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I Strategy%20 Framework%20 Approach 1


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Istrategy document - socialmedia

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I Strategy%20 Framework%20 Approach 1

  1. 1. iStrategy Framework Approach<br />June 2011<br />Sense-IT Media's iStrategy Framework<br /> <br />Evaluate the Social Media Landscape | External Review (5 days)<br />The starting point in developing a social media engagement strategy is to monitor and evaluate the Social Media landscape for your business. Social media landscaping will assist you in deciding the best model to follow in terms of the number of channels to use and the depth of engagement required in each channel. <br />Key questions to address include: <br />What impact is social media having on your industry, how important has it become?<br />How are your customers/stakeholders using social media? <br />What impact is their use having on their behaviour?<br />What online conversations are taking place relevant to your business; who is saying what about your brand/industry where online and what sentiments are being expressed? How should you respond?<br />Agree an overall model for Social Media engagement | Workshop (1/2 day)<br />Once we have formed a view about how the Social Media landscape is impacting your business we will identify the key stakeholders and through the course of a half day workshop look at the results and identify what mechanisms, tools or channels should be used to address customer/stakeholder needs. <br />Key questions to be addressed are: <br />Based on your understanding of the social media landscape e.g. community, stakeholder, customer empowerment, engagement, sentiment and social media culture, netiquette etc. what social media mechanisms, tools or channels are the most relevant to your business? <br />How deep does your level of engagement need to be to address customer/stakeholder need?<br />Includes workshop preparation such as the identification of key stakeholders<br />Identify key performance indicators | Workshop (1/2 day)<br />The next step is to agree what performance measures and targets need to be put in place. The right benchmarks will allow you to identify the ‘Strategic Gap’ (i.e. the ‘Gap’ between where you are and where you should be). This approach provides a very strong basis for future social media strategy development.<br />How can we benchmark progress against the opportunities presented;<br />What social media performance Indicators can be identified to assist in monitoring and evaluating on-going business impact and ROI; and<br />What industry ‘Best Practice’ benchmarks should be applied. <br />Internal Audit – Current State Analysis | Workshop (1/2 day)<br />An Internal Social Media Audit will provide the inputs needed to evaluate the organisations current state of engagement in social media practice, if any. Key questions that will be addressed in the review include: <br />What progress have we already made in social media?<br />What channels do we already use?<br />What is our current level of engagement with each channel?<br />What positive business benefits have we derived from our social media activities?<br />Where are the main areas for future improvement?<br />Evaluate your ‘Readiness to Engage’ | Workshop (1/2 day)<br />Undertaking a PESTLE or SWAT analysis will enable a more informed evaluation of the organisation’s ‘Readiness to Engage’ in social media. This approach will assist in the identification of any barrier’s to or drivers for adoption and highlight existing strengths that can be leveraged as well as any weaknesses that need to be overcome.<br />How will we leverage our STRENGTHS?<br />How will we overcome our WEAKNESSES?<br />How will we realise our OPPORTUNITIES?<br />How will we alleviate our THREATS?<br />Social Media Strategy Development | Workshop & Draft Strategy Development (3-4 days)<br />Using a simplified Balanced Scorecard approach will ensure that any identified social media actions and initiatives are fully aligned with and supportive of agreed business goals and objectives. It will also ensure that key factors that impact an organisations success, including people and/or resource aspects will be taken into consideration.<br />The four key questions to address in determining what the overall social media vision for an organisation using a Social Media Balanced Scorecard are:<br />Financial: ‘How will the adoption of a social media strategy improve our bottom line or enhance shareholder value?" “What financial or other return do we expect from implementing a social media strategy?” <br />Customer: "How will the adoption of a social media strategy change the way our customers see us or interact with us?"<br />Internal Business Processes: "How will increased engagement in social media assist us improve or innovate around what we excel at?"<br />Learning and Growth: "How will the adoption of a social media strategy assist us to continue to improve and create business value?<br />Action Plans for ‘Getting There’ | Analysis and Review (3 days)<br />Once the high level strategy has been agreed the Social Media Actions and Initiatives can be identified to that will achieve short, medium and longer term objectives. To ensure that the identified Social Media activities deliver high ROI it is also important to put in place appropriate mechanisms to identify monitor, measure and evaluate performance on an on-going basis. <br />What are the core objectives for each priority Social Media channel; <br />What social media performance measures and KPIs should be used – both in terms of the overall ‘buzz’ created and measures for individual channels?<br />What KPIs should be used to measure on-going channel performance. What are our targets for each KPI; <br />What key tasks do we need to take to achieve these targets?<br />What tools/software will be required for performance measurement?<br />What reports will be produced, for who, and how frequently?<br />Organisation, Resource and People Issues | Review (2 days)<br />The ability to identify and resolve organisational, resource and people issues is critical to the overall success of any social media strategy and is very much dependent upon appropriate decisions being made in the areas listed below:<br />Do we have the right organisational ‘culture’ and ‘mindset’ for Social Media? ‘Be social before doing social!’