Pusher Credentials 2013


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Here's a look at some of our most recent with for Lorna Jane, Brisbane Heat, AMF Bowling, Nature's Own, Goodlife, and Panadol. We also have some info on our company culture and our vision.

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Pusher Credentials 2013

  1. 1. CREDENTIALS 2013
  2. 2. Lorna JaneMove Nourish BelieveTHE BRIEFWhile 12 million Australians want to live more activelives, research suggested 53% do no form of exercisewhatsoever. Activewear company Lorna Jane wantedto inspire women to become more active.THE IDEAUnder the Lorna Jane banner of MOVE NOURISHBELIEVE, Pusher created a campaign to create anActive Nation Day, to be held on September 30.To rally women to the cause we created a video forYouTube and Facebook that motivated users to jointhe movement and download a free smartphonefitness app. Fed by real-time GPS, the app allowedusers to track how active they were each day andshare it to Facebook and a campaign microsite.The microsite collected all users activity and visuallydisplayed how active the entire Nation was each day.2012 WORK 4 pusher.com.au/creds2013
  3. 3. 80,000+ appdownloads#1 Health& Fitnessin App Store130,000+ uniqueSITE visitS520,000 kms havebeen tracked30 Millioncalories burned2012 WORK 5 pusher.com.au/creds2013
  4. 4. Brisbane HeatTHE Big BashTHE BRIEFBrisbane Heat is one of eight teams in the Big BashLeague; the Twenty20 Cricket format designed toappeal to a younger audience at a local level. Thechallenge was to create awareness of the new team,the new format and league.THE IDEAPusher engaged street artists to create a three-storyhigh mural that wrapped around a warehouse nextto the team home ground. This formed the basisof an animated TV commercial. YouTube videos ofThe Heat performing unbelievable feats were thencreated and seeded to mainstream news includingThe Age, Courier Mail and ESPN. These wereaccompanied by a huge social media push.  2012 WORK 6 pusher.com.au/creds2013
  5. 5. # 1 ENGAGED TEAM 52,500+ FB FANS # 1 SPONSORSHIP EXPOSURE IN BBL RECORD ATTENDANCE 29,281 AT first home game2012 WORK 7 pusher.com.au/creds2013
  6. 6. AMFMOMENTSTHE BRIEFAMF Bowling required a campaign that wouldresonate with families, young adults, teens and kids,and that would drive customers to consider bowling asan addition to school holiday or weekend activities.THE IDEAAMF’s ten-pin bowling centres were primarilypositioned around shopping malls with moviecinemas. Facebook community polls also suggestedthat bowling was something most people associatedwith the movies. We took this knowledge andcombined it with the consumer insight that ‘bowlinglets you be your silly-self’. The “Moments’ campaigncelebrated the magic movie-like moments thateveryone has while bowling. 2012 WORK 8 pusher.com.au/creds2013
  8. 8. Lorna JaneYEAR OF YOU 80,000 UNIQUE USERSTHE BRIEF REACHING 158 COUNTRIESLorna Jane is a retail success story for social mediawith BRW heralding the community as one of thelargest and most engaged in the country. The brief 15 MILLION SHARED SOCIAL INSPIRATIONSwas to provide their community with an inspiringapplication for the new year.THE IDEAPusher created a personalised video journey whereusers’ Facebook data, posts, pictures and commentscreate the backdrop for a motivational run throughthe city. This was followed by the ‘You Look Hot’tagging app, and interactive truck billboards thattoured East Coast fitness festivals.2012 WORK 10 pusher.com.au/creds2013
  9. 9. 2012 WORK 11 pusher.com.au/creds2013
  10. 10. NATURE’S OWNPROGRESSIVE DevelopmentTHE BRIEFNature’s Own are one of the largest vitamin brandsin Australia. They required a channel ecosystem withsocial at its core. The new channels were to positionNature’s Own as experts, be easy to navigate and leadconsumers from digital to shelf.THE IDEATo reposition the brand we used Facebook,YouTube, professional Naturopath networks andintegrated TV and PR. We also repurposed medicalhealth library content into easy-to-read articles tosupport onsite information on the brands range of180 different products.RESPONSIVE DESIGNONSITE EDUCATIONON 180 PRODUCTSINTERACTIVE“I FEEL, I HAVE” TOOL2012 WORK 12 pusher.com.au/creds2013
  11. 11. 2012 WORK 13 pusher.com.au/creds2013
