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  • Cave health

    1. 1. Cloud based platform created to aggregate healthcare and biomedicaltemporal data to visualize novel findings.
    2. 2. HealthCares first time-series visualization and analytics engineWhat we do?Collect Aggregate Visualize Evolve
    3. 3. What we Do : ArchitectureExplore healthcare data and Store and retrieve data simplyexecute complex queries in with IT and support built inreal time •REST API and client libraries•Constant query times •Automated scaling•Range rollups and summaries •No downsampling or archiving•SQL query syntax •3X data replication, 24/7•External data streams support(weather, etc.)•Series tags and attributes •Hosted or deployed solutions Purpose built cloud infrastructure to store & analyze massive streams of time-series data
    4. 4. Velocity: creating time-sensitiveprocesses data must be used as it Velocitystreams into the organization tomaximize its value. The Problem Volume: Healthcare is Big overwhelmed with ever-Variety: healthcare growing data of all typesbig data both structured Healthcareand unstructured data Datasensor data, logs. Variety Volume Solution : Cloud Based Visualization & Analytics Engine Range rollups (1 minute, hour, day, etc.) provide the right level of detail across any range of time. Range summaries generate answers to the most frequently asked questions (average, minimum, maximum, standard deviation, etc) automatically
    5. 5. Temporal data management is an important processfor health care providers and decision makers. It mustnot be ignored!
    6. 6. Types of healthcare data•• Medical devices Biomedical Sensors Collect• RFID data• Productivity data Healthcare data is more than simply a• Surgical data matter of volumes; it is an opportunity to• Infections statistics find insights in new and emerging types of• Staff changeover data and content.• Pharmaceutical Dispensing• Satisfaction Results We can answer questions that were previously considered beyond our reach.• Medication Until now, there was no practical way to• Safety harvest time series data.• Treatments• Productivity• Hand washing• Temperatures• Autoclaving• Charting Collect Aggregate Visualize Evolve
    7. 7. Aggregate • Cloud based service • Temporal data aggregated • Open API • Big data processed & stored • Smart business AnalyticsInstant analysis of healthcare time-series streams Collect Aggregate Visualize Evolve
    8. 8. Visualize• Interactive charting• Visual aesthetics information• No programming• Near real time visualization Collect Aggregate Visualize Evolve
    9. 9. Evolve • Predict Outcomes • Improve processes • Innovate Care • Integrate new data streams • Transformation of Healthcare Collect Aggregate Visualize Evolve
    10. 10. Testing Clients• Healthcare Organizations• Medical Devices
    11. 11. Competitor MicroStrain’s SensorCloud™ is a sensor dataSensor Cloud storage, visualization and remote management platform that leverages powerful cloud computingoverview Video technologies to provide data scalability, rapid visualization, and user programmable analysis. The current SensorCloud core features include MathEngine, LiveConnect, OpenData API, and FastGraph. Our approach and business model is similar but our core focus is on healthcare and medical data.
    12. 12. What do we want to achieve at Rock Health• Define Open API standards• Network & collaborate with healthcare organizations and researchers to understand visualization needs• Demonstrate our temporal data analysis platform to the health domain• Generate buzz about our capabilities to attract investors and clients
    13. 13. Who we areDr. Phillip Olla is an Information Technology (IT) specialist with Kwame Monthrope is a Senior Marketing Exec. that hasover 15 years experience working at the leading edge of IT and ‘battlefield’ experience in developing and directing Corporate levelmobile innovation, he has also worked in the space, and Customer Management (CM) and Customer Relationshiphealthcare sectors. He is currently the founder and President of Management (CRM) strategies to drive organizationalMobile Diagnostic Services. improvement. Broad experience in leveraging brand-building strategies that optimize visibility, market expansion, andHe has also managed his own Management Consultant company profitability on a national and international scale.delivering services to organizations such as Boeing, BritishTelecom, and CLSA. He is a worldwide speaker with speaking Ability to assess an organization’s capabilities.engagements in Asia, Europe, and Africa. He has delivered over • Budgeting & Financial Management60 presentations to fortune 100 companies in 12 countries. • Creative Development & Execution • Marketing Communications & MessagingDr. Olla has been an advisor and collaborated with United • Net Promoter Score (NPS)Nations, OECD, and NASA. Dr Olla has a PhD in Mobile • Data Mining & AnalyticsTelecommunications from Brunel University in the UK; he is a • Predictive ModelingChartered IT Professional with the British Computing Society and • Partner Performance ManagementFellow of the Chartered Institute of IT. He has published • Right-sourcing Managementnumerous peer reviewed articles in journals, and authored 3industry reports along with 7 book chapters and 3 books. Dr.Olla is also a Professor at the School of Business at MadonnaUniversity in Michigan USA.
    14. 14. We are hoping for an opportunity of a lifetime at Harvard.We welcome the prospect of answering any of your questions at an Interview. Thank You!