SAPMKPU1 Delete Plan RevaluationKPY1 SAPMGPLP Create Planning ParametersKPY2 SAPMGPLP Change Planning ParametersKPY3 SAPMGPLP Display Planning ParametersKPY4 SAPMGPLP Delete Planning ParametersKPZ2 SAPMKBUD Change Cost Center BudgetKPZ3 SAPMKBUD Display Cost Center BudgetKP04 RKCCAPLN Set Planner ProfileKP06 RKCCAPLN Change CElem/Activity Input PlanninKP07 RKCCAPLN Display Planning CElem/Act. InputKP16 RKCCAPLN Change Plan Data for Primary CostsKP17 RKCCAPLN Display Plan Data for Primary CostsKP26 RKCCAPLN Change Plan Data for Activity TypesKP27 RKCCAPLN Display Plan Data for Activity TypeKP36 RKCCAPLN Change Secondary Cost Plan DataKP37 RKCCAPLN Display Secondary Costs Plan DataKP46 RKCCAPLN Change Stat. Key Figure Plan DataKP47 RKCCAPLN Display Stat. Key Figure Plan DataKP56 RKCCAPLN Change Revenue Plan DataKP57 RKCCAPLN Display Revenue Plan DataAutor: Iron700 134 13/11/2007
    • KP65 SAPMKES1 Create Cost Planning LayoutKP66 SAPMKES1 Change Cost Planning LayoutKP67 SAPMKES1 Display Cost Planning LayoutKP75 SAPMKES1 Create Activity Type Planning LayouKP76 SAPMKES1 Change Activity Type Planning LayouKP77 SAPMKES1 Display Activ. Type Planning LayoutKP80 SAPLKEFV_MNT Maintain Distribution KeysKP81 SAPMGPSP Create Distribution KeyKP82 SAPMGPSP Change Distribution KeyKP83 SAPMGPSP Display Distribution KeyKP84 SAPMGPSP Delete Distribution KeyKP85 SAPMKES1 Create Stat. KF Planning LayoutKP86 SAPMKES1 Change Stat. KF Planning LayoutKP87 SAPMKES1 Display Stat. KF Planning LayoutKP9R COKPR005 Copy CO Resource PricesKP9S COKPR004 Revaluate CO Resource PricesKP90 SAPMKPT2 Delete Planned CostsKP90NI SAPMKPT2 Delete Planned CostsKP91 SAPMKPT2 Delete Planned CostsKP91NI SAPMKPT2 Delete Plan DataKP95 SAPMKPT5 Revaluate Manual PlanningKP96 SAPMKPT2 Activate L. Items and Int. PlanningKP97 SAPMKPT4 Copy Planning for Cost CentersKP98 SAPMKPT4 Copy Actual to Plan for Cost CenterKRMI RKAEP000 Run Sched. Header: Line Items ActuaKR01 SAPMKSRD Create SummarizationKR02 SAPMKSRD Change SummarizationKR03 SAPMKSRD Display SummarizationKR04 SAPMKSRD Delete SummarizationKR05 SAPMKSRE Execute SummarizationKSAG SAPMV12A Maintain condition tablesKSAH SAPMV12A Display condition tablesKSAI SAPMKSA0 Accrual Calc.: Maintain Actual DataKSAJ SAPMKSA0 Accrual Calc.: Maintain Tgt=Act CreKSAP SAPMKSA0 Accrual Calc.: Maintain Plan DataKSAQ SAPMV13A Maintain surcharge conditionsKSAR SAPMV13A Display Overhead ConditionsKSAZ SAPMKSA0 Accrual: Maintain Overhead StructurKSA3 SAPLKAZB Actual Accrual for Cost CentersKSA4 SAPMKSZB Execute actual accrualKSA8 SAPLKAZB Plan Accrual for Cost CentersKSA9 SAPMKSZB Execute Plan AccrualKSBB SAPMKKB2 Run Selected ReportsKSBL SAPMKB01 Cost centers: Planning overviewKSBP RKAEP000 Cost Centers: Plan Line ItemsKSBT RKATARIF Cost centers: Activity pricesKSB1 RKAEP000 Cost Centers: Actual Line ItemsKSB2 RKAEP000 Cost Centers: Commitment Line ItemsKSB5 RKAEP000 Controlling Documents: ActualKSB9 SAPMKB02 Planning Report: Cost CentersKSCA SAPMKAL1 Delete Indirect Activity Alloc. PlaKSCAN SAPLKAL1 Delete Indirect Activity Alloc. PlaKSCB SAPMKGA2 Execute Plan Indirect Acty Alloc.KSCC SAPMKGA1 Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan: OverviewKSCCN SAPLKAL1 Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan: OverviewKSCF RKAGJOBL Carry Forward Cost Center CommitmenKSCK SAPLKWA1 Find CCtrs in Cycles and SegmentsKSCP SAPLKWA2 Find Processes in Cycles / SegmentsAutor: Iron700 135 13/11/2007
    • KSCYC3 SAPMKAL4 Display Cycle/Segment ObjectsKSC1 SAPMKAL1 Create Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.KSC1N SAPLKAL1 Create Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.KSC2 SAPMKAL1 Change Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.KSC2N SAPLKAL1 Change Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.KSC3 SAPMKAL1 Display Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.KSC3N SAPLKAL1 Display Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.KSC4 SAPMKAL1 Delete Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.KSC4N SAPLKAL1 Delete Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.KSC5 SAPMKGA2 Execute Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.KSC6 SAPMKGA1 Act. Indirect Acty Alloc.: OverviewKSC6N SAPLKAL1 Act. Indirect Acty Alloc.: OverviewKSC7 SAPMKAL1 Create Indirect Activity Alloc. PlaKSC7N SAPLKAL1 Create Indirect Activity Alloc. PlaKSC8 SAPMKAL1 Change Indirect Activity Alloc. PlaKSC8N SAPLKAL1 Change Indirect Activity Alloc. PlaKSC9 SAPMKAL1 Display Indirect Acty Alloc. PlanKSC9N SAPLKAL1 Display Indirect Acty Alloc. PlanKSEX KGALRUNEXTR Allocations: ExtractsKSFX SAPLKSF2 Predistribute fixed costs: cctrKSH1 SAPLKKHI Create Cost Center GroupKSH2 SAPLKKHI Change Cost Center GroupKSH3 SAPLKKHI Display Cost Center GroupKSII SAPLKSPI Actual Price Determination: CCtrsKSI4 SAPLKAZB Actual Overhead: Cost CentersKSMN MENUKSMN Actual MenuKSOP SAPLKSOP CO-OM-ABC: Transfer SOP/LTPKSOV RKSOV Cycle Maintenance/Overview (CCA;ABCKSO9 SAPLKAZB Commitment Overhead: Cost CentersKSPI SAPLKSPI Iterative Plan Price CalculationKSPP SAPLKSPP Transfer Planning From LogisticsKSPU SAPMKPU2 Execute Plan RevaluationKSP4 SAPLKAZB Plan Overhead: Cost CentersKSRT RKGALRTA Allocations: Runtime AnalysisKSR4 RKSR0C10 User-Defined StrategiesKSS1 SAPLKSS0 Variance Calculation: Cost CentersKSS2 SAPLKSS0 Actual Cost Splitting: Cost CentersKSS3 SAPLKSS0 Calculate Target CostsKSS4 SAPMKACT Split Plan CostsKSUA SAPMKAL1 Delete Plan AssessmentKSUAN SAPLKAL1 Delete Plan AssessmentKSUB SAPMKGA2 Execute Plan AssessmentKSUC SAPMKGA1 Plan Assessment: OverviewKSUCN SAPLKAL1 Plan Assessment: OverviewKSU1 SAPMKAL1 Create Actual AssessmentKSU1N SAPLKAL1 Create Actual AssessmentKSU2 SAPMKAL1 Change Actual AssessmentKSU2N SAPLKAL1 Change Actual AssessmentKSU3 SAPMKAL1 Display Actual AssessmentKSU3N SAPLKAL1 Display Actual AssessmentKSU4 SAPMKAL1 Delete Actual AssessmentKSU4N SAPLKAL1 Delete Actual AssessmentKSU5 SAPMKGA2 Execute Actual AssessmentKSU6 SAPMKGA1 Actual Assessment: OverviewKSU6N SAPLKAL1 Actual Assessment: OverviewKSU7 SAPMKAL1 Create Plan AssessmentKSU7N SAPLKAL1 Create Plan AssessmentKSU8 SAPMKAL1 Change Plan AssessmentAutor: Iron700 136 13/11/2007
    • KSU8N SAPLKAL1 Change Plan AssessmentKSU9 SAPMKAL1 Display Plan AssessmentKSU9N SAPLKAL1 Display Plan AssessmentKSVA SAPMKAL1 Delete Plan DistributionKSVAN SAPLKAL1 Delete Plan DistributionKSVB SAPMKGA2 Execute Plan DistributionKSVC SAPMKGA1 Plan Distribution: OverviewKSVCN SAPLKAL1 Plan Distribution: OverviewKSV1 SAPMKAL1 Create Actual DistributionKSV1N SAPLKAL1 Create Actual DistributionKSV2 SAPMKAL1 Change Actual DistributionKSV2N SAPLKAL1 Change Actual DistributionKSV3 SAPMKAL1 Display Actual DistributionKSV3N SAPLKAL1 Display Actual DistributionKSV4 SAPMKAL1 Delete Actual DistributionKSV4N SAPLKAL1 Delete Actual DistributionKSV5 SAPMKGA2 Execute Actual DistributionKSV6 SAPMKGA1 Actual Distribution: OverviewKSV6N SAPLKAL1 Actual Distribution: OverviewKSV7 SAPMKAL1 Create Plan DistributionKSV7N SAPLKAL1 Create Plan DistributionKSV8 SAPMKAL1 Change Plan DistributionKSV8N SAPLKAL1 Change Plan DistributionKSV9 SAPMKAL1 Display Plan DistributionKSV9N SAPLKAL1 Display Plan DistributionKSWA SAPMKAL1 Delete Plan Periodic RepostingKSWAN SAPLKAL1 Delete Plan Periodic RepostingKSWB SAPMKGA2 Execute Plan Periodic RepostingKSWC SAPMKGA1 Plan Periodic Repostings: OverviewKSWCN SAPLKAL1 Plan Periodic Repostings: OverviewKSWUSL KGALWUSL Where-Used List: Cycles in CCAKSW1 SAPMKAL1 Create Periodic RepostingKSW1N SAPLKAL1 Create Periodic RepostingKSW2 SAPMKAL1 Change Periodic RepostingKSW2N SAPLKAL1 Change Periodic RepostingKSW3 SAPMKAL1 Display Periodic RepostingKSW3N SAPLKAL1 Display Periodic RepostingKSW4 SAPMKAL1 Delete Periodic RepostingKSW4N SAPLKAL1 Delete Periodic RepostingKSW5 SAPMKGA2 Execute Actual Periodic RepostingKSW6 SAPMKGA1 Periodic Repostings: OverviewKSW6N SAPLKAL1 Periodic Repostings: OverviewKSW7 SAPMKAL1 Create Plan Periodic RepostingKSW7N SAPLKAL1 Create Plan Periodic RepostingKSW8 SAPMKAL1 Change Plan Periodic RepostingKSW8N SAPLKAL1 Change Plan Periodic RepostingKSW9 SAPMKAL1 Display Plan Periodic RepostingKSW9N SAPLKAL1 Display Plan Periodic RepostingKS01 SAPLKMA1 Create cost centerKS02 SAPLKMA1 Change cost centerKS03 SAPLKMA1 Display cost centerKS04 SAPLKMA1 Delete cost centerKS05 SAPMKMAA Cost Center: Display ChangesKS07 SAPMKMA1 Execute rough entry of cost centerKS08 SAPLKMA1 Execute list editing of cost centerKS12 SAPLKMA1 Change Cost CentersKS13 SAPLKMA1 Cost Centers: Master Data ReportKS14 SAPLKMA1 Delete Cost CentersAutor: Iron700 137 13/11/2007
    • KS30 SAPLKMA1 Cost Centers: Change ManagementKVA0 SAPL0KOZ Maintain Assignment Cost Ctr./KFKVA1 SAPL0KOZ Display Plan Assignment CCtr/KFKVA2 SAPL0KOZ Maintain Actual Assignment CCtr/KFKVA3 SAPL0KOZ Display Actual Assignment CCtr/KFKVA4 SAPMKWM1 Transfer Plan Statistical Key FigurKVA5 SAPMKWM1 Transfer Actual Stat. Key FigureKVA6 SAPL0KOZ Copy Assignment CCtr/KFKVBI RKAEP000 Sales Documents: Line Items ActualKVBO RKAEP000 Sales Documents: Commit. Line ItemsKVB0 SAPL0KOZ Maintain Plan Assignment Process/KFKVB1 SAPL0KOZ Display Plan Assignment Process/KFKVB2 SAPL0KOZ Change Actual Assignment Process/KFKVB3 SAPL0KOZ Display Actual Assignment Process/KKVB4 SAPMKWM1 PROZ: Copy Plan Stat. Key FiguresKVB5 SAPMKWM1 PROZ: Copy Actual Stat. Key FiguresKVB6 SAPL0KOZ Copy Assignment Processes/KFKVC0 SAPL0KOZ Change Plan Assignment CObj/KFKVC1 SAPL0KOZ Display Plan Assignment CObj/KFKVC2 SAPL0KOZ Change Actual Assignment CObj/KFKVC3 SAPL0KOZ Display Actual Assignment CObj/KFKVC4 SAPMKWM1 KSRTG: Copy Plan Stat. Key FiguresKVC5 SAPMKWM1 KSRTG: Copy Actual Stat. Key FigureKVC6 SAPL0KOZ Copy Assignment Cost Object/Key FigKVD0 SAPL0KOZ Maintain Plan Assignment ATyp/KFKVD1 SAPL0KOZ Display Plan Assignment ATyp/KFKVD2 SAPL0KOZ Change Actual Assignment ATyp/KFKVD3 SAPL0KOZ Display Actual Assignment ATyp/KFKVD4 SAPMKWM1 LSTAR: Copy Plan Stat. Key FiguresKVD5 SAPMKWM1 LSTAR: Copy Actual Stat. Key FigureKVD6 SAPL0KOZ Copy Assignment ActType/Key FigureKW3P SAPLKW3P WWW: Internal Price ListKXH1 SAPLKKHI Create Group (Hierarchical)KXH2 SAPLKKHI Change Group (Hierarchical)KXH3 SAPLKKHI Display Hierarchy (Hierarchical)KZA1 SAPMKACZ Select OverheadLAS0 SAPMSP00 SequencingLAS2 SAPLSP00 Change Sequence ScheduleLAS3 SAPLSP00 Display Sequence ScheduleLBWE RMCEXCUC LO Data Ext.: Customizing CockpitLBWF RMCEX000 Log for Logistics Extract. StructurLBWG RMCSBWSETUPDELEDelete Newly Reorg. BW DataLBW0 RMCSBIWC Interface LIS Information StructureLBW1 RMCSBIW0 Update Activation LIS/BWLBW2 RMCSBIWF Version Copier LIS/BWLB01 SAPML02B Create Transfer RequirementLB02 SAPML02B Change transfer requirementLB03 SAPML02B Display Transfer RequirementLB10 SAPML02B TRs for Storage TypeLB11 SAPML02B TRs for MaterialLB12 SAPML02B TRs and Posting Change for Mat.Doc.LB13 SAPML02B TRs for RequirementLCO1 RMCWMNMB Set Up Warehouse Co/Material Docs.LCO2 RMCWMNTA Set Up Warehouse Co/Transport OrderLC10 RSLVCADM liveCache AssistantLC11 RSLVCCON Creating the liveCache connectionLDAP SAPMLDAP LDAP Customizing and TestLDA2 SAPLLD01 Change Takt TimeAutor: Iron700 138 13/11/2007
    • LDA3 SAPLLD01 Display Takt TimeLDB1 SAPLLD01 Create Line HierarchyLDB2 SAPLLD01 Change Line HierarchyLDB3 SAPLLD01 Display Line HierarchyLDD1 SAPLLD01 Create Line BalanceLDD2 SAPLLD01 Change Line BalanceLDD3 SAPLLD01 Display Line BalanceLDE1 RLDPS_PRINT_BY_Work Instruction for RoutingLDE2 RLDPS_PRINT_BY_Work Instruction for Line Hier.LD00 MENULD00 Line DesignLD01 SAPML06D Repost Communication DocumentLD02 RLLD0200 Reposting multiple comm.recordsLD03 SAPML06D Display Communication DocumentLD04 RLLD0400 Evaluation of Communication Doc.LD05 SAPML06D Check LDK01 Records (internal call)LD06 SAPML06D Check LDK02 RecordsLD07 SAPML06D Check LDK03 RecordsLD08 SAPML06D Check LDK04 Records (internal call)LD09 SAPML06D Check LDK05 recordsLD10 SAPML06D Clear decentralized inventory diff.LD11 SAPML06D Clear differences in R/2LEAN RVFTPRAN Request long-term VendDecl. (vendorLECI SAPRLECHKIN Register Means of Transport/VisitorLECIW SAPRLECHKIN Register Means of Transport/VisitorLEER RVFTPRER Create long-term VenDecl. (customerLEMA RVFTPRMA Dun long-term vendor decl. (vendor)LEPA SAPLV53F Activate Determination LogLEPD SHPFPDELETE Deletion of INDX RecordsLEPS SHPFPDISPLAY Display Determination LogLH01 SAPML03T Assign Pick-HU to TOLH03 SAPML03T Assign Pick-HU to TO DisplayLIBS GUILSTCN List layoutLICC RLINV060 Cycle Counting per QuantLISK RKCSUB00 LIS: Data Collection in R/2LI01 SAPML04I Create System Inventory RecordLI01N SAPML04I Create System Inventory RecordLI02 SAPML04I Change System Inventory RecordLI02N SAPML04I Change System Inventory RecordLI03 SAPML04I Display System Inventory RecordLI03N SAPML04I Display System Inventory RecordLI04 SAPML04I Print System Inventory RecordLI05 SAPML04I Inventory History for Storage BinLI11 SAPML04I Enter Inventory CountLI11N SAPML04I Enter Inventory CountLI12 SAPML04I Change inventory countLI12N SAPML04I Change inventory countLI13 SAPML04I Display Inventory CountLI13N SAPML04I Display Inventory CountLI14 SAPML04I Start Inventory RecountLI15 RLINV070 Evaluation of quant inventoryLI16 RLINV080 Cancel Physical Inventory Doc. ItemLI20 SAPML04I Clear Inventory Differences WMLI21 RLLI2110 Clear Inventory Differences in MM-ILK01 BUSSTART Create consumerLK02 BUSSTART Change consumerLK03 BUSSTART Display consumerLLDEL SBAL_DELETE Delete application logsLLVS MENULLVS WM MenuAutor: Iron700 139 13/11/2007
    • LL01 RLLL0100 Warehouse Activity MonitorLM00 RLOGON Logon RFLM01 RLMENU Dynamic MenuLM02 RLMOB001 Select by SU -Put AwayLM03 RLMOB001 Put Away - by TOLM04 RLMOB005 Put Away -System GuidedLM05 RLMOB001 Picking by TO IDLM06 RLMOB001 Picking - by Delivery IDLM07 RLMOB008 Picking - System GuidedLM09 RLMOB001 Put Away by Delivery IDLM11 RLMOB010 Posting ChangesLM12 RLMOB012 Material InquiryLM13 RLMOB013 Put Away ClusteredLM18 RLMOB018 Handling Unit InquiryLM19 RLMOB019 Handling Unit - PackLM22 RLMOB019 Handling Unit - UnpackLM24 RLMOB019 Packing HU by DeliveryLM25 RLMOB019 Unpack HU by DeliveryLM26 RLMOB007 Picking by Delivery - W/O sel screeLM27 RLMOB007 Put Away by Delivery - W/O sel screLM30 RLMOB030 Load Control - Load by ShipmentLM31 RLMOB031 Load Control - Load by DeliveryLM32 RLMOB032 Load Control - System Guide LoadLM33 RLMOB030 Load Control - UnLd by Shipment.LM34 RLMOB031 Load Control - UnLd by DeliveryLM35 RLMOB035 Load Control - Detail by Shipping ULM36 RLMOB036 Load Control - Detail by DeliveryLM37 RLMOB037 Load Control - Detail by ShipmentLM45 RLMOB045 Pick and PackLM46 RLMOB045 Pick and Pack by DeliveryLM50 RLMOB003 Count Inventory By System GuidedLM51 RLMOB003 Count Inventory By User SelectionLM55 RLBINPRI Print Storage Bin LabelsLM56 RLMOB001 Select by SU - InterleavingLM57 RLMOB005 System Guided Putaway - InterleavinLM58 RXDCC001 Sys. guided dynamic inventory countLM59 RXDCC001 User initiated dynamic invent. counLM60 RXDCC001 User guided dynamic invent. countLM61 RLEMOBGRGIDEL Goods Issue by DeliveryLM62 RLEMOBGRGIMSA Goods Issue by MS areaLM63 RLEMOBGRGISHP Goods Issue by ShipmentLM64 RLEMOBGRGIALL Goods Issue by ALLLM65 RLEMOBGRGIGRP Goods Issue by GroupLM66 RLEMOBGRGIHU Goods Issue by HULM71 RLEMOBGRGIDEL Goods Receipt by DeliveryLM72 RLEMOBGRGIMSA Goods Receipt by MS areaLM73 RLEMOBGRGISHP Goods Receipt by ShipmentLM74 RLEMOBGRGIALL Goods Receipt by ALLLM76 RLEMOBGRGIHU Goods Receipt by HULM77 RLQUEUE Queue AssignmentLM80 RLMOBSER Serial number captureLNRMS SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: TRM_MSGSELNRRQ SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: TRM_REQESLNRRS SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: TRM_RSRCLNRTK SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: TRM_TASKLN01 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for Transfer RequiremLN02 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for Transfer OrdersLN03 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for QuantsAutor: Iron700 140 13/11/2007
    • LN04 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for Posting ChangesLN05 SAPMSNUM Number ranges physical inventoryLN06 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for Group NumberLN07 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for WM Communic.Rec.LN08 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: LVS_LENUMLOCA SAPLBUS_LOCATORLocator DemoLPIN SAPLLCPP Info: Material Stock WM-PPLPINW SAPLLCPP Info Transaction (IAC)LPK1 SAPMMPKR Create Control Cycle for WMLPK2 SAPMMPKR Change Control Cycle for WMLPK3 SAPMMPKR Display Control Cycle for WMLPK4 RLWMPPC6 Create Contr.Cycles for Rel.Ord.ParLPRO MENULPRO Material Forecast MenuLPSC R_SCREEN_CONVERRF Screen Conversion ToolLPVAS RLMBP011 VAS ManagementLPYRD RLMBP011 Yard ManagementLP00 RLMBP011 Mobile PresentationLP10 SAPLLCPP Direct picking for POLP11 SAPLLCPP WM staging of crate partsLP11W SAPLLCPP WM Staging for Crate Parts (IAC)LP12 SAPLLCPP Staging release order parts (WM-PP)LP21 RLLNACH1 WM replenishment for fixed binsLP22 RLLNACH2 Replenishm. Planning for Fixed BinsLP24 RLLNACH4 WM Replenishment for Random WhseLQ01 RLLQ0100 Transfer Posting in Invent. MgmtLQ02 RLLQ0200 Transfer Posting in Invent. MgmtLRF1 SAPLLRFMON RF Monitor; ActiveLRF2 SAPLLRFMON RF Monitor; PassiveLROUT RTRM_LROUT Creation or adjustement of routesLRSW RTRM_RES_MAINT Resource element maintenance wizarLSMW /SAPDMC/SAPMLSMLegacy System Migration WorkbenchLS01 SAPML01S Create Warehouse Master RecordLS01N SAPML01S Create Warehouse Master RecordLS02 SAPML01S Change Warehouse Master RecordLS02N SAPML01S Change Warehouse Master RecordLS03 SAPML01S Display Warehouse Master RecordLS03N SAPML01S Display Warehouse Master RecordLS04 SAPML01S Display Empty Storage BinsLS05 SAPML01S Generate Storage BinsLS06 RLLS0600 Block Storage BinsLS07 RLLS0700 Block QuantsLS08 RLLS0800 Block Storage Bins by AisleLS09 RLMS0010 Display Material Data for Stor.TypeLS11 RLLS0600 Change several stor.bins simultan.LS22 SAPML01S Change QuantsLS23 SAPML01S Display QuantsLS24 SAPML01S Display Quants for MaterialLS25 SAPML01S Display Quants per Storage BinLS26 SAPML01S Warehouse stocks per materialLS27 SAPML01S Display quants for storage unitLS28 SAPML01S Display storage units / binLS32 SAPML01S Change storage unitLS33 SAPML01S Display storage unitLS41 RLLS4100 List of control cycles for WIP loc.LS51 SAPMV13H Create Batch Search Strategy - WMLS52 SAPMV13H Change Batch Search Strategie - WMLS53 SAPMV13H Display Batch Search Strategy - WMLTRA RTRMALERT TRM Alert MonitorAutor: Iron700 141 13/11/2007
    • LTRCC RTRM_CONSISTENCTRM Customization Consistency CheckLTRL RTRMMONITOR_LOGTRM Log ReportsLTRMS RTRMMONITOR TRM MonitorLT0A SAPML03T Pre-plan storage unitsLT0B RLLT0B00 Putaway Pre-Picked Handling UnitsLT0C RLLT0C00 Removal of Pre-Picked HUs from StocLT0D RLLT0D00 Transfer of Existing Handling UnitsLT0E SAPML03T Create Removal TO for 2-Step PickinLT0F SAPML03T Create TO for Inbound DeliveryLT0G RLLT0G00 Return delivery to stockLT0H RLLT0E00 Putaway/Stock Transfer of HUsLT0I RLLT0F00 Removal of Handling Units from StocLT0J SAPML03T Put Away Handling UnitLT0R RLLT0R00 Request replenishment manuallyLT0S SAPML03T Create TO for multiple deliveriesLT01 SAPML03T Create Transfer OrderLT02 SAPML03T Create TO for Inventory DifferenceLT03 SAPML03T Create TO for DeliveryLT04 SAPML03T Create TO from TRLT05 SAPML03T Process Posting Change NoticeLT06 SAPML02B Create TO for Material DocumentLT07 SAPML03T Create TO for mixed storage unitLT08 SAPML03T Manual Addition to Storage UnitLT09 SAPML03T ID point function for storage unitsLT1A SAPML03T Change Transfer OrderLT1B SAPML03T Confirm TO-Item PickLT1C SAPML03T Confirm TO-Item TransportLT1D SAPML03T Confirm Transfer Order PickLT1E SAPML03T Confirm Transfer Order TransportLT1F SAPML03T Confirm TO for SU PickLT1G SAPML03T Confirm TO for SU TransportLT10 RLS10034 Create Transfer Order from ListLT11 SAPML03T Confirm Transfer Order ItemLT12 SAPML03T Confirm transfer orderLT13 SAPML03T Confirm TO for storage unitLT14 SAPML03T Confirm preplanned TO itemLT15 SAPML03T Cancelling transfer orderLT16 SAPML03T Cancelling TO for storage unitLT17 SAPML03T Single Entry of Actual DataLT21 SAPML03T Display Transfer OrderLT22 RLLT2200 Display Transfer Order / Stor. TypeLT23 RLLT2300 Display Transfer Orders by NumbersLT24 RLLT2400 Display Transfer Order / MaterialLT25 RLLT2500 Display Transfer Order / GroupLT25A RLLT2501 Display Transfer Order / GroupLT25N RLLT2502 Confirm Transfer ORder / GroupLT26 RLLT2600 Transfer orders for storage binLT27 RLLT2700 Transfer order for storage unitLT28 RLLT2800 Display Transfer Order / ReferenceLT31 SAPML03T Print TO ManuallyLT32 SAPML03T Print transfer order for stor.unitLT41 SAPML05S Prepare TRs for Multiple ProcessingLT42 SAPML05S Create TOs by Multiple ProcessingLT43 SAPML05S Forming groups for deliveriesLT44 SAPML05S Release for Multiple ProcessingLT45 RLSAMM10 Evaluation of reference numbersLT63 RLLT6300 Control: Single Entry of Actual DatLT64 RLLT6400 Single Entry of Actual DataAutor: Iron700 142 13/11/2007
    • LT72 SAPLL2PIK Determine 2-step relevanceLT73 SAPLL2PIK Display 2-stepLU01 SAPML02B Create Posting Change NoticeLU02 SAPML02B Change Posting Change NoticeLU03 SAPML02B Display Posting Change NoticeLU04 SAPML02B Selection of Posting Change NoticesLVASA RLVALERT VAS Alert MonitorLVASM RLVMONITOR VAS MonitorLVASNR SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: LXVAS_VOILXDCA RCDALERT Cross Docking Alert MonitorLXDCK RXDMONITOR Cross-Docking MonitorLX01 RLS10010 List of Empty Storage BinsLX02 RLS10020 Stock listLX03 RLS10030 Bin Status ReportLX04 RLS10040 Capacity load utilizationLX05 RLS10050 Block Bins in Bl.Storage w.Time LimLX06 RLS10060 Fire Department Inventory ListLX07 RLS10070 Check storageLX08 RLS10080 Accident Regulations ListLX09 RLB10010 Overview of All Transf.RequirementsLX10 RLT10010 Activities per Storage TypeLX11 RLT10020 Document overviewLX12 RLT10030 Document Overview: Landscape FormatLX13 RLT10040 Analysis of differencesLX14 RLT10050 Matl mvmt frequencyLX15 RLINV010 Selection of Bins for Annual InventLX16 RLINV015 Selection of Bins for Continuous InLX17 RLINV020 List of Inventory DifferencesLX18 RLINV030 Statistics of Inventory DifferencesLX19 RLBEST00 Inventory Data Takeover by Btch InpLX20 RLVST333 Generate interim storage binsLX21 RLKOMM40 Pick List for Several Transfer Ord.LX22 RLI30010 Process Inventory from OverviewLX23 RLABGL00 Stock comparison IM - WMLX24 RLS10240 Display of hazardous mat.numbersLX25 RLINV040 Inventory StatusLX26 RLINV050 Inventory in WM via cycle countingLX27 RLS30010 Stock levels by shelf life exp.dateLX28 RLSUB000 Relevant TO item for ext.systemLX29 RLS10090 Fixed bin supervisionLX30 RLSUB010 Overview of WM messages ext.systemLX31 RLVSDR20 Analysis of print control tablesLX32 RLRT0001 Archived transfer ordersLX33 RLRB0001 Archived transfer requirementsLX34 RLRU0001 Archived posting change noticesLX35 RLRI0001 Archived system inventory recordsLX36 RLRH0001 Archived inventory historiesLX37 RLSUB020 Linked objectsLX38 RLOLML02 Check Report Customizing Strategy KLX39 RL2STK00 Evaluation Reference No. for 2-S.PcLX40 RLWMPPC1 Material Situation Prod. Storage BiLX41 RLWMPPC3 Bin Status Report WM/PP InterfaceLX42 RLWMPPC4 Evaluation PP Order from WM ViewLX43 RLWMPPC5 Consistency Check for Control CycleLX44 RLL10010 Inward and outward movementsLX45 RLVERIFY Verification Field in Storage BinLX46 RLT1HR00 Transmission WM perform. data to HRLX47 RLLX4700 Analysis of Delayed Delivery UpdateAutor: Iron700 143 13/11/2007
    • LYCHP RLYREGISTER Check-in / Check-out transactionLYLDP RLYREGISTER Load & unload transactionLYRDA RLYALERT Yard Alert MonitorLYRDM RLYMONITOR Yard MonitorLYSCH RLXYRD_SCHDL_CHYard Scheduling ChartLYVHC RLYREGISTER Yard InventoryAutor: Iron700 144 13/11/2007
    • Todos los códigos de transacciones de SAP con informe y ladescripción de MTA Report Header DescriptionM/N2 SAPMV12A Create free goods tableM/N3 SAPMV12A Display free goods tableM/03 SAPMV12A Create Conditions Table (PurchasingM/04 SAPMV12A Change Conditions Table (PurchasingM/05 SAPMV12A Displ. Conditions Table (PurchasingM/13 SAPMV12A Create Condition Table (Service)M/14 SAPMV12A Change Condition Table (Services)M/15 SAPMV12A Display Condition Table (Services)M/56 SAPMV12A Messages: Create Cond. Table: RFQM/57 SAPMV12A Messages: Change Condition TableM/58 SAPMV12A Messages: Display CondTab: RFQM/59 SAPMV12A Messages: Create CondTab: Pur. OrdeM/60 SAPMV12A Messages: Change CondTab: Pur. OrdeM/61 SAPMV12A Messages: Disp. CondTab: Pur. OrderM/62 SAPMV12A Messages: Create CondTab: Del. SchdM/63 SAPMV12A Messages: Change CondTab: Del. SchdM/64 SAPMV12A Messages: Disp. CondTab: Del. SchedM/65 SAPMV12A Messages: Create CondTab: O. Agmt.M/66 SAPMV12A Messages: Change CondTab: O. Agmt.M/67 SAPMV12A Messages: Disp. CondTab: Outl. AgmtM/70 SAPMV12A Messages: Create CondTab.: Entry ShM/71 SAPMV12A Messages: Change CondTab.: Entry ShM/72 SAPMV12A Messages: Disp. CondTab.: Entry Sh.M_LA SAPMV14A Purchasing: Condition ListM_LB SAPMV14A Change Condition ListM_LC SAPMV14A Display Condition ListM_LD SAPMV14A Execute Condition ListMAL1 SAPMMG01 Create material via ALEMAL2 SAPMMG01 Change material via ALEMAP1 SAPMF02K Create contact personMAP2 SAPMF02K Change contact personMAP3 SAPMF02K Display contact personMASS SAPMMSDL Mass ChangeMASSD MASSD_DIALOG Mass MaintenanceMBBM RM07MMBL Batch Input: Post Material DocumentMBBR RM07RRES Batch Input: Create ReservationMBBS RM07MBWS Display valuated special stockMBC1 SAPMV13H Create MM Batch Search StrategyMBC2 SAPMV13H Change MM Batch Determ. StrategyMBC3 SAPMV13H Display MM Batch Determ. StrategyMBGR RM07MGRU Displ. Material Docs. by Mvt. ReasoMBLB RM07MLBB Stocks at SubcontractorMBNK SAPMSNUM Number Ranges; Material DocumentMBNL SAPMM07M Subsequent Delivery f. Material DocMBN1 SAPMV13N Free goods - Create (Purchasing)MBN2 SAPMV13N Free goods - Change (Purchasing)MBN3 SAPMV13N Free goods - Display (Purchasing)MBPM MMIM_PREDOC_MAIManage Held DataMBRL SAPMM07M Return Delivery for Matl DocumentMBSF SAPMM07M Release Blocked Stock via Mat. Doc.MBSI RM07SINV Find Inventory SamplingMBSL SAPMM07M Copy Material DocumentMBSM RM07MSTO Display Cancelled Material Docs.Autor: Iron700 145 13/11/2007
    • MBST SAPMM07M Cancel Material DocumentMBSU SAPMM07M Place in Stor.for Mat.Doc: Init.ScrMBVR RM07RVER Management Program: ReservationsMBWO RM07MWOFF testMBW1 SAPMMBW1 Special stocks via WWWMBXA SAPLMBXA Printout of XAB DocumentsMB0A SAPMM07M Post Goods Receipt for POMB00 MENUMB00 Inventory ManagementMB01 SAPMM07M Post Goods Receipt for POMB02 SAPMM07M Change Material DocumentMB03 SAPMM07M Display Material DocumentMB04 SAPMM07M Subsequ.Adj.of "Mat.Provided"ConsmpMB05 SAPMM07M Subseq. Adjustmt: Act.Ingredient MaMB1A SAPMM07M Goods WithdrawalMB1B SAPMM07M Transfer PostingMB1C SAPMM07M Other Goods ReceiptsMB11 SAPMM07M Goods MovementMB21 SAPMM07R Create ReservationMB22 SAPMM07R Change ReservationMB23 SAPMM07R Display ReservationMB24 RM07RESL Reservation ListMB25 RM07RESL Reservation ListMB26 PP_PICK_LIST Picking listMB31 SAPMM07M Goods Receipt for Production OrderMB5B RM07MLBD Stocks for Posting DateMB5C RM07MCHS Pick-Up ListMB5K RM07KO01 Stock Consistency CheckMB5L RM07MBST List of Stock Values: BalancesMB5M RM07MMHD BBD/Prod. DateMB5S RM07MSAL Display List of GR/IR BalancesMB5T RM07MTRB Stock in transit CCMB5U RM07AUMD Analyze Conversion DifferencesMB5W RM07MBST List of Stock ValuesMB51 RM07DOCS Material Doc. ListMB52 RM07MLBS List of Warehouse Stocks on HandMB53 RM07MWRKK Display Plant Stock AvailabilityMB54 RM07MKBS Consignment StocksMB55 RM07MMST Display Quantity StringMB56 RVBBWULS Analyze batch where-used listMB57 RM07MCHW Compile Batch Where-Used ListMB58 RM07MKON Consgmt and Ret. Packag. at CustomeMB59 RM07DOCS Material Doc. ListMB9A RM07MAAU Analyze archived mat. documentsMB90 MM70AMEA Output Processing for Mat. DocumentMC.A RMCB0300 INVCO: Mat.Anal.Selection; Rec/IssMC.B RMCB0300 INVCO: Mat.Anal.Selection; TurnoverMC.C RMCB0300 INVCO: Mat.Anal.Selection; CoverageMC.D RMCB0400 INVCO: MRP Cntrllr.Anal.Sel. StockMC.E RMCB0400 INVCO: MRP Cntrllr Anal.Sel. Rec/IsMC.F RMCB0400 INVCO: MRP Cntlr Anal.Sel. TurnoverMC.G RMCB0400 INVCO: MRP Cntlr.Anal.Sel. CoverageMC.H RMCB0500 INVCO: Business Area Anal.Sel. StocMC.I RMCB0500 INVCO: Bus. Area Anal. Sel. Rec/IssMC.J RMCB0500 INVCO: Bus. Area Anal. Sel. TurnoveMC.K RMCB0500 INVCO: Bus. Area Anal. Sel. CoveragMC.L RMCB0600 INVCO: Mat.Group Analysis Sel. StocMC.M RMCB0600 INVCO: Mat.Group Anal. Sel. Rec/IssMC.N RMCB0600 INVCO: Mat.Group Anal. Sel. TurnoveAutor: Iron700 146 13/11/2007
    • MC.O RMCB0600 INVCO: Mat.Group Anal. Sel. CoveragMC.P RMCB0700 INVCO: Division Analysis Sel. StockMC.Q RMCB0700 INVCO: Division Anal. Sel. Rec/IssMC.R RMCB0700 INVCO: Division Anal. Sel. TurnoverMC.S RMCB0700 INVCO: Division Anal. Sel. CoverageMC.T RMCB0800 INVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Selection StocMC.U RMCB0800 INVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Sel. Rec/IssueMC.V RMCB0800 INVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Sel. TurnoverMC.W RMCB0800 INVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Sel. CoverageMC.1 RMCB0100 INVCO: Plant Anal. Selection: StockMC.2 RMCB0100 INVCO: Plant Anal.Selection; Rec/IsMC.3 RMCB0100 INVCO: Plant Anal.Selection;TurnoveMC.4 RMCB0100 INVCO: Plant Anal.Selection;CoveragMC.5 RMCB0200 INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection; StockMC.6 RMCB0200 INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection: Rec/IsMC.7 RMCB0200 INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection;TurnoveMC.8 RMCB0200 INVCO: SLoc Anal.Selection; CoveragMC.9 RMCB0300 INVCO: Material Anal.Selection;StocMC(A RMCV0100 SIS: Customer;Inc.Orders - SelectioMC(B RMCV1300 SIS: Variant ConfigurationMC(E RMCV0200 SIS: Material;Inc.Orders - SelectioMC(I RMCV0300 SIS: SalesOrg. Inc.Orders SelectionMC(M RMCV0600 SIS: Sales Office; Inc.Orders SelecMC(Q RMCV0500 SIS: Employee; Inc.Orders SelectionMC(U RMCV0400 SIS: Shipping Point Deliveries Sel.MC+A RMCV0100 SIS: Customer Returns; SelectionMC+E RMCV0100 SIS: Customer; Sales - SelectionMC+I RMCV0100 SIS: Customer Credit Memos - Selec.MC+M RMCV0200 SIS: Material Returns; SelectionMC+Q RMCV0200 SIS: Material; Sales - SelectionMC+U RMCV0200 SIS: Material Credit Memos; Selec.MC+Y RMCV0300 SIS: Sales Org. Returns; SelectionMC+2 RMCV0300 SIS: SalesOrg.Invoiced Sales; SelecMC+6 RMCV0300 SIS: SalesOrg.Credit Memos SelectioMC$< RMCE0300 PURCHIS: MatGrp PurchVal SelectionMC$> RMCE0300 PURCHIS: MatGrp PurchQty SelectionMC$: RMCE0200 PURCHIS: Vendor Freqs. SelectionMC$A RMCE0300 PURCHIS: MatGrp DelRelblty SelectioMC$C RMCE0300 PURCHIS: MatGrp QtyRelblty SelectioMC$E RMCE0300 PURCHIS: MatGrp Freq. SelectionMC$G RMCE0400 PURCHIS: Material PurchVal SelectioMC$I RMCE0400 PURCHIS: Material PurchQty SelectioMC$K RMCE0400 PURCHIS: Material DelRelib SelectioMC$M RMCE0400 PURCHIS: Material QtyRel SelectionMC$O RMCE0400 PURCHIS: Material Freqs. SelectionMC$0 RMCE0100 PURCHIS: PurchGrp PurchVal SelectioMC$2 RMCE0100 PURCHIS: PurchGrp Freqs. SelectionMC$4 RMCE0200 PURCHIS: Vendor PurchVal SelectionMC$6 RMCE0200 PURCHIS: Vendor DelRelblty SelectioMC$8 RMCE0200 PURCHIS: Vendor QtyRelblty SelectioMC-A RMCV0600 SIS: Sales Office Returns; SelectioMC-E RMCV0600 SIS: Sales Office - Sales SelectionMC-I RMCV0600 SIS: Sales Office Credit Memos SeleMC-M RMCV0500 SIS: Employee - Returns; SelectionMC-Q RMCV0500 SIS: Employee - Sales; SelectionMC-U RMCV0500 SIS: Employee - Credit Memos; SelecMC-0 RMCV0400 SIS: Shipping Point Returns; Selec.MC/B SAPMMCY1 Schedule jobs: Exceptions INVCOAutor: Iron700 147 13/11/2007
    • MC/E SAPMMCY1 Create Exception: EWS/PURCHISMC/F SAPMMCY1 Maintain exception: EWS/PURCHISMC/G SAPMMCY1 Display exception: EWS/PURCHISMC/H SAPMMCY1 Create groups exception: PURCHISMC/I SAPMMCY1 Change groups exception: PURCHISMC/J SAPMMCY1 Display exception: PURCHISMC/K SAPMMCY1 Create job for exception: PURCHISMC/L SAPMMCY1 Change jobs exceptions: PURCHISMC/M SAPMMCY1 Display jobs exceptions: PURCHISMC/N SAPMMCY1 Schedule jobs exceptions: PURCHISMC/Q SAPMMCY1 Create exception: EWS/SISMC/R SAPMMCY1 Maintain exception: EWS/SISMC/S SAPMMCY1 Display exception: EWS/SISMC/T SAPMMCY1 Create groups exception: SISMC/U SAPMMCY1 Change groups exception: SISMC/V SAPMMCY1 Display exception: SISMC/W SAPMMCY1 Create job for exception: SISMC/X SAPMMCY1 Change Jobs: Exceptions SISMC/Y SAPMMCY1 Display Jobs: Exceptions SISMC/Z SAPMMCY1 Schedule Jobs: Exceptions SISMC/1 SAPMMCY1 Create Exception: EWS/INVCOMC/2 SAPMMCY1 Maintain exception: EWS/INVCOMC/3 SAPMMCY1 Display exception: EWS/INVCOMC/4 SAPMMCY1 Create groups exception: INVCOMC/5 SAPMMCY1 Change groups exception: INVCOMC/6 SAPMMCY1 Display exception: INVCOMC/7 SAPMMCY1 Create job for exception: INVCOMC/8 SAPMMCY1 Change jobs exceptions: INVCOMC/9 SAPMMCY1 Display jobs exceptions: INVCOMC?0 SAPMMCY1 WFIS: Schedule Jobs - ExceptionsMC?1 SAPMMCY1 WFIS: Create ExceptionMC?2 SAPMMCY1 WFIS: Maintain ExceptionMC?3 SAPMMCY1 WFIS: Display ExceptionMC?4 SAPMMCY1 WFIS: Create Exception GroupMC?5 SAPMMCY1 WFIS: Change Exception GroupMC?6 SAPMMCY1 WFIS: Display Exception GroupMC?7 SAPMMCY1 WFIS: Create Jobs - ExceptionsMC?8 SAPMMCY1 WFIS: Change Jobs - ExceptionsMC?9 SAPMMCY1 WFIS: Display Jobs - ExceptionsMC:B SAPMMCY1 Schedule jobs exceptions: RISMC:1 SAPMMCY1 Create exception: EWS/RISMC:2 SAPMMCY1 Maintain exception: EWS/RISMC:3 SAPMMCY1 Display exception: EWS/RISMC:4 SAPMMCY1 Create exception group: RISMC:5 SAPMMCY1 Change groups exception: RISMC:6 SAPMMCY1 Display exception: RISMC:7 SAPMMCY1 Create job for exception: RISMC:8 SAPMMCY1 Change jobs exceptions: RISMC:9 SAPMMCY1 Display jobs exceptions: RISMC=B SAPMMCY1 Schedule jobs exceptions: SFISMC=E SAPMMCY1 Create exception: EWS/PMISMC=F SAPMMCY1 Maintain exception: EWS/PMISMC=G SAPMMCY1 Display exception: EWS/PMISMC=H SAPMMCY1 Create groups exception: PMISMC=I SAPMMCY1 Change groups exception: PMISMC=J SAPMMCY1 Display exception: PMISMC=K SAPMMCY1 Create job for exception: PMISMC=L SAPMMCY1 Change jobs exceptions: PMISAutor: Iron700 148 13/11/2007
