Tuit Direct Response - Lumpy Mail


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Tuit Direct Response - Lumpy Mail

  1. 1. You’ve Been Meaning to Get Around To-It, Right? You’ve been saying that you’ll sign and return your exhibitor agreement for the 2010 Home Builders, Remodelers & Green Ideas Showcase as soon as you got “around to it.” Well, I’m sending you A Round Tuit as a fun way of saying: “No More Excuses!” The 2010 Home Builders, Remodelers and Green Ideas Showcase is Almost Here! April 9 - Free to Exhibitors Marketing and Sales Conference April 10 and 11 - Consumer Trade Show Savvy business owners have already snatched up many prime locations but great locations are still there for the pickin,’ so call now before they are all gone! Availability is literally changing by the minute so. . . Go to our website, pick your spot and sign up at the same time. Internet challenged? Call us today at (505) 898-0661 Two “Fast-Action Bonuses” are already gone and more are set to EXPIRE OW ! ACT N on Friday, January 22 at 4:15 PM Here’s What you Can Still Get FREE if You ACT Today Turn over for more...
  2. 2. T The Most Important Discovery D ON’ S For Trade Show Success M IS ! OU T! has been made and it’s... Fast Action Bonus # 3: The Revolutionary Virtual Trade Show. Your business description, coupon AND video will remain on our “Virtual Trade Show” website for six months AFTER the show. Other shows offer two or three days of trade show exposure. We give you six months! As you know, most buying decisions after a trade show occur 3-6 months AFTER the show. If your prospects misplaced your card or brochure here’s where they can find you! A $300 value FREE until Friday, January 22 at 4:15 pm. Fast Action Bonus # 4: One-half day sales training for you and your staff! “The Simple Sys- tem of Selling Seminar: $295 value! Featuring Rick Shoudt, a veteran of 35+ years in sales, sales management, and training. Rick has given this training to radio, outdoor advertising groups, and retail groups throughout the West. Fast Action Bonus # 5: Exhibitor Booth Camp: “Full Brain Marketing” presented by Exhib-it CEO, DJ Heckes, a trade-show specialist! This class is designed to set you on the right path to meet all your trade show goals. Pre-show promotion, at-show strategy, and post-show follow-up will be discussed and we’ll give you some great trade show booth ideas. This “marketing intelligence” could be worth thousands to you! Fast Action Bonus #6: Free Business Conference Friday, April 9 from 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM and Free Exhibitor Networking Reception. “Cost Effective Marketing in a Tough Econo- my” is a full day conference, JAM-PACKED with PRACTICAL advice from business marketing experts that will make a huge difference in your business. Non-Exhibitors pay $159 for the conference and may not attend the reception for any price! And Just how do we intend to let the world know about the Virtual Trade Show? I’m glad you asked! Smart This is how we do it…. ST R A T EGY! 1. We lure people to our website by offering FREE admission during the first hour of the show and FREE parking. People must go to our website to download their free passes. To get the FREE pass, we’ll ask them to take a brief survey including their email or snail mail address for our mailing list for follow-up. Then we’ll remind them about the website after the show. 2. FREE Senior Citizen admission Sunday when they complete that same survey. 3. Links on KRQE and plus email blasts to their list. 4. Links on Citadel radio websites plus email blasts to their list. 5. Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Twitter - we’ll post videos, updates, and teasers on these social websites for MAXIMUM EXPOSURE to millions worldwide! Read On...
  3. 3. This release will be published in ALL New Mexico media and national trade show publications across America within in the next few weeks. “For the past two decades, the only thing innovative about a Home Show was the cool new technology available inside the doors. Now, Albuquerque-based show producer Rick Shoudt has completely turned the industry upside down, creating a new experience for both the guests who attend, and more notably for the small businesses which depend on shows like the Home Build- ers, Remodelers & Green Ideas Showcase to provide a meaningful percentage of their business for the year.” “For exhibitors, the Showcase starts before the doors at the convention center even open and continues for six months after the show closes with the revolutionary, first-in-the-country, “Virtual Trade Show” pioneered by Texas software developer James Galindo. Exhibitors can post a video on the show’s website where attendees can revisit exhibitors who they talked with at the actual showcase. When they’re ready to make a purchase, which most often is months after the showcase, even though they may have misplaced exhibitors brochures and cards (which is the case more than 80% of the time), contact information is available to them.” We Encourage You To Do As Many Trade Shows As Possible but... If you can only do one show in 2010 this one is a MUST-do! Another SPECIAL Show in a serie s about improving our Life st yle s! The partnering of the Home Builders & Remodelers Showcase with the International Green Ideas Show has struck a chord in the minds of builders, remodelers, landscapers, suppliers and Green businesses around New Mexico. This show will draw on that significant pool of hom- eowners who have been postponing spending for almost two years, waiting for the economy to improve as well as that growing population know as “Greenies.” National studies show that Americans are keenly interested in learning more about Green prod- ucts and services and want incorporate “Green” into their new home construction, remodeling and decorating plans. That means that the perennially successful Showcase will draw addi- tional attendees who are interested in green ideas! Federal and state tax credits have dramatically increased the interest in changing to a sustain- able lifestyle. National, regional and local speakers will be on stage continuously over the two-day event providing hands-on, how-to advice. Turn over for even more...
