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Tw Open Hack Blueprint

Tw Open Hack Blueprint






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    Tw Open Hack Blueprint Tw Open Hack Blueprint Presentation Transcript

    • Mobile Web Development with Yahoo! Blueprint Alfred Lo Oct 2009
    • Agenda
      • Introduction to Blueprint
      • Mobile Widgets Development Process
      • Q & A
    • Introduction to Blueprint
    • The Problem - Device Fragmentation Multiple brands – multiple phone models Multiple operating systems Different screen resolutions Different memory capabilities Providing the best user experience is not easy
    • Browser Grades Apple iPhone, HTC Dream HTML4/5, CSS, Javascript, unlimited A (Hero) Motorola q9, Samsung T919 HTML4, CSS, 50KB page A Blackberry Curve 8310, Nokia N70 XHTML, CSS, 30KB page B Nokia 3110c, SonyEricsson W200a XHTML, 30KB page C Nokia 6085, Motorola RAZR vc XHTML, 16KB page D Samsung R450, Motorola i576 XHTML, 9KB page E Motorola RAZR v3, Nokia 2610 XHTML, no images, 9KB page F Nokia 3510i, Motorola i355 WML-only, not supported by Blueprint X Examples Definition Grade
    • Where are we now?
    • Device Quirks Examples
      • OperaMini does not understand some CSS selectors
      • Blackberries do not understand most CSS anyway
      • Motorola V3 has an 8K page limit
      • Some Nokias won't show tables unless you specify a doctype
      • A Sidekick browser canvas width loses about 20 the doctype is an XHTML type
      • Samsungs/Sharps tend to have a strange understanding of what “100% width” is
      • Pocket Internet Explorer… need I say more?
    • Blueprint Mobile Platform Open Simple Maximum Reach Free!
    • Blueprint Language
      • Is an XML markup set based partly on XForms
      • Is a purely declarative language – includes no scripting or procedural code
      • Abstracts the developers from the device details and allows them to quickly develop mobile web sites that adapts across devices
      • Blueprint platform transcodes the blueprint markup for different devices, making sure that it renders properly and nicely
    • Blueprint is simple <page style=&quot;collection&quot;> <content> <module> <header layout=&quot;simple&quot;> <layout-items> <block class=&quot;title&quot;>Greeting</block> </layout-items> </header> <block>Hello World!</block> </module> </content> </page>
    • Even for some more complex presentation <?xml version=&quot;1.0&quot; encoding=&quot;UTF-8&quot;?> <page style=&quot;collection&quot;> <page-header> <title-bar> <title>Restaurants</title> <commands> <ui-command> <title>Home</title><load event=&quot;activate&quot; resource=&quot;#&quot;/> </ui-command> </commands> </title-bar> </page-header> <content> <module class=&quot;featured&quot;> <header> <layout-items><block class=&quot;title&quot;>Featured Restaurant</block></layout-items> </header> <placard layout=&quot;card&quot;> <layout-items> <image size=&quot;xx-large&quot; resource=&quot;widget:bp11examples/images/Thai_Seafood_Curry.jpg&quot; caption=&quot;Seafood curry&quot;/> <block><rating><stars>4</stars><reviews>21</reviews></rating></block> <block class=&quot;title&quot;><strong>Bangkok Thai</strong></block> <block><span class=&quot;description&quot;>725 Clinton Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704</span></block> <block class=&quot;subtext&quot;>Every curry paste is made from scratch, say Bangkok Thai's owners: Peels are extracted from expensive fresh kaffir limes, which are blended in secret combination with... <inline-trigger><label>read more...</label><load event=&quot;activate&quot; resource=&quot;#&quot;/></inline-trigger></block> </layout-items> </placard> </module> </content> <page-footer><block class=&quot;small&quot; halign=&quot;right&quot;>Copyright Shmarranabab inc.</block></page-footer> </page>
    • You Code Once, We Optimize for Thousands Sony Ericsson W810i iPhone Blackberry 8800 Palm Treo 650
    • Mobile Widgets using Blueprint and many more … Yahoo! Applications 3 rd Party Applications
    • Site Examples
      • Yahoo!
        • TW Mobile Homepage: http://tw.m.yahoo.com/
        • TW Mobile Auctions: http://tw.m.yahoo.com/w/twauction
      • 3 rd party
        • Phoneytunes: http://widget.phoneytunes.com/
        • Naukri.com: http://m.naukri.com/
        • Kraft recipe search: http:// m.kraftfoods.com /
        • Finnish bus information: http:// m.fynbus.info /
    • Mobile Widgets Development Process
      • http://mobile.yahoo.com/devcenter/downloads
      Building Mobile Widget 1 Download the Blueprint SDK
      • Blueprint SDK includes
      • XML Schema definitions
      • Templates to get started
      • Mobile Widget Sample Code
      Building Mobile Widget 1 Download the Blueprint SDK
    • Building Mobile Widget Blueprint Platform Widget Submission Application Package Widget Request Widget Content HTTP Request Blueprint (XML) Your Web Server 1 2 1. Create static/dynamic pages to return Blueprint 2. Create your application package and submit 2 Develop your widget
    • Building Mobile Widget Your Web Server 1 Blueprint (XML) Blueprint (XML) Server Code Example <page> <content> <module> <header layout=&quot;simple&quot;> <layout-items> <block>Greeting</block> </layout-items> </header> <block>Hello World!</block> </module> </content> </page>
    • Building Mobile Widget Blueprint platform Your Server Mobile Phone User opens Widget Request entry point HTTP request to Widget publisher URI specified in config.xml Blueprint page returned Includes Content-Type header; may include cache-control headers; may include cookies Widget content returned (Cookies stored on Blueprint platform) User requests new data HTTP request … Request new content Data flow
    • Building Mobile Widget Interfacing with Blueprint platform Content Types: Content-Type: application/x-blueprint+xml Use only the UTF-8 character set Using Cookies: Your server can set/retrieve cookies exactly as if you are serving HTML instead of Blueprint markup. The cookies are stored on Blueprint platform Cache Control: Wherever possible, Blueprint pages are cached on the user’s device. To control caching, use the following standard HTTP headers when serving pages: Cache-Control, ETag, and If-None-Match. Only these headers affect caching
      • Application Package is a zip file containing
      • config.xml
        • Application metadata, including the URL for your web server
      • gallery.xml
        • Information for the widget gallery
      • Image Files
        • Includes icons and screen shots (for the gallery)
      Building Mobile Widget 3 Package your widget
    • Building Mobile Widget <?xml version=&quot;1.0&quot; encoding=&quot;UTF-8&quot;?> <config xmlns:xsi=&quot;http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance&quot; xmlns=&quot;http://mobile.yahoo.com/widgets/schema/1.0/config/&quot; xsi:schemaLocation=&quot;...&quot;> <title>Hello World!</title> <version>1.0</version> <identifier>hello-world-1</identifier> <description>My Hello World! Widget</description> <icon>ybang</icon> <author organization=&quot;Yahoo! Inc&quot; href=&quot;http://www.yahoo.com&quot; email=&quot;alfredlo@yahoo-inc.com&quot;> Alfred Lo </author> <!-- change this widget base to your server url --> <widget base=&quot;http://yourserver.com/HelloWorld/&quot;> <preview> <icon>ybang</icon> <label>Hello World!</label> </preview> <shortcuts> <item default=&quot;true&quot;> <label>Y! Mobile</label> <href>test.php</href> </item> </shortcuts> </widget> </config> Application Package (config.xml) - Example
    • Building Mobile Widget <?xml version=&quot;1.0&quot; encoding=&quot;UTF-8&quot;?> <gallery xmlns:xsi=&quot;http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance&quot; xmlns=&quot;http://mobile.yahoo.com/widgets/schema/1.0/gallery/&quot; xsi:schemaLocation=&quot;...&quot;> <description lang=&quot;en&quot;>TW Hack 2009</description> <tags><!-- Use tags which identify your widget to other users --> <tag>Yahoo!</tag> <tag>Mobile</tag> <tag>widget</tag> <tag>development</tag> </tags> <languages><!-- Use languages your widget supports --> <lang>en-US</lang> <lang>en-UK</lang> </languages> </gallery> Application Package (gallery.xml) - Example
    • Building Mobile Widget HelloWorld/resources/images Application Package (Image Files) - Example
      • http://mobile.yahoo.com/devcenter/manage
        • Package the widget files into a zip archive
        • Upload your widget zip file by creating a new project
        • Upload the .zip file
      Building Mobile Widget 4 Upload your mobile widget
    • Building Mobile Widget 4 Upload your mobile widget
    • Building Mobile Widget 5 When you go back to “My Blueprint Apps”, your widget will appear under “Sites in Development” You can test your widget by going to the link under “Test Site”, http://devtest-<yahooid>-<widgetid>.bpapps.com/ Test your mobile widget
      • You can publish your widget after testing
        • Your widget will be appeared as http://<widgetid>.bpapps.com
      • You can optionally create your own URL for the mobile site by creating alias to the bpapps URL
        • Click “Add Alias” in the Published Blueprint Sites
        • Example, http://m.mymobilesites.com
      Building Mobile Widget 6 Publish your mobile widget
    • Widgets development process Summary 1 2 3 4 5 6 Download the Blueprint SDK Develop your widget Package your widget Upload your mobile widget Test your mobile widget Publish your mobile widget
    • Blueprint Control Examples <module> <placard> <module> <image-list> < table > < map >
    • More than Markup Transcoding
      • Carrier Detection
        • Global Carrier IP database
        • Via ‘X-Carrier’ HTTP request header
      • Country / Location Detection
        • Geo IP
        • Via ‘Geo-Country’ and ‘Geo-Position’ HTTP request header
      • Device Catalog
        • Comprehensive device databases covering legacy and newest handsets
        • Device attributes accessible to developers
        • Via X-Device-* HTTP request headers
      • Video Transcoding
        • Support transcoding of Adobe Flash Video into mobile RTSP or Quicktime format
        • Native support for video under video.yahoo.com
        • <play-video> construct
    • Yahoo! Web Analytics (for selected partners) Online tool provides usage information for your service Know your Unique devices, Page views, and more…
    • 5 Reasons to use Blueprint 1 2 3 4 5 Rapid development – time to market Over 4000+ supported devices Great looking – optimized experience Open and cross platform Rich and growing feature set
    • References
      • Our Developer Site
        • http://mobile.yahoo.com/developers
      • Blueprint Language Guide
        • http://developer.yahoo.com/mobile/blueprint/
      • Blueprint Deployment Guide
        • http://developer.yahoo.com/mobile/blueprintdeployguide/
      • Developer Blog
        • http://mobile.yahoo.net/developer/blog/
      • Forum
        • http://developer.yahoo.net/forum/index.php?showforum=94