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Power point unit 1

  1. 1. By Dayna Crawford
  2. 2. Contents Slide 3: Agency profile Slide 4: ownership of JWT Slide 5: Clients Slide 6: Ad agency online presence Slide 7: print case study Slide 8: JWT’s Client Slide 9: Adverts created Slide 10: purposes, genre and competition Slide 11: content, style, meaning Slide 12: Audience research Slide 13: Brief of audience research Slide 14: Table of audience research Slide 15: Analysis of data collected Slide 16: campaign Slide 17: Distribution channels Slide 18: Digital media Slide 19: Examples of social media Slide 20: Conclusion Slide 21: Legal and ethical issues Slide 22: ASA Slide 23: ASA Codes
  3. 3. Agency Profile: JWT
  4. 4. Ownership of JWT Stefano Zunino Head of digital woldwide Guy Murphy: Worldwide planning director:. Laura Agostini: Chief talent officer Gustavo Martinez: Chief Executive officer J. Walter Thompson
  5. 5. JWT is a global worldwide Marketing brand that has more than 200 offices in over 90 countries employing nearly 10,000 marketing professionals. Competitors for JWT include LEO BURNETT COMPANY INC, BBDO Worldwide inc. and McCann world group.
  6. 6. Ad agency online presence
  7. 7. Print case study M1:D1
  8. 8. JWT’s Client:
  9. 9. Adverts created
  10. 10. Purposes, genre and competitors The purpose of this advert is to play on the confectionary product, Kit Kat. This advert creates a different side to the the Kit Kat as although you can see that this is a bar of chocolate, the different side to it is that it makes it look like a meeting table gives an edge to the selling point of the product. The genre of the advert is an action filled advert with the commotion aspect of the advert. It is a print based advert and does not have any other media e.g there is not a video based advert for this given advert however, there are video based adverts that JWT produce for Nestle. Competitors for Kit Kat include TCO Films, ADLUDIO London Uni and One method. These industries have all created adverts for Kit Kat.
  11. 11. 1.) Briefing : the advertiser needs to brief about the product and do a SWOT analysis of the company and product. 2.) Knowing the objective: One should fist know the objective or purpose of advertising 3.) Research: Finding out the market behaviour, knowing the competitors, what type of advertising they are using, what the response of the consumers availability of the resources needed in the process. 4.) Target Audience: Identify the target consumers most likely to buy the product . 5.) Media selection: Select an appropriate media for advertising so customers ares are successfully reached. 6.) Setting the budget: So that there is no shortage of funds or excess funds during the process of advertising and no losses in the company. 7.) Designing and creating the ad: The design is made by the copywriters of the agency, then the actual creation of the ad is done which help of the wart director and the creative personnel of the agency. 8.) Perfection: Then the created ad is re - examines and the ad is redefined to make is perfect to enter into the market. 9.) Execution: The advertisement is released with perfect creation, perfect placement and perfect timing in the market. 10.) Performance: Judge the performance of the ad in terms of the response from the customers. Production process of creating an advert
  12. 12. Annotated advert
  13. 13. Kit Kat film based adverts g6A gravity/
  14. 14. Content, style, meaning • This advert is an indirect reference to a Kit Kat bar – the product that it is trying to sell. JWT want to show how having a Kit Kat can give you a break from a work situation “Have a break, have a Kit Kat.” • The style of advert is simplistic but with a meaning. The use of clean cut image against a red background creates a contrast and a strong image. • The content of the advert is a boardroom table breaking in half causing lots of commossion. It is a clean cut image
  15. 15. P3: Audience Research
  16. 16. First impressions of this advert was that although, it’s a very clever advert, its quite a weird advert, it doesn't’t arouse anyone's hunger. From audience research, it is made visible that its not clear that the boardroom table is also a Kit Kat bar. Using some of my audience research, it has been said that the commossion caused makes people feel uncomfortable.
  17. 17. Kit Kat aim their product to most demographic group as to most demographic groups, 80 pence is not considered a lot of money. The only demographic group that maybe considered as a group to not target their product at is the group E social status. This is because this group of people are on a low level of subsistence i.e a state pension. This is because, this group of people may see a regular cost of 80 p as too expensive. This is why they cay consider confectionary as a special product. A demographic that they may see as a suitable target audience however is the c2 or the d audience. This is because the skilled manual laborers or manual laborers may rely on confectionary to get through the day at work due to the high sugar level content included.
