Return on Investment: thoughts about social media


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Presentation about Return on Investment on Social Media, by Renata Cerqueira.

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Return on Investment: thoughts about social media

  1. 1. Return ofInvestment:thoughts aboutsocial mediaMeasurement and Metrics
  2. 2. PaperCliQ Study Group The PaperCliQ Study Group (Grupo de Estudos da PaperCliQ – GEPIQ) is a initiative of decentralized corporate education. It consists in periodic encounters of the whole agency team, in which each person presents a small piece of a bigger theme, previously chosen. These reunions allows the agency to advance the knowledge of all members, as the ability to present. The presentations are available online:* Click to view the portugueseversion of this presentation /Clique para ver a versão emportuguês dessa apresentaçãoMeasurement and Metrics
  3. 3. Introduction For many organizations, communication is still seen as an expense. Worse, in large part, this view is caused by lack of ability of communicators to speak the language of business. Any business needs to be supported on solid foundations, which include knowing where you come from and where we want to go. That is: the actions must be properly planned, presenting yet, goals and results analysis. In the language of business, however, the math would look like this: the greater objectivity in the presentation of the goals and results, more understanding and respect will be directed to the communicators, they will gain a strategic role.Measurement and Metrics
  4. 4. Introduction Common examples that roughly illustrate how communication is still associated by many professionals to subjectivity: “I feel that’s “I think the “You can not going to work” audience will measure it” like it”Measurement and Metrics
  5. 5. Introduction “I feel that’s “I think the “You can not going to work” audience will measure it” like it” In the search for more objectivity, old claims falls.Measurement and Metrics
  6. 6. Introduction Besides the excess of subjectivity, the problem in dialogue with business is the definition of investment which, sometimes, is considered to be only monetary. Below follows an appropriate definition, which helps to understand the activities and results related to communication: According to Otavio Freire, investment is the Investment = total sum of efforts (both tangible and intangible, financial and non-financial) of an organization that wants to achieve some goal.Measurement and Metrics
  7. 7. Introduction What does it changes??? If investment is not seen by a monetary perspective, it is understood, then, that not all results will be presented in the form of financial return.Measurement and Metrics
  8. 8. Introduction But be careful... The fact that the communication involves attributes that go far beyond the monetary currency does not mean at all that the results can not be measured. Again, the importance of measurement.Measurement and Metrics
  9. 9. MeasurementMeasurement and Metrics
  10. 10. What is to measure? Measure is to do applied research to determine the relative effectiveness or value of the result in public relations. In short term, measure communication determines its success or failure. To evaluate is to consider the wider efforts of public relations, which aim to improve or enhance organizations relationships with your stakeholders. (GALERANI, 2006, p.36 apud SENISE).Measurement and Metrics
  11. 11. Why to measure? - To prove the maturity of function and professionalism of the actors; - To justify the investment budget and obtain proof of return on investment; - To see recognized and valued the work done; - To optimize the strategy and its communication actions; - To support decision making and risk assessment. Listing made by Cristina Panella, referring to the five responses and Benoit Assaël Adary Volatier about why we measure.Measurement and Metrics
  12. 12. Measurement: communication goals Plan Act Measure Evolution of communication actions. And what permeates the whole process? Communication GoalsMeasurement and Metrics
  13. 13. Measurement: communication goals Precise Clear and well definition of + defined terms objectives The communication goals, taking into account the targets set in planning, will help establish what are the goals of measurement. To do so, however, you must pursue the two guidelines above.Measurement and Metrics
  14. 14. Measurement: communication goals Raise Call Arouse Provide Awareness Attention Interest Knowledge Ensure Create Raise Get Empathy Desire Expectation Preference Mantain Lead to Carry out the Establish Satisfaction Decision Action Interaction Systematization that illustrates well the Build Loyalty Generate communication goals of the Spreading organizations in accordance with psychology and marketing studies. - YANAZE (2007, p. 330)Measurement and Metrics
  15. 15. Measurement: communication goals If communication is integrated ... If the communication goals are different ... Why the measurement process would be isolated?Measurement and Metrics
  16. 16. Measurement: communication goals Align the Integrate different definition of methodologies and terms between + metrics all involvedMeasurement and Metrics
  17. 17. How to assess the communication goals in social media?Measurement and Metrics
