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Are psychics real


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Are psychics real

  1. 1. Are Psychics real? Conventional thought remains fervently sceptical of the authenticity of psychics, des-pite the numerous claims made by individuals regarding their experience with psychics.Many whom patron psychics or fortune tellers do so for kicks and giggles, thus it erro-neously remains lumped in that same category as magicians, witches, and all sorts of fairytale ideas. There are many individuals today who claim to have psychic abilities, some havemade impressive careers out of their claims, but if you’re like a lot of people you might bewondering, is there any validity to these claims, or are they just gimmicks, con-artists look-ing to make a buck? Can people really see the future? Can people really read other peoplesmind? Speak to the dead? Recount past lives? If so what is the science behind it? There isno doubt about it, an overwhelming amount of people who claim to be psychics are in factfrauds, yes, it’s true, having said this, the same can be said about anyone in any profession.Lawyers, Politicians, salesman you name it, but just because a few of them are frauds does-n’t mean the entire industry is as well. Despite the collective belief that there is no scientific evidence that even remotelysuggests the possibility of the existence of PSI phenomenon, this believe is in fact false andis largely perpetuated by the enormous amount of stigma that remains attached to the field,both in the academic world and in conventional society. Nevertheless, the existence of thePSI phenomenon has in fact been proven in lab settings many times over. Countless studieshave been conducted on things like Psi energy and EMG’s over the last century, studies thathave in fact yielded results in favour of the existence of PSI phenomenon. More recentlynew Para psychological research employed the use of random number generators to test forpsychokinesis as well as mild sensory deprivation in the Ganzfeld experiment to test for ex-trasensory perception. Research conducted by the U.S government has also been done to in-vestigate remote viewing. These tests have demonstrated some strong evidence in favour ofthe existence of the psychic phenomenon; the consensus is that there is good evidence forextrasensory perception, psychokinesis, and presentiment. So what’s stopping psychicsfrom being scientifically acknowledged and legitimized? Critics say the evidence is notsufficient for acceptance because it’s difficult to reproduce....That’s right, the only thingstopping scientists from acknowledging its existence is the fact that the scientific method re-quires reproducible evidence in order to be considered valid. So yes, most people are notconvinced of such things as psi energy and telekinesis, but remember most people were notconvinced of the idea that earth was round either. In January 2008 the results of a study using Neuroimaging were published andprovided what was stated to be the most favourable experimental conditions. The study in-cluded appropriate emotional stimuli and had participants who are biologically or emotion-ally related, such as twins. The experiments however were designed to produce positive res-ults, if telepathy, clairvoyance or precognition occurred, but despite this no distinguishableneuronal responses were found between psychic stimuli and non-psychic stimuli. Howevervariations in the same stimuli showed anticipated effects on patterns of brain activation. Theresearchers concluded that "These findings are the strongest evidence yet obtained againstthe existence of paranormal mental phenomena." Numerous ESP explorations have been carried out by the RHINE institute over thelast century, many of which have yielded results in favour of the possibility of the existence
  2. 2. of Psi energy. Interest in the Psi phenomenon, more specifically ESP’s, has once again be-gun to surface, and has brought about new research involving numerous esteemed scientistsare, some names include Dean Radin, Charles Tart, Rubert Sheldrake and many many more.There is existing proof that the mind and the human being is far more complex and complic-ated than the status quo would have you believe. Anyone who’s read about the phenomenonor delved into it knows that it is far more credible than conventional society would like tobelieve. The biggest reason for the scepticism surround ESP research is that the research is-n’t reproducible, and results will always vary. It’s difficult to test, and there are no set waysof affirming its validity, results that can be reproduced consistently are fundamental to thescientific method. Many scientists will discount the existence of psychic abilities solely onthe notion that if it can’t be reproduced, regardless of the source or how overwhelminglyconclusive the evidence is. Many sceptics still profess that ESP is outright fraud becausethere have been instances where parapsychologist have manipulated data to support theirown theories. However this has occurred in most if not all scientific disciplines. Whensceptics do point out fraud, or trickery, it is more frequently pointed out during unscientificESP demonstrations, such as stage psychic shows. Certainly ESP entertainment has contrib-uted to tarnishing the credibility of the Psi phenomenon because it demonstrates that it is infact possible to create the illusion of psychic abilities. The most repeated psychic and mostmainstream fraud is cold reading. This is when a stage psychic rapidly throws out generalbroad suggestions to an audience member until something hits, as seen on many televisionshows. A good example is the John Walsh shows. Where he’ll stand in the center of anaudience and say things like, "I see a man very close to you -- the name starts with J --Jason, John, Jim? -- An uncle, or grandfather, or older friend?". The absurdity and ridicu-lousness of this is difficult to dismiss, the suggestions are so broad they can apply to any-one. But the subjects don’t doubt the psychic and there for will concentrate on assimilatingtheir lives to the guess and negate the failed attempts. So the psychic is never quite wrong,but occasionally gets a few right answers. So while certainly there are fraudulent individuals who claim to have psychic abilit-ies in order to increase financial gain. This reality isn’t exclusive to the psychic andparanormal industry, this kind of activity exists in almost all professions where a service isbeing provided, but certainly in the commercial psychic industry this is a lot more wide-spread and more noticeable. It’s difficult to determine which psychics are legitimate andwhich ones are scam artists because there are no standards, institutions, governing bodies orlicences required to become a psychic. Other professions generally require you to undergosome form of training within an institution in order to be given authorization to practice it,usually admitted in the form of a degree or licence of some sort. Anyone can call them-selves a psychic and begin practicing professionally, there are no psychiatric institutions tovalidate the legitimate psychics and distinguish them from the frauds. All you can really goby is word of mouth, reputation and track record. It’s not uncommon for someone whoneeds money to take a job as a psychiatric chat line operator or to start their own fortunetelling business. Many psychic chat lines are run by companies that own adult chat
  3. 3. lines. Theyre always looking for workers because most of them pay their operators accord-ing to how long they keep their customer on the phone. However, despite all the gimmicks and scams that linger under the broad spectrum ofParapsychology, it doesn’t negate the fact that there is scientific evidence or closely linkedevidence which doesn’t just suggest but confirms the existence of Psi and EMG’s and con-sequently the potential of the human brain to transcend the human body. The only questionthat remains is what can be accomplished with these reciprocators if we were able to har-ness and nurture these overlooked energy’s.Find out more - amazing article “Are psychics real?”