  12. 12. GOODLIFEFits with youTHE BRIEFIn 2012 Goodlife Health Clubs felt the need for anew brand to reflect the in-club experience anddifferentiate them from the sudden crop of 24-hourgyms. Pusher was tasked with translating the new“Fits With You” brand into an online environment.THE IDEAAs well as making buying memberships easier,Pusher recommended making the site more usefulfor existing members: providing a online destinationthat could be personalised to their fitness needs.Members are able to save their favourite clubs andtimetables and access them with a single click. Theclass locator allows timetables to be searched acrossall clubs, classes and days to build a fitness plan andsave it to their calendar. The mobile application alsoallows users to log their exercises and achieve goals.2012 WORK 14 pusher.com.au/creds2013
  13. 13. Decreased bounce rate 25% Increased visit duration 35% OVERALL page views doubled2012 WORK 15 pusher.com.au/creds2013
  14. 14. PANADOLMAN FLUTHE BRIEFPanadol is Australia’s leading pain reliever and oneof the most trusted brands in the world. In the leadup to winter we were briefed on the development ofa campaign for Panadol Cold and Flu. The campaignneeded to specifically target the mums and wives ofAustralia who care for their families when the man-of-the-house gets sick.THE IDEAThe new integrated campaign was called ‘WAMF!’,short for ‘Women Against Man Flu’. Launchingwith a rally-like infographic video on YouTube andFacebook, the campaign created debate around‘Man-Flu’ and questioned if indeed ‘Man Flu’existed.The Stand In Man competitions followed, whichgave women the chance to win a hunky handymanto help with heavy lifting jobs in their houseor office. Facebook ads and sponsored storiessupported the idea.2012 WORK 16 pusher.com.au/creds2013
  15. 15. debate ignited social media angry men wrOTE letters Women laughed 10,000 people entered comp2012 WORK 17 pusher.com.au/creds2013
  16. 16. AWARDS andrecent recognition2012 B&T awards - QUEENSLAND AGENCY OF THE YEAR AIMIA - BEST TOURISM & TRAVEL Finalist AIMIA - BEST USE OF VIDEO Finalist2011 IAB - best use of social media Finalist IAB - BEST direct response and lead generation Finalist AIMIA - BEST USE OF social media, word-of-mouth or viral Highly recommended hotshot - digital & interactive Finalist2010 AIMIA - Best effectiveness effectiveness - best under 500k budget Finalist2009 IAB - best use of social mediaawards and recent recognition 18 pusher.com.au/creds2013
  17. 17. PUSHER CLIENTSpusher clients 19 pusher.com.au/creds2013
  18. 18. COMPANY CULTUREWE love our peoplePusher’s two founders, Kim Hopwood and Mike Crebar, shareHR responsibilities with three other agency directors. This hashelped ensure culture parity as the agency has grown.Holding onto great staff is imperative. Pusher achieves thisthrough a range of initiatives including ‘Pancake Wednesdays‘(where we enjoy a gourmet breakfast while soaking up a digital-inspired Keynote), ‘Colour Days’ (where all staff accessorise theirfashion in the same colour), and ‘Mixed Team Days’ (includingactivities like cooking lessons and Aussie BBQs).We thank our roster of social community managers with boozyluncheons once a month and hold ‘Klout Offs’ that reward staffwith shopping vouchers for increasing their online influence.AGENCY CULTURE 20 pusher.com.au/creds2013
  19. 19. AGENCY CULTURE 21 18 pusher.com.au/creds2013 pusher.com.au/DIGITAL
  20. 20. StrategicVisionOur vision is to help brands truly connect with theircustomers through social media, creative campaigns, andengaging digital platforms.We love technology but we also understand that in frontof every PC, mobile or device are real people. So to trulyconnect, Pusher places people front-and-centre and followssocial design principles based on human behaviour andconsumer psychology in our digital age. MTV Chrismas event Xmas card for 2012Our values are simpleMAKE IT FIRSTBe innovative in your work and thinking.MAKE IT FUNEnjoy what you do and working with each other.MAKE IT COUNTDo work you are proud of and that will get great results. PUSHER xMAS Viral1,863,000 UNIQUE VIEWS Xmas card for 2011AGENCY CULTURE 22 pusher.com.au/creds2013
  21. 21. HOW WE AREDIFFERENTWe differentiate ourselves by providing an environment where staffwork on innovative internal projects to create work that’s ahead ofthe curve.These projects include the Pusher Xmas Cards. The 2011 card wentviral and in 2012 we created the Xmas Meme generator.We have also created the PusherBOT: a wirelessly controlledagency rover that could be driven around the office with a webcam.And the new TwitterSIGN - send us a tweet and we will broadcast it. Personalised cards 18 pusher.com.au/DIGITAL
  22. 22. PUSHER Sydney . Brisbaneinfo@pusher.com.au . pusher.com.au . pusher.com.au/digital