  18. 18. Measurement: social media Reach The intersections indicate that these metrics can be used with different combinations. Engagement Adequacy The communication objectives are linked to performance indicators. Performance Indicators appropriate to social Influence mediaMeasurement and Metrics
  19. 19. Measurement: social media Reach: the degree of visibility, attention and ability to spread. Eg: - Number of people viewing an online video - Potential spread of a game etc..Measurement and Metrics
  20. 20. Measurement: social media Adequacy: ithe degree of relevance / proximity between the actions taken (and their values, proposals and characteristics) and users / spaces impacted. Eg: - Type of audience reached; - Insights gained by the public.Measurement and Metrics
  21. 21. Measurement: social media Influece: it is the degree of manifestation of new desires, habits, intentions and needs. Eg: - Expression of willingness to purchase.Measurement and Metrics
  22. 22. Measurement: social media Engagement: it is the degree of participation and interaction of the public. Eg: - Recommendations to friends; - Number of comments in a post.Measurement and Metrics
  23. 23. And in practice, how it works? E na prática?Measurement and Metrics
  24. 24. Practical Measurement Integration ofCommunication Measurement Evaluation Performance Goals Goals Methods Indicators Measurement EvaluationMeasurement and Metrics
  25. 25. Practical Measurement Definition of What to Expression Indicator measure Desire Influence Loyalty Action EngagementMeasurement and Metrics
  26. 26. The following systematization is not fixed or inflexible. Should be applied to each context.Practical Measurement Reach Adequacy Influenc e Engagement Raise Ensure Raise Carry out the Awareness Empathy Expectation Action Generate Mantain Arouse Establish Spreading Satisfaction Interest Interaction Provide Create Build Loyalty Knowledge Desire Call Lead to Attention Decision Get PreferenceMeasurement and Metrics
  27. 27. And the metrics?Measurement and Metrics
  28. 28. Metrics A metric is a measuring system that quantifies a trend, dynamic, or characteristic. In virtually all disciplines, practitioners use metrics to explain phenomena, diagnose causes, share findings, and project the results of future events.. From Marketing Metrics – The Definitive Guide to Measuring Marketing Performance.Measurement and Metrics
  29. 29. Metrics - Metrics are numerous and individually imperfect. - The selection must be made in a complementary and contextual way. - Each site has specific characteristics, which consequently results in different metrics. - The communication objectives will also influence the choices of the metrics within each site: you must view each social media areas (Reach, Adequacy, Influence and Engagement). In the next slides, a systematic exercise of metrics. This is an initial effort, which must be constantly reconsidered in view of the context of each client and the constant changes in social media.Measurement and Metrics
  30. 30. Metrics Reach Engagement Influence Adequacy Views Comments Comments with Sentiment Ratio expressed desire of purchase Followers Share: Twitter, Positive Tags Facebook and Google Buzz Favs Downloads EmbedsMeasurement and Metrics
  31. 31. Métricas Reach Engagement Influence Adequacy % visitors from Engagement Comments Positive social media Points with References expressed desire of purchase / opinion changed Average TimeMeasurement and Metrics
  32. 32. Métricas Reach Engagement Influence Adequacy Friends New Answers Comments with Sentiment Ratio expressed desire of purchase Members New Scraps Testimonials Fans Tagged PhotosMeasurement and Metrics
  33. 33. Métricas Reach Engagement Influence Adequacy Friends Page Interactions Comments Sentiment Ratio with expressed desire of purchase Fans Tagged Photos % Public Target Fans Grader Score Qtd. de Fotos TaggeadasMeasurement and Metrics
  34. 34. Métricas Reach Engagement Influence Adequacy Total Views Subscribers Comments with Sentiment Ratio expressed behavior change Total Views of Total Number of Likes / Dislikes Support Videos Support Videos Favs EmbedsMeasurement and Metrics
  35. 35. Métricas Reach Engagement Influence Adequacy Followers Reply Ratio Comments Sentiment Rario with expressed desire of purchase RTs Number of Lists Mentions with keywordsMeasurement and Metrics
  36. 36. Métricas Reach Engagement Influence Adequacy Views Comments Comments with Sentiment Ratio expressed behavior change FavsMeasurement and Metrics
  37. 37. And the evaluation?Measurement and Metrics
  38. 38. Evaluation - Quantitative Data + Qualitative Data; - Present the analysis with the customer in mind. Eg. More important than the number of Twitter followers, is the degree of influence and dissemination capability that connected users have..Measurement and Metrics
  39. 39. EvaluationHow to transform and display the data in a way even more useful? Comparison Share in with Relation to the Competitores IndustryMeasurement and Metrics
  40. 40. Evaluation Importance of the visual presentation of information to facilitate understanding and of the intelligence report.Measurement and Metrics
  41. 41. Next StepsMeasurement and Metrics
  42. 42. Next steps - Challenge: How and what to convert to currency?Measurement and Metrics
  43. 43. ReferencesMeasurement and Metrics
  44. 44. References - Mensuração de Retorno de Investimento em Comunicação – Teoria e Prática: Diego Senise - Métricas para Mídias Sociais - Slide de Tarcízio Silva - Flowtown - Information is beautifulMeasurement and Metrics
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