Nordstrom Product Group oral presentation


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  • The “Trice” Jeans are jeans that I created to fit minority women, preferable African American women because we are all shaped differently and need a pair of jeans that would fit comfortably for majority of women. The jeans are “dark” denim, with my name “Trice” stitched o the right back pocket. The jeans will be available in several sizes ranging 0-16 and some plus sizes will be available and size lengths will range from short, regular, and long.
  • My Nordstrom Product Group (NPG) and I interviewed several manufacturing companies to create and ship the “Trice” jeans. We decided to do business with Cecil’s manufacturing company which is located in India.
  • My team and I decided to order 300 pairs of the jeans with varies sizes and lengths. Cecil states that it will take a month to one month in half to complete and ship. I explained to Cecil the importance of making sure the jean would make it to our stores by 10/31/11. Cecil assured me that he will able to complete the job.
  • Explained to Cecil the importance of communication, so I know the status of the jeans at all stages, and as well as any problems that may arise.
  • The NPG group, Marketing department, and I came up with ideas of advertising the jeans. We decided to create a commercial as well as postcards to send to our most valuable customers.
  • Cecil contacted me and said that the merchandise was ready to be shipped on 10/15/11. The order was being shipped early. Once the merchandise is shipped, it goes through customs (may take a couple of days to a week to get through customs). Once the merchandise clears customs, the order is shipped by air to New York, then on to the distribution center, and then to the department stores.
  • We will be hosting several product knowledge seminars for all salespeople, so when the jeans make to the stores, they’re equipped to answer all the questions that the customers may have about the jeans.
  • We have created a contest for the department stores salespeople. The salesperson with the highest sale of the “Trice” jeans will receive a pair of the “Trice” jeans and will also receive a $100 gift card. If there is a tie between two or more salespeople, then all salespeople will receive all of the prizes.
  • Merchandise made it to the distribution center. At the distribution center, the merchandise will be counted, ticketed, and shipped to the department stores.
  • The merchandise has made it to the department stores and on the sales floor. The jeans are ready to be SOLD!!!!!
  • The sale of “Trice” Jeans were a success!!! We sold all 300 pair of jeans within the first two weeks of the merchandise being on the sales floor and we made a huge profit. We decided to order more the jeans right of way, so everyone can experience these wonderful jeans.
  • Nordstrom Product Group oral presentation

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