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  1. 1. 3D INTERACTIVE ads .AR 2T SOFTWARE SOLUTION Co.,Ltd A : No39 lane 1, Nguyen Thi Dinh, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay Dist, Hanoi T: (+84-4) 6 2812371 Fax: (+84-4) 6 281 2372 M: (+84)936 066 286 E: W:
  2. 2. 2TS  CO.,LTD    |  EMAIL:  CONTACT@2TS.VN    |  M:  (+84)  936  066  286  |  W:  EDU.2TS.VN   EMOTION TRACKING A modern method with reliable result By determining the emotion of user during use the product objectively, the emotion and the reaction of user are monitored in the time graph with the information about level of pleasure, relaxing, concentration, excitement, smiling, surprise or nervousness which is noted.. Support to complete the product The database of product determining result from customer will help the researcher make the most perfect kinds of product and advertising message.
  3. 3. 2TS  CO.,LTD    |  EMAIL:  CONTACT@2TS.VN    |  M:  (+84)  936  066  286  |  W:  EDU.2TS.VN   Ability to upgrade, to customize Module system has an independent function. It can be customized, upgraded and updated. Customizable with multi-product, multi- disciplinary The system with detailed, variety, plentiful standards for many different products. Therefore, in many fields, this system can be applied such as film (determine the interest of a movie, an advertisement), the emotion of user when using the product for health such as massage machine, the excitement when using technological products such as smartphone, smart … Friendly interface – easy to use The system of functions is arranged in reasonable order. All interfaces for insert data are already set with notifications or warning to announce the user not to miss the information that must be inserted or confirmed by user’s decision before the system of storage closes the interface.
  4. 4. 2TS  CO.,LTD    |  EMAIL:  CONTACT@2TS.VN    |  M:  (+84)  936  066  286  |  W:  EDU.2TS.VN   Use the most modern technology The newest technological application about processing brain wave and digitizing the emotion of Emotiv has a very high level of precision. The time and the cost are reasonable. This application can make the attraction in big events... Issue the report flexibly The system can be customized and issue many different reports such as the reports for manufacturers to improve product, for media, or product testing ... The result is showed visually, persuasively The brain waves gotten from user are showed in a graph. The customer can see and review it easily, visually.
  5. 5. 2TS  CO.,LTD    |  EMAIL:  CONTACT@2TS.VN    |  M:  (+84)  936  066  286  |  W:  EDU.2TS.VN   GAME OUTSOURCING Mobile games & application development are deployed on many OS such as iOS, Android, Window Phone, Blackberry, website… Make the game design with 2D, 3D, first person view, third person view, MMO game, game connected to server via internet, buying item in the game with unreal cash, make payment via SMS. Process the physic calculation, realistic simulation, use the visual effect.
  6. 6. 2TS  CO.,LTD    |  EMAIL:  CONTACT@2TS.VN    |  M:  (+84)  936  066  286  |  W:  EDU.2TS.VN   Consultant the solution, support to set up and to deploy game server, public game & application on App Store, Google market place… Support to update the version for fixing bugs, item in game, map and new functions, options without install the application again. The game server management function can count the number of users, sale transaction and the data about user to make the sale campaign.
  7. 7. 2TS  CO.,LTD    |  EMAIL:  CONTACT@2TS.VN    |  M:  (+84)  936  066  286  |  W:  EDU.2TS.VN   INDOOR APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT 3D Simulator: The system can simulate in 3D real-time, and run on website, mobile, desktop... Simulate the case for rescue based on created scripts, calculate the time and the level of completing the mission to find the best method to resuce, help to save the money for reheasal and to protect the enviroment. The 3D simulating system for learning to drive the car is made to create a cabin like the real one of car. The learner will use the simulated car to practice in a 3D unreal world that is already set up like the real world where we take a test to get the driving license or we can face some situations.
  8. 8. 2TS  CO.,LTD    |  EMAIL:  CONTACT@2TS.VN    |  M:  (+84)  936  066  286  |  W:  EDU.2TS.VN   Simulate Showroom, furniture, building, real estate: to help the house buyer imagine his future house more clearly. The simulating application can allow you entering the house, zooming each thing,… or changing the furniture (material, color, brand) and the position. This application runs on smartphone or Web, and the buyer doesn’t need to go to the real estate company to see the model. 3D way guide application: can be applied at the special places such as big building, urban, industrial area, big factory, tourism area, … It can help to determine the position, find the way… or allow the manager monitoring the employees.
  9. 9. 2TS  CO.,LTD    |  EMAIL:  CONTACT@2TS.VN    |  M:  (+84)  936  066  286  |  W:  EDU.2TS.VN   3D simulating application: simulates the operation process of machine system,… The ticket management system includes the ticket design software with barcode, ticket management, website for selling tickets, reservation via SMS, payment via ebank, visa master card, paygate…, automatic ticket checking and seat guiding systems, ... Data analyst tool: The software for processing data. Ø The application runs on Excel, supports to make smart and visual report, processes the data automatically, optimizes the operation for inserting Ø The application is independent from data process and data storage, issue the report in Office word file, pdf, the application for comunication with reader, data receiver.  
