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[제안서]Malaysia proton proposal
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[제안서]Malaysia proton proposal


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • 1.  
  • 2.
    • Company Introduction
    • Software Introduction
    • Product Characteristics
    • Technology Features
    • Possible Applications
    • 3. UI CONTENTS for Proton
    • Show Rooms
    • C/S Status
    • C/S Simulation
    • This month’s Special Event
    • Card point service
    • Proton auto mobile shop, dealer, C/S Center location map
    • 4. UI Application for Proton
    • Main UI
    • Show Rooms UI
    • C/S Status UI
    • C/S Simulation UI
    • Card Point Service UI
    • Proton auto mobile shop, dealer, C/S Center location map UI
    • This month’s Special event UI
    Innovation is our priority
  • 3.
    • 1. Department of HCI
    • - Business: Since 2007. Sep.
    • - Business Function: Multi-Touch Media board & Ad Board
    • Business Achievement: Information Booth at Seoul Cheong-gye Stream Square, Gyeongbuk Yeong-ju City hall information center,
    • Dubai
    • Current Business progress: Beijing cultural experience center, Haerbin IT experience center, Shanghai EXPO Exhibition Center,
    • Hong-Kong Luxury Brand shops, Dubai International Air-port, KTF Data Service Experience Center, Samsung S-One
    • (Management & Control System and strategic marketing )
    • 2. Department of SI & Web Agency
    • - Business: Since 1998
    • - Business Function: Website Design and Management, Web Application, Window-based Game (Real Casino 11 Games)
    • Main Customers: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Environment, Gender Equality, The Police Mutual Aid Association, The Military
    • Mutual Aid Association, EMC, SUN MICROSYSTEMS, CA, ENTERASYS, ETC.
    • 3. The Department of WB Electronics
    • - Business: Since 2007, Beijing and Shenzhen Office
    • - Business Function: LCD TV, MONITOR, CRT, DVD and HOME THEATER related PCB Design and White electronic Products sales
    • - Main customers: India, Iran, Dubai, Nepal, Bangladesh
    Company WorldBridge T/T Co. LTD Foundation Since 1998 Company Office Head-quarters (Korea) Beijing Branch Office (China) Shenzhen Branch Office (China) Company organization Department of SI & Web Agency Department of WB Electronics Department of HCI (Human Computer Interaction)
  • 4. 1) Multi-Touch
    • Single-Touch has been evolved to User-friendly Multi-Touch Interface (Multi-Touch UI)
    • WBT has released world’s first Commercialized IR Type Multi-Touch S/W
    • It provides users with Fun and Exciting experiences (User’s Active Participation)
  • 5.
    • It provides numerous high-quality Image-Views
    • It can operate several HD videos at the same time
    • It can process several files simultaneously at a high speed
    2) Fast Processing of large scale & high Quality videos
  • 6.
    • Image VR System
    • Flexible Video Control System (Special jog shuttle function)
    • Zoom in & out
    • Grouping image
    • Grouping video
    • Map
    • Newspaper
    3) Various Applications
  • 7. Large-Scale Multimedia Processing Engine
      • Possibly processing HD images and Large Scale videos
      • Real-time operation can be possible without delayed time
    HQ Rendering Engine Multi-Touch Engine
      • The application of high-advanced rendering tech for High Definition videos
      • In comparison with existing Adobe Flash-based programs, flexible
      • operation at 50 times faster processing speed can be possible without temporary stop and severance
      • Evolution from inconvenient single touch to user friendly multi- touch interface
      • The use of fast post-processing tech for large amount of multi-touch data
    Presentation Layer Media Board Engine Layer Multi-Touch Engine 3D Rendering Engine Large Scale Multimedia Processing Engine OS Layer Windows XP or Vista H/W Layer Touch Device Graphic Workstation System Housing
  • 8. Education: Digital Information Tool for Education
    • Electronic White Board supported by Multi-Touch solution)
    • Memo function and remote control function
    • The maximization of educational efficiency and effectiveness Ex) Educational Institution (School, Vocational School)
  • 9. Media and Newspaper
    • Mass Media Display Tool for broadcasting station
    • Daily newspaper reading program, Real time voting system for election, On- air program (Sports game and entertainment show)
  • 10.
    • Tourist Attraction, Hotel, Show Room, Museum, Palace, Theater, Bus-stops, Subway station, Art gallery, Hospital, Public square, Exclusive resorts, International Exhibition Center and Information Center
    Public Information Booth and Kiosk
  • 11. Integrated Monitoring System for Security
    • International Airport, Critical Government Office, National Industrial Infrastructure, Commercial facilities and Enterprises
  • 12. Vending Machine
    • Model House
    • VR function
    Real Estate Business
  • 13. Presentation Tool for Conference and Business Meeting Entertainment
    • Video Preview, Music
    • Showcase, Digital Games
  • 14.
    • Offering widen space for customers to check Proton’s various cars by choosing various
    • categories such as model, option, color, price domain etc.
    • Offering color, option , interior& exterior image of a car selected by Proton’s clients .
