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Directorio flower expo_english_red

  1. 1. AGRICOLA EL CACTUS S.A.Contact Jorge Enrique Ramirez E-mail Phone +57 (5) 310-6883707 Agricola El Cactus is an agricultural flower grower and exporter of carnations and premium roses. The company is managed directly by their owners, where one of them has been in the flower business since 1972. The company was founded in 1987 and currently has 400 employees and 2 producing flower farms. One is located in Bogotas savannah and the other in a beautiful Boyaca valley.
  2. 2. C.I. TEUCALI FLOWERSContact Daniel Duarte E-mail Phone (57 4) 310-3166736 Teucali Flowers is a rose and carnation farm located in the Sopo Valley just north of Bogotá, Colombia. The farm is located 2.650 meters above sea level and with an average temperature of 14 degrees Celsius all year round. Since 1991, we are dedicated to grow, harvest and select very high quality flowers to export them to the world. We currently have planted 7 hectares with 27 carnation varieties and 10 hectares of Roses; 55% of Freedom and 45 % of colour roses.
  3. 3. C.I. FILLCO FLOWERS S.AContact Santiago Laverde E-mail Phone (+57) (1) 852 05 01 (+57) (1) 852 7656 We are a company which has been present on the market for almost 15 years and, since then, we have been successfully serving our costumers through the U.S, EUROPE and CANADA.Our farm is located in the beautiful and fertile Bogota Savanna, at an altitude of 2600 masl, where weather conditions are suitable for growing flowers. This all combine to great human potential, continuous training, development of new technologies and environment protection enable us to offer first quality cut flowers.
  4. 4. CI INVERPALMAS SASContact Maria Michelsen - Enrique Gutierrez E-mail sales@ Phone (+57) 3174331635 Inverpalmas is a flower crop with 40 hectares in production, 15 ha. of Carnation, 15 ha. of Roses, 10 ha. of Mini Carnations. We pride on having the highest standards of quality and service levels striving to earn customer satisfaction. Such detail to quality has allowed us to gain a privileged position in Europe, Asia and North America since 1983 when the company was founded.
  5. 5. FARM DIRECT COMPANY / SINGHA SAS CI Contact Richard Vaughan – Anastasia Butusova E-mail - Phone (+57) (1) 2102662 – (+57) (1) 3217029 Singha S.A.S C.I., a member of the National Growers Association ASOCOLFLORES, is a farm which is dedicated to the well being of our workers and to the protection of our environment, located in Tocancipa located strategically in the northern region of the Sabana de Bogotá stand out for their brilliant colors, large blooms and longevity.THE FARM DIRECT COMPANY
  6. 6. FLORES FUNZA S.A.Contact José Mauricio Barrera E-mail Phone (+57) () 3136900 For over 35 years Funza Flowers and about 3,000 employees are committed to its customers producing innovative products of highest quality with a environmental responsibility and commitment to of each of their employees. With more than 220 hectares of production and over 30 products, the company has built a worldwide customer base creating a solid bond them and recurring growth.
  7. 7. ANDALUCIAContact Aura Rocio Naranjo - Juan Mario Fernandez E-mail Phone (+57) 3155871680 (+57) 3155069996 Andalucia Began in 1992. producer and marketer. One of is main objetives is to export to demanding markets, such as Russian Japan, Holland, England, and the United States, among others Andalucia Produces and sells flowers wich have highest quality and consistency, for export. This company is integred to achieve effective distribution in the markets and to meet the needs of clients and consumers. We currently have 21 hectares (52 acres) wich are cultivated with over 30 varietes of mini-carnations, wich have been carefully selected.
  8. 8. BENCHMARK GROWERSContact Ignacio Gómez E-mail Phone (+57) (1) 884 0036 - (57) 315 3610944 Benchmark Growers is a Colombian company dedicated to produce, sell and export cut flowers like Roses, Spray Roses, Alstroemerias, Carnations, Spray Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Gypsophilia, Spider, Matsumoto, Asters, Snap Dragon, Hydrangeas, Limonium, Dianthus Barbatus, Green Ball, Statice, Greens, Farm Made Bouquets and Consumer Bunches. We have the most important quality certificates and memberships.
  9. 9. C.I. FLORES DE APOSENTOS S.A.SContact Ana Maria Vargas Wills - Claudia Garcia Paez E-mail - Phone (+57) (1) 612 98 11 Aposentos has been growing carnations and spraynations for over 20 years. We have been exporting to the Russian Market for 10 years. Our production areas are: Carnations 40 hectares, Spraycarnations 15 hectares. Aposentos has 40 carnation varieties and 30 spraycarnation varieties.
