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Put Mein Coach Put Mein Coach Presentation Transcript

  • “ Put Me In Coach” Selling, Sales and Being Sold
  • Pitfalls of Sales Management
    • Shepherd vs. sheep herder
  • Pitfalls of Management
    • Shepherd vs. sheep herder
  • Pitfalls of Management
    • Shepherd vs. sheep herder
    • Ignoring sales power
    • Counting the beans
    • Managing
      • Instead of leading
  • Coaching vs. Managing The key to sustained growth
  • Why Should I Coach?
    • Accelerate change
    • Constantly improve
    • Lead people to love their job
    • Transferable from work to personal life
  • An Outside View
    • Blind Spots
    • Help overcoming obstacles
    • Fresh perspective
  • Why Don’t People Coach?
    • No time
      • Player Coach
    • Avoiding confrontation
    • Afraid of damaging relationship
    • They aren’t coached
    • Don’t know how
    • No incentive
  • Essential Coaching Elements
    • Set the example
    • Earned Trust
    • Respect
    • Communicate
    • Experience
    • Positive feedback
  • Training Doesn’t Train
    • It only opens the door
    • Training is found in daily experience
    • From preaching to practicing
  • Feedback
    • The word creates fear
    • Giving or receiving
    • Criticism, attack, reprimand
  • Prepare the Recipient Proactive conversation
  • Change the Dynamic Evaluation and development
  • The Boss Coaching by telling
  • The Coach Coaching by asking
  • They Talk First! The power of self assessment
  • A Few Key Points
    • Don’t overwhelm
    • Multiple sessions
    • One-on-one
      • Speaking freely
  • The Art of Coaching Selling yourself to a salesperson
  • The Art of Coaching
    • Rapport
    • Purpose
    • Their perceptions and needs
      • (They talk first)
    • Reinforce
    • Your perceptions
    • Solutions
    • Actions
  • Ready to Coach What now?
  • People Love to Buy They hate to be sold
  • Why Do Customers Buy?
    • They like their salesperson
      • The emotion factor
    • They understand what they’re buying
    • The price seems fair
      • Not necessarily the lowest
    • This purchase will enhance their life
    • Pain vs. Pleasure
  • Why Do Your Customers Buy?
    • Have you asked them?
      • Throw a party
  • A Bad Reputation
    • Manipulation
    • Aggressive assault
      • The Closer
    • The Know-it-all
  • Making the Effort
    • Ever Learning
    • Constant improvement
      • 1% at a time
    • Daily pattern
    • The power of taking the risk
    • Failure to fail
  • “ What a Great Rejection!” Celebrate the inevitable
  • Sales Slump
    • Change is essential
      • Back to basics
    • Ask your best customers
    • Take a walk in a beautiful place
    • Talk with your mentor
      • Find a mentor!
    • Avoid negative people (don’t be one)
  • Manage Your Time
    • We don’t need a course in time management
    • We need a course in procrastination
  • Branding It’s not who you know It’s who knows you!
  • No One Will Read Your Brochure
    • Why did you produce one?
      • That’s what you do!
      • I need to get my message out
      • People are interested in me
      • To explain my products and services
    • What will they read?
      • Information critical to their happiness
      • About their needs, wants and desires
  • Ask Smart Questions and They Will Think You Are Smart Ask dumb questions…
  • Dumb Questions
    • Are you satisfied with your current system?
    • What do you want to pay for…?
    • Will you be making the final decision?
    • What would it take to get your business?
  • Smart Questions
    • What is most important to you when you think of home entertainment?
    • If you could change one thing about your system, what would it be?
    • How do you choose the companies you do business with?
  • How Much is It? Doesn’t matter I’m priceless!
  • Sales is a Game You get paid to play!
  • “ Put Me In Coach” I’m ready to play!