    • MC=M SAPMMCY1 Display jobs exceptions: PMISMC=N SAPMMCY1 Schedule jobs exceptions: PMISMC=Q SAPMMCY1 Display exception: EWS/QMISMC=R SAPMMCY1 Maintain exception: EWS/QMISMC=S SAPMMCY1 Display exception: EWS/QMISMC=T SAPMMCY1 Display groups exception: QMISMC=U SAPMMCY1 Change groups exception: QMISMC=V SAPMMCY1 Display exception: QMISMC=W SAPMMCY1 Create job for exception: QMISMC=X SAPMMCY1 Change Jobs: Exceptions QMISMC=Y SAPMMCY1 Display Jobs: Exceptions SISMC=Z SAPMMCY1 Schedule Jobs: Exceptions QMISMC=1 SAPMMCY1 Create exception: EWS/SFISMC=2 SAPMMCY1 Maintain exception: EWS/SFISMC=3 SAPMMCY1 Display exception: EWS/SFISMC=4 SAPMMCY1 Create groups exception: SFISMC=5 SAPMMCY1 Change groups exception: SFISMC=6 SAPMMCY1 Display exception: SFISMC=7 SAPMMCY1 Create job for exception: SFISMC=8 SAPMMCY1 Change jobs exceptions: SFISMC=9 SAPMMCY1 Display jobs exceptions: SFISMCAA SAPMMCS1 WFIS: Maintain RequirementsMCAC SAPMMCS1 WFIS: Maintain FormulasMCAE SAPMMC0C WFIS: Activate UpdatingMCAF SAPMMCS4 WFIS: Standard AnalysesMCAG SAPMMCSC WFIS: Customizing; Standard AnalyseMCAH RMCAORG0 WFIS: Organization View - SelectionMCAI RMCAPRO0 WFIS: Process View - SelectionMCAJ RMCAOBJ0 WFIS: Object View - SelectionMCAK RMCAGRU0 WFIS: Group View - SelectionMCAL RMCAEXP0 WFIS: Sample Scenario - SelectionMCAM RMCAKOMM WFIS: Append StructureMCAN RMCAEXIT WFIS: Selection ProgramMCAO RMCAAPP0 WIS: Application PM/QM/SM SelectionMCAP RMCADELE WIS: Delete DataMCAQ RMCAADJU WIS: Correct DataMCAR RMCADATA WIS: Transfer DataMCAT SAPMMCS7 WFIS: Display Evaluation StructureMCAU SAPMMCS7 WFIS: Change Evaluation StructureMCAV SAPMMCS7 WFIS: Create Evaluation StructureMCAW SAPMMCS2 WFIS: Display EvaluationMCAX SAPMMCS2 WFIS: Change EvaluationMCAY SAPMMCS2 WFIS: Create EvaluationMCAZ SAPMMCS2 WFIS: Execute EvaluationMCA7 SAPMMCS2 INVCO: Execute EvaluationMCB& RMCBDISP INVCO: Set up statis. for stck/reqtMCB) RMCB1200 INVCO: Long-Term Stock SelectionMCB% RMCBPARA INVCO: Set up stats. for parm. analMCBA RMCB0100 INVCO: Plant Analysis SelectionMCBC RMCB0200 INVCO: Stor. Loc. Analysis SelectioMCBE RMCB0300 INVCO: Material Analysis SelectionMCBG RMCB0400 INVCO: MRP Cntrlr Analysis SelectioMCBI RMCB0500 INVCO: Business Area Anal. SelectioMCBK RMCB0600 INVCO: MatGrp Analysis SelectionMCBM RMCB0700 INVCO: Division Analysis SelectionMCBO RMCB0800 INVCO: Mat.Type Analysis SelectionMCBR RMCB0900 INVCO: Batch Analysis SelectionMCBV RMCB1000 INVCO: Parameter Analysis SelectionAutor: Iron700 149 13/11/2007
    • MCBZ RMCB1100 INVCO: Stck/Reqt Analysis SelectionMCB1 MENUMCB1 Inventory ControllingMCB2 SAPMMCS7 INVCO: Create Evaluation StructureMCB3 SAPMMCS7 INVCO: Change Evaluation StructureMCB4 SAPMMCS7 INVCO: Display Evaluation StructureMCB5 SAPMMCS2 INVCO: Create EvaluationMCB6 SAPMMCS2 INVCO: Change EvaluationMCB7 SAPMMCS2 INVCO: Display EvaluationMCC1 MENUMCC1 Inventory ControllingMCC2 MENUMCC2 Inventory Information SystemMCC3 RMCBNEUA Set Up INVCO Info Structs. from DocMCC4 RMCBNEUB Set Up INVCO Info Structs.from StocMCDA SAPMMCS2 PURCHIS: Create EvaluationMCDB SAPMMCS2 PURCHIS: Change EvaluationMCDC SAPMMCS2 PURCHIS: Display EvaluationMCDG SAPMMCS2 PURCHIS: Execute EvaluationMCD7 SAPMMCS7 PURCHIS: Create Eval. StructureMCD8 SAPMMCS7 PURCHIS: Change Eval. StructureMCD9 SAPMMCS7 PURCHIS: Display Eval. StructureMCE+ RMCE0900 PURCHIS: Reporting - Subseq. SettlmMCEA RMCE0600 PURCHIS:Long-Term Plg Vend.AnalysisMCEB RMCE0700 PURCHIS:Lng-Term Plg Mat.Gr.AnalysiMCEC RMCE0800 PURCHIS:Long-Term Plg Mat. AnalysisMCER RMCE2000 PURCHIS: Service Purch.Qty-SelectioMCES RMCE2000 PURCHIS: Service Purch.Val-SelectioMCE0 MENUMCE0 Purchasing Information SystemMCE1 RMCE0100 PURCHIS: PurchGrp Analysis SelectioMCE2 SAPMMCS3 PURCHIS: Update Diagnosis Purch.DocMCE3 RMCE0200 PURCHIS: Vendor Analysis SelectionMCE5 RMCE0300 PURCHIS: MatGrp Analysis SelectionMCE7 RMCE0400 PURCHIS: Material Analysis SelectioMCE8 RMCE2000 PURCHIS: Service Analysis SelectionMCE9 MENUMCE9 Purchasing Information SystemMCGC RMCW1400 RIS: Season: Mvmts + Stk - SelectioMCGD RMCW1600 RIS: POS: Sales - SelectionMCGE RMCW1700 RIS: POS: Matl Aggr. POS - SelectioMCGF RMCW1800 RIS: POS: Cashier - SelectionMCGG RMCW1900 RIS: Cust./Material Grp - SelectionMCGH RMCW2000 RIS: Customer/Material - SelectionMCGJ RMCW2800 RIS: POS: POS Balancing - SelectionMCGK RMCW2900 RIS: Matls w/ additionals- SelectioMCGL RMCW3000 RIS: Sales data: Customers- Sel.MCG1 MENUMCG1 Rough-Cut Planning ProfilesMCG2 SAPMMCSC Var. standard anal. def. sett. IS-RMCG3 SAPMMCS4 Call Self-Defined Analyses: RetailMCH+ SAPMMCS7 RIS: Display Evaluation StructureMCH: RMCW0300 RIS: STRPS/Mvmts + Stock - SelectioMCHA RMCW2500 RIS: Till Receipt/Matl - SelectionMCHB RMCW2700 RIS: Till Receipt - SelectionMCHC RMCWAPRI_START Companion salesMCHG RMCW0600 RIS: Purchasing: Mvmt+Stck-SelectioMCHP RMCW0900 RIS: Material: Mvmt+Stck - SelectioMCHS RMCW1000 RIS: Promotion - SelectionMCHV RMCW1100 RIS: Material/Add-On - SelectionMCHY SAPMMCS7 RIS: Create Evaluation StructureMCHZ SAPMMCS7 RIS: Change Evaluation StructureMCH0 MENUMCH0 Retail Information SystemMCH1 SAPMMCS2 RIS: Execute EvaluationAutor: Iron700 150 13/11/2007
    • MCH2 SAPMMCS2 RIS: Create EvaluationMCH3 SAPMMCS2 RIS: Change EvaluationMCH4 SAPMMCS2 RIS: Display EvaluationMCH6 SAPMMC0C Update Maintenance: RISMCH7 SAPMMCS3 RIS: Update Diagnosis; SP Change DoMCH8 RMCW2300 RIS: Perishables - SelectionMCH9 RMCW2400 RIS: Inventory Controlling - StoresMCIA RMCI1000 PMIS: Customer Notification AnalysiMCIS SAPMMCS4 Call Up PM Standard AnalysesMCIZ RMCI1100 PMIS: Vehicle Consumption AnalysisMCI0 MENUMCI0 Plant Maintenance Information SysteMCI1 RMCI0300 PMIS: Object Class AnalysisMCI2 RMCI0700 PMIS: Manufacturer AnalysisMCI3 RMCI0200 PMIS: Location AnalysisMCI4 RMCI0600 PMIS: Planner Group AnalysisMCI5 RMCI0800 PMIS: Object Damage AnalysisMCI6 RMCI0500 PMIS: Obj.Statistic.AnalysisMCI7 RMCI0100 PMIS: Breakdown AnalysisMCI8 RMCI0900 PMIS: Cost EvaluationMCJB RIEQS070 MTTR/MTBR for EquipmentMCJC RITPS070 FunctLoc: Mean Time Between RepairMCJE MENUMCJE PMIS: Info SystemMCJ1 SAPMMCS2 PMIS: Create EvaluationMCJ2 SAPMMCS2 PMIS: Change EvaluationMCJ3 SAPMMCS2 PMIS: Display EvaluationMCJ4 SAPMMCS2 PMIS: Execute EvaluationMCJ5 SAPMMCS7 PMIS: Create Evaluation StructureMCJ6 SAPMMCS7 PMIS: Change Evaluation StructureMCJ7 SAPMMCS7 PMIS: Display Evaluation StructureMCKA RMCROIW0 OIW MetadataMCKB RMCSSLVS TIS selection version treeMCKC RMCSSLVS User-spec. TIS select. version treeMCKH RMCSSLVS Selection version tree: SalesMCKI RMCSSLVS Selection version tree: PurchasingMCKJ RMCSSLVS Selection version tree: StockMCKK RMCSSLVS Selection version tree: ProductionMCKL RMCSSLVS Selection version tree: QualityMCKM RMCSSLVS Selection version tree: Plant MaintMCKN RMCSSLVS Selection version tree: RetailMCKO RMCSSLVS Selection version tree: GeneralMCKP RMCSSLVS User-spec. selec. vers. tree: SalesMCKQ RMCSSLVS User-spec. sel. vers. tree: PurchasMCKR RMCSSLVS User-spec. sel. vers. tree: StockMCKS RMCSSLVS User-spec. sel. vers. tree: ProductMCKT RMCSSLVS User-spec. sel. vers. tree: QualityMCKU RMCSSLVS User-spec. sel. vers. tree: PMMCKV RMCSSLVS User-spec. sel. vers. tree: RetailMCKW RMCSSLVS User-spec. sel. vers. tree: GeneralMCKY RMCSSLVS WFIS: Selection Versions (User-SpecMCKZ RMCSSLVS WFIS: Selection Versions (General)MCK0 MENUMCK0 Plant Maintenance Information SysteMCK1 SAPMMCSH Create HierarchyMCK2 SAPMMCSH Change hierarchyMCK3 SAPMMCSH Display hierarchyMCK4 SAPMMCSH Change SAP OIW HierarchyMCK5 SAPMMCSH Display SAP OIW HierarchyMCK6 SAPMMCSH Create Customer OIW HierarchyMCK7 SAPMMCSH Change Customer OIW HierarchyAutor: Iron700 151 13/11/2007
    • MCK8 SAPMMCSH Display Customer OIW HierarchyMCK9 SAPMMCSH Maintain Customer OIW Info CatalogMCLD RMCB2300 WM: Material Flow - SelectionMCLH RMCB2400 WM: Movement Types - SelectionMCL1 RMCB2000 WMS: Stck Placemt.+Remov. SelectionMCL5 RMCB2100 WMS: Flow of Quantities SelectionMCL9 RMCB2200 WM: Material Plcmt/Removal:SelectioMCM+ SAPMMCSV WFIS: Create Selection VersionMCM- SAPMMCSV WFIS: Change Selection VersionMCM/ SAPMMCSV WFIS: Display Selection VersionMCM% SAPMMCSV RIS: Create Selection VersionMCM? SAPMMCSV RIS: Schedule Selection VersionMCMA SAPMMCSV INVCO: Display selection versionMCMB SAPMMCSV INVCO: SelecVers: Schedule jobMCMC SAPMMCSV PPIS: Create selection versionMCMD SAPMMCSV PPIS: Change selection versionMCME SAPMMCSV PPIS: Display selection versionMCMF SAPMMCSV PPIS: SelectVers: Schedule jobMCMG SAPMMCSV QMIS: Create selection versionMCMH SAPMMCSV QMIS: Change selection versionMCMI SAPMMCSV QMIS: Display selection versionMCMJ SAPMMCSV QMIS: Selection Version:Schedule JoMCMK SAPMMCSV PMIS: Create selection versionMCML SAPMMCSV PMIS: Change selection versionMCMM SAPMMCSV PMIS: Display selection verisonMCMN SAPMMCSV PMIS: SelectVers: Schedule jobMCMO SAPMMCSV Create selection versionMCMP SAPMMCSV Change selection versionMCMQ SAPMMCSV Display selection versionMCMR SAPMMCSV Selection Version: Create VariantMCMS SAPMMCSV Selection Version: Change VariantMCMT SAPMMCSV Selection Version: Display VariantMCMV SAPMMCSV Selection version: Schedule jobMCMX SAPMMCSV RIS: Change Selection VersionMCMY SAPMMCSV RIS: Display Selection VersionMCMZ SAPMMCSV RIS: Selection Version: Schedule JoMCM0 SAPMMCSV INVCO: Change selection versionMCM1 SAPMMCSV SIS: Create selection versionMCM10 SAPMMCSV TIS: Create selection versionMCM11 SAPMMCSV TIS: Change selection versionMCM12 SAPMMCSV TIS: Display selection versionMCM13 SAPMMCSV TIS: Selection Version: Schedule JoMCM2 SAPMMCSV SIS: Change selection versionMCM3 SAPMMCSV SIS: Display selection versionMCM4 SAPMMCSV SIS: Selec. version: Schedule jobMCM5 SAPMMCSV PURCHIS: Create selection versionMCM6 SAPMMCSV PURCHIS: Change selection versionMCM7 SAPMMCSV PURCHIS: Display selection versionMCM8 SAPMMCSV PURCHIS: SelectVers: Schedule jobMCM9 SAPMMCSV INVCO: Create selection versionMCNB RMCBINIT_BW BW: Initialize Stock BalancesMCNR SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: MCLISMCOA RMCQ1100 QMIS: Cust. analysis; Lot overviewMCOB RMCQ2400 QMIS: General Results for CustomerMCOC RMCQ1100 QMIS: Cust. Analysis Quant. OvervieMCOD RMCQ2500 QMIS: Quantitative Results for CustMCOE RMCQ1100 QMIS: Customer Analysis Q ScoreMCOG RMCQ1100 QMIS: Customer Analysis Lot CounterAutor: Iron700 152 13/11/2007
    • MCOI RMCQ1100 QMIS: Customer Analysis QuantitiesMCOK RMCQ1100 QMIS: Customer Analysis ExpenseMCOM RMCQ1100 QMIS: Customer Analysis Level/Disp.MCOO RMCQ1100 QMIS: Customer analysis - insp. lotMCOP RMCQ0800 QMIS: Cust. Analysis Item Q Not.MCOV RMCQ0500 QMIS: Cust. Anal. Overview Q Not.MCOX RMCQ1200 QMIS: Customer Analysis DefectsMCO1 CALLSTAOTB RIS: OTB - SelectionMCO2 RMCACOP8 OTB: Copy Planning TypeMCO4 CALLOTB Create OTB PlanningMCO5 CALLOTB Change OTB PlanningMCO6 CALLOTB Display OTB PlanningMCO7 CALLOTB Create OTB PlanningMCO8 CALLOTB Change OTB PlanningMCO9 CALLOTB Display OTB PlanningMCPB RMCF0200 Operation analysis: DatesMCPD RMCF0100 Production order analysis: DatesMCPF RMCF0300 Material analysis: DatesMCPH RMCF0400 Work center analysis: DatesMCPI MENUMCPI Menu: Production Info SystemMCPK RMCF0200 Operation analysis: QuantitiesMCPM RMCF0100 Production order anal.: QuantitiesMCPO RMCF0300 Material analysis: QuantitiesMCPQ RMCF0400 Work center analysis: QuantitiesMCPS RMCF0200 Operation analysis: Lead timeMCPU RMCF0100 Production Order Analysis: Lead TimMCPW RMCF0300 Material analysis: Lead timeMCPY RMCF0400 Work center analysis: Lead timeMCP0 MENUMCP0 Shop Floor Information SystemMCP1 RMCF0200 SFIS: Operation Analysis SelectionMCP3 RMCF0100 SFIS: Material Analysis SelectionMCP5 RMCF0300 SFIS: Material Analysis SelectionMCP6 RMCFSERI Goods rcpt analysis: repetitive mfgMCP7 RMCF0400 SFIS: Work Center Analysis SelectioMCP8 RMCF2500 Goods rcpt analysis: repetitive mfgMCP9 RMCF0500 SFIS: Select Run ScheduleMCQ. RMCFPK00 SFIS: Kanban analysis selectionMCQA SAPMMCS4 Call Up QM Standard AnalysesMCR: SAPMMCSC Std Analyses: User Settings; CALLMCRB RMCSGENA LIS: Generate EvaluationsMCRC RMCS802T Charact. Texts for Eval. StructuresMCRE RMCF0600 Material Usage Analysis: SelectionMCRG RMCFCUST Change Settings: PPISMCRH RMCFCUST Display Settings: PPISMCRI RMCF0700 Product Cost Analysis: SelectionMCRJ RMCF2700 Prod. Cost Analysis: Repetitive MfgMCRK RMCFSERI Prod. Cost Analysis: Repetitive MfgMCRM RMCF0800 Reporting Point Stats.: SelectionMCRO RMCF2600 Matl consumptn anal.: repetitive mfMCRP RMCFSERI Matl consumptn anal.: repetitive mfMCRQ SAPMMCS4 Call Standard Analyses: PP-ISMCRU RMCF0200 PP-PI: Operation Analysis SelectionMCRV RMCF0100 PP-PI: Process Order AnalysisMCRW RMCF0400 PP-PI: Resources SelectionMCRX RMCF0600 PP-PI: Material Usage AnalysisMCRY RMCF0700 PP-PI: Product Cost AnalysisMCR1 SAPMMCS2 SFIS: Create EvaluationMCR2 SAPMMCS2 SFIS: Change EvaluationAutor: Iron700 153 13/11/2007
    • MCR3 SAPMMCS2 SFIS: Display EvaluationMCR4 SAPMMCS2 SFIS: Execute EvaluationMCR7 SAPMMCS7 SFIS: Create Evaluation StructureMCR8 SAPMMCS7 SFIS: Change Evaluation StructureMCR9 SAPMMCS7 SFIS: Display Evaluation StructureMCS/ RMCSISGN Mass Generation: Info Struct./UpdatMCSA SAPMMCS2 SIS: Create EvaluationMCSB SAPMMCS2 SIS: Change EvaluationMCSC SAPMMCS2 SIS: Display EvaluationMCSG SAPMMCS2 SIS: Execute EvaluationMCSH SAPMMCS4 Call Std. Analyses of Customer ApplMCSI SAPMMCS4 Call Standard Analyses of SalesMCSJ SAPMMCS4 Call Standard Analyses of PurchasinMCSK SAPMMCS4 Call Standard Analyses of StocksMCSL SAPMMCS4 Call Shop Floor Standard AnalysesMCSM1 SAPMMCS2 TIS: Create evaluationMCSM2 SAPMMCS2 TIS: Change evaluationMCSM3 SAPMMCS2 TIS: Display evaluationMCSM4 SAPMMCS2 TIS: Execute evaluationMCSM5 SAPMMCS7 TIS: Create evaluation structureMCSM6 SAPMMCS7 TIS: Change evaluation structureMCSM7 SAPMMCS7 TIS: Display evaluation structureMCSR SAPMMCS4 Standard Analyses External DataMCSS SAPMMCS3 Display Log: Gen. Info StructureMCST SAPMMCS3 Display Log: Gen. UpdatingMCSX SAPMMCS4 Archive Statistical DataMCSY RMCSCORS Reset Time Stamp: LIS GenerationMCSZ SAPMMCS4 Convert LIS Statistical DataMCS1 SAPMMCS4 Standard Analyses; General LogisticMCS7 SAPMMCS7 SIS: Create Evaluation StructureMCS8 SAPMMCS7 SIS: Change Evaluation StructureMCS9 SAPMMCS7 SIS: Display Evalaution StructureMCTA RMCV0100 SIS: Customer Analysis - SelectionMCTC RMCV0200 SIS: Material Analysis - SelectionMCTE RMCV0300 SIS: Sales Org. Analysis - SelectioMCTG RMCV0600 SIS: Sales Office Analysis SelectioMCTI RMCV0500 SIS: Sales Empl. Analysis SelectionMCTK RMCV0400 SIS: Shipping Pt. Analysis SelectioMCTV01 RMCV0800 SIS: Sales Activity - SelectionMCTV02 RMCV0900 SIS: Sales Promotions - SelectionMCTV03 RMCV1000 SIS: Address List - SelectionMCTV04 RMCV1100 SIS: Address Counter - SelectionMCTV05 RMCV1200 SIS: Customer Potential AnalysisMCT0 MENUMCT0 Initial SIS ScreenMCT1 MENUMCT1 Standard SDIS AnalysesMCT2 MENUMCT2 Initial SIS ScreenMCUA RMCT0100 TIS: Shpt analysisMCUB RMCT0200 TIS: Shipment Analysis: RoutesMCUC RMCT0300 TIS: ShipmentAnaly: MeansOfTransporMCUD RMCT0400 TIS: Shipment Analysis: ShippingMCUE RMCT0500 TIS: Shipment Analysis: StagesMCUF RMCT0600 TIS: Shipment Analysis: MaterialMCU0 MENUMCU0 Transportation Info System (TIS)MCU1 RMCSUNIT Create LIS UnitMCU2 RMCSUDEL Delete LIS UnitMCU3 SAPMMCS4 Call Standard Analyses: TransportatMCVA RMCQ0100 QMIS: Vendor Analysis Lot OverviewMCVB RMCQ2200 QMIS: General Results for VendorAutor: Iron700 154 13/11/2007
    • MCVC RMCQ0100 QMIS: Vendor Analysis - Qty OvervieMCVD RMCQ2300 QMIS: Quant. Results for VendorMCVE RMCQ0100 QMIS: Vendor Analysis Quality ScoreMCVG RMCQ0100 QMIS: Vendor Analysis - Lot NumbersMCVI RMCQ0100 QMIS: Vendor Analysis - QuantitiesMCVK RMCQ0100 QMIS: Vendor Analysis - EffortMCVM RMCQ0100 QMIS: Vendor Analyis - Level & DispMCVO RMCQ0100 Vendor Analysis - Lots OverviewMCVP RMCQ0700 QMIS: vendor analysis items Q notifMCVQ MENUMCVQ Quality Management Info System QMISMCVR SAPMMCS3 SIS: update diagnosis - orderMCVS SAPMMCS3 TIS: Update Diagnosis: TransportatnMCVT SAPMMCS3 SIS: update diagnosis - deliveryMCVV SAPMMCS3 SIS: update diagnosis - billing docMCVVK SAPMMCS3 SIS: Updating - Sales ActivitiesMCVW SAPMMCS3 INVCO: Update Diagnosis MatDocMCVX RMCQ1000 QMIS: Vendor analysis defectsMCVY SAPMMCS3 INVCO: Update Diagnosis AcctngDocMCVZ RMCQ0400 QMIS: Ven. Analysis- Q Not. OvervieMCV0 MENUMCV0 Purchasing Information SystemMCV1 RMCQ0100 QMIS: Vendor analysis - insp. lotMCV3 RMCQ0200 QMIS: Material analysis - insp. lotMCV5 /1SDBF12L/RV14ACall Up Price List w.Stepped DisplaMCV6 /1SDBF12L/RV14ACall Up Indiv. Customer Prices ListMCV7 /1SDBF12L/RV14ACall Up List of Price GroupsMCV8 /1SDBF12L/RV14ACall Up Material/MatPrcGroup ListMCV9 RVAUFERR Call Up List of Incomplete DocumentMCW_AA MCW_AA_CUST IMG RetailMCWIS SAPMMCS3 FK Simulation Inventory DocumentMCWRP SAPMMCS3 FK Simulation Invoice DocumentMCW1 RMCE5000 PURCHIS: Evaluate Payment HeaderMCW2 RMCE5100 PURCHIS: Evaluate Payment ItemMCW3 RMCE5200 PURCHIS: Evaluate VBD HeaderMCW4 RMCE5300 PURCHIS: Evaluate VBD ItemMCW5 SAPLMCW1_WLF Payment: Simulate UpdatingMCW6 RMCENEUB LIS Setup for Agency DocumentsMCXA RMCQ0200 QMIS: Material Analysis-Lot OvervieMCXB RMCQ2000 QMIS: General Results for MaterialMCXC RMCQ0200 QMIS: Matl Analysis - Qty OverviewMCXD RMCQ2100 QMIS: Quant. Results for MaterialMCXE RMCQ0200 QMIS: Matl Analysis - Quality ScoreMCXG RMCQ0200 QMIS: Matl Analysis - Lot NumbersMCXI RMCQ0200 QMIS: Material Analysis - QuantitieMCXK RMCQ0200 QMIS: Material Analysis - EffortMCXM RMCQ0200 QMIS: Matl Analysis - Level & Disp.MCXP RMCQ0600 QMIS: Matl. Analysis - Q Notif. IteMCXV RMCQ0300 QMIS: mat. analysis overview Q not.MCXX RMCQ0900 QMIS: Material analysis defectsMCX1 SAPMMCS2 QMIS: Create EvaluationMCX2 SAPMMCS2 QMIS: Change EvaluationMCX3 SAPMMCS2 QMIS: Display EvaluationMCX4 SAPMMCS2 QMIS: Execute EvaluationMCX7 SAPMMCS7 QIS: Create Evaluation StructureMCX8 SAPMMCS7 QIS: Change Evaluation StructureMCX9 SAPMMCS7 QIS: display evaluation structureMCYA SAPMMCY1 Delete Jobs: ExceptionsMCYB SAPMMCY1 Plan Jobs: ExceptionsMCYG SAPMMCY1 Exception Analysis INVCOAutor: Iron700 155 13/11/2007
    • MCYH SAPMMCY1 Exception Analysis: PURCHISMCYI SAPMMCY1 Exception Analysis: SISMCYJ SAPMMCY1 Exception Analysis: PP-ISMCYK SAPMMCY1 Exception Analysis: PM-ISMCYL SAPMMCY1 Exception Analysis: QM-ISMCYM SAPMMCY1 Exception Analysis: Retail ISMCYN SAPMMCY1 Exception Analysis: LIS-GeneralMCYO SAPMMCY1 Exception analysis: TISMCYO0 SAPMMCY1 Schedule Jobs: Exceptions: TISMCYO1 SAPMMCY1 Create Exception: EWS/TISMCYO2 SAPMMCY1 Maintain Exception: EWS/TISMCYO3 SAPMMCY1 Display Exception: EWS/TISMCYO4 SAPMMCY1 Create Exception Group: TISMCYO5 SAPMMCY1 Change Exception Group: TISMCYO6 SAPMMCY1 Display Exception: TISMCYO7 SAPMMCY1 Create Job for Exception: TISMCYO8 SAPMMCY1 Change Jobs: Exceptions: TISMCYO9 SAPMMCY1 Display jobs: Exceptions SISMCYY SAPMMCY1 WFIS: Exception AnalysisMCY1 SAPMMCY1 Create Exception EWS/LISMCY2 SAPMMCY1 Maintain Exception EWS/LISMCY3 SAPMMCY1 Display Exception (EWS/LIS)MCY4 SAPMMCY1 Create Group ExceptionMCY5 SAPMMCY1 Change Group ExceptionMCY6 SAPMMCY1 Display ExceptionMCY7 SAPMMCY1 Create Job For ExceptionMCY8 SAPMMCY1 Change Jobs: ExceptionsMCY9 SAPMMCY1 Display Jobs: ExceptionsMCZ1 SAPMMCSE Create LIS Inbound InterfaceMCZ2 SAPMMCSE Change LIS Inbound InterfaceMCZ3 SAPMMCSE Display LIS Inbound InterfaceMC0A SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: Key Figs.MC0C SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: Info SetsMC00 MENUMC00 Logistics Information System (LIS)MC01 SAPMMCL1 Key Figure Retrieval Via Info SetsMC02 SAPMMCL1 Key Fig.Retrieval Using Text StringMC03 SAPMMCL1 Key Fig Retrieval via ClassificatioMC04 SAPMMCL1 Create Info SetMC05 SAPMMCL1 Change Info SetMC06 SAPMMCL1 Display Info SetMC07 SAPMMCL1 Create Key FigureMC08 SAPMMCL1 Change Key FigureMC09 SAPMMCL1 Create Field CatalogMC1/ SAPMMCS1 External Data: Maintain FormulasMC1A SAPMMCS1 Maintain Formulas/RequirementsMC1AT SAPMMCS1 Maintain Formulas/RequirementsMC1B SAPMMCS1 SIS: Maintain RequirementsMC1BT SAPMMCS1 TIS: Maintain requirementsMC1D SAPMMCS1 SIS: Maintain FormulasMC1DT SAPMMCS1 TIS: Maintain formulasMC1F SAPMMCS1 PURCHIS: Maintain RequirementsMC1H SAPMMCS1 PURCHIS: Maintain FormulasMC1J SAPMMCS1 SFIS: Maintain RequirementsMC1L SAPMMCS1 SFIS: Maintain FormulasMC1N SAPMMCS1 INVCO: Maintain RequirementsMC1P SAPMMCS1 INVCO: Maintain FormulasMC1Q SAPMMCS1 INVCO: Display FormulasMC1R SAPMMCS1 Display Formulas/RequirementsAutor: Iron700 156 13/11/2007
    • MC1S SAPMMCS1 QMIS: Maintain RequirementsMC1T SAPMMCS1 QMIS: Display RequirementsMC1U SAPMMCS1 QMIS: Maintain FormulasMC1V SAPMMCS1 QMIS: Display FormulasMC1W SAPMMCS1 PMIS: Maintain RequirementsMC1X SAPMMCS1 PMIS: Display RequirementsMC1Y SAPMMCS1 PMIS: Maintain FormulasMC1Z SAPMMCS1 PMIS: Display FormulasMC10 SAPMMCS2 Perform AnalysisMC11 SAPMMCS2 Create EvaluationMC12 SAPMMCS2 Change EvaluationMC13 SAPMMCS2 Display EvaluationMC14 SAPMMCS1 TIS: Maintain requirementsMC15 SAPMMCS1 TIS: Maintain formulasMC16 RMCSAUSW LIS: Delete Evaluation StructureMC18 SAPMMCS3 Create Field CatalogMC19 SAPMMCS3 Change Field CatalogMC20 SAPMMCS3 Display Field CatalogMC21 SAPMMCS3 Create Info StructureMC22 SAPMMCS3 Change Info StructureMC23 SAPMMCS3 Display Info StructureMC24 SAPMMCS1 Create UpdateMC25 SAPMMCS1 Change UpdateMC26 SAPMMCS1 Display UpdateMC27 SAPMMCS7 Create Evaluation StructureMC28 SAPMMCS7 Change Evaluation StructureMC29 SAPMMCS7 Display Evaluation StructureMC3V RMCSV3VB U3 updateMC30 RMCSSH02 Update LogMC35 SAPMMCP6 Create Rough-Cut Planning ProfileMC36 SAPMMCP6 Change Rough-Cut Planning ProfileMC37 SAPMMCP6 Display Rough-Cut Planning ProfileMC38 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: MC_ERKOMC40 RMCBAB20 INVCO: ABC Analysis of Usage ValuesMC41 RMCBAB25 INVCO: ABC Analysis of Reqmt ValuesMC42 RMCBRW30 INVCO: Range of Coverage by Usg.ValMC43 RMCBRW40 INVCO: Range Of Coverage By ReqmtsMC44 RMCBUH30 INVCO:Analysis of Inventory TurnoveMC45 RMCBVW30 INVCO: Analysis of Usage ValuesMC46 RMCBLH30 INVCO: Analysis of Slow-Moving ItemMC47 RMCBBE30 INVCO: Analysis of Reqmt ValuesMC48 RMCBBW30 INVCO: Anal. of Current Stock ValueMC49 RMCBBW40 INVCO: Mean Stock ValuesMC50 RMCBBS30 INVCO: Analysis of Dead StockMC59 SAPMMCP3 Revise Planning HierarchyMC6A MENUMC6A Sales and Operations PlanningMC6B MENUMC6B Sales and Operations PlanningMC61 SAPMMCP3 Create Planning HierarchyMC62 SAPMMCP3 Change Planning HierarchyMC63 SAPMMCP3 Display Planning HierarchyMC64 SAPMMCP6 Create EventMC65 SAPMMCP6 Change EventMC66 SAPMMCP6 Display EventMC67 SAPMMCP3 Init.graphics screen: genl.plg.hierMC7E SAPLMCP2 ALE Configuration for Info StructurMC71 RMCP2L01 Evaluation: Product Group HierarchyMC72 RMCP2L04 Evaluation: Product Group UsageMC73 RMCP2L05 Evaluation: Material Usage; Prod.GrAutor: Iron700 157 13/11/2007
    • MC74 SAPMMCP6 Transfer Mat. to Demand ManagementMC75 SAPMMCP6 Transfer PG to Demand ManagementMC78 SAPMMCP6 Copy SOP VersionMC79 SAPL0MP0 User Settings for SOPMC8A SAPMMCP6 Create Planning TypeMC8B SAPMMCP6 Change Planning TypeMC8C SAPMMCP6 Display Planning TypeMC8D RMCP6BCH Mass Processing: Create PlanningMC8E RMCP6BCH Mass Processing: Change PlanningMC8F RMCP6BCH Delete Entry in Planning FileMC8G RMCP6BRU Schedule Mass ProcessingMC8H SAPMMCP6 Maintain User MethodsMC8I RMCP6TST Mass Processing: Check PlanningMC8J RMCP6JOB Reprocess Mass ProcessingMC8K RMCP6BRV Copy/Delete Planning VersionsMC8M RMCP6BAB Read Opening StocksMC8N RMCP6PRL Delete forecast versionsMC8O RMCSCORS Reset Generation Time StampMC8P RMCPSOPP Standard SOP: Generate Master DataMC8Q RMCP6ACO Aggregate CopyMC8R RMCP6RES RESET: Status for Planning ObjectsMC8U SAPMMCP6 Calculate Proportional FactorsMC8V SAPMMCP6 LIS Planning: Copy VersionsMC8W SAPMMCP6 LIS Planning: Delete VersionsMC8X RMCP0100 SOP: Distribution Scenario - SelectMC8Y RMCP0105 SOP: Distribution Scenario - DisplaMC8Z SAPLMCP2 SOP => Key Figure AssignmentsMC80 SAPMMCP6 Delete and activate versionsMC84 SAPMMCP3 Create Product GroupMC85 SAPMMCP3 Display Product GroupMC86 SAPMMCP3 Change Product GroupsMC9A RMCP6FLS Flexible Planning: Gen. Master DataMC9B RMCP6PAP Calc. Proportions as in Pl.HierarchMC9C SAPMMCP6 Reports for Flexible PlanningMC9E RMCP3INS Info Structure: Add to General CharMC9F RMCP3DEL Info Structure: Delete All Charact.MC9K SAPMMCP6 Maintain Available CapacityMC90 SAPMMCP6 Tsfr.to Dm.Mgmt.: Mat.from any ISMC91 SAPMMCP3 Initial Graphic: Product GroupsMC92 SAPMMCP3 Initial: Product Groups; HierarchieMC93 SAPMMCP6 Create Flexible LIS PlanningMC94 SAPMMCP6 Change Flexible LIS PlanningMC95 SAPMMCP6 Display Flexible LIS PlanningMC97 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: MC_SAUFMC98 SAPMMCP3 Maintain Planning ObjectsMC99 SAPMMCP3 Display Planning ObjectsMDAB RMMDBTCH Planning File - Set Up BATCHMDAC SAPMM61P Execute Action for Planned OrderMDBA MDBAPI01 BAPI planned order processingMDBS RMMDBTCH MPS - total planning runMDBT RMMDBTCH MRP Run In BatchMDC7 SAPMM61R Start MD07 by using reportMDLD RMDLDR00 Print MRP ListMDLP MENUMDLP MPSMDL1 SAPLMD07 Create Production LotMDL2 SAPLMD07 Change Production LotMDL3 SAPLMD07 Display Production LotMDM1 RMDMAIL1 Mail To VendorAutor: Iron700 158 13/11/2007
    • MDM2 RMDMAIL2 Mail to VendorMDM3 RMDMAIL3 Mail to CustomerMDM4 RMDMAIL4 Mail to MRP ControllerMDM5 RMDMAIL5 Workflow: Mail to MRP ControllerMDPH SAPMM60X Planning ProfileMDPP MENUMDPP Demand ManagementMDPV SAPLM60K Planning variant: Initial screenMDP0 MENUMDP0 Independent RequirementsMDP1 SAPLCUTU Create combination structureMDP2 SAPLCUTU Change combination structureMDP3 SAPLCUTU Display combination structureMDP4 SAPLCUD2 Maintain combinationsMDP6 SAPLM60K ModelingMDRE RMMDBTCH Checking Plnng File In BCKGRND ModeMDRP MENUMDRP Distribution Resource PlanningMDSA SAPMM61S Display Serial NumbersMDSP SAPMM61S Change BOM Explosion NumbersMDUM RMMDBTCH Convert Planned Orders into PReqsMDUP SAPMM61U Maintain Project New Key AssignmentMDUS SAPMM61U Assign New Key to WBS ElementsMDVP RLD05000 Collective Availability Check PAUFMDW1 SAPMM61K Access MRP control programMD00 MENUMD00 MRP : external procurementMD01 SAPMM61X MRP RunMD02 SAPMM61X MRP - Single-item; Multi-level -MD03 SAPMM61X MRP-Individual Planning-Single LeveMD04 SAPMM61R Display Stock/Requirements SituatioMD05 SAPMM61R Individual Display Of MRP ListMD06 SAPMM61R Collective Display Of MRP ListMD07 SAPMM61R Current Material OverviewMD08 RMMDKP01 Reorg. MRP ListsMD09 SAPMM61O PeggingMD11 SAPMM61P Create Planned OrderMD12 SAPMM61P Change Planned OrderMD13 SAPMM61P Display Planned OrderMD14 SAPMM61P Individual Conversion of Plnned OrdMD15 SAPMM61P Collective Conversion Of Plnd OrdrsMD16 SAPMM61P Collective Display of Planned OrderMD17 SAPLM61Q Collective Requirements DisplayMD19 SAPMM61P Firm Planned OrdersMD20 SAPMM61R Create Planning File EntryMD21 RMDPFE00 Display Planning File EntryMD25 SAPMM61I Create Planning CalendarMD26 SAPMM61I Change Planning CalendarMD27 SAPMM61I Display Planning CalendarMD4C SAPMM61O Multilevel Order ReportMD40 SAPMM61X MPSMD41 SAPMM61X MPS - Single-item; Multi-level -MD42 SAPMM61X MPS - Single-item; Single-level -MD43 SAPMM61X MPS - Single-item; Interactive -MD44 SAPMM61M MPS EvaluationMD45 SAPMM61M MRP List EvaluationMD46 SAPMM61M Eval. MRP lists of MRP controllerMD47 SAPMM61M Product Group Planning EvaluationMD48 SAPMM61M Cross-Plant EvaluationMD50 SAPMM61X Sales order planningMD51 SAPMM61X Individual project planningMD61 SAPMM60X Create Planned Indep. RequirementsAutor: Iron700 159 13/11/2007
    • MD62 SAPMM60X Change Planned Indep. RequirementsMD63 SAPMM60X Display Planned Indep. RequirementsMD64 SAPMM60X Create Planned Indep.RequirementsMD65 SAPMM60X Change Standard Indep.RequirementsMD66 SAPMM60X Display Standard Indep.RequirementsMD67 RM60ROLL Staggered SplitMD70 RM60FORC Copy Total ForecastMD71 RM60COPY "Copy Reference Changes"MD72 RM60COMB Evaluation; Charac.Plnng TechniquesMD73 SAPMM60X Display Total Indep. RequirementsMD74 RM60RR20 Reorganization: Adapt Indep.ReqmtsMD75 RM60RR30 Reorganization: Delete Indep.ReqmtsMD76 RM60RR40 Reorg: Delete Indep.Reqmts HistoryMD79 SAPMM60M "PP Demand Mngmt - XXL List Viewer"MD81 SAPMV45A Create Customer Indep. RequirementsMD82 SAPMV45A Change customer indep. requirementMD83 SAPMV45A Display Customer Indep. RequirementMD85 SAPMV75A List Customer Indep. RequirementsMD90 SAPMSNUM Maintain Number Range for MRPMD91 SAPMSNUM Maintain No. Range for Planned OrdeMD92 SAPMSNUM Maint.No.Range for Reserv/Dep.ReqmtMD93 SAPMSNUM Maintain Number Range: MDSMMD94 SAPMSNUM Number range maint.: Total reqsMEBA RWMBON08 Comp. Suppl. BV; Vendor Rebate Arr.MEBB RWMBON10 Check Open Docs.; Vendor Reb. Arrs.MEBC RWMBON20 Check Customizing: Subsequent Sett.MEBE RWMBON11 Workflow Sett. re Vendor Reb. Arrs.MEBF RWMBONF0 Updating of External Busn. VolumesMEBG RWMBONE1 Chg. Curr. (Euro); Vend. Reb. Arrs.MEBH RWMBONE2 Generate Work Items (Man. ExtensionMEBI RWBNAAWN Message; Subs.Settlem. - Settlem.RuMEBJ RWMBON07 Recompile Income; Vendor Reb. Arrs.MEBK RWBNAAWS Message.; Subs. Settlem.- ArrangmenMEBM RWMBON14 List of settlement runs for arrngmtMEBR RV130007 Archive Rebate ArrangementsMEBS RWMBON13 Stmnt. Sett. Docs.; Vend. Reb. ArrsMEBT RWMBONF1 Test Data: External Business VolumeMEBV SAPMV13A Extend Rebate Arrangements (Dialog)MEB0 RWMBON15 Reversal of Settlement RunsMEB1 SAPMV13A Create Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.MEB2 SAPMV13A Change Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.MEB3 SAPMV13A Displ. Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.MEB4 RWMBON01 Settlement re Vendor Rebate Arrs.MEB5 RWMBON02 List of Vendor Rebate ArrangementsMEB6 RWMBON03 Busn. Vol. Data; Vendor Rebate ArrsMEB7 RWMBON05 Extend Vendor Rebate ArrangementsMEB8 RWMBON04 Det. Statement; Vendor Rebate Arrs.MEB9 RWMBON06 Stat. Statement; Vendor Rebate ArrsMEDL RM11KS00 Price Change: ContractMEIA RMEBEIK3 New Structure Doc.Ind. Cust. Sett.MEIS RMIMST00 Data Selection: ArrivalsMEI1 RMEBEIN1 Automatic Purchasing Document ChangMEI2 RMEBEIN2 Automatic Document ChangeMEI3 RMEBEIN3 Recompilation of Document IndexMEI4 RMEBEIN4 Compile Worklist for Document IndexMEI5 RMEBEIN5 Delete Worklist for Document IndexMEI6 RMEBEIN6 Delete purchasing document indexMEI7 RMEBEIN7 Change sales prices in purch. orderAutor: Iron700 160 13/11/2007
    • MEI8 RMEBEIZ3 Recomp. doc. index settlement req.MEI9 RMEBEIL3 Recomp. doc. index vendor bill. docMEKA RM06K000 Conditions: General OverviewMEKB RM06K020 Conditions by ContractMEKC RM06K021 Conditions by Info RecordMEKD RM06K022 Conditions for Material GroupMEKE RM06K023 Conditions for VendorMEKF RM06K024 Conditions for Material TypeMEKG RM06K025 Conditions for Condition GroupMEKH RM06K026 Market PriceMEKI RM06K027 Conditions for IncotermsMEKJ RM06K028 Conditions for Invoicing PartyMEKK RM06K029 Conditions for Vendor Sub-RangeMEKL RM06K052 Price Change: Scheduling AgreementsMEKLE RM06K082 Currency Change: Sched. AgreementsMEKP RM06K050 Price Change: Info RecordsMEKPE RM06K080 Currency Change: Info RecordsMEKR RM06K051 Price Change: ContractsMEKRE RM06K081 Currency Change: ContractsMEKX SAPMSM29 Transport Condition Types PurchasinMEKY SAPMSM29 Trnsp. Calc. Schema: Mkt. Pr. (Pur.MEKZ SAPMSM29 Trnsp. Calculation Schemas (Purch.)MEK1 SAPMV13A Create Conditions (Purchasing)MEK2 SAPMV13A Change Conditions (Purchasing)MEK3 SAPMV13A Display Conditions (Purchasing)MEK31 SAPMV13A Condition Maintenance: ChangeMEK32 SAPMV13A Condition Maintenance: ChangeMEK33 SAPMV13A Condition Maintenance: ChangeMEK4 SAPMV13A Create Conditions (Purchasing)MELB RM06XB00 Purch. Transactions by Tracking No.MEL0 MENUMEL0 Service Entry SheetMEPA RMEEINJ1 Order Price Simulation/Price InfoMEPB RMEEINJ2 Price Info/Vendor NegotiationsMEPO RM_MEPO_GUI Purchase OrderMEQB RMMEBTCH Revise Quota ArrangementMEQM RM06Q001 Quota Arrangement for MaterialMEQ1 SAPDM06Q Maintain Quota ArrangementMEQ3 SAPDM06Q Display Quota ArrangementMEQ4 RM06QCD1 Changes to Quota ArrangementMEQ6 RM06Q004 Analyze Quota ArrangementMEQ7 RM06QRE0 Reorganize Quota ArrangementMEQ8 RM06Q006 Monitor Quota ArrangementsMERA RWMBON38 Comp. Suppl. BV; Cust. Rebate Arrs.MERB RWMBON40 Check re Open Docs. Cust. Reb. Arr.MERE RWMBON41 Workflow: Sett. Cust. Rebate Arrs.MERF RWMBONF2 Updating of External Busn. VolumesMERG RWMBONE3 Change Curr. (Euro) Cust. Reb. ArrsMERH RWMBONE4 Generate Work Items (Man. ExtensionMERJ RWMBON37 Recomp. of Income; Cust. Reb. Arrs.MERS RWMBON43 Stmnt. Sett. Docs. Cust. Reb. Arrs.MER4 RWMBON31 Settlement re Customer Rebate Arrs.MER5 RWMBON32 List of Customer Rebate ArrangementMER6 RWMBON33 Busn. Vols.; Cust. Reb. ArrangementMER7 RWMBON35 Extension of Cust. Reb. ArrangementMER8 RWMBON34 Det. Statement: Cust. Rebate Arrs.MER9 RWMBON36 Statement: Customer Reb. Arr. StatsMEU2 SAPLWN50 Perform Busn. Volume Comp.: RebateMEU3 SAPLWN50 Display Busn. Volume Comp.: RebateAutor: Iron700 161 13/11/2007
    • MEU4 SAPMNB01 Display Busn. Volume Comp.: RebateMEU5 SAPMNB01 Display Busn. Volume Comp.: RebateMEWP SAPMMEWP Web based POMEWS SAPLMEW5 Service Entry (Component)MEW0 SAPMMWE0 Procurement TransactionMEW1 SAPMMWE1 Create Requirement RequestMEW10 SAPLMEW5 Service Entry in WebMEW2 SAPMMWE1 Status Display: Requirement RequestMEW3 SAPMMWE2 Collective Release of Purchase ReqsMEW5 SAPMMWE3 Collective Release of Purchase OrdeMEW6 SAPMMWE6 Assign Purchase Orders WEBMEW7 SAPLMEW4 Release of Service Entry SheetsMEW8 SAPLMEW4 Release of Service Entry SheetMEW9 SAPMMEW9 mew9ME0M RM06W001 Source List for MaterialME00 MENUME00ME01 SAPLMEOR Maintain Source ListME03 SAPLMEOR Display Source ListME04 RM06WCD1 Changes to Source ListME05 RM06W003 Generate Source ListME06 RM06W004 Analyze Source ListME07 RM06WRE0 Reorganize Source ListME08 RBDSESRC Send Source ListME1A RM06IR30 Archived Purchasing Info RecordsME1B RMMEBTCH Redetermine Info Record PriceME1E RM06IAP0 Quotation Price HistoryME1L RM06IL00 Info Records Per VendorME1M RM06IM00 Info Records per MaterialME1P RM06IBP0 Purchase Order Price HistoryME1W RM06IW00 Info Records Per Material GroupME1X RM06EVBL Buyers Negotiation Sheet for VendoME1Y RM06EVBM Buyers Negotiat. Sheet for MateriaME11 SAPMM06I Create Purchasing Info RecordME12 SAPMM06I Change Purchasing Info RecordME13 SAPMM06I Display Purchasing Info RecordME14 RM06ICD1 Changes to Purchasing Info RecordME15 SAPMM06I Flag Purch. Info Rec. for DeletionME16 RM06ILV0 Purchasing Info Recs. for DeletionME18 RBDSEINF Send Purchasing Info RecordME2A RM06ENBE Monitor ConfirmationsME2B RM06EB00 POs by Requirement Tracking NumberME2C RM06EC00 Purchase Orders by Material GroupME2J RM06EKPS Purchase Orders for ProjectME2K RM06EK00 Purch. Orders by Account AssignmentME2L RM06EL00 Purchase Orders by VendorME2M RM06EM00 Purchase Orders by MaterialME2N RM06EN00 Purchase Orders by PO NumberME2O RM06ELLB SC Stock Monitoring (Vendor)ME2S RMSRVPO1 Services per Purchase OrderME2V RM06EWE0 Goods Receipt ForecastME2W RM06EW00 Purchase Orders for Supplying PlantME21 SAPMM06E Create Purchase OrderME21N RM_MEPO_GUI Create Purchase OrderME22 SAPMM06E Change Purchase OrderME22N RM_MEPO_GUI Change Purchase OrderME23 SAPMM06E Display Purchase OrderME23N RM_MEPO_GUI Display Purchase OrderME24 SAPMM06E Maintain Purchase Order SupplementAutor: Iron700 162 13/11/2007
