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Final researchblogfinal

  1. 1. Womens movement, gender, and mediaThe womens movement brought many issues to the publics eyes. Unfortunately the issues brought upare still in our media today. We can see the effects of stereotypical women in films.The movie OZ The great and powerful shows young children that its ok for a male to be a lyingwomanizer in till you get what you want. A 20thcentury film that still stereotypes gender roles. It seemsthe womens movement had little to no effect on this film.Here we see the lead character in front of the female characters. Implying they are not as significant asthe male in the film. Then we see the white witch holding on to the lead character for comfort.
  2. 2. Capitalism on womens insecuritiesThe media plays on womens insecurities in order to make a profit. They create an imageof a perfect women time and time again. The only way to become this perfect womenthe media has created is to buy their products.The media tells us and young women that beautiful is the only way to be. You must dox,y, and z in order to feel great about yourself. Creating the media as a venue to judgewomen who appear on it.Instilling fears into women that if you leave your house looking like a hot mess,everyone will notice. Everyones eyes are on your appearance. So you must in turn buythe clothes or beauty products for the good attention , not the bad.
  3. 3. Competition against ones self and sisterWomen in media are always fighting against each other. This part of them film to me shows thatwomen who want power or want something for that matter are wicked. They are going against thegender norm, so there for they are wicked, they both are.Looks integratedIn the movie disney movie OZ, the witch was once beautiful. Once the male characterno longer shows interest in her she transforms into something else. Making herundesirable in the movie by others.Now because shes transformed into something else, she becomes more violent becauseof it. In essence to me, sacrificing her beauty for power. She has to become more thenhuman in order to destroy the male lead.
  4. 4. Entrap women into double bindsWomens sexuality is always in question in films. She is either a slut or a prude, thereisnt a in between. In this clip we can see the male character more interested in howmany people she slept with. Then stated he didnt want to hear any more. Implying hedoesnt want to hear about how many partners she had.Power and controlAlso in the Disney movie Oz the female character, one of the witches, is portrayed in control of thekingdom. Which doesnt seem stereotypical of a women to rule a kingdom, so she is seen as evil andhungry for power.The only gender that should be ruler is a male, so goes this story. They state in the beginning that agreat wizard will take the throne.
  5. 5. Media for ChangeWomen use social media more then men. Women can use social media as a tool to helpthem point out what the media is doing to women. Letting other women know that themedia doesnt have control over your body.Women dont need material things to be happy as shown in most films.Women can express to each other how the media imposes stereotypes on them. Tellingthem what to wear and what to want. Changing the way other women thing about themedia they see every day.