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Touch for healing escritor1982

  1. 1. Healing TouchMany of us are not aware that our body has a lot more energy than we assume. This unseen lifeforce energy can be used for healing. There are many therapies that people adopt to heal andone of them explores the healing touch by using the energy of the body. Our body is full of en-ergy that is both active and static. The touch therapy uses our mind’s power to control thebody’s energy.Our body gets recharged when our mind is relaxed. By relaxing our mind and making it blank,we can recharge and build our body’s energy to such an extent that we can help people whosuffer from chronic illnesses like cancer and auto immune diseases and reduce their pain. Addic-tive habits like alcohol abuse and excessive smoking can also be treated with healing touch ther-apy. This therapy has helped people with high anxiety, drug addiction and panic attacks.Our body’s energy is stored in various parts and we need to know the importance of those loca-tions and how we can focus and transfer healing by touch. We can start with the spinal basethat covers the entire spinal column, kidneys and our immune system. The ailments that affectthis area are weakened immune system, depression, sciatica and lower back pain. By focusingour mind and providing the healing touch we can generate and control kinesthetic movementand feelings like sense of touch, carnal pleasures and familial beliefs.The lower abdomen below the navel covers the sexual organs, stomach, upper intestines, gallbladder and the adrenal glands. The ailments that are affecting this area are pelvic pain, urinarydisorders and a weak libido. By the healing touch in this area, we can build up fertility and emo-tional connections that contain fear, love and self-sabotage.The solar plexus at the back of the stomach covers the upper abdomen, umbilicus cage, smallintestines and middle spine. The common ailments affecting these areas are colon diseases,stomach ulcers, arthritis, diabetes and indigestion. Concentrating on the touch on the solarplexus, we can build up maturity in understanding the emotional aspects of life that contain per-sonality, self esteem and the sense of belonging.The heart is located in the chest and covers the circulatory system, blood, lungs, arms, hands,shoulders, breasts and esophagus. Common ailments are cardiovascular conditions, pneumonia,asthma and lung cancers. The healing touch in this area empowers the body emotionally andconnects us with the people we love and adore.The throat is located in the neck region and covers thyroid glands, trachea, mouth, teeth andgums. Common ailments here are sore throat, teeth problems, gum disorders, mouth ulcers and
  2. 2. thyroid dysfunctions. The healing touch in this area makes us feel responsible for our actionsand builds up self knowledge, attitude and sense of smell and taste.The forehead covers the brain, pituitary glands, neurological system, eyes, ears and nose. Com-mon ailments are depression, brain tumors, learning disabilities, strokes and seizures. The heal-ing touch in this area develops the mind and clears up visions that are both literal and symbolic.It also helps in sharpening the intellect.The last area is the crown that covers the top of the head and the midline above the ears. Com-mon ailments here are over sensitivity to light and sound, diseases of the muscular system andskin. The healing touch in this area builds up strength in intuitions and controls fear, joy, angerand emotional feelings of duality.The person who wants to use touch as a tool for healing must first let other people to feel thatthey are naturally healthy. We have to cure the hypochondriac tendencies of people in the be-ginning. Negative thinking can really disturb the field of energy and make them sicker than theyactually are. The main purpose of providing healing touch is to revitalize the patient’s naturalfield of healthy energy. A healing touch can affect a person’s holistic health: physical, emotionaland spiritual. Sometimes, this can be done without physical contact and is known as distancehealing.There are many nursing schools that have sprung in the last four decades and have started usinga specific form of healing touch, training the nurses to perceive the mind and body as a whole.They are trained to use it as a compassionate means to medical treatment. Even for surgical cas-es, it is effectively used both before and after the surgery to help calm and comfort the surgicalpatients. We have to remember that healing touch therapy is not at all suitable in cases that areof a serious and life threatening nature. It is not at all advisable to replace the traditional medi-cal attention with the healing touch methods. Healing touch has to always combine with physi-cal medical care.Research done at the University of Cumbria in Lancashire, England, informs people that touchcan not only alleviate pain from minor injuries but it can also reduce stress that has resulted asa direct outcome of pain from those injuries. On basis of evidence, they have pointed out thatgentle healing touch can play a big part in the treatment of people suffering from cancer andmental health problems where reduction of stress will really enhance their physical and mentalwell being. It is once again emphasized that it is definitely complementary to physical medicineand not as a replacement.The healing touch therapy is based on the principle that we are all part of a larger energy. Ener-gy bodies have extended much beyond the physical. Another important consideration is that allenergy healing techniques are basically self healing. If the person who is ailing does not want to
  3. 3. be healed, we cannot even move our little finger and there is not much anyone can do anythingabout it. No therapy will work on him or her.It is still comforting to learn from statistics that hands-on touch therapies are being used bymore than twenty five thousand nurses in hospitals each year and that their procedures are be-ing documented as a legitimate medical treatment. The world’s first Touch Research Institutehas been founded at the University of Miami Medical School to document and explore furtheron the benefits of touch therapy.