    • ME25 SAPMM06B Create PO with Source DeterminationME26 SAPMM06E Display PO Supplement (IR)ME27 SAPMM06E Create Stock Transport OrderME28 RM06EF00 Release Purchase OrderME29N RM_MEPO_GUI Release purchase orderME3A RBDSERED Transm. Release Documentation RecorME3B RM06EB00 Outl. Agreements per Requirement NoME3C RM06EC00 Outline Agreements by Material GrouME3J RM06EKPS Outline Agreements per ProjectME3K RM06EK00 Outl. Agreements by Acct. AssignmenME3L RM06EL00 Outline Agreements per VendorME3M RM06EM00 Outline Agreements by MaterialME3N RM06EN00 Outline Agreements by Agreement No.ME3P RMMEBTCH Recalculate Contract PriceME3R RMMEBTCH Recalculate Sched. Agreement PriceME3S RMSRVR20 Service List for ContractME308 RBDSECON Send Contracts with ConditionsME31 SAPMM06E Create Outline AgreementME31K SAPMM06E Create ContractME31L SAPMM06E Create Scheduling AgreementME32 SAPMM06E Change Outline AgreementME32K SAPMM06E Change ContractME32L SAPMM06E Change Scheduling AgreementME33 SAPMM06E Display Outline AgreementME33K SAPMM06E Display ContractME33L SAPMM06E Display Scheduling AgreementME34 SAPMM06E Maintain Outl. Agreement SupplementME34K SAPMM06E Maintain Contract SupplementME34L SAPMM06E Maintain Sched. Agreement SupplemenME35 RM06EF00 Release Outline AgreementME35K RM06EF00 Release ContractME35L RM06EF00 Release Scheduling AgreementME36 SAPMM06E Display Agreement Supplement (IR)ME37 SAPMM06E Create Transport Scheduling Agmt.ME38 SAPMM06E Maintain Sched. Agreement ScheduleME39 SAPMM06E Display Sched. Agmt. Schedule (TESTME4B RM06EB00 RFQs by Requirement Tracking NumberME4C RM06EC00 RFQs by Material GroupME4L RM06EL00 RFQs by VendorME4M RM06EM00 RFQs by MaterialME4N RM06EN00 RFQs by RFQ NumberME4S RM06ES00 RFQs by Collective NumberME41 SAPMM06E Create Request For QuotationME42 SAPMM06E Change Request For QuotationME43 SAPMM06E Display Request For QuotationME44 SAPMM06E Maintain RFQ SupplementME45 RM06EF00 Release RFQME47 SAPMM06E Create QuotationME48 SAPMM06E Display QuotationME49 RM06EPS0 Price Comparison ListME5A RM06BA00 Purchase Requisitions: List DisplayME5F RM06BF00 Release Reminder: Purch. RequisitioME5J RM06BKPS Purchase Requisitions for ProjectME5K RM06BK00 Requisitions by Account AssignmentME5R RM06BR30 Archived Purchase RequisitionsME5W RM06BW00 Resubmission of Purch. RequisitionsME51 SAPMM06B Create Purchase RequisitionME51N RM_MEREQ_GUI Create Purchase RequisitionAutor: Iron700 163 13/11/2007
    • ME52 SAPMM06B Change Purchase RequisitionME52N RM_MEREQ_GUI Change Purchase RequisitionME52NB RM_MEREQ_GUI Buyer Approval: Purchase RequisitioME53 SAPMM06B Display Purchase RequisitionME53N RM_MEREQ_GUI Display Purchase RequisitionME54 SAPMM06B Release Purchase RequisitionME54N RM_MEREQ_GUI Release Purchase RequisitionME55 RM06BF00 Collective Release of Purchase ReqsME56 RM06BZ00 Assign Source to Purch. RequisitionME57 RM06BZ00 Assign and Process RequisitionsME58 RM06BB00 Ordering: Assigned RequisitionsME59 RM06BB10 Automatic Generation of POsME59N RM06BB30 Automatic generation of POsME6A RM06LA00 Changes to Vendor EvaluationME6B RM06LB00 Display Vendor Evaln. for MaterialME6C RM06LC00 Vendors Without EvaluationME6D RM06LD00 Vendors Not Evaluated Since...ME6E RM06LE00 Evaluation Records Without WeightinME6F RM06LF00 PrintME6G RMMEBTCH Vendor Evaluation in the BackgroundME6H RMCE0130 Standard Analysis: Vendor EvaluatioME6Z SAPMSM29 Transport Vendor Evaluation TablesME60 MMTEST Screenpainter TestME61 SAPMM06L Maintain Vendor EvaluationME62 SAPMM06L Display Vendor EvaluationME63 RM06LAUB Evaluation of Automatic SubcriteriaME64 RM06LSIM Evaluation ComparisonME65 RM06LBEU Evaluation ListsME80 SAPMM06R Purchasing ReportingME80A SAPMM06R Purchasing Reporting: RFQsME80AN RM06EAAW General Analyses (A)ME80F SAPMM06R Purchasing Reporting: POsME80FN RM06EAAW General Analyses (F)ME80R SAPMM06R Purchasing Reporting: Outline AgmtsME80RN RM06EAAW General Analyses (L;K)ME81 RM06ENHI Analysis of Order ValuesME81N RM06EBWA Analysis of Order ValuesME82 RM06ER30 Archived Purchasing DocumentsME84 RM06EFLB Generation of Sched. Agmt. ReleasesME84A SAPLEINL Individual Display of SA ReleaseME85 RM06NEUN Renumber Schedule LinesME86 RM06REOR Aggregate Schedule LinesME87 RM06EKBE Aggregate PO HistoryME88 RM06CUMF Set Agr. Cum. Qty./Reconcil. DateME9A RM06ENDR_ALV Message Output: RFQsME9E RM06ENDR_ALV Message Output: Sch. Agmt. ScheduleME9F RM06ENDR_ALV Message Output: Purchase OrdersME9K RM06ENDR_ALV Message Output: ContractsME9L RM06ENDR_ALV Message Output: Sched. AgreementsME91 RM06ENMA Purchasing Docs.: Urging/RemindingME91A RM06ENMA Urge Submission of QuotationsME91E RM06ENMA Sch. Agmt. Schedules: Urging/RemindME91F RM06ENMA Purchase Orders: Urging/RemindersME92 RM06ENAB Monitor Order AcknowledgmentME92F RM06ENAB Monitor Order AcknowledgmentME92K RM06ENAB Monitor Order AcknowledgmentME92L RM06ENAB Monitor Order AcknowledgmentME99 MM70AEFA Messages from Purchase OrdersAutor: Iron700 164 13/11/2007
    • MFBF SAPLBARM Backflushing In Repetitive MfgMFHU SAPLVHURM Backflushing In Repetitive MfgMFI2 SAPLKAZB Actual Overhead: Run Schedule HeadeMFN1 SAPLKAZB Actual Reval.: PrCstCol. Ind.ProMFN2 SAPLKAZB Actual Reval.: PrCstCol. Col.ProMFPR RMSERIPR Process Inspection Lot for VersionsMFS0 SAPMM61R LFP: Change Master PlanMF00 MENUMF00 Run SchedulesMF02 SAPMM61G Change Run Schedule HeaderMF03 SAPMM61G Display Run Schedule HeaderMF12 RMSERI12_ALV Display Document Log (With ALV)MF20 SAPLBARM REM Cost ControllingMF22 RMSERI01 Versions: OverviewMF23 RMSERI05 Linking Versions GraphicallyMF26 RMSERI15_ALV Display Reporting Point QuantityMF27 RMSERI20 Update Stats for Planned QuantitiesMF30 RMSERI40 Create PrelimCostEst - ProdCostCollMF4R SAPLBARM Resetting Reporting PointsMF41 SAPLBARM Reverse Backflush (With ALV)MF42 SAPLBARM Collective BackflushMF42N SAPLBARM New Collective EntryMF45 SAPLBARM Reprocessing Components: Rep.Manuf.MF46 SAPLBARM Collective Reprocessing; BackflushMF47 RMSERI11 Open Reprocessing Records / Pr.LineMF50 SAPMM61R Planning Table - ChangeMF51 RMSERIDR Print Production QuantitiesMF52 SAPMM61R Planning Table - DisplayMF53 RMSERIMA Maintaining Variants-Production LisMF57 SAPMM61R Planning Table - By MRP ListsMF60 RMPU_SEL_SCREENPull ListMF63 RMPU_SEL_SCREENStaging SituationMF65 RMPU_PICK_LIST_Stock Transfer for ReservationMF68 RMPU_DISPLAY_LOLog for Pull ListMF70 RMSERI70 Aggregate Collective BackflushMGWA SAPLMGW3 Change Components for PrepackMGWB SAPLMGW3 Change Components for Full ProductMGW0 SAPLMGW3 Create Components for Set MaterialMGW1 SAPLMGW3 Display Components for Set MaterialMGW2 SAPLMGW3 Create Components for Display MatlMGW3 SAPLMGW3 Display Components for Display MatlMGW4 SAPLMGW3 Create Components for Prepack MatlMGW5 SAPLMGW3 Display Components for Prepack MatlMGW6 SAPLMGW3 Create Components for Full ProductMGW7 SAPLMGW3 Display Components for Full ProductMGW8 SAPLMGW3 Change Components for Set MaterialMGW9 SAPLMGW3 Change Components for Display MatlMIBC RMCBIN00 ABC Analysis for Cycle CountingMICN RM07ICN1 Btch Inpt:Ph.Inv.Docs.for Cycle CtnMIDO RM07IDOC Physical Inventory OverviewMIE1 RM07IE31 Batch Input: Phys.Inv.Doc. Sales OrMIGO SAPLMIGO Goods movementMIGR1 RSIWB090 KW: Conversion of enh./rel. (globalMIGR2 RSIWB096 KW: Conver. of Enh/Rel/Origin (sel.MIK1 RM07IK31 Batch Input: Ph.Inv.Doc.Vendor ConsMILES RSAL_MONITOR_FRInfrastructure NavigatorMIMD RM07IMDE Tansfer PDC Physical Inventory DataMIM1 RM07IM31 Batch Input: Create Ph.Inv.Docs RTPMIO1 RM07IO31 Batch Input: Ph.Inv.Doc.:Stck w.SubAutor: Iron700 165 13/11/2007
    • MIQ1 RM07IQ31 Batch Input: PhInvDoc. Project StocMIRA SAPLMR1M Fast Invoice EntryMIRCMR VHUMI_RECONCILIMaterial ReconciliationMIRO SAPLMR1M Enter InvoiceMIR4 SAPLMR1M Call MIRO - Change StatusMIR6 SAPMM08N Invoice OverviewMIR7 SAPLMR1M Park InvoiceMIS1 SAPMM07S Create Inventory Sampling - R/3MIS2 SAPMM07S Change Inventory SamplingMIS3 SAPMM07S Display Inventory SamplingMIS4 SAPMM07S Create Inventory Sampling - R/2MIS5 SAPMM07S Create Inventory Sampling - OtherMITT SAPMMITT Test Tool AdministrationMIV1 RM07IV31 Batch I.:PhInDoc f.Ret.Pack.at CustMIW1 RM07IW31 Batch I.;PhInDoc f. Consigt at CustMI00 MENUMI00 Physical InventoryMI01 SAPMM07I Create Physical Inventory DocumentMI02 SAPMM07I Change Physical Inventory DocumentMI03 SAPMM07I Display Physical Inventory DocumentMI04 SAPMM07I Enter Inventory Count with DocumentMI05 SAPMM07I Change Inventory CountMI06 SAPMM07I Display Inventory CountMI07 SAPMM07I Process List of DifferencesMI08 SAPMM07I Create List of Differences with DocMI09 SAPMM07I Enter Inventory Count w/o DocumentMI10 SAPMM07I Create List of Differences w/o Doc.MI11 SAPMM07I Recount Physical Inventory DocumentMI12 RM07ICDD Display changesMI20 RM07IDIF Print List of DifferencesMI21 RM07IDRU Print physical inventory documentMI22 RM07IMAT Display Phys. Inv. Docs. f. MateriaMI23 RM07IINV Disp. Phys. Inv. Data for MaterialMI24 RM07IDIF Physical Inventory ListMI31 RM07II31 Batch Input: Create Phys. Inv. Doc.MI32 RM07II32 Batch Input: Block MaterialMI33 RM07II33 Batch Input: Freeze Book Inv.BalancMI34 RM07II34 Batch Input: Enter CountMI35 RM07II35 Batch Input: Post Zero Stock BalancMI37 RM07II37 Batch Input: Post DifferencesMI38 RM07II38 Batch Input: Count and DifferencesMI39 RM07II39 Batch Input: Document and CountMI40 RM07II40 Batch Input: Doc.; Count and Diff.MI9A RM07IAAU Analyze archived phy. inv. docsMKH1 RMLFMH00 Maintain vendor hierarchyMKH2 RMLFMH00 Display vendor hierarchyMKH3 RMCHACTK Activate vendor master (online)MKH4 RMCHACTB Activate vendors (batch input)MKVG RM06IA00 Settlement and Condition GroupsMKVZ RMKKVZ00 List of Vendors: PurchasingMKVZE RM06KLFM Currency Change: Vendor Master Rec.MK01 SAPMF02K Create vendor (Purchasing)MK02 SAPMF02K Change vendor (Purchasing)MK03 SAPMF02K Display vendor (Purchasing)MK04 SAPMF01A Change Vendor (Purchasing)MK05 SAPMF02K Block vendor (Purchasing)MK06 SAPMF02K Mark vendor for deletion (purch.)MK12 SAPMF02K Change vendor (Purchasing); plannedMK14 SAPMF01A Planned vendor change (Purchasing)Autor: Iron700 166 13/11/2007
    • MK18 SAPMF02K Activate planned vendor changes (PuMK19 SAPMF02K Display vendor (purchasing); futureMLRP RMFPLA01 Periodic Invoicing PlansMLS5 RMSTLV01 Import Standard Service TypeMLS6 RM11STLV Report for Standard Service CatalogMLV1 SAPMV13A Conditions: ServicesMLV2 SAPMV13A Create Total Price (PRS)MLV5 RM06KSRV Change Currency (Contracts)MLV6 SAPMV13A Create OtherML01 SAPLMLST Create Standard Service CatalogML02 SAPLMLST Maintain Standard Service CatalogML03 SAPLMLST Display Standard Service CatalogML05 RM11MS00 Purchasing Object for ServiceML10 SAPLMLSM Create Model Service SpecificationsML11 SAPLMLSM Change Model Service SpecificationsML12 SAPLMLSM Display Model Service SpecificationML15 RMSRVR01 List of Model Service SpecificationML20 SAPMV13A Create ConditionsML30 SAPMV13A Create Vendor ConditionsML31 SAPMV13A Change Vendor ConditionsML32 SAPMV13A Display Vendor ConditionsML36 SAPMV13A Create Vendor ConditionsML37 SAPMV13A Change Vendor ConditionsML38 SAPMV13A Display Vendor ConditionsML42 SAPMV13A Create Service ConditionsML43 SAPMV13A Change Vendor ConditionsML44 SAPMV13A Display Vendor ConditionsML48 SAPMV13A Create ConditionsML49 SAPMV13A Change ConditionsML50 SAPMV13A Display ConditionsML60CK RM06BCUS Release Procedure ChecksML81 RM11RL00 Maintain Service Entry SheetML81N SAPLMLSR Service Entry SheetML82 RM11RL00 Display Service Entry SheetML83 RM11RNDR Message Processing: Service EntryML84 RMSRVF11 List of Service Entry SheetsML85 RMSRVF00 Collective Release of Entry SheetsML86 RM11RL01 Import Service DataML87 RM11RL02 Export Service DataML92 RM11MS00 Entry Sheets for ServiceML93 RM11MS00 Purchasing Object for ServiceML95 RM11MS00 List Display: Contracts for ServiceML96 RM11MS00 Purchase Requisitions for ServiceMMAM SAPMM03Z Change Material TypeMMBE RMMMBEST Stock OverviewMMB1 SAPMMG01 Create Semifinished Product &MMDE RMMMDE00 Delete All MaterialsMMD1 SAPMM03D Create MRP ProfileMMD2 SAPMM03D Change MRP ProfileMMD3 SAPMM03D Display MRP ProfileMMD6 SAPMM03D Delete MRP ProfileMMD7 RMMMDP01 Display MRP Profile UsageMMF1 SAPMMG01 Create Finished Product &MMG1 SAPMMG01 Create Returnable Packaging &MMH1 SAPMMG01 Create Trading Goods &MMI1 SAPMMG01 Create Operating Supplies &MMK1 SAPMMG01 Create Configurable Material &MML1 SAPMMG01 Create Empties &Autor: Iron700 167 13/11/2007
    • MMM1 SAPMV13B Create Message: Material MasterMMNR SAPMSNUM Define Material Master Number RangeMMN1 SAPMMG01 Create Non-Stock Material &MMPI RMMMINIT Initialize PeriodMMPV RMMMPERI Close PeriodsMMP1 SAPMMG01 Create Maintenance Assembly &MMRV SAPMM03Y Allow Posting to Previous PeriodMMR1 SAPMMG01 Create Raw Material &MMSC SAPMM03M Enter Storage Locations CollectivelMMS1 SAPMMG01 Create Service &MMU1 SAPMMG01 Create Non-Valuated Material &MMVD SAPMM03M Change Decentr. for Decentr.ShippinMMVH SAPMM03M Create Centrally: Decentral.ShippinMMVV SAPMM03M Change Centr. for Decentr. ShippingMMV1 SAPMMG01 Create Packaging &MMW1 SAPMMG01 Create Competitor Product &MMZ1 SAPMM03M Create Material; General (Old MM01)MMZ2 SAPMM03M Change Material (Old MM02)MMZ3 SAPMM03M Display Material (Old MM03)MM00 MENUMM00MM01 SAPMMG01 Create Material &MM02 SAPMMG01 Change Material &MM03 SAPMMG01 Display Material &MM04 SAPMM03A Display Material Change DocumentsMM06 SAPMM03G Flag Material for DeletionMM11 SAPMMG01 Schedule Creation of Material &MM12 SAPMMG01 Schedule Changing of Material &MM13 MMCHACTV Activate Planned ChangesMM14 SAPMM03A Display Planned ChangesMM15 SAPMM03A Display Changes (Migration)MM16 SAPMM03G Schedule Material for DeletionMM18 SAPMM03M Activate Planned ChangesMM19 SAPMMG01 Display Material & at Key DateMM41 SAPMMG02 Create Material &MM42 SAPMMG02 Change Material &MM43 SAPMMG02 Display Material &MM44 RMMMCDOC Display Change DocumentsMM50 SAPMMGMP List Extendable MaterialsMM60 RMMVRZ00 Materials ListMM72 MMREO111 Display Archive of MaterialsMM75 MMREO211 Display Archive of Special StocksMM90 RMVAPLSH Analyze ALE Appl. Log for MatMasterMM91 RMVAPLDE Delete ALE Appl. Log for Matl MasteMNKR SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: W_EREIGNIMN01 SAPMV13B Create Message: RFQMN02 SAPMV13B Change Message: RFQMN03 SAPMV13B Display Message: RFQMN04 SAPMV13B Create Message: POMN05 SAPMV13B Change Message: POMN06 SAPMV13B Display Message: POMN07 SAPMV13B Create Message: Outline AgreementMN08 SAPMV13B Change Message: Outline AgreementMN09 SAPMV13B Display Message: Outline AgreementMN10 SAPMV13B Create Message: Schd. Agmt. SchedulMN11 SAPMV13B Change Message: Schd. Agmt. SchedulMN12 SAPMV13B Displ. Message: Schd. Agmt. SchedulMN13 SAPMV13B Create Message: Service Entry SheetMN14 SAPMV13B Change Message: Service Entry SheetAutor: Iron700 168 13/11/2007
    • MN15 SAPMV13B Display Message: Service Entry SheeMN21 SAPMV13B Create Condition: Inventory MgmtMN22 SAPMV13B Change Condition: Inventory MgmtMN23 SAPMV13B Display Condition: Inventory MgmtMN24 SAPMV13B Create Message: Shipping Notif.MN25 SAPMV13B Change Message: Shipping Notif.MN26 SAPMV13B Display Message: Shipping Notif.MN27 SAPMV13B Create message: rough goods receiptMN28 SAPMV13B Change message: rough goods receiptMN29 SAPMV13B Display message: rough goods receipMOKA RVEXMOKA CAP: Calculation RestitutionMOKS RVEXRCRS CAP: Calculation SimulationMPBT RMMDBTCH Total Forecast In BATCH ModeMPDR RMMDBTCH Print in BATCH ModeMPE1 MMPERS01 Create buyerMPE2 MMPERS01 Change buyerMPE3 MMPERS01 Display buyerMPLT SAPLMPL05 Test Appl. for Interface to iPPE WBMPR1 RMPR1001 Forecast Adopted from External DataMPR2 RMPR2001 Deletion of Forecast DataMP00 MENULPRO Material Forecast MenuMP01 SAPLMBAM Maintain AMPL RecordsMP02 SAPLMBAM Display AMPL RecordsMP11 SAPMV13B Create message for direct productioMP12 SAPMV13B Change Message for direct productioMP13 SAPMV13B Display message - direct productionMP30 SAPMM61W Execute Material ForecastMP31 SAPMM61W Change Material ForecastMP32 SAPMM61W Display Material ForecastMP33 SAPMM61W Reprocess material forecastMP38 RMPROG01 Total Forecast RunMP39 SAPMM61W PrintMP80 SAPMMPRP Create Forecast ProfileMP81 SAPMMPRP Change Forecast ProfileMP82 SAPMMPRP Delete Forecast ProfileMP83 SAPMMPRP Display Forecast ProfileMP90 SAPMSNUM Maintain No. Range: Forecast Param.MP91 SAPMSNUM Maintain No. Range: Forecast ValuesMRA3 RM08RAAU Display Archived Invoice DocumentsMRBE MENUMRBE ValuationMRBP RMBABG00 Invoice Verification in BackgroundMRBR RM08RELEASE Release Blocked InvoicesMRCHVW VMIRC_MRCHVW Batch mgmt with reconciliationMRF1 RMFIFO00 Execute FIFO ValuationMRF2 RMFIFO39 Diplay Documents (FIFO)MRF3 RMFIFO32 FIFO Valuation: Create Doc. ExtractMRF4 RMFIFO20 FIFO: Select MaterialsMRF5 RMFIFO50 FIFO: Delete Valuation DataMRHG SAPMM08R Enter Credit MemoMRHR SAPMM08R Enter InvoiceMRIS RMMR1MIS Settle Invoicing PlanMRKO RMVKON00 Settle Consignment/Pipeline Liabs.MRLA RMLIFO21 Check Pool FormationMRLB RMLIFO50 Delete LayerMRLC RMLIFO34 Transfer Third-Party DataMRLD RMLIFO36 Transfer Valuation PricesMRLE RMLIFO40 Change Group StructureMRLF RMLIFO38 Create Version as CopyAutor: Iron700 169 13/11/2007
    • MRLG RMLIFO42 Aggregate LayerMRLH RMLIFO44 Change LIFO/FIFO Valuation LevelMRLI RMLIFO20_P Generate PoolsMRLJ RMLIFO33 LIFO Data TransferMRLK RMLIFO28 LIFO: Adjust Units of MeasureMRLL RMLIFO41 LIFO: Reassign Material LayerMRL1 RMLIFO00 Perform LIFO Valuation: Single MatlMRL2 RMLIFO02 Perform LIFO Valuation: PoolsMRL3 RMLIFO06 LIFO Lowest Value ComparisonMRL4 RMLIFO10 Display LIFO Valuation: Single MatlMRL5 RMLIFO12 Display LIFO Valuation: PoolsMRL6 RMLIFO20_M Select MaterialsMRL7 RMLIFO22 Display Pool FormationMRL8 RMLIFO30 Create Base LayerMRL9 RMLIFO32 LIFO Valuation: Create Doc. ExtractMRM0 MENUMRM0 Logistics Invoice VerificationMRM1 SAPMV13B Create Message: Invoice VerificatioMRM2 SAPMV13B Change Message: Invoice VerificatioMRM3 SAPMV13B Display Message: Inv. VerificationMRNB RMMR1MRB RevaluationMRN0 RMNIWE00 Deter. Lowest Value: Market PricesMRN1 RMNIWE10 Deter. Lowest Value: Rge of CoveragMRN2 RMNIWE20 Determ. Lowest Value: Mvmt RateMRN3 RMNIWE30 Loss-Free ValuationMRN8 RMNIWE80 Lowest Value: Price VariancesMRN9 RMNIWE90 Balance Sheet Values by AccountMRO2 SAPMV76A Configuration: IV ListsMRRL RMMR1MRS Evaluated Receipt SettlementMRRS RMMR01RS Evaluated Receipt SettlementMRY0 MRY_PIP_MULTICHColl. Maint. of Phys. Inv. PricesMRY1 MRY_ARP_CALCULACalculate Average Receipt PriceMRY2 MRY_PIP_REDEFINTransfer Physical Inventory PricesMRY3 MRY_VALUATION_ADisplay Valuation AlternativeMRY4 MRY_AVR_RESULT_Transfer ML PricesMR00 MENUMR00 Invoice VerificationMR01 SAPMM08R Process Incoming InvoiceMR02 SAPMM08A Process Blocked InvoicesMR03 SAPMM08R Display Inv. Verification DocumentMR08 SAPMM08S Cancel Invoice DocumentMR11 SAPRCKM_MR11 GR/IR account maintenanceMR21 SAPRCKM_MR21 Price ChangeMR22 SAPRCKM_MR22 Material Debit/CreditMR32 SAPMM08Y Change Material Layer (LIFO)MR33 SAPMM08Y Display Material Layer (LIFO)MR34 SAPMM08Y Change FIFO DataMR35 SAPMM08Y Display FIFO DataMR39 RMLIFO39 Display Documents (LIFO)MR41 SAPMM08R Park InvoiceMR42 SAPMM08R Change Parked InvoiceMR43 SAPMM08R Display Parked InvoiceMR44 SAPMM08R Post Parked DocumentMR51 RM08MMAT Material Line ItemsMR8M SAPLMR1M Cancel Invoice DocumentMR90 MM70AMRA Messages for Invoice DocumentsMR91 MM70AMRB Messages for Invoice DocumentsMSAB RMMDBTCH LTP: set up plnng file entries BATCMSAC RMMDBTCH LTP: delete plnng file entries BATCMSBT RMMDBTCH Long-term plng:plng background jobAutor: Iron700 170 13/11/2007
    • MSCHAN RALMFAELLSZ ALM: Change Due Date ScenarioMSCREA RALMFAELLSZ ALM: Create Due Date ScenarioMSCUST RALMFAELLSZ Maintain Due Date ScenariosMSC1 SAPMM03S Create BatchMSC1N SAPLCHRG Create BatchMSC2 SAPMM03S Change BatchMSC2N SAPLCHRG Change BatchMSC3 SAPMM03S Display BatchMSC3N SAPLCHRG Display BatchMSC4 SAPMM03S Display Batch ChangesMSC4N SAPLCHRG Display Change Documents for BatchMSC5N RVBBTREE Mass Processing for BatchesMSC7 SAPMM61R Start MS07 from ReportMSDELE RALMFAELLSZ ALM: Delete Due Date ScenarioMSE7 RMCE0600 EKS Simulation: Material SelectionMSJ1 MASSBACK Mass Maintenance in the BackgroundMSK1 SAPMM03S Create Vendor Consignment GoodsMSK2 SAPMM03S Change Vendor Consignment GoodsMSK3 SAPMM03S Display Vendor Consignment GoodsMSK4 SAPMM03S Display Vdr Consignment Change DocsMSK5 RMMMPRZK Vdr Consignment: Activate Fut. PricMSLD RMDLDR01 Print MRP List; Long-Term PlanningMSL1 MASSSLOG Display Mass Maintenance LogsMSL2 MASSDLOG Delete Mass Maintenance LogsMSRV1 RMSRVR10 List for ServiceMSSHOW RALMFAELLSZ ALM: Display Due Date ScenarioMST0 MENUMST0 Mass changesMSW1 MASSMSBK Reset Warnings (in the Foreground)MS00 MENUMS00 Long-term planningMS01 SAPMM61X Long-Term Planning: Total PlanningMS02 SAPMM61X Long-term plng: single-itm; mult-lvMS03 SAPMM61X Long-term plng: singl-itm; singl-lvMS04 SAPMM61R Planning Scenario: Stock/Reqmts LisMS05 SAPMM61R Long-term planning: display MRP lisMS06 SAPMM61R Long-term plnng: collective MRP lisMS07 SAPMM61R Long-Term Plng: Material OverviewMS08 RMMDKP02 Reorg.MRP Lists for Long-Term PlnngMS11 SAPMM61P LTP: Create planned orderMS12 SAPMM61P LTP: Change planned orderMS13 SAPMM61P LTP: Display planned orderMS20 SAPMM61R Planning File Entry: Long-Term PlnnMS21 RMDPFE01 Planning File Entry: Long-Term PlnnMS22 RMMDVL20 Set Up Plg File Entries for ScenariMS23 RMMDVL10 Delete Plng File Entries of ScenariMS29 RMMDABLP Calculate Sim. Initial StockMS31 SAPMM61L Create planning scenarioMS32 SAPMM61L Change planning scenarioMS33 SAPMM61L Display planning scenarioMS44 SAPMM61M Flexible Evaluation Long-Term PlnngMS47 SAPMM61M Evaluation LTP for Product GroupMS50 SAPMM61X Make-to-order planning (LTP)MS51 SAPMM61X Project planning (LTP)MS64 RM60SIMU Create Simulation VersionMS65 SAPMM60X Requirements SituationMS66 RM60CH00 Copy Simulative Dependent ReqmtsMS70 RMMDEKS1 Evaluation Plng Scenario for PURCHIMS71 RMMDEKS2 Copy info structure version to LTPMUSS SAPMA999 _Autor: Iron700 171 13/11/2007
    • MWBC RVBWSUOM Consistency Chck f. Prop./Prod. UniMWBE RVBWSCPO Purchase order history corr. PURMWBK RVBWSCOR Actv. ingr. management corr. factorMWBQ RVBWSCQM Purchase order history corr. QMMWB1 SAPMVBWB Creating Prop./Prod. Unit ValuationMWB2 SAPMVBWB Changing Prop./Prod. Unit ValuationMWB3 SAPMVBWB Displaying Prop/Prod Unit ValuationMWCH SAPMMWCH Change Procurement IACMY01 SDCLMC00 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.MY03 SDCLMC00 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.MY04 SDCLMC00 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.MY05 SDCLMC00 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.MY06 SDCLMC00 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.MY07 SDCLMC00 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.MY08 SDCLMC00 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.MY09 SDCLMC00 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.MY10 SDCLMC00 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.MY11 SDCLMC00 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.MY12 SDCLMC00 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.MY13 SDCLMC00 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.M703 SAPMV12A Output: Create Conditions TableM704 SAPMV12A Output: Change Condition TableM705 SAPMV12A Output: Display Conditions TableM811 SAPMV12A Create Message Condition Table (IV)M812 SAPMV12A Change Message Condition Table (IV)M813 SAPMV12A Display Message Condition Table (IVAutor: Iron700 172 13/11/2007
    • Todos los códigos de transacciones de SAP con informe y ladescripción de N a OTA Report Header DescriptionN RK_SE16N Quickstart SE16NNACE SAPLWMCW WFMC: Initial Customizing ScreenNACO SAPLWMCW Conditions for Output ControlNACQ SAPMV12A WFMC: Maintain Condition TablesNACR SAPMV13B WFMC: Maintain Output Condition RecNACT SAPMVNV2 WFMC: Maintain Condition TypesNACU SAPMVNV2 WFMC: Customizing Output TypesNACY RVNNACY0 WFMC: Field CatalogNAWF RVNWF001 Start Customizing Control FlowNEFE RMCFCSCP Statistical Setup: SFIS / VersionsNEWTON SAPLFF08 Mathematical TestsNPRT RMCSNPRT LIS/setup/logNWTM SAPLNWTM Monitoring Network DatesOAAD SAPLOPTF ArchiveLink Administration DocumentOAAQ RACSTABL Take back FI-AA year-end closingOAAR RAVCLUST C AM Year-end closing by areaOAAT OAILQBAT SAP ArchiveLink: Create ILQBATCHOAAW RACSTABL FI-AA: Memo value for asset classOAAX RACSTABL FI-AA: Asst class for grp asset onlOAAY RACSTABL FI-AA: Hist. layout set-asset classOAAZ RACSTABL FI-AA: Settlement profileOAA1 OAARCCON SAP ArchiveLink: Maint. user st.sysOAA3 OAKOMM00 SAP ArchiveLink protocolsOAA4 OAKOMM06 SAP ArchiveLink applic. maintenanceOABC RACSTABL Depreciation areas/value transferOABD RACSTABL Depreciation areas/param. transferOABE RACSTABL Deprec. areas/gross transferOABK RACLSDEL Delete asset classOABL SAPMA10C C AM Reset Company CodeOABM RACSTABL Depreciation areas/Transfer of resvOABN RACSTABL Depreciation areas/ordinary deprec.OABO OABARCOX Displaying Open Bar CodesOABS RACSTABL Depreciation areas/Special deprec.OABT RACSTABL Deprec. areas/parallel currenciesOABU RACSTABL Depreciation areas/Unplanned deprecOABW RACSTABL Depreciation areas/Replacement valsOABX RACSTABL Deppreciation areas/Investmt supporOABY SAPMSTBM C AM Maintain Table T093YOABZ RACSTABL Depreciation areas / InterestOACB RAMODWRD Customer name for evaluation groupOACC RAMODWRD Customer name for evaluation groupOACD RAMODWRD Customer name for evaluation groupOACE RAMODWRD Customer name for evaluation groupOACF RAMODWRD Customer name for evaluation groupOACH OACHECK SAP ArchiveLink: Link checkOACI SCMS_RFC_INFO_SSend RFC Info (CINF)OACK OACUSTOM SAP ArchiveLink: Syntax checkOACS RACSTABL C FI-AA View maint. substitutionsOACV RACSTABL C FI-AA View maint. validationsOAC0 SCMS0 CMS Customizing Content RepositorieOADB RACSTABL Define depreciation areasOADC RACSTABL Depreciation Areas: Area typeOADD OADISPPR ArchiveLink: Print List DisplayAutor: Iron700 173 13/11/2007
    • OADR OADLSETP SAP ArchiveLink: Print list searchOADX RACSTABL Posting in G/LOAD5 OACUSWIZ ArchiveLink: Customizing WizardOAER BDSFIND_1 SAP ArchiveLink: Document searchOAF1 SAPLOPTG SAP ArchiveLink: Form managementOAGL SAPMA10C Reset posted depreciationOAG1 SAPLOPTF SAP ArchiveLink Basic SettingsOAG2 SAPLOPTF SAP ArchiveLink Basic SettingsOAG3 SAPLOPTF SAP ArchiveLink Basic SettingsOAG4 SAPLOPTF SAP ArchiveLink Basic SettingsOAHT SCMS_HTTP_CERT_Send CertificateOAI5 RACSTABL C FIAA Time-dependent inv. supportOAK1 RACAFAPL C AM Consist. Chart of DepreciationOAK2 RACBUKRS C AM Consist. Company CodeOAK3 RACAFABE C AM Consist. Depreciation AreaOAK4 RACKONT1 C AM Consist. G/L AccountsOAK5 RACKONT2 C AM Customizng reconc. acct. contrOAK6 RACHECK0 C AM Consist. G/L accountsOAK7 RACKAR00 Reconc. acct. as stat. cost elementOAM1 SAPLOPTR ArchiveLink: MonitoringOAM3 SAPLOPTR ArchiveLink: MonitoringOANR SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ARCHIVELNOAOH OANEWCON ArchiveLink: Create DocumentsOAOR BDSFIND_1 Business Document Service: DocumentOAPL RACSTABL C FI-AA: Set Chart of DepreciationOAQI ILQAPI00 SAP ArchiveLink: Create QueuesOAR1 OAREQUES SAP ArchiveLink: Request ManagementOASV SAPMA03B Enter G/L Account PostingOATB RACSTABL Asgmt of dep.area to cross-sys.areaOATR SAPMKKB5 Define Report SelectionOATU SAPLOPTI _OAVA RACSTABL C AM Eval. Group View MaintenanceOAVB RACSTABL C AM View Maintenance Prop.IndicatoOAVC RACSTABL C AM Manual Valuat. View MaintenancOAVD RACSTABL C AM Insurance Data View MaintenancOAVE RACSTABL C AM View Maintenance Classif.NWTaxOAVF RACSTABL C AM View Maint. Insurance CompanieOAVG RACSTABL C AM View Maint. Report Simul.(Dep)OAVH RACSTABL C AM View Maint. Period ControlOAVI RACSTABL C AM View Maint. Sort VersionsOAVJ RACSTABL C AM View Maint. Trans.Type GroupOAVL RACSTABL C AM View Maint. LocationsOAVM RACSTABL C AM View Maint. Field GroupsOAVN RACSTABL C AM View Maint. Fld.Grp. Asset DatOAVO RACSTABL C AM View Maint. Screen ControlOAVP RACSTABL C AM View Maint. Deprec.Trace TextsOAVR RACSTABL C AM View Maint. Dep.Check RulesOAVS RACSTABL C AM View Maint. Period RuleOAVT RACSTABL C AM View Maint. Insurance PremiumOAVX RACSTABL C AM view maint no.periods shtd f.yOAVZ RACSTABL C AM Call up reportOAV5 RAVCLUST Index figuresOAV8 RACSTABL FI-AA C Def. Eval. Group; 8 placesOAV9 RACSTABL C AM Asset hist. group view maint.OAWD OAPREUSE SAP ArchiveLink: Store documentsOAWF RAWFCU Assign Workflow TasksOAWS OAPRESET Maintain presettingsOAWT RAVCLUST AW01- define value field textsAutor: Iron700 174 13/11/2007
    • OAWW OAWFLWIZ ArchiveLink: Workflow WizardOAW1 SAPMSVMA Reason for investmentOAXB RAVCLUST Deprec. areas for transaction typesOAXC RAVCLUST Deprec. areas for transaction typesOAXD RAVCLUST Deprec. areas for transaction typesOAXE RAVCLUST Deprec. areas for transaction typesOAXF RAVCLUST Define Transaction TypeOAXG RACSTABL Define Transaction TypeOAXH RAVCLUST Deprec. areas for transaction typesOAXI RAVCLUST Deprec. areas for transaction typesOAXJ RAVCLUST Deprec. areas for transaction typesOAYA RAVCLUST Deprec. areas for transaction typesOAYB RAVCLUST Limiting transaction type groupsOAYC RAVCLUST Legacy data transfer: Depr. termsOAYD RAVCLUST Legacy data transfer: Man. entry FCOAYE RAVCLUST Legacy data transfer: SequenceOAYF RAVCLUST Legacy Data Transfer: Accumul. DeprOAYG RAVCLUST Legacy data transfer: Calc.repl.valOAYH RAVCLUST Depreciation area currencyOAYI RAVCLUST Memo value of areaOAYJ RAVCLUST Net book value is changeover amountOAYK RAVCLUST Low-value assetsOAYL RAVCLUST Individual period weightingOAYM RAVCLUST Permit group asset for areaOAYN RAVCLUST Assign bal.sheet/inc.stmt to areaOAYO RAVCLUST Rounding specific. for deprec. areaOAYP RAVCLUST Shortening rules for shortened FYOAYQ RAVCLUST Gross/net resrvs.for special deprecOAYR RAVCLUST Posting rules for depreciationOAYS RAVCLUST Special treatment of retirementOAYT RAVCLUST Transact.type for proportional valsOAYU RAVCLUST Capitaliztn of dwn-paymnts (transfrOAYZ RAVCLUST Asset class: Depreciation areasOAY1 RAVCLUST Special handling of transfer postinOAY2 RAVCLUST Asset class: Low value asset checkOA01 RACSTABL Gain/loss substitution -Fixed assetOA02 RACSTABL Substitution: Mass Changes to AssetOA03 RAMUST00 C AM Asset Class IndexOA05 SAPMSTBM C AM Maintain Table T499SOA07 RDDSRCG0 Generate C AM BALTD Record LayoutOA11 ROOLAC00 C AM Asset Master MatchcodeOA13 RAALTD01 FI-AA Legacy Data TransferOA14 RAALTD11 Direct import of dataOA15 SAPMSTBM C AM Maintenance Table T094POA79 SAPMA06C C AM Maintain Ast.Hist.Sheet Defin.OA80 SAPMA06C C AM Maint. Asset.Hist.Sheet Defin.OA81 RAVCLUST Maintain Transaction Types - ExpertOA84 RAPERGEN Generate Period ControlOA85 RACSTABL C FI-AA: Weighting periodsOBA1 SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain Table T030OBBH SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain Table T001Q (DocumentOBBT SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030 Maintenance GLU+GLUOBBV SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain Table T030 BI2+SPACEOBBW SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain Table T030 BI3+A00OBBX SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain Table T030 BI4+SPACEOBBZ SAPMFKM0 C FI Subst. FI/0005: ActivateOBB0 SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain table T030 valuatn adOBCV SAPMFKM0 C FI FAKP: T021R with SL-AXAutor: Iron700 175 13/11/2007
    • OBFA SAPMFKM0 C FI Corresp.Sort Variants/Corresp.OBFB SAPMFKM0 C FI Corresp.Sort Variants/DocumentOBFC SAPMFKM0 C FI Corresp.Sort Variants/Lne ItemOBG1 SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain tbl T030 offsttng accOBG8 SAPMFKM8 C FI Copy G/L Accounts Acc.To Ref.AOBG9 RFBISA39 C FI Maintain Table TSAKROBH1 SAPMFKM0 C FI Doc.No.Range: Copy Company CodOBH2 SAPMFKM0 C FI Doc.No.Range: Copy Fiscal yearOBJ1 SAPMS38M C FI Year End Financial StatementOBJ2 SAPMS38M C FI Year End Compact Doc.JournalOBJ3 SAPMS38M C FI Year End Bill of Exchange ListOBJ4 SAPMS38M C FI Year End G/L Account BalancesOBJ5 SAPMS38M C FI Year End G/L Account ListOBJ6 SAPMS38M Posting TotalsOBJ7 SAPMS38M Bill of Exchange Charges StatementOBKA SAPMS38M Account Statement CorrespondenceOBKB SAPMS38M Internal Documents CorrespondenceOBKC SAPMS38M Individual Letters CorrespondenceOBKD SAPMS38M Document Statements CorrespondenceOBKE SAPMS38M Customer Stmnt Corresp.Account StmnOBKR SAPMSNUM Maintain Number Range: FI_RECEIPTOBK1 SAPMS38M C FI Year End OI Customer ListOBK2 SAPMS38M C FI Year End Customer Acct BalanceOBK3 SAPMS38M C FI Year End Customer ListOBK4 SAPMS38M C FI Year End OI Vendor ListOBK5 SAPMS38M C FI Year End Vendor Acct BalancesOBK6 SAPMS38M C FI Year End Vendor ListOBK7 SAPMS38M Subledger Accts Bal.Carried ForwardOBK8 SAPMS38M G/L Accounts Balance Carried ForwarOBK9 SAPMS38M Payment Notices CorrespondenceOBL2 SAPMFKM0 Consistency Check: Auto.Pstg (ErAnyOBL4 SAPMFKM0 Consistency Check: Sp.G/L (Err.AnlyOBMD SAPMFKM0 C FI Selec.Variants Dunning/Dun.linOBMK SAPMFKM0 C FI Selec.Variants Dunning/Dunn.hdOBM1 SAPMS38M C FI Month End Advance Tax ReturnOBM2 SAPMS38M C FI Month End Financial StatementOBM3 SAPMS38M C FI Month End Foreign Trade RegnsOBM4 SAPMS38M C FI Month End Compact Doc.JournalOBM5 SAPMS38M C FI G/L Balances Monthly ReportOBM6 SAPMS38M Posting Data ReconciliationOBNB SAPMFKM2 Transaction Code for SAPMFKM2OBN1 SAPMS38M C FI Month End OI Customer ListOBN2 SAPMS38M C FI Month End Financial StatementOBN3 SAPMS38M C FI Month End OI Vendor ListOBN4 SAPMS38M C FI Month End Vendor Acct BalancesOBOB SAPMFKM0 C FI FAKP Line Item Line LayoutOBO1 SAPMFKM0 C FI FAKP Line Item Line LayoutOBO2 SAPMFKM0 C FI FAKP Credit Mangmnt Line LayouOBPE RFFMFKM0 C FI Penalty InterestsOBPL RGUREC50 Subsequently post CO plan.data to GOBPM4 RFOBPM40 Payment Medium Selection VariantsOBPM5 RFMPAYCUST Cross-Payment Run Payment MediumOBPN SAPMFKM0 C FI Penalty InterestsOBP5 RFDELPLN Delete FI planning dataOBRD SAPMKKB5 Customers: maintain report selectioOBRK SAPMKKB5 Vendors: maintain report selectionOBRS SAPMKKB5 G/L: maintain report selectionOBRX SAPMKKB5 Flexible G/L: Maintain Report SelecAutor: Iron700 176 13/11/2007
