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Directorio fruitlog

  1. 1. Pitahaya.
  2. 2. C.I. ANDIEQUIP S.A.S CONTACT INFORMATION Contact Alexandra Acevedo E-mail We are ANDIPRODUCTS, a well-established Colombian, tropical, exotic, fresh and dried fruits exporters located in Bogota, Colombia, South America, and Website we are presently seeking new sales outlets to expand our activities on the Canadian market. Phone + (571) 811 3484 ANDIPRODUCTS is able to supply exotic, fresh and dried fruits in accordance with the needs and expectations of our clients, because we are qualified with good agricultural and the best technological practices by the Colombian Agriculture Institute, by integrating cultural, biological and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance and conserve biodiversity. Bogota - Colombia
  3. 3. ASOPPITAYA CONTACT INFORMATION Contact Sandra Garcia E-mail Asoppitaya is an organization that represents more than 50 small and medium producers of yellow pitaya. They are working under clean agriculture Website production, some are certified under Global Gap BPA and others are in process of conversion to organic. Asoppitaya currently has export experience to Japan meeting all quarantine requirements demanded by this country. Its Phone packinghouse is certified under international standards, allowing access to +57 (2) 249 0979 new markets around the world and ensuring the quality and security of its products. Roldanillo - Colombia
  4. 4. C.I. CARIBBEAN EXOTICS S.A. CONTACT INFORMATION Contact Alejandro Angel E-mail Website CARIBBEAN EXOTICS is a company based in Colombia, South America. The firm was founded in 1986, in response to a campaign developed by the Phone Government Office for Promoting Exports, whose aim is the export of +57 (4) 825 7062 tropical exotic fresh fruits. Since then, CARIBBEAN EXOTICS has been exporting fruits to many countries in the world. To ensure the most reliable quality, the company keeps a close contact with its providing farms. Starting 2011 CARIBBEAN EXOTICS produces and exports dried goldenberries with the best quality and reliability. Rionegro - Colombia
  5. 5. C.I. FRUTIREYES CONTACT INFORMATION Contact Luis Alberto Reyes Jaimes E-mail Website Frutireyes is a leading Colombian company offering a comprehensive range of fruit including physalis (cape gooseberry), passion fruit, tamarillo, pitahaya, and many more. Located in Bogota, South America, focused on quality service Phone and safe food at competitive prices. +57 (1) 435 8656 We have our own farms and harvestings, so we develop a rigorous control in all productive systems implementing total top quality. All fruits have been packed with the HACCP guidelines. Bogota - Colombia
  6. 6. COUNTRY FRUITS CONTACT INFORMATION Contact Cesar Hernandez E-mail Country Fruits Colombia was founded in 2000 with the idea of offering fresh fruit of Website the highest quality to the people that every day demand healthy and natural products. Our main activity is the production and distribution of fresh fruit to the Phone International market. We specialize in the sale of exotic fruits such as physalis, +57 (1) 262 6272 passion fruit, granadilla, maracuya, pitahaya, tamarillo, feijoa and baby banana to countries like The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Canada, among others. Bogota - Colombia
  7. 7. FRUTALES LAS LAJAS CONTACT INFORMATION Contact Maria Isabel Arevalo Mejia E-mail Website Agricultural company founded in 1982, starting a farming operation with sugar cane, and, since 2005, performing the installation of modern Phone irrigation infrastructure for the exploitation of citrus and tropical fruits. +57 (6) 335 2691-220 6560 Today we have fruits grown in 1200 hectares of growing fruit, for export, 200 hectares of Tahiti lime and 300 hectares of Hass avocado; our trees now reach three to four years of age. Zarzal - Colombia