    • Offering Image based VR system . : Freely rotating selected cars’ detailed images at any angles (360)
    • Concrete information : Design, Performance, Option spec, Price policy, Expert review etc…
  • 15.
    • C/S repairing Status Check System:
    • Cars’ repairing status on the progress of C/S can be informed to the car owners
    • C/S time schedule can also be informed to Car owners by C/S repairing Status Check System
    • Car owners can gain information about detailed repairing status from an assigned engineer
  • 16.
    • Before putting a car on the list of C/S repair, Car owners can receive the total estimate for the repair
    • The price of each part of a car which can be checked and informed to car owners on demands
    • According to C/S repairing status check system, Car owners can trust Proton’s accurate system
  • 17.
    • Special introduction and promotion for new released car and special price cars
    • Various text, image, video files’ utilization for the dynamic Proton event
    • Diversified E-coupons and VIP membership card for discount or the purchase of car related
    • accessories can be printed by the month event system
  • 18.
    • Proton car owners can purchase a navigation and car related accessories by using Card point
    • Card point check and saving system on Card point service
    • The introduction of the models of possible purchasing navigations with detailed spec
    • for users convenience
  • 19.
    • Offering the location of Nation wide Proton automobile shops and car dealers information
    • Nation wide C/S Center’s location and C/S center’s employees’ introduction
    • Multi-Touch public transit system and neighboring area information
  • 20.
    • Different 3D UI menus are arrayed around the earth
    • Each menu icon can be rotating and moving around the earth by Multi-Touch function
    • The centered menu icon (Show Rooms) can be selected by users and then the detailed info
    • about Show Rooms is continuously coming up
    • The next page of Show Rooms is coming up and various automobiles’ simulation including movie clips are located on the right side of the page
  • 21.
    • Automobile AD movie collection can be operating on the right side of the page.
    • The AD movies can be selected by up & down drag and a selected AD movie can be shown on the main page
    • The enlarged movie clip can be controlled by Multi-Touch function and jog shuttle functions including stop, pause, forward, backward
    • The size of the main video clip can conveniently be adjusted by users’ Multi-Touch
  • 22.
    • The overall design and spec of all the automobile models in Proton can be displayed for
    • customer’s choice (3D Digital brochure, Image simulations and Various video clips etc)
    • All of the cars’ images are displayed at the bottom part of this page and it can flexibly be
    • rotating and moving. The centered image at the bottom part can automatically be zoomed in
    • as a main image of this page
    • The main image can be shown to users and users can possibly check interior & exterior
    • images by utilizing image-based VR and Multi-Touch function
  • 23.
    • All the C/S working process in a Proton shop can be shown on Multi Touch Simulation board
    • C/S Waiting list No., Model names, Client names, C/S working process time, Repairing Status
    • and Memo can be confirmed by users
    • When users touch on “All view” button, the whole list of C/S can be opened and can be
    • searched by touch scroll bar
  • 24.
    • When users touch on “My car search” button, the repairing status of C/S for their cars can
    • be confirmed
    • When users touch on “My car search” button, the 3D Key board is coming up on the
    • main page and users can insert their name or Reg Number for more information
    • The each user’s information is only searched by users themselves and can be printed out
  • 25.
    • C/S working process simulation can be operating for user’s better understanding
    • and transparent C/S repairing process
    • The promotion view screen on the right side can start showing its video clips by user’s Multi-Touch
    • Every part of C/S working process can be classified at the bottom part of this page, the centered
    • part can be shown as a main simulation
    • The main simulation can also be controlled by Multi-Touch function
  • 26.
    • Card point service system can be contained as one of UI applications on Multi-Touch
    • simulation board
    • If users can save certain points, it can be exchanged with navigations (Saving point system)
    • When users insert Card No., the card’s current saving point is appeared on this page
    • If the point is enough to gain a navigation, the next page for the models of Navigations
    • will be opened
  • 27.
    • The models of navigations can be arrayed at the bottom part of this page and users can
    • choose what they prefer for their cars
    • The centered one’s detailed spec and image can be provided to users and users can check
    • the concrete functions of navigations by Multi-Touch function
    • If users decide on taking a proper navigation, the Navi coupon can be printed out.
    • After submitting the coupon to a Pronto office, the users can get the navigations
  • 28.
    • Every Proton shop, C/S center’s location and car dealers’ information search service system
    • When users touch on each point of Map, the next page is automatically opened for providing
    • more detailed locations to users
    • Users can search for the location of Proton shops and C/S centers by inserting areas’ names
  • 29.
    • Every Proton shop, C/S center’s location and car dealers’ information search service system
    • When users touch on each point of Map, the next page is automatically opened for providing
    • more detailed locations to users
    • Users can search for the location of Proton shops and C/S centers by inserting areas’ names
  • 30.
    • Various information such as special price and event for Proton users can be updated on this page
    • The centered car image including special price and options, other information and events can also
    • be searched by Multi-Touch function
    • The centered image can be printed out and provided to users by Multi-Touch function