China - Student Framework Sample 第一次作业


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China - Student Framework Sample 第一次作业

  1. 1. Good morning everyone
  2. 2. Frame Relay Network Producer: Kevin Linda Keith
  3. 3. Frame Relay Network• User Network Interface (UNI)• Network-to-Network Interface (NNI)• Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)• Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVCs)• Switch Virtual Circuits (SVCs)• Mesh networking• Network processing
  4. 4. User Network Interface (UNI)•UNI is the demarcation point between theuser DTE and the network and the networkand is in the form of a FRAD and a FRND.•UNI 是资料终端设备为分界点之间的用户和网络 , 网络, 并且是在帧中继访问设备的形式和和帧中继网络设备。
  5. 5. Network-to-Network Interface (NNI)•NNI is defined as the interface between FRNDs indifferent Frame Relay networks and is based onMultiNetwork PVCs. Most network-to-networkconnections are provided over digital SONET/SDHoptical fiber trunks and through ATM switches.•NNI 的定义是 FRNDs 之间的界面在不同的帧中继网络和基于 Multi-Network 永久虚拟回路 。提供网络到网络连接就数字 SONET / SDH 光纤树干和通过 ATM 交换机。
  6. 6. Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)•ISDN is the basis of the internal Frame Relaynetwork, as the LAP-F protocol that governs theuser links is an adaptation of the ISDN LAP-Dprotocol.•ISDN 的基础是内部帧中继网络 , 为 LAP-F 协议管辖用户连接是一种适应性的 ISDN LAP-D协议。
  7. 7. Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVCs)•PVCs define fixed paths through the network for each source-destination pair.•PVC 定义固定路径通过网络为每个 source-destination 的一对。•The PVC is always used to serve a given source-destination pair.PVC 总是用来为给定的 source-destination 的一对。•A backup PVC can be provisioned ,at additional cost, over aseparate physical path.一个备份 PVC 可以呆帐 , 付出额外费用 , 在另外的一个物理的路径。
  8. 8. Switch Virtual Circuits (SVCs)•SVCs are set up call by call, based on programmed network routingoption.•SVC 的建立是来电呼叫 , 基于程序的网络路由选择。•An SVC call is established as the originating FRAD sends a request to thenetwork node, including a destination address and bandwidth parameters forthe call.SVC 叫成立 , 为原产于 FRAD 发送一个请求网络节点 , 包括目的地地址和带宽参数进行了电话。•The next SVC provided for the same source-destination pair could differgreatly, depending on network availability.接下来对同一 source-destination SVC 提供他们可以大大不同 , 这取决于网络的可用性。
  9. 9. Mesh networking•Mesh network is easy accomplished with Frame Relay ,and ona scalable basis.•网状网络是容易的完成 , 并在帧中继的一个可扩展的基础。•Frame Relay network can be classified as VPNs, as they arevirtually equivalent to a private network ,at least in manyrespects.帧中继网络可分为 VPN, 因为他们实际上是相当于一个私人的网络 , 至少在多个方面。
  10. 10. Network processing•Network processing is not performed inFrame Relay, at least not to the extentexperienced in X.25 networks.•网络加工中不用执行帧中继 , 至少不会在某种程度上经历了在 X . 25 网路。
  11. 11. 帧中继网络设备图
  12. 12. Thank you for your viewing Goodbye