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PSSN Breanna Ruiz
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PSSN Breanna Ruiz






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    PSSN Breanna Ruiz PSSN Breanna Ruiz Document Transcript

    • If you had the choice what would be your last meal?Chips and salsa with a side of guacamole.What’s your favorite sports team?Chicago BearsWhat is your favorite book?“The Immortal Instruments”Who’s your favorite musician or band?Memphis May FireHow would you describe yourself in one word?WeirdIf you had a million dollars what would you do?I’d pay off my parent’s bills.Who is your favorite super hero?Batman all the way! He’s the only super hero whodoesn’t have special powers, he’s just that good.If you could reverse time what would you do?I wouldn’t reverse it. Everything happens the way itdoes for a reason. If I change things that happenedbefore then, the things that make me happy nowprobably wouldn’t have happened.Know Your...ShipmateWhat’s your command?Personnel Support Detachment MisawaWhy did you join the Navy?To follow in my father’s footsteps, and find abetter life for myself.Where are you from?Jacksonville, Fla.What do you like about the Navy?I like how diverse it is and how supportive it is tothe men and women who are a part of its team.How long have you been in the Navy?Six monthsWhat are your hobbies on your libertytime?Drawing, painting and learning Japanese.What have you gained from being in theNavy?More responsibility, knowledge and life-skills.What do you like about your job in theNavy?Being able to interact with different people.Where have you been so far in the Navy?The ever so famous Great Lakes, Sexy MeridianMiss., and Misawa, Japan.What is your dream deployment?I’m on it right now - Japan.What was your favorite tour in the Navy?I enjoyed Mississippi because I met some nicefriends who I still keep in touch with, but I reallylike it here in Japan.How long do you plan to stay in for?I plan on becoming an officer or going forretirement as an enlisted member.PSSN Breanna Ruiz