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  • 1. Unique fruits,uniqueopportunitiesopportunities. L ib ertad y O rd e n turn the page and learn all about them.
  • 2. ASOPPITAYA DESCRIPTION: Asoppitaya represents more than 50 growers of yellow pitahaya throughout Colombia. Most of them are BPA Global Gap certified, while others are in the process of converting to organic production. Asoppi- taya currently exports to Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Canada, and Spain and meets each country’s import protocols, regard- less of how strict they are. Our packing house is certified under HACCP international standards, so we are able to serve new markets around the globe ensuring both top quality and an unsurpassed reliability in all our products. CONTACT Sandra Milena García / Martha Isabel García TELEPHONE (57-2) 249 09 79 / (57-1) 438 37 21 E-MAIL gerencia@asoppitaya.com / logistica1@asoppitaya.com URL www.asoppitaya.com
  • 3. DESCRIPTION:C.I. TROPIC KIT E.U. We are a Colombian company dedicated to produce and export traditional and non-traditional Colombian and Latin American (Mexico and Ecuador) products, mainly related to agribusiness (fresh, frozen, and pulps). We are the ideal connection for any client that looks for products with the highest standards of quality and competitive prices, which we offer without sacrificing our integrity. C.I. TROPIC KIT is a company that works hard exporting fresh and processed fruits to several countries around the world with the intention of offering socially and environmen- tally sustainable products like coconut, lime, melon, mango, orange, pineapple, papaya, soursop. We also export fresh vegetables like tomatoes, onions, carrots, yams, malanga, cassava, squash and sweet potatoes, and aromatic herbs like parsley and thyme, among others. CONTACT Lizeth Correa Trejos / Jaime Ríos Quintero TELEPHONE (57-2) 552 64 96 E-MAIL gerencia@tropickit.com / admon@tropickit.com URL www.tropickit.com
  • 4. C.I. CARIBBEAN EXOTICS S.A. DESCRIPTION: Caribbean Exotics is an international fruit trade company. We are one of the leading companies exporting physalis as well as other exotic Colombian fruits like passion fruit, granadilla, tamarillo, pitahaya, and baby banana. Today, about 500 small farmers in the region are the supplier base of the company, to whom we provide technical assistance and all the support required to ensure the quality and safety of fresh fruits for consumers. Committed to the needs of our customers and market requirements, we have built an integrated system of quality that ensures safety and takes care of the environment as well as the development and welfare of our farmers and company employees. This is supported by the following international protocols: ISO 9001, Global GAP, BASC (Business for Secure Commerce), Fair Trade, and BSCI. CONTACT Alejandro Ángel Manrique / Ana Gabriela Mejía TELEPHONE (57-4) 448 90 50 / (57-1) 826 05 30 E-MAIL carex@caribbeanexotics.com.co / carexbog@caribbeanexotics.com.co URL www.caribbeanexotics.com.co
  • 5. C.I. FRUTIREYES S.A.S. DESCRIPTION: Frutireyes is a leading Colombian company offering a comprehensive range of fruits including physalis (cape gooseberry), passion fruit, tamarillo, pitahaya, and many more. We can supply you with exotic, dried and IQF fruits, fruit pulps, and natural nectars. We are located in Bogotá, South America and we are focused on quality service and competitive prices. We specialize in fruit growing using the latest techniques in production. We apply the GLOBAL GAP protocol to our crops. CONTACT Luis Reyes Jaimes / Andrea Catalina Tapias TELEPHONE (57-1) 533 67 39 - 533 67 59 E-MAIL sales@frutireyes.com URL www.frutireyes.com
  • 6. NATTURALE DESCRIPTION: Natturale is the largest Colombian grower of Mangosteen fruit and one of the largest of Guanabana. From our beginnings in 1990, our fruit has satisfied global awareness and demand for natural wellness products. To reinforce our ongoing commitment to both our employees and customers we achieved Global Gap certification in 2012. Our 112 hectare farms are located in Mariquita, 3 hours from Bogotá. Our trees thrive in Mariquita with an average annual temperature and precipitation of 28C-35C and 900 mm respectively. Our annual production yields 2,500 tons of Guanabana and 400 tons of Mangosteen. CONTACT Alexandra Caro / Germán Arcila TELEPHONE (57-1) 610 77 51 E-MAIL info@natturale.com URL www.natturale.com
  • 7. FLORES DE FUNZA S.A. DESCRIPTION: Since 1976 FLORES FUNZA has been one of Colombia’s leading compa- nies in the flower industry. With more than 200 hectares of fresh-cut flowers, our company sells to different places around the world like Europe, Asia, the Middle East, North and South America. Three years ago Flores Funza decided to diversify and we started grow- ing fresh herbs. We are currently producing chives, mint, and rosemary and we are having trials on new products like tarragon. Committed to constant improvement in our products, relationships and environmental policies, and always trying to create a safe work envi- ronment for our employees, our company has recently been certified by GlobalGap and Rainforest Alliance, both very relevant to the European market which is very important to us. CONTACT Carlos Bernal Franco / José Mauricio Barrera TELEPHONE (57-1) 313 69 00 Ext. 143 E-MAIL cbernal@floresfunza.com / jbarrera@floresfunza.com URL www.floresfunza.com
  • 8. FRUTALES LAS LAJAS S.A. DESCRIPTION: Agricultural company founded in 1982. We started as a farming opera- tion planting sugarcane and since 2005, we began developing the installation of a modern irrigation infrastructure for the exploitation of citric and tropical fruits. Today we have 1,200 hectares of land where we grow fruits for export, 200 hectares of Tahiti lime, and 300 hectares of Hass avocado. Our trees now reach three to four years of age. CONTACT María Isabel Mejía Arévalo / Diego Fernando Duque TELEPHONE (57-6) 335 26 91, (57) 313 743 20 24 and (57) 314 620 91 63 E-MAIL gerenciageneral@alcidesarevalo.com / gerencia@frutaleslaslajas.com URL www.frutaleslaslajas.com
  • 9. RUSSIA GERMANYCANADAMontreal,Toronto. UNITED KINGDOMUNITED STATES FRANCESan Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, Washington D.CNew York, Houston, Atlanta, Dallas. PORTUGAL JAPAN SOUTH KOREAMEXICO CHINAMexico City, Guadalajara. CARIBBEAN Beijing, San Juan, Santo Domingo,GUATEMALA Port of Spain Shangai, Hong Kong.COSTA RICA (Panama).COLOMBIA VENEZUELAECUADOR SPAIN INDIAPERU UNITED BRAZIL ARAB EMIRATES TURKEY SINGAPORE ARGENTINACHILE INDONESIA For more information please contact: auribe@proexport.com.co PROEXPORT IN THE WORLD frankfurt@proexport.com.co www.proexport.com.co/en/agribusiness