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This presentation was part of a panel called "Unlock the Power of Fans" at Transmedia Los Angeles monthly meetup in June, 2013 in which I discussed the new collaborative storytelling platform. Here's more detail:
For an entertainment property nothing is more valuable… or dangerous! Transmedia strategies aim to engage with fans wherever they might gather, but "engage" means more than "tell a story" or "sell some merch".

To engage means to listen. It can even mean collaborating with the creative spark in fandom and bringing that back into the work.

This panel will explore the question of how to Unlock the Power of Fans with Nick DeMartino (Theatrics); Kris Longfield (Director of Fanthropology at Cimarron) and Jay Bushman (Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Welcome to Sanditon.)

From understanding what a fan wants to how they can become active members of the storytelling team, we'll dig deep into one of the most exciting areas of transmedia practice.

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Theatrics @ Transmedia Los Angeles

  1. 1. Stories.We love watching them.We love telling them.Stories make us human.
  2. 2. Story:We talk, ask, comment, post, tweet.We rate, rank, like, pin, tag, follow.We add photos, sounds, visual effects & videos.We earn points, badges, recognition, & fans.And we expect to be heard.
  3. 3. The revolutionary video platform that bringsfans deep into your story or brand experience.
  4. 4. Fans connect with story or brand by uploadingvideo & other content and connecting withother fans via robust game-like activities
  5. 5. Why Theatrics?Brands & storytellersinvite fan’s UGC into asingle social experiencewith values that theycontrol.Fans watch or deeplyengage with story &brand by uploadingcontent as acharacter.
  6. 6. Powers a story — or brand-based video experienceDrives deep fan engagement and UGC creationLets you guide the experience and manage usersNo distractions or platform ‘noise’ for userHigh degree of control for show creatorDirect communications with usersDownload and edit user videosTheatrics Advantages
  7. 7. A full featured interactive online videostorytelling platformA new form of online video show or brandexperience where fans play a roleStoryteller or brand-manager directs thestory world they createAudience watches or performs in a social,immersive, & fun experienceAudience also earns game-like rewardsWhat is Theatrics?
  8. 8. Broadcast, cable & digital networksFilmmakers, transmedia specialistsPublishers & authorsGame developersBranded content/agenciesWeb series/producers & vloggersSuper fans/ fan-fictionStorytellers:
  9. 9. Storytellers BrandsMedia NetworksEducators ConsumersCompaniesTheatrics is designed for:
  10. 10. Get started with Show Creation WizardShape the story as Personas (characters)Invite audience to join the showManage calls-to-action, audience content& more from a central DashboardAudience can watch as show unfolds, orcreate a Persona & participateAudience user experience is interactive,social & gamifiedTheatrics Features
  11. 11. Use Cases - Beckinfield
  12. 12. Use Cases - PSYCH
  13. 13. Use Cases - Welcome to Sanditon
  14. 14. Use Cases - Welcome to Sanditon
  15. 15. Use Cases - Bomb-It 2
  16. 16. Use Cases - eTribute
  17. 17. Theatrics Open Beta Test18• Open a free account• Create a show (premise)• Invite your co-creators (audience)• Guide their involvement- Calls to Action, new videos- Manage your audience• Cross-linked across the web
  18. 18. Contact InfoNick DeMartinoNick DeMartino Consultingnick@theatrics.comTwitter: @nickdemartino