<br />Is the right organisational and decision-making structure in place?<br />Has agreement been reached on resource allocation?<br />Who will be responsible for social media activities?<br />What balance has been agreed between internal and external roles and responsibilities?<br />Who is the Social Media Champion?<br />Do you have agreed Social Media Policies and Guidelines in place covering ‘Proper Use’, ‘Content Management’, ‘Customer Response Times/Quality’ and ‘Legal’ aspects?<br />Introducing the Social Media Practice <br />Sense-ITs MEDIA Practice is a can assist you creates experiences that build businesses. Our Consultants assist customers build better brands and deliver improved business results through the user of new and enabling technologies and enhanced customer experiences. We help you map the territory between your business drivers and your customers and help define opportunities you might not even know exist.<br />We combine best practice thought leadership with leading edge capability in new and disruptive technologies to boost value and business performance, transforming the way you interact with all stakeholders. At Sense-IT we can help you:<br /><ul><li>Improve customer experience through strategy, design and implementation of new and enabling technologies;
  2. 2. Leverage your customer touchpoints to strengthen your brand and improve customer loyalty;
  3. 3. Give your employees the tools to deliver the right experience at every touchpoint; and
  4. 4. Take the guesswork out of decision making with proven data and accurate, actionable insights.</li></ul>Whether you are looking to launch a new product, reposition your brand or participate in the social world, Sense IT is committed to assisting you achieve your business goals faster by helping you navigate the emerging media landscape.<br />Our areas of expertise include:<br />Creative Design, Analytics, Technology and the User Experience<br />Understand new and disruptive technologies, Social Media, Web, Portal, CRM, BI and SOA<br />Digital Media Consultants<br />Customer Experience Consultants <br />Visual and User Experience Design<br />What questions do you need to answer?<br />No matter how pressing or how unique to your company, your culture or your market, the questions you’re asking have almost certainly been asked before. <br />How do we better understand and improve our customer’s experience of our services? <br />How do we better understand our brand and align it to our customer’s expectations? <br />Which customer touchpoints are the most effective at driving the results we want and how do we quantify this?<br />How do we keep more of the customers we want and increase their value in the process?<br />We know that customer experience is important, but how do we make a business case for improving it? <br />While the questions may be the same, it doesn’t mean the answers are, or that your situation is not unique. It almost certainly is. Our customers generally know what issues they’re trying to solve, but recognise that there are many possible ways to solve them. They also want defensible data to support their decisions, and a strategic and tactical roadmap they can put into action. This is where Sense-IT can help.<br />Improving your customer’s experience<br />Your organisation needs to define a customer experience strategy and create a roadmap to design, prioritise and implement customer experience improvements.<br />When your stakeholders interact with your company, they engage in an experiential "journey" across the Customer Relationship Lifecycle that unique to your business. The touchpoints encountered along the way drive that experience. While the importance of customer experience is widely recognised, understanding how to best define, prioritise and improve often proves elusive. What if your company could?<br />Articulate the "ideal customer experience" from the perspective of your most valuable customers?<br />Build support for customer experience efforts through business case creation and "proof of concept" initiatives that have low risks and potentially high return?<br />Understand how investments in customer experience can drive ROI?<br />Measure the business impact of customer experience by defining metrics relevant to your objectives?<br />Improving customer experience is important, but knowing where to focus and how to prioritise is the key to designing and implementing those improvements.<br />Customer experience is made up of the interactions between your company and your customers. Improving customer experience starts with understanding what your customers want and need, and how well the current customer journey meets them. Sense IT can help you chart the gaps between your current state and your desired state and define the paths to transform their experience. <br />Build and deliver a stronger brand<br />You want to develop (or validate) a brand strategy that will boost awareness of, loyalty to, and engagement with your brand. You also want to understand how your brand is positioned in the market compared with your competitors.<br />Fundamentally, your brand is made up of the network of associations between your company, your employees, your customers and prospects, and the emotions, attitudes and perceptions those associations evoke. They're driven by the interactions your audiences have with your organisation, those places where you "touch" or come into contact with one another. What if your company could?<br />Identify the gaps in brand perception that have the greatest impact (positive and negative) on brand engagement?<br />Help employees better understand and deliver on the customer experience your brand is promising: increasing customer and employee loyalty in the process?<br />Quantify your brand's position in the market, through brand maps that identify the "white space" you can defensibly own?<br />Benchmark your brand against your key competitors, and chart a path to strengthen it over time?<br />To strengthen your brand, you need to see and understand it from the perspective of the market, your customers and your employees.<br />What do key audiences believe about your brand? What stories are they telling themselves about you? Sense-IT can help you understand, articulate and prioritise these beliefs and enable you to measure and take the t right steps to improve the value of your brand. By seeing where gaps between brand perception, importance and performance exist, we can assist you improve brand awareness, preference and engagement.