    • OBS1 SAPMGCU0 C FI Create LedgerOBS2 SAPMGCU0 C FI Change LedgerOBS3 SAPMGCU0 C FI Display LedgerOBS4 SAPMGCU0 C FI Delete LedgerOBT1 SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain Table TTXID (KNA1)OBT10 SAPMFKM0 C FI Maint. Table TTXID (DOC_ITEM)OBT2 SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain Table TTXID (KNB1)OBT3 SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain Table TTXID (KNKK)OBT3Z SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain Table TTXID (KNKA)OBT4 SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain Table TTXID (LFA1)OBT5 SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain Table TTXID (LFB1)OBT6 SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain Table TTXID (SKA1)OBT7 SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain Table TTXID (SKB1)OBT8 SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain Table TTXID (BELEG)OBT9 SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain Table TTXID (MR01)OBU1 SAPMS38M Document Type/Posting Key OptionsOBV1 SAPMFKM0 C FI Int.For Dys Overdue Acct DeterOBV2 SAPMFKM0 C FI G/L Acct Bal.Int.Calc.Acct DetOBV3 SAPMFKM0 C FI Cust.Bal.Int.Calc.Acct Determ.OBV4 SAPMFKM0 C FI Vend.Bal.Int.Calc.Acct Determ.OBV9 SAPMFKM0 C FI Act Det.Vendor Intrst on ArrsOBWO SAPMFKM0 C FI Withholding TaxOBWS SAPMFKM0 C FI Withholding TaxOBWU SAPMFKM0 C FI Withholding TaxOBWW SAPMFKM0 C FI Withholding TaxOBWZ SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: WITH_CTNOOBXA SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030OBXB SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030OBXC SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030OBXD SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain Table T030OBXE SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030OBXH SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T041A/T041TOBXI SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030OBXJ SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030BOBXK SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030OBXL SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030OBXM SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030OBXN SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030 GAU/GA0OBXO SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030 KDWOBXP SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain Table T030 zafOBXQ SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030 KDZOBXR SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T074OBXS SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030OBXT SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T074OBXU SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030OBXV SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030OBXW SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030B Cleared InvoicesOBXY SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T074OBXZ SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030 G/L Accont ClearingOBX1 SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030B: G/L Acct PostingOBYA SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030OBYB SAPMFKM0 Maintain automatic postings accountOBYC SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030OBYD SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030OBYE SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030OBYF RV61CKOS Revenue Account DeterminationOBYG SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030OBYH SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030Autor: Iron700 177 13/11/2007
    • OBYL SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030 HRI + HRCOBYM SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T074 Bill of ExchangeOBYN SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T074 Bill ReceivableOBYP SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T074 Check/Bill of Exch.OBYR SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T074OBYS SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T074 Tangible Fixed AsseOBYT SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030 HRI + HRDOBYU SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030 HRI + HRDOBYY SAPMFKM0 C FI Table T030 Maintenance KDT/KDTOBY0 SAPMFKM8 C FI Copy CoCde with Ctry Chrt/AcctOBY7 SAPMFKM8 C FI Copy Chart of AccountsOBY8 SAPMFKM8 C FI Delete Chart of AccountsOBY9 SAPMFKM8 C FI Transport Chart of AccountsOBZA RFABADAB Reporting Selection: Global MenuOBZM SAPMFKM0 C FI Substitution FI/0005: CreateOBZN SAPMFKM0 C FI Substitution FI/0005: ChangeOBZT RFT007ACV Single Screen Transaction Tax CodeOBZ1 SAPMFKM0 C FI FBZP T042BOBZ2 SAPMFKM0 C FI FBZP T042OBZ3 SAPMFKM0 C FI FBZP T042ZOBZ4 SAPMFKM0 C FI FBZP T042EOB00 SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain Table T030 (RDF)OB35 SAPMS38M Customer Balance ConfirmationOB36 SAPMS38M Vendor Balance ConfirmationOB40 SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain Table T030OB41 SAPMFKM0 Maintain Accounting KeysOB48 SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain Matchcode SAKOOB49 SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain Matchcode DEBIOB50 SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain Matchcode KREDOB53 SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain Table T030OB55 SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain Table TFAVOB75 RFT042D_CALL Cust.Pmnt Program: Available AmntsOB89 SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain Table T030OB91 SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain Table T001FOB92 SAPMFKM0 C FI Maintain Table T001GOCAK RGCT856 FI-LC: Print Transaction TypesOCAL RGCT865 FI-LC: Print IC EliminationsOCAM RGCT868B FI-LC: Print Inventory Mgmt CompanyOCAN RGCT868L FI-LC: Print Supplying CompanyOCAO RGCT872 FI-LC: Print Changes in Net IncomeOCAP RGCT873 FI-LC: Print Hidden ReservesOCAR RGCT875E FI-LC: Print Chgs in Trfr DepreciatOCAS RGCT875D FI-LC: Print Asset TransferOCAT RGCT858 FI-LC: Print VersionsOCAU RGCT854S FI-LC: Print Selected FS ItemsOCA0 MENUOCA0OCBP RGCEUR20 Upload extract from R/2OCBV RGCCDB00 Reconcile Extended G/L AccountsOCBW RGCMBU00 Consolidation: data input via MTOCBY RGCPOS01 Create Corporate Chart of AccountsOCBZ RGCCEDB0 Compare Extract / Cons.Data BaseOCB0 RGCHRY10 Step consolidationOCB1 RGCAUS10 Bundle Standard ReportsOCB2 RGCIA400 Consolidation DocumentsOCB5 RGCSTC00 Extract SubgroupOCB6 RGCLST30 Totals file recordsOCCC RGCPOS02 Maintain Group AccountOCCE SAPMGCU0 Change GL customizing company codeAutor: Iron700 178 13/11/2007
    • OCCF SAPMGCU0 Create GL Customizing Company codeOCCI SAPMF10C Cons. Integration SettingsOCCM RGUCOMP1 Reconcile G/L Accounts/ConsolidatioOCCP RGCDDP00 Print G/L account / group accountOCCS RGCDDC00 Validate GL acct Group acctOCCT RGCPOS03 FS Items from Chart of AccountsOCC0 SAPMF10C Central Group TableOCC8 RGC863LT Info System: Report SelectionOCDL RGUDEL00 Delete FI-LC Ledger Transaction datOCDM RGCAUSHY Hierarchy of Totals ReportsOCDN RGCDOW40 Download MS ACCESSOCDO RGCPOS05 Delete FS chart of accountsOCDZ RGUDEL00 Cons stag. ledger: delete trans datOCHA RMIMGDIRECTOCHAIMG Batch ManagementOCHS ROOLMB00 Set system messagesOCH0 MENUOCH0 Batch ManagementOCI1 RSCITA00 Maintain TCUSCOCL1 SAPMGCU0 FI-LC: Create LedgerOCL2 SAPMGCU0 FI-LC: Change LedgerOCL3 SAPMGCU0 FI-LC: Display LedgerOCL4 SAPMGCU0 FI-LC: Delete LedgerOCL5 RGCEISS1 Extract to EISOCL6 RGCRWIMP Import Report definitionOCMI RKMODIMP Import models cost elementsOCM1 CO_OCM_OBJECT_LBackgrd Job: Processing Init.ObjectOCM2 CO_OCM_ORDER_LIBackgd Job: Processing Proc.ElementOCM3 COOCMPICK_H Background Job: OCM Goods MovementsOCNG MENUOCNG Graphic customizingOCN1 RGUREC10 FI-LC: Repost FI dataOCN2 RGUREC30 FI-LC: Repost MM dataOCN3 RKEPCU40 FI-LC: Repost SD dataOCO2 RSCICO02 Customizing: Country VersionOCP0 MENUOCP0 PDMOCU0 MENUOCU0 Customizing Menu for VariantsOCVM SAPMF100 View Maintenance: initial screenOCZ1 SAPMGCU0 FI-SS: Create add. ledgerOCZ2 SAPMGCU0 FI-SS: Change Cons Staging LedgerOCZ3 SAPMGCU0 FI-SS: Display Add. LedgerOCZ4 SAPMGCU0 FI-SS: Delete Add. LedgerOC50 RGCABG00 Gain/Loss from asset retirementOC52 RGCANT00 Group SharesOC53 RGCAUS00 Group ReportsOC55 RGCCHP00 Contra items/Retained earningsOC56 RGCDOW10 Download for consolidationOC57 RGCEQL00 Transfer chnges in invest./equityOC58 RGCEQT00 Data transfer for affiliated co.sOC59 RGCERH00 Print data entry forms/audit trailOC60 RGCERH10 Bundle Data Entry FormsOC61 RGCFK300 K3 formOC62 RGCGLI10 List of OwnershipOC63 RGCGLI20 Changes in equityOC64 RGCGLI30 Changes in investmentOC65 RGC884PR Print Translation MethodOC66 RGCGLI50 Changes in hidden reservesOC67 RGCGLI60 Investment in companiesOC68 RGCIAR00 Interactive consolidation reportingOC69 RGCKAP00 Consolidation of investmentsOC70 RGCKPD00 Print financial statement itemsAutor: Iron700 179 13/11/2007
    • OC71 RGCLST00 Listing of Totals File RecordsOC72 RGCLST10 Database list: Journal entriesOC73 RGCMBU00 Consolidation: data input via MTOC74 RGCONS00 Bundle Consolidation ActivitiesOC75 RGCCUSKP Print cons. of investments methodOC76 RGCPCU10 Data input via PCOC77 RGCPLS00 Validate consolidation dataOC78 RGCPOS00 Copy FS items from RF TablesOC79 RGCPOS10 Create D/E form from f/s item tableOC80 RGCPOS20 Build Standard Report from D.E.formOC81 RGCPOS30 Change FS Item NumbersOC82 RGCPOS40 Validation Check: Items/DE FormsOC83 RGCPOS50 Exchange Item Numbers:Totals RecordOC84 RGCRNN00 Renumber Lines for Data Entry FormsOC85 RGCRNN10 Renumber Standard Report TableOC86 RGCSCD00 Copy Totals RecordsOC87 RGCSEL00 Data selection for reportingOC88 RGCPOS80 Layout of FS Chart of AccountsOC89 RGCSKO00 Intercompany EliminationOC90 RGCUMG00 ReclassificationsOC91 RGCUMR00 Currency Translation (ConsolidationOC92 RGCVTR00 Carry Forward Balances-ConsolidatioOC93 RGCWRF00 Currency devaluationOC94 RGCZGE00 Elim.of Intercompany Profit/LossOC95 RGCVAL00 Validation MaintenanceOC96 RGCPOS60 Exchange Item Numbers: DocumentsOC97 RGCPOS70 Upload FS Items and TextsOC98 RGCPOS15 FI-LC: Rptg line layout frm Item tbOC99 RGCSCD10 Totals recs: Delete (local values)ODI1 SAPMSNUM Number range for distr. order IdODI3 SAPMSNUM Number range for dist.order pack. IODI4 SAPMSNUM Number range for partial order IdODI5 SAPMSNUM Number range for original filesODI6 SAPMSNUM Number range for recipient listODOC SAPMOMBE Activate Docmt Mgmt for BatchesODP1 RDPPROF00 DIP ProfileODP2 RDPPROF46 DIP Profile: Consistency CheckODP2A RDPPROF10 DIP Profile:Multiple Consist. CheckODP2L RDPPROF45 DIP Profile:Consistency Check (ListODRV RMIMGDIRECTODRVCustomizing for DerivationOD00 SAPMSNUM Number ranges for documentsOD12 SAPMSNUM Maintain Number Range for VaultsOD70 SAPMV12A Create Conditions Table (DMS)OD71 SAPMV12A Change conditions table (DMS)OD90 RDDSRCG0 Record Layout for Batch Input (DocsOD91 RCVBI010 Document Data TransferOD92 RCVBI005 Document Batch Input Example FileOD93 RCCVBISC Display Document FileOE00 RPUEMU99 HR Customizing: Maintenance T500COFBLBW RGUCBIW1_PI Budgetary Ledger BW ExtractorsOFDE RFFMMDD1 FM: Delete Cmmt Items in FM AreaOFDF RFFMMDD2 Delete Funds Centers in FM AreaOFDG RFFMMDD3 Delete Funds Centr in Hierarchy VarOFDH RFFMDLCU Funds Management: Delete CO ActualsOFDM1 RFDLKBLA Delete Earmarked Funds by ClientOFDM2 RFDLKBLX Delete Selection of Earmarked FundsOFDSM RFFMMDD5 Delete Status Management EntriesOFD1 RFFMMDD1 Cash Bdgt Mgt: Delete Master DataAutor: Iron700 180 13/11/2007
    • OFD2 RFFMDL52 Cash Budget Mgt: Delete Act.DataOFD3 RFFMDL53 Cash Budget Mgt: Delete Plan DataOFD5 RFFMMDD4 Delete Funds and Application of FndOFD7 RFFMDL90_ISPS Funds Management: Delete BudgetOFD8 RFFMDL03 Delete Commitment Item From G/L AccOFGA RFFMRP51 CBM: FI Data Transfer in FullOFGB RFFMRP99 Funds Mgmt: Gradual FI Data TransfeOFGC RFFMRP99 Funds Mgmt: FI Data Transfer in FulOFGG RFFMCP01 Copy Commitment Item To G/L AccountOFG1 RFFMRP50 Cash Bdgt Mgt: Take Over All DocsOFG2 RFFMRP53 Cash Budget Mgt: Take Over MM DataOFG3 RFFMRP56 Cash Bdgt Mgt:Take Over Fds Res DatOFG4 RFFMRP55 Cash Bdgt Mgt: Take Over Pymt TsfrOFG5 RFFMRP99 Funds Mgmt: Take Over All DocumentsOFG6 RFFMRP99 Funds Mgmt: Take Over MM DataOFG8 RFFMRP99 Funds Mgmt: Take Over Pymt Tfr DataOFG9 RFFMRP52 CBM: Gradual FI Data TransferOFKA SAPLFM11 Maintain Carryfwrd Values Tot. Rec.OFK1 SAPL0FMK Maintain Criteria Type Cmmt. ItemOFK2 SAPL0FMK Maintain Criteria Category GroupOFK3 SAPL0FMK Assign Crit.Cat. to Crit.Cat.GroupOFK4 SAPL0FMK Maintain CriteriaOFO1 RFVIDOPO OI List Per Real Estate ObjectsOFPK SAPMFKM0 FM budgetary ledger posting keysOFPM KFPR_VIEW_MAINTChange Message ControlOFP5 SAPMV12A Condition table: Pack.obj.determin.OFP6 SAPMV12A Condition table: Pack.obj.determin.OFP7 SAPMV12A Condition table: Pack.obj.determin.OFRA SAPMKKB5 Report SelectionOFRB SAPMKKB5 Report SelectionOFTC MENUOFTC Funds ManagementOFTD MENUOFTD Cash Management Configuration MenuOF03 SAPMFM00 Transfer Cash HoldingsOF07 SAPMFM00 Cash Budget Mgt Consistency CheckOF09 SAPMFM00 Funds Management Consistency CheckOF12 ROOBP100 FM: Maintain Budget ProfileOF19 SAPMSNUM Maintain Number Range: FM_BELEG2OF20 ROOBP100 FM Budget Avail.Control TolerancesOF21 ROOBP100 FM: Budget VersionsOF22 ROOBP100 Financial Budgeting VersionsOF29 SAPLFMFS Settings for the Payment TransferOF36 SAPLFMFS User-Dependent Profile MaintenanceOF4C BPCALC01 Calculate Budget SurchargesOGS1 RPUBSIU1 Load tax authority codesOGS2 RPUBSIU2 Load tax authoritiesOGS3 RPUBSIU3 Update tax authoritiesOGS4 RPUBSIU4 Load tax typesOGS5 RPUBSIU6 Load tax areasOGS6 RPUBSIU8 Load zip codesOGS7 RPUSCG00 Generate schemaOGS8 RPUTAXU0 Delete tax table entriesOGS9 RPUANRU0 Generate ADP number rangesOG00 RPUCUS10 Personnel Administration CustomizinOG01 RPUCUS10 Personnel Administration CustomizinOG02 RPUCUS10 Recruitment CustomizingOG03 RPUCUS10 Generate calendar for cumulationOG04 RPUCUS20 Customizing: Country-Spec. FeaturesOG05 RPUCUS30 Customizing: Dyn. Schema SelectionAutor: Iron700 181 13/11/2007
    • OG07 RPUCUS70 Current settings Time ManagementOG30 RPUCUS10 HR:call SM30 subobjects individuallOG42 RPMYPA42 Customizing Tool for PA42OHPS MENUOHPS Org.Management ConfigurationOHX2 RPURMW00 Maintain wage types for remittanceOH00 RPUCUS00 Access Subset ViewOH02 RPUCUS50 Call View Cluster with Subset ViewsOH04 RPUUMS00 Conversion of third party remittancOH11 SAPMPU30 Copy Wage TypesOH12 RPVIEW00 Access View for T512WOH13 RPVIEW10 HR Customizing: Wage Type GroupingOH14 RPUCUS14 Access Subset View for Check TableOH16 RPUCUS16 Call RPUCTF00 with Var. SAP_OH16OH17 RPUSVBD0 HR Customizing: SI Contrib.StatemenOH18 RPDABWD0 HR Customizing: Absence Docu.OH19 RPCCON00 Access Transaction OH20OH20 SAPMOH20 Maintain Payroll ConstantsOH21 RPUCUS21 Supply Parameters for PE51OH23 RPUCUS23 Enter Parameters for PUFKOIAC SAPMSD20 Matchcode notificationsOIBC RIOFSE00 List Task Lists (M.-Lev.) Eqpmt DatOIBD RIOFSE00 List Task Lists (M.-Level) Loc. DatOIBS SAPMBSVA Maintain Status ProfilesOIBY RIOCUS00 List Display of Goods MovementsOIB1 ROOBP100 Maintain inv.program budget profileOIB3 ROOBP100 Budget profile: proj.->invst.prg.tyOIB4 ROOBP100 Budg. profile order -> inv.prog.typOIB5 RACSTABL Depreciation areas/value transferOIB9 RIOFSE00 TL list - production resource/toolOICY RIOT399J Application ID for PMOIDA RIPRJUMP PM Shop Papers for NotificationsOIDB RIPRJUMP PM Shop Papers by Notification TypeOIDC RIPRJUMP PM Notifs - User-SpecifPrintControlOIDD RIPRJUMP PM Print Diversion for NotifPapersOIDE RIPRJUMP PM NotifPrintDivers. by FldContentOIDF RIPRJUMP PM Shop Papers for OrdersOIDG RIPRJUMP PM Shop Papers by Order TypeOIDH RIPRJUMP PM Orders - User-SpecifPrintControlOIDI RIPRJUMP PM Shop Paper Print DiversionOIDJ RIPRJUMP PM OrdPrintDivers. by FldContentOIDP RIPRJUMP PD Order - Define Shop PapersOIDQ RIPRJUMP PD Shop Papers by Order TypeOIDR RIPRJUMP PD Order - User Specif. Print ContrOIDS RIPRJUMP PD Print Diversion f. Shop PapersOIDT RIPRJUMP PD Order Print Diversion by FldContOIDV RIACCESS Download SAP Tables into MS AccessOIDW RIACCCAT Download catalog profileOIEM SAPMSD20 Matchcode for EquipmentOIEN SAPMSNUM Equipment Number RangesOIFL RIOCUS01 Vehicle ListOIF1 RAIPAR00 Partner schema for app. requestOIF2 ROOBP100 Maint. of plan profile f. app.req.OIF3 ROOBP100 Maint.- plan profile app.r. cash flOIGN RIOCUS00 List Editing of PermitsOIKS SAPMIKSC Maintenance of Cost Estimate VersioOIK1 RKP_ACPOS_MAINTMaintenance of PM value categoriesOIK2 RKP_ACPOS_MAINTMaint. of PM value cat. assignmentsOILG SAPMSD20 Standard Task List MatchcodeAutor: Iron700 182 13/11/2007
    • OIL0 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges: FunctLoc.Task ListsOIL4 SAPMSNUM Task List Number RangesOIL5 SAPMSNUM Equipment number rangesOIL6 RIOCA41I Operation Default Value ProfilesOIL8 SAPLC0VL Standard TextOIMF SAPMIO10 Service WindowOIMN RICUTQSCR Customizing setting table TQSCROIM3 RIOTQ80A Order Type by NotifTypeOIOE RIO399XS Operation No. - AutoIncrementOIOF RIO399XK Costing ParametersOION SAPMSNUM Order number rangesOIOR RIOTCORU Order Completion ConfirmationOIPG SAPLIPCL Maintenance of Permit GroupOIPM SAPMSD20 Matchcode for Functional LocationsOIP1 ROOBP100 Maintain inv.prog. planning profileOIRA RIOFSE00 Field selectn serial no. RefurbOrdeOIRB RIOCUS00 PM Object ContractsOIRC RIOFSE00 Multi-Level EquipList - PermitOIRE RIOFSE00 Field Sel. Serial No. Product. OrdeOIRE0 RIOFSE00 Field Sel. Serial No. Handling UnitOIRE1 RIOFSE00 Field Selection Serial No. InventorOIRF RIOCUS00 Measuring Point ListOIRG RIOFSE00 Multi-Level Order List - PermitOIRH RIOFSE00 Order List (M.-Lev.) - Iss. PermitsOIRI RIOFSE00 Location List (Multi-Level) - PermiOIRL RIOCUS00 Measurement Document ListOIRM RIOFSE00 FieldSelect. Ser.No. Goods MovementOIRN RIOFSE00 FieldSelect. Ser.No. DeliveryOIRO RIOFSE00 FieldSelect. Ser.No. Inspection LotOIRP RIOFSE00 FieldSelect. Ser.No. Sales OrderOIRQ RIOFSE00 FieldSelect. Ser.No. PM OrderOIRR RIOFSE00 Field Sel. Serial No PM NotificatioOIRS RIOFSE00 Multi-level Order List: Sub-OrdersOIRT RIOFSE00 List Task Lists (M.-Level) - HeaderOIRU RIOFSE00 List Task Lists (M.-Lev) - OperatioOIRV RIOFSE00 List Task Lists (M.-Lev.) - Sub-OptOIRW RIOFSE00 List Task Lists (M.-Lev.) - RelshipOIRX RIOFSE00 List Task Lists (M.-Lv) - ComponentOIRZ RIOFSE00 List Task Lists (M.-Lv) - Maint.PkgOIR0 RIOFSE00 Task lists (multi-lvl)- Test eqpmtOIR1 RIOFSE00 FieldSel. PartnType CustomerOIR2 RIOFSE00 FieldSel. PartnType VendorOIR3 RIOFSE00 FieldSel. PartnType Personnel No.OIR4 RIOFSE00 FieldSel. PartnType Contact PersonOIR5 RIOFSE00 FieldSel. PartnType OrganiznUnitOIR6 RIOFSE00 FieldSel. PartnType PositionOIR7 RIOFSE00 FieldSel. PartnType UserOIR8 RIOFSE00 Field Selection for General AddressOISK MENUOISK Funds ManagementOISN SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: IRESTOOIS0 MENUOIS0 Funds ManagementOIS3 RIOFSE00 Task Lists (Multi-lvl)- ServPackageOIS4 RIOFSE00 Task List (Mul.lev.) - ObjectDependOITM1 RAMODWRD User name for user field 1OITM10 RAMODWRD User name for user field 10OITM11 RAMODWRD User name for user field 11OITM12 RAMODWRD User name for user field 12OITM13 RAMODWRD User name for user field 12Autor: Iron700 183 13/11/2007
    • OITM14 RAMODWRD User name for user field 12OITM2 RAMODWRD User name for user field 2OITM3 RAMODWRD User name for user field 3OITM4 RAMODWRD User name for user field 4OITM5 RAMODWRD User name for user field 5OITM6 RAMODWRD User name for user field 6OITM7 RAMODWRD User name for user field 7OITM8 RAMODWRD User name for user field 8OITM9 RAMODWRD User name for user field 9OITN RAIMAWFC Assign workflow tasksOITO RAVC0ALA Master Data TabOIT4 SAPMSNUM Number range maint: IM_POSNROIT6 SAPMKKB5 Inv. Programs Report SelectionOIT7 SAPMKKB5 Approp. Request Report SelectionOIUB RIOCUS00 Field Sel. Equipment Usage ListOIUC RIOCUS00 Equipment List - CSOIUF RIOCUS00 Functional Location List - CSOIUG RIOFSE00 Service Order ListOIUI RIOCUS00 Order List - CSOIUK RIOFSE00 Order list (multi-lev.) - goods mvmOIUL RIOFSE00 Order list (multi-lev.)-relationshiOIUN RIOFSE00 Order list (multi-lev.) costs/rev.OIUO RIOFSE00 Func.loc.list (multi-lev)-meas.poinOIUOR RIOFSE00 R.P. List (Multilev.)- Ref. Meas.PtOIUP RIOFSE00 Func.loc.list (multi-lev)-meas.doc.OIUQ RIOFSE00 Equi.list(multi-lev)-measuring poinOIUR RIOFSE00 Equi.list(multi-lev)-measuring doc.OIVC RCNCC020 Check Report for Value CategoriesOIVN RIOT399J Maintenance Plan No. RangesOIWD RIOCUS00 Object Networks - Objects (FL)OIWE RIOFSE00 Equipment Structure DisplayOIWI RIOCUS00 PM Notification ListOIWK RIOCUS00 CS Notification ListOIWL RIOCUS00 PM order listOIWM RIOFSE00 Component Structural DisplayOIWO RIOCUS00 List of PM task listsOIWP RIOFSE00 Functional Location StructureOIWQ RIOFSE00 Installed Base Structural DisplayOIWR RIOFSE00 Reference Location StructureOIWU RIOCUS00 PM Operation ListOIWUN RI_ORDER_OPERATOrder- and Operation ListOIWW RIOCUS00 Maintenance plan listOIWY RIOCUS00 Maintenance item listOIW0 RIOFSE00 Detail Info (MaintPlan)OIW1 RIOCUS00 Activities list displayOIW3 RIOCUS00 List of Order ConfirmationsOIW5 RIOCUS00 Maintenance dates list displayOIW6 RIOCUS00 FunctLocation list - PMOIW7 RIOCUS00 Reference location listOIW8 RIOCUS00 Material ListOIXA RIOFSE00 Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - DocumentOIXAR RIOFSE00 R.P. List (Multilevel) - DocumentOIXB RIOFSE00 Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - Object LinOIXC RIOFSE00 Multi-Lev.EquipList - EquipmentOIXD RIOFSE00 Multi-Lev.EquipList - EquipUsageOIXE RIOFSE00 Multi-Level EqList - FunctLocationOIXF RIOFSE00 Multi-Lev.EquipList - PartnersOIXG RIOFSE00 Multi-Lev.EquipList - NotificationAutor: Iron700 184 13/11/2007
    • OIXH RIOFSE00 Multi-Lev.EquipList - OrderOIXI RIOFSE00 Multi-Lev.EquipList - ClassOIXJ RIOFSE00 Multi-level EqList - CharacteristicOIXK RIOFSE00 Multi-level EqList - DocumentOIXL RIOFSE00 Multi-level EqList - Object LinkOIXM RIOFSE00 Multi-Level NotifList - NotificatioOIXN RIOFSE00 Notif. List (M.-Lev.) - Funct. Loc.OIXO RIOFSE00 Notif. List (Multi-Lev.) - EquipmenOIXP RIOFSE00 Multi-Level NotifList - PartnersOIXQ RIOFSE00 Notif. List (Multi-Level) - ItemOIXR RIOFSE00 Multi-Level NotifList - ActivityOIXS RIOFSE00 Multi-Level NotifList - ClassOIXT RIOFSE00 Notif. List (Multi-Lev.) - Charact.OIXU RIOFSE00 Notif. List (Multi-Level) - TaskOIXV RIOFSE00 Multi-Level NotifList - OrderOIXW RIOFSE00 Multi-Level Order List - OrderOIXX RIOFSE00 Multi-Level Order List - FunctLoc.OIXY RIOFSE00 Multi-Level Order List - EquipmentOIXZ RIOFSE00 Multi-Level Order List - Notif.OIX2 RIOFSE00 Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - FunctLoc.OIX2R RIOFSE00 R.P. List (Multilevel) - Ref. LocatOIX3 RIOFSE00 Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - EquipUsageOIX4 RIOFSE00 Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - EquipmentOIX5 RIOFSE00 Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - PartnersOIX6 RIOFSE00 Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - NotifictnOIX7 RIOFSE00 Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - OrderOIX8 RIOFSE00 Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - ClassOIX8R RIOFSE00 R.P. List (Multilevel): ClassOIX9 RIOFSE00 Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - ChrctrsticOIX9R RIOFSE00 R.P. List (Multilev)- CharacteristiOIYC RIOCUS00 Equipment listOIYG RIOCUS00 Confirmations list for PM operationOIYH RIOCUS00 Serial number listOIYJ RIOCUS00 Object Links - Objects (EQ)OIYL RIOFSE00 Detail Info (Order Operation)OIYM RIOFSE00 Details (Order Header)OIYP RIOFSE00 Multi-Level Order List - PartnersOIYQ RIOFSE00 Multi-Level Order List - OperationOIYR RIOFSE00 Multi-Level Order List - ComponentOIYS RIOFSE00 Multi-Level Order List - CompConf.OIYT RIOFSE00 Multi-Level Order List - PRTsOIYV RIOFSE00 Notifictn list (multi-level) - causOIYW RIOCUS00 List of TasksOIYZ RIOCUS00 Notification Item ListOIY9 RIOCUS00 Scheduling OverviewOIZH SAPMOMS0 Factory CalendarOIZO SAPMC68K Capacity Default ValuesOIZU ROOP0011 Work Centers Screen SequenceOIZ6 SAPLC0VL Standard TextOIZ7 SAPMSD20 Work Center MatchcodeOJIN1 SAPMV12A Maintain Cond. Table: Sum. JIT CallOKBA RGUREC10 Transfer FI Documents to COOKBB RGUREC30 Transfer MM Documents to COOKBC RKEPCU40 Transfer SD Documents to COOKBF RKCOBTR7 Import Planning LayoutsOKBG RKANBU02 Post Down PaymentsOKB1 SAPMKC01 Transfer G/L Acct: Display DefaultsOKB2 SAPMKC01 Transfer G/L Acct: Maintain DefaultAutor: Iron700 185 13/11/2007
    • OKB3 RKBIKA00 Batch Input for Cost ElementsOKB6 RKKBBGEN Generate Cost Center Acctg. ReportsOKCC RKCDSM_1 Maintain Sender StructuresOKCDS RKCSLICE SAP-EIS: Data Slice StatisticsOKCE RKCREPCU SAP-EIS: Set up data collection repOKCG SAPLKCD0 CO-BPC Maintain Transfer RulesOKCI RKC_CALL_VIEW_TDisplay Characteristic ValuesOKCJ RKC_CALL_VIEW_TChange Characteristic ValuesOKCK RKCCOMD0 Generate Master Data Maint. ModulesOKCM MENUOKCMOKCP RKCREOFC Reorganize EIS field catalogOKCSL SAPMKCSL Process Data SlicesOKCX RKALLEWS Change "All Currencies" IndicatorOKCY SAPMSNUM Number range record no. in EIS/BPOKC3 RKSCUS01 Delete transaction dataOKC4 RKSCUS02 Delete Cost CentersOKC5 RKSCUS03 Delete cost elementsOKC6 RKSCUS04 Delete Activity TypesOKD1 RKKBJBEX Export CO-CCA ReportsOKD3 RKKBJBIN Import CO-CCA ReportsOKD6 RKKBJBIN Import Individual ReportsOKEA SAPMKC05 Maintain Cost Center Matchcode IDsOKEB SAPMKC05 Display Cost Center Matchcode IDsOKEC SAPMKC05 Maintain Cost Element Matchcode IDsOKED SAPMKC05 Display Cost Element Matchcode IDsOKEE SAPMKC05 Maintain Activity Type Matchcode IDOKEF SAPMKC05 Display Activity Type Matchcode IDsOKEG RKSCUS05 Change Time-Based Fields/Cost CtrsOKEH RKSCUS05 Display Time-Based Fields/Cost CtrsOKEI RKSCUS05 Maintain Time-Based Fields/Act.TypeOKEJ RKSCUS05 Display Time-Based Fields/Act.TypesOKEK RKSCUS05 Maintain Time-Based Fields/CElemsOKEL RKSCUS05 Display Time-Based Fields/CElemsOKEM RKSARLDB Display logical databank SAKOKEN RKSTDHIE Display Standard HierarchyOKENN KEO_START_NF_STDisplay Standard HierarchyOKENNX KEO_START_NF_STDisplay stand.hierarchy: UO activeOKEO RKSTDHIE Change Standard HierarchyOKEON KEO_START_NF_STChange Standard HierarchyOKEONX KEO_START_NF_STChange standard hierarchy: UO activOKEP SAPL0KO2 Down Payment: Maintain Default CEleOKER SAPMKOMP Define Component/Switching StructurOKET SAPLKSPJ Maintain Price Calculation SettingsOKET1 SAPLKNMJ Maintain settings: plan reconciliatOKET2 SAPLKNMJ Maintain settings: target=actl IAAOKEW SAPLKSL7 Splitting: Assignment KOSTL -> SCNAOKEX RKCUTR01 Transport Planning LayoutsOKEY RKSCUS05 Display Time-Dependent Field/ProcesOKEZ RKSCUS05 Change Time-Dependent Field/ProcessOKE1 RKSARLDB Display logical databank CRKOKE10 SAPMKC02 Transport Organization CustomizingOKE2 RKSARLDB Display logical databank CEKOKE3 RKSARLDB Display logical databank CIKOKE4 RKSARLDB Display logical databank CPKOKE5 SAPMKC02 Transport Organization CustomizingOKE6 SAPMKC02 Transport Mater Data SettingsOKE7 SAPMKC02 Transport Planning SettingsOKE8 SAPMKC02 Transport Actual Posting SettingsAutor: Iron700 186 13/11/2007
    • OKE9 SAPMKC02 Transport Tool SettingsOKF1 ROOBP100 Change Budget Planning ProfileOKGA RKKTKKAR Update for WIP CalculationOKG2 RKKTKKAP Results Analysis VersionsOKG4 RKKTKKAR Update for Results AnalysisOKG6 SAPMSNUM No. Ranges Results Analysis CO Doc.OKG9 RKKTKKAP Results Analysis Versions for WIPOKI0 SAPL0EBB Determine activity number: entryOKKA SAPMSVMA Maintain Controlling AreaOKKB RKKBSELC Selection Screen MaintenanceOKKK RKKKOKKK Maintain Costing TablesOKKP SAPMSVMA Maintain Controlling AreaOKKS SAPLRKSR Set Controlling AreaOKLB SAPMKKB5 Maintain ABC Report TreeOKLF SAPMKKB5 Report Tree: Cost ObjectsOKLH SAPMKKB5 Report Tree: Engineer-to-OrderOKLI SAPMKKB5 Report Tree: Process ManufacturingOKLS SAPMKKB5 Maintain CCA Report TreeOKL1 SAPMKKB5 Report Tree for CO-OPAOKL2 SAPMKKB5 Report Tree: Order-Related Prod.OKL3 SAPMKKB5 Report Tree: Sales-Order-Rel. Prod.OKL4 SAPMKKB5 Report Tree: Repetitive MfgOKL5 SAPMKKB5 Report Tree: Unit CostingOKL8 SAPMKKB5 Report Tree: Product CostingOKMI RKMODIMP Import models Cost Center AccountinOKM0 RKIMG001 Display IMG StructureOKM1 RKIMG001 IMG Controlling: GeneralOKM2 RKIMG001 IMG Controlling: GeneralOKOA SAPMKOAU Init. Screen-Customizing SettlementOKOB ROOBP100 CO Orders: Budgeting profilesOKOD BPFDPINI Convert Avlability Cntrl Tol.LimitsOKOI SAPL0KKD Maintain Capitalization PercentagesOKOJ SAPLKK0C Results Analysis Key for Cap.ValueOKOL RKOLISTV Int.Orders: Maintain Screen VariantOKOR RKOTCODE Selection Rules for Internal OrdersOKOS ROOBP100 Struct.Planning Profiles - CO OrderOKOU RKOTCODE Substitution Rules - Internal OrderOKOV RKOTCODE Select. Variants for Internal OrderOKO1 SAPMKC05 Maintain Order Matchcode IDsOKO2 SAPMKC05 Display Order Matchcode IDsOKO5 RKODEL01 Delete CO OrdersOKO6 SAPLKOAS Maintain Allocation StructureOKP1 SAPMKCSP Maintain Period LockOKP2 SAPMKCSP Display Period LockOKQ0 RKKRXGEN Classification Data (Summarization)OKQ2 RKKRCLZM Define Reference CharacteristicsOKQ5 RKKROGEN Maintain Hierarchy Struct. (GeneralOKRH RKKBKKB1 Table Maintenance for Report ListOKRI RKKBKKB2 Table Maintenance for Report LayoutOKRZ RKKRTGEN Hierarchy ID for Process MfgOKSA RKKBBGEN Generate Reports for Internal OrderOKSB RKKBJBIN Import Reports for Repetitive MfgOKSC RKKBJBEX Export Reports for Make-to-OrderOKSD RKKBJBIN Import Reports for Make-to-OrderOKSE RKKBJBEX Export Reports for Process MfgOKSF RKKBJBIN Import Reports for Process MfgOKSH RKKBJBEX Export Reports for Unit CostingOKSI RKKBJBIN Import Reports for Unit CostingAutor: Iron700 187 13/11/2007
    • OKSJ RKKBJBEX Export Reports for Product CostingOKSK SAPMKKB3 Maintain Cost Element Group: OrdersOKSL RKKBJBIN Import Reports for Product CostingOKSM RKKBJBEX Export Reports for Run SchedulesOKSN RKKBJBIM Import Reports for Run SchedulesOKSO RKKBJBEX Export Reports for Sales OrdersOKSP RKKBJBIN Import Reports for Production CtrlOKSQ RKKBJBEX Export Reports for ProjectsOKSR RKKBJBIN Import Reports for ProjectsOKSS RKKBBGEN Generate Reports for Run SchedulesOKSU SAPMKKB3 Maintain Cost Element GroupOKSV SAPMKKB3 Maintain Cost Component StructureOKS0 RKKBBGEN Generate Reports for Sales OrdersOKS1 RKKBBG00 Generate Reports for Int.Ord.: BatcOKS2 RKKBBGEN Generate Reports for Repetitive MfgOKS3 RKKBBGEN Generate Reports for Make-to-OrderOKS4 RKKBBGEN Generate Reports for Process MfgOKS5 RKKBBGEN Generate Reports for Unit CostingOKS6 RKKBBG00 Generate Reports for Cost Ctr: BatcOKS7 RKKBBGEN Generate Reports for ProjectsOKS8 RKKBBGEN Generate Reports for Product CostinOKS9 RKKBBGEN Generate Reports for Run SchedulesOKTA RKKBJBIN General Cost Object ReportsOKTD RKKBBGEN Generate Reports for Process MfgOKTE RKKBJBIN Import Reports for Process MfgOKTG RKCCOTX0 Generate text moduleOKTJ RKKBBGEN Generate Rpts for Orders; Eng-to-OrOKTK RKKBJBIN Import Reports for Orders;Eng-to-OrOKTO RKKTKKR0 Call Summariz. Hierarchy for OrdersOKTP RKKTKKR0 Call Summar. Hierarchy for ProjectsOKT0 RKKBJBIN EC-PCA: Import ReportsOKT4 RGRLNG00 Define Report Writer LanguagesOKT9 RKKBBGEN Generate General Cost Object ReportOKUE RKCSTATS Database statisticsOKUH RKCREODM Reorganization of data transferOKUI RKCDLST0 Display data structureOKUK RKCDBCH2 Consistency test SAP-EISOKUM RKCDAMAP Aspect summarizationOKUP RKCCOASP Copy aspect from another clientOKUQ RKCDLASP Deactivate aspect in this clientOKUU RKCREOG1 Reorganize formsOKUW RKCCOPR1 Generate aspect summarizationOKUY RKCPROT0 Display aspect (with environment)OKUZ RKCCOPR3 Define aspect archivingOKU0 SAPMS38M Maintain variants RKCSUB00OKU4 RKCTRTX1 Translation toolOKVF RKKTKV05 Change Variance Vrnts for Cost CtrOKVG RKKTKV05 Variance Variants for OrdersOKVH RKKTKV05 Variance Variants for Cost ObjectsOKVK RKKVOKKV Maintain Variance TablesOKVO RKKRKKR0 Call Summariz. Hierarchy for OrdersOKVZ SAPMKKS1 Change Variance Key in Mat. MasterOKV0 RKKTKV01 Variance Keys for Cost CentersOKV1 RKKTKV01 Variance Keys for OrdersOKV2 RKKTKV01 Variance Keys for Cost ObjectsOKV5 RKKTKV09 Maintain Tgt Cost Vers for Cost CtrOKV6 RKKTKV09 Target Cost Versions for OrdersOKV7 RKKTKV09 Target Cost Versions for Cost ObjsAutor: Iron700 188 13/11/2007
