Period 6- Maria Ioakimidis- A child with down syndrome can affect family
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Period 6- Maria Ioakimidis- A child with down syndrome can affect family






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    Period 6- Maria Ioakimidis- A child with down syndrome can affect family Period 6- Maria Ioakimidis- A child with down syndrome can affect family Presentation Transcript

    • A Child With Down Syndrome Can Affect Family Life
      A presentation by: Maria Ioakimidis
      Northeast High School
      Magnet Program
    • What is Down Syndrome?
      • Down syndrome is set of mental and physical symptoms that result from having an extra copy of Chromosome 21.
      • Usually we have two copies of chromosome 21
      • Also called trisomy 21 due to extra chromosome
    • Effects of Down Syndrome
      • Flat face with an upward slant to the eye, short neck, and abnormally shaped ears
      • Deep crease in the palm of the hand
      • Poor muscle tone, small hands and feet
      • Delayed language development and slow motor development.
      • Mental development and physical development are slower
    • Why Down Syndrome ?
      • My sister has Down Syndrome and I can explain first-hand about the family dynamics.
      • All families dealing with a child with the disability should be aware of the affects it has on them as a whole.
      • I wanted to learn more about the affect it has on families and if those affects are more negative or positive.
    • Effects Due to Down Syndrome
      • Families, and especially siblings, can often have feelings of embarrassment.
      • Stress is a big factor to families dealing with the difficulties of raising a child with the disability.
      • The needs of your Down Syndrome child are a priority, which means they are time consuming.
    • Feeling Embarrassed?
      • Many families do not take their child to seek medical attention.
      • A sibling being teased because of his/her brother or sister
      • Behavior of a Down Syndrome child impacts the social life of the family as a whole or just the siblings.
    • Down Syndrome and Stress
      • Behavioral challenges occur : running off, being stubborn, compulsiveness..etc.
      • Difficulty understanding their child due to the child’s poor speech skills.
      • Low self-help skills and higher care-giving demands cause stress to the family.
    • Always Running Out of Time?
      • Due to their cognitive development, the child requires slower paced learning, which means more amount of time needed.
      • Low self-help skills and higher care-giving demands requires more attention.
      • Can interfere with jobs : due to medical complications
      • More attention is given to the child with Down Syndrome instead of equally dividing the attention.
    • Down Syndrome Round Up
      • Awareness of the disability and its affects are ignored by many people.
      • There seem to be more negative than positive affects on family life.
      • The negative affects out weight the positive ones and require critical attention.
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