Types of gardens


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A quick run-through of some of the most popular and also not-so popular Garden Types.

Learn about bird, rock, wall, vegetable, organic, flower, and many more gardens.

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Types of gardens

  1. 1. Types of Gard ensBy Sprinkler Juice
  2. 2. There are many types of gardens that vary in popularity depending on location, preference, popularity, and other factors. With so many different types of gardens, nobody should be without a hobby.F rom flower gardens to container gardens, theres something for everybody in the form of a garden.
  3. 3. Vegetable Gard ensVegetable Gard ens are what usually com e to m ind when you hear som eone talk about or m ention gard ening. While it is probably the m ost com m on form of gard ening, it is not alone in the gard ening world .
  4. 4. Flower Gard ensFlower Gard ens are also very popular, and for obvious reasons! Whats better than gard en filled with bright colored bloom s every Spring? Each flower has a personality, and you will probably have to care for a flower gard en of your own in ord er to really und erstand and appreciate that. Flower Gard ens are great for all ages but, like Vegetable Gard ens and others, require lots and lots of TL C .
  5. 5. C ontainer Gard eningPeople gard en in jars, plant stuff in C ind er Blocks, Wheelbarrows, and anything else you can think of. Its am azing what people com e up with. C ontainer Gard ening really focuses on creativity and im agination which, in m y opinion, is why it can be so appealing and is growing in popularity.
  6. 6. Raised Gardens People usually im plem ent Raised Gard en bed s because their ground soil is not the best quality. But, a lot of people prefer raised gard en bed s in certain situations because they can be extrem ely attractive. Raised gard en require m uch m ore structure then typical gard ens, but they are well worth the article and can, like container gard ens, stretch the im agination.
  7. 7. O rganic Gard ensO rganic Gard en are special because they d ont use pesticid es or other inorganic m aterial. A true O rganic Gard en contains com post from a carefully [not sure if thats the right word ] constructed C om post Pile.
  8. 8. Japanese Gard ensJapanese Gard ens are not like typical gard ens that we are accustom ed to in Am erica. They serve a m ore scenic and cultural purpose. They are m ore of a form of art than anything else.
  9. 9. U psid e-D own Gard ensU psid e-D own Gard ens are very cool and above all else, unique. Ive never actually seen an upsid e-d own gard en in real life but I want to start one som etim e. Soon. I hear there are actually m ore "ups" than "d owns" to growing your vegetables upsid e-d own.Tom atoes and cucum bers are the m ost com m on vegetables grown in upsid e-d own gard ens but there are a lot of plants that d o well growing upsid e d own.
  10. 10. L eftover Gard ensSom e gard eners create leftover gard ens-- a place to put plants you d ont know what to d o with. And these gard ens are gorgeous!
  11. 11. Bird Gard ensBird Gard eners d o their research and find specific plants to attract native bird s.They put out bird feed ers, houses, boxes, and m ore.
  12. 12. Roof GardensA roof gard en is any gard en on the roof of a build ing. Besid es the d ecorative benefit, roof plantings m ay provid e food , tem perature control, hyd rological benefits, architectural enhancem ent, habitats or corrid ors[1 ] for wild life, and recreational opportunities. -source
  13. 13. Water GardensBasically, if you have water includ ed in your land scape, youve got a water gard en. Whether it contains fish, plants, or has anything to with plants at all, it counts.
  14. 14. H erb Gard ensM any of the plants we grow such as annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees are herbs in the true sense of the word . With increased interest in recent years in continental or gourm et cooking the word "herb" is nearly always thought of by hom e gard eners to m ean the "culinary" herb.
  15. 15. Rock Gard ensRock Gard ens are actually quite popular. L ike water gard ens, rock gard ens rarely consist of just rocks. Theres always plants and other stuff thrown into the m ix but you get the id ea.
  16. 16. Wall Gard ensWall Gard ens are everywhere (especially on Pinterest.) Theyre awesom e in a lot of ways. 1 ) Theyre extrem ely convenient for sm all space gard ening and 2) theyre d ownright sexy.Ive seen wall gard ens be d one in pots, tea pots, wood en pallets, chain link fences, and even on a wall insid e a house.
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