    • OKWC RKKBBGEN Generate ABC ReportsOKWT RKABCT01 Transport Planning LayoutsOKXB SAPMKCTR Transport ToolOKXC RKCREOMV Reorg.view maintenance (master dataOKXE RKCCOTB0 Enter aspect in control tablesOKXF RKCDLTB0 Delete aspect from control tablesOKXG SAPMKCTR Import toolOKXR SAPMKKB5 Report TreeOKXU RKCMDFU0 Function modules for doc.connectionOKX0 RKCDSM_H Maint.sender str.for mast.data hierOKX1 SAPLKCD0 Maintain Transfer RulesOKX3 RKCTRTX1 Where-used listOKX4 RKCDSM_2 Maintain Sender Str. for Master DatOKX5 RKCDSM_3 Sender Structure CommentsOKX6 RKCDSM_6 Sender structuresOKX7 RKCDSM_7 sender str. comments on trans. dataOKX8 RKC_CALL_VIEW_TDisplay Hierarchy DirectoryOKX9 RKC_CALL_VIEW_TMaintain Hierarchy DirectoryOK01 SAPMSVMA Controlling Area: Components/StKFsOK02 SAPMBSVA Maintain Status ProfilesOK03 SAPMBSVA Display Status ProfilesOK11 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for Cost Plg/BudgetinOK12 RKBUDSDO Reset "Budgeted" StatusOK13 SAPMSNUM Maintain Reconcil. Ledger Nr. RangeOK15 RKSCUS09 Maintain authorization group versioOK16 RKSCUS09 Planner Profiles: Maint. Auth.GroupOK17 SAPLKALO Reconciliation Ledger: Acct Determ.OK18 RKSCUS09 Maintain Authorization GroupsOK60 SAPMSNUM Maintain Number Range: IRW_PFLEGEOK91 SAPMSNUM Maintain Number Range: BP_BPDKOLE RSOLETT1 OLE demo transactionOLIA MENUOLIA C Maintenance ProcessingOLIABW RMCENEUB Setup: BW agency businessOLID RMCVNEUC SIS: Stat. Setup - Sales ActivitiesOLIE RMCVNEUT Statistical Setup - TIS: ShipmentsOLIF RMCFNEUD SFIS: Setup-Repetitive ManufacturinOLIFBW RMCFNEUD Reorg. Rep. Manuf. Extr. StructsOLIG RWB2BNEUA Reconstruct: Global Trade BWOLIGBW RWB2BNEUA Reconstruct GT: External TCOLIH RMCBMRP2 MRP Data Procurement for BWOLIIBW RMCINEBW Reorg. of PM Info System for BWOLIM RMCBS198 Periodic stock qty - PlantOLIP MENUOLIP C Plant Maintenance PlanningOLIQ RMCQNEUA Reorganization of QM info systemOLIQBW RMCQNEBW QM Infosystem Reorganization for BWOLISBW RMCSNEBW Reorg. of CS Info System for BWOLIX RMCSISCP Stat. Setup: Copy/Delete VersionsOLIZ RMCBNERP INVCO Setup: Invoice VerificationOLIZBW RMCBNERP INVCO Setup: Invoice VerificationOLI0 MENUOLI0 C Plant Maintenance Master DataOLI1 RMCBNEUA INVCO Stat. Setup: Material MovemtsOLI1BW RMCBNEUA INVCO Stat. Setup: Material MovemtsOLI2 RMCBNEUB INVCO Stat. Setup: StocksOLI2BW RMCBNEUB INVCO Stat. Setup: Stor. Loc. StockOLI3 RMCENEUA PURCHIS Statistical SetupOLI3BW RMCENEUA Reorg.PURCHIS BW Extract StructuresOLI4 RMCFNEUA SFIS Statistical SetupOLI4BW RMCFNEUA Reorg. PPIS Extract StructuresAutor: Iron700 189 13/11/2007
    • OLI5 RIPMCO00 PMIS Statistical SetupOLI6 RMCBS197 Periodic stock qty - Storage locatnOLI7 RMCVNEUA SIS Statistical Setup: OrdersOLI7BW RMCVNEUA Reorg. of VIS Extr. Struct.: OrderOLI8 RMCVNEUL Set Up SIS for DeliveriesOLI8BW RMCVNEUL Reorg. VIS Extr. Str.: DeliveryOLI9 RMCVNEUF SIS Statistical Setup: Billing DocsOLI9BW RMCVNEUF Reorg. VIS Extr. Str.: InvoicesOLMB RMIMGDIRECTOLMBIMG Inventory ManagementOLME RMIMGDIRECTOLMEIMG View: PurchasingOLML RLDOLML1 IMG structure Warehouse ManagementOLMR RMIMGDIRECTOLMRIMG Invoice VerificationOLMS MENUOLMS C RM-MAT Master Data MenuOLMW RMIMGDIRECTOLMWIMG Valuation/Acct AssgtOLPA MENUOLPA SOP ConfigurationOLPM RIPMS001 Set Up: Plant Maintenance ISOLQB MENUOLQB QM Customizing in ProcurementOLS1 MENUOLS1 Customizing for RebatesOLVD MENUOLVD C SD Shipping MenuOLVF MENUOLVF C SD Billing MenuOLVS MENUOLVS C SD Menu for Master DataOL01 RLMIGR01 Display / change LDK34 (bins)OL02 RLMIGR02 Display / change RLPLA (bins)OL03 RLMIGR03 Display / change LDK33 (stock)OL04 RLMIGR04 Display / change RLBES (stock)OL05 RLMIGR05 Display / change LDK30 (mat.whse)OL06 RLMIGR06 Display / change LDK31 (mat.type)OL07 RLMG0000 Data transfer stor.bins LDK34->RLPLOL08 RLPLAT00 Data transfer stor.bins RLPLA->B.I.OL09 RLMG0001 Data transfer stor.bins LDK34->LAGPOL10 RLMGT000 Test storage bin data transferOL11 RLMG0010 Data transfer stock LDK33->RLBESOL12 RLBEST00 Data transfer stock RLBES-> B.I.OL13 RLMG0011 Data tranfer stock LDK33->LQUAOL14 RLMGT010 Test stock data transferOL15 RLMG0050 Data transfer material whse no.viewOL16 RLMGT050 Test mat.master data transfer (MLGNOL17 RLMG0060 Data transfer material storage typeOL18 RLMGT060 Test mat.master data transfer (MLGTOL19 RLALEACU Generate Distribution ModelOL20 RLWMSCH1 Consistency Check (Centr.ProcessingOL21 RLWMSCH2 Consistency Check (Decentr.Process.OL22 RLCHECKL Check LE /HU Number AssignmentOMA1 SAPMV12A Create Cond. Table: Batches in MMOMA2 SAPMV12A Change Cond.Table: Batches in MMOMA3 SAPMV12A Display Cond. Table: Batches in MMOMA6 SAPMV12A Condition Table: Listing/ExclusionOMA7 SAPMV12A Condition Table: Add IndexOMA8 SAPMV12A Condition table: Change IndexOMBA SAPMOMB0 Number Assgmt. for Accounting Docs.OMBC SAPMOMB0 Set Missing Parts CheckOMBF ROOLMB00 Control BTCI Sessions for Goods MvmOMBG SAPMOMB0 Set Stock Balance DisplayOMBM ROOLMB00 Control BTCI Sessions for Reserv.OMBN SAPMOMB0 Defaults for ReservationOMBR SAPMOMB0 General Print SettingsOMBS SAPMOMB0 Reasons for MovementsOMBV ROOLMB00 Control BTCI Sessions for Phys. InvAutor: Iron700 190 13/11/2007
    • OMBW ROOLMB00 Set Screen Layout for Goods MovemenOMBX SAPMOMBA Stock Balance DisplayOMBZ ROOLMB00 Rev. GR Despite InvoiceOMB0 ROOLMB00 List of document typesOMB1 SAPMOMB0 Dynamic Availability CheckOMB2 SAPMOMB0 Create SLoc. Automatically (GI)OMB3 SAPMOMB0 Create SLoc. Automatically (GR)OMB4 ROOLMB00 Maintain Print Indicator (GI)OMB5 ROOLMB00 Maintain Print Indicator (GR)OMB6 ROOLMB00 Change Manual Account Assgt.OMB7 ROOLMB00 Test Data: Init.Entry of Stock BalcOMB8 ROOLMB00 Test Data: Reservations TransferOMCC SAPMOMB0 Generate Phys.Inv.Doc.for Goods MvmOMCE SAPMOMBE Define Batch LevelOMCF SAPMOMB0 Print LabelOMCG ROOLMB00 Search Procedures: Batch Determ. MMOMCH ROOLMB00 Set Manual Account Assignment (GR)OMCJ ROOLMB00 Screen Layout: Goods ReceiptOMCM SAPMOMB0 Dynamic Availability Check: GROMCN ROOLMB00 Control BTCI Sessions for Phys. InvOMCP SAPMOMB0 Dynamic Availability Check: GIOMCQ ROOLMB00 Settings for System MessagesOMCS SAPMOMBE Activate Batch Status ManagementOMCT SAPMOMBE Batch DefinitionOMCZ SAPMOMBE Activate batch number allocationOMC0 ROOLMB00 Tolerance Limits for Goods ReceiptOMC1 SAPMOMB0 Goods Receipt/Issue Slip NumberOMC2 SAPMOMB0 Number Assignment for ReservationsOMC4 RM07II34 BTCI Data Transfer: Inventory CountOMC6 ROOLMB00 Test Data Transfer: Phys. InventoryOMC7 RM07II38 BTCI Data Transfer: Inv.Count + DifOMC8 RM07II39 BTCI Data Tranfer: Inv. Doc./CountOMC9 RM07II40 BTCI Data Tfr.: Inv.Doc./Count/DiffOMDK ROOLMD02 C RM-MAT MD Error AllocationOMDN SAPMSNUM C MM-MRP No.RangeInterval - PurReq.OMDO RMMDBTCH Create Planning FileOMDP RMMDBTCH Check Consistency for Planning FileOMDT SAPMOPPQ C MM-MRP External ProcurementOMDU SAPMOMD7 C MD Activate MRPOMDV SAPMOMD4 C MD Convert Planning RunOMDW SAPMOMD5 C MD ReschedulingOMDX SAPMOMD6 C MD Planning HorizonOMDY SAPMOMD8 C MD Planning Run AbendOMD5 ROOLMD01 C MM MRP Element Description T457OMEE ROOLME00 C MM-PUR Reorganization RFQOMEN ROOLME00 C MM-PUR Reorg. Sched. Agrmnt TimeOMESCJ SAPMOMEW Activate chargeable info recordsOMEV SAPMOMEV Determine Consgt. Valuation PricesOMEX ROOLME00 C MM-PUR Reorganization: RequisitioOMEY ROOLME00 C MM-PUR Reorganization POOMEZ ROOLME00 C MM-PUR Reorg. Contract TimeOMFJ RDDSRCG0 C MM-PUR Rec. Layout for Batch InpuOMFL RM06IBI0 C MM-PUR Transfer of Info Rec. DataOMFT D Message Determination RequirementsOMGA RMMEKRTE C MM-PUR Texts: Creditor (Central)OMGB RMMEKRTE C MM-PUR Texts: Creditor (Purch.)OMGEN OM_GEN Generate Organizational UnitsOMGENP OM_GEN Generate Organizational UnitsAutor: Iron700 191 13/11/2007
    • OMGQCK RM06BCUS Release Procedure ChecksOMGSCK RM06BCUS Release Procedure ChecksOMHA SAPMV12A Cr. Vol. Rebate Cond. Table (Purch.OMHB SAPMV12A Change Volume Rebate Table: Purch.OMHC SAPMV12A Cond. Table: Display Rebate (Purch.OMHK RM06BBI0 Batch Input; Purchase RequisitionsOMHL ROOLMS00 C MM-PUR Matchcode Info RecordOMHM ROOLMS00 C MM-PUR Matchcode RequisitionOMHN ROOLMS00 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purch. DocumentOMHO ROOLMS00 C MM-PUR Matchcode Source ListOMHS RM06IBIS Display Info Record Transfer FileOMHT RM06BBIS Display Requisition Transfer FileOMHU RM06IBIE Example File: Batch Input Info Rec.OMHV RM06BBIE Example File; Batch Input Requisn.OMID SAPMSNUM Maintain Number Range: Indep.ReqmtsOMIW SAPMOPPS BOM ExplosionOMI2 SAPMOMD1 C MM-MRP Number Ranges: Mat. plg.OMI3 SAPMOMD2 C MM-MRP No. Ranges for Pld OrdsOMI4 SAPMOMD3 C MD Lot SizesOMI8 SAPMM61C Plant ParametersOMJA ROOLMB00 Set Screen Layout for Goods MovemenOMJC SAPMOMB0 Generate Phys.Inv.Doc.for Goods MvmOMJD SAPMOMB0 Set Missing Parts CheckOMJE SAPMOMB0 Exp.Date at Plant Level and Mvmt LvOMJH RM07EDMI Maintain Dataset for Phys. InventorOMJI SAPMOMBD Set Material BlockOMJL ROOLMB00 Maintain Print Indicator (autom.MvTOMJM ROOLMB00 Comprn plnt/val.area - divis.->BusAOMJO RM06IBKI Convert MKOP into Consgt. Info RecsOMJP RM06IBI0 Batch Input: Consignment Info Recs.OMJQ RM06IMKI Deletion Flag: Consg. Price SegmentOMJR ROOLMB00 Printer Determin.: Message Type/UseOMJS ROOLMB00 Check expiration date at goods issuOMJV SAPMOMBD Subsequent Calculation of ValueOMJW ROOLMB00 Create Purchase Order AutomaticallyOMJ2 SAPMOMB0 Maintain Phys.Inv.Tolrnce->EmployeeOMJ3 ROOLMB00 Printer Determination Plant/SLoc.OMJ4 ROOLMB00 Printer Determ: Plant/SLoc./User GrOMJ5 SAPMOMB0 Exp.Date at Plant Level and Mvmt LvOMJ6 SAPMSNUM Maintain No. Range for GR/GI SlipsOMJ7 SAPMOMB0 Plant/Val.Area - Divis. -> Busin.ArOMJ8 SAPMOMB0 Create Stor. Loc. AutomaticallyOMJ9 ROOLMB00 Change Manual Account Assgt.OMKW SAPMOLVI Stock removal strategy "SLED"OMKX SAPMOLVI Automatic Transfer OrdersOMKY SAPMOLVI Link to External System via ALEOMKZ SAPMOLVI Automatic Transfer OrdersOMK0 SAPMOLVI Link to PP interfaceOMK1 SAPMOLVI Batch search method for Whse MgmtOMK2 SAPMOLVI Customer exits for strategiesOMK4 SAPMV12A CondTable: Create (Batches; WM)OMK5 SAPMV12A CondTable: Change (Batches; WM)OMK6 SAPMV12A CondTable: Display (Batches; WM)OMK7 SAPMOLVI Batch WM..... (will be deleted)OMLA SAPMOLVI Putaway Near Picking BinOMLB RLOLML01 MObj.01: Critical TOsOMLC RLOLML01 MObj.02: Critical TRsOMLD RLOLML01 MObj.03: Critical Post. Chge NoticeAutor: Iron700 192 13/11/2007
    • OMLE RLOLML01 M.Obj.04: Critical DeliveriesOMLF RLOLML01 M.Obj.05: Negative StocksOMLG RLOLML01 M.Obj.06: Stocks Interim Stor.BinsOMLH RLOLML01 M.Obj.07: Critical Stocks in Prod.OMLP RLOLML01 Plan Jobs for Whse Activity MonitorOMLV SAPMOLVI Print Control for Whse ManagementOMLW SAPMOLVI Number Ranges for Whse ManagementOMLX SAPMOLVI ConfirmationOMLY SAPMOLVI Storage Type SearchOMLZ SAPMOLVI Storage Section SearchOML9 SAPMOLVI Customizing MOB InterfaceOMMB SAPMOLVI Inventory No.Ranges for Whse MgmtOMMO RLVSCHEC Consistency Check for MM-WM TablesOMMP SAPMOLVI Decentralized Warehouse ManagementOMM1 SAPMOLVI Storage Bin Type SearchOMM2 SAPMOLVI Haz.Material Stock PlacementOMM3 SAPMOLVI Stock Placement Strat.for PalletsOMM4 SAPMOLVI Putaway Strategy for Bulk StorageOMM8 SAPMOLVI Stock Removal Strat. Stringent FIFOOMM9 SAPMOLVI Stock Removal Strat. Large/SmallOMNJ SAPMOLVI Link to Warehouse Control UnitOMNN RLCUST00 Conversion Exit SU NumberOMNU SAPMOLVI Print Control with SU ManagementOMNV SAPMOLVI Number Range Intervals for Whse MgmOMO! SAPMMCSC Std Analyses: Std Settings; LOOMO$ SAPMMCSC QMIS: Std Settings; Gen.Std AnalyseOMO; RMCSMCSI Std Analyses: Delete Sel. VersionOMO= SAPMMCSC PMIS: Default Settings;Gnl.Std.AnalOMOA SAPMMC0C LIS: Create ApplicationOMOB SAPMMC0C LIS: Change ApplicationOMOC SAPMMC0C LIS: Display ApplicationOMOD SAPMMC0C Update Maintenance: SFISOMOE RMCLGN00 Generate and Initialize LILOMOF SAPMMC0C Update Maintenance: User-Defined ApOMOH SAPMMCSC Var.Std Analyses: Standard SettingsOMOJ SAPMMCSC Var.Std Analyses: SIS Std SettingsOMOK SAPMMCSC Var.Std Analyses: Ext. Std SettingsOMOL SAPMMCSC Var.Std Analyses: PURCHIS Std Set.OMON SAPMMCSC Var.Std Analyses: INVCO Std SettingOMOR SAPMMC0C Update Maintenance: QMISOMOS SAPMMC0C Update Maintenance: PMISOMOT SAPMMC0C Updating maintainence: TISOMOU SAPMMCSC Var. Std Analyses: TIS Std SettingsOMOY SAPMMC0C Maintain Updating: Warehouse MgmtOMOZ SAPMMC0C Update Maintenance: Logistics GenrlOMO0 SAPMMCSC Self-Def.Anal.: Std.Settings PP-ISOMO1 SAPMMC0C Update Maintenance: SISOMO2 SAPMMC0C Update Maintenance: PURCHISOMO3 SAPMMC0C Update Maintenance: External DataOMO6 MENUOMO6 Maintain ApplicationsOMO9 SAPMMC0C Update Maintenance: INVCOOMPA SAPL0MPB Customizing: Version per Ref. TypeOMPC SAPL0MPB Customizing:PlgInd/Cons.Indep.ReqmtOMPD SAPL0MPB Customizing:Indep.Reqmts Init.ScreeOMPE RDDSRCG0 Takeover StructureOMPH SAPL0MPC Period SplitOMPI SAPL0MPC ConfigurationOMPJ SAPL0MPC Reqmts Type Message ControlAutor: Iron700 193 13/11/2007
    • OMPL RM60IN00 Direct InputOMPL1 ROOCMESG Specify system messagesOMPM RM60INEX Create Example FileOMPP SAPL0MPB Internal Number AssignmentOMP0 MENUOMP0 Customizing: Demand Mngmt (Menu)OMP1 SAPL0MPB Customizing: Requirements TypesOMP2 SAPL0MPB Customizing: VersionsOMP3 SAPL0MPB Customizing: Vers. per Reqmts ClassOMP4 SAPL0MPB Customizing: Indep. Reqmts HistoryOMP5 SAPL0MPB Customizing: Refer.Type (Dep.ReqmtsOMP6 SAPL0MPB Customizing: Consuming Indep. ReqmtOMP8 SAPL0MPB Customizing: Reorganizing Indep.ReqOMP9 SAPL0MPB Customizing: Fixing Indep. ReqmtsOMQM ROOLMS00 C MM-PUR Matchcode: Entry SheetOMQ1 RM06EEI0 Transfer of Purchase OrdersOMQ2 RM06EEI1 Transfer of Purchase Order HistoryOMQ3 RSTXLITF Transfer of PO TextsOMQ4 RM06EEEX Create PO Transfer FileOMQ5 RM06EESF Edit PO Transfer FileOMQ6 RM06EET1 Create PO Text Transfer FileOMRA ROOLMR02 C MM-IV Val.Cat./Subs.Debit/CreditOMRE SAPMV76A Purchasing Document Lists Config.OMRM RMCUST00 C MM-IV Customer-Specific MessagesOMRR RV80C001 Transaction/Event Key UsageOMR0H SAPMO20M C MM-IV Automatic Account AssignmntOMR4 SAPMOMR0 MM-IV Doc.Type/NK Incoming InvoiceOMR5 SAPMOMR0 MM-IV Doc.Type/NR Acct MaintenanceOMR6 ROOLMR00 Tolerance limits: Inv.VerificationOMR8 SAPMOMR0 C RM-MAT MR PO SupplementOMSFIX SAPSMGFI Maintain Lock-Relevant IndicatorOMSH ROOLMS00 C MM-BD Matchcode for MaterialOMSI ROOLMS00 C MM-BD Matchcode for vendorOMSJ SAPMOMS0 C MM-BD Number Range for VendorOMSK SAPMOMS0 C MM-BD Valuation Classes T025OMSM RMMMVERW CS MM Set Up Administrative DataOMST RDDSRCG0 C MM-BD Record Layout f. BATCH INPUOMSU RMMMBIM0 C MM-BD Mat. Master Data TransferOMSV RFBIKR00 C MM-BD Vendor Data TransferOMSW RDDSRCG0 C MM-BD Record Layout f. BATCH INPUOMS9 SAPSMGFL Configure Field/Screen SelectionOMT1 RM07MCC1 C MM-BD Consistency Check UpdatingOMT3C SAPMMGC5 Copy Customer-Spec. Function GroupOMT4 SAPMMGC3 Customizing for EAN MessagesOMT8 RMDATIND Transfer Material Master Data by DIOMWA SAPMOMW0 C RM-MAT MW Doc.Type/F-up Csts.D/COMWC SAPMO10M C MM-IV Split Material ValuationOMWD ROOLMB00 C RM-MAT MB Grouping Valuation AreaOMWE SAPMOMBD C LIFO/FIFO Valuation Active?OMWL SAPMOMBD C LIFO/FIFO Global SettingOMWM SAPMOMBD C MM IV Control: Accnt DeterminatioOMWN ROOLMB00 MM-IM: Acct Group. Code for Mvt.TypOMWS SAPMOMBE Activate Proportion/Product UnitOMWW SAPLMB0D_WIZ MM Account Determination WizardOMWW2 SAPM021M Old MM Account Determination WizardOMW0 SAPMOMBD C MM-IV Control ValuationOMW9 SAPMOMW0 C RM-MAT MW Doc.Type/F-u.Csts.Pr.ChOMXL SAPMOMBD Configure empties processingOMXX SAPMOMEV Update Contr. Release Order Docu. MAutor: Iron700 194 13/11/2007
    • OMX4 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenence: ML-DOCU.OMY0 RMDATSHO Display Material Transfer FileOMY1 RMDATGEN Create Input File from MaterialOMZE ROOLME00 C MM-PUR Reorg. Contract ExtraOMZN ROOLME00 C MM-PUR Reorg. Sched. Agrmnt ExtraOM0F RMDBVM00 Convert MDVM/MDVL for MRP AreasOM00 MDCUOPP1 Customizing KANBANOM14 SAPMSNUM No.Range Maintenance: Control CycleONOT SAPL0SAP Maintain Quotation TypesONP4 SAPMKES1 Create Ntwk Pl.Layout Statistical KONP5 SAPMKES1 Change Ntwk Pl.Layout Statistical KONP6 SAPMKES1 Display Nwk Pl.Layout Statistical KOOAC RHCUST01 HR: Authorization main switchOOAE RHCUST01 Settings for Appraisal SystemsOOAI RPIT25APP Appraisal Transfer PersonsOOAM RHXPEACM Change Appraisals CatalogOOAP RHCUST01 Set Active Plan VersionOOBC RHCUST01 Pushbutton Control Batch InputOOBD RHCUST01 CancellationsOOBE RHCUST01 Budgeting ParametersOOBI RHCUST01 INTERN: PA-PD Integration in BatchOOBS RHCUST01 Staffing ScheduleOOBU RHCUST01 Business Events BookingsOOBX RHCUST01 Appraisal Type: Standard InputOOCA RHCUST01 Activity TypesOOCB RHCUST01 Customer Enhancement for Master DatOOCC RHCUST01 Cost Center of Cost ObjectOOCE RHCUST01 Organizational ElementsOOCH RHCHECK0 Consistency CheckOOCINH RHCUST01 Inheritance of Contr. Area in Pos.OOCK RHCUST01 Integ. Cost Plng & Cost AccountingOOCM RHCUST01 Compensation Management SettingsOOCO RHCUST01 Integration HR Planning: Cost AcctnOOCR RHCUST01 Set up PD Transport ConnectionOODA RHCUST01 Online ProcessOODC RHCUST01 Shift Planning: Requirements EntryOODD RHCUST01 Shift Planning: Lock SettingsOODE RHCUST01 Shift Planning: Work Center ViewOODF RHCUST01 Shift Planning: Abbrev. ProposalOODG RHCUST01 Shift Planning: Standard Shift GrouOODH RHCUST01 Shift Planning: Selection ViewOODK RHCUST01 Shift Planning: Factory CalendarOODL RHCUST01 Default Values for OutputOODM RHCUST01 Activate indicator for subst. typesOODN RHCUST01 Shift Planning: Dialog Box Cust.OODO RHCUST01 Shift Planning: Different PaymentOODT RHALTD00 Data TransferOODU RHCUST01 Shift Planning: Report VariantOODV RHCUST01 Shift Planning: Substitution TypeOODW RHCUST01 Shift Planning: MessagesOODX RHCUST01 Shift Planning: GroupingsOODY RHCUST01 Shift Planning: Time Types/BalancesOOEC RHXPEECATM Change Development Plan CatalogOOEE RHCUST01 Settings for Development PlansOOEF RHCUST01 Firmly Book/CancelOOEW RHCUST01 Booking PrioritiesOOEX RHCUST01 Print Shift Plan w/Microsoft ExcelOOFA RHCUST01 Switch for Business Event LocationsAutor: Iron700 195 13/11/2007
    • OOFD RHCUST01 Search FunctionOOFF RHCUST01 Passport photoOOFK RHCUST01 Factory CalendarOOFT RHCUST01 Customizing Quota Planning FTEOOHCP1 RHCUST01 Basic Settings Pers. Cost PlanningOOHCP2 RHCUST01 Data Collection Settings PersCostPlOOHCP3 RHCUST01 Planning Run Settings PersCostPl.OOHCP4 RHCUST01 Detail Planning Settings PersCostPlOOHCP5 RHCUST01 Posting Settings Pers. Cost PlanninOOHP RHINTE10 Set Up PD - PA IntegrationOOHQ RHINTE30 Integration: PLOG - PRELOOIL RHCUST01 Integration Cost AllocationOOIO RHCUST01 Initialization Object TypeOOIV RHCUST01 Initial Business Event/Resource TypOOKF RHCUST01 Cost Center DeterminationOOKP RHCUST01 Cost PlanningOOKR RHCUST01 Fee HandlingOOKV RHCUST01 Conflict ReactionOOKY RHCUST01 Set up Current Year for YEA KoreaOOLA RHCUST01 List EntryOOLE RHCUST01 Current SettingsOOLW RHCUST01 Workflow connection - Ctry ReassignOOMA RHCUST01 Mail ConnectionOOMG RHCUST01 Control Elements Materials MgmtOOML RHCUST01 Room Administration Mail ConnectionOOMM RHCUST01 Integration Materials ManagementOOMP RHCUST01 Organization Elements Materials MgmOOMV RHMOVE00 Create Sequential File for PDOOMW RHMOVE40 Display Sequential File for PDOONC RHCUST01 No. Assignment for All Plan VersionOONF RHCUST01 Note FunctionOOPC RHCUST01 Administration: Personnel No. CheckOOPD RHCUST01 HR Master DataOOPE RHCUST01 Organizer TypesOOPH RHINTE00 Set Up PA - PD IntegrationOOPM RHCUST01 HR Planning: Search FunctionOOPP RHINTE20 Consistency Check for IntegrationOOPS RHCUST01 HR Master Data IntegrationOOPT RHCUST11 Participate in IntegrationOOQA RHXPEQCM Change Qualifications CatalogOOQB RHQINTE1 Qualification Transfer: ApplicantsOOQI RHQINTE0 Transfer Qualifications - EmployeeOOQM RHPEPRFM Qual. Profile: Mass Data MaintenancOOQU RHCUST01 Settings for Personnel DevelopmentOOQ4 RHPECPAM Maintain Career ModelOOQ5 RHQCOPY1 Copy Requirements Profile to HolderOORP RHCUST01 Plan Version for Room ReservationOORU RHCUST01 Shift Planning: Proposal StrategyOORV RHCUST01 Strategy for Automatic AssignmentOORW RHCUST01 Work Schedule: Rule ValuesOOSD RHCUST01 Integration BillingOOSE RHCUST01 Organizational ElementsOOSF RHCUST01 Search FunctionOOSG RHCUST01 Settings for Credit MemoOOSH RHCUST01 Control Elements Day-To-Day ActysOOSK RHCUST01 Cost Accounting ControlOOSR RHCUST01 Settings for InvoiceOOSS RHCUST01 Prices; Taxes; Account AssignmentAutor: Iron700 196 13/11/2007
    • OOTK RHCUST01 Integration Appointment CalendarOOTO RHCUST01 Specify Appointment TypesOOTS RHCUST01 BreakpointsOOTT RHCUST01 Attendee TypesOOTV RHCUST01 PrebookingsOOUM RHCUST01 Integration Cost Transfer PostingOOUR RHCUST01 C. Enhancement Resource ReservationOOVA RHCUST01 Business Event CatalogOOVB RHCUST01 Vacancy EditingOOVO RHCUST01 Prebooking Business Event TypesOOVW RHCUST01 Service for LockOOWB RHCUST01 TEM-ESS : Standard valuesOOWFAC RHCUST01 Activate Workflow Event LinkageOOWIZ1 SAPLHRTEM00_WIZWizard: Cost Transfer PostingOOWIZ2 SAPLHRTEM00_WIZWizard: Activity AllocationOOWIZ3 SAPLHRTEM00_WIZWizard: BillingOOWIZ4 SAPLHRTEM00_WIZWizard Customizing CorrespondenceOOWIZ5 SAPLHRTEM00_WIZWizard: Cost Transfer PostingOOW4 SAPLRHWW Workflow/Org.Mgmt Prefix NumbersOOZI RHCUST01 Dynamic Menus Additional InfoOOZO RHCUST01 Shift Planning: Simulate AttendenceOOZS RHCUST01 Attendance Types Time ManagementOOZT RHCUST01 Shift Planning: Employee StatusOOZW RHCUST01 Integration with Time ManagementOO0D RHDESC20 Object Description ProfileOPCF SAPMUNIT Time unitsOPCI SAPMOUT1 Setup group key/categoryOPDD SAPMOMS0 Factory calendarOPDK ROOP0010 Define standard overviewOPDL ROOP0010 Cap. plan. detailed cap.list maint.OPDM ROOP0010 Define detail list (leveling)OPDT ROOP0010 Define detail listOPDV SETCOPY1 Com-file (Rel-Info/OLPK) KOP. Set´sOPDW SETCOPY2 Com-file (Rel-Info/OLPK) KOP. Set´sOPENPS OPENPS Download Activities to Palm PilotOPE9 SAPMS01C Maintain User ProfileOPFP SAPMKFPC Configuring the Fixed Price VersionOPFR01 RPUCORF0PBS RPUCORF0PBS : IMG LinkOPF0 SAPMS01J Maintain UserOPH1 RFFMDL82 CO Cash Bgt Mgmt: Delete Actual DatOPH2 RKFMDL83 PS Cash Management: Delete Plan DatOPH3 RFFMMDD1 CO Cash Bgt Mgmt: Delete Master DatOPH4 RFFMRP20 CO Cash Bgt Mgmt: MM Data TransferOPH5 RFFMRP82 CO CBM: Successive FI Data TransferOPH6 RFFMRP81 CO CBM: Take Over FI CompletelyOPH7 RFFMRP85 CO-CBM: Take Over All DataOPIN SAPMSNUM Number range maintnce: VHU_PINSTOPI1 RKP_ACPOS_MAINTMaintain Value CategoriesOPI2 RKP_ACPOS_MAINTValue Categories for Cost ElementsOPI4 RKP_ACPOS_MAINTCommitment Item Value CategoriesOPI5 RKP_ACPOS_MAINTValue Categories for Stag.Key FigsOPI8 RKP_ACPOS_MAINTDisplay Value CategoryOPJA SAPMOUT1 Maintain setup group/group categoryOPJB ROOP0016 Specify system messagesOPJO SAPMUNIT C MM-BD units of measurementOPJU ROOP0013 Production order control parametersOPJX SAPMOMS0 Factory Calendar COPJ0 SAPMS01J Maintain UserAutor: Iron700 197 13/11/2007
    • OPJ1 SAPMS01C Maintain User ProfilesOPJ3 SAPMS01C Maintain AuthorizationsOPJ4 COWORKDISPATCH_Schedule batch function requestOPJ6 SAPMBSVA Maintain Status ProfilesOPKK SAPLC0VL Standard TextOPKQ SAPMOUT4 Customizing: Matchcode for Proc.OrdOPKR PPSFCAJB Print flagOPKT SAPMKOAU Initial Screen: Settlement StructurOPKV PPPRBTCM Print FlagOPKW PPPRBSCM Print shop papersOPKX PPREJOB1 Deletion Flag/IndicatorOPKZ SAPMOUT4 Customizing Matchcode for ProdOrderOPK7 PPCOBDEC Accessing Customizing PDC transferOPLB SAPMV12A CondTab: Create (batch; prod.)OPLC SAPMV12A CondTab: Change (batchs; prod.)OPLD SAPMV12A CondTab: Display (batches; prod.)OPLI PPGOMOVE Background job for goods movementsOPLJ PPPRECONF Job "Fast entry confirmation"OPLL PPORPFSE Order progress: Displayed fieldsOPLP PPGOMOVE2 Job "Convert planned order"OPMI RKMODIMP Import models activitiesOPMJ PPORPPLA Determine progress valuesOPN1 SAPMOUT1 Maintain Profiles for Master RecipeOPO1 SAPMKES1 Create Cost Element Planning LayoutOPO2 SAPMKES1 Change Cost Element Planning LayoutOPO3 SAPMKES1 Display Cost Element Planning LayouOPO4 SAPMKES1 Create Stat. KF Planning LayoutOPO5 SAPMKES1 Change Stat. KF Planning LayoutOPO6 SAPMKES1 Display Stat. KF Planning LayoutOPPB SAPMOPPR Direct ProcurementOPPE SAPMOMDB Conversion Plnnd Order -> Prod.OrdeOPPE11 AVC_PPEGIPROFILDefine iPPE User ProfilesOPPE12 AVC_PPETABSTRIPDetermine Tabs for iPPE WorbenchOPPE13 SAPLPPEGIENG User Assignment: iPPE WorkbenchOPPE20 SAPLPPEPROCUST Profile Maintenance iPPE PSOPPJ SAPMOMD9 MRP Checking RuleOPPL MENUOPPL MRPOPPM SAPT457G Evaluation ProfilesOPPQ SAPMM61C C M MRP Plant Parameters for MRPOPPR SAPMM61C C M MRP MRP GroupOPPZ SAPMM61C MRP GroupOPP1 MDCUOPP1 Customizing MRPOPP2 MENUOPP2 MPSOPP3 MDCUOPP1 Customizing Repetitive ManufacturinOPP5 SAPMM61C List Profile Component ListOPSB ROOBP100 Cost Planning ProfileOPSI SAPLCNGX Edit PS validation rulesOPSM SAPL0PSR Maintain Overall Profile PS InfoSysOPSN SAPLCNGX Edit PS substitution rulesOPSO SAPL0PSD Maintain Project TypesOPSP ROOP0014 Capacity availability checkOPST RIOTCORU Network Confirmation ParametersOPSX RKBUDSDP PS: Reset "Budgeted" StatusOPS5 ROOPSS10 Maintain Standard Network ProfileOPS9 ROOBP100 Budget Management ProfileOPTH R0PSR000 PS info system maintenanceOPTM ROOBP100 Fincl Budgeting Profile for ProjectOPTX SAPL0PSR Maint. PS Info System database set.Autor: Iron700 198 13/11/2007
    • OPTZ SAPMOUT4 Matchcode for standard WBS elementsOPT2 SAPMOUT4 Matchcode for project definitionOPT3 SAPMOUT4 Matchcode for WBS elementsOPT4 SAPMOUT4 Matchcode for standard networkOPT5 SAPMOUT4 Customizing matchcode for networkOPUZ ROOP0015 Control parameters plant maintenancOPU0 SAPMOUT4 Matchcode for standard project def.OPU3 ROOP0015 Production order control parametersOPU6 ROOP0015 Production order control parametersOPU7 ROOP0015 Control parameters plant maintenancOPVC BPFDPINI Convert Avlability Cntrl Tol.LimitsOPVP SAPMM61C Collective availibility checkProfilOP01 MENUOP01 Customizing Routing/Work CenterOP03 SAPMOMS0 Factory Calendar COP07 SAPLC0VL Standard TextOP08 SAPLC0VL Standard TextOP13 ROOP0011 Maintain Screen SequenceOP18 SAPMOUT1 Maintain Setup Group/Setup Group CaOP36 SAPMC68K Maintain Capacity Default ValuesOP41 SAPMOUT4 Matchcode for work centerOP49 SAPMOUT4 Matchcode for Routings/Ref. Op. SetOP58 SAPMOUT1 Maintain Default Value ProfilesOP61 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ROUTING_3OP62 SAPMSNUM Number ranges for routingsOP63 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for Ref.Operation SetOP7A SAPMOUT4 Customizing matchcode for PRTsOP73 ROOP0010 PRT Authorization GroupOP77 ROOP0010 Engineering Workbench for Task ListOP8C RDDSRCG0 Record layout for background (APL)OP8D RCPTRA01 Data transfer APLOP8H ROOP0010 Profiles: Default Values for Rtgs.OP84 ROOP0010 Profiles: Default Values for Rtgs.OP85 ROOP0010 Profiles: Default Values for QMOQBA RIOCUS00 Variants-maintain all-QINF in DBOQBB RQOCST01 Activate Customizing doc. typesOQBC RQOCST01 Deactivate Customizing doc. typesOQIA RIOCUS00 Maintain variant: Q-level evaluatioOQIC RIOCUS00 Work list variant for results rec.OQID RIOCUS00 Order maint. variant for materialOQIE RIOCUS00 Usage var. for QM order in materialOQIF RIOCUS00 Customize Lot Selection for QVM1OQIG RIOCUS00 Customize Lot Selection for QVM2OQIH RIOCUS00 Customize Lot Selection for QVM3OQII RIOCUS00 Customize Lot Selection for QA16OQIJ RIOCUS00 Field select. maintain results histOQIK RIOCUS00 Field sel. PhysSampDraw with ref.OQIL RIOCUS00 Field sel. insp. lots for physSampsOQIM RIOCUS00 Field sel. deletion program Q-levelOQIN RIOCUS00 Results recording for insp. pointsOQIO RIOCUS00 Results recording for insp. lotsOQIP RIOCUS00 Results recording for insp. charac.OQIQ RIOCUS00 Results recording variant for samplOQIR RIOCUS00 Results recording variant for equipOQIS RIOCUS00 Res. recording variant for fnct. LoOQIT RIOCUS00 Settings for Insp. Method ListOQIU RIOCUS00 Settings for Master Insp. Char. LisOQIV RIOCUS00 Results History for Task List CharaOQIW RIOCUS00 Results History for Task List CharaAutor: Iron700 199 13/11/2007
    • OQIX RIOCUS00 Test Equipment Usage ListOQIY RIOCUS00 Test Equipment TrackingOQI3 RIOCUS00 Storage Data MaintenanceOQI4 RIOCUS00 Customize Lot Selection for QA32/33OQI5 RIOCUS00 List of control charts for insp. loOQI6 RIOCUS00 List of control charts for task lisOQI7 RIOCUS00 Results Recording Worklist: NewOQI8 RIOCUS00 Work list variant automatic UDOQI9 RIOCUS00 Cntrl chart lists for master characOQNC RIOCUS00 Set field selection for notif. listOQND RIOCUS00 Set field selection for task listOQNE RIOCUS00 Set field selection for item listOQNF RIOCUS00 Variant: Work list activitiesOQNL RIOFSE00 Field selec. multi-lvl list - notifOQNM RIOFSE00 Field selec. mul.lev. list - partneOQNN RIOFSE00 Field selec. mul.level list - itemOQNO RIOFSE00 Field selec. multi-lvl list - activOQNP RIOFSE00 Field selec. multi-level list - tasOQNU RIOFSE00 Multi-lev. list fld selection-causeOQR0 RQTQREO Organize QM ArchivingOQS8 RIOCUS00 Customizing for IQS8OQS9 RIOCUS00 Customizing for IQS9OQZ7 SAPMV12A Create cond. table for certificatesOQZ8 SAPMV12A Change cond. table for certificatesOQZ9 SAPMV12A Disp. cond. table for certificatesOQ02 RQIFORM0 Maintain FormsOQ49 SAPMSD20 Routing matchcodeOQ62 SAPMSNUM Number ranges for inspection plansOQ63 SAPMSNUM Number ranges for ref.operation setOQ77 ROOP0010 Engineering Workbench for QMOQ84 ROOP0010 Profile def. values: Task list/gen.OQ85 ROOP0010 Profile def. values: Task list/charORDO RAIM_DOWNLOAD Download of an Investment ProgramORET SAPMKKB5 Report SelectionORFA RAORFA_IMG Asset Accounting CustomizingORFB MENUORFBORIS RMCWNEUU Stat. Setup: Sales Price RevaluatioORISBW RMCBWEXUSEG Reorg: BW Sls Price Revaluation DocORKA MENUORKA C CO-OPA Configuration Menu: OrdersORKE RKE_IMG_ORKE Display CO-PA IMGORKL MENUORKL Reconciliation Ledger MenuORKS MENUORKSORK0 MENUORK0 Configuration menu gen. controllingORK1 MENUORK1 Customizing: Account-Based EC-PCAORK2 RKEIMG00 EC-PCA: Call IMGORMI RKMODIMP Import models ordersORUP RAIM_UPLOAD Upload of an Investment ProgramOSPI SAPMSNUM Number Range for Backflush Discrep.OSPJ SAPMSNUM No.Range Maintenance f. Document LoOSPM RMSERI14 Background Job Reprocessing REMOSPN RMSERI36 Background Job: Adjmt. of Dep. ReqsOSPO RMSERI71 Backgr. Job - Agg. Coll. BackflushOSPR SAPMRMCU Number Ranges in REMOSPT SAPMRMCU Repetitive Mfg Profile AssistantOSPY MDBFUPDT Conversion for withdrawal seq. grpOSS1 RSEFA910 Logon to SAPNetOS01 RSHOST14 LAN check with pingOS02 RSHOST01 Operating system configurationAutor: Iron700 200 13/11/2007
    • OS03 RSHOST02 O/S Parameter changesOS04 RSHOST03 Local System ConfigurationOS05 RSHOST04 Remote System CconfigurationOS06 RSHOST05 Local Operating System ActivityOS07 RSHOST06 Remote Operating System ActivityOS40 RDDSRCG0 Generate BOM Transfer FileOS41 RCSBI010 Transfer BOM without Long TextOS42 RCCSBISC Process Transfer FileOS43 RCSBI020 Copy BOM changesOS44 RCSBI030 Copy BOM variantsOS45 RCSBI040 Copy BOM with descriptionOS46 RCCSBIST Edit transfer file (long text)_OS53 SAPMSNUM Number ranges for change masterOS61 SAPMCC02 Effectivity TypeOTCP SAPLDSYS Call TR OTCOOTLA SAPMKKB5 Report SelectionOTPM SAPMF40M Define El.Bank Stmt Search StringOT20 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges of Memo RecordsOT30 RFFDKU00 Open item accountOT31 RFFUEB00 Not an open item accountOT35 RFFDMM10 Purchase ordersOT38 RFBIDE00 C FI Batch Input ProgramOT39 RFBIKR00 C FI Batch Input ProgramOT43 SAPMFKM0 C Maintain version: Man. bank stmtOT45 SAPMFKM0 C Maintain variants: check depositOT48 RFFDIS00 C FT CMF reorganizationOT50 SAPMFKM0 C Elec acct assignment /checks recdOT58 SAPMFKM0 C Elec acct determntn (manual acct)OT59 SAPMFKM0 C Elec.bkng ac.assignment (elec.ac.OT60 SAPMFKM0 C TR Acct determin G/L acct bal intOT62 SAPMFKM0 C acct determination dep./loan mgmtOT69 RFFDSD10 Reorganize CM data from ordersOT75 RFFDLF00 Reconstruct CM from Vendor Bill.DocOT76 RFFDDA00 Reconstruct CM from LoansOT77 RFFDWP00 Reconstruct CM from SecuritiesOT78 RFFDTR00 Reconstruct FC; Money Mkt; Deriv.OT81 FIBL_RPCODE_MAIProcess Repetitive CodesOV/1 RDDSRCG0 Generate Record LayoutOV/2 RFBIDE00 RV Batch Input ProgramOV/3 RFBIKR00 RV Batch Input ProgramOV/4 RMMMBIM0 RV Batch Input ProgramOV/5 RV14BTCI RV Batch Input ProgramOV/6 RVINVB00 RV Transfer ProgramOV/7 RVINVBT0 Test Data for Data TransferOV/8 RVBTCI01 Test Data - Transfer Data - Cond.OV/9 RVBTCI02 Display Test DataOVAA SAPMSTBM C SD Tab. VAG Rejection ReasonsOVAC SAPMSTBM C SD Tab VCPA "Copy DocumentsOVAE SAPMSTBM C SD Tab. VEP OrdersOVAF SAPMSTBM C SD Tab. 184 Item Category DetermOVAG SAPL080I C SD Tab. VAG Rejection ReasonsOVAQ SAPMSTBM C SD Tab. VAU Order Block ReasonsOVAR SAPL080V C SD Tab. ROAZ Route DeterminationOVAS SAPMSTBM C SD Tab. VAST "Order: Block ReasonOVAT SAPMSTBM C SD Tab. TXVR Copy Document TextOVAU SAPL080I C SD Tab. VAU Other ReasonsOVAV SAPMSTBM C SD Tab. MVFU Avail.Check CriteriOVAX SAPMSTBM C SD Tab. VAUAutor: Iron700 201 13/11/2007
    • OVAY SAPMSTBM C SD Tab. 184E Sched.Line Determ.OVAZ SAPL080K C SD Tab. VAKZ Order Type/Organiz.OVA0 SAPL080I C_RV_Tab. VVVS "Status group"OVA5 SAPMSTBM C SD Tab.VHA Ord.Type Group Itm DetOVBT SDFPLA02 Modification Report Billing PlanOVB3 RV15B001 Rebate: Reorganiz. of Billing IndexOVCB SAPLO81C Structure of Reporting ViewOVCC SAPL081C Assign View to UserOVCD SAPL081C Definition of Reporting ViewOVCE SAPL081C Control Update of Perform.MeasuresOVCF RVCAS001 Control Reporting - Info BlocksOVCM SAPL080G RVCust:TVKK:Planning:Sales Act. TypOVE6 SAPL080E C RV Table T616 "Exp/Import Proced.OVE7 SAPL080E C SD Table T616Z "BusTransTypeProp.OVE8 SAPL080E C SD Table TVFM "MatPrGrp-Imp/ExpOVFB SAPMSTBM C SD Tab. TVBOOVFC SAPMSTBM C SD Tab.TVCPFOVFK SAPMSTBM C SD Table VFK Billing DocumentsOVFS SAPMSTBM C SD Table VFSOVFU SAPMSTBM C SD Table VFSPOVF3 SAPL080C C_RV_Tab. VAUK "Cost Centers"OVG1 RV15B003 Redetermine subtotalOVH1 SAPL0V02 C RV Tab. THIT Hierarchy TypeOVH2 SAPL0V02 C SD Tab. THIZU AcctGrpAssignmentOVH3 SAPL0V02 C RV Tab. THIOZ Org.assignmentsOVK0 SAPMSTBM C SD Table STE "Tax Categories"OVK1 SAPMSTBM C SD Table V_TST "Tax Catg./CountryOVK3 SAPL080D C SD Table TSKD "Cust.Tax IndicatorOVK4 SAPL080D C SD Table TSKM "Mat.Tax IndicatorOVK5 SAPL080C V Table VKM Material Acct GrpOVK7 SAPMSTBM C SD Table T459 "Reqt/PlanOrd.Type"OVK8 SAPL080C C SD Tab. TVKT Customer Acct GrpOVK9 RVTSTLSA Tax Records for Each CountryOVLA SAPL080V C SD Tab T173 Shipping TypesOVLB SAPMSTBM C SD Tab TVKOLOVLC SAPMSTBM C SD Tab.TVCPLOVLD SAPL080V SD Table VKN Trans.connection pointOVLE SAPL080V SD Table VTR Mode of TransportOVLF SAPMSTBM C SD Tab TROLZOVLG SAPMSTBM C SD Tab. TVLG Weight Grp/DeliverOVLH SAPL080V SD Table VRO RoutesOVLL SAPL080S C SD Tab T630L Loading TimesOVLM SAPL080S C RV Tab. TROLZ "Route determ."OVLN SAPMSTBM C SD Tab TVLSP Delivery BlockinOVLR SAPL080V C SD Tab TROALOVLS SAPL080I C SD Tab TVLS Delivery Block ReasonOVLU SAPL080V c_rv_tab. vro "Transit time"OVLV SAPL080S C SD Tab T630R Shipping TimesOVLW SAPMSTBM C SD Tab.T644OVLX SAPL080I C SD Tab TVLSP Delivery BlocksOVL1 SAPL080V C SD Tab. VRO Transportat.PlanninOVL5 SAPL080V Maintain Transit TimeOVNA SAPMSTBM C SD Table T685BOVNB SAPMSTBM C SD Tab. TVST Shipping Point InfoOVNC SAPMSTBM C SD Tab. TNAPR LayoutsOVND SAPMSTBM C SD Tab TNAPN Output/Part.FunctioOVNE SAPMSTBM C SD Tab. TVKO Sales Org.InformatioOVNF SAPMSTBM C SD Table T685BAutor: Iron700 202 13/11/2007