  10. 10. C.I. FLORES MILONGA S.A.SContact German Lacouture - Isabel Acosta E-mail - Phone (+57) 3158694257 - (+57) 3153187404 CI MILONGA FLOWERS S.A is a producer of roses for export. Nowadays we are dedicated exclusively to growing and marketing of high quality roses. The commitment with our country Colombia, is set up by the program " Flor Verde" created by Asocolflores which is a pro-active instrument to advance the continuous improvement not only in quality and productivity but also in security,Social and Enviromental responsibility.
  11. 11. NASAM S.A.Contact Natalia Orjuela E-mail - Phone (+57) (1) 623 0189 (+57) (1) 236 1217 C.I. Nasam is an export flower company in Colombia with 12 years of experience. We provide excellent benefits. You can buy from more than 70 flower producers: Roses, Mini Roses, Carnations, Mini Carnations, Chrysanthemums, and many others. Quality control clearance before shipping. Possibility to lower the cost of bank transfers and the number of headcount in your company. Timely reservation of quotas for transport, especially in the holiday season. Information on new crop varieties and new products coming out to the market. Possibility to plant varieties for exclusive orders. Our motto: "We look for the best flower crops and prices with the best quality for each of our clients"
  12. 12. C.I. UNIQUE COLLECTION S.A.Contact Alejandro Llano E-mail Phone (+57) 310 2110651 Giving a flower for every heart, we work together in our farms in Colombia and Ecuador to produce roses of excellent quality, committed to the environment and the development of human capital, all focused on giving our customers excellent service and a product that meets the expectations of the most demanding markets, as well as a successful and innovative company.
  13. 13. CI Florever SASContact Ivan Rebolledo E-mail Phone 57 4 317 1695 Florever Preserved Flowers are fresh flowers that have been processed to maintain their fresh look and softness for several months, Their soft delicate appearance and evocative beauty make it difficult to differentiate between our fresh look line and cut flowers. Our colors are vivid and shiny as fresh flowers and do not vanish in a long time. Thanks to the revolutionary preservation process, our products are less susceptible to the attack of insects and moulds. All the substances used in our formulas are harmless and safe.
  14. 14. EXPORIUM CIContact Marina Medina Licichencova / Monica Bibiana Posada E-mail Phone (+57) (1) 2149302 (+57) 3134668646 (+57) 3125230829 Exporium CI SAS колумбийская компания, специализирующаяся в поставках на мировой рынок лучших продуктов, которые может предложить Колумбия. На сегодняшний день мы продаём наши продукты в России, Англии, Европейском союзе, США, Японии и других странах. Мы участвуем в выставках и других международных событиях, которые позволяют нам узнавать о различных предложениях, особенностях, специфике и тенденциях самых требовательных рынков. У нашей рабочей команды есть достаточное знание и опыт процессов контроля качества, международного бизнеса, обслуживания клиентов, экспортных процессов, закупок, логистики, операций по финансовому менеджменту и валюте.
  15. 15. FLORES LA CONCHITAContact Margarita Robert E-mail Phone (+57) (1) 5878201 ext 254 / (+57) 311 5897364 Flores La Conchita is a flower crop with a long standing tradition of more than 40 years producing and exporting flowers with the highest quality guidelines and the utmost compliance standards. Today we have 40 hectares (98.84 acres) in production: Showcasing the Alstroemeria in 13 hectares (32.12 acres) which belong to Perfection ® group, White Callas in 22.5 hectares (55.60 acres), Roses in 3.5 hectares (8.65acres), Hydrangeas, where we have focused on dark colors in 1 hectare (2.47 acres) and now we are launching with a new product called ALSTRESIA on a 2,500 m2 (0.62 acres) of land, this product comes from the alstroemeria family, and the variety that we are growing is called X-Treme green. Currently Flores La Conchita provides excellent quality flowers to over 18 countries which are: USA, Russia, Canada, Spain, England, Brazil, France, Japan and the Netherlands and many others.
  16. 16. GRUPO ANDESContact Tania Dolynko, German Gonsalez E-mail Phone (+57) 315 7987961 (+57) (1) 6920446 As a pioneer in the Cut Flower Export Business in Colombia, Grupo Andes Farms has been producing and exporting the finest and freshest cut flowers for over 35 years. Currently we grow our flowers on two farms in the highland area of Bogota – Colombia, on 45 Hectares, where we employ around 400 people. We have developed a line of products that include a large assortment of premium roses, about 45 varieties and alstroemerias. Our know-how and production expertise have enabled us to build strong relationships with our customers worldwide.