  18. 18. Outdoor advertising is a great way to advertise a given product because if adverts were to posted on a billboard, the more the target audience will see the advert because they will drive past the advert more frequently. This is called the frequency effect. Outdoor advertising includes bill boards and bus stops. Bus stops are also a great way to advertise an advert because if an advert is posted in a frequent and stationary location, the more people waiting at the bus stop or walking/driving past the bus stop will see this advert and the more it is seen, the more of a chance there is for them to buy the product or service you are advertising. Jays business would benefit from having an outdoor advertising campaign however, a bus stop advert may be a better idea than a bill board advert. The only issue with advertising Jays business outdoor is that it is expensive and with Jay not having a budget, this may cause financial problems. It quotes that for a 48 sheet billboard is worth around £200 per week and an advert on the side of a bus stop on a busy high street, the advert is worth £300 for a two weeks exposure. Outdoor advertising
  19. 19. Looking through this audience research, It is clear that the advert has not made clear that it is based around a Kit Kat. It does not encourage any of my audience members to want to buy this product however, due to the brand an product being so well known and popular, my audience members often buy this product anyway. In some cases, this advert has made my audience members feel uncomfortable with the advert due to the commossion in the image and would work better if the advert portrayed a sense of calmness instead. My audience members said that if it wasn’t down to the logo located in the bottom right corner of the advert, they would not be able to clearly see that this is the product that they are trying to sell. According to my second audience member (Hannah) this advertisement does not make the product look very appealing or edible and does not arouse her hunger.
  20. 20. Media – Outdoor/ out of home Published : July 6th 2012 Visual representation of what you may need a break from 2012/outdoor/Gold – Cannes Loins
  21. 21. P4:Distribution Channels
  22. 22. JWT advertise for Nestle on different media channels,, this includes Digital media which involves TV and social media This social media advertising includes Twitter, This Is just one of the tweets. Although this isnt the same advert, its still for Kit Kat and made from JWT.
  23. 23. Social media is becoming much more prominent in advertising and with this comes ever increasing in word of mouth advertising. Celebrities say something ridiculous and funny then advertise the product or advertise about an upcoming or recent issue and it spreads from then on. Celebrity endorsement is popular because of the following the celebrities have. This attracts a new fan base to your product. TV advertising can be very effective, especially on the much longer scale such as Super Bowl is the advert is just as effective.
  24. 24. P5: Legal and Ethical issues
  25. 25. ASA are the regulatory body that is used to make sure that every advert created is created on a fair playing filed for every business. They also respond to the concerns from the members of the public and to check to see if the advert could be taken offensively. If it is misleading or if it is offensive. The ASA consists of 13 people for the council of which these 13 people can sit on the council for a maximum of 6 years (In three year increments.) they have written 2 codes.
  26. 26. ASA codes The uk code of non – broadcast advertising, sales promotion and direct marketing (CAP code) applies to advertisements across media including newspapers, magazines, billboards, posters, leaflets, mailings, emails, texts and on uk based company websites. The uk code of broadcast advertising (BCAP Code) applies to the content and scheduling of television and radio advertisements (including teleshopping). It also covers programme sponsorship, credits on radio and television services but complaints about these being handled by Ofcom.”
  27. 27. Legal and ethical issues with Nestle During the early 1970’s, Nestle decided to target poor mothers in developing countries such as Asia, Africa and South America, this is because they promoted bottle feeding and discouraged breast feeding, making mothers of young children believe that it was tastier and healthier to bottle feed their child than to breast feed. Even though this got later proven wrong, mothers began to believe that they should instead feed their child bottled milk, mothers in these countries still believe that bottle feeding their children would bring their child a better life however, although nestle milk may taste nicer, it is depriving children of their key vitamins and minerals which are important in their formative years such as Vitamin A and zinc. According to UniCef, 1.5 million lives of infants could be saved every year with improved breastfeeding practices.
  28. 28. How have Nestle dealt with the ethical issue of baby milk? Nestles ethical issue with the baby milk scandal has not gone away but has grown up and as of 2013, the international Nestle boycott committee company, practices are monitored by the International Baby Food Action Network. And along with the boycott, campaigners work by implementing the code and resolutions and as of now, 60 countries have introduced laws implementing most of the provisions. Some universities, colleges and schools have banned the sale of Nestle products from their shops and vending machines since the whole scandal whilst Nestle claims that it is working within the whole compliance of the international code and according to CEO of Nestle, they also carry out annual audits where they investigate any substantiated claims made by those who believe that Nestle have broken the code and if they find any code that has been deliberately violated, they take disciplinary action.
  29. 29. Other issues with Nestle Another issue people have with Nestle is indeed the amount of sugar that Is Included within this product. If kit Kats were aimed at the less well off demographic groups, this would cause a high amount of obesity to be caused and indeed create a high population of overweight children, adults and elderly People. This is why, if you aim these products at better off demographic, even Though they can afford a higher quantity of Kit Kats, they can afford more healthier food as well whereas people on a low budget may only be able to afford less healthy food.
  30. 30. The End

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