Mlk jr. hip hop awards sponsorship packet


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Sponsorship Packet.

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Mlk jr. hip hop awards sponsorship packet

  1. 1. 1 The MLK Jr. College Hip-Hop Awards Sponsorship Packet Presented by CampusView Entertainment JANUARY 10, 2014  B.B. KING’S HOUSE OF BLUES
  2. 2. 2 | P a g e Spending Profile: The US College Student $42.1 $17.5 $13.1 $9.8 $8.7 $8.6 $7.6 $4.9 2013 Projected Discretionary Spending (in billions) Food Automotive Clothing and Shoes Cellphone/Smartphone Entertainment Technology Personal Care Products Cosmetics -Crux Research Inc.
  3. 3. 3 | P a g e Value Proposition As the year comes to a close, it is projected that $117 Billion USD will have been spent by college students and their discretionary income (money not otherwise tied to bills and expenses). CampusView Entertainment, a platform for college events and promotional marketing, would like to introduce you to an opportunity to increase your share of this market by partnering in a community-building event. Event Details On January 10, 2014, CampusView Entertainment, Elevated Muzik and Powered By Excellence, LLC will be hosting an awards show and after-party celebration at B.B. Kings Blues Club and Grill in the Times Square area of New York City. The event will feature music by DJ Envy, radio host on Power 105.1’s number one morning radio show (The Breakfast Club). Performances throughout the night will include Brooklyn-based rap artist, Troy Ave and former G-Unit member and current entertainment executive, Tony Yayo. PriceTagg, winner of Hot 97.1 radio station’s, “Pass the Torch” competition will be the award show host and moderator. Each artist-for-hire will promote the event via their social networks alongside our own promotional efforts. Additional special guests within the hip-hop community have already confirmed their attendance and their promotional support through social media. Talent Snapshot: Social Media Reach Event Mission Celebrating hip-hop from a positive perspective helps to generate constructive PR to an industry noted for excessive drug use, misogyny and gang violence. These traits however, are not exclusive to the hip-hop industry and an effort needs to be made to highlight the positive aspects of the most effective popular culture vehicle in the world. Not only for the industry, but for individuals who find love, light and hope within the music and for the kids who follow the only role models they know.
  4. 4. 4 | P a g e Marketing Strategy We at CampusView Entertainment have learned that the best way to a college student’s heart is by giving them something free. Because of this, we ask for your help in providing a great educational and entertainment event, free of charge. We both know there’s no such thing as a free lunch, therefore, we’ve taken the lead in renting the space, booking the talent and putting together a marketing campaign targeted towards college students in the New York Metropolitan area. With your support, we can break the status quo by selling tickets directly to the sponsorship end-user- not the student, but the company benefiting from the extra cash in the student’s pocket. Now that’s a Win-Win-Win.
  5. 5. 5 | P a g e The Art of Sponsorship “Tell me what you want, what you really, really want…” -The Spice Girls Promotional Partners Promotional partners include college radio stations, other student media, entertainment blogs, online magazines or any relevant organization that has an interest in the college market and the promotional ability to strengthen our brand and event. Simply put- you help us by attracting a target group of individuals 18-24 to a specific venue and we help you by driving targeted information to this group via email, our own social media and event announcements. If you are interested in becoming a promotional partner, please email, with the subject line: Promotional Partnership. Media Partners With three celebrity entertainers, multiple guest artists and over 1000 college kids and hip-hop fans, we are sure that this is an event that students are going to want to attend, if not watch. Through media partners such as you, college students across the country will be able to watch this event via live streaming and post event coverage. If you are interested in becoming a media partner, please email, with the subject line: Media Partnership. Product Sponsors H’orderves, anyone? How ‘bout low fat snack foods and an open bar? You can be the joy that provides free food and drink to students, entertainers and fans. Maybe Jay-Z will even make a song called, “99 Problems, but Free Food Ain’t One.” Hey, you never know. If you are interested in becoming a product sponsor, please email, with the subject line: Product Sponsorship. .
  6. 6. 6 | P a g e Financial Sponsors In order to make this event as impactful as possible, CampusView Entertainment has decided to make this event free of charge for college students and enable it to become a promotional machine for brands and organizations interested in capitalizing on the college market or capturing the attention of the hip-hop community (bloggers, musicians and industry executives have all been invited to this event, with confirmation from members of each group). As a financial sponsor, you have a unique opportunity to directly engage these target groups and make a strong case for your brand to have an active presence in their bank account statements. By becoming a financial sponsor you are committing to purchase tickets to the event which will then be distributed to college students through a method of your choice. Want to draw students to your website? No problem, we’ll tell students that tickets can be found on your website, where you can list a first-come, first-serve promotional code, right alongside your own discount code so students can still shop your products. Maybe you want students to enter your store. By listing your store location as the pick-up venue, you’ll attract a hoard of students who might just grab a slice of pizza while they’re waiting in line to win a free ticket (food for thought). If social media is the game, then a simple “like” followed by the answering of a poll question of your choice can earn a student entrance to the event. However you do it, you will receive attention from students and a chance to showcase your brand. If you are interested in becoming a financial sponsor, please email, with the subject line: Financial Sponsorship. Charitable Partners Are you a community organization looking for an opportunity to work with inner-city kids, college students and the hip-hop community? By connecting college radio stations, charitable partners and entertainment resources, we can provide an opportunity for k-12 inner-city students to learn key skills related to the entertainment industry, participate in an exciting speaker series and gain mentorship from college students and volunteers within the “industry.” It is not only our goal to entertain, but to educate and impact the community in ways that are fun, effective and measureable. With your help, this event can be the launch point of something even greater: something that truly fulfills the legacy of Dr. King. If you are interested in becoming a charitable partner, please email, with the subject line: Charitable Partnership.
  7. 7. 7 | P a g e Package Details *Each ticket bundle contains the sponsorship reward within its package group, as well as each reward in the groups below it.*
  8. 8. 8 | P a g e College Bundle Photo Credits: Social media consumes much of the already limited attention span of the average college student. We all know pictures say 1,000 words, however, a picture on Facebook may mean 1,000 impressions; especially if the picture is capturing an event. By purchasing the College Bundle Package, you get exclusive rights to 1/5th of all event photos. By this we mean that all of the events photos, which we will post on our social media page, will be watermarked with your company’s logo and the first comment (pinned to the top if possible), will verbally credit your organization and also contain a link to your company site or social media pages. This is especially effective for group photos and photos with students and the guest artist’s or any other celebrities in attendance. Photos with a celebrity can, on average, generate 20 likes per post. These likes are not only shown on the Facebook page of the student in the photo, but are also shown on the newsfeed of everyone who is friends with each “liker.” By giving the average college student 1000 Facebook Friends, the social reach of one particular photo with an artist is over 20,000 users.
  9. 9. 9 | P a g e QR Flyer A QR code is a special symbol that allows a smart phone user to scan it’s surface in order to be rerouted to an internet page or mobile application. By choosing the College Bundle option, CampusView Entertainment will create a special QR code and place it on a flyer. That flyer will then be given to every guest who enters the venue. Up to 5 codes will be created for use, each code can route to any website or destination of sponsor’s choice. Award Sponsorship Like most awards shows, short video skits will be created to showcase award recipients and skits. With the College Bundle package, your brand will be listed as an official award sponsor, with a brief 5-10 second commercial preceding the award video and a company logo and information on the video credits; as well as naming rights to the awards. High School Bundle Email List Need we say more? Oh, well, kinda. The lists will be given with the attendee’s consent. Slide Show (Individual) Throughout the event after-party, a video projector behind the DJ will be looping a slideshow of the different event sponsors. With the High School bundle option, your company’s logo and information will claim its own slide (versus group slides). Picture Models With this feature, CampusView Entertainment models (consisting largely of beautiful and handsome college students), will walk around the venue during the after party and take pictures with groups of students wearing a shirt with your company’s logo on it. The students will then be given cards that direct them to the CampusView social media page, where the students can tag themselves in the pictures. (Slightly different from the Photo Credits option, as this option doesn’t guarantee photo watermark). Middle School Bundle Backdrop Purchase of this bundle will include your company’s logo on the event backdrop. The backdrop will be placed near the entrance, with every attendee getting an option to take a picture as they come in. An additional backdrop will also be placed behind the stage, where the DJ, host and award recipients will be standing.
  10. 10. 10 | P a g e Special Announcements Periodically, the event host will acknowledge the sponsors verbally throughout the awards ceremony. During the after party, the DJ will mention and thank the sponsors. Highlight Video Credits As this is a highly anticipated event, a highlight video will be created, showing the different awards being given, the performances and the after party. With the help of our distribution partners, this video will then be uploaded for viral use. At the end of this video, a credits roll will appear of listed sponsors, with your sponsorship being a part. Baby Bundle Event Program Each guest will be given an event program upon entering. Throughout the program, the awards sponsors will be listed, giving the sponsorship option visibility from all attendees. Slideshow (group) Similar to the slideshow option within the high school bundle, this slide show option will feature the company’s logo in rotation amongst a group of other logos. Sponsor Booklet If you would like to create a discount opportunity for any of your products or services, a sponsor booklet will be created to increase sales for your company or organization. Payments and Receipts To make sponsorship as easy as possible for you, we have created a portal for sponsors to simply purchase the tickets online via our Eventbrite portal. Should you be interested, contact us at the address give above and we will direct you to the appropriate platform. Once you purchase your tickets, you can send us your confirmation receipt and we will then send you an invoice for your records. Thank You 