  17. 17. LA PLAZOLETAContact Andrea Ramirez E-mail Phone (+57) (1) 8911920 - Fax (+57) (1) 8911936 Products: Alstroemeria Perfection, Limonium Sinensis, Campanula, Green Ball (Dianthus), Bells of Ireland, Anastasias.
  18. 18. MACARENA FARMSContact Juan Camilo Sanz E-mail Phone (+57) 314 2208769 Growers of outstanding quality roses, focused on delivering high levels of service. We grow our roses on land strategically located high in the Colombian Andes mountains, the ideal location for growing the best quality roses in the world. Our roses are grown in a way that sets us apart from other growers. They are naturally grown with great care for the surroundings, using a combination of traditional and modern techniques. Outstanding vase life, vibrant colors, large heads and vigor, are some of the qualities always found on Macarena Farms roses.
  19. 19. MATINA FLOWERSContact Jenny Monsalve E-mail Phone (+57) (1) 6360939 (+57) (1) 6360929 (+57) 310 3083812 We are the rose specialists. We grow high quality roses. Matina has become well known for its bright and sharp color, outstanding foliage, large-head and long-stem roses. Our roses come as a result of a fantastic team effort and our privileged location in the Bogota Savanna.
  20. 20. PQR Perfect Quality RosesContact Jorge Ortega - Juan Manuel Gutierrez E-mail - Phone (+57) 3203337143- (+57) 3153107735 Nineteen years of experience in the production and export of roses of the highest quality, Perfect Quality Roses PQR closely follows the mission for which it was created; “To be the best producer and exporter of roses in Colombia.” PQR has 27 acres of production with 52 varieties, harvested, processed and exported to the most demanding markets in the world. Our quality standards are backed by the following certifications; BASC, Flor Verde, Global Gap and ISO 14001.
  21. 21. THE ELITE FLOWERContact Pamela Duperly E-mail Phone (+57) 310 211 8688 - (+57) (1) 891 0444 - (+57) (1) 891 1229 The Elite Flower is one of the largest growers in Colombia with a full range of products form Roses to novelty items, dedicated to serve our clients and provide a sustainable environment for our workers. Elite Flower also is the leader grower for the newest rose and Alstroemeria varieties in Colombia.
  22. 22. TONE FLOWERSContact Ulises Gutierrez Lacouture E-mail Phone (+57) (1) 842 3058 AWARDED WITH QUALITY GOLD MEDAL YEARS 2011, 2010 AND SILVER MEDAL 2009. TONE FLOWERS is a producer and exporter of ROSES, with 8 hectares in production with the more modern varieties of ROSES. This company has a team of 90 people focused on customer satisfaction, working with some quality parameters beyond the normal standards, allowing us to offer excellent ROSES with lengths of up to 150 centimeters. Additionally, due to our compliance with environmental and social standards, and a strict phytosanitary control, we can ensure a healthy product with special features and an excellent vase behavior. We work in the continuous improvement of all processes, to produce roses that exceed customers expectations.
  23. 23. VUELVEN SASContact Aleksandra Andrzejewska E-mail Phone (+57) (1) 691 6100 (+57) 312 594 6613 We are a company with more than 20 years experience in production and export of premium roses. We currently export and offer 30 varieties of premium roses to our clients worldwide; varieties of Roses as Freedom, Colours and Bicolour. according to our customer requirements we are willing to assure the fulfilment of settle or large orders placed many months ahead. Having been entirely focused on the high quality of our flowers, Vuelven and its brand PENELOPE guarantees the top product and that we give our best to satisfy your needs.
  24. 24. YASA SASContact Cristina Duque Saenz E-mail Phone (+57) 310 811 50 14 YASA SAS is a company dedicated to produce Fujis, (disbudded) and new (spray) in Chrysanthemum, we are located in the savannah of Bogotá, Colombia near El Dorado International Airport. Formed 7 years ago on the need to reinvent the concept and process of producing flowers in Colombia, under a scheme of technology and productivity. Our facilities consist of 87500 m2 under greenhouses with mechanized roof ventilation, computerized irrigation systems, efficient lighting systems (unique in the country), allowing all year round to ensure a consistent quality production and keeping us in the search for new developments help guide the company to an organic production scheme, self, and thus be able to meet demand for unique markets. With these strengths, we rooted in our own substrate, electrical better use of resources, climate, water and respecting human social responsibility and environmental business. Our team is characterized by warmth, commitment, dedication and loyalty to the company becoming one big family, reflected in a high quality product.