Liberty program calendar jan 2014


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Liberty program calendar jan 2014

  1. 1. January 2014 Liberty Calendar 2013 & 2014 WINTER RESORT RUNS: Don’t want to drive in the snow? Not sure how to get to the best resorts? Create your own group of six (or more) Single Sailors and come to the Liberty Office to schedule your very own snowboarding trip. Contact the Liberty Office at 226-9516 for more information. BLUE JACKET SPECIAL: E1-4 FREE! LOW PRICES FOR E5 & ABOVE! GET IN THE HABIT: 10 & 24 JAN @ 1800 – MOVIE NIGHT: Take a load off after a long week and relax with a flick that we pick. FREE Mokuteki pizza, soft drinks, and water will be served. 2, 16, 30 JAN @ 1800 - VIDEO GAME NIGHT: Nintendo WiiU, Play Station 3, and X-BOX 360 systems are ready to play! Pair that with our newest games and we have a recipe for good times. Chips & Dips will be served while supplies last. 11 & 25 JAN @ 1000 – WINTER WORKSHOP: Interested in learning some woodworking skills while making a project you can keep? Choose from the following kits with professional instruction: basic pen turning ($10) and basic pen case ($15). ® *All first time participants must take the safety class before beginning instruction. 6 JAN @ 1900 – BURGERS ‘N BOWLING: Meet the Liberty Staff at the Walmsley Bowling Center for a FREE combo meal, soft drink and two games of bowling. Pros and underdogs are always welcome. Reserve your space by email and don’t forget to invite a shipmate from the squadrons. ® DON’T MISS IT! ONE TIME ONLY: 9 JAN @ 1800 – MOVIE NIGHT @ THE GRID: A special showing at the GRID for all Misawa Single and Unaccompanied Sailors and Airmen. The Dark Night will be shown with yakisoba and fried rice served. * Event times are subject to change without prior notice. ® = Pre-registration is required; email or phone calls accepted for FREE events only.
  2. 2. January 2014 Liberty Calendar DON’T MISS IT! ONE TIME ONLY (CONT.): 15 JAN @ 1800 – DINING OUT @ SAPPORO RAMEN: A dinner for all to enjoy some time away from base, try some new foods, make some new friends, and take a chance to practice some Japanese phrases. Liberty will supply the “ride and the guide”. Please bring yen for your meal. Depart the Liberty Center @ 1800! ® 18 JAN @ 1800 – PERSONA 4 ARENA: This will be a single-player, double-elimination tournament on the PS3 and Liberty will serve some light refreshments. Winner gets a prize!!! 20 JAN @ 0800 - TSUGARU STOVE TRAIN: Built in 1959 by Niigata Iron Works, this train on the Tsugaru Railway connects Goshogawara Station and Tsugaru-Nakasato Station in the Tsugaru Peninsula. The original interior and old station and residences you can see from the train windows produce the atmosphere of olden days of the backcountry in Japan. BLUE JACKET SPECIAL: E1-4 FREE! E5 & Above $25 Registration Deadline: 17 JAN OTHER INFORMATION:  Liberty Program Office Hours: From 1100-1800 Monday to Friday the Liberty Office will be staffed to take your calls, register you for trips, and anything else we might help you with in building 543.  All trips must be paid for in exact change, please have this prepared prior to your registration. CONTACT US @ Liberty Program Coordinator: Mr. Mick Hultz Office: Building 543, 1st Floor Office(s) DSN Phone: (315) 226-9516 Commercial: 0176-77-9516 Email: * Event times are subject to change without prior notice. ® = Pre-registration is required; email or phone calls accepted for FREE events only.