    • OVNG SAPMSTBM C SD Tab. TVAK Assign OuputOVNI SAPMSTBM C SD Tab. TVLK Assign OutputOVNJ SAPMSTBM C SD Tab. TVFK Assign OutputOVNK SAPMSTBM C SD Table 077D Higher-level OutputOVNL SAPMSTBM C SD Table T685BOVNM SAPMSTBM C SD Background job messagesOVNN SAPMSTBM C SD Output VariantsOVNO SAPMSTBM C SD Table TVKO Form for Sales OffOVPS MENUOVPS Document Mgmt CustomizingOVP3 SAPMW01V Change price point groupOVRB SAPL081K Statistical Currency per Sales Org.OVRC SAPMSTBM C SD Variants for Orders on HandOVRD SAPMSTBM C SD Background Jobs f. Ord. on HanOVRE SAPMSTBM C SD Top Cust/Mat VariantsOVRF SAPL080K C SD Table TVSM Material Stats GrpsOVRG SAPMSTBM C SD Background Jobs f. Top Cust/MaOVR0 SAPL0V01 SD Table 171 Sales RegionsOVR1 SAPL080V SD Table ZONE Transportation ZonesOVR2 SAPL080F c_rv_Tab. T016 "Sectors"OVR3 SAPMSTBM C SD Tab. Customer CalendarOVR4 SAPMSTBM C SD Tab. Billing SchedulesOVSA SAPL080K C SD Table T130W "Plant Fld Selec.OVSB SAPL080I C SD Tab.T176 "Purchase Order TypesOVSC SAPL080H C SD Table TVWA "GoodsReceivingHrs.OVSD SAPL080H C SD Tab.TPRIO "Delivery PrioritiesOVSF SAPL080V C SD Table TVSB "Shipping Cond."OVSG SAPL080H C SD Table TINC "Incoterms"OVSH SAPMSTBM C SD Table TVBO Rebate GroupsOVSI SAPMSTBM C SD View V_T189 "Price List Categ.OVSJ SAPL080Z C SD Table T178 "Mat.Cond.Group"OVSK SAPMSTBM C SD Table TVPR Commission GroupsOVSL SAPL080Z Pricing groups for customersOVSM SAPL080S C SD Table TVAV Buying HabitsOVSN SAPL080S C SD Table TPFKOVSP SAPMM03C C SD MS Material TypesOVSQ SAPL080S C SD Table TSAB DepartmentsOVSR SAPL080S C SD Table TVPV Decision AuthoritOVSU SAPL08OH C SD Table TUMS "Material StatusOVSV RVPHCUST C RV Customizing Product HierarchyOVSW SAPL080S C SD Table TVBR Call FrequencyOVSX SAPL080V C SD Table TLGROVSY SAPL080D C SD Table TGROVS0 SAPMSD20 C SD Matchcodes Product ProposalsOVS1 SAPMSD20 SD Matchcodes MaterialsOVS2 SAPMSD20 C SD Matchcodes CustomersOVS3 SAPMSD20 C SD matchcode for contact personOVS4 SAPMSD20 C SD Matchcodes VendorsOVS5 SAPMSD20 C SD Matchcodes Sales PersonnelOVS6 SAPL080H C SD Table TKUKL "Customer Classif.OVS7 SAPMSTBM C SD Tab.TKUPA "PartnerGrp/CustomerOVS9 SAPL080H C SD Table T151 "Customer GroupsOVTH SAPMSTBM C SD Table T079V "Screen SelectionOVT0 SAPMSTBM C SD Table 077D "Accnt Grp CustomerOVT1 SAPMSTBM C SD Table 142 Storage conditionOVT2 SAPMSTBM SD Table 143OVT4 SAPMOMS0 C SD Valuation Classes MaterialsOVT5 SAPL0F04 C SD Table 077K Vendor Account GrpOVT6 SAPL080V View V_TVRLAutor: Iron700 203 13/11/2007
    • OVVX RV080VSA Collective Document Types for SDOVV0 SAPMSTBM C SD Tab. TVCPA Order Copying RuleOVV1 SAPMSTBM C SD Tab.VCPL Delivery Copying RuleOVV2 SAPMSTBM C SD Tab.TVCPF Billing copying ruleOVV3 SAPL080F C SD Table TVFS Billing BlockOVXA RVOTVKOS Division -> Sales organizationOVXC RVOTVSWZ Shipping point -> PlantOVXE SAPMSTBM C RV Tab. VSTZ Plant/Ship.PointOVXF SAPMSTBM C RV Tab. VRSZ "Legs/RouteOVXG RVOTVTA Define sales areasOVXH SAPMSTBM C RV Tab. VTR "CarrierOVXJ RVOTVBVK Sales group -> Sales officeOVXK RVOTVKOV Distrib.channels->Sales organiz.OVXM RVOTVKBZ Sales office -> Sales areaOVXN SAPMSTBM C RV Tab. VKNOVXZ SAPL080S C SD Table NLS "Nielsen IDOVX2 RVOT134G Business area->Plant/DivisionOVX3 RVOTVKO Company code -> Sales organizationOVX6 RVOTVKWZ Plants->Sales org./distr.channelOVX8 RVOCHECK Check Report Organization SalesOVZA SAPMSNUM C SD Number Ranges/Product ProposalOVZB SAPMSNUM C SD Number Ranges/Material MasterOVZC SAPMSNUM C SD Number Ranges/Customer MasterOVZD SAPMSNUM C SD Inactive !!! NR contact personOVZE SAPMSNUM C SD Number Ranges/VendorsOVZF SAPMSNUM C SD Number Ranges/Sales PersonnelOVZ1 SAPL080C C SD Tab. TMVFP Avail.check criteriOVZ2 SAPL080C C SD Tab. MVF Avail. check controlOVZ3 SAPMSTBM C SD Tab. TMVFU Avail.check criteriOVZ4 SAPMOMS0 C SD Factory CalendarOVZ5 SAPMS01J C SD User MaintenanceOV05 SAPMV12A Condition Table: Listing/ExclusionOV06 SAPMV12A Condition Table: Listing/ExclusionOV07 SAPMV12A Condition Table: Listing/ExclusionOV08 SAPMV12A Condition Table: Add IndexOV09 SAPMV12A Condition table: Change IndexOV10 SAPMV12A Condition Table: Display IndexOV16 SAPMV12A Condition Table: Material Substit.OV17 SAPMV12A Condition Table: Material Substit.OV18 SAPMV12A Condition Table: Material Substit.DOV20 SAPMV12A Condition Table: Create RebateOV21 SAPMV12A Condition Table: Change RebateOV22 SAPMV12A Condition Table: Display RebateOV46 SAPMV12A Condition table: Cross-selling HOV47 SAPMV12A Condition table: Cross-selling ÄOV48 SAPMV12A Condition table: Cross-selling AOV50 RFDKAG00 Comparison of master data for cust.OV51 RFDABL00 Display of Changes for CustomerOV52 SAPV019 Del.Customers Pre-Production StartuOV61 SAPMV12A Recon. account det.: Create tableOV62 SAPMV12A Rec. account det.: Change tableOV63 SAPMV12A Rec. account det.: Display tableOV7Z RMQUOT01 Create Characteristics for Rem.AlloOV71 SAPMV12A Cash account det.: Change tableOV72 SAPMV12A Cash account det.: Display tableOV8Z RMQUOT00 Check SettingsOV80 SAPMV12A Acc. det.- credit cards: Create tabOV81 SAPMV12A Acc. det.- credit cards: Change tabAutor: Iron700 204 13/11/2007
    • OV82 SAPMV12A Acc. det.- credit cards: Displ. tabOV9Z RMQUOT10 Suitable Statistical StructuresOV90 SAPMV12A COPA project: Create tableOV91 SAPMV12A COPA project: Change tableOV92 SAPMV12A COPA project: Display tableOWA1 SAPMV76A Configuration: Generate Foll.Docs AOWBA RWB2OWBA Trading Contract: Inc. Costs SalesOWBC RWB2OWBA Trading Contract: Incid. Costs PurcOWB10 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: WB2BOWD1 SAPL0WCL Maintain rounding profilesOWEA RTLABELC Output Determination; Mat. Maint.OWEB RTLABELE Delete Label Messages (GR)OWEK SAPMV13B Labeling: ConditionsOWET SAPMV12A Labeling: Condition TableOWS0 MENUOWS0 Batch ManagementOWTY RWTYIMG0 Customizing Warranty ProcessingOWTYCU RWTYATAB WTY Tabstrip CustomizingOWV0 MENUOWV0 Customizing PricingOW00 RWVIEWPF Default values for fields in viewsOXA1 RIOCUS00 List: Service Master RecordsOXK1 RBKNTSTA Coding Block: Maintain SubscreensOXK2 RBKNTSTA Display Coding Block SubscreensOXK3 RBKNTSTB Coding Block: Maintain CustomerFielOXK4 RBKNTSTB Coding Block: Display CustomerFieldOX01 RMOT024E Company Code -> Purchasing Org.OX06 SAPMSVMA Controlling Area: Basic DataOX14 SAPMOMBD C MM-IV Valuation area - val. levelOX17 RMOT024W Plants -> Purchasing organizationOX18 RMOT001K Plants->company codeOX19 SAPMSVMA Controlling Area: Assgn. to CCodeOYEA RSEADMIN IDoc administrationOYEB RSEINBEV Event coupling for IDoc inboundOYEC RSE2XDEL Delete codes for process technologyOYED RSEDFEDISR Conversion EDIS -> EDIROYSM SAPMSNRO Number Range tRFC PortOYSN SAPMSNRO Number Range IDocOYSO SAPMSNRO Number Range R/2 MailbagOYSP RSEDF46A Process codes <-> standard tasksOYSQ SAPMSNRO Number range for R/2-R/3 linkageOYS1 SAPMSNUM Maintain Number Range: EDIPORTOY04 RUMTCURX C Decimal Places for CurrenciesOY18 RSTBHIST Table historyOY19 SAPLSCT1 Customizing Cross-System ViewerO000 MENUO000 C RM-MAT Menu - ClassificationO020 RDDSRCG0 Record Layout for BTCI (Classes)O021 RCCLBI01 Class Data TransferO023 RCCLBISH Display Class Maintenance Data FileO024 RCCLDI01 Transfer Class Data: Direct InputO035 SAPMCICO Country version delivery sys createO037 RPUCNT10 HR Customizing User ParametersO052 RSIMG006 Set up ClientsO053 RSIMG053 Customizing Request ManagementO06C SAPL0C58 Define Process Manufacturing CockpiO07C SSFPSEMAINT Obsolete transactionO2CL SAPLCLPR Profile for User SettingsO20C RCIIC002 ProcMgmt: Copy Settings betw. PlantO21C RCOCB001 PP-PI: Where-Used List for Charact.O22C RCIIC001 Copy SAP Messages (Standard)Autor: Iron700 205 13/11/2007
    • O23C RCIIC003 Client Copy of PP-PI CharacteristicO24C RCIIC005 Copy SAP Messages (Generic)O25C SAPLCTMV Create Charac. with PP-PI AttributeO25X SAPMCTAV Create Charac. with PP-PI AttributeO26C SAPLCTMV Change Charac. with PP-PI AttributeO26X SAPMCTAV Change Charac. with PP-PI AttributeO27C SAPLCTMV Display Charac. with PP-PI AttributO27X SAPMCTAV Display Charac. with PP-PI AttributO28C RCIIC006 Copy SAP Messages (Central)O285 ROOP0010 Master Recipe/QM DataO29C RCIIC007 Copy SAP Messages (Decentralized)O7E1 SAPMFKM0 Payment advice note entry screens.O7E3 SAPMFKM0 Acnt assignment model entry screensO7E4 SAPMFKM0 Preliminary posting entry screensO7E5 SAPMFKM0 Vendor inv./cr.mem. entry screensO7E6 SAPMFKM0 G/L item fast entry screensO7FA SAPMFKM0 Pyt Adv.Notes Field Sel.Ext.Sel.FldO7FB SAPMFKM0 Auto.Pymt Fld Sel.Sort PaymentO7FC SAPMFKM0 Auto.Pymt Fld.Sel.Find PaymentO7FD SAPMFKM0 Auto.Pymt Fld.Sel.Sort PaymentO7FE SAPMFKM0 Auto.Pymt Fld.Sel.Find Line ItemO7F1 SAPMFKM0 Clearing field selection conditionsO7F2 SAPMFKM0 Clearing field selection searchO7F3 SAPMFKM0 Clearing Field Selection SortO7F4 SAPMFKM0 Item Display Field Sel.ConditionsO7F5 SAPMFKM0 Item Display Field Selection SearchO7F6 SAPMFKM0 Item Display Field Selection SortO7F7 SAPMFKM0 Item Display Field Selection TotalO7F8 SAPMFKM0 Item Display Field Sel.Addit.FieldsO7F9 SAPMFKM0 Paymnt Adv.Notes Field Selction FldO7L0 FIIMGLNK FI IMG LinkO7R1 SAPMFKM0 Item Display Totals VariantsO7R2 SAPMFKM0 Item Display Master Record Info.O7R3 SAPMFKM0 Item Display Special FieldsO7S1 SAPMFKM0 Pyt Medium Correspondence Sort VarnO7S2 SAPMFKM0 Pyt Medium Line Items Sort VariantO7S3 SAPMFKM0 Credit Management Sort VariantsO7S4 SAPMFKM0 General Correspondence Sort VariantO7S5 SAPMFKM0 Correspondence Int.Docs Sort VarianO7S6 SAPMFKM0 Line Item Corresp.Sort VariantO7S7 SAPMFKM0 Item Display Sort VariantsO7V1 SAPMFKM0 Document Display Default Line LayouO7V2 SAPMFKM0 Item Display Default Line LayoutO7V3 SAPMFKM0 Clearing Default Line LayoutO7V4 SAPMFKM0 Automatic Paymnt Default Line LayouO7V5 SAPMFKM0 Auto.Pyt Line Item Dflt Line LayoutO7V6 SAPMFKM0 Paymt Adv.Notes Default Line LayoutO7V7 SAPMFKM0 Credit Management Dflt Line LayoutO7Z1 SAPMFKM0 Document Display Line LayoutO7Z2 SAPMFKM0 Document Posting Line LayoutO7Z3 SAPMFKM0 Document Display Line LayoutO7Z4 SAPMFKM0 Clearing Line LayoutO7Z4D SAPMFKM0 Clearing Line LayoutO7Z4K SAPMFKM0 Clearing Line LayoutO7Z4S SAPMFKM0 Clearing Line LayoutO7Z5 SAPMFKM0 Auto.Payment Line LayoutO7Z6 SAPMFKM0 Auto.Pyt Line Item Line LayoutO7Z7 SAPMFKM0 Payment Adv.Notes Line LayoutAutor: Iron700 206 13/11/2007
    • O7Z8 SAPMFKM0 External Documents Line LayoutO7Z9 SAPMFKM0 Credit Management Line LayoutO984 RSMVPROJ Customizing doc converter programAutor: Iron700 207 13/11/2007
    • Todos los códigos de transacciones de SAP con informe y ladescripción de P a TTA Report Header DescriptionPAAH SAPMP500 Call Ad-Hoc QueryPACA SAPMPACA PF AdministrationPACB SAPMPACB PF account maintenancePACC SAPMPACC PF debuggerPACE SAPMPACE Pension fund : PostingsPACEN SAPMPACO New posting maintenancePACG SAPMESSREP HR-CH-PF ESS-Online SimulationPACK MENUPACK HR-CH: Pension fundPACN SAPMSNUM Number range maint. for accountsPACO SAPMPACO Account/Posting maintenance PFPACP SAPMPACP Pension Fund; InterfacePACS RPLPKBC0 Applicant Evaluation PFPACT SAPMPACT PC parameter maintenancePAC0 SAPMPAC0 PC Editor: Initial screenPAC5 SAPMP50A Maintain HR Master DataPAEP1 RAFWGO_UPLOAD_PProcedure for Single Records: PAPAEP2 RAFWGO_FRP_PA Procedure for Final Results: PAPAJP SAPMPAJP Call Reporting Tree - JapanPAKG SAPMPAKY Adjustments workbenchPAKY SAPMPAKY Adjustments Workbench (excl. adjustPAL1 SAPMP50A Create Sales RepresentativePAL2 SAPMP50A Display Sales RepresentativePAL3 SAPMP50A Maintain Sales RepresentativePAL4 SAPMP50A Create BuyerPAL5 SAPMP50A Maintain BuyerPAL6 SAPMP50A Display BuyerPAR1 RPLICO10 Flexible Employee DataPAR2 RPLMIT00 Employee ListPAT1 SAPMPAT1 Personnel Administration Info SystePAUX SAPMPAKY Adjustment WorkbenchPAUY SAPMPAKY Adjustment Workbench (retro proc.)PAW1 SAPMPW01 Who is whoPAZZ RPLICO30 Call Word interfacePA0A SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: HRPERSONPA00 MENUPA00 Initial PA Master Data MenuPA03 SAPMP52X Maintain Personnel Control RecordPA05 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: RP_COIFTPA06 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: PD_SEQ_NRPA07 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: RP_GARNEMPA08 SAPMSNUM Maintain Number Range: RP_GARNSUBPA09 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: HR_MMSRVPA10 SAPMP50A Personnel FilePA20 SAPMP50A Display HR Master DataPA30 SAPMP50A Maintain HR Master DataPA40 SAPMP50A Personnel ActionsPA41 SAPMP50A Change Entry/Leaving DatePA42 SAPMP50A Fast Entry for ActionsPA48 SAPMPRAP Hiring from non-SAP systemPA51 SAPMP50A Display Time DataPA53 SAPMP50A Display Time DataPA61 SAPMP50A Maintain Time DataPA62 SAPMP50A List Entry of Additional DataPA63 SAPMP50A Maintain Time DataAutor: Iron700 208 13/11/2007
    • PA64 SAPMP50A Calendar EntryPA70 SAPMP50A Fast EntryPA71 SAPMP50A Fast Entry of Time DataPA97 RPUCMP00 Compensation administration - matriPA98 RPUCMP30 Compensation AdministrationPA99 RPICMP00 Compensation Admin. - Release ReporPBAA RPAPL008 Evaluate recruitment instrumentPBAB RPAPUT00 Maintain vacancy assignmentsPBAC SAPMPAP0 Applicant statisticsPBAD RPAPRT05 Recurring tasks: Print lettersPBAE SAPMPAP0 Applicant poolPBAF SAPMPAP0 Vacancy assignment listPBAG SAPMPAP0 ScreeningPBAH SAPMPAP0 DecisionPBAI SAPMPAP0 All applicants via qualificationsPBAJ SAPMPAP0 Recruitment info systemPBAK SAPMPAP0 Recurring Tasks: Print LabelsPBAL SAPMPAP0 Bulk processingPBAM SAPMPAP0 Variable Applicant ListPBAN SAPMPAP0 Ad Hoc QueryPBAO SAPMPAP0 ABAP QueryPBAP SAPMPAP0 Internal Applicants Via QualsPBAQ SAPMPAP0 External Applicants Via QualsPBAT SAPMPAP0 Choose SAPscript or WinWordPBAU SAPMPAP0 Maintain T750CPBAV SAPMPAP0 Display T750CPBAW SAPMPAP0 Maintain T750BPBAX SAPMPAP0 Display T750BPBAY SAPMPAP0 Maintain T750XPBAZ SAPMPAP0 Display T750XPBA0 SAPMPAP0 Evaluate advertisementsPBA1 SAPMPAP0 Applicant indexPBA2 SAPMPAP0 List of applicationsPBA3 SAPMPAP0 Applicant vacancy assignment listPBA4 SAPMPAP0 Receipt of applicationPBA5 RPAPRT01 Recurring tasks: Print lettersPBA6 RPAPRT02 Recurring tasks: Print lettersPBA7 RPAPRT09 Recurring tasks: Data transferPBA8 RPAPRT04 Recurring tasks: Transfer dataPBA9 SAPMPAP0 List of planned actionsPBWW SAPMPAP9 Customizing standard text in WinWorPBW1 SAPMPW02 Career CenterPBW2 SAPMPW03 Application StatusPBW3 SAPMPW12 Internet scenario for applicantPBW4 SAPMPW10 Assigned Applicants: OBSOLETEPBW5 SAPMPW10 Assigned Applicants: OBSOLETEPB00 MENUPB00 RecruitmentPB04 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: RP_PAPLPB10 SAPMP50A Init.entry of applicant master dataPB2A H99_B2AMANAGER B2A ManagerPB20 SAPMP50A Display applicant master dataPB30 SAPMP50A Maintain applicant master dataPB40 SAPMP50A Applicant actionsPB50 SAPMPAP3 Display Applicant ActivitiesPB60 SAPMPAP3 Maintain Applicant ActivitiesPB80 SAPMPAP0 Evaluate vacanciesPCA SAPLPCA_DIALOG_Payment CardsPCA_MC PCA_MASS_CRYPTIMass Encryption /DecryptionAutor: Iron700 209 13/11/2007
    • PCA_SC PCA_SERVER_CHECServer CheckPCA0 MENUPCA0 Production campaign menuPCA1 RCAMPAIN Creating a Production CampaignPCA2 RCAMPAIN Change Prod. Camp.: Initial ScreenPCA3 RCAMPAIN Display Prod. Camp.: Initial ScreenPCCO RCAMPAIN Production Campaign: CostsPCCV BUSVIEWS Payment Card: Field GroupingPCC0 RPLFAKC4 Maintnce fam.rltd.bonuses Switz.PCC1 RPLABRC0 Maintain Swiss Payroll UnitsPCKC RPUPCKK0 Consistency Check ConstantsPCKY RPUPCKK0 Consistency Check Year-EndPCP0 SAPMPCP0 Edit posting runsPC01 MENUPC01 Payroll GermanyPC02 MENUPC02 Area Menu Payroll for SwitzerlandPC03 MENUPC03 Area Menu Payroll AustriaPC04 MENUPC04 Area menu Payroll - SpainPC05 MENUPC05 Area menu - Payroll NetherlandsPC06 MENUPC06 Payroll Menu - FrancePC07 MENUPC07 Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für KanadaPC08 MENUPC08 Area menu-payroll for Great BritainPC09 MENUPC09 Area Menu-Payroll for DenmarkPC10 MENUPC10 Bereichsmenü - Abrechnung für USAPC11 MENUPC11 Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für IrlandPC12 MENUPC12 Area menu - Payroll for BelgiumPC13 MENUPC13 Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für AustralPC14 MENUPC14 Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für MalaysiPC15 MENUPC15 Area menu-payroll for ItalyPC16 MENUPC16 Area menu-payroll for South AfricaPC17 MENUPC17 Main menu for Venezuelan payrollPC19 MENUPC19 Payroll for PortugalPC20 MENUPC20 Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für NorwegePC22 MENUPC22 Payroll accounting for JapanPC23 MENUPC23 Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für SchwedePC25 MENUPC25 Payroll Menu: SingaporePC26 MENUPC26 Payroll for ThailandPC27 MENUPC27 Payroll Accounting for Hong KongPC28 MENUPC28 Area menu - International payrollPC29 MENUPC29 Area menu-Payroll acctg ArgentinaPC32 MENUPC32 Area menu-Payroll MexicoPC34 MENUPC34 Payroll Menu for IndonesiaPC37 MENUPC37 Payroll area menu for BrazilPC41 MENUPC41 Payroll KoreaPC42 MENUPC42 Payroll menu for TaiwanPC43 MENUPC43 Area menu-payroll for New ZealandPC48 MENUPC48 Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für PhilipiPC99 MENUPC99 Area menu - International payrollPDFA RPUFRM41 Convert payroll journal formPDF0 RPUFRM40 Convert form for remun.statementPDF7 RPUFRMD1 Delete form in customer clientPDF8 RPUFRMD2 Copy form from SAP clientPDF9 RPUFRMD3 Copy forms within customer clientPDN PDN_LAUNCH Product Designer WorkbenchPDNO SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: FMPDPDSY SAPMPDSY HR Documentation MaintenancePDT2 SAPLVHUDIAL HU creation in productionPDW1 RPPTDW01 Create reporting time typesPDW2 RPPTDW02 Create Quota Types for ReportingPEPM SAPLRHPP Profile MatchupAutor: Iron700 210 13/11/2007
    • PEPMEN MENUPEPMEN Task Level Menu for the PEPPEPP RHXPDV_PROFILE_ProfilesPEST SAPMPEST Maintenance of process modelPEXP SAPMPEXP Manage Expert CommunitiesPE00 RPUCUSPE Starts Transactions PE01; PE02; PE0PE01 SAPMPE00 HR: Maintain Payroll SchemasPE01N RPCPE01N Editor for Payroll SchemasPE02 SAPMPE00 HR: Maintain Calculation RulesPE02N RPCPE02N Editor for PC rulesPE03 SAPMPE03 HR: FeaturesPE04 SAPMPE04 Creates Functions and OperationsPE50 SAPMPE50 PE50PE51 SAPMPE51 HR form editorPFAC RHACTOR0 Maintain RulePFAL RHALEINI HR: ALE Distribution HR Master DataPFCG SAPLPRGN_TREE Role MaintenancePFCP RHWFCOPY Copy Workflow TasksPFCT RHXTCATB Task CatalogPFDE SAPMPFDE HR-PF: PC EditorPFDF RPLPFD00FIIF FI Interface Pension FundPFDFP RPLPFD30FIIF HR-PF-FI: Check CustomizingPFDT RPLPFD00TESC Overview of Insured Persons DataPFM2 SAPMPFM1 Period Monitor: Log DisplayPFM3 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRPEP CO-PC-ACT: DummyPFM4 SAPMPFM1 Period Monitor: Log DisplayPFM5 SAPMPFM1 Period monitor - log displayPFOM SAPLRHWQ Maintain Assignment to SAP Org.ObjsPFOS SAPLRHWQ Display Assignment to SAP Org.ObjsPFSE SAPLCPF1 Start PFS from R/3 SystemPFSM RPFSMDAT Start Download of PFS Master DataPFSO RHSHOWOR Users Organizational EnvironmentPFT SAPLRHWP Maintain Customer TaskPFTC SAPLRHW4 General Task MaintenancePFTG RHTGRP0 Maintain Task GroupPFTR SAPLRHWT Standard Task for TransactionPFTS RHSTASK0 Standard TaskPFUD RHAUTUPD_NEW User Master Data ReconciliationPFWF SAPLRHWP Maintain Workflow Task (Customer)PFWS RHSFLOW0 Maintain Workflow TemplatePF02 SAPLWWB1 Cust. Test of Value-Based IMPF05 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: HRSOBJECTPGOM PDGRAPHX Graphical Structure MaintenancePIMG SIMGR3PI Display R/3 Plug In IMGPIMN MENUPIMN Human Resources Information SystemPI50 SAPPI250 Transfer selected R/2 ordersPI51 SAPPI250 Transfer current R/2 ordersPI60 SAPPI260 Transfer confirmations to R/2PJNA SAPMPABNR Message OutputPJNK1 SAPMV13B Create Condition: JIT CallPJNK2 SAPMV13B Change Condition: JIT CallPJNK3 SAPMV13B Display Condition: JIT CallPJWE SAPMPAB1 Goods Receipt for JIT CallPJ02 SAPMPAB1 Change JIT CallPJ03 SAPMPAB1 Display JIT CallPJ04 SAPMPABSA Display JIT CallsPKBC SAPLMPKP Chnge Container Status With Bar CodPKC1 MENUPKC1 Process cost controllingPKRFBC SAPMMPKRF Kanban Barcode without Actual QtyAutor: Iron700 211 13/11/2007
    • PKRF21 SAPMMPKRF Kanban Signal with Radio FrequencyPKRF22 SAPMMPKRF Quantity Signal with Radio FrequencPKRF23 SAPMMPKRF Event-Driven KANBAN Radio FrequencyPKW1 SAPMMPKW Kanban Board WWWPK00 MENUPK00 KanbanPK01 SAPMMPKR Create Control CyclePK02 SAPMMPKR Change Control CyclePK02NR SAPMMPKR Change Control CyclePK03 SAPMMPKR Display Control CyclePK03NR SAPMMPKR Display Control CyclePK07 SAPMMPKC Kanban CalculationPK08 SAPMMPKR Check Kanban Calculation ResultPK11 SAPLMPKP Plant Overview: KanbanPK12 SAPLMPKP Kanban Board: Supply Source ViewPK12N SAPLMPKP Kanban Board: Supply Source ViewPK13 SAPLMPKP Kanban Board: Demand Source ViewPK13N SAPLMPKP Kanban Board: Demand Source ViewPK17 SAPMMPKD Collective Kanban PrintPK18 SAPMMPKD Evaluation Control Cycle/KanbanPK21 SAPLMPKP Change Kanban Container StatusPK22 SAPLMPKP Kanban Quantity SignalPK23 SAPLMPKP Manual Kanban CreationPK24 SAPLMPKP Enter Customer KANBAN CallPK31 SAPLMPKP Container CorrectionPK41 SAPLMPKP Backflush KANBAN OrdersPK50 SAPMMPKF Display Errors: KanbanPK51 RMAFRU01 Error Processing PDC KanbanPK52 SAPMMPKR Kanban Calculation Error LogPK99 SAPLMPKP Function Access via TransactionPL00 MENUPL00 Maintenance of Packing InstructionsPMAH RHPMADHO HR-FPM: Access Ad Hoc QueryPMBA RHPMBA00 Position Management Report SelectioPMBC SAPLRHB1 Create Overall BudgetPMBD SAPLRHB1 Display Overall BudgetPMBF SAPLRHBG Carry Forward Overall BudgetPMBM SAPLRHB1 Change Overall BudgetPMBP SAPLRHB_PLANNINChange Plan StatusPMBPI SAPLRHB_IAC Internet Scenario - Position MgtPMBS SAPLRHB1 Change Budget StatusPMBT RHPMBA01 Tools for Report SelectionPMB0 SAPLRHB1 Position Management Plan VersionPMB1 SAPLRHB1 Change Overall BudgetPMB1I SAPLRHB_IAC Internet Scenario - Budget InfoPMB2 SAPLRHB1 Display Overall BudgetPMC1 RHPMINTOMCHECK Check Consistency With Org. MgtPMEC SAPLRHBX Change EmployeePMED SAPLRHBX Display EmployeePMESIM RPMENUSTART00 Manual Payroll SimulationPMFD SAPLRHBW Access HR-PFM via FM Account AssgmtPMFM SAPLRHBW Access HR-PFM via FM Account AssgmtPMHS SAPLRHBW Change Budget StatusPMIC SAPLRHBW Consistency check with Funds MgtPMIMG RHPMSIMG Access Customizing HR-FPMPMIS RHPMHIS0 HIS for HR-FPMPMJR RFPM_DEDOC_FLOWDerivatives Document JournalPMLA SAPMV14A Create: Portfolio ListPMLB SAPMV14A Change: Portfolio ListPMLC SAPMV14A Display: Portfolio ListAutor: Iron700 212 13/11/2007
    • PMLD SAPMV14A Execute: Portfolio ListPMMF RHPMMASSFIN Financing workbenchPMMN MENUPMMN HR Funds and Position ManagementPMOC SAPLRHBO Create OrganizationPMOD SAPLRHBO Display OrganizationPMOF RFPMVM02 Position List: Listed Options/Fut.PMOF3 RFPMVM03 Position List: Listed DerivativesPMOF4 RFPMVM04 Flow List: Listed DerivativesPMOM SAPLRHBO Change OrganizationPMSI RHPMSIM1 Simulate Payroll RunPMSV RTPM_TRF_REVERSReversal of Margin FlowsPMUS SAPLRHB1 User-Specific SettingsPMVM RTPM_TRF_VARIATCalculate variation marginPM01 SAPMP50J Enhance InfotypesPM10 SAPMP53B Statements SelectionPM11 SAPMP53B Statements - Single Data EntryPM12 SAPMP53B Statements - Fast Data EntryPM13 SAPMP53B Statements - PrintPM20 SAPMPBWD Statements with SAPscriptPNZ3 RPITUM00 Pay Scale Reclassification NZPNZ4 RPU51000 Pay Scale Increase NewZealandPNZ5 RPITRF00 Pay Scale Inc. Extended NewZealandPOD1 RPU_UPDATE_IT11Start Report RPU_UPDATE_IT118_46CPOD2 RPLKGPD0PBS Start Report RPLKGPD0PBSPOD3 RPU_FILL_IT595_Start Report RPU_FILL_IT595_46CPOD4 RPLOZPD0PBS Start Report RPLOZPD0PBSPOD5 RPU_UPDATE_DOZUStart Report RPU_UPDATE_DOZUL_46CPOFO1 SAPLWPOT Create PortfolioPOFO2 SAPLWPOT Change PortfolioPOFO3 SAPLWPOT Display PortfolioPOFO31 SAPLWPOT Portfolio: CreatePOFO32 SAPLWPOT Portfolio: ChangePOFO33 SAPLWPOT Portfolio: DisplayPOFO34 SAPLWPOT Portfolio: Create with ReferencePOF1 SAPMV13P Create Pkg Instruction DeterminatioPOF2 SAPMV13P Change Pkg Instruction DeterminatioPOF3 SAPMV13P Display Packing Instr. DeterminatioPOIL RCCLMONI View Received Data LogPOIM RCCLMDAT Start Download of Master DataPOIT RCCLTRAN Start Download of Transaction DataPOIU RCCLUPLD Start Receiving Changes to DataPOI1 RCCLMPFS Start Download of Master DataPOPT SAPLVHUDIAL Test Packing Instruction Master DatPOP0 MENUPOP0 Maintenance of Packing InstructionsPOP1 SAPLVHUPO Create Packing InstructionPOP2 SAPLVHUPO Change Packing InstructionPOP3 SAPLVHUPO Display Packing InstructionPOP4 SAPLVHUPO Deletion flag undo for pack.instr.POP5 RVHUPOSEL_POBJ_Determination of Pkg Instr. UsePOTAB SAPMV12A Define Portfolio TablesPOTABC SAPMV12A Change Portfolio TablesPOTABD SAPMV12A Display Portfolio TablesPOTB OTBPARAM Parameters for OTBPO01 SAPMH5A0 Maintain Work CenterPO01D SAPMH5A0 Display Work CenterPO02 SAPMH5A0 Maintain Training ProgramPO02D SAPMH5A0 Display Training ProgramPO03 SAPMH5A0 Maintain JobAutor: Iron700 213 13/11/2007
    • PO03D SAPMH5A0 Display JobPO04 SAPMH5A0 Maintain Business Event TypePO04D SAPMH5A0 Display Business Event TypePO05 SAPMH5A0 Maintain Business EventPO05D SAPMH5A0 Display Business EventPO06 SAPMH5A0 Maintain LocationPO06D SAPMH5A0 Display LocationPO07 SAPMH5A0 Maintain ResourcePO07D SAPMH5A0 Display ResourcePO08 SAPMH5A0 Maintain External PersonPO08D SAPMH5A0 Display External PersonPO09 SAPMH5A0 Maintain Business Event GroupPO09D SAPMH5A0 Display Business Event GroupPO10 SAPMH5A0 Maintain Organizational UnitPO10D SAPMH5A0 Display Organizational UnitPO11 SAPMH5A0 Maintain QualificationPO11D SAPMH5A0 Display QualificationPO12 SAPMH5A0 Maintain Resource TypePO12D SAPMH5A0 Display Resource TypePO13 SAPMH5A0 Maintain PositionPO13D SAPMH5A0 Display PositionPO14 SAPMH5A0 Maintain TaskPO14D SAPMH5A0 Display TaskPO15 SAPMH5A0 Maintain CompanyPO15D SAPMH5A0 Display CompanyPO16 SAPMH5A0 Maintain ServicesPO16D SAPMH5A0 Display ServicePO17 SAPMH5A0 Maintain Requirements ProfilePO17D SAPMH5A0 Display Requirements ProfilePO18 SAPMH5A0 Maintain Resource RoomPO18D SAPMH5A0 Display Resource RoomPO19 SAPMH5A0 Maintain External InstructorPO19D SAPMH5A0 Display External InstructorPPAD RHXPEACD Display Appraisals CatalogPPCI SAPLRHCJ Copy InfotypePPCJ SAPLRHCI Create InfotypePPCK SAPLRHCI Enhance List ScreenPPCM SAPLRHCI Enhance InfotypePPCO SAPMH5A0 Organisational Plan: Initial ScreenPPCP RHPEPLAC Career PlanningPPCT RHTSKCAT Task CatalogPPDM SAPMH5A0 Detail Maintenance Planning ITsPPDPCS RHXPEECATS Display Development Plan CatalogPPDPHM RHPE_DPLANHISTOChange Development Plan HistoryPPDPHS RHPE_DPLANHISTODisplay Development Plan HistoryPPDPIM RHPE_INDPLAN Change Individual Development PlanPPDPIS RHPE_INDPLAN Display Individual Development PlanPPECS SAPLCNVUIEXTR Convert iPPE ModelPPEM RHXPEPPO PD: Display Organizational StructurPPEPS SAPLPROJIF iPPE PS InterfacePPETI SAPLPPETIGUI Configuration Mode - Select. ScreenPPIS RHGRIN21 Human Resources Information SystemPPLB RHPECPAS Evaluate CareersPPMDT RHMWB004 Managers DesktopPPME RHMATRIX Change Matrix OrganizationPPMM MENUPPMM Personnel PlanningPPMS RHMATRIX Display Matrix OrganizationPPOC RHORGMAN Create Organizational PlanAutor: Iron700 214 13/11/2007
    • PPOCA OM_START_NF Create AttributesPPOCE OM_START_NF Create Organization and StaffingPPOCW OM_START_NF Create Org. and Staffing (WF)PPOM RHORGMAN Maintain Organizational PlanPPOMA OM_START_NF Change AttributesPPOME OM_START_NF Change Organization and StaffingPPOMW OM_START_NF Change Org. and Staffing (WF)PPOS RHORGMAN Display Organizational PlanPPOSA OM_START_NF Display attributesPPOSE OM_START_NF Display organization and StaffingPPOSW OM_START_NF Display Org. and Staffing (WF)PPO1 SAPLRHSI Change Cost Center AssignmentPPO2 SAPLRHSI Display Cost Center AssignmentPPO3 SAPLRHGC Change Reporting StructurePPO4 SAPLRHGC Display Reporting StructurePPO5 SAPLRHSI Change attributesPPO6 SAPLRHSI Display attributesPPPD RHXPEPRD Display ProfilePPPE MENUPPPE Area Menu: Personnel DevelopmentPPPM RHXPEPRM Change ProfilePPQD RHXPEQCD Display Qualifications CatalogPPQ1 RHPEPPQ1 Find Objects for QualificationsPPQ2 RHPEPPQ2 Find Objects for RequirementsPPQ3 RHPEPP10 Find Objects for ProfilePPRL SAPMM03M Change Material When Profile DeletePPRP SAPMHPS0 Reporting: Personnel DevelopmentPPRV SAPMM03M Change Material When Profile ChangePPSC RHSTRPF0 Create StructurePPSM RHSTRPF0 Change StructurePPSP RHPEPLAS Succession PlanningPPSS RHSTRPF0 Display StructurePPST RHSTRU00 Structure EvaluationPPUP RHPEUSPA Settings: User ParametersPP01 SAPMH5A0 Maintain Plan Data (Menu-Guided)PP02 SAPMH5A0 Maintain Plan Data (Open)PP03 SAPMH5A0 Maintain Plan Data (Action-Based)PP05 SAPMSNUM Number RangesPP06 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: HRADATAPP2B RHPP25ST Create Scenario (Basic Pay)PP2D RHPP25XD Administer Payroll ResultsPP2P RHPP25ST Create Scenario (PyrllRes.)PP2U RHPP25AZ Data Transfer to COPP23 RHPP25PW Reset PasswordPP25 RHPP25ST Display Scenario GroupPP26 RHPP25AZ Plan Scenario AdministrationPP27 RHPP25AZ Release plan scenarioPP28 RHPP25ST Create Scenario (Proj.Pay)PP29 RHPP25ST Change Scenario GroupPP30 RHRAUM00 SAP Room Reservation ManagementPP32 RHRAUM00 SAP Room Reservations: ServicesPP40 RHKMIT20 CorrespondencePP6A RHDPERSL Personal Shift PlanPP6B RHDOCCPL Attendance ListPP6C RHPSOLL_DEL Undo Completed Target PlanPP6I RHSP_TEMP_ASSIGTemp. Assgmt List for Shift PlanninPP6U RHUMST_HRPADNN_Conversion Addl Data HRPADNN/PADUZPP60 SAPFH5AH Display Shift PlanningPP61 SAPFH5AH Change Shift PlanningAutor: Iron700 215 13/11/2007
    • PP62 SAPLRHER Display RequirementsPP63 SAPLRHER Change RequirementsPP64 SAPFH5AH Choose Plan VersionPP65 SAPLRHEI Edit Entry ObjectPP66 SAPLRHES Shift Planning: Entry ProfilePP67 SAPLRHER Create RequirementsPP69 SAPFH5AH Choose Text for Organizational UnitPP7S MENUPP7S Organizational ManagementPP70 MENUPP70 Organizational ManagementPP72 MENUPP72 Shift PlanningPP74 MENUPP74 Personnel Cost PlanningPP90 SAPMH5AR Set up OrganizationPQAH RHADHOC0 Ad Hoc QueryPQLV RPCLEAQ0 Australian Leave ProcessingPQTO RPCTO2Q0 Transaction for screen 2000PQ01 SAPMH5A0 Actions for Work CenterPQ02 SAPMH5A0 Actions for Training ProgramPQ03 SAPMH5A0 Actions for JobPQ04 SAPMH5A0 Actions for Business Event TypePQ06 SAPMH5A0 Actions for LocationPQ07 SAPMH5A0 Actions for ResourcePQ08 SAPMH5A0 Actions for External PersonPQ09 SAPMH5A0 Actions for Business Event GroupPQ10 SAPMH5A0 Actions for Organizational UnitPQ12 SAPMH5A0 Actions for Resource TypePQ13 SAPMH5A0 Actions for PositionPQ14 SAPMH5A0 Actions for TaskPQ15 SAPMH5A0 Actions for CompanyPQ17 SAPMH5A0 Actions for Requirement ProfilesPQ18 SAPMH5A0 Actions for Resource RoomPQ19 SAPMH5A0 Actions for External InstructorPRAA RPRAPA00 Automatic Vendor MaintenancePRAP RPR_APPROVE_TRAApproval of TripsPRCC RPRCCC00 Import Credit Card FilesPRCCD RPRCCC_DISPLAY_Display Credit Card ReceiptsPRCCF RPRCCC_CREATE_CGenerate File with Correct TrnsactnPRCCT RPRCCC_CREATE_TCreate Credit Card Clearing TestFilPRCD RPRCOUDE Delete/Copy Trip CountriesPRCO RPRMORDE Copy Trip Provision VariantPRCR RPR_CREATE_PER_Travel Expense PDs/FRs: DownloadPRCT RPRMENU0 Current SettingsPRCU RPRMENU0 Check Printing USAPRC2 SAPMP56C Customizing Coding Block 1200PRC7 SAPMP56C Customizing Coding Block 1700PRDE RPRMORDE Delete Trip Prov.VariantPRDH RPRDUR00 Employees with Exceeded Trip DaysPRDX RPRMENU0 Call Country Version DME Pre.PrograPRD1 RPRMENU0 Create DMEPREC RPRTEC00 Travel Expenses Accounting ProgramPREP SAPMP56T_PD Import Program for Per DiemsPREX RPRTRIPCREATE1 Create expense reportPRFAM FAMPRICE_MANAGEMaintain Price FamiliesPRFI RPRFIN00_40 Posting to Financial AccountingPRFW RPRTEF10 Income-rel.Expenses StatementPRF0 RPRTEF00 Standard FormPRF1 RPRTEF01 Summarized Form 1PRF2 RPRTEF02 Summarized Form 2PRHD RPR706VD Maximum Value Delimitation for MealAutor: Iron700 216 13/11/2007
    • PRHH RPR706HC Scale Maximum Amounts for MealsPRHP RPR706HC Scale Per Diems for MealsPRICAT SAPMWPRICAT PRICAT: Maintain mat. as per cataloPRKE SAPMPRKE Evaluation ProgramPRMD SAPMP50A Maintain HR Master DataPRML RPRMENU0 Set Country Grouping via Dialog BoxPRMM SAPMP50A Personnel ActionsPRMS SAPMP50A Display HR Master DataPRMT RPRFLDEL Update Matchcode TPROF MENUPROF Profit Center AccountingPRPD RPR706VD Delimitation of Per Diems for MealsPRPHUV RLE_DRUCKPROFILPrint Profile Maintenance HUPRPL RPRTRIPCREATE1 Create Travel PlanPRPR RLE_DRUCKPROFILParameter transf. to V_LEDRUCKPROF1PRPY RPRPAY00 Transfer to External PayrollPRRL RPUREROL Reset Trips to To be AccountedPRRQ RPRTRIPCREATE1 Create Travel RequestPRRW SAPMP56F Post Accounting DataPRST RPRSTA01 Period StatisticsPRTA RPCLSTTA Overview of Travel Expense ReportsPRTC RPCLSTTC Display Imported DocumentsPRTE RPCLSTTE Trip DetailsPRTS RPROVIEW Overview of TripsPRT3 RPRTR030 Travel Expenses: Maintain PostingsPRUL RPR_UPDATE_PER_Travel Expense PDs/FRs: UploadPRVH RPR706VC Scale Maximum Amounts for MealsPRVP RPR706VC Scale Per Diems for MealsPRVT RPRVAT01 VAT RecoveryPRWW SAPLHRTR_ITS Expense Reports (Offline)PR00 MENUPR00 Travel expensesPR01 SAPMP56T Maintain (Old) Trip DataPR02 SAPMP56T Travel CalendarPR03 SAPMP56V Trip AdvancesPR04 SAPMP56T Edit Weekly ReportsPR05 SAPMP56T Travel Expense ManagerPR10 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maint.: RP_REINRPR11 SAPMSNUM Number range maint.: HRTR_PDOCPR20 SAPMP56T Create TripPR706Z RPR706Z1 Copy T706Z -> T706Z1PR71 SAPMP56C Customizing Coding Block 1701PR72 SAPMP56C Customizing Coding Block 1702PR73 SAPMP56C Customizing Coding Block 1703PSARP1 RGPSA_DISP_DOC PSA document displayPSA00 RGPSA_ACTIVATE Activate PSAPSA01 RGPSA_EXIT Activate Rollup for PSCPSA40 RGPSA_PLAN_ROLLPopulate Cost PlansPSA42 RGPSA_COPY_VERSCopy Plan VersionsPSA45 RGPSA_CALC_PLANEntitlement Plan CalculationPSA45R RGPSA_CALC_REV_Entitlement Plan Calc. ReversalPSA50 RGPSA_ACTUAL_ROAcutal Rollup to PSC tablesPSA55 RGPSA_CALC_ACTUPSC Calculation ActualPSA55R RGPSA_CALC_REV_PSC Calculation ReversalPSA56 RGPSA_CALC_TRANManual TransfersPSA56R RGPSA_CALC_TRANManual Transfers ReversalPSA57 RGPSA_ET_TRANSFEntitlement TransfersPSA57R RGPSA_ET_TRANSFEntitlement Transfers ReversalPSA58 RGPSA_COST_ADJUCost AdjustmentsPSA58R RGPSA_COST_ADJUCost Adjustments ReversalAutor: Iron700 217 13/11/2007
