3 Events, 3 Successful Projects in Bolivia


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On April 20, 2013 Mano a Mano hosted its 4th annual Festival Bolivia event. The focus of the event was to support Mano a Mano's distribution program to ship donated surplus supplies from the US to support our projects in Bolivia, as well as to recognize our local heroes.

In our first 3 years, Mano a Mano was able to complete 3 new projects thanks to the support of Festival Bolivia attendees.

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3 Events, 3 Successful Projects in Bolivia

  1. 1. Three Events, Three Successful Projects
  2. 2. Year OneSanta Rosa Clinic• Dedicated on May 9, 2011• Mano a Mano’s 119th clinicbuilt• 7 communities benefit(3,200 people)
  3. 3. Santa RosaCochabambaBefore the construction of this clinic, noform of health service exisited in thearea.People needed to walk many hours inorder to receive medical attention.
  4. 4. 1stQuarter2ndQuarter3rdQuarter4thQuarter TotalOutpatient contacts (Adults) 135 52 61 44 292Pediatrics 251 219 310 276 1056Gynecology 37 23 57 70 187Dental 0 0 0 0 0Deliveries 13 0 2 0 15Persons vaccinated 131 230 234 103 698Others 37 47 52 41 177TOTAL 604 571 716 534 2425Santa RosaPATIENT VISITS in 2012
  5. 5. Year Two – Pasorapa ReservoirLocated in southern CochabambaPopulation 5,500Subsistence farming region
  6. 6. • Pasorapa is the largest anddryest municipality inCochabamba• Bolivia’s primary cattleregion• Severe drought duringrecent decades; 30,000families lost cattle• Declared NationalEmergency Zone becauseof drought
  7. 7. The expanded project will benefit 90 families (540 people)Thanks to Festival Bolivia (Year 2)Supporters, Mano a Mano was ableto expand this small lagoon built toretain rain water
  8. 8. Pasorapa Reservoir
  9. 9. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE“COLLPANA RESERVOIR” A REALITY.The expanded reservoir holds 40,000 cubicmeters of water, more than 8 times theoriginal capacity, and water is available year-round rather than 3-4 months of waterpreviously.
  10. 10. Year ThreeEmergency Air Rescues• In 2012 Mano a ManoAviation provided:– 377 emergency flights– 21 jornadas (weekendhealth clinics)• Mano a Mano hasflown 1,665emergency flightsand provided 168jornadas from 2005-2012
  11. 11. Recent emergency flight• A newborn child in Oruroencountered complicationsshortly after birth and had to betransported to the hospital inCochabamba that was capable ofdealing with her condition.• The hospital was a 5-6 hour driveaway over horrible roads andeven during the short distance tothe Oruro airport the childsuffered a cardiac arrest; she hadto be resuscitated by emergencymedical personnel.• The child was flown toCochabamba where she receivedimmediate treatment. It took 30minutes by plane as opposed to a5-hour drive.• The child survived.
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