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Lizzie bennet diaries

  1. 1. LIZZIE BENNETDIARIESTransmedia OR Transformed?
  2. 2. What is ‘Transmedia’• Tells a single story• Creative Content• Expanding story and character• Utilizes multiple platforms- Using new media and technologies• Engages Audiences• Releasing specific content on different platforms
  3. 3. What is LBDIn short…it’s a modern version of Jane Austen’s classic:The Pride and Prejudice.
  4. 4. It’s a creative re-telling of the story of Elizabeth Bennet, acrossmultiple platforms such as:• Youtube• Twitter• Tumblr• LookBook• Storify• Facebook• Web pages
  5. 5. STORY ANALYSISPride and Prejudice• Set in the 18th Century• 5 Bennet Sisters• Third Person Narrative• All Caucasian characters• Love, Reputation and Class• They get marriedLizzie Bennet Diaries• Set in 21st Century• 3 Bennet Sisters• First Person Narrative• Multiracial Characters• Self reflection, Love,Independence• They get into a relationship
  6. 6. SIMILARITES AND DIFFERENCESPride and Prejudice• Opens with famousquote:“It is a truth universallyacknowledged, that a single man in possessionof a good fortune must be in want of a wife.”• Mr.Bingley visits hisestates• His friend Mr.Darcyaccompanies him• They meet at a party• A scandal takes placewith Lydia and GeorgeLizzie Bennet Diaries• Uses Quote on a T-shirt• Bing-Lee becomes theirneighbor• Will Darcy comes overfor a vacation• They meet at a wedding,• The scandal Is a sex tapethat has been leaked onthe internet.
  7. 7. Multi-Media Platforms• Main entry point into story• The central hub• Expanding the story with other youtubechannels which are branch out from themain vlog channel• Different vlogs help to see the story fromdifferent point of view• Majority of the adaptation content andcharacter portrayals are in the vlogs• Used as a foundation to further build story
  8. 8. Twitter• Used for character development• Audience engagement withcharacters• Used to further build the storyoutside the video blogs.• Tells story from other character’spoint of view• Adds to the illusion of characterauthenticity
  9. 9. Tumblr• Alternative space to host the vlogs.• Used as a great marketing toolbecause it allows fans to re-blogvideos, GIFS, reactions etc.• Good place for audienceengagement and characterdevelopment; i.e Lydia and JaneBennet
  10. 10. • Character Development forJane Bennet• Lizzie Bennet Diaries Page• Each character has their own page as amarketing tool.• Another simple way to engage withaudiences.
  11. 11. Web Pages Storify
  12. 12. Youtube:Lizzie BennetDiariesTwitterCollins andCollins.comTumblrFacebookCollins andCollinsyoutubeLookBookMaria Lu’sYoutubeLydiaBennet’sYoutubeGigi’sYoutubePemberleyDigital.comLinkedinfor
  13. 13. Fun Facts about AudienceEngagement
  14. 14. Who’s idea was it?Hank Green- is the creator and co-creator of many online shows.Bernie Su- a creative writer interestedambitious projects that look to experimentwith the boundaries of storytellingJay Bushman- been involved inplenty of other works of transmedia
  15. 15. CONCLUSION!“Can Lizzie Bennet Diaries be considered as a Transmediaproject?”We say, yes, yes it can.SO