    • PSA59 RGPSA_STOCK_ADJStock AdjustmentsPSA59R RGPSA_STOCK_ADJStock Adjustments ReversalPSA60 RGPSA_BCF Balance Carry ForwardPSA70 RGPSA_REP_PARTNJV Partner EntitlementPSA71 RGPSA_REP_STORAStatement of Storage EntitlementPSA71U RGPSA_REP_STORAStatement of Storage Entitlement/UpPSA72 RGPSA_REP_PSC PSC Master DataPSA73 RGPSA_REP_PROD Production Data with AdjustmentsPSA74 RGPSA_REP_LIFT Lifting Data with PricesPSA75 RGPSA_REP_PRICEFlat PricesPSA76 RGPSA_REP_ADJ Adjustment VolumesPSA77 RGPSA_PARTNER_LPartner ReportPSA78 RGPSA_PRINT_ENTPSA Print EntitlementPSA79 RGPSA_REP_VOLTYVolumes by Volume TypesPSA81 RGPSA_DATA_ENTRMaintain Daily Prices by PSCPSA82 RGPSA_DATA_ENTRMaintain Production DataPSA83 RGPSA_DATA_ENTRDaily Lifting Data EntryPSA84 RGPSA_DATA_ENTRMaintain Adjustment DataPSA86 RGPSA_PERIOD Open PSC PeriodsPSA90 RGPSA_PROD_INT PSC Production InterfacePSA93 RGPSA_PI_MALAYSPSA Malaysia Production InterfacePSA95 RGPSA_LIFTING_UPSA Split Lifting by PSCPSB0 RPUSIPB0 Generation quart.SI declarat.periodPSB1 RPCTXEB0 Generate Tax scales (B)PSCCA RGPSC_CALC PSC calculationPSCREV RGPSC_CALC_REV PSC calculation reversalPSCRPT RGPSC_RPT01 psc reportPSCRP1 RGPSC_DISP_DOC PSC document displayPSCRU RGJVROLLUP PSC RollupPSCRUA RGPSCRUEXIT Activate Rollup for PSCPSCTF RGPSC_TRANSFERSPSC Transfer CalculationPSC0 SAPMHPS0 Set Plan Version Valid for Cost PlaPSC40 RGPSARULE Rule MaintenancePSC90 SAPL0DEPSC PSC Volume EntryPSC95 RGPSC_INPUT PSC Production InterfacePSC96 RGPSC_PERIOD PSC Period OpeningPSOA SAPMHPS0 Work Center ReportingPSOC SAPMHPS0 Job ReportingPSOG SAPMHPS0 OrgManagement General ReportingPSOI SAPMHPS0 Tools Integration PA-PDPSOO SAPMHPS0 Organizational Unit ReportingPSOS SAPMHPS0 Position ReportingPSOT SAPMHPS0 Task ReportingPSO0 SAPMHPS0 Set Plan Version for OrgManagementPSO1 SAPMHPS0 Set Aspect for OrgManagementPSO2 SAPMHPS0 PS System/Database ToolsPSO3 RHDESC00 Infotype OverviewPSO4 RHINFT00 Individual Infotype MaintenancePSO5 SAPMHPS0 PD: Administration ToolsPSSD RFVDSSD0 Check BNL flow typesPSVA SAPMHPS0 Set AspectPSVB SAPMHPS0 User-Specific SettingsPSVC SAPMHPS0 Training and Events:Current SettingPSVE SAPMHPS0 Output Filter Business EventsPSVI SAPMHPS0 User-Defined SettingsPSVL SAPMHPS0 Set Business Event LanguagePSVO SAPMHPS0 Change / Display OrganizerPSVP SAPMHPS0 Dynamic Planning MenuAutor: Iron700 218 13/11/2007
    • PSVQ SAPMHPS0 Change / Display OrganizerPSVR SAPMHPS0 Dynamic Resource MenuPSVS SAPMHPS0 Set AccessPSVT SAPMHPS0 Dynamic Tool MenuPSV0 SAPMHPS0 Change / Display ResourcesPSV1 SAPMHPS0 Dynamic Attendance MenuPSV2 SAPMHPS0 Dynamic Business Event MenuPSV3 SAPMHPS0 Dynamic Information MenuPSV4 SAPMHPS0 Set Plan VersionPSV5 SAPMHPS0 Info: AttendancesPSV6 SAPMHPS0 Reporting: Business EventsPSV7 SAPMHPS0 Reporting: ResourcesPSV8 SAPMHPS0 Create AttendeePSV9 SAPMHPS0 Change / Display AttendeePSWB SAPMKGA2 Execute Per.Reposting Plan ProjectsPSW5 SAPMKGA2 Per.Repostgs in Actual for ProjectsPTE1 RPIEWT00 Generate Batch Input SessionPTE2 RPIEWT04 Process Batch Input SessionPTE3 RPIEWT02 Reorganize Interface FilePTG1 SAPMP5GQ Maintain Qualifying Day Pattern (GBPTG3 SAPMP5GQ Display Qualifying Day Pattern (GB)PT00 MENUPT00 Time ManagementPT01 SAPMP51S Create Work SchedulePT02 SAPMP51S Change Work SchedulePT03 SAPMP51S Display Work SchedulePT10 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: PTM_DOCNRPT11 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: PTM_QUONRPT12 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: HRAA_PDOCPT40 SAPMP51E PDC Error TransactionPT41 SAPTIMCC1COMPARCustomizing CC1 Communication ParamPT42 SAPCDRPD Supply Personnel DataPT43 SAPCDRPA Supply Master DataPT44 SAPCDUP1 Upload RequestPT45 SAPCDT45 Post Person Time EventsPT46 SAPCDT46 Post Working Time EventsPT50 SAPMPT50 Quota OverviewPT60 RPT_TIME_EVAL_STime EvaluationPT61 RPTEDT00 Time StatementPT62 RPTEAB00 Attendance ListPT63 RPTPSH10 Personal Work SchedulePT64 RPTABS20 Absence ListPT65 RPTLEA40 Graphical Attendance/Abs. OverviewPT66 RPCLSTB2 Display Cluster B2PT67 RPTEZL00 Third-Party PayrollPT68 RPTPDOC0 Activity AllocationPT69 RPTENT00 Multiple Time RecordingPT70 SAPMPT70 Time Management Info SystemPT71 SAPMPT71 Tool Selection for Time ManagementPT80 SAPTIMCC1MANAGECC1: ManagerPT90 RPTABS50 Absences: Calendar ViewPT91 RPTABS60 Absences: For Multiple EmployeesPUCA RPUPKCC0 PC administration for PFPUCE RPUPKCC0 PC editor for PFPUCF RPUPKCC0 PC Form Maintenance PFPUCG RPUPKCC0 Global Funds CopierPUCK RPUPKCC0 Entity copier for fundsPUCP RPUPKCC0 PC Parameter Maintenance for PFPUCV RPUPKCC0 Entity copier for PC objectsAutor: Iron700 219 13/11/2007
    • PUCW RPUPKCC0 Maintenanace of HSC tasks for PFPUC0 RPUCUSC0 HR-CH: Maintain MA attributesPUC9 RPUPKCC0 Reorganization of Infotype 0279PUFK SAPMPUFK Form managerPULT RPUTRL00 Transport HR Tables for LogisticsPUOCBA RPUOCB00 Off-Cycle-Batch: Subsequent ActivitPUOCBP RPUOCP00 Off-cycle batch: Payroll follow-upPUOCBR RPUOCR00 Off-cycle batch: ReplacementPUOCLG H99LT52OCG OC-Batch: Batch Table ListPUOCLL H99LT52OCL OC: List of Replacements/ReversalsPUST SAPMPUST HR Process WorkbenchPUST_2 SAPMPUST HR Process Workbench (Old)PUUG RPCPT1U0 Change remittance due datePUU1 SAPMPUU1 BSI Test Tool 5.0PUU2 SAPMPUU2 transaction of sapmpuu2PU00 SAPMP50A Delete Personnel DataPU01 RPCDPU01 Delete current payroll resultPU03 SAPMP50A Change Payroll StatusPU11 SAPMPU11 Supplementary CS Benefits (D)PU12 SAPMPU12 Connection to Third-Party PayrollPU19 SAPMPU19 Tax ReporterPU22 RPUARTX0 HR ArchivingPU30 SAPMPU30 Wage Type MaintenancePU90 SAPMP50A Delete applicant dataPU95 SAPMPU95 HR: Maintain Log. Views & WT GroupsPU96 SAPMPU95 HR: Maintain Wage Type GroupsPU97 SAPMPU95 HR: Logical View MaintenancePU98 SAPMPU98 Assign Wage Types to GroupsPVBA RHXBUDG0 Training & Events: Budget ComparisoPVBB SAPLRHV6 Change / Create Development PlanPVB0 RHCPBT00 Business Event BudgetPVB1 RHCPBT00 Create Business Event BudgetPVB2 RHCPBT00 Display Business Event BudgetPVB3 RHCPBT00 Change Business Event BudgetPVB6 RHCMPBUDGETINITInitialize Business Event BudgetPVCT SAPLRHVM Master Data CatalogPVDM SAPLHRTEM00MENUMaintain Dynamic MenusPVD0 SAPLRHV6 Create/Change Business Event TypePVF0 SAPLRHV6 Create/Change LocationPVF1 SAPLRHV6 Maintain LocationPVG0 SAPLRHV6 Create/Change ResourcePVG1 SAPLRHV6 Create/Change RoomPVG2 SAPLRHAR Lock/Unlock ResourcePVG3 SAPLRHV6 Maintain RoomPVH0 SAPLRHV6 Create/Change External InstructorPVH1 SAPLRHV6 Create/Change InstructorPVH2 SAPLRHV6 Maintain External PersonPVK0 SAPLRHVL Correspondence HistoryPVL0 SAPLRHV6 Create/Change Business Event GroupPVMN MENUPVMN Training and Event ManagementPVR0 SAPLRHV6 Create/Change Resource TypePVR1 SAPLRHV6 Maintain Room EquipmentPVU0 SAPLRHV6 Create/Change CompanyPVU1 SAPLRHV6 Maintain CompanyPVV0 SAPLRHV6 Create/Change ServicePV0I SAPLRHVI Display Business Event CatalogPV00 SAPLRHPV Book AttendancePV01 SAPLRHPV Rebook AttendanceAutor: Iron700 220 13/11/2007
    • PV02 SAPLRHPV Prebook AttendancePV03 SAPLRHPV Replace AttendancePV04 SAPLRHPV Cancel AttendancePV05 SAPLRHPV Book List: Attendees/Business EventPV06 SAPLRHPV Prebook List: AttendeesPV07 SAPLRHPV Book List: AttendeesPV08 SAPLRHPV Book List: Business EventsPV09 SAPLRHVP Plan Business EventsPV1A SAPLRHVA Change Business EventPV1B SAPLRHVA Display Business EventPV1C RHXCCOS0 Cost TransferPV1D RHXCPRI0 Price ProposalPV1I SAPLRHVI Attendee Bookings R/3 UsersPV1M RHXMARP0 Materials ProcurementPV10 SAPLRHVB Create Business Event with ResourcePV11 SAPLRHVA Create Business Event w/o ResourcesPV12 SAPLRHV5 Firmly Book / Cancel Business EventPV14 SAPLRHV5 Lock / Unlock Business EventPV15 SAPLRHV5 Follow Up Business EventPV16 SAPLRHPV Prebook List: Business Event TypesPV17 RHXFAKT0 BillingPV18 RHXINLV0 Activity AllocationPV19 RHXINLV1 Activity Allocation for InstructorsPV2I SAPLRHVI Attendee Bookings (Web Users)PV26 SAPLRHPV Prebook List: Attendees/Event TypesPV3I SAPLRHVI Book Attendance R/3 UsersPV32 RHPE_APP_CREATECreate AppraisalPV33 SAPMHPS0 Business Event AppraisalPV34 SAPMHPS0 Attendee AppraisalPV35 RHUMAPPR Appraisal Conversion ProgramPV4I SAPLRHVI Book Attendance Web UsersPV5I SAPLRHVI Cancel Attendance R/3 UsersPV6I SAPLRHVI Cancel Attendance Web UsersPV7I SAPLHRTEM00NET Training CenterPV8I SAPLHRTEM00NET My BookingsPWKC PREAD_WORK_CENTCreate Work Center Capacity IDocPWPC PWPC_TO_CONVERTConvert Column FrameworkPW00 MENUPW00 Incentive WagesPW01 SAPMP53L Maintain Incentive Wages DataPW02 SAPMP53L Display Incentive Wages DataPW03 SAPMP53L Record Incentive Wages DataPW41 RPWI1100 Generate Batch Input SessionPW42 RPWI5000 Process Batch Input SessionPW43 RPWI4100 Reorganize Interface FilePW61 RPTCMP00 Time LevelingPW62 RPWAZL00 Employment PercentagePW63 RPWULL00 Reassignment of Pay Scale GroupPW70 RPWUL100 Recalculate Indiv. Incentive WagesPW71 RPWUG100 Recalculate Group Incentive WagesPW72 RPWUG180 Remove leaving employee from groupPW74 RPWUL170 Delete time tickets from cluster L1PW75 RPWUG170 Delete time tickets from cluster G1PW80 RPUCUSIW Incentive Wages: Current SettingsPW91 MPWPAR00 Incentive Wages: Control ParametersPW92 MPWPAR00 Incentive Wages: User ExitsPW93 MPWPAR00 Incentive Wages: Group ParametersPW94 MPWPAR00 Inc. Wages: Logistics ParametersPYKT SAPMPYKT Configuration CopierAutor: Iron700 221 13/11/2007
    • PYK0 SAPMPYK0 History of year end reporting runsPZFOTO SAPMPZ01 ESS Photo MiniApp (dummy)PZLE SAPMPZ01 ESS Life Event (Dummy)PZM0 SAPMPZ00 ESS Start MenuPZM1 SAPMPZ00 ESS Start Menu 1PZM2 SAPMPZM2 ESS Start MenuPZPR SAPMPWREMIND Password ReminderPZSU53 SAPMESSREP ESS Display Authorization ErrorsPZUS RHESSUSERSET ESS General SettingsPZUSFB RHESSUSERSET ESS MiniApp Photograph/BirthdayPZWHOC SAPMPZWHOC ESS Whos Who: CustomizingPZ00 SAPMPZ00 ESS Start MenuPZ01 SAPMPZ01 Whos WhoPZ01C SAPMPZ01C ESS Customizing for ESS Whos WhoPZ02 SAPMPZ02 AddressPZ03 SAPMPZ02 Bank DetailsPZ04 SAPMESSREP Time statementPZ05 SAPMPZ02 Emergency AddressPZ07 SAPMPZ07 Participation OverviewPZ08 SAPMPZ02 TaxesPZ09 SAPMPZ09 Time accountsPZ10 SAPMPZ02 Tax Deductions Form (W-4)PZ11 SAPMESSREP Remuneration StatementPZ12 SAPMPZ02 Family/Related PersonPZ14 SAPMPZ14 EnrollmentPZ15 SAPMPZ15 New Hire DataPZ16 SAPMPZ16 Employment and Salary VerificationPZ17 SAPMESSREP Work SchedulePZ18 SAPMPZ02 Emergency ContactPZ19 SAPMPZ02 ESS Time ManagementPZ20 SAPMPZ02 Notification of MarriagePZ21 SAPMPW12 Employment OpportunitiesPZ22 SAPMPW03 Application statusPZ23 SAPMPZ23 My PreferencesPZ24 SAPMPZ01 Whos WhoPZ25 SAPMPZ25 ESS Australian TaxesPZ26 SAPMPZ26 Organizational ChartPZ27 SAPMPZ27 ESS Superannuation AustraliaPZ28 SAPMPZ28 ESS Previous EmployersPZ29 SAPMPZ29 ESS External Bank Transfer AustraliPZ30 SAPMPZ30 My PhotoPZ31 SAPMRHPE_WWW_DEAdvanced HR: Access Profile Maint.PZ32 SAPMRHPE_WWW Advanced HR: Profile MaintenancePZ34 RPTEDT00 ESS Time ManagementPZ35 SAPMPZ01 Whos Who (Flow Logic)PZ36 SAPMPZ02 ESS Change YEA (Korea)PZ39 SAPMPZ39 Personal ID InformationPZ40 SAPMPZ40 FSA ClaimsPZ41 SAPMPZ02 Capital Formation GermanyPZ42 SAPMPZ42 ESS Alternative NamePZ43 SAPMPZ43 Retirement BenefitsPZ49 SAPMPZ49 Start ESSPZ50 SAPMPZ50 Change Whos Who DataPZ51 SAPMPZ25 ESS: Tax ThailandPZ52 SAPMPZ52 ESS Change AddressPZ53 SAPMPZ52 ESS for Prior Service Public SectorPZ54 SAPMPZ52 ESS for Leave Public Sector AUPZ56 SAPMPZ02 Additional Personal DataAutor: Iron700 222 13/11/2007
    • PZ60 SAPMPZ60 ESS benefit requestsPZ61 SAPMESSREP Benefit request query reportPZ67 SAPMPZ02 ESS for Commuting AllowancePZ80 SAPMPZ02 ESS Investment detls - IT585 -Sec80PZ88 SAPMPZ02 ESS Investment detls - IT586 Sec88P1B4 SAPMPAP0 Transfer table T588Z; infotype 4000P1B7 RPAPUT92 Conversion T750BP1ET SAPMP1ET Simulator of tax calculationP1Q0 RPPBSUQ0 Increment ProgressionP16B SAPMP16B Salary packaging (web)P2R0 RPPBSAR0 Letter of appointmentP2R1 RPPBSAR0 Release letter of appointmentP2R2 RPPBSAR0 Accept letter of appointmentP2R3 RPPBSAR0 Verify and hire applicantP2R4 RPAPBSR0 Print letter of appointmentP2R8 RPPBSAR0 Display letter of appointmentP2R9 RPPBSAR0 Display letter of appointmentP3PR SAPMP3PR 3PR Reconciliation WorkbenchP4Q0 RPPBSTQ0 Termination & Redundancy OrganiserP5DB4 SAPLHRB4 Construction; Maintain Cons.SitesP5Q0 RPPBSTQ1 Termination and redundancy organiseP6Q0 SAPM00PS_WB Termination and redundancy workbencQAC1 SAPLQPL1 Change insp. lot actual quantityQAC2 SAPLQPL1 Transfer stock to insp. lotQAC3 SAPLQPL1 Reset sampleQAER SAPLOPTI Display archive objectsQAS1 RQEIFM10 Download Insp. Specs. (Obsolete)QAS2 RQEIFM20 Download Basic Data (Obsolete)QAS3 RQEIFM50 Upload Results (Obsolete)QAS4 RQEIFM60 Upload UD (Obsolete)QA00 MENUQA00 Quality inspectionQA01 SAPLQPL1 Create Inspection LotQA01A SAPLQPL1 Create Inspection LotQA02 SAPLQPL1 Change Inspection LotQA02A SAPLQPL1 Change Inspection LotQA03 SAPLQPL1 Display inspection lotQA05 RQJBCTRL Job planning: Periodic inspectionQA06 RQJBCTRL Job overview: Periodic inspectionQA07 RQAAAS10 Trigger for recurring inspectionQA07L RQBALDSP Deadline Monitoring LogQA08 RQMQMM00 Collective Processing of Insp. SetuQA09 SAPMSNUM No. range maintenance for insp.lotsQA10 RQEVAI30 Trigger automatic usage decisionQA10L RQBALDSP Log for Automatic Usage DecisionQA11 SAPMQEVA Record usage decisionQA12 SAPMQEVA Change usage decision with historyQA13 SAPMQEVA Display usage decisionQA14 SAPMQEVA Change UD without historyQA16 RQEVAI10 Collective UD for accepted lotsQA17 RQJBCTRL Job planning for auto usage decisioQA18 RQJBCTRL Job overview for auto usage decisioQA19 RQEVAI30 Automatic usage decisionQA22 RQAPPU10 Change inspection point quantitiesQA23 RQAPPU10 Display insp.point quantitiesQA32 RQEEAL10 Change data for inspection lotQA32WP RQEEAW10 QA32 -Call from Workplace/MiniAppQA33 RQEEAL10 Display data for inspection lotQA40 RQEVAI50 Auto. Usage Decision for ProductionAutor: Iron700 223 13/11/2007
    • QA40L RQBALDSP Log for Automatic Usage DecisionQA41 RQJBCTRL Scheduling UD for Production LotsQA42 RQJBCTRL Job planning: UD prod. insp.lotsQA51 RQJBCTRL Scheduling Source InspectionsQA52 RQJBCTRL Source inspections: Job overviewQCC0 RQIMGALL QM: Direct Access to IMGQCC1 RQIMG010 Direct Access to IMG: NotificationQCC2 RQIMG020 IMG Direct Access: QM Q-NotificatioQCC3 RQIMG030 IMG Direct Access: QM Q-InspectionQCC4 RQIMG040 IMG Direct Access: QM Q-PlanningQCC5 RQIMG050 IMG Direct Selection: QM Bus. Add-IQCE2 SAPLQCE2 Edit Communication SupportQCE3 SAPLQCE2 Display Communication SupportQCYF RSTXFCPY QM standard forms (general)QCYT RSTXTCPY QM standard texts (general)QC01 SAPMQCPA Create certificate profileQC02 SAPMQCPA Change certificate profileQC03 SAPMQCPA Display certificate profileQC06 RQCQCD01 Immediate delete of cert. profilesQC11 SAPMV13I Create cert. profile assignmentQC12 SAPMV13I Change cert. profile assignmentQC13 SAPMV13I Display cert. profile assignmentQC14 SAPMV13I Create cert.prof.assign.w/copy modeQC20 RQCAAP03 Certificates for DeliveriesQC21 RQCAAP01 Quality certificate for the insp.loQC22 RQCAAP02 Quality Certificate for BatchQC31 RQCARD03 Archive display: Delivery itemQC32 RQCARD01 Archive display: Inspection lotQC40 SAPLQC07 Internet Certificate for DeliveryQC40A SAPLQC07 Internet Certificate for DeliveryQC42 SAPMQCWA Batch certificate on WWWQC51 SAPMQCPR Create certificate in procurementQC52 SAPMQCPR Change certificate in procurementQC53 SAPMQCPR Display certificate in procurementQC55 RQCPRM10 Worklist: Certificates - ProcuremenQDH1 RQDAAM10 Q-level evaluation: Change dataQDH2 RQDAAM10 Q-level evaluation: Display dataQDL1 SAPMQDQL Create quality levelQDL2 SAPMQDQL Change quality levelQDL3 SAPMQDQL Display quality levelQDP1 SAPMQDSP Create sampling schemeQDP2 SAPMQDSP Change sampling schemeQDP3 SAPMQDSP Display sampling schemeQDR1 SAPMQDDR Create dynamic modification ruleQDR2 SAPMQDDR Change dynamic modification ruleQDR3 SAPMQDDR Display dynamic modification ruleQDR6 RQDULM20 Disp. where-used list-dyn. mod. rulQDR7 RQDULM20 Replace dynamic mod. rule usedQDV1 SAPMQDSV Create sampling procedureQDV2 SAPMQDSV Change sampling procedureQDV3 SAPMQDSV Display sampling procedureQDV6 RQDULM10 Uses: Sampling proceduresQDV7 RQDULM10 Replace sampling procedure usedQD21 RQARCQM3 Mark completed notificationsQD33 RQARCQDL Delete quality levelQD34 RQJBCTRL Delete quality level planningQD35 RQJBCTRL Delete job overview for Q-levelsQEH1 SAPLQEH1 Worklist for Mobile Results Rec.Autor: Iron700 224 13/11/2007
    • QEI1 RQEIFML1 Displaying QM Interfaces Appl. LogQEI2 RQEIFML2 Deleting QM Interfaces Appl. LogQEW01 RQEWWM10 Results Recording on WebQEW01V RQEWWM00 Variant Maint.: Recording on WebQE00 MENUQE00 Quality PlanningQE01 SAPMQEEA Record characteristic resultsQE02 SAPMQEEA Change characteristic resultsQE03 SAPMQEEA Display characteristic resultsQE04 SAPMQEEA Record sample resultsQE05 SAPMQEEA Change sample resultsQE06 SAPMQEEA Display sample resultsQE09 SAPMQEEA Indiv.display of charac.resultQE09WP RQE09WP Call QE09 from WorkplaceQE11 SAPMQEEA Record results for inspection pointQE12 SAPMQEEA Change results for inspection pointQE13 SAPMQEEA Display results for inspection poinQE14 SAPMQEEA Record results for delivery noteQE15 SAPMQEEA Change results for delivery noteQE16 SAPMQEEA Display results for delivery noteQE17 SAPMQEEA Record results for equipmentQE18 SAPMQEEA Change results for equipmentQE19 SAPMQEEA Display results for equipmentQE20 SAPMQEEA Record results for funct. locationQE21 SAPMQEEA Change results for funct. locationQE22 SAPMQEEA Display results for funct. locationQE23 SAPMQEEA Record results for phys. sampleQE24 SAPMQEEA Change results for phys. sampleQE25 SAPMQEEA Display results for phys. sampleQE29 SAPMSNUM No. Range Maint.: Conf. No. for ChaQE51 RQEEAM10 Results recording worklistQE51N SAPLQEEO Results Recording WorklistQE52 RQEEAM20 Worklist: Results for phys. sampleQE53 RQEEAM30 Worklist: Record results for equip.QE54 RQEEAM40 Worklist: Results for funct. loctnsQE71 RQETBM10 Tabular res. recording for insp. ptQE72 RQETBM20 Tabular Results Rec. for Insp. LotsQE73 RQETBM30 Tabular res. recording for characs.QF01 SAPMQFFE Record defect dataQF02 SAPMQFFE Change defect dataQF03 SAPMQFFE Display defect dataQF11 SAPMQFFE Record defects for inspection lotQF21 SAPMQFFE Record defects for operationQF31 SAPMQFFE Record defects for characteristicQGA1 RQGAAG10 Display quality score time lineQGA2 RQGAAM20 Display inspection resultsQGA3 RQGAAM31 Print inspection resultsQGC1 RQERKM10 Qual. control charts for insp. lotsQGC2 RQERKM20 Control charts for task list characQGC3 RQERKM30 Control charts for master insp. chaQGD1 RIEQUI20 Test Equipment Usage ListQGD2 RQTETR00 Test Equipment TrackingQGP1 RQGEPM10 Results history for task list charaQGP2 RQGEPM10 Results History for Task List CharaQG09 SAPMSNUM Maint. num. range Q control chartsQISR SAPQISRW Internal Service RequestQISRW SAPQISRW Internal Service Request on the WebQISR1 SAPLQISR3 Internal Service Request - FormsQI01 SAPMQBAA Create quality info. - purchasingAutor: Iron700 225 13/11/2007
    • QI02 SAPMQBAA Change qual.information - purchasinQI03 SAPMQBAA Display quality info. - purchasingQI04 RQJBCTRL Job planning for QM procurement keyQI05 RQBAAM50 Mass maintenance QM procurement keyQI06 RQBAAM10 QM Releases: Mass maintenanceQI07 RQBAAM20 Incoming insp. and open pur. ordersQI08 RQJBCTRL Job overview of QM procurement keysQK01 RQECOM10 Assign QM order to materialQK02 RQECOM20 Display assigned QM ordersQK04 RQECOM40 Create QM orderQK05 RQECOM30 Confirmed activities for insp. lotQL11 RBDSEQMAT Mat: Distribute Inspection Setup-ALQL21 RBDSEQPMK Master Inspection Characs (ALE)QL31 RBDSEQSMT Distribute Inspection Methods (ALE)QL41 RBDSEQPGR Distribute Code Groups (ALE)QMW1 SAPQMWWW Create quality notification (WWW)QM00 MENUQM00 Quality NotificationsQM01 SAPLIQS0 Create quality notificationQM02 SAPLIQS0 Change quality notificationQM03 SAPLIQS0 Display quality notificationQM10 RQMELL10 Change list of quality notificationQM10WP RQMELW10 QM10 - Call from Workplace/MiniAppQM11 RQMELL10 Display List of Qual. NotificationsQM12 RQMELL20 Change list of tasksQM13 RQMELL20 Display list of tasksQM13WP RQMELW20 QM13 - Call from Workplace/MiniAppQM14 RQMELL30 Change list of itemsQM15 RQMELL30 Display list of itemsQM16 RQMELL40 Change activity listQM17 RQMELL40 Display activity listQM19 RQMELM10 List of Q Notifications; Multi-LeveQM50 RQMAAG10 Time line display Q notificationsQPIQS8 RQVIQS8 QM MiniApp Selection VariantQPIQS9 RQVIQS9 QM MiniApp Selection VariantQPNQ SAPMSNUM Number ranges for inspection plansQPQA32 RQVQA32 QM MiniApp Selection VariantQPQGC1 RQVQGC1 QM MiniApp Selection VariantQPQM10 RQVQM10 QM MiniApp Selection VariantQPQM13 RQVQM13 QM MiniApp Selection VariantQPR1 SAPLQPRS Create physical sampleQPR2 SAPLQPRS Change physical sampleQPR3 SAPLQPRS Display physical sampleQPR4 SAPLQPRS Confirm physical sample drawingQPR5 RQPRLS10 Manual inspection lots for physSampQPR6 RQPRSS10 Create new phys.-samp. drawing w.reQPR7 RQPRSS30 Storage Data MaintenanceQPV2 SAPLQPRV Maintain sample drawing procedureQPV3 SAPLQPRV Display sample drawing procedureQP01 SAPLCPDI CreateQP02 SAPLCPDI ChangeQP03 SAPLCPDI DisplayQP05 RQPDRK00 Print inspection planQP06 RQBAAM40 List: Missing/unusable insp. plansQP07 RQBAAM30 List: Missing/Unusable GR InspPlansQP08 RQPDRK02 Print task lists for materialQP11 SAPLCPDI Create reference operation setQP12 SAPLCPDI Change reference operation setQP13 SAPLCPDI Display reference operation setAutor: Iron700 226 13/11/2007
    • QP48 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for Physical SamplesQP49 SAPMSNUM Number range for phys. samp. drawinQP60 RMPLAN00 Time-related development of plansQP61 RCPCD006 Display change documents insp.planQP62 RCPCD003 Change documents ref.operation setsQSR6 RQPREDE2 Delete routingsQST03 RQSTA003 Display Stability HistoryQST04 RQSTA004 Display Inspection PlansQST05 RQSTA005 Graphical Scheduling OverviewQST06 RQSTA006 Scheduling Overview (StabilityStudyQST07 RQSTA007 Change Testing Schedule ItemsQST08 RQSTA007 Display Testing Schedule ItemsQS21 SAPMQSDA Create master insp. characteristicQS22 SAPMQSDA Create master insp. charac. versionQS23 SAPMQSDA Change master insp. charac. versionQS24 SAPMQSDA Display master insp. charac. versioQS25 SAPMQSDA Delete master insp. charac. versionQS26 SAPMQPDA Display characteristic useQS27 SAPMQPDA Replace master insp. characteristicQS28 RQPMKV10 Display insp. charac. listQS29 SAPMSNUM Maintain characteristic number rangQS31 SAPMQSCA Create inspection methodQS32 SAPMQSCA Create inspection method versionQS33 SAPMQSCA Change inspection method versionQS34 SAPMQSCA Display inspection method versionQS35 SAPMQSCA Delete inspection method versionQS36 SAPMQPCA Display inspection method useQS37 SAPMQPCA Central replacement of methodsQS38 RQMTBV10 Display inspection method listQS39 SAPMSNUM Maintain method number rangeQS4A SAPLQSBA Display catalogQS41 SAPLQSBA Maintain catalogQS42 SAPLQSBA Display catalogQS43 SAPLQSBA Maintain catalogQS44 SAPLQSBA Maintain catalogQS45 SAPLQSBA Display catalogQS46 SAPMQPBA Display code group useQS47 SAPMQPBA Central replacement of code groupsQS48 RQSBAS40 Usage indicator - code groupsQS49 SAPMQSEA Display code groups and codesQS51 SAPLQSKT Edit Selected SetsQS52 SAPLQSKT Display selected set indexQS53 SAPLQSKT Maintain individual selected setQS54 SAPLQSKT Maintain selected setQS55 SAPLQSKT Display selected setQS58 RQSBAS41 Usage indicator - selected setsQS59 SAPMQSEA Display selected setsQS61 SAPMQMSP Maintain material specificationQS62 SAPMQMSP Display material specificationQS63 SAPMQMSP Maintain material spec: PlanningQS64 SAPMQMSP Display material spec: For key dateQS65 RQSPEZ10 Activate material specificationQS66 RQJBCTRL Plan activation of material spec.QS67 RQJBCTRL Job overview: Activate mat. spec.QTSA SAPLQUOS Product Allocations: Send QuantitieQTSP SAPLQUOS Product Allocations:Send CustomizinQT00 MENUQT00 Test Equipment ManagementQT01 MENUQT01 Test equipment managementAutor: Iron700 227 13/11/2007
    • QVM1 RQEVAM10 Inspection lots without completionQVM2 RQEVAM20 Inspection lots with open quantitieQVM3 RQEVAM30 Lots without usage decisionQV51 SAPMQVDM Create control for QM in SDQV52 SAPMQVDM Change control for QM in SDQV53 SAPMQVDM Display control for QM in SDQZ00 MENUQZ00 Quality CertificatesQ000 MENUQ000 Quality managementRAEP1 RAFWGO_UPLOAD_RProcedure for Single Records: RARAEP2 RAFWGO_FRP_RA Procedure for Final Results: RARCA00 SAPLRMRCT Edit Generic TransactionRCA01 BUSSTART Create Risk ObjectRCA02 BUSSTART Change Risk ObjectRCA03 BUSSTART Display Risk ObjectRCA04 SAPMJBRT Copy Risk ObjectRCA06 BUSSTART Delete Risk ObjectRCC0G BUSVIEWS RT Control: TablesRCC00 MENURCC00 Configuration Menu for Risk ObjectsRCC01 BUSVIEWS RO Control: ApplicationsRCC02 BUSVIEWS RO Control: Field GroupsRCC03 BUSVIEWS RO Control: ViewsRCC04 BUSVIEWS RO Control: SectionsRCC05 BUSVIEWS RO Control: ScreensRCC06 BUSVIEWS RO Control: Screen SequencesRCC07 BUSVIEWS RO Control: EventsRCC08 BUSVIEWS RO Control: Standard FunctionsRCC09 BUSVIEWS RO Control: Additional FunctionsRCC10 BUSVIEWS RO Control: Search HelpRCC11 BUSVIEWS RO Control: Assign DB ScreenRCC12 BUSVIEWS RO Control: Modification CriteriaRCC15 BUSVIEWS RO Control: Application TransactionRCC18 BUSVIEWS RO Control: ActivitiesRCC19 BUSVIEWS RO Control: Field Mod. per Act. CatRCC20 BUSVIEWS Authorization TypesRCC23 BUSVIEWS RO Control: Data SetsRCDEF SAPLRMRCT Definition of Risk ObjectRCP02 RCPP_DUMMY_EHS Dummy Recipe Transaction for EH&SRCP03 RCPP_DUMMY_EHS Dummy Recipe Transaction for EH&SRDCA RFFMSDCA Send Vendor DocumentsRDPT1 FTBAS_SET_OVERVList of Redemption Schedule SetsRDPT2 FTBAS_SCHEDULE_List of Redemption SchedulesRDPT3 FTBAS_CLEANUP_SDelete Redemption Schedule SetsRDPT4 FTBAS_CLEANUP_SDelete Redemption SchedulesREAJCH RFREAJPROCESS Continue AdjustmentREAJPR RFREAJPROCESS Specify AdjustmentsREAJRV RFREAJPROCESS Reverse AdjustmentsREAJSH RFREAJPROCESS Display AdjustmentsRECABT RFRECABT Generate BDT Subscreen ContainersRECALN SAPMSNUM Number Range Maint: RECALOGRECALP RFRECALOGDISPLAParam. for Log Overview (Internal)RECARG RFRECARG Worklist: Update ObjectsRECATM RFRECATM Manage Text ModulesRECDCG RFRECD_CASHFLOWCash Flow Update for ContractRECDCH RFRECD_CASHFLOWUpdate Cash Flow for Rental ObjectRECDZZ RFRECD_CONDITIOTest - ConditionsRECNAE RFRECN_BALANCE_Comparison ObjTypes - Contract TypeRECNRP RFRECN_RESPONSIChange Pers.Resp: ContractsRECON1 RTPM_TRS_RECON_Process Ext. Sec. Acct StatementsAutor: Iron700 228 13/11/2007
    • RECON2 RTPM_TRS_RECONCReconcile Ext. Sec. Acct StatementsRECON3 RTPM_TRS_RECON_Delete Ext. Security Acct StatementRECOSE SAPLKO71 CO Settlement of Real Estate ObjectREISAO RFREISAO Info System: Architectural ObjectsREISBE RFREISBE Info System: Business EntitiesREISBP RFREISBPOBJREL Info System: Objects for PartnerREISBU RFREISBU Info System: BuildingsREISCN RFREISCN Info System: ContractsREISPR RFREISPR Info System: PropertiesREISRO RFREISRO Info System: Rental ObjectsREITDS RFREITDS Input Tax DistributionREPP1 REPP_VC_1 CO-OM-IS User Settings: CustomizingRERAPL RFVISL04 General Real Estate Posting LogRERAPP RFRERAPP Periodic Postings: ContractsRERAVP RFRERAVP Per. Posting: Rental Obj.(VacanciesRESCA RFRESCATAPE Import A-tapeRESCBC RFRESCBOOKING Posting of SettlementRESCCC RFRESCGENERATECGenerate Cost CollectorRESCD RFRESCDTAPE Import D-tapeRESCIS RFRESCSHOWRESULEvaluation of Service Charge SettlmRESCML RFRESCMLTAPE Create M/L-TapeRESCRV RFRESCSEREVERSEReversal of Service Chg SettlementRESCSE RFRESCSETTL Service Charge SettlementRESRBC RFRESRBOOKINGLDPosting of SettlementRESRCL RESRCALCRESULTLDisplay Results of CalculationRESRIS RFRESRSHOWRESULReport on Sales-Based SettlementRESRMO RFRESRMODIFYRESChange ResultsRESRRP RESRREPORTLDB Collective Entry of Sales ReportsRESRRV RFRESRSETTLLDBRReversal of Sales-Based SettlementRESRSE RFRESRSETTLLDB Sales-Based Rent SettlementRE80 RFRECA_RE80_INIRE80: RE NavigatorRFAF RSTWBFAF Store order follow-on documentsRISV RMCSISCP Setup: Retail Info System - VersionRJB1 KCFDUMENU External Data Transfer WorkbenchRKLNT RKLNTNG01 Counterparty Risk of Netting GroupRKLSI RKLSI Overview of Collateral ProvisionRL23 SAPLGD23 Document Display for Ledger 3ARM_01 RJBRSIIN Initialize viewRM_02 RJBRVRGC Regenerate ViewRM_97 RJBRSELPROT Display of DB LogsRM_98 RJBRBPDIAG Diagnosis of BP Admin. TablesRM_99 RJBRDEACFO Deactivate Financial ObjectsRMBDSA RJBRBDSA Overview of Report DataRMBDSB RJBRBDSB Create Report DataRMBK1 RRMDRB01 BCA: Derivation StrategyRMBK2 RRMDRB02 BCA: Rule EntriesRMCM RFTBCMGT00 Link Between Cash Mgmt and Risk MgmRMDR1 RRMDRR01 Gen.Transaction: Derivation StrategRMDR2 RRMDRR02 Gen. Transaction: Rule EntriesRMD01 RRMDR001 FO: Derivation StrategyRMD02 RRMDR002 Financial Object: Rule EntriesRMFD RJBRSVAC Financial Object DataRMFZ1 RRMFAZ01 Derivation of RM Part for FacilitieRMRB RJBRSTDA Dataset ManagementRMVARS RJBRVARS Display Shifts during VaR EvaluatioRMVT1 RRMDRV01 Variable Trans: Derivation StrategyRMVT2 RRMDRV02 Variable Transaction: Rule EntriesRMV0 RJBRSVAC Single Value Analysis: VARAutor: Iron700 229 13/11/2007
    • RMWB RMWBP00 Start WorkbenchRMW99 MENURMW99 Area MenuRPAM REPPXXXN Info. Sys. Rec.Ldgr: Report CurrencRPAN REPPXXXN Info.Sys. Rec.Ledger: PresettingsRPA0 REPPXXX0 Info.Sys. Rec.Ledger: PresettingsRPA1 REPPXXX0 Info. Sys. Rec.Ldgr: Report CurrencRPBN REPPXXXN Info.Sys. Proc.: PresettingsRPB0 REPPXXX0 Info.Sys. Proc.: PresettingsRPCN REPPXXXN Info. System CCtrs: PresettingsRPC0 REPPXXX0 Info. System CCtrs: PresettingsRPC1 REPPXXX0 Info. System CCtrs: PresettingsRPC2 REPPXXXN Info. System CCtrs: PresettingsRPDK RPPWF1M0 Workflow for Danish PayrollRPON REPPXXXN Info. System Orders: PresettingsRPO0 REPPXXX0 Info. System Orders: PresettingsRPPN REPPXXXN Proj. Info System: Default SettingsRPP0 REPPXXX0 Proj. Info System: Default SettingsRPXN REPPXXXN CO-OM Information System: SettingsRPX0 REPPXXX0 CO-OM Information System: SettingsRSA0 RSA1ADMI Content Settings MaintenanceRSA10 SAPLRSC3 Realtime Test Interface Srce SystemRSA2 RSA1REP OLTP Metadata RepositoryRSA3 SAPLRSFH Extractor CheckerRSA5 RSA1BCIN Install Business ContentRSA6 RSA1DSMA Maintain DataSourcesRSA7 RSA1QMNT BW Delta Queue MonitorRSA8 RSA1HIMA DataSource RepositoryRSA9 RSA1APAC Transfer Application ComponentsRSFH FHVIEWER Test Transaction Data ExtractorsRSMD FHVIEWER Extractor CheckerRSO2 RSIO0009 Oltp Metadata RepositoryRSO3 RSIO0007 Set Up Deltas for Master DataRSRR SAPLRSRR BW RRI on the WebRSTB RSTBNAME Choose Object NameRTBSTD RJBALMRTBSTD Position Management for Gen.Trans.RTDE RGUDEL00 Retail Ledger: Del. Transaction DatRTGDI SAPLCPCC_DT Direct input for routingsRTHCOC OM_START_NF Create Retail Object AssignmentRTHCOD OM_START_NF Display Retail Object AssignmentRTHCOM OM_START_NF Change Retail Object AssignmentRTKB SAPMSNUM Maintain Number Range: KB_NRRANGERTPB01 BUSVIEWS RPUS Cntrl: Application TransactionRTPB02 BUSVIEWS RPUS Cntrl: TablesRTPB03 BUSVIEWS RPUS Cntrl: ActivitiesRTPB04 BUSVIEWS RPUS struct: ApplicationsRTPB05 BUSVIEWS RPUS Struct Scr Layout: Field GroupRTPB06 BUSVIEWS RPUS Struct Scr Layout: ViewsRTPB07 BUSVIEWS RPUS Struct Scr Layout: SectionsRTPB08 BUSVIEWS RPUS Struct Scr Layout: ScreensRTPB09 BUSVIEWS RPUS Struct: Screen SequenceRTPB10 BUSVIEWS RPUS Struct: EventsRTPB11 BUSVIEWS RPUS GUI: Standard FunctionsRTPB12 BUSVIEWS RPUS GUI: Additional FunctionsRTPB13 BUSVIEWS RPUS GUI: Assignm scrn fld -> DB flRTPB14 BUSVIEWS RPUS Field Mod: CriteriaRTPB15 BUSVIEWS RPUS Field Mod: Activity CategoryRTPB16 BUSVIEWS Create data set for retirement planRTPB17 BUSVIEWS Retirement typesAutor: Iron700 230 13/11/2007
    • RTPB18 BUSVIEWS RPUS Authorization typesRTPB19 BUSVIEWS RPUS Field groups for authorizationRVND RFIBLOPAY Create Payment Requests OnlineRWBE RWBEST01 Stock OverviewRZPT SAPLARCH_RZPT_SResidence Time Maintenance ToolRZ01 RSRZADM2 Job Scheduling MonitorRZ02 RSRZOLD Network Graphics for SAP InstancesRZ03 RSRZLST1 Presentation; Control SAP InstancesRZ04 RSRZLST2 Maintain SAP InstancesRZ06 RSRZOLD Alerts Thresholds MaintenanceRZ08 RSRZOLD SAP Alert MonitorRZ10 SAPLSPFL Maintain Profile ParametersRZ11 RSPFLDOC Profile Parameter MaintenanceRZ12 SAPMSMLG Maintain RFC Server Group AssignmenRZ15 SAPMSLOG Read XMI logRZ20 RSALSTMO CCMS MonitoringRZ21 SAPLSALU CCMS Monitoring Arch. CustomizingRZ23 RSPFDBUI_INIT Performance database monitorRZ23N RSPFDB_ADMIN Central Performance HistoryRZ25 RSALTLEX Start Tools for a TIDRZ26 RSAL_START_TOOLStart Methods for an AlertRZ27 RSAL_EXECUTE_RZStart RZ20 for a MonitorRZ28 RSAL_START_AL_VStart Alert Viewer for MonitorRZ70 RSLDADM SLD AdministrationS-32 SAPMSTBM _S-33 SAPMSTBM Display tableS_IWB RSIWB310 Initial Screen Knowledge WarehouseSAAB SAPLSAAB Activ. Assertions and BreakpointsSADJ SAPLSCT1 Customizing Transfer AssistantSADP SAPMSADR Contact person addr.maint. init.scrSADQ SAPMSADR Private address maint. initial scrnSADR SAPMSADR Address maint. - Group required!SAD0 SAPMSAD0 Address Management callSAINT SAPLSAINT_UI Add-On Installation ToolSAKB0 SAPRAKBCONFIG AKB ConfigurationSAKB4 SAPRAKB_SHOW_EXCreate Usage ExplanationsSAKB5 SAPRAKB_CI_TABCCheck Table EnhancementsSALE RBDSALE2 Display ALE CustomizingSAMT SAPRSAMT ABAP Program Set ProcessingSARA SAPMAADM Archive AdministrationSARE SAPLAINS Archive ExplorerSARFC RSARFCCHK Server Resources for Asynchron. RFCSARI SAPLAINA Archive Information SystemSARJ SAPLAS_ARC Archive Retrieval ConfiguratorSARP SAPMSERP Reporting (Tree Structure): ExecuteSARPN SAPLBMEN Display Report TreesSART SAPMSERP Display Report TreeSARTN SAPLSRT_APPL Display Report TreesSA01 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ADRNRSA11 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ADRVSA12 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ADRVPSA38 SAPMS38M ABAP ReportingSA39 SAPMS38M SA38 for Parameter TransactionSBAC SAPLSF30 Edit Application ComponentsSBCA SAPLBCOM_ADMIN Routing Server AdministrationSBDS1 BDSBARCO1 Displaying Open Bar CodesSBDS2 BDSBARCO2 Open Internal Bar CodesSBDS3 BDSBARCO3 Open External Bar CodesAutor: Iron700 231 13/11/2007