<br />Boost customer touchpoint performance<br />Your Company would like to improve touchpoint performance, eliminating the ones that don't work, adding ones that are missing and improving those that need work.<br />Effective touchpoints of all types move customers closer to your organisation, ineffective touchpoints push customers away. As a result, touchpoint performance is critical to customer experience. To improve it, you need to understand what touchpoints exist and how well they work. What if your company could?<br />Eliminate ineffective or redundant touchpoints that cost dollars of wasted marketing or sales investment? <br />See which touchpoints affect customer loyalty the most, either positively or negatively? <br />Add a single touchpoint to address a previously unknown customer need and significantly improve your customer experience as a result that positively influences desired customer behaviour? <br />Re-prioritise your marketing mix to reduce costs and do a better job of controlling the touchpoints that contribute to poor customer experience? <br />By identifying, measuring and improving your customer touchpoints, Sense-IT can show you how to drive significant improvements in customer experience.<br />For most organisations, hundreds, sometimes thousands of individual touchpoints exist; planned and unplanned, positive and negative, controlled and uncontrolled. Sense-IT looks at customer experience through the lens of customer touchpoints. We can help you identify those that work, those that don't, and how to align your investments with what influences customer actions and business results. <br />Increase customer loyalty<br />Your Company needs to increase customer retention and gain a better understanding of what drives customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy in order to leverage this knowledge to improve them all.<br />The financial benefits of increased customer/employee loyalty are significant: more loyal customers transact more, are less likely to leave, and are more likely to recommend your company, product or service to friends and colleagues. So where and how can improving your customer experience boost loyalty? What if your company could? <br />Track your customer experience to key aspects of customer loyalty; including the likelihood to recommend, increased wallet share and/or transaction frequency?<br />Identify the individual touchpoints that have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy -both positively and negatively?<br />Understand how investments in specific areas of customer experience could increase overall satisfaction and loyalty?<br />Keeping the right customers longer begins with understanding where you stand now and how your brand and customer experience drives them to loyalty and advocacy.<br />By measuring brand loyalty-related benchmarks such as current and earned loyalty, and combining these with an understanding of retention and referral drivers, you'll know where you stand and see where to improve. This is where our approach to understanding, measuring and improving customer and employee loyalty, comes in. <br />What is the ROI for customer experience?<br />Customer experience improvements drive bottom-line results but how do you prove that making customers happier can make you and your company happier, too?<br />At its core, the concept of ROI for customer experience improvements is linked to customer loyalty. A better experience delivers more loyal customers, including increased share-of-wallet, positive word-of-mouth or advocacy and retention. In short, customer experience delivers ROI by helping you make customers more profitable, and keeping them longer. <br />What if your company could? <br />See where specific investments in customer experience boost loyalty among your most valuable customers?<br />Identify and eliminate individual customer touchpoints that lead to dissatisfaction, reducing the cost of delivery and improving customer loyalty?<br />Leverage an improved experience to speed movement through your customer relationship lifecycle; moving more prospects to purchase, then on to satisfaction and loyalty?<br />Learn how improvements in experience for the "right customers" can increase their lifetime value?<br />By identifying gaps and opportunities through the lens of customer value, customer experience and business process insights all help to quantify the return on customer experience investments.<br />Optimizing customer experience to drive increased customer profitability is at the heart of customer experience ROI. By beginning with a clear understanding of which customers are the most valuable and why, Sense-IT can help you prioritise investments to increase loyalty, speed progression through the customer relationship lifecycle, reduce costs and increase customer value.<br />Cecily O'Neill | Practice Director Sense-IT Media <br />An innovative executive, consultant and digital media strategist, Cecily assists companies improve business performance by transforming the way they interact with their employees, customers and partners through the use of new and disruptive technologies.<br />Cecily is a creative, strategic and results-oriented leader with wide ranging experience built over a significant career in both the Advertising and Information Technology sectors. Cecily has an enviable track record in providing thought leadership, managing teams and customer engagements, delivering a number of high profile solutions across government, education, resource and financial services sectors. <br />Prior to joining Sense IT, Cecily headed the national Interactive Information Consulting Practice for CSG after successfully helping establish premium consulting firm Change Corporation in the Perth market. Cecily was previously General Manager, Professional Services for HarvestRoad, a leading learning management software company.<br />Previous customers include: Federal Attorney General’s Department, BHP Billiton, Citic Pacific Mining, ConocoPhillips, Commonwealth Bank, Department Child Protection, Department Housing, Fortescue Metals Group, RAC, Tourism WA, Water Corporation.<br />m|+61 400 053 197e|<br />Company Details<br />Sense-IT Solutions Pty Ltd ABN: 67 128 078 07Address: Level 2, 43 Ventnor Avenue, WEST PERTH WA 6005<br />Phone: +618 9481 8111Fax: +618 9481 8133<br />Email:<br />Find us on:<br /> <br /> <br />