  4. 4. w o w! ! BIGGEST Promotional Budget of all 2010 Home Shows! Along with media partners KRQE & KASA TV, Citadel Radio Group, Clear Channel Outdoor and the Albuquerque Journal plus all the social media and web based promo, our $75,000 + media campaign will drive traffic to the Showcase like never before! AND, we’ll document that media value to anyone upon request! Ask the other show producers if THEY will! It’s not for everybody! Dozens of savvy business people have snatched up most of the premium booth spaces but because we’ve moved the Showcase to the Albuquerque Convention Center with its 110,000 sq ft of soaring open space, there are still great booths available. With no pillars or confusing multi-room layouts, there is not a bad spot in the room. And, we’ve positioned two of the seminar stages AND the Organic Food and Beverage Court (sure to be a big attraction) in a place sure to drive traffic throughout the entire exhibit hall. In addition, we’ve created a “scavenger hunt” with great prizes which will further drive traffic to all four corners of the hall! Why Isn’t Every Business in New ? Mexico Signing Up? ??? ?? Here’s what the few who have said “no” gave as their reasons... and the “Doctor’s” responses! 1. “Business is really bad, we simply cannot afford it.” Don’t let the reason you need to market your business in this show be the reason you don’t! You can’t afford NOT to be in this show! 2. “Don’t have enough staff due to layoffs.” Chances are the people you had to lay off are still not working or even IF they found an- other job they can probably use the extra cash and would welcome the opportunity to work the Showcase for you.
  5. 5. 3. “The market for new home construction and remodeling is really down.” True, the market is smaller now and when the pie is smaller you need to get a bigger piece of that pie by continuing to promote your business. Furthermore, historically, when a recession ends the businesses who continued to promote are “top of mind” with consumers when they start buying again and are the ones who capture the lion’s share of the business. Other businesses will either be gone or will not reap the full benefit of the recovery! 4. “Downtown? The parking is such a hassle and you can’t draw a crowd to a show down- town.” Exhibitor parking is FREE and the covered parking garage is only 4 blocks off I-25. I-25 to Martin Luther King, turn right, go three blocks to Edith look to your left and there’s the enclosed convention center parking structure. (And the show closes before sundown!) Think You Can’t Draw a Crowd Downtown? Think Again! If you read NOTHING else, read THIS... “If people want to see a particular show, it doesn’t matter where it’s held--they will sim- ply go and see it. When the Fiery Foods and Barbecue Show was at the Convention Center downtown, we had record crowds and set the all-time Convention Center record for beer sales over a single weekend…I’m still one of the longest users of the Conven- tion Center, going back to my first show there in 1976, and have nothing but good things to say about the facility and the excellent service provided by SMG [Convention Center Management]. Dave DeWitt, show producer Fiery Foods and Barbecue Show “We have found the staff and facility at the Convention Center to be equal to the profes- sional image of our International Auto Show. They are very helpful and courteous to us and our huge crowd in attendance.” Charles Henson, Executive Director NM Auto Dealers Assn. e n c e? ? n the F S till o Turn over one more time!
  6. 6. Don’t let this opportunity to get FACE-TO-FACE with thousands of motivated buyers pass you by. You will REAP THE BENEFITS of your investment in this Showcase all through 2010 and beyond. Review the Bonuses, choose a booth space, and reserve your place at the most important builder and remodelers trade show in the Southwest. TODAY. Still Got Questions? ??? Call me at 898-0661 today. Otherwise go to to pick your spot, then complete the application. To Your Success, Rick Shoudt Dr. Rick Shoudt, DTSM Doctor of Trade Show Marketing PS: Remember, more “Fast Action” Bonuses will disappear Friday, January 22 at 4:15 PM so call us today at (505)898-0661 or go to our website at www.HBAshowcase. com, click on “MyBoothSpace” to see the available booths, and sign up on-line. PPS: Do as many trade shows as you can in 2010 but if you can only do one, The Showcase is a MUST DO! PPSS: Even if you’re not doing OUR show you can call for our FREE report, “How to Get the Most out of Your Trade Show Experience.” p op u la r MOST b e the e a r! Thi s will w of the y hom e sho Se e YOU se! o wc a at t he Sh