Role of Information Technology in decision making across SMEs in India


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We have recently conducted a study on the role of Information Technology in the decision making on Small and Medium Enterprises in India.

The idea is to find out the role of IT tools / Software in their business decision making. We asked them questions like how often their database is updated, how difficult it is to collect and analyse data, is the data accurate, whether they can make sense out of the MIS reports, etc.

The results gave a lot of insights. We are summarizing a few here, in this post.

1. Data is not updated immediately in the database

Nearly 75% of the companies with revenues less than Rs. 20 Cr, say that their database is entered after a week or more. This means, there is a lot of scope for mis-representation(cooking up!) of the actual data leading to inability to take critical business decisions resulting in the lack of visibility and control for the senior management.

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Role of Information Technology in decision making across SMEs in India

  1. 1. How Small and Medium Enterprises in India useInformation Technology for Decision Making?Business Sense conducted a study on more than 50 companies acrossindustry segments and geographies to understand the role of InformationTechnology in their businesses. Here are some of the findings…Popular Software90%MS-Office17%ERPMicrosoft Office is the mostpopular IT software/tool used inthe SME category. ERP softwareis yet to penetrate the segment.How often data is updated ?Less thanRs. 20 CrRs. 20 to50 CrRs. 50 to100 CrMorethan Rs.100 CrOften but not regularWeekly2~3 days onceDaily Updates75% of these SMEs update databases every week orwithout any specific frequency79%7%6% 8%Less than Rs. 20 Cr Rs. 20 to 50 CrRs. 50 to 100 Cr More than Rs. 100 CrRevenues of nearly80%of the companiesparticipated areless than Rs. 20 CrProfile of the Participantswww.businessense.inBusiness Sense is a web application thatprovides data and reports to themanufacturing organizations in simple andbeautiful charts, helping them in takingbetter business decisions.Please visit our website to know more.75%Yes85%No15%Is it difficult to collect and analyze data ?85% of the companies facedifficulties in the collectionand analysis of data.Is the data collected and analyzed accurate ?Poor2%Average77%Excellent21%Nearly 80% of all thecompanies feel that thequality of data collectedand analyzed can beimproved so as to makebetter decisions27%4%58%54%Lack ofDisciplinetowards dataLack of timefor updatingthe dataStaff are nottrained in excelothers52%TallyReasonsTop 2 reasons that SMEs could not use IT solutions fordecision making are that the staff are not disciplined incollecting & analyzing data and they lack time to updatethe database.SHARE THIS© Hash Management Services LLP, 2013.Business Sense Logo is Trademark registered. Business Sense’s legal terms and conditionsapply. All Rights Reserved.Subscribe to ournewsletter here