  8. 8. GARDEN HERBS CONTACT INFORMATION Contact Diana Didziulis E-mail Garden Herbs is a Colombian company dedicated to grow the finest aromatic Website fresh herbs, micromix and lettuces, among other greens and edible flowers, and also exotic fruit (gulupa, gooseberries). it serves the local market and Phone exports to the United States, Canada, England and other European countries. It +57 (1) 743 2288 is a company incorporated by several associated parties linked to the agricultural and agribusiness sector, with more than 15 years of experience in the herbs and fresh produce. Bogota - Colombia
  9. 9. HORTALIZAS GOURMET CONTACT INFORMATION Contact Ximena Roa Gallego E-mail Website Phone +57 (2) 669 4193 Agribusiness company, active on the local market for 11 years, producer of fresh processed fruits and vegetables (garden produce). We are a socially responsible corporation with good agricultural practices. There are currently 330 employees working with us, 53% working in the field. Yumbo - Colombia
  10. 10. INTERFRESH FRUIT S.A.S. CONTACT INFORMATION Contact Luis Heriberto Becerra E-mail We are a Colombian agribusiness company that produces, packs and exports Website Hass avocado and exotic fruits, along with a group of producers that believes in the agro-enterprise development in Colombia. Located in southern Colombia, to Phone the west side of the Andes mountains, with a land between 1800 to 2100 meters from the sea level, 400 km away from Bogota, the capital of Colombia, +57 (1) 293 3063 and 300 km from the port of Buenaventura, on the Colombian Pacific. Bogota - Colombia
  11. 11. NATIVA PRODUCE CONTACT INFORMATION Contact Javier David López Forero E-mail We are a young company in Colombian business which was established on Website September 6th, 2011. Nativa Produce C.I. .S.A.S. was created at the request of several clients to supply fruit abroad. We are committed to the environment and our planet, we offer our clients clean and sustainable products from more than 100 Phone especialized farmers linked to our company, trying to find fair conditions to improve + (57) 310 8674037 their quality of life. We are Fair Trade and Global Gap certified. Our main products are physalis, passion fruit, bananito bocadillo, granadilla, tamarillo and pitahaya. Zipaquira - Colombia
  12. 12. SANTANA FRUITS S.A.S. CONTACT INFORMATION Contact Gladys Sosa E-mail Santana Fruits is based in Colombia, South America. The company was founded in 2009 in order to continue the leadership that Cidela Ltda. had developed for 20 years, especially around the baby banana business, but including all the Andean Website exotic range of products. Phone Santana Fruits has distinguished itselft for its high standards of quality, reliability + (57) 318 3305916 and competitiveness of its products all year round. The traceability system adopted by the company guarantees accurate monitoring of products throughout the whole supply chain. Santana Fruits involves farmers in its trading programs. A permanent agronomic assistance allows the company to respond to the market requirements, preserving the environment and favoring fair trade. Bogota - Colombia
  13. 13. NOVACAMPO S.A. S.C.I. CONTACT INFORMATION Contact Fernando Matallana NOVACAMPO S.A. S.C.I. is a producer and marketer of 12 species of exotic E-mail fresh fruits present in central and southern zones of Colombia that generate direct and legal employment in urban and rural areas to more than 300 people, most of them single mothers, and has GLOBALGAP certified crops Website and H.A.C.C.P. certified postharvest plants in order to comply with safety, environmental and social responsibility requirements. Phone +57 (1) 821 5797 Bogota - Colombia
  14. 14. PROEXPORT COLOMBIA in the world. CANADA Toronto UNITED KINGDOM Montreal London RUSSIA GERMANY Moscow USA Frankfurt Washington D.C. Chicago SOUTH KOREA JAPAN Atlanta FRANCE Seoul Tokyo Los Angeles Paris New York Houston GUATEMALA TURKEY INDIA Miami Guatemala City SPAIN CARIBBEAN Istambul New Delhi San Juan Madrid CHINA MEXICO Santo Domingo Beijing Mexico City Port of Spain Guadalajara Shanghai UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Hong Kong VENEZUELA COSTA RICA Caracas COLOMBIA San Jose SINGAPORE Singapore PANAMA PERU Panama City BRAZIL Lima Sao Paulo ECUADOR Quito CHILE Santiago de ChilePROEXPORT COLOMBIA,TOURISM, FOREIGN INVESTMENT AND EXPORTS PROMOTIONFor more information contact:Dana Chahin -