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Marketing:NSHMBA Louisville - 3 Circle Project
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Marketing:NSHMBA Louisville - 3 Circle Project


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How do you find growth opportunities in a crowded market? How do you know where you stand versus your competition? …

How do you find growth opportunities in a crowded market? How do you know where you stand versus your competition?
Through a really life example, this presentation shows the use of the 3-Circle marketing tool (Joe Urbany) to identify areas of a business to dismiss, support or develop to generate growth in any organization.

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  • 1. 3 Circle ProjectBy Jose Ojeda – EMBA 2012 University of Notre Dame November 2010
  • 2. BRIEF BACKGROUND• The National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) was created in 1988 as a non-profit organization. Widely known as the "Premier Hispanic Organization," NSHMBA serves 32 chapters and 8,000 members in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. It exists to foster Hispanic leadership through graduate management education and professional development. NSHMBA works to prepare Hispanics for leadership positions throughout the U.S., so that they can provide the cultural awareness and sensitivity vital in the management of the nations diverse workforce.
  • 3. Customers
  • 4. Customer Descriptions Categorized (people or organizations) RESULTS – SESSION 10/07/10 Community Career driven Education driven driven• Motivated • Professional career • Education oriented focused• Passion 4 • Drive to navigate the advocacy corporate ladder • Desire to get new ideas• Passion 4 • Desire of a new community career • Looking to service • Motivated of new study a MBA professional• Mentor opportunities • Looking to develop• Willing to give • Willing to expand leadership advice professional network skills • Looking for a support• Diversity group • Diversity friendly friendly • Diversity friendly
  • 5. Customer Descriptions Categorized (people or organizations) RESULTS – SESSION 10/07/10 Corporations Entrepreneur Spirit• Looking to increase • Looking to canalize diversity talent innovation • Looking for advising in start ups. • Employment generator • Creators of new markets • Entrepreneur spirit • New product / services producers • Funding oriented
  • 6. “Competition” RESULTS – SESSION 10/07/10 In order of Importance1. Hispanic Latino Business Council (HLBC)2. Greater Louisville International Professionals (GLIP)3. Women MBA4. Society of Hispanic Professionals Engineers (SHPE)5. Black MBA6. Young Professional Association of Louisville (YPAL)7. Hispanic Latino Coalition (HLC)*Although listed as “competition” all of these organizations work together to achieve a great good for the community.
  • 7. Competition COMPETITION - HLBC1. Hispanic Latino Business Coaltion (HLBC)Mission To create, advance and promote economic opportunities for Hispanic/Latino Businesses and individuals in the Greater Louisville Region.Objectives• Develop programs and events that will bring together members of the Hispanic/Latino business community in forums that will allow them to network and share best practices. (Making Connections/Programming)• Increase the level of awareness of the Hispanic/Latino business community in the Greater Louisville region by broadening the scope of interaction with other non-Hispanic/Latino individuals and organizations. (Raising Awareness/Marketing and PR)• Help Hispanic/Latino businesses grow and prosper by providing connections to necessary resources and advocating for the development of additional assistance. (Economic Development)• Supply educational and training opportunities to Hispanic/Latino businesses and individuals to assist with current or future business and personal growth. (Training and Education)• Grow the membership of the Greater Louisville HLBC to allow as many individuals and businesses as possible access to its benefits. (Membership) Sounds like: Business Oriented
  • 8. Competition COMPETITION - HLBC1. Hispanic Latino Business Council (HLBC)Business Membership –• Network with fellow Hispanic business owners and professionals• Develop Relationships for future business endeavors• Obtain information about business opportunities available for Hispanics and minorities in the region• Serve as a mentor for fellow Hispanics• Share best practices with other business owners and professionals• Be informed about industries and information regarding the mainstream business community• Communicate specific needs of the Hispanic Business community• Opportunity to be featured in HLBC communications• Opportunity to participate in special projects and programs with HLBC• Have up to three company employees at each HLBC event for free $100 ◦ Join Now1. Professional Membership –• Network with fellow Hispanic business professionals• Develop relationships for future business endeavors• Serve as a mentor for other fellow business professionals• Communicate specific needs of the Hispanic Business community• Opportunity to be featured in HLBC communications• Opportunity to participate in special projects and programs of the HLBC• Attend HLBC events for free $50 ◦ Join Now
  • 9. Competition COMPETITION - GLIP2. Greater Louisville International Professionals (GLIP)Why Become a G.L.I.P.? • What’s the best way for international professionals like me to launch a job search here? • Who should I talk to about getting more involved in the community? • How can I meet other professionals from my home country? • What type of multi-cultural events and activities does this community offer? • Where can I share what I’ve learned with others in a similar position?Our Value Proposition G.L.I.P. provides international professionals and students with a source for qualified guidance on how to get involved and get ahead in this community. Unlike any other program, G.L.I.P. facilitates solid connections between international professionals, their peers and local business leaders. These relationships offer navigation through the assimilation process, mentor progress, open new lines of communication and celebrate success.Through the resources of G.L.I.P., businesses, HR professionals and executive recruiters will have a one-stop resource for engaging professional expertise and experience of talented immigrants—a key aspect of our region’s workforce development strategy. As a result, Greater Louisville will continue to become recognized as a welcoming and inclusive city of possibilitiesSounds like: Networking and Professional Development
  • 10. Competition COMPETITION - GLIP2. Greater Louisville International Professionals (GLIP)Vision & MissionVisionLouisville’s transformation into an internationally inclusive ‘economic hot spot.’Mission Greater Louisville International Professionals’ mission is to attract and retain international talent by showcasing Louisville as a welcoming and inclusive city of possibilities. G.L.I.P is committed to providing a platform of distinct initiatives, such as social media networks, mentorship programs, and hosted events, to engage and connect the accomplished individuals of the international and local community.Strategies• Recruit an inclusive network of international professionals based in Metro Louisville.• Provide resources through a dynamic website that functions as a directory of G.L.I.P.s and as a platform to post and discuss relevant content.• Facilitate connections among G.L.I.P.s via hosted events and signature programs.• Foster online interaction via our website and social media.• Assist executive recruiters and human resources professionals in their efforts to attract, retain, and engage international talent.• Increase public awareness of the importance of international talent for economic and community development.
  • 11. What segment to focus on first? First Segment to focus on Customer Segments Agents of Social Change Career Agent / Passion for Success Education HunkGina Buendia 1 3 2Gustavo Gisbert 3 1 2Monica Paredes 3 1 2Carmen Moreno 2 3 1Adriana Bonilla 2 3 1Miguel JimenezJose Ojeda 3 2 1Liz Moudry 2 3 1Joan David Rebolledo 3 2 1Total 2.38 2.25 1.38Std Deviation 0.74 0.89 0.52 Education Hunk
  • 12. 1. CONTEXT STATEMENT Defining ContextMy goal is to figure out how (1) NSHMBA Louisville can grow by creating more value for (2) Education Hunk than (3) Hispanic Latino Business Coalition & Greater Louisville International Professionals does. *Although listed as “competition” Hispanic Latino Business Coalition & Greater Louisville International Professionals work together with NSHMBA to achieve a great good for the community.
  • 13. 2. CUSTOMER ANALYSIS -The BEFORE Worksheet-The BEFORE Worksheet
  • 14. 2. CUSTOMER ANALYSIS –Real Interviews-Attributes Attributes II Importance How Rate US How Rate CompNetworking inside company Networking H 2 2Networking outside company Networking H 2 2Satisfaction to be part of a hispanic organization Personal Satisfaction L 3 1Satisfaction to help other people and society Personal Satisfaction L 2 2Scholarships Education L 3 1Get a good menthor Professional Devolpment M 1 2Someone to guide you Professional Devolpment M 1 2Tips to improve personal Professional Devolpment M 1 2Workshops Professional Devolpment M 1 2How to deal with stress Professional Devolpment M 1 1How to work with foreigners Professional Devolpment M 1 1Leader as a coach Professional Devolpment M 1 2Keep me update with world changes World Trends M 1 3Are you up to date with what the market needs? World Trends MCuriosity Novelty LScholarships Education M 3 1Network with Entrepreneurs Networking M 2 3Entrepreneur perspective Entrepreneur vision L 2 3What entrepreneur think Entrepreneur vision L 2 3What motivates entrepreneurs Entrepreneur vision L 2 3I havent seen other attributes No other attributes LOther industries perspective World Trends H 1 3Perspective to take better career decisions World Trends H 1 2Perspective to know what is needed in business World Trends H 1 2Perspective to know how to take other business ideas World Trends H 1 3Get trained for the future Education M 3 2Meet people Networking M 2 3Professionals from other countries/industries Networking M 2 3A lot of workshops Education M 1 3A lot of speeches Education M 1 3Vision from other companies about the world World Trends H 1 3Vision from other companies about technology World Trends H 1 3 A lot more attributes found ………………Extracted Sample
  • 15. 3. SORTED VALUE Area G: Customer Unmet Area A: Our POD needs *Hispanic organization *How to deal with stress *Scholarships to Hispanics *How to deal with foreigners *How can I keep myself up toArea E: date with what the market needsDisequities/Equities*MBA Focused *Coordinate seminars between*Education driven companies public or private*National Reputation*Well know within NSHMBA Members *Share best practices *Share knowledge withUniversities community *Consulting type of information*The message is not clear*Don’t remember themessage*Slow answers fromNSHMBA*Not as agile to respond asGLIP Area C: Competitor POD *Network with entrepreneurs *A lot of Workshops *A lot of Speeches *Every month some big event *People with better positions in companies Area B: Point Of Parity GLIP *Other industries perspectives *Professional from other *Networking inside company countries/industries *Networking outside company *Vision from other companies *Meet people other companies about the future of the world *Meet people at same level or •Vision from other companies higher about technology *Satisfaction to help others Area D: The Swamp *Perspective of growth *Has internship program *Better ability to attract talent *Diversity in the members *Better way to promote job opportunities in the website Area F: Competitor *Formal answers to companies Disequities/Equities *Quick response to companies *Has support from Big *Has support from the city Companies *Has name recognition *Locally focused *Better established *Has internship program
  • 16. Sample 1 4. LADDER Value Accomplishment / Self esteem Symbolic Quick Success in life Experiential Share steps of what they did to get where they are Meet successful people with similar Experiential situations as yours Relationship Easier to initiate conversations Benefits Relationship Identify with the same background Benefits Attribute Hispanic Organization Network
  • 17. Sample 2 4. LADDER Value Financial Security (afraid to loose) Financial Stay monetary equal and get more Financial When you get used to something don’t want to go back and have limitations Functional Don’t want to go back in quality of life Saves me money to keep same level of life Financial but educating myself Attribute Scholarships
  • 18. Sample 3 4. LADDER Value Self-Fulfillment Experiential Feel well Experiential Do my job well and help Hispanics Functional Meet the diversity quota Functional Look at the pool of people for my company Attribute Ability to attract talent - Corporate
  • 19. Sample 4 4. LADDER Value Personal Development Experiential To feel good about myself Information To have more knowledge Functional To get trained Attribute A lot of Workshops
  • 20. 5. INITIAL GROWTH STRATEGYGrowth Question 1: How do we identify, build and defend differentiation that is meaningful to customers?A.1 Promote NSHMBA with CorporationsA.2 Reach Hispanic Professional through CorporationsA.3 Promote top 3 values
  • 21. 5. INITIAL GROWTH STRATEGYGrowth Question 2: How do we correct, reduce/eliminate disequities or reveal equities that customers are unaware of?E.1 Promote scholarships (Media and Corporations)E.2 Standardize communication with Corporate customersE.3 Define a promotional item that people can keep and remember the top 3 values of NSHMBA
  • 22. 5. INITIAL GROWTH STRATEGYGrowth Question 3: Should we neutralize competitors differentiation? If so, how?C.1 Three network events in 2011 with CEOs includedC.2 CEO speaking about their storiesC.3 Three network events in 2011 with successful entrepreneurs
  • 23. 5. INITIAL GROWTH STRATEGYGrowth Question 4: How can we identify totally new growth ideas around customers unmet needs?G.1 Multicultural workshopsG.2 Share knowledge with the communityG.3 Share knowledge among companies.
  • 24. 6. PLANNING FOR EXECUTIONAnalyzing Resources, Capabilities and Value Networks Picked 5 key strategies from: Area A: Area E: Area G: Area C:Build A Reach HispanicsE -> B Std CommunicationE -> A Remember top 3 valuesC -> B Network eventsG -> A Share knowledge w/community
  • 25. 6. PLANNING FOR EXECUTIONAnalyzing Resources, Capabilities and Value NetworksENHANCING BENEF GROWTH IDEA RESOURCES CAPABILITIES VALUE NETWORKBuild A A.2 *Qty People *Std system to approach *Companies willing to support Reach *Time corporations. *Corporate supporters Hispanics *Name people *Develop feedback system *Meeting room through Corpor *Std presentation Top 3 values *Web PageE -> B E.2 *Qty People *Process lay out *Engineers within NSHMBA Std Communic *Printers *Methods to communicate *Corporate support *Money *Meeting roomE -> A E.3 *Designers *Design *Designers Remember *Money *Top 3 ideas definition agreement *NSHMBA team Top 3 values *Meeting room *Method to share ideasC -> B C.1 *People to organize *Coordination capability *Hotels Network events *Projectors *Std message *Restaurants *Computers * CEO’s management system *CEO supporters list *Meeting room * Customer-Linking process *Entrepreneurs supporter list * Feedback System * Network Session Process * Standardize message * Communication methodsG -> A G.2 *People *Know how *Local businesses Share knowledge *Projectors *Interesting subjects *Local Hispanic associations w/community *Computers *Meeting room Area A: Area E: Area G: Area C:
  • 26. 7. COMPETITOIR CAPABILITIES…the competitor analyzed is the Greater Louisville International Professionals (GLIP) NSHMBA Pts of Difference NSHMBA Capabilities *Hispanic organization Network Hispanic Run and Managed *Scholarships to Hispanics National Fund for scholarships Pts of Parity NSHMBA & GLIP Capabilities *Networking inside company Support from local Corporations *Networking outside company Done 5 network events in 2010 *Networking Benchmark with other NSHMBA Chapters *Perspective of growth Support from National NSHMBA Pts of Difference GLIP Capabilities *Network with entrepreneurs Network of entrepreneurs *A lot of Workshops Expertise running workshops *A lot of Speeches Contact with government organizations *Every months some big event Team in charge of this activity *Better ability to attract talent Web page well developed *Better way to promote job opportunities Web page well developed in the website *Formal answers to companies Good internal procedures
  • 27. BEFORE AFTER 8. FINDING CAPABILITIESAccomplishment / Self esteem Accomplishment / Self esteemQuick Success in life Quick Success in lifeShare steps of what they did to get Share steps of what they did to getwhere they are where they are Distinctive Capabilities: CEO’s management system Customer-Linking processMeet successful people with similar Feedback System Meet successful people with similarsituations as yours Network Session Process situations as yours Standardized message Coordination Capability Communication MethodEasier to initiate conversations Easier to initiate conversations Immediate Response: Develop CEO’s databaseIdentify with the same background Develop CEO management sys Identify with the same background Develop feedback system Define Network Session Manager Lock standardized pitchHispanic Organization Network Define communication method Hispanic Organization Network Share plan with already developed Companies Area A: NSHMBA A A INISIDE VIEW
  • 28. Demographics: Hispanic Growth and population 9. DYNAMICS 28
  • 29. Growth Strategy One: Network Events 10. GROWTH STRATEGY CONCLUSIONSProposed Strategy Network eventsTarget Segment Carreer oriented/Passion for SuccessPositioning vs Competition Neutralize Competition C -> BProduct Network eventsPlace Hotels & Restaurants NSHMBA amigo list every 3 monthsPricing FreeResources People, Equipment, Hotel/Restaurant, media channelCapabilities Need to develop a CEO’s database Need to develop a CEO management sys Need to develop a feedback system Need to define the Network Session Manager Need to lock standardized pitch Need to define the communication method (email, radio, newspaper) Need to develop Hotel&Restaurants networkValue Network Hotels&Restaurants Network Corporate HR/Diversity Network Diversity friendly CEOs network Entrepreneurs Network
  • 30. Growth Strategy Two: Reach Hispanics through 10. GROWTH STRATEGY CONCLUSIONS Corporations in a professional fashionProposed Strategy Reach Hispanics through CorporationsTarget Segment All SegmentsPositioning vs Competition Build AProduct Awareness Sessions once per monthPlace Corporate FacilitiesPricing FreeResources List of Volunteers to talk about NSHMBA Time Standarized presentation Computer, Projector and meeting room Web pageCapabilities Schedule of visits to Corporations Std System to approach Corporations Develop feedback system Develop Std presentations Ability to sign people in the spot First impression, order and professionalismValue Network Corporate HR Supporters Internal Companies Diversity Associations
  • 31. Questions 31