    • SBDS4 BDSBARCO4 Open Bar Codes with Keep FlagSBDS5 BDSBARCO5 Internal Bar Codes with Keep FlagSBDS6 BDSBARCO6 External Bar Codes with Keep FlagSBDS7 BDSBARCOM Compare Open Bar CodesSBEA MENUSBEA BEAC corporate flight systemSBIT SAPLBTCHSBIW SBIWSHOW BIW in IMG for OLTPSBI1 RSAO0001 Maintain enhanced InfoSourceSBI2 RSAO0003 Maintain enhanced master data str.SBI3 RSAO0007 Maintain append for InfoSourceSBI4 RSAO0008 Maintain append for master dataSBI5 RSAO0009 Delete InfoObjectsSBMA SAPLSBMA_TRANSABOR Migration AssistantSBPT MENUSBPT Administration Process TechnologySBRAC SAPLBCOM_R_ATTCCatalog of Routing AttributesSBRT SAPLBCOM_R_TESTBCOM RBR: Test InterfaceSBRT2 SAPLBCOM_R_TESTRouting TestSBRT3 RSBCOM_SBRT3_STRBR Test Server - ConfigurationSBTA SAPMSSY2 Test background processingSBWP SAPMSSO0 SAP Business WorkplaceSB01 ADITEST8 Business Navigator - Component ViewSCAL SAPMSFT0 Factory Calendar with GUISCASE SAPCMGSTART Case ManagementSCAT SAPMSCAT Computer Aided Test ToolSCA2 SAPMSFT2 Cannot be executed directlySCA3 SAPMSFT3 Cannot be executed directlySCA4_D SZC_HOLIDAY_MAICannot be executed directlySCA4_U SZC_HOLIDAY_MAICannot be executed directlySCA5_D SZC_HOLIDAY_CALCannot be executed directlySCA5_U SZC_HOLIDAY_CALCannot be executed directlySCA6_D SZC_FACTORY_CALCannot be executed directlySCA6_U SZC_FACTORY_CALCannot be executed directlySCCL SAPMSCC1 Local Client CopySCC1 SAPMSCC1 Client Copy - Special SelectionsSCC3 RSCCPROT Client Copy LogSCC5 SAPMSCC1 Delete ClientSCC7 SAPMSCC1 Post-Client Import MethodsSCC8 SAPMSCC1 Client ExportSCC9 SAPMSCC1 Remote Client CopySCDN SAPMSNUM Change Documents: Number RangesSCDO SAPMSCDO Display Change Document ObjectsSCEM SAPMSCEM CATT - EMSCFB GRM_START_FUNCTRole Manager: Start of a FunctionSCI SAPLS_CODE_INSPABAP Code InspectorSCID SAPLS_CODE_INSPCode Inspector for Specified ObjectSCII SAPLS_CODE_INSPCode Inspector: InspectionSCMA SAPLSCMA Schedule Manager: SchedulerSCMATP SAPLSCMA SchedMan: Task List MaintenanceSCMO RKRUNMONI Schedule Manager: MonitorSCMP SAPLSCT1 View/Table ComparisonSCMSMO SCMS_CS_MONITORKnowledge Provider MonitorSCON RSCONN07 SAPconnect - AdministrationSCOOL RS_COL_WB_AS_STCOOL RepositorySCOT RSCONN07 SAPconnect - AdministrationSCP RSCPSEGMENT_SHODisplay and Maintain Code PageSCPI MENUSCPI Production Optimization InterfaceSCPM SAPMSCEM CATT - EMSCPMIG RSCP0126 Character ConversionAutor: Iron700 232 13/11/2007
    • SCPRAT SAPLSCPRMP Change BC Set Value AttributesSCPRIP SAPLSCPRMP Delete Several BC SetsSCPR10 SAPSCPR5 BC Sets: Compare after transportSCPR20 SAPSCPR7 BC Sets: ActivateSCPR3 SCPR3 Display and maintain BC SetsSCPR92 SAPSCPR6 BC Sets: Maintenance tool 2SCRE GRM_START_REPORRole Manager: Start of a ReportSCRK SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: CSCR_KEYNSCRM SCRMSHOW CRM-Relevant IMG in PlugIn of R/3SCUA SAPMSCUA Central User AdministrationSCUC RSUSRSCUC CUA: Synchronize company addressesSCUG RSUSLAND Transfer UsersSCUL SAPMUSLG Central User Administration LogSCUM RSUSLAND Central User AdministrationSCU0 SAPLSCT1 Customizing Cross-System ViewerSCU3 RSTBHIST Table HistorySCWB SCWBENTR Correction WorkbenchSC38 SAPMS38M Start Report (Remote)SDBE SAPMSDBE Explain an SQL statementSDCC BDLSDDCC Service Data Control CenterSDD1 SDDORD01 Duplicate Sales Documents in PeriodSDMO MSDMEN00 Dynamic Menu (old)SDOCU SAPLS_DOKU_HIERMaintain Documentation StructureSDO1 SDORDE01 Orders within time periodSDPI SAPMSNUM Number Range Maint.: SD_PICKINGSDQ1 SDQUOT01 Expiring QuotationsSDQ2 SDQUOT02 Expired QuotationsSDQ3 SDQUOT03 Completed QuotationsSDV SDV_VIEWER Document ViewingSDVK SDCRSL01 Purchase Analysis Sales DocumentsSDV1 SDCONT01 Expiring ContractsSDV2 SDCONT02 Expired ContractsSDV3 SDCONT03 Completed ContractsSDWB BDLDEVLP Service Definition Work BenchSDW0 MENUSDW0 ABAP Development WB Initial ScreenSD11 SAPMUD00 Data ModelerSECATT SAPLECATT_MAIN Extended Computer Aided Test ToolSECOCO RS_CONTROL_COMPControl ComposerSECR RSAUDIT0 Audit Information SystemSECSTO RSECADMIN Administration of Secure MemorySENG SAPLSF4E Administration of External IndexesSEPA SAPLEPSS EPS Server: AdministrationSEPS SAPLEPSC SAP Electronic Parcel ServiceSERP SAPMSERP Reporting: Change Tree StructureSESS SAPLSMTR_NAVIGASession Manager Menu Tree DisplaySETB RFFMSETB Direct Input for BUSABSE01 RDDM0001 Transport Organizer (Extended)SE03 SAPCTS_TOOLS Transport Organizer ToolsSE06 RDDINSTR Set Up Transport OrganizerSE07 RDDSTR01 CTS Status DisplaySE09 RDDM0001 Transport OrganizerSE10 RDDM0001 Transport OrganizerSE11 DD_START ABAP DictionarySE12 DD_START ABAP/4 Dictionary DisplaySE13 SAPMSEDS Maintain Technical Settings (TablesSE14 SAPMSGTB Utilities for Dictionary TablesSE15 RS_INFOSYSTEM_SABAP/4 Repository Information SysteSE16 SAPLSETB Data BrowserAutor: Iron700 233 13/11/2007
    • SE16N RK_SE16N General Table DisplaySE17 SAPMSTAZ General Table DisplaySE18 BADI_START Business Add-Ins: DefinitionsSE19 BADI_START Business Add-Ins: ImplementationsSE21 PACKAGE_BUILDERPackage BuilderSE24 SEO_STARTUP Class BuilderSE29 SAPMAPAD Application PacketsSE30 SAPMS38T ABAP Objects Runtime AnalysisSE32 RSTEXTELEMENTE ABAP Text Element MaintenanceSE33 SAPMS33C Context BuilderSE35 SAPMSDIA ABAP/4 Dialog ModulesSE36 SAPMSLDB Logical Database BuilderSE37 SAPMS38L ABAP Function ModulesSE38 RSABAPPROGRAM ABAP EditorSE39 RS_WB_SPLIT_EDISplitscreen Editor: (New)SE39O SAPMSEDC Splitscreen Editor: Program CompareSE40 SAPMSEUN MP: Standards Maint. and TranslatioSE41 SAPMSMPE Menu PainterSE43 SAPLBMEN Maintain Area MenuSE43N SAPLBMEN Maintain Area MenuSE51 RSSCREENPAINTERScreen PainterSE54 SAPMSVIM Generate table viewSE61 SAPMSDCU R/3 DocumentationSE61D RSE61D Display of SAPScript TextSE62 SAPMSBR0 Industry UtilitiesSE63 SAPMTRAN Translation: Initial ScreenSE64 SAPMTERM TerminologySE71 SAPMSSCF SAPscript formSE72 SAPMSSCS SAPscript StylesSE73 SAPMSSCO SAPscript Font MaintenanceSE74 SAPMSSCU SAPscript format conversionSE75 SAPMSSCC SAPscript SettingsSE76 SAPMSSCG SAPscript: Form TranslationSE77 SAPMSSCG SAPscript Styles TranslationSE78 SAPMSSCH Administration of Form GraphicsSE8I RSINFOLI Lists in Repository InfosystemSE80 SAPMSEU0 Object NavigatorSE81 SAPMSEU10 Application HierarchySE82 SAPMSEU9 Application HierarchySE84 RS_INFOSYSTEM_SR/3 Repository Information SystemSE85 RS_INFOSYSTEM_SABAP/4 Repository Information SysteSE89 SAPMSEUM Maintain Trees in Information SysteSE90 RS_INFOSYSTEM_SProcess Model Information SystemSE91 RSMESSAGES Message MaintenanceSE92 RSLGAD01 New SysLog Msg Maintenance as of 46SE92N RSLGAD01 Maintain System Log MessagesSE93 SAPLSEUK Maintain Transaction CodesSE94 SAPMSCLS Customer enhancement simulationSE95 SAPRMOMO Modification BrowserSE97 TASAUTH Maint. transaction call authorizatnSFAC SAPLBZFC Field selection maintenanceSFAW SAPMM00C Field Selection MaintenanceSFT1 SAPMSFT0 Maintain Public HolidaysSFT2 SAPMSFT0 Maintain Public Holiday CalendarSFT3 SAPMSFT0 Maintain Factory CalendarSGEN RSPARAGENLOD SAP Load GeneratorSGOSHI RSSGOSHIRE Object HistorySHDB SAPMSBDT Batch Input Transaction RecorderAutor: Iron700 234 13/11/2007
    • SHDG RSHDGF00 Global Fields: Change and DisplaySHDI RSSHDIMG_TREE2 Transaction Variants Image ArchiveSHDS SAPMSHD0 Internal: Save transaction variantSHD0 SAPMSHD0 Transaction and Screen VariantsSHD1 SAPMSHD0 Internal: Variant transaction callSHI0 SAPLSHI4 Structure buffer: Node type maint.SHI1 SAPLSHI4 Structure buffer: Link type maint.SHI2 SAPLSHI4 Structure buffer: Struc. type maintSHI3 SAPLSHI6 Structure maintenanceSH01 RSHLP001 Online help: F1 Help serverSH02 RSHLP002 Online help: Link tracingSH03 RSHLP003 Call extended helpSI_SEL SAPMSIWB_STRUC_KW: Structure Editor LinkSIAC1 SIAC_TREE Web Object AdministrationSIBU SAPLSATT11 Industry MaintenanceSICF RSICFTREE HTTP Service Hierarchy MaintenanceSICK RSICC000 Installation CheckSIMGH SAPLS_IMG_TOOL_IMG Structure MaintenanceSINA RSSINADM SAPBPT: Maintain Standard Config.SIN1 SAPLSIN1 SAPBPT: InboxSI00 MENUSI00 SAP Knowledge WarehouseSI21 RSIWB21 Migration of extended helpSI22 RSIWB000 Create Command FilesSI23 RSIWB100 Init. screen of cust. maint. interfSI23_6 IWB_TEMPLATES Edit templatesSI24 RSIWB101 Initial Screen of IMG (KW)SI24_1 RSIWB102 Customizing System (KW)SI24_2 RSIWB103 Customizing Server (KW)SI24_3 RSIWB104 Customizing Assignments (KW)SI24_4 RSIWB105 Customizing Export Variants (KW)SI24_5 RS_IWB_ENTRY_SEDefine Initial Structure (Custom.)SI24_6 RS_IWB_EXPORT_AAutomat. Instantiation of Info Obj.SI24_7 RS_IWB_EXPORT_RSet export_range in iwbsettingSI24_8 RS_IWB_R3LINK_SSupport R/3 Link Maintenance (Cust)SI24_9 RSIWB106 Document Management Areas (View)SI80 RSIWB300 Knowledge WarehouseSI81 RSIWB600 ManagementSI85 RSIWB303 Knowledge Warehouse (General)SI86 RSIWB601 ManagementSI88 RSIWB601 HTML ExportSI89 RSIWB602 Analyze HTML Export LogsSI90 RSIWB302 Knowledge Warehouse: TrainingSKEP KW_KEP_SCHEDULEKEPlicatorSKNF SAPLSQADB04 Maintain Configuration GroupsSKPR07 RSTIRIDX_MONITOMonitoring for KPRO RetrievalSKPR09 RSIRCCON Test Content RepositoriesSKWA SKWA_START Administration WorkbenchSKWR01 SKWR_TAXONOMY Taxonomy Tree ManagementSKWR02 SKWR_REBUILD_INRestore IndexSKWR03 SKWR_TRAIN_CLASClassify DocumentsSKWS SKWS_USER_INTERCM: Status ManagementSLAT RSIWA203 Additional Translation ToolsSLDB SAPMSLDB Logical Databases (Tree Structure)SLGN SAPMSNUM Applic.log: Number range maintenancSLGT RDDGTSND Register in Central Object DirectorSLG1 SBAL_DISPLAY Application Log: Display LogsSLG2 SBAL_DELETE Application Log: Delete logsSLIBN RLB_LIBRARY_EDIMaintain Reuse LibraryAutor: Iron700 235 13/11/2007
    • SLIBP RLB_PRODUCT_EDIMaintain Reuse ProductSLIN SAPLSLIN ABAP: Extended Program CheckSLIS MENUSLIS FI-SL Spec.Purpose Ledg. Info.SysteSLLS SAPMSLLS Translation StatisticsSLLT SAPMSLLT Translation Performance StatisticsSLPP SAPMSLW_SLPP Proposal PoolSLWA SAPMSLW_ADMIN Translation Environment Admin.SLWB SAPMSLW_ADMIN_ITranslation Environment SchedulerSLW3 SAPMSLW_ADMIN_IWorklist SchedulerSLW4 SAPMSLW_ADMIN Translation: Application HierarchySL02 SAPMSL02 PAW - Main MenuSL31 SAPMSL311 PAW - Test-Type DefinitionsSL32 SAPMSL32 PAW - Location DefinitionsSL60 SLSPAWR1 PAW - Test Results OverviewSL61 SLSPAWT1 PAW - Test Results Transfer to HRSL62 SLSPAWL3 PAW - Lookup Definition TreeSL63 SLSPAWL2 PAW - Location Test-CatalogSL64 SLSPAWR2 PAW - Statistical EvaluationsSL65 SLSPAWR8 PAW - Export Test ResultsSL66 SLSPAWD1 PAW - Download Certification DetailSL67 SLSPAWD2 PAW - Download Test-Catalog for LocSL68 SLSPAWT9 PAW - Test Data GenerationSL69 SLSPAWT2 PAW - Qualification Transfer Log.SL70 SLSPAWR7 PAW - Person Results OverviewSL71 SLSPAWT8 PAW - Initial Data GeneratorSL73 SLSPAWT5 PAW - Batch Qualification GeneratioSL74 SLSPAWT6 PAW - Batch Q.- Generation ProtocolSL75 SLSPAWR9 PAW - Item Results OverviewSL76 SLSPAWR6 PAW - Test Structure DisplaySL77 SLSPAWC1 PAW - Show comments for test itemsSL79 SAPLSLSM PAW - Location Profile MaintenanceSL91 SLSPAWV1 PAW - Maintain location profileSL92 SLSPAWV2 PAW - Maintain test type profilSL93 SAPMSL932 PAW - Maintain SettingsSL94 SLSPAWV3 PAW - Maintain test IO profileSL95 SLSPAWV4 PAW - Maintain User ProfilesSL96 SAPMSL96 PAW - Release Control SettingsSL99 SLSPAWV5 PAW - Display authorization profileSMAP01 SAPLSF30 Maintain Solution Map objectsSMCL CSL_MON CSL: MonitorSMEN SAPLSMTR_NAVIGASession Manager Menu Tree DisplaySMET SMETRICS01 Display frequency of function callsSMGW RSMONGWY_ALV Gateway MonitorSMICM RSMONICM_STANDAICM MonitorSMLG SAPMSMLG Maint.Assign. Logon Grp to InstanceSMLT SAPTLAN_MANAGEMLanguage ManagementSMMS RSMONMS_ALV Message Server MonitorSMOD SAPMSMOD SAP Enhancement ManagementSMOMO WAF_MOMO Mobile EngineSMQA RSTRFCMA tRFC/qRFC: Confirm. status & dataSMQE RSQEVTMA qRFC AdministrationSMQG RSTRFCM7 Distributed QOUT TablesSMQR RSQIWKMA Registration of Inbound QueuesSMQS RSQOWKMA Registration of DestinationsSMQ1 RSTRFCM1 qRFC Monitor (Outbound Queue)SMQ2 RSTRFCM3 qRFC Monitor (Inbound Queue)SMQ3 RSTRFCM5 qRFC Monitor (Saved E-Queue)SMT1 RSRFCSEC Trusted Systems (Display <-> Maint.Autor: Iron700 236 13/11/2007
    • SMT2 RSRFCSLX Trusting systems (Display <->Maint.SMW0 SAPMWWW0 SAP Web RepositorySMX SAPLBTCH Display Own JobsSM01 SAPMTSTC Lock TransactionsSM02 SAPMSEM1 System MessagesSM04 RSM04000_ALV User ListSM12 RSENQRR2 Display and Delete LocksSM13 SAPMSM13 Administrate Update RecordsSM13T SAPMSM13 Administrate Update RecordsSM14 SAPMSM14 Update Program AdministrationSM18 RSAUPURG Reorganize Security Audit LogSM19 SAPMSM19 Security Audit ConfigurationSM20 SAPMSM20 Security Audit Log AssessmentSM20N SAPMSM20 Analysis of Security Audit LogSM21 SAPMSM21 Online System Log AnalysisSM28 RSICC000 Installation CheckSM29 SAPMSM29 Model Transfer for TablesSM30 SAPMSVMA Call View MaintenanceSM31 SAPMSVMA Call View Maintenance Like SM30SM32 SAPMSTBM Maintain Table Parameter ID TABSM33 SAPMSTBM Display Table Parameter ID TABSM34 SAPMSVMA Viewcluster Maintenance CallSM35 SAPMSBDC_CC Batch Input MonitoringSM35P RSBDC_PROTOCOL Batch Input: Log MonitoringSM36 SAPLBTCH Schedule Background JobSM37 SAPLBTCH Overview of job selectionSM37B SAPLBTCH Simple version of job selectionSM37C SAPLBTCH Flexible version of job selectionSM38 SAPMSQIO Queue Maintenance TransactionSM39 SAPBTCPE Job AnalysisSM49 RSLOGCOM Execute external OS commandsSM50 RSMON000_ALV Work Process OverviewSM51 RSM51000_ALV List of SAP SystemsSM54 RSM54000 TXCOM MaintenanceSM55 RSM55000 THOST MaintenanceSM56 RSM56000 Number Range BufferSM58 RSARFCRD Asynchronous RFC Error LogSM580 RBDSTARTSM58 Transaction for Drag & RelateSM59 RSRFCRFC RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain)SM61 SAPLCOBJ Backgroup control objects monitorSM61B SAPLCOBJ New control object managementSM62 SAPLBTCHSM63 SAPLSOMS Display/Maintain Operating Mode SetSM64 SAPLBTCH Trigger an EventSM65 SAPLSBPT Background Processing Analysis ToolSM66 SAPMSM66 Systemwide Work Process OverviewSM69 RSLOGCOM Maintain External OS CommandsSNC0 SAPL0SEC SNC Access Control List: SystemsSNC1 RSUSR300 Generate SNC name for userSNC2 RSUSR402 Export SNC name of userSNC3 RSSNC40A User initial control list 3.1-4.0SNC4 RSSNCCHK Check canonical SNC namesSNLS SAPMSNL1 Display NLS (character set; lang.)SNL1 SAPMSNL1 Display NLS (character set; lang.)SNL2 SAPMSNL1 Set NLS (character set; language...SNL3 SAPMSNL1 Develop NLS (character set; lang...SNOTE SCWN_ENTRY_TREENote AssistantSNRO SAPMSNRO Number Range ObjectsAutor: Iron700 237 13/11/2007
    • SNUM SAPMSNUM Number Range DriverSOA MENUSOA SAP ArchiveLinkSOAACT ACE_SOP_PERIODIActual Calculation of ProvisionsSOAAD ACEPSCALLBKEDR ACE Account AssignmentSOAD SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: External AddressesSOAIMG ACE_SOP_IMG IMG for Stock Option AccountingSOASIM ACE_SOP_PERIODISimulation of ProvisionsSOBJ SAPMTOBJ Maintenance Object AttributesSOBN01 RSUSR002_ADDRESPersonal dataSOBT SAPMTOBJ Maintenance Object AttributesSOCP SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: External AddressesSODS RSSODS SAPoffice: LDAP BrowserSOEX SAPLSO02 Express MessageSOFF MENUSOFF SAPoffice: Area MenuSOHI MSGOSHIST Object HistorySOLMAP SAPLSF30 Maintain Solution MapsSOSB RSSOSOSTSTAT Send Order Overview (User)SOSG RSSOSOSTSTAT Send Request Overview (Groups)SOST RSSOSOSTSTAT Overview transmission requestsSOSV RSSOSOSTSTAT SAPconnect Send RequestsSOTR RSSOAPIR Test transaction for API1 (receivedSOYA RSSOCHOW SAPoffice: Change folder ownerSOY1 RSSOUSED SAPoffice: Mass Maint. UsersSOY2 RSSOSTAT SAPoffice: Statistics data collect.SOY3 RSSOSTVW SAPoffice: Statistics EvaluationSOY4 RSSOLAZY SAPoffice: Access overviewSOY5 RSSOINBO SAPoffice: Inbox overviewSOY6 RSSOPRIV SAPoffice: Document overviewSOY7 RSSOFOLD SAPoffice: Folder overviewSOY8 RSSOAPUT SAPoffice: Mass ArchivingSOY9 RSSOMOVE SAPoffice: Inbox Reorg.SO00 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Short MessageSO01 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: InboxSO01X SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: InboxSO02 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: OutboxSO02X SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: OutboxSO03 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Private FoldersSO03X SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Private FoldersSO04 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Shared FoldersSO04X SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Shared FoldersSO05 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Private TrashSO05X SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Private TrashSO06 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Substitution on/offSO07 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: ResubmissionSO07X SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: ResubmissionSO10 SAPMSSCE SAPscript: Standard TextsSO12 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: User MasterSO13 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: SubstituteSO15 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Distribution ListsSO16 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: ProfileSO17 RSSOTRCL SAPoffice: Delete Shared TrashSO18 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Shared TrashSO19 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Default DocumentsSO20 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Private Default DocumentSO21 RSSOPCDR Maintain PC Work DirectorySO22 RSSODLPC SAPoffice: Delete PC Temp. FilesSO23 SAPMSSO0 SAPoffice: Distribution ListsSO28 RSSO0028 Maintain SOGRAutor: Iron700 238 13/11/2007
    • SO30 RSSORE00 SAPoffice: Reorg.SO31 RSSORE02 Reorganization (daily)SO36 RSSOADM0 Create Automatic ForwardingSO38 RSSOFALU SAPoffice: Synchr. of Folder Auths.SO40 RSSOCUFM SAPoffice: Cust. Layout Set MAILSO41 RSSOCUFM SAPoffice: Cust. Layout Set TELEFAXSO42 RSSOCUFM SAPoffice: Cust.Layout Set TELEFAX_SO43 RSSOCUFM SAPoffice: Cust.Layout Set TELEFAX_SO44 RSSOCUFM SAPoffice: Cust. Layout Set TELEXSO50 BCS_IBND_MAINT Rules for inbound distributionSO52 RSSOUADD Deletes Address from User MasterSO55 RSSOUSCO User consistency checkSO60 RSDOCH01 Call R/3 Help LibrarySO70 SAPLDSYH Hypertext: Display/Maint. StructureSO71 SAPLDSYH Test plan managementSO72 SAPMSDCU Maintain Hypertext ModuleSO73 SAPLDSYS Import graphic into SAPfindSO75 RSDOCH01 Getting Started with the R/3 SystemSO80 RSTBOE06 SAPfind: Free Text Retrieval DialogSO81 RSTGRE13 SAPfind: Free Text Indexing (Test)SO82 RSTBOE05 SAPfind: Free Text Retrieval BatchSO85 RSTBOE01 SAPfind: txt_seq_searchSO86 RSTBOE02 SAPfind: Txt_seq_search_1SO90 RSTSHSRV SAPfind: shell folders service progSO91 RSSHSOMI SAPfind SO: SAPoffice Marketing InfSO95 RSSHCLAS Pregenerated Search Queries - SelecSO99 RSSHRELN Put Information SystemSPAD SAPMSPAD Spool AdministrationSPAK PACKAGE_BUILDERPackage BuilderSPAM SAPMSPAM Support Package ManagerSPAR SAPLSDB8 Determine storage parametersSPAT SAPMSPAD Spool Administration (Test)SPAU RSUMOD04 Display Modified DE ObjectsSPBM SAPLSPBT Monitoring parallel background taskSPBT SAPLSPBT Test: Parallel background tasksSPCC RSPO0043 Spool consistency checkSPDD RSUMOD02 Display Modified DDIC ObjectsSPEC01 SAPMCH01 Specification system: Edit templateSPEC02 SAPMCH01 Specification system: Edit datasheeSPHA SAPLPHOA Telephony administrationSPHB SAPLPHOB SAPphone: System AdministrationSPHD RSPHSPHD SAPphone: Own telephone numberSPHS RSPHSOFT SAPphone: Interface for TelephoneSPHT SAPLPHOH SAPphone Test EnvironmentSPHW RSPHITS1 Initiate Call in Web ApplicationsSPH4 RSPHGCTI Activ./deactiv. telephony in systemSPIA SPI_ADM_CU PMI AdministrationSPIC RSPO1055 Spool installation checkSPID SPI_PS_SHOW_1 Display Process RepositorySPIM SPI_CM_MAINTAINProcess Monitoring: Meta DataSPIO SPI_PS_SHOW Process Monitoring OverviewSPIS SPI_UI_START Start User Interface for MonitoringSPOV SAPMSPAD Spool Request OverviewSPPFC START_CUSTOMIZIPPF: Initial Screen in CustomizingSPPFP RSPPFPROCESS Process ActionsSPRM SAPL0OBJ Update settingsSPRO SAPLS_IMG_TOOL_Customizing - Edit ProjectSPTP SAPMSPTP Text elem. maint. for print formatsAutor: Iron700 239 13/11/2007
    • SPUMG SAPLSPUMG Unicode Pre-MigrationSP00 MENUSP00 Spool and related areasSP01 RSPOSP01NR Output ControllerSP01O RSPOSP01 Spool ControllerSP02 RSPOSP01NR Display Spool RequestsSP02O RSPOSP01 Display Output RequestsSP03 RSPO0048 Spool: Load FormatsSP1T RSPOSP01 Output Control (Test)SP11 RSTS0012 TemSe directorySP12 RSTS0010 TemSe AdministrationSQCIT SAPLSQADB08 Maintain CI TemplatesSQLR SQLR0001 SQL Trace InterpreterSQVI SAPMS38R QuickViewerSQ00 SAPMS38R SAP Query: Start queriesSQ01 SAPMS38R SAP Query: Maintain queriesSQ02 SAPMS38O SAP Query: Maintain InfoSetSQ03 SAPMS38S SAP Query: Maintain user groupsSQ07 SAPMS38P SAP Query: Language comparisonSQ09 SAPMS38U SAP Query: Maintain additional funcSQ10 RSAQ_ROLE_ADMINSAP Query: Role AdministrationSQ11 RSAQ_WEBRELEASESAP Query: Web reporting (Admin)SRCN RSRPCNTR Delete Country-Specific ReportsSRET RKKBRPTR Report SelectionSRET06 RSRET_INDEX_MONDummy TransactionSRET07 RSRET_INDEX_MONMonitoring for Indexing: Non-KPROSREV START_REVIEW_TOReview Authoring EnvironmentSRIP RSRETIP01 Import of Training IndexesSRMD SAPLROUTING_MODLocal Routing&Mapping ConfigurationSRMO SAPMSRAD SAP Retrieval - MonitorSRMO1 RSRET_IMS_MONITCall of IMS MonitoringSRN1 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ADRCITYSRN2 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ADRSTREETSRN3 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ADRPSTCODSROLE SMUM_EXPORT_ROLExport User Roles to XML doc.SRSE SAPMSRAD Test Search for the IMSSRTM SAPRTMMASTER Run Time Monitor Initial ScreenSRTV SRTV_CUST1 Text Retrieval: CustomizingSRZL MENUSRZLSR10 SAPLSZRC Create CitySR11 SAPLSZRC Change citySR12 SAPLSZRC Display citySR13 RSIWR_HELP_DISPArea-Dependent HelpSR20 SAPLSZRT Create streetSR21 SAPLSZRT Change streetSR22 SAPLSZRT Display streetSR30 SAPLSZRP Create postal codeSR31 SAPLSZRP Change postal codeSR32 SAPLSZRP Display postal codeSSAA SAPMSRR1 System Administration AssistantSSC RSSC0000 SAP R/3 appointment diary (internalSSCA SAPMSSCA Appointment Calendar: AdministratioSSCA1 RSSCADMUSRCONSTAppointment calendar: AdministratioSSCV RSSC5000 Appoint. diary: VisualBasic frontenSSC0 RSSC0000 SAP R/3 Appointment Cal. (Employee)SSC0X RSSC0000X SAP R/3 Appointment Cal. (Employee)SSC1 RSSC1000 SAP R/3 (own) Appointment CalendarSSC1X RSSC1000X SAP R/3 (own) Appointment CalendarSSFI SAPLSSFI IAC: Test: Browser Digital SignaturAutor: Iron700 240 13/11/2007
    • SSM1 SMTR_NAVIGATIONTransaction is OldSSM2 SAPLSMNU Set Initial Area MenuSSO2 SSO2ADM Workplace Single Sign-On Admin.SSPC RSSPECCA SAP DEFAULT SpecificationsSST0 RSPROJEVALUATIOProject Analysis in CustomizingSST7 SAPMSST1 Complex AnalysisSSUC BCGRSUCO Structure graphic: copy settingsSSUD BCGRSUDO Structure graphic: delete settingsSSUO MENUSSUO Structure Graphic: Central SettingsSTAD RSSTAT26 Statistics display for all systemsSTAT RSSTAT21 Local Transaction StatisticsSTCUP RSTCX_UPG Table control variants upgradeSTDA SAPLSDEB Debugger display/control (server)STDC SAPLSDEB Debugger output/controlSTDR SAPMSCKT Object Directory Consistency CheckSTDU SAPLSDEB Debugger display/control (user)STEP10 SAPMSTP001 Export STEP DataSTEP20 SAPMSTP002 Import STEP DataSTERM TERMINOLOGY_MAISAPterm Terminology MaintenanceSTFB SAPMSTFB CATT function module testSTFO RSEWO810 Plan Service ConnectionSTI1 RFTBST11 Change Documents Payment DetailsSTI2 RFTBST12 Change Docs CorrespondenceSTI3 RFTBST13 Chg. Docs Transaction Authoriz.STMA SAPMSTMA Proposal Pool AdministrationSTMP RSTRMTR1 Proposal Pool: SelectionSTMS SAPLTMSU Transport Management SystemSTP4 RSDBP004 Select DB activitiesSTRUST S_TRUSTMANAGER Trust ManagerSTTO MENUSTTO Test OrganizationSTUN MENUSTUN Menu Performance MonitorSTVARV SAPMS38V Selection variable maint. (TVARV)STWB_1 SAPLS_TWB_H Test Catalog ManagementSTWB_2 SAPLS_TWB_H Test Plan ManagementSTZCH TZONECHECK Time zones: Consistency checksST01 RSTRAC25 System TraceST02 RSTUNE50 Setups/Tune BuffersST03 SAPWL_ST03N Performance;SAP Statistics; WorkloaST03G SAPWL_ST03G Global Workload StatisticsST03N SAPWL_ST03N R/3 Workload and Perf. StatisticsST04 RSDB0004 DB Performance MonitorST04N RSDB004N Database Performance MonitorST05 SAPLSSQ0 Performance traceST06 RSHOST05 Operating System MonitorST07 SAPMS07A Application monitorST10 SAPMST10 Table Call StatisticsST11 RSTR0006 Display Developer TracesST12 /SSF/CALL_TA_PRSingle transaction analysisST13 /SSF/CALL_TA_PRAnalysis&Monitoring tool collectionST14 /SSF/CALL_TA_PRApplication AnalysisST20 RS_DYNPRO_TRACEScreen TraceST20LC RS_DYNPRO_TRACELayout CheckST22 RSSHOWRABAX ABAP dump analysisST30 SAPLPERF_TRA_DIGlobal Perf. Analysis: ExecuteST33 DISPLAY_GPA_DATGlob. Perf. Analysis: Display DataST34 MAINTAIN_PROT_IGlob. Perf. Analysis: Log IDsST35 MAINTAIN_CATT_PGlob. Perf. Analysis: Assign CATTsST36 SAPLPERF_TRA_DEGlob. Perf. Analysis: Delete DataAutor: Iron700 241 13/11/2007
    • ST37 MAINTAIN_AMASCHGlob. Perf. Analysis: Eval. SchemaST4A RSDB0245 Database: Shared cursor cache (ST04ST62 SAPMSBRA Create Industry Short TextsSUB% SAPMSSYS Internal call: Submit via commnd flSUCH RSUCHSTA Translatability CHECKsSUCOMP SAPMSCOMP User company address maintenanceSUGR SAPMSUUG Maintain User GroupsSUGRD SAPMSUUGD Display user groupsSUIM RSUSRSUIM User Information SystemSUMG SAPLSUMG Unicode Migration ToolSUPC SAPPROFC_NEW Role ProfilesSUPN SAPMSNUM Number range maint.: PROF_VARISSURAD SAPSURVEYADMIN Survey AdministrationSURQC SUR_LIST_OF_ELESurvey: Question catalogSURST SUR_CREATE_STRUSurvey: build questionnaire struct.SURVEY UWS_SURVEY_SELESurvey CockpitSUUM SAPMSUM Global User ManagerSUUMD SAPMSUMD Display User AdministrationSU01 SAPMSUU0 User MaintenanceSU01D SAPMSUU0D User DisplaySU02 SAPMS01C Maintain Authorization ProfilesSU03 SAPMS01C Maintain AuthorizationsSU05 SAPMS05W Maintain Internet UsersSU10 SAPMSUU0M User Mass MaintenanceSU20 SAPMSU20 Maintain Authorization FieldsSU21 SAPMS01E Maintain Authorization ObjectsSU22 SAPMS920 Auth. Object Usage in TransactionsSU24 SAPMS921 Auth. Obj. Check Under TransactionsSU25 SAPLPRGN Upgrade Tool for Profile GeneratorSU26 SAPLPRGN Upgrade Tool for Profile GeneratorSU3 SAPMSUU0O Maintain Users Own DataSU53 SAPMS01G Evaluate Authorization CheckSU56 SAPMS01U Analyze User BufferSU84 RUSH04RD Read Archived User Change DocumentsSU85 RUSH02RD Read Archived Password Change Doc.SU86 RUSH10RD Read Profile Change DocumentsSU87 RUSH12RD Read Authorization Change DocumentsSVGM RSVGMODL SAP R/3 Procedure ModelSVGS RSVGMOD2 View for activity in Procedure ModeSWB3 SAPLSWB3 Maintain Start ConditionsSWB4 SAPLSWB3 Display Start ConditionsSWDA RSWDSTRTA Alphanumeric Workflow BuilderSWDB RSWDBUILD Create workflowSWDD RSWDSTRT Workflow BuilderSWDI RSWDSTRTC Workflow Builder (Selection)SWDM RSWDEXP1 Business Workflow ExplorerSWDN SAPMSNUM Number Range Maint.: SWD_WDIDSWDP RSWDPROTOCOL Show Graphical Workflow LogSWDS RSWDSTRTS Workflow Builder (Selection)SWEAD RSWEQADMIN Event Queue AdministrationSWEL RSWFEVTLOG Display Event TraceSWELS RSWELSWITCH Switch Event Trace On/OffSWEM RSWELCFG2 Configure Event TraceSWE3 RSWEINST Display Instance LinkagesSWE4 RSWELOGA Status Change Event TraceSWE5 RSWECONSCOUP Checks for Event LinkagesSWFC RSWF_CST_AUTOCUAutomatic Workflow CustomizingSWF3 RSWFWIZ4 Workflow Wizard ExplorerAutor: Iron700 242 13/11/2007
    • SWF4 RSWFWIZ5 Workflow Wizard RepositorySWIA RSWIWILS WI Administration ReportSWIE RSWIENABLEEXE Unlock Work ItemSWI1 RSWIWILS Selection report for workflowsSWI11 RSWIUSAG_NEW Where-Used List for TasksSWI13 RSWIEXEC Task ProfileSWI14 SAPLSWI2 Workflows for Object TypeSWI3 RSWIOUTB Workflow OutboxSWI30 RSWIENABLEEXE Unlock WorkflowsSWI5 RSWILOAD Workload AnalysisSWI6 SAPLSWI2 Workflows for ObjectSWJ1 RSWJ_PPF_PCOND Browser for Planning ConditionsSWLC RHWFOTSK Check Tasks for AgentsSWLD MENUSWLD Workbench for Workflow 4.0SWLP RHWFCOPL Copy a Plan VersionSWO1 SAPLSWOO Business Object BuilderSWO2 SWO_BOR_BROWSERBOR BrowserSWO3 SWO_BOR_BROWSERBusiness Object BuilderSWO4 SWO_BOR_BROWSERBusiness Object RepositorySWPA SAPLSWPA Runtime System CustomizingSWPC RSWP_CONTINUE_WWFM: Continue WorkflowSWPR RSWP_RESTART_WOWFM: Restart WorkflowSWRK WB_INACTIVE_OBJAdministrtation using work areasSWRP SAPMSWRP Dummy for IAC Workflow StatusSWT0 RSWTTR03 Configure workflow traceSWUA RSWUDI09 Start Verification WorkflowSWUC RSWUCU01 Customizing decision taskSWUD RSWUDI00 Workflow DiagnosisSWUE SAPLSWUS Trigger an eventSWUG SAPLSWU5 Generate Workflow Start TransactionSWUR RSWUSETT Send mails for work itemsSWUS SAPLSWUS Test WorkflowSWUT SAPLSWU7 Namespace for Form TransactionsSWUU RSWUSFDG SAPforms: DiagnosisSWUV RSWUWFML Send R3F Messages OnceSWUW SAPMSNUM Number Range Maint.: SWW_WIIDSWUX MENUSWUX SAPforms AdministrationSWUY RSWUMMES Workflow-Message LinkageSWU0 RSWUESIM Simulate eventSWU1 RSWUDI08 User RFC MonitorSWU10 RSWTTR02 Delete Workflow Trace FilesSWU2 RSWUDI07 Workflow RFC MonitorSWU4 RSWUDI02 Consistency Test for Standard TaskSWU5 RSWUDI03 Consistency Test for Customer TaskSWU6 RSWUDI04 Consistency Test for Workflow TaskSWU7 RSWUDI05 Consistency Test for Workflow TemplSWU8 RSWTTR04 Workflow Trace: On/OffSWU9 RSWTTR06 Display Workflow TraceSWWA RSWWDHIN Maintain WI Deadline MonitoringSWWB RSWWDHEX_INSERTSchedule WI Deadline MonitoringSWWD RSWWERIN Maintain Work Item Error MonitoringSWWH RSWWHIDE WIM: Delete Work Item HistorySWWL RSWWWIDE WIM: Delete Work ItemSWXF SWXFORMS DEMO: Create Notification of AbsencSWXFTB SWXFORMS_TB DEMO: Notif. of Absence ToolboxSWXML RSWXML_FIND XML Document SelectionSXDA DXADMIN Data Transfer WorkbenchSXDB DXADMIN Data Transfer WorkbenchAutor: Iron700 243 13/11/2007
    • SYNT SAPMSYNT Display Syntax Trace OutputSYST MENUSYSTS00 RSSOSO00 Short MessageS000 MENUS000 System MenuS001 MENUS001S002 MENUS002 Menu AdministrationT_I2 RV15F001 Reorganize condition indexesT_LA SAPMV14A Create Pricing ReportT_LB SAPMV14A Change pricing reportT_LC SAPMV14A Display pricing reportT_LD SAPMV14A Execute pricing reportT_03 SAPMV12A Cond.tab: Create (shipment costs)T_04 SAPMV12A CondTab: Change (shipment costs)T_05 SAPMV12A CondTab: Display (shipment costs)T_09 SAPMV12A Condition table: Change IndexTAANA SAPLARCH_ANA_ADTable AnalysisTABR FTR_STAV_SET_STSettleTACD RFTBTRA2 Trader: Change DocumentsTAC1 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: FTA_GSARTTAC2 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: FTA_KLAMMTAC3 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: FTR_REFNRTAC4 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: FTA_MAIDTB.5 SAPF109 FC valuation of hedged documentsTBB1 RFTBBB00 Execute postingsTBB2 RFTBBS00 Reverse postingsTBB3 RFTBBS01 Flag Flows as ReversedTBB4 RFTBAB00 Accrual/deferralTBB5 RFTBAB01 Reverse accrual/deferralTBB6 RFTBBE00 Realized Gains/LossesTBB7 RFTBBE01 Run Key Date ValuationTBB8 RFTBBE02 Reverse Key Date ValuationTBCD RFTBCD00 Treasury: Change Docs TransactionsTBCK RFTBBP00 Check account determinationTBCS RFTX70SO Automatic fixing processingTBCX RFTBBC00 Maintain Acct Determination: ForexTBCY RFTBBC00 Maintain Acct Determination: MMTBCZ RFTBBC00 Maintain Acct Determination: DETBC1 SAPMS38E Datafeed: Define variantsTBDA RFTBDF14 Datafeed: Real-Time InitializationTBDB RFTBDF10 Datafeed: Read archivesTBDC RFTBDF15 Datafeed: Real-Time monitorTBDJ RFTBDF04 Datafeed: Historical Market DataTBDK RFTBDF01 Datafeed: Code Conversion ProgramTBDM RFTBFF00 Market Data File Interface INPUTTBDN RFTBFF01 Market Data File Interface - OUTPUTTBDO RFTBFF03 Market Data File: Code ConversionTBD1 RFTBDF03 Datafeed: Table structure VTB_DFCUTBD2 RFTBDF05 Datafeed: Datafeed CustomizingTBD3 RFTBDF00 Datafeed: Market data administratioTBD4 RFTBDF07 Datafeed: Updated market dataTBD5 RFTBDF06 Datafeed: Import market data fileTBD6 RFTBDF02 Datafeed: Log file administrationTBD7 RFTBDF08 Datafeed: Check CustomizingTBEX RFTBDF_OLE Spreadsheet for Market DataTBIR RFTBLMR2 Mass Release of Interim LimitsTBI1 RFTBST01 Standg instrns Maintain pmnt detailTBI1D RFTBST01 Display SI Payment DetailsTBI2 RFTBST02 Standing instns Alloc. pmnt detailsAutor: Iron700 244 13/11/2007
    • TBI3 RFTBST03 Standg instr. Disply alloc.pmnt.detTBI5 RFTBST01 Maintain Correspondence SITBI5D RFTBST01 Display SI CorrespondenceTBI6 RFTBST01 Authorization - maintain SITBI6D RFTBST01 Authorization - display SITBI7 RFTBST01 SI Maintain Derived FlowsTBI7D RFTBST01 Display SI Derived FlowsTBI8 RFTBSTR1 Standing Instructions: EvaluationsTBLB RFTBLE02 Limit Utilization: OverviewTBLC RFTBLPA2 Lock/Unlock LimitsTBLC01 RFTBLC01 Check of Determination ProcedureTBLD RFTBLPA2 Lock/Unlock CountriesTBLE RFTBLENQ Limit Management: Lock EntriesTBLM RFTBLE03 Flow ListTBLR RFTBLMR1 Release LimitsTBLT01 RFTBLT01 Limit: Generate Table for Lim. TypeTBLT02 RFTBLT02 Limit: Move Data to Generated TableTBLT03 RFTBLT03 Limit: Delete Generated TableTBLT04 RFTBLT04 Limit: Reorganiz. of Analysis Char.TBLT05 RFTBLT05 Limit: Check Analysis Characterist.TBLT06 RFTBLT06 Check/Correct Consist. of Gen.TableTBLW1 RFTBLRSM Review: SendTBLW2 RFTBLCHR Review: Change Review RecipientTBL1 RFTBLV01 Limits: Change/DisplayTBL10 RFTBLD03 Treasury: Delete LimitsTBL2 RFTBLR02 Limits: Change DocumentsTBL3 RFTBLL01 Limits: OverviewTBL4 RFTBLE01 Limit Utilization: OverviewTBL6 RFTBLD01 Limit Utilization: DeleteTBL7 RFTBLD02 Limit Type: Delete DataTBL8 RFTBREOP Reorganize STC LogsTBL9 RFTBLP01 Display STC LogsTBMN MENUTBMN Currency HedgesTBM1 RFTBMA00 Treasury: Create Mast.AgreementTBM2 RFTBMA00 Treasury: Chg. Mast. AgreementTBM3 RFTBMA00 Treasury: Displ. Mast. AgreementTBM4 RFTBMA01 Treasury: Master Agreement ChangesTBM5 SAPMF70Z Treasury: Assign Mast. AgreementTBM6 RFTBMA02 Treasury: Vol. Check for Master AgrTBRL RFTBCM20 Treasury: Coll. proc. referencesTBR0 RFTBBB01 Posting journalTBR1 RFTBCM00 Treasury: Create nettingTBR2 RFTBCM00 Treasury: Change nettingTBR3 RFTBCM00 Treasury: Display nettingTBR4 RFTBCM00 Treasury: Reverse nettingTBR5 RFTBCM10 Treasury: Netting proposal listTBR6 RFTBCM00 Treasury: Create referenceTBR7 RFTBCM00 Treasury: Change referenceTBR8 RFTBCM00 Treasury: Display referenceTBR9 RFTBCM00 Treasury: Reverse ReferenceTBT1 RFTBTRA1 Transaction Authorizat. for TradersTBT1D RFTBTRA1 Display Trans. Auth. for TradersTBX2 RFTBCO_TRANS_SEConversion of SEC Corresp. CustomizTBZ1 RFTBCO00 Output CorrespondenceTBZ11 RFTBCO20_MONITOCorrespondence MonitorTBZ12 RFTBCO_CHECK02 Overview of Reset CounterconfirmatnTBZ13 RFTBCO32 Printer Override FunctionTBZ14 RFTBCO_IDOC02 Exception Processing IDoc (Inbound)Autor: Iron700 245 13/11/2007
    • TBZ15