13 share about your whereabouts


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intimation to your dear and near about you are going to where

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13 share about your whereabouts

  1. 1. Share about your Whereabouts!
  2. 2. In those days, people used to rush up to the entrance to receive the guests with a smiling face and send them off coming till the gate . But now-a-days, even after the entry of the guests, without even looking at them, people say " Hallo " and concentrate over the TV programme. In the past years, officials in the banks and other offices would talk to the customers in a friendly manner and clear their doubts patiently. But in the modern days employees and officials of most of the offices and banks, having fixed their eyes on the computers lend their ears only to the customers. Youngsters and most others are found to be fully immersed in the mobile phones. They don't care for any of the happenings around them. People have totally forgotton the habit of looking at others and talking.
  3. 3. In those days people who would go out anywhere would inform the members of the family before they proceed. But in the civilized modern age, only the pre-KG, LKG and UKG children wave their hands to their parents and leave to school with tears. But the grown-ups go out anywhere without informing any one at home. In case of any emergency the elders at home find it difficult to find the where-abouts of their children. You may say that every one is having a Mobile phone and it is easier to communicate and find the whereabouts of others . But in fact on most of the occasions, only the following recorded voice is heard in the mobile phones . 1) The mobile number you are trying to reach is currently busy. Please try again. 2) The mobile is switched off. 3) The Number is not reachable .
  4. 4. Therefore my dear friends, if you inform your parents or relatives before leaving to a particular place, in case of any emergency your parents or others can contact your friends or relatives and know about your whereabouts.   There is a superstitious belief among the people that if we ask anyone, " Where are you going?" it is a bad omen. Therefore my dear brothers and sisters, before others question you , please tell your parents/relatives/wife/husband/ children/friends about the place where you go to . It will be highly beneficial.   I would like to bring some incidents to your notice:
  5. 5. INCIDENT No.1: An official at Chennai started to Trichy without informing his wife or friends or relatives. On the way, the bus met with an accident at Siruganur and he was severely injured. He was admitted in a private nursing home by some well-wishers. As his condition was critical, the nursing home authorities sent him to the Govt. Hospital and there he collapsed. The hospital authorities sent his body to the mortuary as they could not get any particulars about him. An advocate who used to attend the accident cases had sent his assistant to the Hospital in search of such cases. He found his ID card and information was sent to his office and wife. In the mean time one cannot imagine the mental torture of a wife without knowing the whereabouts of her husband. When he started to Trichy if he had informed his wife and friends, they would have sent him with prayers and blessings. The same would have made his journey safe and his life would have been saved.
  6. 6. INCIDENT No.2 : A man started from Pudukkottai with a lumpsum amount to Trichy in order to purchase jewels for his daughter's marriage. He requested one of his friends at Trichy to come to the Trichy bus stand by 11-00 at night and pick him up. But till 01-00 am of the next day he did not come to Trichy. The friend who waited in the bus stand was severely shocked. Thinking that some one might have kidnapped him or murdered him for money, lodged a complaint to the police station and went home. There was no information for about two days. On the third day morning he stood at the entrance of the friend's house. The friend and friend's family members enquired him with great tension. He replied that when he started from Pudukkottai bus stand, due to giddiness and uneasy feeling, he cancelled his programme and went to the nearby friend’s house and stayed there. When the friend asked him, "Why didn't you inform us about it?" he said without any tension. This idea did not flash to my mind”. The friend and his family members got wild him. There are no words to express the feelings and tension of the friend’s family. This is also due to the communication gap only.
  7. 7. If our day-to-day life, mobile phone has become one of the most essential ones. The numbers we have saved in our mobile are known only to us. In case of any accident or emergency or if we become unconscious, people who come forward to help, may try to inform our family members through our mobile phone . But how to communicate the right persons and family members?.
  8. 8.   PARAMEDIC has introduced a special scheme for this purpose. Its main aim is to save people at the time of emergency. Though every one is having a mobile phone, at the time of accidents, the family members could not be properly communicated. It was a great shock and puzzle to PARAMEDIC . To avoid such complications, PARAMEDIC has advised people to save Numbers with ICE . It means 'IN CASE OF EMERGENCY'. If more numbers are to be saved under ICE, it can be saved as mentioned below: ICE-1 WIFE, ICE-2 DAUGHTER, ICE-3 SON and so on . It is a Nation-wide approved scheme. Please save in your mobile and inform the same to all your friends and relations now itself to save Lives.
  9. 9. In those days Kalaivanar-a-Tamil Actor (one of the rationalists) had acted in one of the films. When he was about to go out of his house, his wife would ask him, " Where are you going?" Considering it as a bad omen he would cancel his programme and stay at home. On the next days, his friend on the way and the conductor in the bus would ask him, "Where are you going? Kalaivanar would get annoyed and return home canceling his journey. His main aim was to teach a lesson to the people who were the slaves of superstitious beliefs.
  10. 10. Therefore my dear brothers, sisters and children, please inform and proceed any where . Your friends and relatives will be free from tension. If they bid farewell to you with their prayers and blessings, the same will guard you as a Powerful shield. There is no doubt that your journey will be a safe and pleasant one.
  11. 11. Conceived by: C.CHANDRASEKARAN, M.A., B.Ed ., Headmaster (Retd) Kendriya Vidyalaya, Trichy Delivered by : Na.Prasannan , Trichy, Tamil Nadu Mobile: 9941505431, 9488019015 [email_address] , See my new slideshare site for Power Points go to : http://www.slideshare.net/nprasannam