  10. 10. 2TS  CO.,LTD    |  EMAIL:  CONTACT@2TS.VN    |  M:  (+84)  936  066  286  |  W:  EDU.2TS.VN   INTERACTIVE ADTISMENT ON MOBILE       A girl and a football player appear when you see CocaCola can and bank card via camera.     Augmented Reality(AR): the interaction technology allows to display documents, words or images in 3D on a digital content (image/video) to add the information or help it become more interesting. AR use the signal from the real image via GPS, camera, micro and then provide the user with the detailed information. AR allows the images of 2D or 3D thing in the real world changing into digital data. AR makes a real mixing world that shows the unreal images via the camera, and allow you seeing the information that you can see it by only your eyes.                         An advertisement appears when you see the logo of Vinamilk via camera.           The butterflies fly around the cherry tree when you see a picture via camera.            
  11. 11. 2TS  CO.,LTD    |  EMAIL:  CONTACT@2TS.VN    |  M:  (+84)  936  066  286  |  W:  EDU.2TS.VN         On the bank card, there are four unreal buttons. When the user press these buttons on the card, the model of player will do the activity following the pressed button.         Text Recognition can recognize the word, so it can help you instert data more easily. Instead of insterting the name of the code of product via keyboard, we put the camera on the name of product, the application automatically recognize the word and inster the data, or show the information – advertisement of recognized product.                       From a car magazine, the user can view the furniture, car information, change the color, car accessory, order ... very simply with an application for smartphone         An application of AR technology for buying, when you see a logo of product via camera, you also see the price, promotion and the information of product. The user can order to buy the product via the application.              
  12. 12. 2TS  CO.,LTD    |  EMAIL:  CONTACT@2TS.VN    |  M:  (+84)  936  066  286  |  W:  EDU.2TS.VN   VIRTUAL MUSEUM Technical solution document Version 1.0 05/09/2013 Overview The document describes the technical solution for building and deploying “Virtual Museum” product. Objectives The system includes • Server: provides webservice to let application login, , download data, backup setting… • Admin website interface: maanges the user list, exhibited artifact list (information, category, position, light, script control, …), previews the artifact on website, museum site map … • Mobile Client: use Augmented reality technology to make the interaction with real enviroment (via the camera of device) and the unreal exhibited artifact Technical solution The technical solution is applied in the product • Server: Django web Framework, Rest framework • Web interface: HTML5/Javascript • Client: iOS SDK, Android SDK, Unity3D Activities 1. Design system: Depending on artifact management operation being used in the museum that is simplified for managing the unreal artifact (small amount, not need to maintance…) 2. Build server backend, test service 3. Build the admin interface 4. Build the museum site map, design the position to put
  13. 13. 2TS  CO.,LTD    |  EMAIL:  CONTACT@2TS.VN    |  M:  (+84)  936  066  286  |  W:  EDU.2TS.VN   the unreal artifact 5. Design 3D model of artifacts (effect, animation…) 6. Inster the data into system (upload the information of artifact) 7. Build the client mobile ETA Design the system and complete backend: 3 software engineers and developer within 3-4 weeks Build the admin interface, museum site map, demo for 5-10 artifacts: 1 designer, 1 web developer: 3 weeks Client mobile: 1 developer: 2 weeks
  14. 14. 2TS  CO.,LTD    |  EMAIL:  CONTACT@2TS.VN    |  M:  (+84)  936  066  286  |  W:  EDU.2TS.VN   WEB DESIGN Content management system Manage the content with visual test editor, add, modify, delete text, image, video easily. Ability to upgrade, to customize Upgrade website easily, modify, change the interface following the user’s intent. Access statistic Count the total access, people who access the website, issue the report weekly, monthly, ...     Optimize the search engine
  15. 15. 2TS  CO.,LTD    |  EMAIL:  CONTACT@2TS.VN    |  M:  (+84)  936  066  286  |  W:  EDU.2TS.VN   Build the support tools to optimize the search engine, raise the rank of website on the search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo ...   Multi-OS Website has the high compatibility, shows clearly on all popular browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome .., It automatically changes the interface to show clearly on mobile devices: smartphone, tablet.     Ecommerce Build the system, website for sale, integrate online payment, manage the product, and calculate the turnover.    
  16. 16. 2TS  CO.,LTD    |  EMAIL:  CONTACT@2TS.VN    |  M:  (+84)  936  066  286  |  W:  EDU.2TS.VN   Support after designing Guide how to use, support to manage and to operate after designing. Consult and make the solution.     2T SOFTWARE SOLUTION Co.,Ltd A : No39 lane 1, Nguyen Thi Dinh, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay Dist, Hanoi T: (+84-4) 6 2812371 Fax: (+84-4) 6 281 2372 M: (+84)936 066 286 / (+84) 904 300 125 E: W: